October 2010

Reading Recommendations · America, I Am: The African-American Imprint

Africa - Culture and Trade

Africa is not a country

Margy Burns Knight
Grades 1-4

Look what came from Africa

Harvey, Miles,
Grades 4-8


Mel Friedman
Grades 3-6

The village that vanished

Ann Grifalconi
Grades 2-6

Traditional Africa

Louise Minks
Grades 6-1-


The captive

Joyce Hansen
Grades 5-8

The slave trade

Melody Herr
Grades 3-4

Life on an African slave ship

Joseph Kleinman
Grades 5 & up

Good fortune

Noni Carter
Grades 3-6

The Amistad mutiny: fighting for freedom

Barbara A. Somerville
Grades 3-6

Civil War

Alec's primer

Mildred Pitts
Grades 1-4

Numbering all the bones

Ann Rinaldi
Grades 7-10

Silent thunder: a Civil War story

Andrea Davis Pinkney
Grades 5-9

Abraham's battle: a novel of Gettysburg

Sara H. Banks
Grades 4-7

Friend on freedom river

Gloria Whelan
Grades 3-5

Post Civil War

Horace King: bridges to freedom

Faye Gibbons
Grades 5-8

The land

Mildred D. Taylor
Grades 7-10

Virgie goes to school with us boys

Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard
Grades 1-4

The heart calls home

Joyce Hansen
Grades 6-10

The blue and the gray

Eve Bunting
Grades 1-5


Robin Nelson
Grades K-1

Pappy's handkerchief

Devin Scillian
Grades 2-4

Papa's mark

Gwendolyn Battle-Lavert
Grades 1-5

Jim Crow Era

Finding Lincoln

Ann Malaspina
Grades 1-3

Ida B. Wells: let the truth be told

Walter Dean Myers
Grades 3-6

Black voices from Reconstruction, 1865-1877

John David Smith
Grades 8-12

Making their mark

Spring Hermann
Grades 3-6

Back of the bus

Aaron Reynolds
Grades 2-4

Grandmama's pride

Becky Birtha
Grades K-4

Just like Josh Gibson

Angela Johnson
Ages 5-8

The Negro speaks of rivers

Langston Hughes
Grades 3-6

My people

Langston Hughes
Ages 4-8

When Louis Armstrong taught me scat

Muriel Harris Weinstein
Grades K-4

Bessie Smith and the night riders

Sue Stauffacher
Grades 2-5

Jazzy Miz Mozetta

Brenda C. Roberts
Ages 4-8

Sweet music in Harlem

Debbie A. Taylor
Grades 1-3


Hush harbor: praying in secret Evans

Freddi Williams
Grades 2-4

The hat that wore Clara B

Melanie Turner-Denstaedt
Grades K-3

The Beatitudes: from slavery to civil rights

Carole Boston Weatherford
Grades 1-6

Who will I be, Lord?

Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux Nelson ages 4-8
Ages 4-8

Lift every voice and sing

James Weldon Johnson
Ages 4-9


The Tuskegee airmen

Sarah De Capua
Grades 3-6

The Black soldier: 1492 to the present

Catherine Clinton
Grades 6-10

The buffalo soldier

Sherry Garland
Grades 3-6

Hold the flag high

Catherine Clinton
Grades 3-6

Black and white airmen : their true history

John Fleischman
Grades 6 and up

The Tuskegee Airmen story

Lynn M. Homan
Grades K-3

Civil Rights

Howard Thurman's great hope

Kai Jackson Issa
Grades 2-5

We troubled the waters: poems

Ntozake Shange
Grades 3-6

Birmingham Sunday

Larry Dane Brimner
Grades 3-6

Boycott blues: how Rosa Parks inspired a nation

Andrea Davis Pinkney
Grades 3-6

A thousand never evers

Shana Burg
Grades 5-8

Freedom on the menu: the Greensboro sit-ins

Carole Boston Weatherford
Grades K-4

Breaking the Barrier

The hallelujah flight Bildner

Phil Bildner
Grades K-3

The little piano girl

Ann Ingalls
Grades 1-5

Joe Louis, my champion

William Miller
Grades K-4

Sweet land of liberty

Deborah Hopkinson
Grades K-4

Willie and the All-Stars

Floyd Cooper
Grades 1-4
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