August 2006

Reading Recommendations · The College Maze

You’re faced with big decisions: choosing the right school, picking the perfect major, figuring out how to pay for it all. Here are some books to help you find your way through the college maze.

Where to Go: Directories and Guides

America’s Best Value Colleges

The Princeton Review
Discover the 77 colleges that give you the most bang for your buck, plus the ins and outs of financial aid, grants, and scholarships.

Barron’s Profiles of American Colleges

In-depth profiles of more than 1650 schools, plus Barron’s exclusive rating system.

The Best 361 Colleges: The Smart Student’s Guide to Colleges

The Princeton Review
Everything you need to know about admissions, financial aid, and classes from students currently enrolled in the listed colleges.

CollegeBoard 2006 International Student Handbook

Useful and timely information for undergraduate and graduate students planning to attend college in the United States.

Fiske Guide to Colleges

The top-rated guide to the best colleges.

The College Prowler

This series is an informative and useful information source for profiles on individual schools for both students and parents. Highly recommended! Specific schools include: Kenyon College Off the Record, Miami University of Ohio Off the Record, Ohio University Off the Record, University of Kentucky Off the Record, and Xavier University Off the Record.

Peterson’s Two-Year Colleges

Features more than 1,900 two-year colleges in the U.S. Compare programs by the criteria that are most important to you.

The Princeton Review: Complete Book of Colleges

Up-to-date information on 1,776 colleges and universities. A great source that is informative and easy to use.

Schooling Around the World

Debates, challenges, and educational practices around the world.

How to Pay for It: Scholarships, Grants and Loans

The A’s and B’s of Academic Scholarships

100,000 scholarships for top students.

CollegeBoard 2007 Scholarship Handbook

Completely updated for 2007. More than 2,100 programs offering 1.7 million awards.

Counselors and Mentors Handbook on Federal Student Aid

This new publication is a must for anyone applying for financial assistance. It is concise, well written and easy to understand. Highly recommended.

Don’t Miss Out

Anna and Robert L. Leider
This is one of the most compact and useful guides out there today. Check it out!

Peterson’s Scholarships, Grants and Prizes

More than 1.7 million awards valued at $7.6 billion!

What College Really Costs: US News and World Report

How to navigate the financial aid maze, last minute money tips, a comprehensive directory of college costs, and more.

How to Survive: Academic and Social Skills for College

Adults in College: A Survival Guide for Non-traditional Students

Sections on why you belong in college, how to succeed and overcoming obstacles are just the beginning of this useful resource for adults going back to school.

College Knowledge

What it really takes for students to succeed and how to get them ready.

What Should I Study: College Majors

CollegeBoard Book of Majors 2005 Edition

What should you major in? Where schools offer your major? This is a state-by-state guide to 900 majors at 3,600 colleges.

The Princeton Review: Guide to College Majors

Everything you need to know to choose the right major.
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