August, 2004

Reading Recommendations · Inside The Da Vinci Code

Everyone is talking about The Da Vinci Code. But when you’ve finished, what do you read next? Here are some suggestions to get you started. Many of the authors listed have other titles that may interest you as well.

The religious thriller/puzzler aspect is perhaps the factor many readers find most fascinating. Here are some other novels with similar appeal.


Wilton Barnhardt

The Third Secret

Steve Berry

The Genesis Code

John Case

A Corner of the Veil

Laurence Cosse

City of God

E. L. Doctorow

The Q Document

Robert Lipscomb Duncan

Brotherhood of the Tomb

Daniel Easterman

The Name of the Rose

Umberto Eco

Day of Confession

Allan Folsom

Mary, Called Magdalene

Margaret George

The Assassini

Thomas Gifford

Millennium Rising

Jane Jensen

The Last Templar

Raymond Khoury

The Last Day

Glenn Kleier

The Descent

Jeff Long

The Gospel of Judas

Simon Mawer


William Montalbano

The Labyrinth

Kate Mosse

Father Elijah

Michael O’Brien

Cradle and All

James Patterson

Daughter of God

Lewis Perdue

Dark Passage

Junius Podrug

The Last Star

William Proctor

The Book of Q

Jonathan Rabb

The Sparrow

Mary Doria Russell

The Body

Ben Sapir

The Grail Conspiracy

Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore

The Word

Irving Wallace

Clowns of God

Morris West

Did the art history theme fascinate you? Here are some novels featuring an art or literary history angle you might also enjoy.


A. S. Byatt

The Rule of Four

Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason

The Birth of Venus

Sarah Dunant


Aaron Elkins


Michael Frayn


Lev Grossman

The Sacred Cut

David Hewson

The Grand Complication

Allen Kurzweil

The Raphael Affair

Iain Pears

The Flanders Panel

Arturo Perez-Reverte

The Shadow of the Wind

Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The Secret Supper

Javier Sierra

Chasing Shakespeares

Sarah Smith

Bless the Thief

Alan Wall

The Medici Dagger

Cameron West

Spine-tingling suspense and the tangled web of conspiracy make for pulse-pounding fiction. If that’s what you liked about The Da Vinci Code, you might also appreciate these novels.

The Third Translation

Matt Bondurant

Trojan Odyssey

Clive Cussler

Foucault’s Pendulum

Umberto Eco

Kingdom Come

Jim Hougan

The Last Day

Glenn Kleier

The Grand Complication

Allen Kurzweil

The Descent

Jeff Long

The Icarus Agenda

Robert Ludlum

Yucatan Deep

Tom Morrissey

The Eight

Katherine Neville

Daughter of God

Lewis Perdue


Tim Powers

The Overseer

Jonathan Rabb

The Confessor

Daniel Silva


Neal Stephenson

The Orion Protocol

Gary Tigerman

The Prophetess

Barbara Wood

Secret societies, hidden history, deep-seated conspiracies, and just a touch of the occult flavor these novels.

Holy Fools

Joanne Harris

A Scattering of Jades

Alexander C. Irvine

Ex Libris

Ross King

The Quincunx

Charles Palliser

The Anubis Gates

Tim Powers

Auriel Rising

Elizabeth Redfern


Neal Stephenson

The Traveler

John Twelve Hawks

Figuring it all out: how some literary critics and scholars have “decoded” the novel.

Truth and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code

Bart D. Ehrman
813.6 B877dZe 2004

Cracking da Vinci’s Code

James L. Garlow and Peter Jones
813.6 B877dZg 2004

The Real History Behind the Da Vinci Code

Sharan Newman
813.6 B877dZn 2005

The life and art of Leonardo da Vinci


Martin Kemp
709.2 L581Zke 2004

Leonardo's Notebooks

Leonardo da Vinci
709.2 fL581ZL 2005

Leonardo da Vinci: Flights of the Mind

Charles Nicholl
709.2 L581Zni 2004

Inventing Leonardo

Richard Turner
709.2 L581Zt 1993

Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

709.45 qL581 v.01

Becoming Mona Lisa: The Making of a Global Icon

Don Sassoon
759.5 L581mZs 2001

Leonardo: The Last Supper

Pinin Brambilla Barcilon
759.5 qL581LZbLE 2001

Leonardo da Vinci: Origins of a Genius

David Alan Brown
759.5 qL581Zbr 1998

Leonardo’s Incessant Last Supper

Leo Steinberg
Leo Steinberg

Leonardo Da Vinci

Bruno Santi
759.5 qL581Zsa 1995

Leonardo da Vinci

Kenneth Clark
759.5 qV77ca 1967

Explore the Sacred Feminine

In All Her Names: Exploration of the Feminine in Divinity

Joseph Campbell and Charles Muses
202.114 I35 1991

Goddesses and the Divine Feminine: A Western Religious History

Rosemary Radford Rueter
202.114 R291 2005

Mary Magdalene and Many Others

Carla Ricci
226.092208 M393Zr 1994

Images of the Feminine in Gnosticism

Karen L. King, editor
299.93 I31

The religious facts behind the fiction

Is the New Testament History?

Paul Barnett
225.9 B261

Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas

Elaine H. Pagels
229.8 P133 2003

A Search for the Historical Jesus

F. M. Hassnain
232.908 H355 1994

Holy Blood, Holy Grail

Michael Baigent
944 B152
Need more suggestions? Contact your local library, and a reference librarian will be happy to assist you.