May 2014


  • The concrete company prepares to pour the exterior basement steps.
  • The masons continue to install the stone on the addition.
  • The footer for the future stairs was poured and is being covered as it cures.
  • The steel erectors weld the new solarium steel in preparation of its installation.
  • The new stairway has been installed and is ready for concrete.
  • The basement framing is complete and the new windows have been installed.
  • New windows have been installed on the upper levels.
  • An inside view of the future Reading Room.
  • These large windows will soon be installed in the arch openings of the future Reading Room.
  • The masons are working to fill in a window opening that will become a doorway.
  • The trusses are installed and felted in the new addition.
  • The foundation walls have been waterproofed.
  • The new heating/cooling unit has been installed.
  • Blocking is being cut for the plumbers.
  • The framers install the truss sheathing for the addition.
  • Future adult reading room.
  • The stairs being installed between the basement and main levels.
  • The trusses are being installed on the addition.
  • The asphalt rubble left from the start of converting the porte cochere into the Adult Reading Room.
  • The main hall area with new soffits framed.
  • The west side of the porte cochere where the foundation wall installation has started.
  • The new stairs in the addition that will lead into the children’s area.
  • The exterior walls of the addition are nearly complete.
  • The footers to enclose the porte-cochère have been poured.
  • The new interior metal stairs are being installed.
  • The ductwork is being insulated.
  • A construction crew member lays the block walls for the addition.
  • The construction crew installs the stair step forms in preparation for the basement stairs to be poured.
  • The existing foundation is being excavated for waterproofing and the blocking up of the old coal chute.
  • Crew members finish the new porch slab.
  • A crew member welds the new interior stairs.
  • The foundation walls are being constructed.
  • The existing foundation walls are being unearthed to allow for waterproofing and installation of a drain tile.
  • Framers are framing the soffits in the future children’s area.
  • A plumber installs vent piping.
  • A view of the future addition and parking lot.
  • The elevator shaft has been completed at the new Clifton Branch Library site.
  • Masons are enclosing the old basement door on the rear of the building in preparation for the addition.
  • HVAC duct work and sprinkler lines are in place on the main level of the new branch.
  • The excavation of the footers for the addition has begun.
  • A view of the future interior stairwell.
  • The new retaining wall for the basement emergency exit was installed.
  • Crew members move the hydraulic lift to the side of the building to remove the old kitchen chimney.
  • Masons are using a hydraulic platform to construct the elevator shaft at the new Clifton Branch site
  • The new slab has been poured in the basement
  • The geothermal well drilling is complete
  • Work continues on the elevator shaft
  • A crew member repairs weathered joints in the exterior stone
  • The second-floor lobby of the new Clifton Branch
  • Future elevator shaft
  • Sprinkler lines installed
  • Geothermal well fields
  • The geothermal drilling of a well to be used as a part of the HVAC mechanical system at the new branch
  • The tiles have been selected for the new front porch surface
  • Crew members work on the elevator shaft
  • Excavating the elevator pit
  • Furring strips in place for drywall
  • Exterior masonry restoration work and vine removal
  • This arched area will be enclosed and become a reading room
  • A piece of sculpture unearthed from one of the flowerbeds during construction
  • An old wallpaper pattern is still evident on one of the walls
  • Underpinning the foundation
  • Future 2nd floor elevator opening
  • Preparing for the elevator installation
  • A large meeting room is planned for this room on the second floor
  • A porch was removed to make space for an addition
  • The solarium was removed and will be replaced
  • Items found during the renovation include a note left by the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and an old pipe.
  • Architectural details from the “Boss” Cox era
  • Walls have been removed in the basement to create more space for the Technology Services and Teen Programming areas
  • The future nonfiction room
  • Workers filling in old door openings
  • New wall being built for staff stairwell
  • Future staff office space
  • One of the rooms on the 2nd floor
  • The staff stairwell will eventually go in this part of the building/span>
  • Watch your step, the renovations have started at the Clifton Branch!
  • Architectural details like the wood paneling and fireplaces harken back to the days when this was Boss Cox’s house.
  • Renovations also have started upstairs at the Clifton Branch
  • Looking down on the construction work from the second floor.
  • Once the location of the formal dining room, this space will soon be the Children’s area.
  • Removal of layers of walls reveal old wallcoverings in the future stairwell.
  • These old kitchen walls will be transformed into the Children’s Reading Room.
  • A groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of the renovation project was held at the branch on Tuesday, April 21.
  • The groundbreaking ceremony included remarks from Board of Trustees President Ross Wright.
  • The groundbreaking ceremony included remarks from The Eva Jane Romaine Coombe Director Kimber L. Fender.
  • City of Cincinnati Council member P.G. Sittenfeld.
  • City of Cincinnati Council member Wendell Young.
  • Ben Pantoja, Clifton Town Meeting Leader.
  • Detail from the preliminary design plans. Select the image to see the full floor plan.
  • Detail from the preliminary first floor design plans. Select the image to see the full floor plan.
  • Detail from the preliminary basement design plans. Select the image to see the full floor plan.
  • On October 30, members of the Clifton community were given the opportunity to preview the new Clifton Branch design plans.
  • Eva Jane Romaine Coombe Director Kim Fender talks to the members of the Clifton community about the design plans.
  • Robin Savage, the project architect (McClorey & Savage, Architects, LTD) talks to members of the Clifton community about the design plans.
  • Members of the Clifton community examining the design plans for the new branch
  • In the spring of 2010, Michael L. Dever, president of Performance Automotive Network, donated Parkview Manor, the former house of George Barnesdale “Boss” Cox, to the Library for a new Clifton Branch.
  • Designed by noted Cincinnati architect Samuel Hannaford, the 10,000 square foot house is located at 3400 Brookline Avenue, a few blocks from the current branch, on a generous lot with room for off-street parking.
  • The existing Clifton Branch on Ludlow Avenue. The new branch will be large enough to accomodate a dedicated children’s room, teen area, program space, meeting rooms, and a computer lab.
  • The house includes numerous unique architectural features such as circular and triangular shaped rooms, secret passageways, and beautiful stained glass windows
  • Boss Cox house, circa 1900
  • At a community meeting, Clifton residents offer their suggestions for features and services that might be included in the new branch

Construction Timeline

Expected Completion: Spring/Summer 2015
April 21, 2014