January 2014


Live Webcam

  • A view of the vaulted ceilings in the adult area.
  • The electrician is wiring the mechanical unit.
  • Supports have been installed for a countertop for children’s computers.
  • The drywall finishers are wrapping up their work inside the building.
  • The ceiling grid is being installed.
  • The corner molding is being installed on the edge of the soffits.
  • The floor and wall tile have been installed in the restrooms.
  • The drywallers pre-form the soffit drywall and prepare to install it to the metal studs.
  • Ceilings are being hung in the restrooms.
  • Finishers are busy mudding the soffits.
  • Drywall is being screwed to the soffit framing.
  • Window frames have been set into place and are awaiting glass.
  • The exterior wall insulation is complete.
  • The toilet room walls are finished and ready for tile installation.
  • A crew member seals duct joints to prevent leakage.
  • A view of the back side of the library.
  • Framers are cutting the blocking to be used within the walls.
  • The drywall is being installed.
  • Insulation has been installed in the exterior walls.
  • A view of the new branch from Reading Road.
  • The window frames are installed in what will be the Children’s area.
  • Insulation is being installed on the exterior walls.
  • The clerestory framing is almost complete above the future teen area.
  • The northwest corner of the new building.
  • The interior soffit framing is nearly complete in the area that will house the MakerSpace.
  • The brick is complete on the northeast corner of the building.
  • A mason scrapes the brick in preparation of cleaning it.
  • A mason sprays a cleaning solution on the brick.
  • The brick installation is proceeding on the south elevation.
  • The window frames have been installed.
  • This will be the main entry to the new branch.
  • This photo shows the exterior of the building along Reading Road.
  • Temporary walls are being constructed while the window frame installation begins.
  • The interior walls are being insulated.
  • Plumbers have started installing the interior water lines.
  • The future main entry of the branch.
  • A view down the scaffolding of the east elevation of the brick façade.
  • Framers work on the interior framing.
  • Masons are installing brick on the south elevation of the building.
  • A mason installs the stone base and window sills along the west elevations.
  • The brick is nearly complete on the southeast corner.
  • A view of the inside looking at the mechanical room.
  • The brick on the east elevation is nearly finished.
  • Reading Road has been blocked off for the water tap to be made.
  • A crew member is cutting down rigid insulation for the mechanical room.
  • The brick is complete on a portion of the east elevation.
  • The masons have tented the building so they can install the brick façade.
  • The interior framing is complete.
  • Scaffolding is put in place for the brick installation.
  • A framer finishes up a window detail.
  • The masons install the exterior façade.
  • The south elevation of the new Reading Branch. The open area will soon have a wall of glass installed.
  • The exterior skin of the building is ready to have the brick and stone installed.
  • A crew member is making a penetration into the wall of the building and repairing the air barrier.
  • This photo shows under slab conduits that will feed an electrical subpanel.
  • The Reading Road side of the building has the skin installed.
  • The air barrier membrane has been applied to the skin of the rear of the building.
  • The electricians install the electrical conduit in the walls.
  • The mechanical ducts have been installed and the interior walls are in place.
  • A view of the east side of the building and the canopy over the future drive-up book deposit.
  • Crews are installing duct work in the ceilings of the building’s interior.
  • Duct runs have been installed in the future study rooms.
  • Workers are on the roof installing the vapor barrier on the roof deck.
  • Exterior framing is complete in the northeast corner and the exterior sheathing has started.
  • View of the canopy over the future book deposit.
  • View of the canopy over the future drive-up window.
  • The east elevation of the new building.
  • The west elevations along Reading Road.
  • A view of the north elevation and future main entrance.
  • The exterior stud walls are being installed along the northeast corner of the building.
  • A crew member welds the steel beam the front windows will be installed on.
  • A plumber installs the roof drain hanger under the new deck.
  • The steel structure and metal decking are nearly complete.
  • The construction crew installs the last of the steel beams.
  • A crew member installs the bracing.
  • The steel structure is taking shape.
  • A crane is being used to install the steel beams.
  • Steel columns have been installed.
  • Crew members weld the columns to the anchor bolts.
  • Crew members check the elevations at the new site.
  • The new slab is in place at the new Reading Branch.
  • A view of the future mechanical room.
  • A crew member compacts gravel in preparation for pouring the slab later this week.
  • Looking south at the new Reading Branch site, the foundations are complete and the under-slab electric and plumbing are nearly complete.
  • A waterproofing membrane and protective sheet is being applied to the foundation walls.
  • Looking north at the new Reading Branch site, the completed foundation walls with the under-slab utilities in place.
  • The north wall footer for the new Reading Branch
  • The construction crew pours concrete into the new Reading Branch’s east foundation wall
  • Foundation re-bar being installed
  • Grading the future parking lot
  • Geothermal trenches that lead to where the geo-thermal system will enter the building to help control the HVAC system
  • Glass containers that have been unearthed at the Reading Branch site include a 1920 Nu-Grape soda bottle manufactured in Jacksonville, Fla. (left) and two Cincinnati-made bottles ─ one for soda and the other for cottage cheese
  • Construction workers install the reinforcing bars, or “rebars,” for the branch foundation
  • Geothermal well field loops
  • Building pad staked out so excavators can begin foundation work/span>
  • The building pad is nearly ready to start excavating for the foundation
  • Geothermal wells
  • Construction crews are busy working at the site for the new branch
  • Drilling for the foundation
  • Geothermal drilling
  • Geothermal drilling is underway
  • Geothermal drilling is underway
  • A groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of the renovation project was held at the branch on Monday, April 21.
  • The groundbreaking ceremony included remarks from The Eva Jane Romaine Coombe Director Kimber L. Fender.
  • Reading Mayor Robert “Bo” Bemmes.
  • Jeffrey Hillard, Associate Professor of English and Modern Languages, College of Mount Saint Joseph.
  • Many community residents attended the groundbreaking.
  • On January 21, the new branch design plans were previewed at a Reading Community Council meeting. Eva Jane Romaine Coombe Director Kim Fender discusses the design plans at the meeting.
  • Jay Derenthal, Director of Design/Principal (Champlin Architecture), talks to members of the Reading community about the design plans.
  • Detail from the design plans. Select the image to see the full design.
  • Detail from the design plans. Select the image to see the full design.
  • Detail from the design plans. Select the image to see the full design.
  • Detail from the design plans. Select the image to see the full design.
  • Detail from the design plans. Select the image to see the full design.
  • The new Reading Branch will be located on Reading Road.
  • The current Reading Branch is a 1,934 square-feet rental facility. The new branch will be 12,000 square-feet.
  • The new branch will have enough space to accomodate a larger collection of material, more computers, and a meeting room/program area.
  • The new branch will also include dedicated children's and teen areas.
  • The Benson and Reading Road location.
  • At one time, the branch occupied a rental facility on the corner of Benson Street and Jefferson Avenue. At that time, the branch was known as the "Valley Branch."
  • Interior of the Benson Street building.

Construction Timeline

Expected Completion: Spring/Summer 2015
April 21, 2014