October 2013


Live Webcam

(Image updates every few minutes)
  • A drywall finisher is mudding around the window areas.
  • A look into the future teen area.
  • Crew members are installing the last of the drywall in the octagon ceiling.
  • A view of the octagon ceiling.
  • A drywall finisher is mudding the soffits.
  • The plumbers are preparing to install the restroom fixtures.
  • Masons are cleaning the exterior brick.
  • A view of the building from Vine Street.
  • Data cables are being pulled in the ceilings.
  • The restroom floors are being grouted.
  • Framing continues in the octagon.
  • The canopy roof is being installed.
  • The duct work and refrigerant lines are in place.
  • The tile has been installed in the restrooms.
  • A view from inside the Teen area looking out to the Adult area.
  • A view of the octagon framing.
  • Drywall has been installed around the window frames at the front of the building.
  • Drywall is being installed in the new technology room.
  • Drywall is being notched for a tight fitted install.
  • The mechanical contractor is welding the pipes in the mechanical room.
  • A view of the exterior from McClelland.
  • Drywall is being delivered to the site for installation.
  • Insulation is being installed on the upper portions of the walls.
  • Blocking is being installed for the storefront system to attach to.
  • Drywall is being brought into the building.
  • The canopy over the front entry.
  • The ductwork is being connected to the new HVAC system.
  • The ductwork being insulated.
  • The mechanical contractor is cutting pipe for the geothermal connection.
  • A mason washes the brick.
  • Electricians install the electrical conduits in the ceilings.
  • A crew member installs drywall.
  • A crew member installs drywall in the future rear staff area.
  • Masons pack up their scaffolding as they have completed the exterior brick.
  • The masons are continuing to install the brick on the octagon.
  • The stone mason is installing the stone below the window.
  • The masons are installing brick along Girl Scout Way.
  • The framer is finishing the window opening to allow for the frame to be set in place.
  • The window frames are being installed in the octagon.
  • A view of the new branch from the corner of Vine and McClelland.
  • The brick installation is continuing along the north wall.
  • The masons continue laying brick.
  • The exterior has been tented to allow for the brick laying to continue in the cold weather.
  • The masons are nearly finished laying brick on the south elevation of the building.
  • The wall framing is complete and the framers are now installing the soffits.
  • The insulation board is being installed on the exterior walls.
  • This octagon that will be the adult reading area.
  • Wall flashing is being applied above the stone.
  • This crew member is soldering the water pipes.
  • This mason is cutting the stone facade used on the base of the building.
  • This picture shows the window frames installed.
  • The masons have installed the scaffold and have started laying the stone façade.
  • Masons are working out the start of the brick pattern at the new entry.
  • A mason levels the stone façade.
  • Framers finish up the exterior walls and the excavator installs the sewer line.
  • A crew member seals the exterior walls.
  • Crew members install blocking on the parapet walls.
  • The octagon is being framed.
  • The air barrier system is being trowelled on.
  • Interior plumbing line installation has started.
  • The ductwork installation is nearly complete.
  • A crew member is installing exterior sheathing.
  • A crew member is cutting the exterior sheathing.
  • The exterior is receiving a coat of air barrier.
  • The mechanical contractor has started to install the ductwork.
  • Overhead ducts are being installed.
  • The exterior sheathing is installed on the remainder of the south side of the building.
  • Concrete pads are installed in the mechanical room for the HVAC equipment to be placed on.
  • Crew members install the yellow air barrier onto the exterior prior to the brick and stone.
  • Framers are cutting the metal studs for the exterior walls.
  • Once the exterior walls are up, framers have started to install the exterior gypsum board.
  • Framers are installing the exterior walls.
  • The steel structure is in place.
  • Anchor bolts are in place and being prepared to be encased in concrete.
  • The future front entry.
  • The new steel structure is almost complete.
  • Steel crews are installing the roof deck.
  • View of the interior looking southwest.
  • The octagon will serve as the adult reading area.
  • The steel structure is in place.
  • The crane is being set up to being installing the steel columns.
  • Crew members on the slab setting up to start the steel column install.
  • A crew member installs the waterproofing membrane on the foundation wall.
  • The slab is complete and ready for the structural steel delivery.
  • The well fields are complete in the future parking lot.
  • The under slab electric and plumbing are in place. The gravel is being installed and the slab is being prepped for a pour.
  • Crew members prep the west side of the slab for the concrete pour by installing the slab mesh.
  • A crew member installs the concrete blocks that hold the mesh.
  • Crews continue to work on the foundation walls and the underground plumbing rough.
  • Crews are installing the foundation wall forms.
  • Forms have been removed from the foundation walls.
  • Crew members prepare the south foundation wall.
  • The excavation of trenches to loop the geothermal wells is getting started at the site of the parking lot for the new branch.
  • The footers have been poured for the new building.
  • The foundation wall forms are being built for the new St. Bernard Branch.
  • The footers have been excavated.
  • Rebar has been placed in the footers.
  • The excavation of the underground storm utilities for the new St. Bernard Branch is nearly complete.
  • A crew member patches the Girl Scout Lane to tie in the site’s stormwater utilities.
  • The geothermal well drilling is now complete at the St. Bernard site. Crews will now start trenching the wells to loop them together.
  • Utility excavation has begun
  • Laying out the underground utilities
  • Drilling the geothermal well
  • Prepping the site to drill geothermal wells
  • Getting ready to break ground.
  • A temporary electric pole has been installed and the area has been fenced off. Nearly ready to go!
  • A groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of the renovation project was held at the branch on Monday, April 21.
  • The groundbreaking ceremony included remarks from Board of Trustees President Ross Wright.
  • St. Bernard Mayor Bill Burkhardt
  • Former St. Bernard Mayor Barb Siegel.
  • Frank Davis, Associate Professor of English, University of Cincinnati.
  • Many community residents attended the groundbreaking.
  • On January 23, the new branch design plans were previewed at a community meeting in the St. Bernard Municipal Center building. Eva Jane Romaine Coombe Director Kim Fender discusses the design plans at the meeting.
  • Joan Tepe Wurtenberger, Senior Principal (Champlin Architecture), talks to members of the St. Bernard community about the design plans.
  • St. Bernard community members who attended the design preview meeting
  • Detail from the design plans. Select the image to see the full design.
  • Detail from the preliminary design plans. Select the image to see the full design.
  • Detail from the preliminary design plans. Select the image to see the full design.
  • Detail from the design plans. Select the image to see the full design.
  • Detail from the design plans. Select the image to see the full design.
  • <The new St. Bernard Branch will be at the corner of Vine Street and McClelland Avenue.
  • The current St. Bernard Branch is 2,000-square-feet contributed facility inside the St. Bernard municipal building. The new stand-alone branch will be 8,000 square-feet.
  • The new branch will have enough space to accomodate a larger collection of material, more computers, dedicated children's and teen areas, and a meeting room/program area.
  • From 1916 to 1918, the branch was located in the Town Hall
  • Interior of St. Bernard, when the branch occupied a couple of rooms in the high school

Construction Timeline

Expected Completion Date: Spring 2015
April 21, 2014