Working at the Library · FAQ’s Application Process and Career Center

Q: I just submitted my application and resume. How do I know that the Library received them?
A: You will receive an acknowledgment of resume receipt, and we will contact you if your qualifications best match current open positions.
Q: Where can I find help when applying online?
A: If problems occur during the application process please contact our Human Resources Department by phone (513-369-6968) or email.
Q: How can I find out if positions are available at specific locations, or in specific departments?
A: Click on the “Jobs” link under “About Us” on our homepage. Then go to “Current Openings” and do a search by location or job category.
Q: How can I be sure that a position I find online has not already been filled?
A: Positions are posted for at least one week; every effort will be made to remove job postings as soon as the interviews are scheduled.
Q: I already work in the library. How do I apply for other opportunities?
A: Go to Rufus (the staff intranet) and click on “News” then job openings. A search for Employment opportunities screen will appear. Search for the position you wish to apply for and click on the position then submit your application/resume. An online application/resume must be filled out for any jobs you are interested in and qualified for along with a manager’s acknowledgment form.
Q: How long can I expect to wait to hear from the library after submitting an application?
A: You will receive immediate confirmation the first time you apply for an open position. After that, you will not receive confirmation for future applications.
Q: What is the minimum age requirement for working at the library?
A: You must be at least 16 years old to apply for a Student Shelver position.
Q: Do I need to submit separate applications for every position that I want to apply for?
A: Once a profile is filled out it remains in the system but for every career opportunity available, the applicant must apply specifically to each position.
Q: How can I apply to volunteer at the library?
A: The Library offers volunteer opportunities for teens (ages 12-18) and adults. Applications are available online or can be obtained at any public service desk. Adult volunteers are interviewed at the Main Library and are asked to provide a personal reference and to submit to a fingerprint/background check. Teen volunteers are interviewed at the location at which they will serve and also are asked to provide one personal reference and must have the permission of the parent/guardian. Teens are not required to submit to a background check. The Library does not accept any court-ordered volunteers or volunteers through the diversion program.
Q: How can I apply for an internship or co-op opportunity?
A: The library does offer internship/practicum opportunities for students. Individuals pursuing degrees in the library field are welcome to submit a proposal for practicums to be performed at this Library. Such proposals should be submitted to Human Resources for review along with a resume and the school’s internship or practicum guidelines. Individuals involved in practicums at the library will not be compensated by the library. Such individuals must comply with all Library policies. The Library reserves the right to cancel any practicum, if the individual does not comply with Library policies.
Q: How long will my profile remain in the database?
A: Two years
Q: How often should I update my profile?
A: Each time you apply to a new position any updates or revisions should be made to be job specific.
Q: How do I change my profile information?
A: Visit the Current Openings section of our website. Log in as a previous user and supply username and password. Once your profile appears, there is an “edit application” button on the right hand side. Once checked any changes can be made including updating cover letter and resume.
Q: What are all the steps involved with applying for a job online?
  1. Submit an application
  2. If selected for an interview, you will be contacted via email or phone.
  3. If offered a position, an offer is made and is contingent upon passing a drug screen, background check and verified references.
Q: How do I add my resume when applying for a job?
A: Resume can be added by copying and pasting text where requested.
Q: How do I update my resume on my profile?
A: Visit the Current Openings section of our website. Log in as a previous user and supply username and password. Once your profile appears there is an edit application button on the right hand side.
Q: Can I call or email Human Resources to verify my application and resume were received?
A: Yes, call 513-369-6968 or email
Q: If I have any remaining questions, whom should I contact?
A: 513-369-6968 or email
Q: What is the interview process like at the Library?
A: Once an applicant submits an online application a recruiter and/or hiring manager will review the applicants and the most qualified candidates will be contacted to come in for an interview. Interviews are behavior based and questions will be asked based on position for which applied. If a candidate is selected, background check, drug testing and references are checked. Once hired every new hire goes through 12-16 hours of orientation.
Q: How should I prepare for an interview?
A: Visit the Main library or branch that you are interested in working. Prepare by having examples of your past customer service interactions and outcomes. Be prepared to answer questions regarding past work history.
Q: Where are interviews conducted for various Library positions?
A: Interviews are conducted at the Main Library in downtown Cincinnati. Branch Student Shelver interviews are conducted at their respective branches. On occasion, interviews may be conducted in the branch.
Q: Are there opportunities for career advancement within the Library system?
A: Yes, we always promote from within and often have advancement opportunities.
Q: Do you have a management-training program?
A: Yes, the Library offers numerous management programs for new managers including, but not limited to mentoring, Management Academy, which is an extensive 18 month-long leadership journey that increases team cohesiveness and productivity, communication skills, and assists in conflict and problem resolution.
Q: Where can I learn about the benefits offered at the Library?
A: Call the Benefits Coordinator at 513-369-4400 to discuss specific details about benefits. Or you may click here to find the list of benefits.
Q: What are your employee recognition programs?
A: The Library has an ongoing recognition program, which is led by staff members who serve on the Staff Recognition Committee. This committee votes on Most Valuable Performers (MVP) quarterly from submissions from other employees based on the employee’s contribution to the agency/department or excellence in customer service for that time frame. The recipient is awarded a certificate and gift by the Eva Jane Romaine Coombe Director. Once a year all the recipients of the MVP are reviewed by the Board of Trustees and one is chosen to receive the President’s Award, which is a gift of $1000 (an endowment given by a former employee, Bunny Dehner.) Also the Library has a Bright Idea Award for those inspired employees who have creative solutions to problems or great suggestions. If the Director and HR feel that the suggestions are feasible, that employee receives a Bright Idea certificate and a small gift.
Q: How does the pay scale work?
A: Every position is assigned a pay grade based on the degree of knowledge, accountability and problem solving. Each pay grade has a range of pay from minimum to maximum. Progression within the pay scale is based on performance.
Q: What is it like to work at the Library?
A: The library is a fast-paced organization focused on friendly, excellent, pro-active customer service at all levels within the organization. If you are innovative, service-oriented and enjoy working in a dynamic, challenging environment, you will be successful at the library.

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