April 2015

Board of Trustees · Paul G. Sittenfeld

portrait of Paul G. SittenfeldPaul G. Sittenfeld

Paul G. Sittenfeld was appointed by the Hamilton County Commissioners as a Library Trustee on March 4, 2009. He was sworn in as a Trustee at the Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees on March 12, 2009. Mr. Sittenfeld was elected President of the Board in 2015.

Mr. Sittenfeld is a Consultant to Stuard and Thornberry, Robert Baird and Company. A graduate of Princeton University with a master’s degree from Occidental College in Los Angeles, Mr. Sittenfeld is an active volunteer locally and nationally with a special interest in educational institutions. He has served on the boards of St. Xavier High School, The Seven Hills School, Hebrew Union College, Xavier University, and Bethany College. A past Trustee of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and the Anthem Foundation, he is currently a board member of the Peterloon Foundation, Cincinnati Parks Foundation, Shakertown in Kentucky, Chatfield College, and Everybody Rides Metro. In addition, he is the board chair of DePaul Cristo Rey High School and the Fund for Independent Schools of Cincinnati.

Mr. Sittenfeld is a resident of East Walnut Hills.

Mr. Sittenfeld's term as a Trustee ended on September 30, 2015.