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The Basics

3D printer

Watch a printer print out a 3-D version of a rabbit, widget, shark, chess piece, snowflake, corporate logo, or anything else you can dream up. Need a part to replace a broken piece of a child’s toy, a bicycle, or a household item? You can use the MakerBot to create the part!

3D Printer


We use a variety of filament types in the following colors: clear, black, white, grey, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, pink, and glow in the dark.

What You'll Need

To get started, you’ll need to pick a design from Thingiverse and the color filament you want to use. Ask a staff member for assistance and you’ll soon be learning to craft your own objects to print. The use of the MakerBot costs 10 cents per gram for most colors. Please ask a staff member for more specifics. Staff will need time to prepare the machine.

Station Reservations

Reserve a 3D printer.


  • PLA filament: 10 cents per gram
  • PLA filament: 10 cents per gram
  • PLA glow filament: 25 cents per gram

More Information

To start designing your own objects, TinkerCAD is popular web-based software that will save your objects in the proper file formats. Tutorials are available from the TinkerCAD website.

If you’d like to print one of the thousands of pre-designed objects available at Thingiverse, simply click the “Explore” button from the MakerBot Desktop. You’ll be automatically connected to Thingiverse and can search for objects using keywords like “cat.”

Resin Printer

The Basics

The MakerSpace also has a liquid resin printer for prototypes, models, and professional designs. Ask a staff member for details.


  • Printing resin: 10 cents per milliliter