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The MakerSpace contains everything you need to record your own audio, shoot video or take professional-quality still photos. From an audio recording booth to a photo light box and green screen to editing software, creating digital media has never been easier.

Audio Recording Station

The Basics

Trying to pave your path to stardom but need a demo to send out to record companies? Have a podcast you need to record? Our audio recording station makes it easier and more affordable than ever. Our audio booth is perfect for creating band demos, making musical messages, or recording your instrument practice sessions. Record your own voice or instrument track in a single take or multi-track to add more instruments to your final cut.


  • Audio recording interface
  • Microphones for vocal/acoustic instrument recording
  • Cables for electric instrument recording
  • Single-track or multi-track recordings available (multi-tracking dependent on time allotted)
  • Audio effects for a more professional and customizable sound for your recording
    • Reverb
    • Compression
    • Delay/echo
    • Fade in/out
    • Distortion, overdrive and more
  • Multiple save formats available (MP3, WAV, etc.)
  • Final product can burned to CD or saved to a flash drive, so you can take your finished recording with you the same day
  • Software used: Adobe Audition

What You'll Need

Use of the audio recording station is free. Bring your voice and/or instrument and a recordable media such as a blank CD, DVD, or a flash driveAsk a staff member or reserve the equipment online.

Canon Cameras

The Basics


With our easy-to-use cameras, you can capture beautiful, high resolution photos and crisp, detailed images — even in low-light. Use them to either replicate portrait photography or to make artistic compositions. A continuous shooting speed allows you to capture fast-action shots, and the cameras also record full HD video and feature a wide range of compatible lenses for more photography options.

We have a “Studio in a Box” available for product style shots. It’s a compact table top photography environment. The kit comes with lights, softboxes, and light stands to capture that perfect lighting.

Multiple lights, softboxes and backdrops are available along with a green screen.


  • Our Canon cameras feature 18MP sensors, full HD video capabilities and a large 3” LCD.
  • Multiple backdrops and light configurations
  • Green screen is available

What You’ll Need

Use of the cameras is free. You must have an unlimited Library Card in good standing to use the the camera. Bring blank media such as a flash drive, CD/DVD, or a portable device with storage to save your media. You can also simply upload your media online. We have flash drives available for purchase. Ask a staff member or reserve the equipment online.


  • Photo prints: 25 cents each
  • 2GB flash drive: $5.00 each