October 2012

What’s New · Featured Book of the Month Program: November

We’re pleased to announce the following are our November selections for the Featured Book of the Month program!

Taft 2012

Adult Title

Taft 2012 by Jason Heller
“Imagine modern America, with our sluggish economy, turbulent political landscape, and inclination toward grassroots social movements. Now imagine one small change in our history: in 1912, William Howard Taft has just lost his reelection bid, but instead of moving forward with his life and becoming a Supreme Court Justice, he disappears on his way from the Oval Office to the swearing in of Woodrow Wilson. Ninety-nine years later, he reappears on the White House lawn, covered in mud, hungry, and completely unaged. What would that one change mean for an America in the middle of an election cycle? Debut novelist Heller sets up his satire so well that one might doubt one’s grasp of presidential history!”
Library Journal

Teen Title


Matched by Allie Condie
“Cassia Reyes is a model student, daughter, and citizen. How could she not be when the Society has everything planned and functioning perfectly? All of her needs are met: food, shelter, education, career training, and even her future husband are selected by officials who know what is best for each individual by studying statistical data and probable odds. She even knows when she will die, on her 80th birthday, just as the Society dictates. At her Match Banquet she is paired with Xander, her best friend and certainly her soul mate. But when a computer error shows her the face of Ky, instead of Xander, cracks begin to appear in the Society’s facade of perfection. A series of events also shakes her dedication to Xander and puts her future in jeopardy...Fans of The Giver will devour this book and impatiently demand the next installment”
Library Journal

Children’s Title

Saint Louis Armstrong Beach

Saint Louis Armstrong Beach by Brenda Woods
“Saint is a boy with confidence as big as his name is long. A budding musician, he earns money playing clarinet for the New Orleans tourists, and his best friend is a stray dog named Shadow. At first Saint is sure Hurricane Katrina will be just like the last one—no big deal. But then the city is ordered to evacuate and Saint refuses to leave without Shadow. Saint and Shadow flee to his neighbor’s attic—and soon enough it’s up to Saint to save them all.”

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