April 2017

What’s New · Featured Book of the Month Program: April

Adult Title

The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper

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The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper by Phaedra Patrick
“Arthur Pepper lives a simple life, eventless since his beloved wife, Miriam, died: same food, same clothes, same daily routine. On the one-year anniversary of her death, something changes. While painfully sorting through her possessions, Arthur finds an exquisite gold charm bracelet he never saw her wear. On the chain are an elephant, a tiger, a book, a heart, a palette, and other charms. Curious, Arthur begins a search for the origin of these trinkets that takes him from New York to London, Paris, and India. Not only is Arthur's life amazingly altered, but he learns much more about Miriam and the choice she made when she married him.”
Library Journal

Teen Title


Dumplin by Julie Murphy
“Willowdean Dickson, self-proclaimed fat girl and Dolly Parton enthusiast, has this to say: “The word fat makes people uncomfortable.” Will’s mother (who calls her Dumplin’) is a former winner of the local Miss Teen Blue Bonnet contest and now runs it, which makes pageant season an unwelcome constant in Will’s life. To ignore it, she concentrates on her friendship with her bestie, Ellen, and her crush on fellow fast-food worker Bo, while trying to shake her grief over the death of her beloved 498-pound aunt. Knowing what it means to be fat, as well as what it means to her mother to be thin, Will decides to be happy being herself. Because why not?”

Children’s Title


Sidekicks by Dan Santat
“Captain Amazing, superhero and savior of Metro City, is getting old. He's out all hours battling arch-villains, catching thieves, and helping little old ladies cross the street. He doesn't even have time for his house full of pets. He needs a sidekick! Captain Amazing's four pets agree. But each one of them thinks HE should get the sidekick spot and a chance for one-on-one time with the Captain. Get ready for sibling rivalry royale as pets with superpowers duke it out for the one thing they all want: a super family. A bold and brilliant graphic novel romp by Caldecott Medalist Dan Santat.”

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