June 2017

What’s New · AARP Fraud Watch Network Seminars

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AARP Cincinnati will present a series of fraud watch network seminars at select Library locations during the summer and fall.

Medical Identity Theft

Medical identity theft occurs when someone uses your name or medical identification numbers to take money from insurance companies, Medicare, or Medicaid that should not be paid to them.

Investment Fraud

Investment fraud happens when someone provides you with false information with the intent of getting you to invest in something.

Con Artist's Playbook

After stealing or getting you to reveal personal information like your name, Social Security number, and bank account information, criminals use this information to file bogus tax returns, open credit accounts, drain your bank accounts, or apply for government benefits in your name.

Attend one or all of these seminars to learn how AARP’s Fraud Watch Network can help you prevent and combat fraud. All seminars are free and registration is required. To sign up, call 1-877-926-8300 or visit www.aarp.org/Cincinnati.