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As a way of supporting our mission and vision, the Library welcomes the use of its meeting rooms within the guidelines that accompany this policy. Please note: First priority in the use of Library meeting rooms will always be given to Library sponsored and co-sponsored programs and to programs held in cooperation with the Library.


Groups and individuals using Library meeting rooms agree to the Policy and to the Meeting Room Guidelines.

  1. All meetings must be open to the public.
  2. Requests must be submitted in advance for approval and confirmation, using the Request for Meeting Room application.
  3. Meeting rooms may be requested for use on a monthly or less frequent basis up to 12 months in advance of the meeting date. Requests to use meeting rooms on a more frequent basis may be submitted up to two months in advance of the meeting date. Use of a meeting room on consecutive days is permitted for a one-time special meeting.
  4. The Library will approve and schedule only those meetings which will not disturb other Library activities or patrons. All groups and individuals must comply with the Standards of Library Behavior. The Library reserves the right to withdraw permission for meeting room use when conditions so warrant and to stop meetings which interfere with the normal operation of the Library.
  5. The person requesting use of a meeting room will be held responsible for the orderly conduct of the group and for any loss or damage to Library property.
  6. By requesting to use a Library meeting room, a group acknowledges its willingness to be addressed at some time during its meeting by a Library staff member.
  7. Meeting rooms are available during public service hours or through special arrangement and must be vacated 15 minutes before closing.
  8. Except as a designation of location, the name and contact information of the Library may not be used in any publicity for a meeting.
  9. In accordance with the Solicitation in the Library policy, groups will not be permitted to post signs or distribute materials on Library property without approval of the location manager. Unauthorized material will be removed.
  10. No promotion or sale of items or services are allowed in any Library meeting room.
  11. Any action or event organized by a campaign committee or group designed specifically to promote or oppose a candidate or ballot issue is not permitted. Meetings at which candidates will discuss current election issues are permitted provided the event is hosted by a non-partisan, non-profit organization (i.e. League of Women Voters) and all candidates for the same office have been invited. Meetings held by a campaign committee or political party/group to plan a campaign or political activity are permissible. Also permissible are meetings held by elected officials to gather input or communicate with his/her constituents.
  12. Discussion groups studying religious topics are permitted.
  13. Attempting to raise funds for any purpose during a meeting is not permissible. Use of a meeting room to plan a fund-raising campaign or event is permitted.
  14. Attendance is limited by meeting room seating capacity.
  15. Refreshments may be brought into Library meeting rooms. The group serving them will be responsible for any clean up following the meeting. Alcoholic beverages of any type may not be brought into, served, or consumed on the Library’s premises.
  16. Organizations must use Library meeting rooms as they are furnished. Organizations may be responsible for their own meeting room setup.
  17. The Library does not provide any equipment or supplies for public use. Groups may arrange to bring their own equipment and/or supplies with prior notification on application. The Library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, or any other materials owned by the group and used in the Library.
  18. Storage of personal property, equipment and/or supplies is not permitted in the Library.
  19. Accidents must be reported to the staff member in charge who will report the incident according to Library procedure.

Guidelines effective October 10, 2010

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