Press Release

February 14, 2001

Lost and Found: Theaters of Cincinnati to Retake Center Stage at the Main Library February 28

On Wednesday, February 28, historical theaters that once flourished in Cincinnati, like Albee, Shubert, Royal, Capitol, Empire and Lyric, will get a second curtain call at the Main Library (800 Vine Street). Through his extraordinary slide presentation, Lost and Found: Theaters of Cincinnati, Hank Sykes highlights many of the 100 or so theaters, which have since become long- lost treasures of Cincinnati. Showtime will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Sykes, who grew up in Billerica, Massachusetts, moved to Cincinnati in 1977. "I wondered why Cincinnati had so many available parking lots on prime pieces of central city land, and that's when I began to discover where all the splendid theaters had been, " he said. "Hence, my search for information began."

Mr. Sykes is a member of the Theatre Historical Society and Chairman of the Jeffrey Weiss Committee, the Cinema Theatre Association (England), and has served for 12 years as a volunteer Art Director with the American Theatre Organ Society at Emery Theatre.

Theatre Exhibit at Main Library Though April 2

An exhibit featuring memorabilia from Mr. Sykes's collection, and that of the Library's, will also be on display in the Art & Music Department through April 2. The exhibit provides a pictorial history of live-performance and movie theaters that were part of the Cincinnati cultural scene during the 19th and 20th centuries. Some were comfortable neighborhood theaters, while others were a place to go on special occasions. Many of these superb buildings are now lost to us, except through old photographs and illustrations. The theater and movie posters and programs on display serve as nostalgic reminders of this bygone era. For additional information, call 513-369-6955.

Interpreter available upon request for the hearing impaired. Please call 513-369-6944 [TDD 513-369-6946] at least one week before program.

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