Press Release

March 1, 2001

The Life of Mary Baker Eddy Celebrates Women's History Month with Exhibit and Program on March 13

Mary Baker Eddy was a major contributor to the Women's Movement in the 19th Century. She and other women, such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, helped to establish a new role and vocation for women. To commemorate Women's History Month, the Main Library, 800 Vine Street, will be hosting an exhibit on Mary Baker Eddy's life through March 31. Keith Wommack of Corpus Christi, Texas will also present a talk, The Life of Mary Baker Eddy, on Wednesday, March 13, 12 noon.

Eddy, who was born in 1821 in New England, spent much of her childhood and adult life in ill health. A pioneer in the field of mind/body medicine, she was an author, pastor of her own church in Boston's Back Bay, and a public speaker who drew large crowds in cities like Boston and Chicago. She was also President and founder of a teaching college, published and edited a monthly magazine, and founded a publishing house that produced numerous books, weekly and monthly magazines, foreign language magazines, and newspapers. In 1875 she published her major work, Science and Health, that has sold over 9,000,000 copies.

The free program will be held in the program space, first floor. For additional information, call 513-369-6945.

Interpreter available upon request for the hearing impaired. Please call 513-369-6944 [TDD 513-369-6946] at least one week before program.

Information about events at the Main Library and 41 branch libraries is available on the Internet site: