November 2, 2001


Video-Based Kiosk Exhibiting Positive Parenting Practices to be Tested at the Public Library


Information on positive parenting practices is being provided to parents by way of a public kiosk at the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County through a program funded by the State of Ohio Department of Education and supported by the Manuel D. and Rhoda Mayerson Foundation. The interactive kiosk will be exhibited at the Main Library in the Children�s Learning Center (800 Vine Street) through November next to the Library�s parenting resources.� It will then be rotated on a 30-day basis between the West End (805 Ezzard Charles Drive), Walnut Hills (2533 Kemper Lane), and Anderson (7450 State Road) branch libraries.


The video-based kiosk is a prototype that�s being tested as an alternative to gathering information through traditional printed materials. Its purpose is to provide information and advice to parents in a new and different format. Short videos, which are accessed through a touch-screen monitor in the kiosk, provide actual scenarios in action as a way for viewers to learn something new or reinforce positive parenting strategies they already practice.� Each video, which ranges from one and a half minutes to two minutes plus, covers a distinct parenting practice and message. An animated host named Egghead guides viewers through the 20 or so different parenting vignettes. These can be accessed in sequence, which is recommended to achieve full benefit from the information, or according to preference of topic.�


On-screen tabs to direct users to additional information on local parenting resources as well as a feedback component, where users can offer suggestions to add to the content or improve the format and indicate their level of satisfaction with the experience. As a way to follow up on everyday parenting questions, a phone number to a warm line is also provided on screen. The kiosk was first introduced with good results in waiting rooms throughout Cincinnati Children�s Hospital Medical Center, but is to be tested in a variety of settings such as the Library to determine other successful pilot sites.




√Information about events at the Main Library and 41 branch libraries is

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