June 2017


Book Art Exhibits

Lafcadio Hearn Cecelia S. Chewning, Super Women, 2017


The 18th annual Cincinnati Book Arts Society (CBAS) exhibit Bookworks will be on display June 14–Sept. 3 in the atrium of the Main Library. CBAS is a nonprofit organization of professional and amateur hand workers in the book arts.

Learn more about the creative process in making a “bookish” work of art during the artist walk-throughs on Sunday, June 25, and Sunday, Aug. 20 . There will also be a hands-on bookmaking demonstration at 2 p.m. Sunday, July 23 .

Lafcadio Hearn Bonnie Stahlecker, Openings, 2015

Keith Kuhn Memorial Exhibit

In conjunction with the Bookworks exhibit is the Keith Kuhn Memorial Exhibit, the annual display of artist-created books from the Library’s collection. It is curated in memory of former Library Services Directory, Keith Kuhn.

This exhibit also runs June 14–Sept. 3 in the Popular Library and in cases by the elevators on the second and third floors.

The Strange & Exotic World of Lafcadio Hearn

Lafcadio Hearn

Patrick Lafcadio Hearn lived an uncommon life. Born in 1850 on the Greek island of Lefkada to a Greek mother and an Irish father, he was abandoned by his parents and sent to America by his great aunt’s financial advisor. Hearn was given five dollars for the trip and was told to look up a friend in Cincinnati.

Once he arrived in the Queen City, Hearn befriended a printer who let him sleep in the back room of his print shop and encouraged him to write. Hearn contributed hundreds of articles about the city to the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Cincinnati Commercial. He briefly served as private secretary to the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s Director Thomas Vickers before moving on to New Orleans, then Martinique. He finally settled in Japan in 1890.

Hearn was the first westerner to translate Japanese stories and fairytales into English. In the 1950s, Vickers’ family donated his personal collection of Hearn material to the Library. Selections from the collection will be on view in the Joseph S. Stern, Jr. Cincinnati Room at the Main Library June 9–Aug. 20.

The Story Tree by ArtWorks Teens with Natsuko Dyer

The Story Tree The Story Tree

The Contemporary Arts Center donated the “Story Tree” to the Library so it would continue to inspire young readers. This work celebrates the global role of storytelling. The large tree mural was inspired by the beloved children’s book author Eric Carle to act as the connection between each story. On the limbs you will find boxes that reveal the story as each piece of Plexiglas is pulled out. The teens from ArtWorks chose a variety of stories from different countries and traditions — Hansel and Gretel, The Emperor’s New Clothes, James and the Giant Peach, How the Coyote Stole Fire, The Gingerbread Man, and Urashimo Taro. The "Story Tree" is on permanent view at the Madisonville Branch.

See the Polar Bear and Allosaurus from the Cincinnati Museum Center


The Cincinnati Museum Center’s polar bear now welcomes visitors to the Main Library. The polar bear, the Earth’s largest land predator, is on display in the Main Library Atrium near the elevators. The Main Library is also housing the Museum Center’s Allosaurus, a fearsome carnivore which sat atop the food chain over 150 million years ago and has been a favorite amongst visitors to the Museum Center’s Dino Hall. The Allosaurus is now housed on the second floor bridge spanning the north and south buildings of the Main Library, between the TechCenter and MakerSpace. Both pieces will remain at Main Library for about the next two years, as renovation work on the Museum Center is completed.

For additional information about any of the exhibits listed, please call our Programs & Exhibits Office at 513-369-3173.