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Outreach Services – Bringing the Library to you! Find out more about the department that is not visible to the public but delivers special collections of Library materials to schools, nursing homes, correctional facilities, the homebound and community centers throughout Hamilton County.
Halloween help. Find books on fun costumes, party ideas, or stories to just plain scare yourself silly.
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People of the Book
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The Library Is Busier Than Ever!

This fall the Library is seeing sky-high usage. Program attendance in September increased nearly 33% over the same month last year and the number of active library cards was at the highest total for the year. Books and materials are flying out the doors with area residents borrowing over 720,000 more items to date than in the same period in 2008. Thus far in 2009, in excess of 7.1 million books and print items alone have been borrowed. With this month's increase, the Library has now realized 24 straight months of overall increases in borrowing.

This enormous demand for Library services is occurring at a time when our Library is facing a 28% reduction in state funding—a $16 million deficit. As a result of these cuts, the Library has already had to eliminate 200 staff positions, cut 241 hours a week, and cancel or postpone all capital projects. The Library provides services to preschool children, students, and seniors, among many others. The Library is a community asset that provides free services to the whole community. But without new funding the Library will be forced to make more cuts that will result in closing of up to 20 branches, further reduced hours, additional staff cuts, and purchase of fewer books and materials.

Help for Job Seekers Here

Learn the skills you need to get the job you want! Whether you need to learn the basics of online job searching, pointers on writing an effective resume, tips on how to research potential employers, or skills for conducting a successful interview—it's all available for free at the Library. Check out these helpful programs for job seekers being offered in partnership with SuperJobs and Return to Work Resource Center.

Picking Up Your Holds Is Even Easier
Drive Through Window

Now you will not even have to get out of the car to pick up the books and materials you have placed on hold at the Main Library. All you need to do is select the option "Main Library Drive–up Window" as the location where you want the items you requested to be picked up. The location "Main Library Drive–up Window" appears as an option on the "Pickup at" menu directly below "Main Library." This change gives you greater flexibility and convenience in retrieving items you have placed on hold and makes using the Library even easier!

Get a Personal Tour of the Main Library

Has it been years since you've been downtown to the Main Library? You would be amazed at how much it has changed. In 2008, the Main Library was totally reorganized, adding new services and enhancing existing services to provide even more outstanding customer service and to be more convenient and easier to use. In fact, the Main Library was recognized as the busiest library building in the United States! Find out why without leaving the comfort of your home. Thanks to CET, a long–time community partner with the Library, you can watch virtual tours on your computer of each special area including the TechCenter, Popular Library, Homework Central, TeenSpot, and even Outreach Services.

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