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A Distant Heart

Sonali Dev

Kimi has an immunodeficiency disorder which caused her to be confined to her germ free bedroom. Rahul was her only friend. He was working around the house and tutoring Kimi to pay off a debt to her father. With a heart transplant and treatments, Kimi is now living a normal life. That normalcy is shattered when Rahul, now a police officer, catches wind of a black market organ ring with their sights set on Kimi.

cover image of Bloodstains with Bronte

Bloodstains with Bronte: A Crime with the Classics Mystery

Katherine Bolger Hyde

This sequel to Arsenic with Austen, reunites us with Emily Cavanaugh. Emily is turning her inherited Stony Beach mansion into a writer's retreat. During a murder mystery event she was hosting, an unsavory actor is stabbed to death. Her housekeeper is a prime suspect, but Emily is not buying it. Her skepticism complicates her rekindled romance with Luke Richards, the local sheriff overseeing the case.

cover image of Green


Sam Graham-Felsen

In 1992 Boston, Green is one of the only white kids at his school. His black best friend Marlon, tackles all of life's typical dramas and challenges alongside him in their gentrifying neighborhood. Things begin to change when the two boys become interested in the same girl and cracks begin to form in their relationship. White privilege rings painfully true when challenges become easier for Green while Marlon is constantly under pressure to rise above his circumstances.

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