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Ghost Image: A Sophie Medina Mystery

Ellen Crosby

When freelance journalist Sophie Medina finds Brother Kevin Boyle, a Franciscan friar and controversial environmentalist, dead in the gardens of a Washington, DC monastery, she is sure her friend was murdered. Shortly before he died, he told Sophie he was being stalked, possibly because he unearthed a botanical discovery potentially worth millions. Left with few clues and a key that leads to a 17th-century plant encyclopedia, Sophie is determined to figure out who murdered him. But can she solve the mystery before Kevin’s killer finds her? From the author of Multiple Exposure (2013).

cover image of God Help the Child

God Help the Child

Toni Morrison

Lula Ann is born with skin so black that her mother, Sweetness, who could pass for white, will not touch her. Desperate for love and approval from Sweetness, she tells a lie that puts an innocent teacher named Sofia in jail for decades. As an adult, Lula Ann changes her name to Bride, wears only white, and becomes a successful and beautiful career woman. But Bride’s life starts falling apart when she meets up with a just-paroled Sofia, and her lover, Booker, leaves without explanation. Morrison (Home, 2012) continues the powerful storytelling she began 45 years ago with The Bluest Eye (1970).

cover image of Memory Man

Memory Man

David Baldacci

Baldacci (The Target, 2014) introduces Amos Decker, a former football player and ex-cop turned private detective in this first in a new series. Decker’s promising NFL career was ended by a helmet collision, and the resulting brain injury induced a rare condition called hyperthymesia. 20 years later, he still can’t forget anything he ever experiences, including the murder of his wife, daughter, and brother-in-law. But with the recent confession of Sebastian Leopold for the slaughter of his family and a mass shooting at a local high school, he rejoins his former partner in investigating both cases.

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