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American War

Omar El Akkad

It's 2074 and America is in it's second civil war. Global warming is wreaking havoc causing severe storms, prolonged drought, and sea levels so high that people, known as coastal refugees, are pouring into the Midwest. Columbus, Ohio is the new Washington D.C. The Sustainable Future Act has banned fossil fuels, and Southern states who profit from them are not complying and are trying to secede. This cautionary tale looks at what could happen if America turned its most devastating policies and weapons upon itself. It is told from multiple perspective and shares the stories of families being torn and tested in a world full of power struggles, terrorism, and ignorance.

cover image of Dead Man Switch

Dead Man Switch

Matthew Quirk

This techno-thriller is the second in the John Hayes series, following Cold Barrel Zero. Hayes is retired from an elite Special Ops team, but is pulled back in when it becomes clear members of his former squad are being systematically killed. The murders are being disguised as accidents and the prime suspects include Claire Rhodes, who is an old assassin protege of Hayes, and Pakistani terrorist Niko Hynd. If the riveting non-stop action isn't enough to entertain, the fascinating investigative and criminal methods contained within will.

cover image of Long Black Veil

Long Black Veil

Jennifer Finney Boylan

A night of mischief goes horribly wrong when six college friends: Casey, Wailer, Maisie, Tripper, Rachel, and Quentin go exploring in an abandoned penitentiary late one night following Casey and Wailer's wedding. They get locked in and must find a way to escape. Tripper, the mastermind, manages to scale a wall to go for help while the others end up separated inside. Wailer disappears and does not resurface until remains are found over 30 years later. Casey is charged with the murder. Quentin, now known as Judith Carrigan, is the only one who could possibly help Casey, but doing so could destroy the new life she's created for herself.

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