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cover image of The Knockoff

The Knockoff

Lucy Sykes & Jo Piazza

In this funny chick lit debut, Imogen Tate, the editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine Glossy, has just returned from a six-month medical leave to find that her former assistant, Eve, has taken over. Fresh out of Harvard Business School and full of ideas, she has fired the “gray hairs," disconnected the landlines, allows only tweeting and texting at meetings, and makes dancing to Beyoncé mandatory. Worse still, she wants to turn the print magazine Glossy into an interactive app. Can middle-aged Imogen fight back? You bet!

cover image of Our Souls at Night

Our Souls at Night

Kent Haruf

In this final novel written before his death in November 2014, novelist Kent Haruf captures small-town life in his signature sparse style. Widowed Addie Moore and Louis Waters have been neighbors in Holt, Colorado, for over 40 years. Addie asks Louis to come over every evening and stay with her in bed, just to get through the lonely nights. Louis agrees, and they begin to confide about their pasts. Then Addie’s son Gene interferes, issuing an ultimatum that forces her to make a difficult choice. (Library Journal)

cover image of Robert B. Parker's Kickback

Robert B. Parker's Kickback: A Spenser Novel

Ace Atkins

In Atkins' fourth Spenser novel (after Robert B. Parker’s Cheap Shot, 2014), Sheila Yates asks Boston PI Spenser for help when her teenage son, Dillon, is arrested after setting up a fake Twitter account for his high school vice principal. Judge Joe Scali, known for having zero tolerance for minors, sends him to Fortune Island, a juvenile boot camp where other kids are doing hard time for minor infractions. But why the tough sentencing? Spenser and his wingman, Hawk, uncover a shady prison-for-profit scheme with ties to the Boston mob.

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