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cover image of The Book of Mirrors

The Book of Mirrors

E. O. Chirovici

This thriller will keep you turning pages. Richard Flynn submits his memoir to literary agent Peter Katz. Its focus is on Flynn's time at Princeton. There he had a relationship with the beautiful Laura Baines who was also a protégée of Joseph Wieder a famous professor who was murdered just before Christmas in 1987. The submitted novel has no end and Katz wonders if it is meant to be a confession. When Flynn dies, Katz hires help to find answers which brings in more players and more complications from the past.

cover image of Everything Belongs to Us

Everything Belongs to Us

Yoojin Grace Wuertz

At Seoul National University in 1978 South Korea, life is competitive among the best and brightest. This debut novel follows four of those students all from different backgrounds and each with unique struggles. Under the rule of a corrupt political regime workers are exploited, the wealthy are complicit, the middle class indecisive, and morals are just as challenged as finances. These four students will each face their own trials and betrayals as they fight for prosperity at any cost in a time of national upheaval.

cover image of The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour

T. Greenwood

Wyn Davies moves out of the New York apartment she shares with her estranged husband. She heads to a friend's cabin in Maine with her daughter to paint and try to cope with her broken marriage and her past. She was raped when thirteen, and now twenty years later the innocence project has taken on her assailant's case. Wyn may need to testify in a retrial which is an anguish she had managed to escape the first time around.

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