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Yaa Gyasi

Gyasi’s amazing debut offers an unforgettable, page-turning look at the histories of Ghana and America, as the author traces a single bloodline across seven generations, beginning with Ghanaian half-sisters Effia, who is married off to a British colonizer in the 1760s, and Esi, who is captured into the British slave-trading system around the same time. In both America and Ghana, prosperity rises and falls from parent to child, love comes and goes, and the characters’ trust of white men wavers. These story elements purposely echo like ghosts—as history often repeats itself—yet Gyasi writes each narrative with remarkable freshness and subtlety. A marvelous novel. Agent: Eric Simonoff, WME Entertainment. (June)

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Ink and Bone

Lisa Unger

In this explosive psychological thriller by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger, a young woman's mysterious gift forces her into the middle of a dangerous investigation of a little girl's disappearance. For as long as she can remember, twenty-year-old Finley Montgomery has been able to see into the future. She dreams about events before they occur and sees beyond the physical world, unconsciously using her power to make supernatural things happen. But Finley can't control these powers—and there's only one person who can help. So Finley moves to The Hollows, a small town in upstate New York where her grandmother lives, a renowned seer who can finally teach Finley how to use her gift. --Overdrive

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Marrow Island

Alexis M. Smith

A massive earthquake rocks the small island of Orwell causing devastating damage to the local refinery. This leads to the death of Lucie Bowen's father and the poisoning of the island's soil through chemicals spilled during the refinery's explosion. After years struggling as a journalist, Lucie returns to her family's abandoned cabin on Orwell. Her childhood friend, Katie, reaches out to her and asks her to come see the environmental clean-up work they have been doing on the nearby island of Marrow. Marrow is abandoned aside from a small colony of inhabitants who are not altogether pleased about the intrusion.

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