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The Diplomat's Daughter

Karin Tanabe

Emi Kato follows her Japanese diplomat father to America after her boyfriend, Leo, and his Jewish family flee Austria to escape Hitler's growing regime. Emi's safety in Washington is jeopardized when Japan allies itself with Germany. Emi is sent to an internment camp where she meets Christian whose family has been sent to the camp after being labeled German sympathizers. They fall in love but are also separated by political upheaval. Emi is deported and Christian joins the Army in hopes of reuniting with her. Spread across the world, Leo and Christian fight to get to Emi as Emi longs for both of them.

cover image of UNSUB


Meg Gardiner

Detective Caitlin Hendrix is pulled back into a nightmare that previously destroyed her father, Mack, when he was a detective twenty years earlier. Mack was on the case of a serial killer known as the Prophet. The Prophet played mind games with him and was never caught, eventually destroying Mack's career. Now either the Prophet is back or there's a very good copycat in action. Caitlin is determined to overcome his psychological games, decipher his twisted messages and keep him from killing again despite her father's warnings.

cover image of Watch Me Disappear

Watch Me Disappear

Janelle Brown

Wife and Mom, Billie, has been missing and presumed dead after going hiking alone over a year ago. Her body was never found, just a boot and her cell phone. Her husband, Jonathan, throws himself into alcohol and writing a memoir of their marriage. Their daughter, Olive, becomes increasingly reclusive and begins having visions of her mother still alive. This worries Jonathan until he starts uncovering secrets about Billie's life. The two set out to find out more about who Billie really was and what happened to her.

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