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The Animators

Kayla Rae Whitaker

College friends, Mel and Sharon, have spent the last ten years working together creating short cartoons and advertisements. When they decide to make a full length animated film based on Mel's troubled fearless life, they find success but this does not make their path easier. Sharon suffers from a stroke, Mel's drinking and life of excess worsens and her mom dies in prison. The duo's relationship strains but they reunite for a second film, this time focused on Sharon. The two confront their demons as they try to embrace their creativity, cope with life, and find redemption.

cover image of Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

April Smith

It's Christmas Eve in 1985. Jo is racing back to South Dakota where her sister-in-law has been brutally murdered and her brother, Lance, and nephew, Willie, were left for dead. Who would have done this? Is it random or related to their dad's political career, their mother's brief time affiliated with Communism, or some other aspect of life's complicities?

cover image of My Husband's Wife

My Husband's Wife

Jane Corry

Already a bestseller in the UK, My Husband's Wife, brings us Lily and Ed McDonald who get married only months after meeting. They both bring plenty of baggage and secrets into the marriage. Lily is a lawyer who loves to defend the underdog as a manner of facing demons surrounding the death of her autistic brother. Ed harbors secrets relating to his ex-fiancee and a family trust. He's a graphic artist who seeks to be a painter. He finds momentary success when he paints Carla, the precocious 9 year old neighbor. Flash forward 12 years, Carla returns and Lily and Ed are struggling to hold onto their marriage and with raising their 9 year old son with Asperger's. The secrets, lies, and betrayals continue as life gets darker and more complex.

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