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Cuba Straits

Randy Wayne White

Present-day Cuba is the setting for White’s timely 22nd Doc Ford thriller (after Bone Deep, 2014). Former Cuban General Juan Garcia specializes in smuggling Cuban baseball players into the U.S., as well as selling high-profile collectibles. Now he needs Doc Ford's help when unstable shortstop Figueroa Casanova disappears in St. Petersburg, FL, while carrying a stolen briefcase of letters written by Fidel Castro to his mistress in the early 1960’s. Soon a Russian spy (and Doc’s sidekick Tomlinson) join the hunt, and Doc becomes convinced the letters contain a secret that cannot be made public at any cost.

cover image of Whiskers of the Lion

Whiskers of the Lion: An Amish-Country Mystery

P.L. Gaus

The murder of Ruth Zook in The Names of Our Tears (2013) continues to take its toll on the Amish community of Holmes County, Ohio. Sherriff Bruce Robertson has spent a summer searching for Fannie Helmuth, who fled protective custody after agreeing to testify against a violent gang that was using Amish girls to traffic drugs. Then Howie Dent, Fannie’s best friend and partner on the run, is found tortured and murdered. As Sherriff Robertson struggles with his recurring, cryptic childhood nightmare of a deadly lion, he knows it’s only a matter of time before the Molina gang goes after Fannie.

cover image of The World Before Us

The World Before Us

Aislinn Hunter

Jane Standen was a babysitter in her teens when five-year-old Lily Eliot disappeared on her watch. Now, 20 years later, Jane is an archivist at London’s Chester Museum. While doing research on Victorian-era rural asylums, Jane comes across a reference to the Whitmore Hospital for Convalescent Lunatics, and a young woman called N, who disappeared in 1877 in the same woods where Lily vanished. N’s fate was linked to George Farrington, a botanist whose Inglewood House was located near the asylum. Jane flees to the woods in Northern England, hoping to make sense of things.

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