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cover image of The Room of White Fire

The Room of White Fire

T. Jefferson Parker

Three time Edgar Award winner, Parker, brings us Roland Ford, a private investigator, who is hired to find Clay Hickman, a sanitorium escapee. Ford quickly realizes there is more to this story when he finds truth in a patient's claim that drones camouflaged as hummingbirds track their every move on the grounds. He also tells Ford that Clay has set out to bring "white fire to Deimos". Clay is a veteran trying to expose military misconduct in relation to torturous interrogation techniques. Ford quickly discovers this mystery is both deep and dangerous.

cover image of Stay with Me

Stay with Me

Avobami Adebayo

Garnering several starred reviews, Stay with Me is a powerful debut novel about Yejide and Akin, a Nigerian couple whose decided to go against tradition and not be polygamous. That is until Akin's family interferes following Yejide's failure to produce a child. Desperate, Yejide visits a holy man who convinces her she is pregnant. The pain of this falsehood and her strained marriage, drives her into the arms of Dotun, Akin's brother. She becomes pregnant and actually feels happy until Akin's second wife seemingly accidentally dies and the truth of Yejide's affair is exposed.

cover image of Unraveling Oliver

Unraveling Oliver

Liz Nugent

Children's author, Oliver Ryan, shockingly attacks his wife of 20 years putting her in a coma. Oliver is handsome and charismatic. Despite the discreet affairs he regularly engaged in, Oliver is fond of his wife and is in shock himself over his disgusting assault. As the ugly truth of his childhood unravels his violent outburst becomes less surprising. It is clear why this psychological thriller won the Irish Book Awards Crime Novel of the Year.

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