April 20, 2014

Online Book Clubs

Join these free bookclubs and receive chapters from popular books in your daily email.

Every day, Monday through Friday, you’ll receive a portion of a chapter that only takes five minutes to read. After you’ve read two or three complete chapters, you’ll begin receiving chapters from a new title. You can join one or more of our bookclubs. Just give us your email address and you can start reading tomorrow!


NonFiction Book Club

cover of this week’s nonfiction book

The NonFiction Book Club offers a wide variety of real life stories about people, places and things, with an occasional self-help book. If you prefer reading nonfiction, this is the club for you.

Teen Book Club

cover of this week’s teen book

Our Teen Book Club features mysteries, comedies, adventure stories, and even some science fiction titles. Every day, a new five-minute read, every week, a new book. Reading was never so easy and so much fun.

Audio Online Book Club

cover of the current audiobook

Enjoy a daily dose of spoken word with audio books—fiction, nonfiction, self-help, business books and more—all delivered to your email address. Just sit back and listen, no reading necessary.

Good News Book Club

cover of the current ‘good news’ book

This club features books that “you could take home to Mom.” They’ll make you laugh, cry, and really think about what’s important in your life. These are books you can share with the whole family.

Fiction Book Club

cover of the current fiction book

This club features a variety of fiction books. One week it might be a pre-release of a Tom Clancy book and the next, a mystery by a first time author.

Horror Book Club

cover of the current horror book

Not quite awake in the morning? These stories will get your eyes wide open. If you enjoy ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night, you’ll really enjoy this book club.

Business Book Club

cover of the current business book

This club delivers the latest ideas in marketing, management, customer service, and e-commerce. Start every day with ideas that you can put to work. Just five minutes a day and you’re in touch.

Romance Book Club

cover of the current romance book

Romance is in the air! We feature your favorite authors, introduce you to some new authors, and take a sneak peek at some books before they go on sale. Everyone needs a little romance.

Pre-Pub Book Club

cover of the current pre-pub book

This is your chance to start reading books before everyone else! Every other week, you’ll receive “Advance Reading Copy” from a title that hasn’t been published yet.

Mystery Book Club

cover of the current mystery book

Don’t miss a single clue! Every week, an exciting new mystery title by famous and lesser-known writers.

Sci-Fi Book Club

cover of the sci-fi audiobook

The Science Fiction Book Club has all of the latest science fiction titles, rousing space operas, disgusting evil aliens, time travel, wizards, alternate history and more.