May 19, 2013

No Fits, Nilson!

cover image of No Fits, Nilson!
Zachariah Ohora

Amelia tells her gigantic gorilla friend “No fits, Nilson!” whenever he loses his temper. Familiar triggers include a toppled block tower, shoes that are too tight, and boring errands with adults. Amelia offers support to help him avoid meltdowns, until Nilson gets the last banana ice cream- then Amelia has a fit! Nilson offers to share his scoop and all is well. Readers will giggle when Amelia kisses Nilson goodnight and they realize he’s actually a pint-sized stuffed animal who has been helping her manage her feelings. Ohora’s acrylic paintings feature cheerful matte colors, crisp white spaces and thick black outlines – perfect for this modern fable. Ages 4-6