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The Story of Fish and Snail

Deborah Freedman

Books as doorways to exciting adventures is the theme of this shining new tale from Deborah Freedman. Timid Snail lives in his goldfish bowl that is actually a page in a picture book. Snail's friend Fish returns home and declares "I found a new book!" Snail doesn't want to go into other books, he likes where he lives. Fish tries to lure him with promises of treasures and a pirate ship, but Snail refuses to move. Angrily, the two part ways and Fish enters his new book. Snail cautiously crawls to the edge of his book, peers into Fish's watery new world, then boldly launches himself into the air. Water splashes as Snail dives into the new book, ready for reconciliation and new adventures. A beautiful and engaging story from the creator of Scribble (2007) and Blue Chicken (2011) Ages 4-6