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Ah Ha!

Jeff Mack

In this nearly wordless tale author Mack creates a wildly entertaining story with only two letters of the alphabet. Frog just wants to float and rest in the sun on this lazy day. ("AAHH") His reverie is interrupted when a boy and his dog capture Frog and put him in a jar. Frog escapes ("AAHH!") but lands on the back of a hungry turtle ("AH HA!") then leaps away to find himself on the back of a ferocious crocodile ("AH HA!") When frog finally outsmarts the predators he shouts "HA HA!" Mack's expressive color-filled illustrations capture all the emotions- happiness, fear, joy, anger and smugness. A wonderful read-aloud that invites audience participation and giggles galore. From the author of Good News, Bad News (2012) Ages 3-6