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The Jersey Brothers:A Missing Naval Officer in the Pacific and His Family's Quest to Bring Him Home

Sally Mott Freeman

Barton Cross and his brothers Benny and Bill were all naval officers during World War II. Bill is picked by Franklin D. Roosevelt to run his Map Room, while Benny is a gunnery and anti-aircraft officer on the USS Enterprise. Barton, the youngest, is shuffled off to the Navy Supply Corps because his mother wants him out of harm’s way. But this plan backfires when Barton is sent to the Philippines and is listed as MIA after a Japanese attack, leaving his family to desperately find him. Based on ten years of research, Sally Mott Freeman has reopened the long-closed inquiry into her uncle’s POW imprisonment, and “the result is a a touching, suspenseful, and deeply troubling story of one family’s devotion and betrayal.” (Kirkus Reviews)