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Crystal Blade

Kathryn Purdie

Purdie’s sequel to Burning Glass (2016) begins just a few weeks after her first book ends. The empire has fallen and Valko, the dethroned emperor, is in prison awaiting trial. Sonya and Anton must protect their homeland and are working to build a new government for Riaznin. Sonya is finally free from her fate as Sovereign Auraseer, but her expanding abilities are just as unstable as the new government. Like most Auraseers, Sonya possesses the power to sense the emotions of others, but she also has the unheard-of ability to manipulate feelings. She isn’t immune to her power’s sinister temptations, and as she fights to contain her own darkness, Sonya senses the presence of a new evil, someone from her past who won’t be satisfied until she's suffered for her mistakes.