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cover image of The Beekeeper's Daughter

The Beekeeper's Daughter

Santa Montefiore

England, 1932: Grace Hamblin is the beekeeper's daughter, growing up on the estate of the Marquess of Penselwood. After her father dies, her childhood friend, Freddie, wants to marry her, but there is another man she just can't shake from her thoughts. Massachusetts, 1973: Grace's daughter Trixie is in love with English rock star Jasper Duncliffe. When Jasper's brother dies and he is called home to England, he promises to return for Trixie. Grace believes that he has abandoned her daughter, but Trixie is confident that Jasper's love for her is real. Montefiore's (Secrets of the Lighthouse, 2014) dual love story is a romantic delight.

cover image of Cincinnati Reds Legends

Cincinnati Reds Legends

Mike Shannon

Local baseball writer Mike Shannon provides the words to accompany original artwork from three artists, painting portraits of the most memorable Reds of all time. In a club with a long history, there are so many individual players, but Shannon has pared the choices down to 40. His list includes the most unique personalities and the greatest achievers. Just in time for Opening Day and with plenty of time to study up before the All-Star Game, everyone's favorite team is back on the book shelves.

cover image of The Invention of Fire

The Invention of Fire

Bruce Holsinger

Medieval poet and fixer John Gower returns in Holsinger's (A Burnable Book, 2014) second mystery. In 14th-century London, the bodies of sixteen unknown men are found in a privy. The men's wounds--ragged holes created by an unknown object--are unlike anything the Sheriff of London has ever seen. Gower, asked to help by the Sheriff, believes the men may have been used in an experiment--a test for a fearsome new weapon his informants call the "handgonne." With the assistance of his friend Geoffrey Chaucer, Gower searches for the person responsible for commissioning this terrible new weapon. A colorful and riveting mystery.

cover image of The Real-Life MBA

The Real-Life MBA: Your No-BS Guide to Winning the Game, Building a Team, and Growing Your Career

Jack & Suzy Welch

The husband-and-wife team of the best-seller, Winning, share their considerable knowledge about the business world and why it is important to always be learning. In the decade since their last book, the couple has set up their own online MBA program and worked extensively in the field with all sorts of business models. In their thinking, doing business is like playing a team sport. It's about having the key talents in the right areas at the right time. It's about building that group, managing those individuals, and determining your place in the scheme that makes for a success.

cover image of You Can Trust Me

You Can Trust Me

Sophie McKenzie

Set in Exeter, England, McKenzie's latest thriller (after Close My Eyes, 2013) revolves around a long-ago murder. Livy Jackson is preparing to go to an office party with her husband when she receives a text from her friend, Julia, which she ignores. When she goes to Julia's house the next day, she finds her friend dead. The police think it's suicide, but Livy knows otherwise. Julia, a freelance journalist, was looking into the murder of Livy's younger sister, Kara, who was killed 18 years ago. Convinced that Julia finally found her sister's killer, Livy teams up with Julia's boyfriend to finally uncover the truth.

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