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Becoming Bach

Tom Leonard

For Johann Sebastian there was always music. His family had been musicians, or bachs as they were called in Germany, for 200 years. He always wanted to be a bach. As he grew, he saw patterns in everything. Patterns he would turn into melodies and song, eventually growing into one of the most important and celebrated musical composers of all time. Ages 4 to 8.

cover image of Frogkisser!


Garth Nix

Princess Anya has a big problem: Duke Rikard, her step-stepfather is an evil wizard who wants to rule the kingdom and has a habit of changing people into frogs, and her older sister Morven, the heir, is a wimp--so with the help of the librarian Gotfried (who turns into an owl when he is upset), and the Royal Dogs, she must find a way to defeat Rikard, save her sister, and maybe even turn Prince Denholm back into a human being. Ages 12 and up.

cover image of Life on Mars

Life on Mars

Jon Agee

A young astronaut is convinced that he's found the only living thing on Mars--a flower--but fails to notice the mischievous, cupcake-thieving little Martian who has been wandering around in the illustrations the whole time. Ages 4 to 8.

cover image of We Love You, Rosie!

We Love You, Rosie!

Cynthia Rylant

Rosie is a very busy little dog. Sometimes she’s good, and sometimes she’s bad. Sometimes she wants to go out, and other times she wants to stay in. But no matter what, Rosie’s family loves her! With adorable illustrations and fun, snappy text, this cozy picture book is the perfect way to introduce young readers to the world of opposites. Ages 3 to 7.

cover image of The Width of the World

The Width of the World

David Baldacci

Having discovered the truth about Wormwood before surviving the Quag, heroine Vega Jane, who has endured more than anyone before her, is confronted by devastating forces unlike any she has ever encountered. It’s up to Vega, Delph, Harry Two and their new comrade, Petra, to take up the fight against a foe that’s unrivaled in savagery and cunning. Ages 8 to 12.

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