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cover image of The Nuts

The Nuts: Bedtime at the Nut House

Eric Litwin

It's bedtime at the Nut House, but little Wally and Hazel Nut aren't quite ready to go to sleep. Why go to bed when you could be singing and howling at the moon? But Mama Nut insists that all little Nuts need to go up to bed. Who will win this bedtime tug-of-war? In an unforgettably catchy bedtime adventure, Eric Litwin, author of the first four best-selling and beloved Pete the Cat books teams up with artist Scott Magoon to create a nutty new series! Ages 6 to 7.

cover image of Peanut Butter and Cupcake

Peanut Butter and Cupcake

Terry Border

What's a little piece of bread to do when he's feeling lonely? Find a friend, of course! Taking his mom's advice to make friends in his new hometown, Peanut Butter wanders through his neighborhood asking each neighbor if they'd like to be friends. But, he soon discovers that sometimes friends are hard to come by, especially when Hamburger has to walk his (hot) dogs, Cupcake is too busy building castles in her sprinkle box, and Egg laughs so hard he starts to crack up! Will Peanut Butter ever find his perfect mate? Ages 3 to 6.

cover image of Shipwreck Island

Shipwreck Island

S.A. Bodeen

Sarah Robinson is deeply troubled in the wake of her dad's second marriage. She now has to deal with a new step-mom and two stepbrothers, Marco, who is her age, and Nacho, who's younger. Even though they've all moved from Texas to California to start life as a new, blended family, none of the kids seem remotely happy about it. Sarah's dad and step-mom then decide to take the whole family on a special vacation in order to break the ice and have everyone get to know one another. They'll fly to Tahiti, charter a boat, and go sailing for a few days. It'll be an adventure, right? Wrong. Dead wrong. Ages 9 to 13.

cover image of Star Wars Jedi Academy, No.2

Star Wars Jedi Academy, No.2: Return of the Padawan

Jeffrey Brown

It's time to return to middle school in a galaxy far, far away...After surviving his first year at Jedi Academy, Roan Novachez thought his second year would be a breeze. He couldn't have been more wrong. Roan feels like he's drifting apart from his friends, and it's only made worse when Roan discovers he's not the amazing pilot he thought he'd be. When the school bullies take him under their wing, he decides they aren't so bad after all--or are they? This year, Roan will have to face alien poetry tests, menacing robots, food fights, flight simulation class, online bullies, more lightsaber duels, and worst of all...a girl who is mad at him. Ages 8 to 12.

cover image of Wazdot?


Michael Slack

While on a field trip a young alien named Blip notices a blue and green world and sneaks off to investigate. Blip inspects and identifies each of the perplexing objects that cross his path - from a friendly pig and a clutch of ardent chickens to an annoyed cow and an oh-so-tempting tractor. Can he figure out where he's landed before his teacher shows up? Ages 2 to 6.

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