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cover image of The First Rule of Punk

The First Rule of Punk

Celia C. Přez

Malú's first day at her new school does not go well. She accidentally upsets Posada Middle School’s queen bee and disappoints her professor mom when her punk rock look gets her in trouble for violating the dress code. Malú's dad is a thousand miles away, but still there for her. He reminds her that the first rule of punk is to be yourself. With those wise words, she forges her own path and finds her happiness. Ages 9-11

cover image of Money math : addition and subtraction

Money math : addition and subtraction

David A. Adler

Amusing cartoon presidents help kids manage their pocket change, learn to add and subtract money, and to understand the basic values and symbols associated with American currency. Age 6-7

cover image of The only fish in the sea

The only fish in the sea

Philip C. Stead

Sherman and Sadie set off on an epic adventure into the ocean to save Ellsworth. Ellsworth is a little 'ol goldfish thoughtlessly tossed into the sea by spoiled birthday girl, Amy Scott. Age 5-6

cover image of Pablo & Birdy

Pablo & Birdy

Alison McGhee

One day a boy, Pablo, lands on the banks of a small seaside town in a little inflatable pool with a parrot perched on the side. Pablo cannot remember anything about his past, and his parrot isn't helping. It cannot speak or fly. Emmanuel takes in the newfound duo and tells Pablo the tale of Seafaring parrots. These birds are believed to remember every single sound they hear, but they are destined to eventually fly away and leave forever. When the winds on the shore pick up and Birdy begins to mutter, Pablo realizes he might have one of these mystical creatures. Age 9-11

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