April 13, 2014

New Stuff for Kids

Fabulous new books for kids of all ages!
cover image of The Boundless

The Boundless

Kenneth Oppel

The Boundless, the greatest train ever built, is on its maiden voyage across the country, and first-class passenger Will Everett is about to embark on the adventure of his life! When Will ends up in possession of the key to a train car containing priceless treasures, he becomes the target of sinister figures from his past. In order to survive, Will must join a traveling circus, enlisting the aid of Mr. Dorian, the ringmaster and leader of the troupe, and Maren, a girl his age who is an expert escape artist. With villains fast on their heels, can Will and Maren reach Will's father and save The Boundless before someone winds up dead? Ages 9 to 14.

cover image of Digger Dog

Digger Dog

William Bee

Digger Dog loves to dig up bones, the bigger the better. But for the biggest bone in the world, what will Digger Dog need? The biggest digger in the world, of course! All through the story, the diggers get bigger and the hole gets deeper - all leading up to a fantastic fold-out surprise at the end! Ages 2 to 6.

cover image of It's an Orange Aardvark!

It's an Orange Aardvark!

Michael Hall

Five carpenter ants at home in their tree stump hear a noise. What is it? One ant thinks it is a hungry aardvark lurking outside the stump, just waiting to eat them. One ant makes a hole in the stump to see. Orange light floods the stump - it's not an aardvark, proclaims the ant chorus. It's orange! So what is lurking outside the stump? This very funny picture book features die-cut holes on almost every page, suspenseful page turns, a wonderful surprise ending, and an introduction to a rainbow of colors. Ages 3 to 8.

cover image of Secrets of the Seasons

Secrets of the Seasons: Orbiting the Sun in Our Backyard

Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Alice and her friend Zack explore the reasons for the seasons. Noticing the changes as fall turns into winter, spring, and then summer, Alice explains how the earth's yearlong journey around the sun, combined with the tilt in the earth's axis, makes the seasons happen. Two very helpful - and very funny - chickens give more science details and further explanation through charts, diagrams, and sidebars. Ages 4 to 9.

cover image of Star Wars

Star Wars: What Makes a Monster?

Adam Bray

Are you ready for the adventure to begin? From the acklay to wampas, banthas to the sarlacc, young readers will travel to a galaxy far, far away to meet the scariest monsters from the Star Wars universe. DK Adventures: Star Wars: What Makes a Monster? explores where these creepy creatures come from, what they live on, and all about those who have battled them and lived to tell the tale! Ages 8 to 11.

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