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These new additions to our film collection are worth a look.

cover image of 7 Boxes

7 Boxes: (from Paraguay)

Director: Juan Carlos Maneglia

A 17-year-old wheelbarrow delivery boy in bustling Asuncion, Paraguay, finds himself on the run from police, thieves, and a vicious rival after accepting a lucrative job safeguarding seven mysterious boxes in this fast-paced thriller. "A rollicking good time" -Indiewire

cover image of Adult World

Adult World

Starring: John Cusack and Emma Roberts

Fresh out of college, Amy is convinced she's going to be a famous poet; she just needs someone to acknowledge her greatness. But being unemployed and in debt, her prospects for literary fame look grim. She takes a job at a local adult bookstore where she juggles her responsibilities with pursuing a mentorship under a reclusive, crusty, and alcoholic poet. As Amy tries to make her voice heard, she discovers that a little humility may be just what she needs to achieve her success.

cover image of After the Dark

After the Dark

Starring: James D'Arcy and Sophie Lowe

Faced with an impending nuclear apocalypse, a group of twenty college students must determine which ten of them should take shelter underground and reboot the human race. The decision quickly becomes deadly as each in the group turns against each other in a desperate fight for survival.

cover image of Watermark


Director: Jennifer Baichwal

Following their success with Manufactured Landscapes, photographer Edward Burtynsky and filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal reunite to explore the ways in which humanity has shaped, manipulated, and depleted one of its most vital and compromised resources - water. "It's meant to inspire us to think about our relationship with water and how we use it, and in this case it succeeds admirably." -Toronto Star

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