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These new additions to our film collection are worth a look.

cover image of Food: Delicious Science

Food: Delicious Science

Starring: Dr. Michael Mosley and James Wong

Dr. Michael Mosley and botanist James Wong take viewers on a global adventure that looks at the physics, chemistry, and biology of food. This engaging BBC production is brought to us by PBS.

cover image of Their Finest

Their Finest

Starring: Gemma Arterton

In an effort to convince America to join the war and boost moral in their own country, a production crew in 1940's London heroically makes a propaganda film while the Blitz happens around them.

cover image of Kings, Queens, & In-Betweens

Kings, Queens, & In-Betweens

Director: Gabrielle C. Burton

Through the compelling stories of eight performers in the thriving drag scene in the unlikely location of Columbus, Ohio, the film dives into the often misunderstood topic of 'gender' itself. Giving rare insight into an underground scene, KQIB captures how an unlikely Midwestern city full of vibrant performers tackles complexities of gender expression, personal identity, and human rights, all with humor, great music, big hair, and duct tape.

cover image of Lost City of Z

Lost City of Z

Starring: Charlie Hunnam

Based on true events, Lost City of Z is the story of British explorer Percy Fawcett and his quest to find a fabled civilization in the Amazon jungle.

cover image of The Magicians

The Magicians: Season 2

Starring: Jason Ralph

The Magicians is based on the bestselling novels of Lev Grossman. It is centered around Quentin Coldwater and his friends at the magical school, Brakebills University. These 20-somethings have learned that the fantasy stories they heard in childhood are far too real. Now in season 2, they face a new enemy and this time it threatens the existence of the entire magical world.

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