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Noteworthy new additions to our music collection.

cover image of Painted Ruins

Painted Ruins

Artist: Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear is back after a four year hiatus with Painted Ruins. It is melodic and layered with complex and simple sounds all at once making the album incredibly engrossing and thought provoking.

cover image of Power of Peace

Power of Peace

Artist: The Isley Brothers and Santana

Is there really any more that needs to be said other than The Isley Brothers got together with Santana and as one would expect, the result rocks.

cover image of Rainbow


Artist: Ke$Ha

Creating Rainbow was Kesha's way of coping with her depression. She would wake up, hit the studio, and let it all out. She also teamed up with Dolly Parton on a track that is a remake of a number one song that Kesha's mom wrote for Dolly in the 1980's.

cover image of Synthesis


Artist: Evanescence

Evanescence has added a full orchestra to their signature electronic sound to reimagine some of their old songs and add even more life to them.

cover image of What If

What If

Artist: The Jerry Douglas Band

Frontman, Jerry Douglas, is a 14 time Grammy winner and has played on more than 2,000 albums. What If is an exciting combination groove, jazz, and bluegrass.

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