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December 3, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

They can't kill us all : Ferguson, Baltimore, and a new era in America's racial justice movement

December 2, 2016
Lowery, Wesley, 1990- author.
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2016.
248 pages ; 24 cm
The story -- Ferguson : a city holds its breath -- Cleveland : coming home -- North Charleston : caught on camera -- Baltimore : life pre-indictment -- Charleston : Black death is Black death -- Ferguson, again : a year later, the protests continue -- Three days in July.
A behind-the-scenes account of the #blacklivesmatter movement shares insights into the young men and women behind it, citing the racially charged controversies that have motivated members and the economic, political, and personal histories that inform its purpose.

Black Republicans and the transformation of the GOP

December 1, 2016
Farrington, Joshua D., 1984- author.
Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2016]
viii, 311 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Farewell to the party of Lincoln? : black Republicans in the New Deal era -- Flirting with Republicans : black voters in the 1950s -- Bit by bit : civil rights and the Eisenhower administration -- Ye cannot serve both God and Mammon : the 1960 presidential campaign -- Somebody had to stay and fight : black Republicans and the rise of the Right -- Fighting the enemy within : black Republicans in the wake of Goldwater -- A piece of the action : black capitalism and the Nixon administration -- Not a silent minority : black Republicans in the 1970s.
"Reflecting on his fifty-year effort to steer the Grand Old Party toward black voters, Memphis power broker George W. Lee declared, "Somebody had to stay in the Republican Party and fight." As Joshua Farrington recounts in his comprehensive history, Lee was one of many black Republican leaders who remained loyal after the New Deal inspired black voters to switch their allegiance from the "party of Lincoln" to the Democrats." --Publisher

Thunder at the gates : the Black Civil War regiments that redeemed America

November 17, 2016
Egerton, Douglas R., author.
ix, 429 pages : illustrations, maps, portraits ; 25 cm
The travelers -- The Brahmins -- Readville -- The Sea Islands -- Battery Wagner -- Hospitals and home fronts -- The siege -- Florida -- Liberation -- Occupation -- The veterans -- The legacy of the regiments.
Almost immediately after Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, abolitionists began to call for the raising of black regiments. The South and most of the North responded with outrage. Southerners vowed to enslave black soldiers captured in battle, while many northerners claimed that blacks lacked the courage to fight. Yet Boston's Brahmins, always eager for a moral crusade, launched one of the greatest experiments in American history. In Thunder at the gates, Douglas R. Egerton chronicles the formation and exploits of the 54th and 55th Massachusetts Infantry and the 5th Massachusetts Cavalry -- regiments led by whites but composed of black men born free or into slavery.


November 10, 2016
Wilson, August.
New York : Theatre Communications Group, 2007.
xvi, 77 pages ; 23 cm.

Conversations from her heart : a book of poetry

November 10, 2016
Deloatch, Tanya, author.
[Place of publication not identified] : Marvelous Leaders Publications, LLC, [2016]
1 volume (unpaged) : illustrations ; 23 cm
"Tanya has written poetry over the last twenty-five years as inspiration provides. Yet, she is an emotion driven writer, so she tends write about her own personal experiences, feelings or from events and circumstances that have transpired in and around her life. Check out her first project "Conversations From Her Heart" and relate to some of the situations she shares throughout from "The Proposal" to "The Delivery"."--Back cover.

In her feelings : a book of poetry

November 10, 2016
Deloatch, Tanya, author.
[Place of publication not identified] : Marvelous Leaders Publications, LLC, [2016]
54 pages ; 23 cm
"This book of poetry includes thirty-six poems of emotions; some raw &#x; others downright bitter, but all with feeling. zIn Her Feelingsy will make you laugh, cry, wonder and possibly relate to many of the scenarios offered by the Author/Poet. This collection of poems is her sophomore project."--Back cover.

Mixed emotions : a collection of poetry

November 10, 2016
Deloatch, Tanya, author.
[Place of publication not identified] : Marvelous Leaders Publications, LLC, [2016]
96 pages ; 23 cm
"This collection of poetry offers a plethora of situations with a variety of feelings, insight and passion. The Author/Poet does not disappoint with this installment of emotions ranging from pain and hurt to faith in love. "Mixed Emotions" takes readers on a journey of reflection and hope."--Back cover.

Black elephants in the room : the unexpected politics of African American Republicans

November 9, 2016
Fields, Corey, author.
Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2016]
x, 282 pages ; 22 cm
"George Gund Foundation imprint in African American studies."
From many to few -- Beyond Uncle Tom -- Race doesn't matter -- Black power through conservative principles -- Like crabs in a barrel -- Whither the Republican Party.
"What do you think of when you hear about an African American Republican? Are they heroes fighting against the expectation that all blacks must vote democratic? Are they Uncle Toms or sellouts, serving as traitors to their race? What is it really like to be a black person in the Republican Party? Black Elephants in the Room considers how race structures the political behavior of African American Republicans and discusses the dynamic relationship between race and political behavior in the purported 'post-racial' context of US politics. Drawing on vivid first-person accounts, the book sheds light on the different ways black identity structures African Americans' membership in the Republican Party. Moving past rhetoric and politics, we begin to see the everyday people working to reconcile their commitment to black identity with their belief in Republican principles. And at the end, we learn the importance of understanding both the meanings African Americans attach to racial identity and the political contexts in which those meanings are developed and expressed"--Provided by publisher.

Black women in sequence : re-inking comics, graphic novels, and anime

November 4, 2016
Whaley, Deborah Elizabeth, author.
Seattle : University of Washington Press, [2016]
xiv, 242 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm
Re-inking the nation: Jackie Ormes's black cultural front comics -- Black cat got your tongue? Catwoman, blackness, and postracialism -- African goddesses, mixed-race wonders, and baadasssss women: black women as "signs" of Africa in US comics -- Anime dreams for African girls: Nadia: the secret of blue water -- Where I'm coming from: black female artists and postmodern comix -- Conclusion: Comic book divas and the making of sequential subjects.
"Black Women in Sequence examines the representation, production, and transnational circulation of women of African descent in the sequential art world. In this groundbreaking study, which includes interviews with artists and writers, Deborah Whaley suggests that the treatment of the Black female subject in sequential art says much about the place of people of African descent in national ideology in the United States and abroad."--Publisher's description.

The murder of Sonny Liston : Las Vegas, heroin, and heavyweights

November 3, 2016
Assael, Shaun, author.
New York : Blue Rider Press, [2016]
303 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Part I : The front seat of Sonny's pink Cadillac -- Hello, '70s -- Paradise -- Lost Vegas -- Shadow boxing -- Heroin Heights -- The bleeder -- Part II : Love, American style -- Fabulous Las Vegas -- Jonesing -- "Better wake Vic Damone" -- Atlanta -- Love, American style -- Stung -- The gutter -- Part III : Confession -- June 14, 1982 -- Suspect no. 1 -- The wrong grave.
"A daring investigation into the mysterious death of Heavyweight Champion Sonny Liston, set against the dawn of the 1970s, when the mob was fighting to keep control of the Las Vegas Strip, Richard Nixon was launching America's first war on heroin, and boxing was in its glory days"-- Provided by publisher.

Remember me to Miss Louisa : hidden black-white intimacies in antebellum America

October 27, 2016
Green, Sharony Andrews.
DeKalb : Northern Illinois University Press, 2015.
xvii, 199 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Probing a planter's hidden life -- The wife and the "old lady" speak -- "The stain on it": exploring the disposition of "favored" black women -- "Has anyone heard from Willis?": the progenies' passage.

The home place : memoirs of a colored man's love affair with nature

October 26, 2016
Lanham, J. Drew (Joseph Drew), author.
Minneapolis, Minnesota : Milkweed Editions, 2016.
216 pages ; 22 cm
Photographs used as end papers.
Me : an introduction -- FLOCK -- The home place -- Mamatha takes flight -- A good name -- A field guide to the four -- First-Sunday God -- FLEDGLING -- Little brown Icarus -- Whose eye is on the sparrow -- Cows -- Life's spring -- FLIGHT -- The bluebird of enlightenment -- Hoops -- Birding while black -- Jawbone -- New religion -- Thinking -- Digging -- Family reunion -- Patchwork legacy.

Finding your African American ancestors

October 26, 2016
Hait, Michael, author.
274 pages : illustrations, facsimiles ; 22 cm.
Beginning your research -- Twentieth-century research -- Late nineteenth-century research & reconstruction -- The Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Identifying the final slave owner -- The antebellum period (pre-1861).
African American research can be difficult but it is not impossible!

Liberalism or how to turn good men into whiners, weenies and wimps

October 25, 2016
Owens, Burgess, 1951- author.
xvi, 351 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
The black middle class--saviors of the American way. Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps documents the role of the 21 white, self-avowed socialist, atheist and Marxist founders of the NAACP and their impact on the Black community's present status at the top of our nations misery index. It highlights the decades of anti-Black legislation supported by liberal black leaders who prioritized class over race in their zeal for the promises of socialism. Their anti-Black legislation, dating back with the 1932 Davis-Bacon Act, continues today to suppress inter-community Black capitalism, federal construction related Black employment, work and job experience for Black teenagers, quality education access for urban black children, and the role of black men as leaders within the family unit.Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps highlights the strategy, used in 1910, to inject the atheist ideology of socialism into a once enterprising, self-sufficient, competitive and proud Christian black community. A portion of that community, the conservative Black middle class, is positioned to pull our nation back from this abyss.Americans can ensure that the century-long sacrifice of lost hopes, dreams and lives made by the proud, courageous, patriotic, capitalist, Christianbased, self-sufficient, education-seeking Black community of the early 1900s was not in vain--but only if we choose to learn lessons from those past Black generations.

You can't touch my hair : and other things I still have to explain

October 17, 2016
Robinson, Phoebe, author.
New York : Plume, [2016]
xxxii, 285 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Introduction -- From Little Rock Nine to nappy hair, don't care in eighteen & half-ish years -- A brief history of black hair in film, TV, music, & media -- My nine favorite not-so-guilty pleasures -- Welcome to being black -- Dear future female president: my list of demands -- How to avoid being the black friend -- Uppity -- Casting calls for people of color that were not written by people of color -- The angry black woman myth -- People, places, & things that need to do better -- Letters to Olivia.
Being a Black woman in American means contending with old prejudices and fresh absurdities. Robinson uses her trademark wit to explore examine our cultural climate and skewer our biases with humor and heart.

Georgia free persons of color

October 13, 2016
Ports, Michael A. (Writer on genealogy), transcriber.
volumes ; 23 cm
Volumes indexed separately.
"Reprinted for Clearfield Company by Genealogical Publishing Company" -- Title page verso.
Volume 1. Elbert, Hancock, Jefferson, Liberty, and Warren Counties, 1818-1864 -- volume 2. Appling, Camden, Clarke, Emanuel, Jones, Pulaski, and Wilkes Counties, 1818-1865 -- volume 3. Baldwin, Columbia, Lincoln, Lumpkin, Taliaferro, and Thomas Counties, 1799-1865 -- v. 4. Chatham County, 1817-1863.

"Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria?" : and other conversations about race

October 13, 2016
Tatum, Beverly Daniel.
New York : Basic Books, [2003]
xix, 294 pages ; 21 cm
Originally published: New York : BasicBooks, ©1997. With new epilogue by the author.
A definition of terms : Defining racism, "Can we talk?" ; The complexity of identity, "Who am I?" -- Understanding blackness in a white context : The early years, "Is my skin brown because I drink chocolate milk?" ; Identity development in adolescence, "Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria?" ; Racial identity in adulthood, "Still a work in progress ..." -- Understanding whiteness in a white context : The development of white identity, "I'm not ethnic, I'm just normal" ; White identity and affirmative action, "I'm in favor of affirmative action except when it comes to my jobs" -- Beyond black and white : Critical issues in Latino, American Indian, and Asian Pacific American identity development, "There's more than just black and white, you know" ; Identity development in multiracial families, "But don't the children suffer?" -- Breaking the silence : Embracing a cross-racial dialogue, "We were struggling for the words" -- Epilogue 2003: Continuing the conversation --Appendix: Getting started: a resource guide.
With a discussion guide and a new Epilogue by the author, this is the fifth anniversary edition of the bestselling work on the development of racial identity. Shares real-life examples and current research that support the author's recommendations for "straight talk" about racial identity, identifying practices that contribute to self-segregation in childhood groups.

Holiday temptation

October 7, 2016
New York, NY : Dafina Books/Kensington Publishing Corp., 2016.
377 pages ; 18 cm
A gift of love / Donna Hill -- Holiday spice / Farrah Rochon -- From here to serenity / K.M. Jackson.
Holiday spice: A Christmas-time tragedy has crushed the holiday spirit of photographer Miranda Lawson. She travels to Istanbul and meets a man who's also looking for escape.

Dream a world anew : the African American experience and the shaping of America

October 7, 2016
Washington, DC : Smithsonian Books, [2016]
287 pages ; illustrations (some color) ; 29 cm
"In association with the National Museum of African American History and Culture."
Slavery and freedom / David W. Blight -- The struggle for freedom / Spencer R. Crew and Peniel E. Joseph -- Making a way out of no way / Afred A. Moss Jr. -- The African American influence on American culture / Mel Watkins.


October 7, 2016
New York, NY : Dafina Books, Kensington Publishing Corp., [2016]
232 pages ; 21 cm
Devil in sheep's clothing / Kiki Swinson -- Twisted deception / Saundra.
In "Devil in Sheep's Clothing," loan office worker Karlie helps her man rob the business, but things don't go the way she planned, and in "Twisted Deception," Yazz shacks up with a drug dealer and soon finds that she has a target on her back.

Blood at the root : a racial cleansing in America

October 5, 2016
Phillips, Patrick, 1970- author.
xxii, 302 pages : black and white illustrations ; 25 cm
Introduction: Law of the land -- The scream -- Riot, rout, tumult -- The missing girl -- And the mob came on -- A straw in the whirlwind -- The devil's own horses -- The majesty of the law -- Fastening the noose -- We condemn this conduct -- Crush the thing in its infancy -- The scaffold -- When they were slaves -- Driven to the cook stoves -- Exile, 1913/1920 -- Erasure, 1920/1970 -- The attempted murder of Miguel Marcelli -- The brotherhood march, 1987 -- Silence is consent -- Epilogue: A pack of wild dogs.
"A gripping tale of racial cleansing in Forsyth County, Georgia and ... testament to the deep roots of racial violence in America ... Patrick Phillips breaks the century-long silence of his hometown and uncovers a history of racial terrorism that continues to shape America in the twenty-first century"-- Provided by publisher.

Girls from da hood 11

October 4, 2016
Wyandanch, NY : Urban Books, [2016]
296 pages ; 21 cm
At head of title on cover: Urban Books presents.
Trust issues / by Nikki Turner -- Twisted triangles / by Katt -- Baby mamas club / by Teeny -- The side-hoes club / by Teeny.

America's first black socialist : the radical life of Peter H. Clark

October 3, 2016
Taylor, Nikki Marie, 1972-
Lexington, Kentucky : The University Press of Kentucky, [2013]
308 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Launcing a life -- Voice of emigration -- Voice of purpose -- "The silver tongued orator of the West" -- Voice of equality -- Radical voice -- Voice of dissent -- Voice of betrayal -- A still voice -- "A painted life": Autobiography and historical memory.
"In pursuit of his foremost goal, full and equal citizenship for African Americans, Peter Humphries Clark (1829-1925) defied easy classification. He was, at various times, the country's first black socialist, a proponent of the Republican Party, and supporter of the Democrats."

In the shadow of Liberty : the hidden history of slavery, four presidents, and five black lives

September 30, 2016
Davis, Kenneth C., author.
xvii, 286 pages : black and white illustrations ; 24 cm
Introduction: Out of the Shadows -- "The Loudest Yelps for Liberty" -- Two Stolen From Africa -- Timeline 1: 1619-1700 -- "My Multatto Man William" : The Story of Billy Lee -- Timeline 2: 1702-1776 -- "Absconded from the Household of the President" : The Story of Ona Judge -- Timeline 3: 1777-1808 -- Master Jefferson's People : The Story of Isaac Granger -- Timeline 4: 1809-1820 -- White House, Black Man : The Story of Paul Jennings -- Timeline 5: 1821-1832 -- "How Would You Like to Be a Slave?" : The Story of Alfred Jackson -- Timeline 6: 1833-1850 -- Afterword: "That All May Be Free."
Through the powerful stories of five enslaved people who were "owned" by four of our greatest presidents, this book helps set the record straight about the role slavery played in the founding of America. From Billy Lee, valet to George Washington, to Alfred Jackson, faithful servant of Andrew Jackson, these dramatic narratives explore our country's great tragedy--that a nation "conceived in liberty" was also born in shackles.

The Black Panthers : portraits from an unfinished revolution

September 29, 2016
New York : Nation Books, [2016]
xiv, 272 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 26 cm
In Defense of Self-Defense: Pathways to the BPP -- The People Are My Strength: Coalition Building in the BPP -- A Sister's Place in the Revolution: Women in Leadership in the BPP -- Block by Block, Door-to-Door: Building Community Support by Serving the People -- The Single Greatest Threat: The Covert War Against the BPP.
"October 2016 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party. Photojournalist Bryan Shih, who has been interviewing and taking portraits of the surviving Panthers around the country for years, has partnered with Yohuru Williams, dean and history professor at Fairfield University, to deliver the definitive celebration of the Black Panthers. Part oral history, part scrapbook, this is a beautifully produced book of forty-five black-and-white portraits of the Panthers today, alongside interviews with the surviving Panthers, archival images, Black Panther Party pamphlets and speeches, as well as essays by contributors such as Peniel Joseph, Alondra Nelson, Rhonda Williams, and other high-profile scholars to provide background and context."--Provided by publisher.


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