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February 21, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Raspberry danish murder

February 20, 2018
Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author.
ix, 374 pages ; 22 cm.
Includes recipes.
Throwing herself into the holiday season in the aftermath of her husband Ross' disappearance, Hannah Swensen investigates the murder of her husband's television-station assistant, who had been driving Ross' car and working from his office at the time of his death.

When light left us

February 20, 2018
Thomas, Leah, 1989- author.
392 pages ; 22 cm
When the Vasquez siblings' father left, there was an absence in their lives-- until a shimmering figure named Luz appeared in the canyon behind their house. He shot hoops with Hank's hands. He showed Ana cinematic beauty behind her eyelids. He spoke kindly to Milo. But when Luz left, he took something from each of them. As a new school year begins, Hank, Ana, and Milo question how can they ever feel close to other people again when Luz changed everything about how they see the world and themselves.

Mrs. : a novel

February 20, 2018
Macy, Caitlin, author.
343 pages ; 25 cm
"In the well-heeled milieu of New York's Upper East Side, coolly elegant Philippa Lye is the woman no one can stop talking about. Despite a shadowy past, Philippa has somehow married the scion of the last family-held investment bank in the city. And although her wealth and connections put her in the center of this world, she refuses to conform to its gossip-fueled culture. Then, into her precariously balanced life, come two women: Gwen Hogan, a childhood acquaintance who uncovers an explosive secret about Philippa's single days, and Minnie Curtis, a newcomer whose vast fortune and frank revelations about a penurious upbringing in Spanish Harlem put everyone on alert. When Gwen's husband, a heavy-drinking, obsessive prosecutor in the US Attorney's Office, stumbles over the connection between Philippa's past and the criminal investigation he is pursuing at all costs, this insulated society is forced to confront the rot at its core and the price it has paid to survive into the new millennium. Macy has written a modern-day House of Mirth, not for the age of railroads and steel but of hedge funds and overnight fortunes, of scorched-earth successes and abiding moral failures. A brilliant portrait of love, betrayal, fate and chance, Mrs. marries razor-sharp social critique and page-turning propulsion into an unforgettable tapestry of the way we live in the twenty-first century."--Publisher's description.

Into the fire

February 20, 2018
Moon, Elizabeth, author.
x, 462 pages ; 24 cm.
"As Admiral Kylara Vatta learned after she and a ship full of strangers were marooned on an inhospitable arctic island, the secrets she and her makeshift crew uncovered were ones someone was ready to kill to keep hidden. Now, the existence of the mysterious arctic base has been uncovered, but much of the organization behind it still lurks in the shadows. And it is up to the intrepid Ky to force the perpetrators into the light, and finally uncover decades worth of secrets--some of which lie at the very heart of her biggest family tragedy"-- Provided by publisher.


February 20, 2018
Pike, Aprilynne, author.
New York : Random House, [2018]
375 pages : illustration ; 22 cm
In the new Versailles the people dress, eat, and act like it's the eighteenth century-- with the added bonus of technology to make court life lavish, privileged, and frivolous. Danica's escape was perfectly orchestrated... but she was betrayed by the man who had promised her freedom. Forced to marry the murderous king, Dani discovers that power may be an even stronger drug than Glitter. Can she use her new power to secure freedom for her real love, Saber? Or is being queen too addictive to give up?

Vengeance : a novel

February 20, 2018
Lazar, Zachary, author.
253 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
"Zachary Lazar's powerful and important novel was inspired by a passion play, The Life of Jesus Christ, he witnessed at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. As someone who writes "fiction, nonfiction, sometimes a hybrid of both," the narrator of Vengeance, a character much like Lazar himself, tries to accurately view a world he knows is "beyond the limits of my small understanding." In particular, he tries to unravel the truth behind the supposed crime of an inmate he meets and befriends, Kendrick King, who is serving a life sentence at Angola for murder. As the narrator attempts to sort out what happened in King's life--paying visits to his devoted mother, his estranged young daughter and her mother, his girlfriend, his brother, and his cousin--the writer's own sense of identity begins to feel more and more like a fiction. He is one of the "free people" while Kendrick, who studies theology and philosophy, will never get his only wish, expressed plainly as "I just need to get out of here." The dichotomy between their lives forces the narrator to confront the violence in his own past, and also to reexamine American notions of guilt and penance, racial bias, and the inherent perversity of punitive justice"--cover.

Final strike

February 20, 2018
Cohen, William S., author.
463 pages ; 25 cm
"A Tom Doherty Associates Book."

A grave issue : a funeral parlor mystery

February 20, 2018
Bell, Lillian, author.
279 pages ; 22 cm
After an on-air gaffe goes viral and jeopardizes her career, journalist Desiree Turner retreats home to Verbena, California for some peace and quiet. She begins working one of the quietest jobs around: presiding over funerals for her great-grandfather's funeral parlor. But the action seems to follow her as a fistfight breaks out between neighbors Rosemarie Brewer and Lola Hansen at one of the first funerals she's in charge of running. It exposes a nasty dispute and Rosemarie's husband, Alan, is found murdered shortly after. Lola's husband, Kyle, is immediately arrested. Desiree, whose own father's death was devastating, has always viewed Kyle as a second father. Determined to clear his name, Desiree jumps head first into the investigation and quickly discovers that Alan had several unsavory habits at his job and in his personal life, including putting assets into his mistress's account to hide them from Rosemarie. People murder for money and love all the time, and there's no telling who he offended just enough to push them over the edge. Desiree is looking in all the right places, but she better catch the killer fast before they come for her next in A Grave Issue, the clever series debut by Lillian Bell.

A perfect universe : ten stories

February 20, 2018
O'Connor, Scott, author.
New York : Scout Press, 2018.
244 pages ; 22 cm
Hold on -- It was over so quickly, Doug -- Jane's wife -- Golden state -- Interstellar space -- In the red -- Flicker -- Soldiers -- The plagiarist -- Colnago super.
"A collection of ten short stories, including one about a young musician trapped beneath a collapsed building; one where a teenage bicycle thief searches for a kidnapped boy; and another where an aging actor fights against the erasure of his past"-- Provided by publisher.

This is Memorial Device : an hallucinated oral history of the post-punk scene in Airdrie, Coatbridge and environs 1978-1986

February 20, 2018
Keenan, David, 1971-
London : Faber & Faber Limited, 2017.
vi, 298 pages ; 21 cm
"A novel"--Cover.
Ross Raymond and Johnny McLaughlin are two fanboys dedicated to the Airdrie post-punk scene of the early 80s the glory years when anything and everything seemed possible. Looking back on that time the people, the bands, the underground legends they piece together a story which has at its core Memorial Device, the greatest band youve never heard of. Featuring a cast of misfits, artists, drop-outs, small-town visionaries and musicians, This Is Memorial Device is a dark, witty novel depicting a moment where art and the demands it makes are as serious as life itself.

No one can know

February 20, 2018
Kerr, Lucy, author.
New York : Crooked Lane Books, 2018.
326 pages ; 22 cm.
Three months. That's how long ER nurse Frankie Stapleton has agreed to stay in her sleepy little hometown of Stillwater, Illinois, helping her estranged sister save the family hardware store, working a few shifts at the local hospital, and most importantly, rebuilding the bridges she burned on her way out of town twelve years ago. When a pregnant car crash victim arrives at Stillwater General, Frankie and the team race to save both mother and child--but only the baby lives. Rumors swirl that the accident was deliberate, and Frankie's horrified to realize that she let the driver escape. But why would anyone want to kill Kate Tibbs, a social worker and the wife of an up-and-coming local politician? Frankie's investigation turns up plenty of motives, from revenge to dirty politics, and even more suspects. There are secrets in Stillwater, and she's determined to uncover them, even if it means involving her loved ones for help. But when the baby disappears, her search for the truth becomes a desperate, deadly race against the clock. No matter the cost, Frankie must piece together the truth to stop a killer and save a tiny life in Lucy Kerr's riveting second Stillwater General Mystery, No One Can Know.

Prettyboy must die

February 20, 2018
Reid, Kim, 1965- author.
New York : Tor Teen, 2018.
283 pages ; 22 cm
Teen CIA operative Jake Morrow, on a "pity assignment" after a dangerous misjudgment on his first mission, refuses to leave after his cover is blown without catching the hacker who is out to kill him.

Assassin of truths : a library jumpers novel

February 20, 2018
Drake, Brenda, author.
388 pages ; 22 cm.
Includes interview with the author.
The gateways linking the great libraries of the world don't require a library card, but they do harbor incredible dangers. And it's not your normal bump-in-the-night kind. The threats Gia Kearns faces are the kind with sharp teeth and knifelike claws. The kind that include an evil wizard hell-bent on taking her down. Gia can end his devious plan, but only if she recovers seven keys hidden throughout the world's most beautiful libraries. And then figures out exactly what to do with them. The last thing she needs is a distraction in the form of falling in love. But when an impossible evil is unleashed, love might be the only thing left to help Gia save the world.

Sightwitch : the true tale of the twelve paladins

February 20, 2018
Dennard, Susan, author.
New York : Tor Teen , 2018.
236 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
Sightwitch follows Ryber Fortiza, the last Sightwitch Sister as she treks deep underground to rescue her missing best friend. While there, she encounters a young Nubrevnan named Kullen Ikray, who has no memory of who he is or how he wound up inside the mountain.

One and only : bridesmaids behaving badly

February 20, 2018
Holiday, Jenny.
New York : Hachette Book Group, 2018.
353 pages ; 17 cm

1637 : the Volga rules

February 20, 2018
Flint, Eric, author.
Riverdale, NY : Baen Publishing Enterprises, 2018.
357 pages : illustrations, map ; 25 cm.
"It's been five years since a cosmic incident known as The Ring of Fire transported the modern day town of Grantville, West Virginia, through time and space to 17th century Europe. The course of world history has been forever altered. And Mother Russia is no exception. Inspired by the American up-timers' radical notion that all people are created equal, Russian serfs are rebelling. The entire village of Poltz, led by blacksmith Stefan Andreevich, pulls up stakes to make a run for freedom. Meanwhile, Czar Mikhail has escaped house arrest, with the aid of up-time car mechanic Bernie Zeppi, his Russian associates--and a zeppelin. The czar makes his way to the village of Ufa. There he intends to set up a government-in-exile. It is to Ufa that the serfs of Poltz are heading, as well. The path is dangerous--for the serfs as well as the czar. They face great distances and highwaymen. But the worst threat are those in the aristocracy who seek to crush the serfs and execute the czar in a bid to drive any hope for Russian freedom under their Parisian-crafted boot heels. But the Russians of 1637 have taken inspiration from their up-timer counterparts. And it could be that a new wind of liberty is about to blow three centuries early--and change Mother Russia forever."--Inside dust jacket.

Beneath the darkest sky

February 20, 2018
Overstreet, Jason, author.
New York, N.Y. : Dafina Books, Kensington Publishing Corp., 2018.
306 pages ; 24 cm
Includes discussion questions.
International consultant Prescott Sweet's mission is to bring justice to countries suffering from America's imperialistic interventions. With his outspoken artist wife, Loretta, and their two children, he lives a life of equality and continental elegance amid Europe's glittering capitals beyond anything he ever dared hope for. But he is still a man in hiding, from his past with the Bureau, from British Intelligence and from his own tempting, dangerous skill at high-level espionage. So when he has the opportunity to live in Moscow and work at the American Embassy, Prescott and his family seize the chance to take refuge and at last put down roots in what they believe is a fair society.

Best Laid Plans : a Hood Misfits novel

February 20, 2018
Brick (Novelist), author.
Farmingdale, NY : Urban Books, LLC, 2018.
284 pages ; 21 cm
Dr. Antonio "Tone" Ortiz is an ordinary single father in Miami, trying to ignore what flows through his veins, until his daughter, Jewel, goes missing. With all his options failing, its up to Tone to find his daughter by any means necessary, even if that means signing his soul over to the devil himself: his father, Caltrone Orlando. Co-parenting has never been easy, and Kenya Gates will learn just how hard it is with the kidnapping of her daughter, Jewel. Even through all the sacrifices, secrets, lost love, drama, pain, and manipulation, these two fighting parents will come together with one agenda in mind: to save their daughter at all costs. But will Kenya also be willing to join up with Tones dangerous father, or will she allow her emotions to get in the way?

Breaking point

February 20, 2018
Brennan, Allison, author.
437 pages ; 19 cm.
"Bella Caruso survived a nightmare of abuse and betrayal. Today, she has dedicated her life to saving other young women from the hell that almost killed her--first as an officer of the law, then by stepping outside the law and into the darkness where true evil dwells. Now, it appears that the darkness has taken her once again. JT Caruso often worries about his sister, given her line of work. This time, when he learns that Bella is working undercover to find a missing girl involved in a dangerous prostitution ring, JT asks FBI Special Agent Lucy Kincaid for help. Even with Lucy's extensive experience in running down human traffickers, finding Bella will not be easy. Not only because she is in too deep. But because Bella, who will not rest until she saves the girl, doesn't want to be found..."--Back cover.

Clairvoyant and present danger

February 20, 2018
Gregory, Lena, author.
New York : Berkley Prime Crime, 2018.
293 pages ; 18 cm.
"Whoever said that dead men tell no tales has never met Bay Island psychic Cass Donovan...Cass has always relied on her abilities to guide her, but after communications with a ghost land her in the middle of a murder investigation, she has to wonder if her gift is really more a curse. Cass knows she is meant to help track down the killer--much to the chagrin of local law enforcement--when the apparition leads her to a dead body on the beach near her psychic shop, Mystical Musings. But the police are not the only ones who wish Cass would stick to reading palms. Someone is trying to scare her off, and it will take all her powers of premonition to catch the killer before Cass herself becomes the next victim" -- Back cover.

Collision course

February 20, 2018
Harte, Marie, author.
343 pages ; 18 cm.
Florist Joey Reeves is working overtime to stay away from Lou Cortez, the ace mechanic with a reputation for irresistible charm. She's a single mom with enough on her plate -- the absolute last thing she needs is entanglement with the hottest guy in town...


February 20, 2018
Watterson, Kate, author.
New York : TOR, 2018.
341 pages ; 19 cm.
What do you think? The strange message, inked on a homicide victim, makes Detective Ellie MacIntosh's blood run cold. What do you think now? Worse, it is soon followed by a message on a second victim in the same location. MacIntosh realizes this is personal--a challenge directed at her and her volatile partner, Jason Santiago. As a cat and mouse game with a conscienceless killer emerges, the detectives start to fear that they have met their match. His deranged obsession is costing lives, and soon he contacts MacIntosh personally to taunt her. Ellie must race against time to try to solve the unsolvable before it is too late.

Curses, boiled again!

February 20, 2018
Randall, Shari, author.
New York, NY : St. Martin's Paperbacks, 2018.
306 pages ; 17 cm.
Allie Larkin was living her dream as a ballet dancer when a bad fall put her out of business. Now she's back home in Mystic Bay to heal a broken ankle while also helping her dear Aunt Gully get her Lazy Mermaid Lobster Shack off the ground. Nothing would help Gully more than winning the local food festival's Best Lobster Roll contest. The competition is sure to be killer; especially after one of the contest judges dies after eating a roll from one of Gully's biggest rivals. Soon, all eyes fall on Gully as the prime suspect. Allie may only have one good leg to stand on, but she's not going to let her aunt go down for a crime she never could have cooked up. Can Allie, along with her devoted crew of friends, family, and customers, find a way to trap the killer and claw herself out of this hard-boiled murder case?

Echoes of Understorey

February 20, 2018
Dyer, Thoraiya, author.
New York : Tom Doherty Associates, 2018.
350 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
In the quest fantasy Echoes of Understorey, trees loom large as skyscrapers, mortals can be reborn as gods, and a young woman finds herself part of an adventure that is destined to become legend ... Great deeds are expected of Imeris. She has trained endlessly to become an extraordinary fighter. Yet she wants more than to compete against the glories of her divine sister and the charms of her courtesan brother. Imeris thought she could prove her worth during a mission to kill a body-snatching sorceress, but fails disastrously. With death on her conscience and in hiding from her peers, Imeris is determined to find a way to redeem herself. What she doesn't expect is to be recruited in a Hunt for the Ages, chasing a terrifying, magical beast that will take all her skills to stop.

Edge of darkness

February 20, 2018
Rose, Karen, 1964- author.
626 pages ; 18 cm.
Child psychologist Meredith Fallon knows she shouldn't hold out hope for Adam Kimble. After a few unforgettable hours spent together, the seasoned homicide detective has spent the last year going out of his way to avoid her. But when Meredith is the target of a botched hit in downtown Cincinati, he explodes back itno her life. Adam can't unsee the horrors that come with his job: the victims he couldn't save; the monsters who still walk free. But he's slowly climbing back from the darkness that engulfed him. too soon, he's drawn into the hunt for the man who targeted Meredith - a remorseless killer who will leave a trail of victims in his wake. And who will make Adam realize that the demons inside him aren't done with him yet...


February 20, 2018
Black, Anna, 1972- author.
Farmingdale, NY : Urban Books, LLC, [2018]
268 pages ; 21 cm.
November is on the right track to success, and she looks forward to living the lifestyle she always dreamed shed have as an advertising agent. After suffering through countless roommates and ending up in and out of her parents home while in school, her dream condo is within her grasp; but a few weeks before closing, she totals her car. She is sure bad luck has returned to her life, until she meets Tracy Stone, who offers her a solution. That offer leads to a whirlwind romance that takes November by surprise. Charming, dark, handsome, and well-off, Tracy seems to be the perfect man, until he reveals himself to be a little more jealous and controlling than November would like. Excusing his behavior as deep love for her, she marries him, only to learn that this tall, dark, and handsome guy has some demons that could eventually ruin their marriage and derail her happily-ever-after for good.

Friends & other liars : a novel

February 20, 2018
Coble, Kaela, author.
Naperville, Illinois : Sourcebooks Landmark, [2018]
363 pages ; 21 cm
Includes reading group guide.
When Ruby St. James returns to her hometown, it's under the worst circumstances. Her old classmate Danny is dead, and at his funeral, she is confronted with the friends she left behind and the secret that tore them apart ten years ago. Now, Ruby isn't sure how to bridge the space her lies have created. And what's worse, she isn't the only one who's been lying.

His sinful touch

February 20, 2018
Camp, Candace, author.
Don Mills, Ontario, Canada : HQN, [2018]
376 pages ; 17 cm.
A noble's son and a woman who has lost her memory work together to discover her identity and deliver her from danger.

I'll stay

February 20, 2018
Day, Karen, author.
356 pages ; 21 cm
"During a spring break to Florida, a college friendship sparks a life-changing sacrifice that connects two women forever--even as it shatters their closeness."-- Provided by publisher.

Judgment road

February 20, 2018
Feehan, Christine, author.
xii, 449 pages ; 18 cm
"As the enforcer of the Torpedo Ink motorcycle club, Reaper lives for riding and fighting. He's a stone-cold killer who turns his wrath on those who deserve it. Feelings are a weakness he can't afford--until a gorgeous bartender gets under his skin ... Near Sea Haven, the small town of Caspar has given Anya Rafferty a new lease on life. And she's desperate to hold on to her job at the biker bar, even if the scariest member of the club seems to have it out for her. But Reaper's imposing presence and smoldering looks just ratchet up the heat. Anya's touch is everything Reaper doesn't want--and it brands him to the bone. But when her secrets catch up to her, Reaper will have to choose between Anya and his club--his heart and his soul."

The night trade

February 20, 2018
Eisler, Barry, author.
308 pages ; 22 cm
Livia Lone is back with a vengeance. For sex-crimes detective Livia Lone, a position with a government anti-trafficking task force is a chance to go back to Thailand to ferret out Rithisak Sorm, the trafficking kingpin behind her own childhood ordeal. But after a planned takedown in a nightclub goes violently awry, Livia discovers that she's not the only one hunting Sorm. Former Marine sniper Dox has a score to settle, too, and working together is the only way to take Sorm out. Livia and Dox couldn't be less alike. But they share a single-minded creed: the law has to serve justice. And if it doesn't, justice has to be served another way. What they don't know is that in threatening Sorm, they're also threatening a far-reaching conspiracy-one involving the highest levels of America's own intelligence apparatus. It turns out that killing Sorm just might be the easy part. The real challenge will be payback from his protectors.--Provided by Publisher.

Only the rain

February 20, 2018
Silvis, Randall, 1950- author.
178 pages ; 22 cm
"When family man and war veteran Russell loses his job as a quarry worker, his life suddenly seems more like a waking nightmare than a chance to finally live the American dream. Facing bills, a new baby, and a bone-dry bank account, he's got nothing left to lose. Russell comes to the rescue of a naked stranger dancing in the rain, and what was supposed to be a straightforward good deed turns into a spiral of danger. When Russell finds an enticing stash of money in the woman's house, he knows the cash could be his only hope. Taking just a handful will save his family's future. His 'victimless crime' seems to be anything but risky--until the criminals he robbed come looking for their dirty money. Russell's ready to surrender it, but then his daughter gets sick...and he must choose between saving her or giving the devils their due. Someone's going to pay. The question is, how much?" --

The Tuscan child

February 20, 2018
Bowen, Rhys, author.
336 pages ; 22 cm
Thirty years after her British bomber pilot father parachuted from his stricken plane into German-occupied Tuscany, Joanna embarks on a healing journey to learn about her father's hidden wartime past.

When the stars come out

February 20, 2018
Trentham, Laura.
310 pages ; 18 cm
When garage owner Jackson Abbott enters into a relationship with his star mechanic, Willa Brown, he finds that the secrets of her past stand in the way of them both having a chance at real and lasting love

Where the wild cherries grow

February 20, 2018
Madeleine, Laura, author.
335 pages ; 22 cm
First published in Great Britain by Black Swan, an imprint of Transworld Publishers, a Penguin Random House company.
"A novel of the South of France."--Cover.
"It is 1919, and the end of the war has not brought peace for Emeline Vane. Lost in grief, she is suddenly alone at the heart of a depleted family. And just as everything seems to slipping beyond her control, in a moment of desperation, she boards a train and runs away. Her journey leads her to a tiny seaside village in the South of France. Taken in by caf⥠owner Maman and her twenty-year-old son, Emeline discovers a world completely new to her: of oranges, olives and wild herbs, the raw, rich tastes of the land. But soon secrets from home begin blowing in on the sea waves. Fifty years later, Bill Perch, a young solicitor on his first case, finds Emeline's diary, and begins to trace an anguished story of betrayal and love that will send him on a journey to discover the truth. What really happened to Emeline all those years ago?"--Dust jacket flap.

The courier

February 20, 2018
Britton, Andrew, 1981-2008, author.
New York : Pinnacle Books, 2014.
491 pages ; 19 cm.
Ryan Kealey now knows he'll never really put the game behind him. He's seen too much, and the instinct is too deeply hardwired. But the game itself has changed. Between tense interagency 'cooperation' that gums the works, and an overreliance on data-crunching and wiz-kid tech, today's US intelligence service has lost a step to its ever-bolder, viciously adaptable global enemies. And thanks to an incredible discovery in the Arctic, those enemies now have a nuke--capable of unleashing unthinkable terror.

The bad daughter : a novel

February 19, 2018
Fielding, Joy, author.
New York : Ballantine Books, 2018.
354 pages ; 25 cm
"A hostile relationship with her sister and a complicated past with her father's second wife have kept Robin estranged from her family for many years. But when her father's new family is attacked in their house, with her father, his wife, and young daughter in critical condition in the hospital, she returns home to await their fate and hopefully mend fences. It looks like a random robbery gone awry, but as Robin spends more time with her family members, she learns they all had their secrets -- and one of those secrets may have put them all in horrible danger"--Provided by publisher.

Just friends

February 19, 2018
Sheldon, Dyan, author.
277 pages ; 22 cm
Josh is usually watching old movies with his friends Sal and Carver, petitioning for more vegetarian options in the school cafeteria, or flailing in yoga class with his best friend Ramona. But when new girl Jena walks into school, Josh loses his heart faster than he's ever lost his balance on a double downward dog. He knows Jena is completely out of his league, but as they become friends the more Josh wonders if just maybe Jena might like him back. It's not easy to put your heart on the line.

Sadness is a white bird

February 19, 2018
Rothman-Zecher, Moriel, author.
274 pages ; 24 cm
"A young man is preparing to serve in the Israeli army while also trying to reconcile his close relationship to two Palestinian siblings with his deeply ingrained loyalties to family and country. Four days after his nineteenth birthday, Jonathan is sitting in a military jail in Israel. Languishing in the dark cell, he recalls the series of events that led him to this point. It all began when he returned to Israel after being raised and educated in Pennsylvania. He knows that he will soon be drafted as a soldier. He will be called upon to preserve and defend the Jewish state, which includes monitoring the Palestinian territories within its borders but he is conflicted. With an intense drive to know more about the plight of the displaced and occupied Palestinians, he encounters Laith and Nimreen--the twin daughter and son of his mother's friend. From that summer afternoon on, the three become inseparable: wandering the streets on weekends, piling onto buses en route to new discoveries, laughing uncontrollably. They share joints on the beach, trade private cultural treasures, intimate secrets, resentments, hopes, and dreams, revealing the deepest parts of themselves to each other. But with his draft date rapidly approaching, Jonathan wrestles with the question of what it means to be proud of your heritage while also feeling love for those outside of your own tribal family. And then that fateful day arrives, the one that lands Jonathan in prison and changes his relationship with the twins forever. "--Provided by publisher.

The friend

February 19, 2018
Nunez, Sigrid, author.
212 pages ; 21 cm
A moving story of love, friendship, grief, healing, and the magical bond between a woman and her dog. When a woman unexpectedly loses her lifelong best friend and mentor, she finds herself burdened with the unwanted dog he has left behind. Her own battle against grief is intensified by the mute suffering of the dog, a huge Great Dane traumatized by the inexplicable disappearance of its master, and by the threat of eviction: dogs are prohibited in her apartment building. While others worry that grief has made her a victim of magical thinking, the woman refuses to be separated from the dog except for brief periods of time. Isolated from the rest of the world, increasingly obsessed with the dog's care, determined to read its mind and fathom its heart, she comes dangerously close to unraveling. But while troubles abound, rich and surprising rewards lie in store for both of them. Elegiac and searching, The Friend is both a meditation on loss and a celebration of human-canine devotion.

The precious dreadful

February 19, 2018
Parlato, Steven, author.
New York : Simon Pulse, 2018.
341 pages ; 22 cm.
A writing group triggers fifteen-year-old Teddi Adler's memories of her lost childhood friend, Corey, causing her to question everything about her life, including her feelings about two boys and the ghost-girl who will not leave her alone.

The lost girls of Camp Forevermore

February 19, 2018
Fu, Kim, author.
249 pages ; 22 cm
"A group of young girls descend on Camp Forevermore, a sleepaway camp in the Pacific Northwest, where their days are filled with swimming lessons, friendship bracelets, and camp songs by the fire. Filled with excitement and nervous energy, they set off on an overnight kayaking trip to a nearby island.But before the night is over, they find themselves stranded, with no adults to help them survive or guide them home. The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore traces these five girls--Nita, Kayla, Isabel, Dina, and Siobhan--through and beyond this fateful trip. We see them through successes and failures, loving relationships and heartbreaks; we see what it means to find, and define, oneself, and the ways in which the same experience is refracted through different people. In diamond-sharp prose, Kim Fu gives us a portrait of friendship and of the families we build for ourselves--and the pasts we can't escape"-- Provided by publisher.

The philosopher's flight : a novel

February 19, 2018
Miller, Tom, 1980- author.
New York, NY : Simon & Schuster, 2018.
422 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"Half science, half magic - entirely fantastic" -- cover.
"Eighteen-year-old Robert Weekes is a practitioner of empirical philosophy--an arcane, female-dominated branch of science used to summon the wind, shape clouds of smoke, heal the injured, and even fly. Though he dreams of fighting in the Great War as the first male in the elite US Sigilry Corps Rescue and Evacuation Service--a team of flying medics--Robert is resigned to mixing batches of philosophical chemicals and keeping the books for the family business in rural Montana, where his mother, a former soldier and vigilante, aids the locals. When a deadly accident puts his philosophical abilities to the test, Robert rises to the occasion and wins a scholarship to study at Radcliffe College, an all-women's school. At Radcliffe, Robert hones his skills and strives to win the respect of his classmates, a host of formidable, unruly women. Robert falls hard for Danielle Hardin, a disillusioned young war hero turned political radical. However, Danielle's activism and Robert's recklessness attract the attention of the same fanatical anti-philosophical group that Robert's mother fought years before. With their lives in mounting danger, Robert and Danielle band together with a team of unlikely heroes to fight for Robert's place among the next generation of empirical philosophers--and for philosophy's very survival against the men who would destroy it." -- Inside dust jacket.


February 19, 2018
Smyer, Adam, author.
Brooklyn, New York : Akashic Books, [2018]
316 pages ; 21 cm
Black law student, Marcus Hayes has a difficult time controlling his anger until he meets Amalia. But then the rage returns.

Pride and Prometheus

February 19, 2018
Kessel, John, author.
New York : Saga Press, [2018]
371 pages ; 22 cm
Threatened with destruction unless he fashions a wife for his Creature, Victor Frankenstein travels to England where he meets Mary and Kitty Bennet, the remaining unmarried sisters of the Bennet family from Pride and Prejudice Meanwhile, the awkward Mary hopes that Victor will save her from approaching spinsterhood while wondering what dark secret he is keeping from her. Pride and Prometheus fuses the gothic horror of Mary Shelley with the Regency romance of Jane Austen in an exciting novel that combines two age-old stories in a fresh and startling way.

Hunger : a tale of courage

February 19, 2018
Napoli, Donna Jo, 1948- author.
259 pages : map ; 22 cm
In the autumn of 1846 in Ireland, twelve-year-old Lorraine and her family struggle to survive during the Irish potato famine, but when Lorraine meets Miss Susannah, the daugher of the wealthy English landowner who owns Lorraine's family's farm, they form an unlikely friendship that they must keep secret due to the deep cultural divide between their two families.

No sad songs

February 19, 2018
Morelli, Frank, author.
Ann Arbor, MI : Fish Out of Water Books, [2018]
215 pages ; 23 cm
"Following a family tragedy, 18-year-old Gabe LoScuda suddenly finds himself thrust into the role of caregiver for his ailing grandfather. Between the shopping trips and the doctor visits with Grandpa, Gabe and his friend John try to salvage their senior year, meet girls, and make the varsity baseball team. It doesn't take long for Gabe to realize that going to school and looking after a grandfather with Alzheimer's is more work than he ever imagined. And when long-lost Uncle Nick appears on the scene, Gabe soon finds that living with Nick and Grandpa is like babysitting two grown men. Aside from John, the only person who truly understands Gabe is Sofia, a punk-rocking rebel he meets at the veteran's hospital. When these three unlikely friends are faced with a serious dilemma, will they do what it takes to save Grandpa? If there's a chance of preserving the final shreds of Grandpa's dignity, Gabe may have to make the most gut-wrenching decision of his life and there's no way out"--back cover.

The rules of backyard cricket

February 19, 2018
Serong, Jock, author.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia : Text Publishing, 2016.
291 pages ; 24 cm
It starts in a suburban backyard with Darren Keefe and his older brother, sons of a fierce and gutsy single mother. The endless glow of summer, the bottomless fury of contest. All the love and hatred in two small bodies poured into the rules of a made-up game. Darren has two big talents: cricket and trouble. No surprise that he becomes an Australian sporting star of the bad-boy variety one of those men who has always gotten away with things. Until the day we meet him, middle aged, in the boot of a car, gagged, cable-tied, and a bullet in his knee. Everything pointing towards a shallow grave.

Broken beautiful hearts

February 19, 2018
Garcia, Kami, author.
401 pages ; 22 cm
Star soccer player Peyton Rios has an offer from her first-choice college-- until she confronts her boyfriend about performance enhancing drugs, and finds herself falling down a flight of stairs. Now her knee-- and maybe her dream of going pro-- is shattered. With her future on the line, Peyton goes to stay with her uncle in a small Tennessee town to focus on her recovery. When she meet Owen Law she doesn't trust him-- she senses that Owen is hiding something.

Follow your heart

February 19, 2018
Nathan, Tasha, author.
Toronto : James Lorimer & Company Ltd., Publishers, 2018.
157 pages ; 20 cm.
Nisha has always been a good daughter. She tries to keep her grades up so she can meet her South Asian parents' high expectations for her to become a doctor. And of course she is not allowed to be in a romantic relationship while she is still a teenager. But Nisha has discovered that what she really loves to do is write. As she devotes more of her time and attention to her writing, she also finds that who she really loves is her creative writing classmate Todd. How can Nisha get her parents to understand that she needs to live her own life?

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