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September 24, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.


September 23, 2016
Merbeth, K. S., author.
409 pages ; 19 cm
In a post-apocalyptic world that has lost its humanity, Kid tries to survive by joining a band of outlaws, but she soon discovers they may not be the heroes she was hoping for.


September 23, 2016
Iggulden, Conn, author.
New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons, [2016]
xxvii, 404 pages : map, genealogical tables ; 24 cm.
"The third beautifully written novel in the War of the Roses series by bestselling author Conn Iggulden. 'Superbly plotted and paced' The Times *** - Winter 1461 - Richard Duke of York is dead, his ambitions in ruins, his head spiked on the walls of the city. King Henry VI is still held prisoner. His Lancastrian Queen rides south with an army of victorious northerners, accompanied by painted warriors from the Scottish Highlands. With the death of York, Margaret and her army seem unstoppable. Yet in killing the father, Margaret has unleashed the sons. Edward of March, now Duke of York, proclaims himself England's rightful king. Factions form and tear apart as snow falls. Through blood and treason, through broken men and vengeful women, brother shall confront brother, king shall face king. Two men can always claim a crown. Only one can keep it. Praise for the Wars of the Roses series: 'Pacey and juicy, and packed with action' Sunday Times 'Energetic, competent stuff; Iggulden knows his material and his audience' Independent 'A novel that seamlessly combines narrative, historical credence and great knowledge of the period' Daily Express 'A page-turning thriller' Mail on Sunday"-- Provided by publisher.

Bounty : a novel

September 23, 2016
Byrnes, Michael (Michael J.), author.
New York : Ballantine Books, 2016.
415 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
When a website begins putting lucrative bounties on the heads of global criminals who have evaded justice--including Wall Street power brokers, politicians, and unethical businesspeople--a group of elite U.S. government operatives, led by FBI special agent Roman Novak, seeks to shut down the site. But its creators remain elusive as the body count rises, and many people start to embrace the site's simple credo: "If the law should fail, let justice prevail". Novak and the government's most talented cryptanalysts struggle to find a way to bring down the site before it irrevocably changes the world. --adapted from Publishers Weekly.

The boy in the shadows

September 23, 2016
Vallgren, Carl-Johan
296 pages ; 24 cm
"1970: In an overcrowded Stockholm subway station, a harried father and his two boys are late for their train. Joel, the youngest, is howling in his stroller and his seven-year-old brother, Kristoffer, refuses to take the elevator. A woman approaches and helpfully offers to lead Kristoffer up the stairs. Reluctantly his father agrees, but when he arrives on the platform Kristoffer and the woman have vanished without a trace. The kidnapping becomes a national sensation, but the boy is never found. Today: Joel, now an adult, goes missing in suspicious circumstances. His frantic wife turns to Danny Katz--an old friend with a troubled past--for help. A brilliant computer programmer and recovering heroin addict, Katz is also the divorced father of two young girls. Katz begins to dig behind the digital veil in search of Joel, even though the investigation quickly interferes with his duties as a parent. Before long, Katz discovers he isn't the only one trying to find Joel. The deeper Katz digs, the more upsetting the secrets he uncovers about the wealthy and powerful family at the heart of the investigation. Chillingly, the case takes a violent turn that reveals a disorienting connection to Katz's own troubled childhood--soon there will be no backing out of his unofficial investigation"--Provided by publisher.

The Branson beauty : a mystery

September 23, 2016
Booth, Claire, author.
viii, 310 pages ; 22 cm
"The Branson Beauty, an old showboat, has crashed in the waters of an Ozark mountain lake just outside the popular tourist destination of Branson, Missouri. More than one hundred people are trapped aboard. Hank Worth is still settling into his new role as county sheriff, and when he responds to the emergency call, he knows he's in for a long winter's day of helping elderly people into rafts and bringing them ashore. He anticipates a lot of anxiety, many arguments, and extra costs for emergency equipment that will stretch the county's already thin budget to the breaking point. But those are the least of his worries after he discovers high school track star Mandy Bryson's body locked inside the Captain's private dining room"-- Provided by publisher.

Break in case of emergency

September 23, 2016
Winter, Jessica, author.
269 pages ; 25 cm
"This is a Borzoi book"--Title page verso.
"A novel" -- Jacket.
Jen, a once-promising painter, takes a job at a feminist nonprofit. The foundation's aim is to empower women, but staffers spend all their time devising acronyms for imaginary programs, ruthlessly undermining one another, and stroking the ego of their boss, celebrity philanthropist Leora Infinitas. Jen is already feeling inferior to her friends: a wealthy attorney with a picture-perfect family, and a passionately committed artist. On top of that, her apparent inability to have a baby only intensifies her feelings of inferiority. A series of events force Jen to reckon with some hard truths about herself and the people she loves most.

Brightfellow : a novel

September 23, 2016
Ducornet, Rikki, 1943- author.
Minneapolis : Coffee House Press, 2016.
143 pages ; 20 cm
"A feral boy comes of age on a campus decadent with starched sheets, sweating cocktails, and homemade jams. Stub is the cause of that missing sweater, the pie that disappeared off the cooling rack. Then Stub meets Billy, who takes him in, and Asthma, who enchants him, and all is found, then lost. A fragrant, voluptuous novel of imposture, misplaced affection, and emotional deformity."-- Provided by publisher.

Bye bye blondie

September 23, 2016
Despentes, Virginie, 1969- author.
245 pages ; 21 cm
Psychiatric institutions and class difference doom two young lovers from the start in this dark romantic comedy.


September 23, 2016
Silk Smooth (Writer), author.
Wyandanch, NY : Urban Books, [2016]
204 pages ; 21 cm.
"There can only be one: one man with two loyal friends and secrets from the past that will ultimately shake up the entire hood in Chicago; one man on a mission to destroy anyone who doesn't abide by his rules, including tricky bitches who drop to their knees behind closed doors, yet stand tall against him when the time comes to collect the almighty dollar; one man with enough swagger in his walk, confidence in his talk, and the skills and mindset to build an empire. There is only one man bold enough to deliver multiple orgasms yet never tell a soul his real name. He has overpowering strength, a top-notch reputation, power like no other, and a bite that will hurt more than a dog. Who is this man? The streets of Chicago know him as the One and Only..."

The light fantastic

September 23, 2016
Combs, Sarah, author.
311 pages ; 22 cm
Seven interwoven narratives spanning three tense hours on a fateful day share the perspectives of a girl with a rare memory condition, a teacher who fears a student may be planning an act of violence, and a girl about to embark on a cross-country plot.

Death at the Paris Exposition

September 23, 2016
McNamara, Frances, author.
Forest Park, IL : Allium Press of Chicago, [2016]
253 pages ; 22 cm
"Amateur sleuth Emily Cabot investigates murders at the 1900 Paris Exposition. While there she interacts with Bertha Palmer and Mary Cassatt"--Provided by publisher.

The perfect girl

September 23, 2016
Macmillan, Gilly, author.
New York, NY : William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, 2016.
439, 12 pages ; 21 cm
To everyone who knows her now, Zoe Maisey - child genius, musical sensation - is perfect. Yet several years ago, Zoe caused the death of three teenagers. She served her time, and now she's free. Her story begins with her giving the performance of her life. By midnight, her mother is dead. The Perfect Girl is an intricate exploration into the mind of a teenager burdened by brilliance, and a past that she cannot leave behind.

Eternity's mind

September 23, 2016
Anderson, Kevin J., 1962- author.
New York : Tor, 2016.
572 pages ; 25 cm.
"A Tom Doherty Associates book."
Two decades after the devastating Elemental War, which nearly destroyed the cosmos, the new Confederation restored peace and profitable commerce among the peoples and worlds of the Spiral Arm. The ambitious, innovative Roamers went back to their traditional business of harvesting the vital stardrive fuel ekti from the clouds of gas giant planets, and the telepathic green priests of Theroc provided instantaneous galaxy-wide communication via their connection to the powerful and sentient worldtrees. The alien Ildiran Empire rebuilt their grand Prism Palace under the light of their seven suns, and their Mage-Imperator declared a new age of expansion and discover. But peace was not to last. The malevolent Klikiss robots soon found an ally in the ancient and near-omnipotent Shana Rei, destructive creatures who are the personification of darkness and chaos...awakened after millennia of slumber to destroy all sentient life in the universe. The Confederation and the Ildiran Empire fought in every way possible, but the Spiral Arm itself seemed doomed.

A shattered empire

September 23, 2016
Hogan, Mitchell, author.
New York, NY : Harper Voyager, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2016]
574 pages : maps ; 21 cm.
"In the epic conclusion to the series that began with the award-winning A CRUCIBLE OF SOULS, Mitchell Hogan combines the wonder of classic sword-and-sorcery fantasy with the grit of the modern masters to create something at once familiar and unique for readers of all ages"-- Provided by publisher.

Black wave

September 23, 2016
Tea, Michelle, author.
New York, NY : Feminist Press at CUNY, 2016.
326 pages ; 21 cm
"Desperate to quell her addiction to drugs, disastrous romance, and nineties San Francisco, Michelle heads south for LA. But soon it's officially announced that the world will end in one year, and life in the sprawling metropolis becomes increasingly weird. While living in an abandoned bookstore, dating Matt Dillon, and keeping an eye on the encroaching apocalypse, Michelle begins a new novel, a sprawling and meta-textual exploration to complement her promises of maturity and responsibility. But as she tries to make queer love and art without succumbing to self-destructive vice, the boundaries between storytelling and everyday living begin to blur, and Michelle wonders how much she'll have to compromise her artistic process if she's going to properly ride out doomsday."-- Provided by publisher.

Stalking ground

September 23, 2016
Mizushima, Margaret, author.
310 pages ; 24 cm.
When Deputy Ken Brody's sweetheart goes missing in the mountains outside Timber Creek, Mattie Cobb and her K-9 partner Robo are called to search. But it's mid-October and a dark snow storm is brewing over the high country. And they're already too late. By the time they find her body, the storm has broken and the snow is coming down hard. While Brody hikes down to bring back the forensics team and veterinarian Cole Walker gathers supplies to protect them from the storm, Mattie and Robo find themselves alone, guarding the gravesite overnight in the dead of the early winter. And that's only the first long, dark night in a series of them, because as their investigation develops, Mattie, Robo, Brody, and Cole find themselves in the middle of the killer's stalking ground--where the hunters have just become the hunted.

The wonder : a novel

September 23, 2016
Donoghue, Emma, 1969- author.
291 pages ; 25 cm
Nurse -- Watch -- Fast -- Vigil -- Shift -- Epilogue -- Author's note.
"Tourists flock to the cabin of eleven-year-old Anna O'Donnell, who is said to be living without food, and a journalist is sent to cover the sensation. Lib Wright, a veteran of Florence Nightingale's Crimean campaign, is hired to keep watch over the girl. As Anna's life ebbs away, Lib finds herself responsible not just for the care of a child but for that child's very survival. Haunting and magnetic, The Wonder is a searing examination of doubt, faith, and what nourishes us, body and soul. Written with all the propulsive tension that made Donoghue's Room a huge bestseller, it works beautifully on many levels -- an intimate tale of two strangers who transform each other's lives, a powerful psychological thriller, and a spellbinding story of love pitted against evil." -- from back cover.

Girl on a plane

September 23, 2016
Moss, Miriam, author.
Boston ; New York : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, [2016]
277 pages ; 22 cm
"Based on the true story of a hijacking"--Jacket cover.
"This is a fictionalized story based on the amazing real life experiences of Miriam Moss, a fifteen year old English school girl who was held hostage on a plane hijacked by the Palestinian Liberation Front in 1970"--Provided by publisher.

The reckoning on Cane Hill

September 23, 2016
Mosby, Steve, author.
New York : Pegasus Crime, 2016.
344 pages ; 24 cm
Detectives David Groves and Mark Nelson embark on a journey that will force them to face their own wrongs while investigating the death of Groves' son and a woman who claims to be back from the dead.

The bombs that brought us together

September 23, 2016
Conaghan, Brian, 1971- author.
London : Bloomsbury, 2016.
361 pages ; 22 cm
Fourteen-year-old Charlie Law has lived in Little Town, on the border with Old Country, all his life. He knows the rules: no going out after dark; no drinking; no litter; no fighting. You don't want to get on the wrong side of the people who run Little Town. When he meets Pavel Duda, a refugee from Old Country, the rules start to get broken. Then the bombs come, and the soldiers from Old Country, and Little Town changes for ever. Sometimes, to keep the people you love safe, you have to do bad things. As Little Town's rules crumble, Charlie is sucked into a dangerous game. There's a gun, and a bad man, and his closest friend, and his dearest enemy.

Blood crime

September 23, 2016
Alzamora, Sebastià, 1972- author.
288 pages ; 22 cm
"First published in Catalan by Raval Edicions, SLU, Proa, 2012" -- Title page verso.
"It is 1936, and Barcelona burns as the Spanish Civil War takes over. The city is a bloodbath. Yet in all this death, the murders of a Marist monk and a young boy, drained of their blood, are strange enough to catch a police inspector's attention. His quest for justice is complicated by the politics, dangers, and espionage of daily life in a war zone. The Marist brothers of the murdered monk are being persecuted; meanwhile, a convent of Capuchin nuns hides in plain sight, trading favors with the military police to stay alive. In their midst is a thirteen-year-old novice who stumbles into the clutches of the murderer. Can she escape in this city of no happy endings? Narrated by a vampire who thrives in the havoc of the war, this stunning novel, inspired by the true story of a massacre in the early days of the Spanish Civil War, is a gothic reflection on the nature of monsters, in all their human forms."--Provided by publisher.

The Empress of Tempera

September 23, 2016
Dolan, Alex.
New York, New York : Diversion Books, 2016.
281 p. ; 22 cm.
"The feud began forty years ago. On one side: one of the wealthiest families in America. On the other: an artist known as Qi, heralded as the next Andy Warhol. After an acrimonious falling out, a Cold War began between these two families, and very few people remember the artist at all. Until a piece by Qi appears in New York. Outside the Fern Gallery, a man stabs himself in the heart while staring at the last Qi, a painting of a young Chinese empress. Paire Anjou, a young art student fresh to the city, stands so close, her dress is freckled with blood. The resurgence of Qi's art stirs up widespread curiosity and attention. Much like Michelangelo's David, the portrait evokes powerful reactions from people. Patrons pass out, write love letters, and try to vandalize it. Since the day she saw it, Paire can't stop ruminating about the painting. The descendants of both families converge, and Paire, who covets the Empress, is woven into an escalating blood feud. Paire Anjou is herself a descendent of criminal parents with a predilection for theft. And she has decided that she needs to possess the Qi for herself." --Amazon.

Gamescape : Overworld

September 23, 2016
Trevayne, Emma, author.
vii, 406 pages ; 22 cm
Miguel and his team enter a global competition to win the virtual reality game Chimera.

Another place you've never been : a novel

September 23, 2016
Kauffman, Rebecca, author.
Berkeley : Soft Skull Press, an imprint of Counterpoint Press, [2016]
244 pages ; 22 cm
"In her mid-thirties and living in Buffalo, NY (where she is originally from), Tracy spends most days at the restaurant where she works as a hostess, despite her aspirations of a career that would make use of her creative talents. Tracy's life is explored not only though her own personal point of view, but also through the viewpoints of other characters, wherein Tracy may only make a peripheral appearance or even emerge at different periods in her life. Kauffman subtly exposes the lives of these characters-alongside the presences of spiritually mysterious Native American figures that appear throughout-and gradually reveals the true purposes of both as their paths intersect"-- Provided by publisher.

Up in the treehouse

September 23, 2016
Hirsch, Joseph, 1982- author.
[Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified]. [2016]
671 pages ; 21 cm
"Johnny Cotter first met Charlie Milner when they were both children, attending Freeport Kindergarten. It was there that their friendship formed, and it was at Charlie&#x;s house, in his backyard, and up in his treehouse, where the boys grew closer. But as childhood gives way to adolescence, Charlie finds himself the victim of a bullying campaign so severe that his whole world grows dark, and Johnny finds himself fearing for his friend&#x;s safety, his sanity, and his soul. It is at Freeport High School that Charlie&#x;s rage and sadness finally boil over, when he seeks revenge on his jock tormentors. And it is at Freeport High where Johnny has to make a decision, a choice that could cost him his life and the life of his best friend"--Backcover.

The castle of kings

September 22, 2016
Pötzsch, Oliver, author.
xii, 644 pages : map ; 24 cm
"The Castle of Kings was first published in 2013 by Ullstein Buchverlage GmbH as Die Burg der Könige"--Title page verso.
"In 1524, in what is now Germany, hundreds of thousands of peasants revolted against the harsh treatment of their aristocratic overlords. Agnes is the daughter of one of these overlords, but she is not a typical sixteenth-century girl, refusing to wear dresses and spending more time with her pet falcon than potential suitors. There is only one suitor she is interested in: Mathis, a childhood friend who she can never marry due to his low birth status. But when a rogue knight attacks Agnes and Mathis shoots the knight to save her, the two are forced to go on the run together, into the midst of the raging Peasants' War. Over the next two years, as Agnes and Mathis travel the countryside, they are each captured by and escape from various factions of the war, participate in massive battles, make new friends both noble and peasant, and fall in love. Meanwhile, Agnes's falcon finds a mysterious ring, and Agnes begins having strange, but seemingly meaningful dreams. Dreams that lead the two lovers to revelations about their place in the world and in the emerging German states."-- Provided by publisher.


September 22, 2016
Smith, Sherri L., author.
New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, [2016]
228 pages ; 22 cm
When Jude's best friend is found dead in a California swimming pool, her family calls it an accident, her friends call it suicide, but Jude calls it murder, and the suspects are family and friends.

Nickel : a novel

September 22, 2016
Wilder, Robert, author.
315 pages ; 22 cm
Coy is a quirky teenage boy and his best friend Monroe is a girl who is just as odd and funny and obsessed with 80's culture as he is. So when Monroe comes down with a mysterious illness, his inner turmoil only grows.

Closed casket : the new Hercule Poirot mystery

September 22, 2016
Hannah, Sophie, 1971- author.
viii, 302 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"Agatha Christie" -- cover.
"'What I intend to say to you will come as a shock ...' With these words, Lady Athelinda Playford -- one of the world's most beloved children's authors -- springs a surprise on the lawyer entrusted with her will. As guests arrive for a party at her Irish mansion, Lady Playford has decided to cut off her two children without a penny and leave her vast fortune to someone else: an invalid who has only weeks to live. Among Lady Playford's visitors are two strangers: the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, and Inspector Edward Catchpool of Scotland Yard. Neither knows why he has been invited -- until Poirot begins to wonder if Lady Playford expects a murder. But why does she seem so determined to provoke a killer? And why -- when the crime is committed despite Poirot's best efforts to stop it -- does the identity of the victim make no sense at all?"--Provided by publisher.

Body on the bayou

September 22, 2016
Byron, Ellen, author.
New York, NY : Crooked Lane Books, 2016.
312 pages ; 22 cm.
"Just days before a big wedding at the Crozat Plantation B & B, the bride's cousin is found murdered, and Maggie Crozat has another murder to unravel"--Book jacket flap.

Jerusalem : a novel

September 22, 2016
Moore, Alan, 1953- author.
1266 pages : illustrations, map ; 24 cm
The boroughs -- Mansoul -- Vernall's inquest -- Afterlude.
"In the half a square mile of decay and demolition that was England's Saxon capital, eternity is loitering between the firetrap housing projects. Embedded in the grubby amber of the district's narrative among its saints, kings, prostitutes, and derelicts a different kind of human time is happening, a soiled simultaneity that does not differentiate between the petrolcolored puddles and the fractured dreams of those who navigate them. Fiends last mentioned in the second-century Book of Tobit wait in urine-scented stairwells, the delinquent specters of unlucky children undermine a century with tunnels, and in upstairs parlors laborers with golden blood reduce fate to a snooker tournament. An opulent mythology for those without a pot to piss in, through the labyrinthine streets and pages of Jerusalem tread ghosts that sing of wealth and poverty; of Africa, and hymns, and our threadbare millennium. They discuss English as a visionary language from John Bunyan to James Joyce, hold forth on the illusion of mortality post-Einstein, and insist upon the meanest slum as Blake's eternal holy city."-- Provided by publisher.

Sun, sand, murder

September 22, 2016
Keyse-Walker, John, author.
278 pages ; 22 cm
"As a Special Constable, Teddy Creque is the only police presence on the remote, sun-drenched island of Anegada, nestled in the heart of the British Virgin Islands. In all his years on the job, Teddy has never considered the possibility that he might have to address an actual crime on his peaceful island. That is, until he receives a hysterical call about a dead man on the beach. Indeed, Teddy is shocked to discover Paul Kelliher, a biologist who traveled to the island every summer for research, lying dead on the sands of the island's most remote beach, killed by a single shot to the head. And when the BVI's "real police" task Teddy with informing Kelliher's nearest kin of his death, Teddy makes an even more surprising discovery: there's no record that Paul Kelliher ever existed. Suddenly Teddy's routine life is thrown into tumult as he tries to track a killer--against his boss's wishes--while balancing his complicated family life, three other jobs, and the colorful characters populating the island around him. Written with a wry, witty narrative voice and a plot full of twists and turns, John Keyse-Walker's Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award-winning debut is a pure delight"-- Provided by publisher.

Where did you sleep last night

September 22, 2016
Crosbie, Lynn, 1963- author.
381 pages ; 21 cm
When Evelyn Gray, a lonely sixteen-year old from Carnation, Washington, overdoses, she wakes up in the hospital with her idol, Kurt Cobain, convalescing in the bed beside her, with no memory of his former life. Once united, they quickly become addicted to drugs and each other. They run off together and become infamous musicians. But as their celebrity grows, so does their jealousy and an incident of sexual violence explodes shockingly into murder.

A whole life : a novel

September 22, 2016
Seethaler, Robert, 1966- author.
New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2016.
151 pages ; 22 cm
Set in the mid-twentieth century and told with beauty and tenderness, Robert Seethaler's A Whole Life is a story of man's relationship with an ancient landscape, of the value of solitude, of the arrival of the modern world, and above all, of the moments, great and small, that make us who we are.

Dead men's bones : an Inspector McLean novel

September 22, 2016
Oswald, James, author.
New York : Crooked Lane Books, 2016.
342 pages ; 24 cm
The body of a prominent Scottish MP is discovered outside his home, a remote house in North East Fife. In a horrifying attack, Andrew Weatherly has killed his wife and two young daughters, before turning his gun on himself. The question on everyone's lips is why would this successful and wealthy man commit such a gruesome crime? Inspector Tony McLean is surprised to find himself at the centre of this high profile investigation. The deeper he digs, the more McLean realizes he is being used in a game between shadowy factions from the world of power and privilege. Pressure is on to wrap up the case. That would go against everything McLean believes in - but to carry on will threaten the lives of his closest friends and colleagues

Roman crazy : a novel

September 22, 2016
Clayton, Alice, author.
New York : Gallery Books, 2016.
326 pages ; 22 cm
Avery Bardot steps off the plane in Rome, looking for a fresh start. She's left behind a soon-to-be ex-husband in Boston and plans to spend the summer with her best friend Daisy, licking her wounds-- and perhaps a gelato or two. When her American-expat friend throws her a welcome party on her first night, Avery's thrown for a loop when she sees Italian architect Marcello Bianchi-- the man who got away. And now her past is colliding with her present, a present where she should be mourning the loss of her marriage and-- hey, that fettuccine is delicious! And so is Marcello.

The sleeping world : [a novel]

September 22, 2016
Fuentes, Gabrielle Lucille, author.
292 pages ; 22 cm
Subtitle from jacket.
"Spain, 1977. Military rule is over. Bootleg punk music oozes out of illegal basement bars and fascists fight anarchists for political control. Students perform protest art in the city center, rioting against the old government, the undecided new order, against the university, against themselves ... Mosca is an intelligent, disillusioned university student, whose younger brother is among the "disappeared," kidnapped by the police, missing for two years, and presumed dead. Spurred by the turmoil around them, Mosca and her friends commit an act that carries their rebellion too far and sends them spiraling out of their provincial hometown. But the further they go, the more Mosca believes her brother is alive and the more she is willing to do anything to find him."-- Provided by publisher.

The vanished

September 22, 2016
Hammer, Lotte, author.
New York : Bloomsbury, 2016.
438 pages ; 25 cm.
"First published in 2011 in Denmark as Ensomme hjerters klub by Gyldendal"--Title page verso.
"When a postman is found dead at the bottom of his apartment stairs, his death appears to be a simple accident, and the perfect case for Detective Chief Superintendent Konrad Simonsen to return to after a severe heart attack. But new forensic evidence comes to light and something doesn't add up. Then life-size images of a girl are discovered plastering the walls of the dead man's attic. Who is she? Could she be alive? As the homicide team delves into the past, Simonsen discovers long-hidden skeletons in his own closet."--Provided by publisher.

Wake the devil : a thriller

September 22, 2016
Daniels, Robert, author.
New York : Crooked Lane Books, 2016.
339 pages ; 24 cm
Seven months after their last encounter, retired FBI agent Jack Kale and Atlanta Police Detective Beth Sturgis are reunited by a new case that pits them against the Sandman, a nearly perfect assassin who leaves no clues, can change his appearance seemingly at will, and has eluded police on four continents for years. Now, it's a race against time to protect the Sandman's next targets--two witnesses scheduled to testify before a grand jury by the end of the week. With the clock ticking down, Kale and Sturgis dive headfirst into a desperate chase to catch the killer before he strikes and disappears again. Just as he thought he was finally safe, Kale must one again battle the demons lurking in the corners of his mind to take on an all-too-real new nightmare in Wake the Devil, the second in Robert Daniels's thrilling series. --Amazon

The last true love story

September 22, 2016
Kiely, Brendan, 1977- author.
279 pages : map ; 22 cm
"Hendrix and Corrina bust Hendrix's grandfather out of assisted living, and leave LA for New York in pursuit of freedom, truth, and love"-- Provided by publisher.

Phantom limbs

September 22, 2016
Garner, Paula, author.
Somerville, Massachusetts : Candlewick Press, 2016.
352 pages ; 22 cm
"Otis and Meg were inseparable until her family abruptly moved away after the terrible accident that left Otis's little brother dead and both of their families changed forever. Since then, it's been three years of radio silence, during which time Otis has become the unlikely protégé of eighteen-year-old Dara--part drill sergeant, part friend--who's hell-bent on transforming Otis into the Olympic swimmer she can no longer be. But when Otis learns that Meg is coming back to town, he must face some difficult truths about the girl he's never forgotten and the brother he's never stopped grieving"

Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian lions

September 22, 2016
Giordano, Mario, 1963- author.
London : Bitter Lemon Press, 2016.
317 pages ; 20 cm
"First published in German as Tante Poldi und die sizilianishen Löwen by Bastei Lübbe AG, Köln, 2015." -- Title page verso.
"Crime Paperback Original" -- Page 4 of cover.
Recently widowed Auntie Poldi moves to Sicily in order to drink herself comfortably to death with a sea view. But fate intervenes when she finds the corpse of a young man on the beach, and becomes a potential murder suspect. Poldi falls for the gorgeous Commissario Montana and they soon form an investigative -- and romantic -- partnership.

Law and disorder : a legal thriller

September 22, 2016
Papantonio, Mike, 1953- author.
338 pages ; 24 cm
"One of America's most successful trial attorneys built his career by going to war for consumers against the world's most powerful and corrupt corporations. But his winning streak has ended. Money, power, and politics have lined up against Nicholas Deketomis, and he must fight for his freedom, his family, and the future of his prestigious law firm"-- Provided by publisher.

The lost and the found

September 22, 2016
Clarke, Cat, author.
355 pages ; 22 cm
Originally published in the United Kingdom by Quercus in 2015.
"A twisty psychological thriller about a girl whose older sister is found thirteen years after she was abducted from their front yard. But is she really who she claims to be?"-- Provided by publisher.


September 22, 2016
Badoe, Adwoa, author.
Toronto ; Berkeley : Groundwood Books : House of Anansi Press, 2016.
215 pages ; 23 cm
"For eighteen-year-old Charlotte, university life is better than she'd ever dreamed -- a sophisticated and generous roommate, the camaraderie of dorm living, parties, clubs and boyfriends. Most of all, Charlotte is exposed to new ideas, and in 1981 Ghana, this may be the most exciting - and most dangerous - adventure of all. At first Charlotte basks in her wonderful new freedom, especially being out of the watchful eye of her controlling and opinionated father. She suddenly finds herself with no shortage of male attention, including her charismatic political science professor, fellow student activist Banahene, and Asare, a wealthy oil broker who invites Charlotte to travel with him and showers her with expensive gifts, including a coveted passport. But Ghana is fraught with a history of conflict. And in the middle of her freshman year, the government is overthrown, and three judges are abducted and murdered. As political forces try to mobilize students to advance their own agendas, Charlotte is drawn into the world of student politics. She’s good at it, she's impassioned, and she's in love with Banahene. "The struggle continues! Aluta! Aluta continua!" she shouts, rallying the crowd with the slogan of the oppressed. But her love of the spotlight puts her in the public eye. And when Asare entrusts her with a mysterious package of documents, she suddenly realizes she may be in real danger.."--Provided by publisher.

The soul of the matter : a novel

September 22, 2016
Buff, Bruce, author.
Nashville, TN : Howard Books, 2016.
420 pages ; 24 cm
"A scientist's claim that he's found the secrets of the universe's origin encoded in DNA sparks a race against time to uncover the truth in this fast-paced thriller of science and faith, power and murder, loss and redemption. Dan Lawson, a former government cyber-intelligence analyst, is surprised to be contacted by his estranged friend Stephen Bishop, a renowned geneticist. Stephen says that he's discovered amazing information within DNA, including evidence of a creator, and needs Dan's help to protect his findings. Dan is skeptical and wonders whether he is being manipulated, or if the recent illness of Stephen's only child, Ava, has caused his childhood friend to fall back on religion for answers to questions best left to science. Spurred by his desire for proof that life has meaning, however, Dan puts aside his doubts and agrees to help. When an experiment goes terribly awry, Dan realizes he must get to the bottom of Stephen's discoveries. With the help of Trish Alighieri, a pediatric oncologist trying to save Ava's life, Dan desperately searches for answers--including whether the human soul can survive science's conquest of nature"-- Provided by publisher.

Hell's heart

September 22, 2016
Miller, John Jackson, author.
New York : Pocket Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc., [2016]
383 pages ; 17 cm.
"Based on Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation created by Gene Roddenberry."
"When Klingon commander Kruge died in combat against James T. Kirk on the Genesis planet back in 2285, he left behind a powerful house in disarray&#x;and a series of ticking time bombs: the Phantom Wing, a secret squadron of advanced Birds-of-Prey; a cabal of loyal officers intent on securing his heritage; and young Korgh, his thwarted would-be heir, willing to wait a Klingon lifetime to enact his vengeance. Now, one hundred years later, while on a diplomatic mission for the United Federation of Planets, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise are snared in the aged Korgh&#x;s trap&#x;and thrust directly in the middle of an ancient conflict. But as Commander Worf soon learns, Korgh may be after far bigger game than anyone imagines, confronting the Federation-Klingon alliance with a crisis unlike any it has ever seen!"--Back cover.

Another miserable love song

September 22, 2016
Carter, Brooke, 1977- author.
127 pages ; 18 cm.
In this high-interest novel for teen readers, Kallie tries to get over her father's death and help her band at the same time.


September 21, 2016
Kilbourne, Christina, 1967- author.
201 pages ; 21 cm
Anna has always been so level-headed, so easy-going, so talented and funny. How could anyone have guessed she wanted to die? Then when she overdoses on prescription painkillers, doctors realize she has been suffering from depression and start looking for a way to help her out of the desperate black hole she never thought she would escape. It’s then that rock bottom comes into sight and the journey back to normal begins.

The Forgetting

September 21, 2016
Cameron, Sharon, 1970- author.
403 pages ; 22 cm
Canaan is a quiet city on an idyllic world, hemmed in by high walls, but every twelve years the town breaks out in a chaos of bloody violence, after which all the people undergo the Forgetting, in which they are left without any trace of memory of themselves, their families, or their lives--but somehow seventeen-year-old Nadia has never forgotten, and she is determined to find out what causes it and how to put a stop to the Forgetting forever.

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