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April 18, 2014
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The inventor's secret

April 17, 2014
Cremer, Andrea R.
New York, NY : Philomel Books, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., 2014.
373 pages : map ; 22 cm
In an alternate nineteenth-century America that is still a colony of Britain's industrial empire, sixteen-year-old Charlotte and her fellow refugees' struggle to survive is interrupted by a newcomer with no memory, bearing secrets about a terrible future.

Bridge to haven

April 17, 2014
Rivers, Francine, 1947- author.
Carol Stream, Illinois : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., [2014]
viii, 468 pages ; 24 cm
"A novel"--Cover.

The expedition to the baobab tree

April 17, 2014
Stockenstrom, Wilma.
Brooklyn, NY : Archipelago Books, [2014].
129 pages ; 20 cm
"In J.M.Coetzee's stunning translation: a powerfully symbolic story in the voice of a slave that explores the depths of imagination, isolation, fear, and love. A slave woman is the only survivor of a failed expedition into the depths of Southern Africa. She shelters in the hollow trunk of a baobab tree where she relives her earlier existence in a state of increasing isolation. We are the sole witnesses to her moving history: her capture as a young child, her life in a harbor city on the eastern coast as servant to various masters, her journey with her last owner and protector, and her life in the baobab tree"-- Provided by publisher.

Death money

April 17, 2014
Chang, Henry, 1951-
New York, NY : Soho Crime, [2014]
215 pages ; 20 cm.
"When the body of an unidentified Asian man is found in the Harlem River, NYPD Detective Jack Yu is pulled in to investigate. The murder takes Jack from the benevolent associations of Chinatown to the take out restaurants, strip clubs, and underground gambling establishments of the Bronx, to a wealthy, exclusive New Jersey borough. It's a world of secrets and unclear allegiances, of Chinatown street gangs and major Triad players. With the help of an elderly fortune teller and an old friend, the unpredictable Billy Bow, Jack races to solve his most difficult case yet"-- Provided by publisher.

'Til the well runs dry : a novel

April 17, 2014
Francis-Sharma, Lauren.
New York : Henry Holt and Company, [2014].
382 pages : map ; 24 cm.
"An epic saga about a Trinidadian family spanning WWII to the early Sixties. Told in alternating voices, the author recounts the story of Marcia, our fierce heroine, who leaves her island home in order to protect the man she's loved for years, and finds herself isolated in a strange land but with the determination to survive and rebuild" -- Provided by publisher.

Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932 : a novel

April 17, 2014
Prose, Francine, 1947-
New York : Harper, [2014].
436 pages ; 24 cm.
"A richly imagined and stunningly inventive story of love, art, and betrayal in Paris of the 20's, 30's, and 40's"-- Provided by publisher.

Heaven's queen

April 17, 2014
Bach, Rachel.
New York : Orbit, 2014.
389 pages ; 21 cm.
"From the moment she took a job on Captain Caldswell's doomed ship, Devi Morris' life has been one disaster after another: government conspiracies, two alien races out for her blood, an incurable virus that's eating her alive. Now, with the captain missing and everyone -- even her own government -- determined to hunt her down, things are going from bad to impossible. The sensible plan would be to hide and wait for things to blow over, but Devi's never been one to shy from a fight, and she's getting mighty sick of running. It's time to put this crisis on her terms and do what she knows is right. But with all human life hanging on her actions, the price of taking a stand might be more than she can pay" -- from publisher's web site.

Past the shallows : a novel

April 17, 2014
Parrett, Favel.
New York : Washington Square Press, 2014.
259 p. ; 21 cm.
"Joe, Miles, and Harry are growing up on the remote southern coast of Tasmania--a stark, untamed landscape swathed by crystal blue waters. The rhythm of their days is dictated by the natural world, and by their father's moods. Like the ocean he battles daily to make a living as a fisherman, he is wild and volatile--a hard drinker warped by a devastating secret. Unlike Joe, Harry and Miles are too young to move out, and so they attempt to stay as invisible as possible whenever their father is home. Miles tries his best to watch out for Harry, but he can't be there all the time. Often alone, Harry finds joy in the small treasures he discovers by the edge of the sea--shark eggs, cuttlefish bones, and the friendship of a mysterious neighbor. But sometimes small treasures, or a brother's love, simply are not enough" -- from publisher's web site.

Talk dirty to me

April 17, 2014
Cassidy, Dakota.
Ontario, Canada : Harlequin, [2014].
395 pages ; 17 cm
Notorious mean girl Dixie Davis is back in town and it's payback time. Literally. Dixie is flat broke and her best—make that only—friend, Landon, is throwing her a lifeline from the Great Beyond. Dixie stands to inherit his business…if she meets a few conditions: She's got to live in Landon's mansion with her gorgeous ex-fiancé, Caine Donovan, who could also inherit the business which is a phone sex empire. Wait, what? Landon's will lays it out: whoever gets the most new clients becomes the owner of Call Girls. Dixie has always been in it to win it, especially when it comes to Caine, who's made it clear he's not going down easy. (Oh, mercy.) Can Dixie really talk dirty and prove that she's cleaned up her act? Game on!

All the rage

April 17, 2014
Kennedy, A. L., author.
Boston : New Harvest, 2014.
215 pages ; 22 cm
"A. L. Kennedy's latest collection of stories is an investigation of "certain types of threat and the odder edges of sweet things"--another intense and luscious feast of language from the author of The Blue Book and Paradise. "I want to describe my genuine circumstances on the occasion in question, but I can't," confesses the narrator of "Baby Blue," who finds herself "somewhere like a very big grocers. a supermarket full of sex." Kennedy hilariously explores the comic possibilities of fake genitalia before landing on a heartbreaking note. In "Takes You Home," a man tries to sell his apartment, the emptiness of the rooms. It's a journey to the interior that is both harrowing and humorous, as he considers the benefit of showing off the old kitchen rather than renovating--it "only quietly asks to be replaced and will shrug when it's knocked to pieces and hauled away and not take it personally one bit." Swarming with memory and moments of grace, All the Rage is Kennedy at her inimitable best"-- Provided by publisher.

Transformers classified : the complete mission

April 17, 2014
Windham, Ryder.
New York : Little, Brown, 2014.
471 p. : ill. ; 20 cm.
"3 books in 1"--Cover.
Book one : Switching gears -- Book two : Battle mountain -- Book three : Satellite of doom.
"When Kevin Bowman stumbles upon two giant robots battling in the dust of the Nevada desert, he gets swept up into the adventure of a lifetime. Along with his new friends, the Autobots, the twelve year-old looks for answers regarding his older brother's disappearance and uncovers a secret program that sends satellites to track incoming Cybertronians. But is the operation meant to protect Earth or aid in a Deception invasion? Can Kevin save his family and the planet?"--P. [4] of cover.

The forever song

April 17, 2014
Kagawa, Julie, author.
Don Mills, Ont. : Harlequin Teen, 2014.
408 pages ; 22 cm.
Allie will embrace her cold vampire side to hunt down and end Sarren, the psychopathic vampire who murdered Zeke. But Sarren has left many surprises for Allie and her companions as his trail leads straight to the one place they must protect at any cost -- the last vampire-free zone on Earth.

The only woman to defy him

April 17, 2014
Marinelli, Carol.
Don Mills, Ont. : Harlequin, 2014.
186 p. ; 17 cm.
Standing outside legendary playboy Demyan Zukov's penthouse suite, shy personal assistant Alina Ritchi is shaking with nerves, she should never have agreed to this job. She's out of her depth, and that's before she's met her delicious new boss. Demyan's wicked reputation doesn't disappoint, she might be a virgin, but surely one hot glance from Demyan shouldn't make her feel so, naked? Exposed, she finds that his gaze ignites her defiance, and soon she's challenging him every step of the way!

Sheikh's Scandal

April 17, 2014
Monroe, Lucy, 1967-
Don Mills, Ont. : Harlequin Books, c2014.
185 p. ; 17 cm.
Sheikh Sayed of Zeena Sarha and his harem of beautiful women are staying at the exclusive, opulent Chatsfield Hotel, London, for the last stop on his worldwide tour before his wedding. But when his engagement is unceremoniously broken, Sayed sets his sights on his sexy chambermaid! Liyah Amari only took the position as chambermaid to find the truth about her birth father. But her search ends in heartache, leaving Liyah vulnerable to this powerful Sheikh's desires. Now their one night of passion could result in a scandalous consequence for the proud Sheikh.

Confessions of a thug

December 21, 2014
Taylor, Meadows, 1808-1876.
London : Folio Society, 1974.
372 p. : ill., maps ; 23 cm.
Maps on lining papers.

Live to see tomorrow

April 16, 2014
Johansen, Iris.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2014.
358 pages ; 25 cm
When her mentor, Hu Chang, tasks her with rescuing an imprisoned journalist in Tibet, shadowy CIA Operative Catherine Ling is pitted against a man so vile that she wonders if she is being used as a pawn in a game of revenge that is not hers to play.

Bad teeth

April 16, 2014
Long, Dustin, 1977-
Boston : New Harvest, [2014].
306 pages ; 22 cm
"Four interlocking narratives unfurl in four American cities, creating a richly comic feast about love, academia, an elusive Tibetan novelist who might be a plagiarist, and SOFA, a protest group so mysterious its very initials are open to interpretation. Bad Teeth follows a cast of young literary men and women in four very American cities--Brooklyn, Bloomington, Berkeley, and Bakersfield. It's four (or more) books in one, a Pynchonesque treat: a bohemian satire, a campus comedy, a stoner's reverie, and a quadruple love story. Its wonderfully evoked storylines of young writers--each in a period of formation--collect around the search for one mysterious author--"the Tibetan David Foster Wallace," who might in fact be a plagiarist. This delightful and complex literary novel is a comic gem"-- Provided by publisher.

Spirits revived : spirits, featuring Daisy Gumm Majesty

April 16, 2014
Duncan, Alice, 1945-
[Waterville, Maine] : Five Star, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2014]
249 pages ; 23 cm.
When a real live (or dead) spirity invades Daisy Gumm Majesty's body as she's conducting a seance and claims he was murdered, Daisy is shocked and afraid but also curious. She's a fake spiritualist, so how did a real spirit manage to speak through her? Who killed Eddie Hastings, and why did the Pasadena Police Dept. rule his death a suicide?

The serpent of Venice

April 16, 2014
Moore, Christopher, 1957- author.
New York, NY : William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2014]
326 pages : map ; 24 cm
"William Shakespeare meets Edgar Allan Poe in New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore's THE SERPENT OF VENICE! Oh, yeah, and everyone's favorite fool, Pocket of Dog Snogging, is back, too"-- Provided by publisher.

Fury of the seventh son

April 16, 2014
Delaney, Joseph, 1945-
New York, NY : Greenwillow Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, 2014.
462 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
"First published in 2013 in Great Britain by The Bodley Head, an imprint of Random House Children's Books, under the title The Spook's Revenge"--Copyright page.
"Thomas Ward faces his ultimate test as he and his master prepare to deal with the Fiend once and for all"-- Provided by publisher.

Skookum summer : a novel of the pacific northwest

April 16, 2014
Hart, Jack, 1946-
Seattle : University of Washington Press, 2014.
300 p. ; 24 cm.

The Mammoth book of the lost chronicles of Sherlock Holmes

April 16, 2014
Smith, Denis O., 1948-
Philadephia, Pa. : Running Press, 2014.
503 p. ; 20 cm.
The adventure of the crimson arrow -- The adventure of Kendal Terrace -- A hair's breadth -- The adventure of the smiling face -- The adventure of the fourth glove -- The adventure of the Richmond recluse -- The adventure of the English scholar -- The adventure of the amethyst ring -- The adventure of the willow pool -- The adventure of Queen Hippolyta -- The adventure of Dedstone Mill -- An incident in society.
"12 new adventures and intrigues"--Cover.

Leapfrog and other stories

April 16, 2014
Rosales, Guillermo, author.
New York : New Directions Publishing, [2013].
ix, 145 pages ; 18 cm
"Leapfrog was originally published in Spanish in 1994, as El juego de la viola by Ediciones Universal, Miami, Florida"--T.p. verso.
Leapfrog -- The magic still: The devil and the nun -- An axe to the sideburns -- The illustrated woman -- O Pythagoras! -- The phantom bunker.
Leapfrog depicts one summer in the life of a very poor young boy in post-revolutionary Havana in the late '50s. He has superhero fantasies, hangs around with the neighborhood kids, smokes cigarettes, tells very lame jokes. The kids fight, discuss the mysteries of religion and sex, and play games -- such as leapfrog. So vivid and so very credible, Leapfrog reads as if Rosales had simply transcribed everything that he'd heard or said for this one moving and touching book about a lost childhood.

Never say goodbye : a novel

April 16, 2014
Lewis, Susan, 1956-
New York : Ballantine Books Trade Paperbacks, [2014]
526 pages ; 21 cm
"A Ballantine Books trade paperback original"--T.p. verso.
"Josie, a housecleaner and part-time waitress who struggles to make ends meet, is worried sick about her husband, who can't seem to get enough taxi fares to pay the bills, her son, in prison for a crime she's sure he didn't commit, and her daughter, who is getting married (too young, Josie thinks) to her college sweetheart. All she wants is to protect her family from her devastating news; they can't handle one more thing going wrong. Money is no object to Bel, who received a tidy inheritance from her mother and renovates houses in her spare time. But Bel has just lost the person who matters most - her twin sister Tanya - to breast cancer, and she's incredibly lonely. Her only comfort is Tanya's two small children, who see Bel as a surrogate mother. But Tanya's widower has gotten married again, frighteningly fast, and is threatening to take the children half-way around the world for his new job. An unlikely friendship blossoms between Josie and Bel who band together to help each other through difficult times and get to the heart of what matters most"-- Provided by publisher.

The hunt

April 16, 2014
Kade, Stacey.
New York : Hyperion, [2014]
359 pages ; 22 cm
"Sixteen-year-old Ariane Tucker has finally escaped GTX, the research facility that created her from human and extraterrestrial DNA. But life on the run is complicated"-- Provided by publisher.

House of ivy & sorrow

April 16, 2014
Whipple, Natalie.
New York : HarperTeen, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2014]
362 pages ; 21 cm
"Seventeen-year-old Josephine Hemlock has spent her life hiding the fact that she's a witch--but when the mysterious Curse that killed her mother returns, she might not be able to keep her magical and normal lives separate"-- Provided by publisher.

Nine rabbits

April 16, 2014
Zaharieva, Virginia.
New York : Black Balloon Publishing, c2014.
186 p. ; 21 cm.

The natural order of things : a novel

April 16, 2014
Keating, Kevin P.
New York : Vintage Contemporaries, 2014.
306 p. ; 20 cm.
Originally published: New Orleans, La. : Aqueous Books, 2012.
Vigil -- Box -- No deposit love -- The deer park -- In the secret parts of fortune -- Zanzibar -- Hack -- Ghost dance -- The distinguished precipice -- The spy -- Uncreated creatures -- Antiquing -- Merde at the Place de la Contrescarpe -- The black death of Gentile de Foligno -- Gehenna.
The adventures and exploits of a small group of students, teachers, employees, and priests at a Jesuit prep school in a dying industrial city.

Chop chop

April 16, 2014
Wroe, Simon.
New York : The Penguin Press, 2014.
276 pages ; 24 cm
"Fresh out of university, our narrator, Monocle, is eager and determined to live the literary life in London. But soon he's two months behind on rent and is forced to take a job doing grunt work in the kitchen of The Swan, a restaurant that's seen much better days. He's surrounded by a cast of characters including the sadistic head chef, Bob. Soon a darker tale unfolds as the restaurant staff devises a plot to overthrow Bob and Monocle's dead-beat dad shows up"-- Provided by publisher.

Hold me in contempt : a romance

April 16, 2014
Williams, Wendy, 1964-
New York, NY : William Morrow Paperbacks, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2014]
321 pages ; 21 cm
A spellbinding and erotically charged interracial love story that captures the drama and excitement of big city life, in which a serious, hard-working lawyer falls madly, passionately in love with a sexy, dangerous man.

Hollow world

April 16, 2014
Sullivan, Michael J., 1961-, atuhor.
San Francisco, CA : Tachyon, 2014
viii, 371 pages ; 22 cm
"Ellis Rogers is an ordinary man who is about to embark upon an extraordinary journey. All his life he has played it safe and done the right thing, but when diagnosed with a terminal illness, he's willing to take an insane gamble. He's built a time machine in his garage, and if it works, he'll face a world that challenges his understanding of what it means to be human, what it takes to love, and the cost of paradise. He could find more than the cure for his illness; he might find what everyone has been searching for since time began...but only if he can survive Hollow World"--back cover.

Aunt Dimity and the wishing well

April 16, 2014
Atherton, Nancy.
New York, New York : Viking, 2014.
278 pages ; 22 cm
"When a strapping young Australian named Jack MacBride arrives in Finch to wrap up his late uncle's affairs, heads turn in the sleepy English village. But when Lori volunteers to help Jack clear out his uncle's overgrown garden, they discover something even more shocking than a stranger turning up in Finch. After Lori laughingly tosses a coin into the garden's old well and makes a wish, she is baffled to find that the wish seems to have come true. Word spreads, and the villagers turn out in droves to make wishes of their own. But as they soon learn, one person's wish is another person's worst nightmare and the village is thrown into chaos. As more and more wishes come true, Lori resolves to find out what's really going on. Is handsome Jack somehow tricking his neighbors? Or are they fooling themselves? With Aunt Dimity's otherworldly help, Lori discovers that the truth is even more marvelous than a magical wishing well"-- Provided by publisher.

Unwrapped sky

April 16, 2014
Davidson, Rjurik.
New York : Tor, 2014.
430 pages : map ; 22 cm
"A Tom Doherty Associates book."
A hundred years ago, the Minotaurs saved Caeli-Amur from conquest. Now, three very different people may hold the keys to the city's survival. Once, it is said, gods used magic to create reality, with powers that defied explanation. But the magic—or science, if one believes those who try to master the dangers of thaumaturgy—now seems more like a dream. Industrial workers for House Technis, farmers for House Arbor, and fisher folk of House Marin eke out a living and hope for a better future. But the philosopher-assassin Kata plots a betrayal that will cost the lives of godlike Minotaurs; the ambitious bureaucrat Boris Autec rises through the ranks as his private life turns to ashes; and the idealistic seditionist Maximilian hatches a mad plot to unlock the vaunted secrets of the Great Library of Caeli-Enas, drowned in the fabled city at the bottom of the sea, its strangeness visible from the skies above. These three people, reflecting all the hopes and dreams of the ancient city, risk everything for a future that they can create only by throwing off the shackles of tradition and superstition, as their destinies collide at ground zero of a conflagration that will transform the world . . . or destroy it.

Blood always tells

April 16, 2014
Davidson, Hilary, author.
New York : Forge Books, [2014].
320 pages ; 22 cm
"A Tom Doherty Associates Book"
"Dominique Monahan just wanted to get even with her two-timing, married boyfriend, a washed-up boxer stuck in a toxic marriage to a dangerously spoiled socialite. However, an elaborate blackmail scheme soon lands her in the middle of an unexpected kidnapping . . . and attempted murder. But who is actually out to kill whom? Desmond Edgars, Dominique's big brother, has looked out for his wayward sister ever since their mother was convicted of murdering many years ago, so when he receives a frantic phone call from Dominique in the middle of the night, he drops everything to rush to the rescue. But to find out what has really happened to his sister, the stoic ex-military man must navigate a tangled web of murder and deception, involving a family fortune, a couple of shifty lawyers, and a missing child, while wrestling with his own bloody secrets . . . . Blood Always Tells is a twisted tale of love, crime, and family gone wrong, by the multiple award-winning author of The Damage Done and Evil in All Its Disguises"-- Provided by publisher.


April 16, 2014
Bowman, Erin.
New York, NY : HarperTeen, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2014]
359 pages ; 22 cm
Sequel to: Taken.
"Gray Weathersby and a small team of rebels set off on a frozen, icy journey in search of allies to help them take down the cruel Franconian Order--but they quickly learn that no ally or enemy is truly what they seem"-- Provided by publisher.

The forbidden touch of Sanguardo

April 16, 2014
James, Julia.
Don MIlls, Ont. : Harlequin, 2014.
188 p. ; 17 cm.
Celeste Philips's night was meant to be about raising money for charity. Not trying to douse the flames of attraction between herself and self-made millionaire Rafael Sanguardo, a man who always gets what he wants. Celeste knows she shouldn't fall for Rafael's practiced charm, yet the more her head tells her to walk away and protect her fragile heart, the more she craves his forbidden touch!

Secrets of a ruthless tycoon

April 16, 2014
Williams, Cathy.
Don Mills, Ont. : Harlequin, 2014.
187 p. ; 17 cm.
Leo Spencer has it all, but there's one thing his luxurious lifestyle can't give him, the truth about his past. His search for answers leads him to Brianna Sullivan, hidden in the Irish countryside, where she soon proves to be a distraction he never anticipated. Brianna is unlike any of the women this ruthless tycoon is used to, and her innocence has him captivated, and ready to seduce the secrets of his past from her lips! But when Brianna learns his true identity, their undeniable connection will erupt in a whole new kind of chemistry!

One night to risk it all

April 16, 2014
Yates, Maisey.
Don Mills, Ont. : Harlequin, 2014.
192 p. ; 17 cm.
Gorgeous Greek tycoon Alexios Christofides is notorious for getting exactly what he wants, and he's not above mixing revenge, and pleasure. He's determined to wrench the Holt empire away from his enemy, even if it means seducing the man's fiancee! Rachel Holt has spent years playing the dutiful daughter, hostess, fiancee, and she has not once put a foot wrong. Until reaching for just one electrifying night with a handsome stranger gives her a taste of a freedom she's never known.

Sinful folk : a novel of the Middle Ages

April 15, 2014
Hayes, Ned.
398 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"Based on the true story of five children who were burned to death in 1377, Ned Hayes' debut historical novel describes the desperate journey of a small band of villagers who traveled 200 miles across England in midwinter to demand justice for their children's deaths" --Cover flap.

You only live once

April 15, 2014
Clark, Bridie.
New York : Roaring Brook Press, [2014].
218 pages ; 21 cm.
As a small-town girl navigating the sophomore social scene at an elite boarding school, the reader makes decisions that determine the course of the story.

Under cold stone : a Constable Molly Smith mystery

April 15, 2014
Delany, Vicki, 1951-
Scottsdale, AZ : Poisoned Pen Press, [2014].
296 pages ; 22 cm.
Paul Keller was enjoying a vacation in the Rocky Mountains with his girlfriend Lucky Smith when his estranged son called begging for help. Paul and Lucky arrive at Matt's apartment only to find a body on the floor and Matt long gone. Lucky's daughter, Constable Molly Smith of the Trafalgar City Police, abandons her chaotic Thanksgiving kitchen to offer her mom support. She has no intention of meddling in the police investigation, but when Matt's sad, shy girlfriend, Tracey, asks for her help, Molly finds herself not only interfering but putting herself on the wrong side of RCMP Sgt. Edward Blechta.

Classic in the pits : a case for Jack Colby, the car detective

April 15, 2014
Myers, Amy, 1938- author.
Sutton : Severn House, [2014].
200 pages ; 23 cm.
"When Jack Colby hears a rumour that Old Herne's, the club for aviation and classic car veterans, is closing, he is appalled, and attends its annual event with foreboding. His instinct is right. He has been commissioned to investigate the theft of the Porsche car belonging to its manager, the popular Mike Nelson, but now far worse problems threaten the club when brutal murder proves to be on the agenda"--Dust jacket flap.

Evil in the 1st house : a Starlight Detective Agency mystery

April 15, 2014
Lewis, Mitchell Scott, author.
Scottsdale, AZ : Poisoned Pen Press, [2014].
214 pages ; 23 cm.
Astrologer-detective David Lowell must draw on the help of his friends, family, and allies when Dr. Ethan Williamson asks him to find his dying son's long-lost twin brother for a life-saving kidney transplant.

Child's play : a DI Sarah Quinn mystery

April 15, 2014
Carter, Maureen, author.
Sutton : Crème de la Crime, [2014].
198 pages ; 23 cm.
"When 16-year-old Caitlin Reynolds fails to return home from school, Detective Inspector Sarah Quinn soon realizes this is no ordinary missing persons case. How could a schoolgirl vanish in broad daylight with no witnesses? Why is Caitlin's mother so unhelpful and hostile to the police? Then the note arrives, referring to a crime committed more than fifty years earlier - and it becomes clear that someone is playing a childish - but all too deadly - game with the police. To make matters worse, journalist Caroline King has got hold of the story - and Sarah Quinn's troubles are only just beginning" -- from publisher's web site.

Open road summer

April 15, 2014
Lord, Emery, author.
New York : Walker Books, an imprint of Bloomsbury, 2014.
344 pages ; 22 cm
Follows seventeen-year-old Reagan as she tries to escape heartbreak and a bad reputation by going on tour with her country superstar best friend--only to find more trouble as she falls for the surprisingly sweet guy hired to pose as the singer's boyfriend.

The sea house : a novel

April 15, 2014
Gifford, Elisabeth.
New York : St. Martin's Press, [2014].
308 pages : map ; 25 cm
Originally published as: Secrets of the sea house, Rearsby, Leicester ; WF Howes Ltd, 2013.
"In 1860, Alexander Ferguson, a newly ordained vicar and amateur evolutionary scientist, takes up his new parish, a poor, isolated patch on the remote Scottish island of Harris. He hopes to uncover the truth behind the legend of the selkies--mermaids or seal people who have been sighted off the north of Scotland for centuries. He has a more personal motive, too; family legend states that Alexander is descended from seal men. As he struggles to be the good pastor he was called to be, his maid Moira faces the terrible eviction of her family by Lord Marstone, whose family owns the island. Their time on the island will irrevocably change the course of both their lives, but the white house on the edge of the dunes keeps its silence long after they are gone. It will be more than a century before the Sea House reluctantly gives up its secrets. Ruth and Michael buy the grand but dilapidated building and begin to turn it into a home for the family they hope to have. Their dreams are marred by a shocking discovery. The tiny bones of a baby are buried beneath the house; the child's fragile legs are fused together--a mermaid child. Who buried the bones? And why? To heal her own demons, Ruth feels she must discover the secrets of her new home--but the answers to her questions may lie in her own traumatic past. The Sea House is a sweeping tale of hope and redemption and a study of how we heal ourselves by discovering our histories"-- Provided by publisher.

Dead people

April 15, 2014
Hutton, Ewart.
362 pages ; 22 cm
First published: London : Blue Door, an imprint of HarperCollins, 2013.
"A Thomas Dunne book."
"Detective Sergeant Glyn Capaldi, in disgrace and exiled from Cardiff to the deep heart of rural Wales, is called to the discovery of a human skeleton at a remote site in the hills during excavation work for a new wind farm. The body is missing its head and hands, making it unidentifiable. When other bodies are uncovered, Capaldi's superiors assume that it is either the work of a hit squad or a serial killer, and that the site is just a dumping ground. Capaldi is not convinced. To him, the remoteness of the location points to some local knowledge. However, an apparent suicide in the valley, along with incriminating evidence, appears to back-up his superiors' theory. Believing that they have found the killer, they move the investigation to the city to try and discover the identity of the victims. Capaldi is left in place to tidy up the loose ends. He sets about trying to discover a motive among the varied characters that inhabit the area. To achieve this he also has to try and unravel the mystery of who these dead people were, and why they were buried in this particular location all those years ago. Ewart Hutton's new novel provides a thrilling story and a most welcome revisit of this fascinating character and atmospheric setting"-- Provided by publisher.


April 15, 2014
Bova, Ben, 1932-
New York : Tor, [2014].
364 pages ; 22 cm
"A Tom Doherty Associates book."
"Luke Abramson, a brilliant cellular biologist who is battling lung cancer, has one joy in life, his ten-year-old granddaughter, Angela. When he learns that Angela has an inoperable brain tumor and is given less than six months to live, Abramson wants to try a new enzyme, Mortality Factor 4 (MORF4), that he believes will kill Angela's tumor. However, the hospital bureaucracy won't let him do it because MORF4 has not yet been approved by the FDA. Knowing that Angela will die before he can get approval of the treatment, Abramson abducts Angela from the hospital with plans to take her to a private research laboratory in Oregon. Luke realizes he's too old and decrepit to flee across the country with his sick granddaughter, chased by the FBI. So he injects himself with a genetic factor that will stimulate his body's production of telomerase, an enzyme that has successfully reversed aging in animal tests. As the chase weaves across the country from one research facility to another, Luke begins to grow physically younger, stronger. He looks and feels the way he did thirty or forty years ago. Yet his lung cancer is not abating; if anything the tumors are growing faster. And Angela is dying"-- Provided by publisher.

Summer state of mind

April 15, 2014
Calonita, Jen.
New York ; Boston : Poppy, Little, Brown and Company, 2014.
248 pages ; 21 cm
"Spoiled, yet lovable fifteen-year-old Harper McCallister is sent to sleepaway camp where she is an outcast at first but eventually finds a way to make her mark, gaining new perspectives on friendship and life in general"-- Provided by publisher.

Everything to lose

April 15, 2014
Gross, Andrew, 1952-
New York : William Morrow, c2014.
328 p. ; 24 cm.
"A novel"--Cover.
While driving along a suburban back road, Hilary Blum, who's just lost her job and whose deadbeat husband has left her alone to care for her son with Asperger's, witnesses a freakish accident. A car ahead of her careens down a hill and slams into a tree. Stopping to help, she discovers the driver dead--and a satchel stuffed with a half a million dollars. That money could prevent her family's ruin and keep her special needs son in school. In an instant, this honest, achieving woman who has always done the responsible thing makes a decision that puts her in the center of maelstrom of dark consequences and life-threatening recriminations--a terrifying scheme involving a twenty-year-old murder, an old woman whose life has been washed out to sea, and a powerful figure bent to keep the secret that can destroy him hidden. With everything to lose, everything she loves, Hilary connects to a determined cop from Staten Island, reeling from the disaster of Sandy, to bring down an enemy who will stop at nothing to keep what that money was meant to silence, still buried.

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