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May 24, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

100 fun & easy learning games for kids : teach reading, writing, math and more with fun activities

May 23, 2016
Boyarshinov, Amanda, author.
Salem, MA : Page Street Publishing, 2016.
207 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes index.

The journey within : exploring the path of bhakti ; a contemporary guide to yoga's wisdom

May 23, 2016
Radhanath, Swami, 1950- author.
San Rafael, CA : Mandala, 2016.
300 pages ; 24 cm

The battle for home : the vision of a young architect in Syria

May 23, 2016
Al-Sabouni, Marwa, author, illustrator.
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson, 2016.
183 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
The Battle For Freedom -- The Battle Of Old Homs -- The Battle Of Mortar -- the Battle Of Baba Amr -- The Battle For A Home -- The Battle For Continuity.
Drawing on the author's personal experience of living and working as an architect in Syria, this book offers an eyewitness perspective on the country's bitter conflict through the lens of architecture, showing how the built environment offers a mirror to the community that inhabits it. From Syria's tolerant past, with churches and mosques built alongside one another in Old Homs and members of different religions living harmoniously together, the book chronicles the recent breakdown of social cohesion in Syria's cities, with the lack of shared public spaces intensifying divisions within the community and corrupt officials interfering in town planning for their own gain, actions symptomatic of wider abuses of power. With first-hand accounts of mortar attacks and stories of refugees struggling to find a home, this compelling and original book explores the personal impact of the conflict and offers hope for how architecture can play a role in rebuilding a sense of identity within a damaged society.

Jane Doe January : my twenty-year search for truth and justice

May 23, 2016
Winslow, Emily (Emily Carroll), author.
New York, NY : William Morrow, [2016]
279 pages ; 24 cm

Second chances : finding healing for your pain, regaining your strength, celebrating your new life

May 23, 2016
Smith, Pat, author.
Minneapolis, Minnesota : Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group, [2016]
190 pages ; 23 cm

50 museums to blow your mind.

May 23, 2016
Victoria, Australia ; Oakland : Lonely Planet Publications, 2016.
128 pages : color illustrations ; 13 x 19 cm.
Never drag your heels around a dull museum again. Boggle at the enormity of space, get nostalgic at childhood memories or be dumbstruck by the International Museum of Toilets. Whether you're a history buff, tech-head or have an inexplicable fascination with clowns, you'll find world-class collections here to pique your interests.

The hockey stick principles : the 4 key stages to entrepreneurial success

May 23, 2016
Martin, Bobby (Robert H.), author.
New York : Flatiron Books, 2016.
viii, 294 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
The proven principles for achieving hockey stick growth -- Tinkering. Hitting the ice : beginning to develop your idea ; Skating on thin ice : leveraging seed capital to get started -- The blade years. Let the game begin : getting to market ; Always be shooting to score : marketing and selling during the blade years ; Fighting your way off the boards : improving your model to achieve takeoff growth -- The growth-inflection point. Go, go, go! : ramping up your newly discovered model ; Playing in the big leagues : raising growth capital -- Surging growth. No goal is scored alone : building and managing your team ; Leave the ice or skate on? To sell or not to sell.
"Many business books fuel unrealistic notions about what a good idea looks like, how fast a founder should attract investment, and how quickly growth will take off. The problem with this mythology is that it can sometimes end with entrepreneurs abandoning their dreams too soon if they don't see immediate results. In The Hockey Stick Principles, author Bobby Martin shifts his focus away from all the hype about rapid growth and the pursuit of funding and instead takes a look at the real process behind getting a good idea off the ground. Using a hockey stick as a metaphor and highlighting four key phases, Martin shows the healthy way a business should grow and uses entertaining stories and interviews with successful entrepreneurs like the founders of LendingTree, Under Armour, and iContact, woven throughout the book to not only share a wealth of advice, but to chronicle the ins and outs of different phases"-- Provided by publisher.

Free speech : ten principles for a connected world

May 23, 2016
Garton Ash, Timothy, author.
ix, 491 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm

NLT : illustrated study Bible : New Living Translation.

May 23, 2016
A27, 2567, [16] pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 25 cm
Includes indexes.

Louis D. Brandeis : american prophet

May 23, 2016
Rosen, Jeffrey, 1964- author.
New Haven, [Connecticut] : Yale University Press, [2016]
242 pages ; 22 cm

No more narcissists! : how to stop choosing self-absorbed men and find the love you deserve

May 23, 2016
Love, Candace V., author.
210 pages ; 23 cm
Prince Charming or another frog? -- The frog: Understanding narcissism and narcissists -- Unmet childhood needs: Discovering your story -- A closer look at life traps -- Stuck for life? Your life traps in adulthood -- Learn to change your life traps -- Self-care: Becoming your own fairy godmother -- Mindful dating.

Walking to Jerusalem : discovering your divine life purpose

May 23, 2016
Hill, E. Christopher, 1968- author.
Colorado Springs, CO : David C Cook, 2016.
304 pages ; 22 cm

The sexual trauma workbook for teen girls : a guide to recovery from sexual assault & abuse

May 23, 2016
Lohmann, Raychelle Cassada, author.
Oakland, CA : Instant Hlp Books, [2016]
viii, 180 pages ; 26 cm.
Knowing When to Get Help -- Where to Find Help -- Personal Safety Plan -- Circle of Support -- Why Me? -- Sharing Your Story -- Taking Care of Yourself -- Learning to Breathe -- Sleep -- Exercise -- Nutrition and Well-Being -- Emotional Well-Being -- Acceptance -- Self-Soothing Behaviors -- Healing through Writing -- Progressive Muscle Relaxation -- Engaging in Mindfulness -- Guided Imagery -- Life Scripts -- Choosing Healthy Coping Skills -- Coping with Nightmares -- Coping with Flashbacks -- Overcoming Emotional Detachment -- Noticing and Coping with Anger -- Constructive and Destructive Guilt -- Conquering Shame -- Identifying Depression -- PTSD -- Facing Your Fears -- Identifying Anxious Patterns -- Responding to Love and Joy -- Empowerment through Affirmations -- Respecting and Nurturing Yourself -- From Beginning to End--Telling Your Story.
"The Sexual Trauma Workbook for Teen Girls offers healing, real-life stories from survivors and powerful, evidence-based tools to help you reclaim your life after sexual abuse or trauma,"

Your pregnancy week by week

May 23, 2016
Curtis, Glade B., author.
Boston, Mass. : Perseus, 2016.
xii, 463 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
In print for twenty-five years, Your Pregnancy Week by Week has sold millions of copies worldwide as an established go-to resource. The book's trademark week-by-week formula helps expectant parents easily and effortlessly compare the details of their pregnancy with the same weekly schedule their doctor uses.

George Hamlin, American singer, 1868-1923: a resumé of his career

December 18, 2016
Trott, Josephine, 1874-1950.
Denver : Printed by Nelson, 1925.
53 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm

Managing OCD with CBT for dummies

May 20, 2016
d'Ath, Katie.
Chichester, West Sussex : For Dummies, a Wiley brand, 2016.
ix, 149 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Includes index.
Introduction -- Understanding OCD -- Thinking about thoughts -- Actively attacking your OCD -- Move over OCD: putting yourself in charge -- The part of tens.
Learn to break the patterns that have been holding you hostage-- and build a future free of OCD. d'Ath and Willson help you discover how to identify and correct negative thought patterns, confront your patterns with positive solutions, and recognize the power of cognitive thinking.

Navigating the common core with English language learners : practical strategies to develop higher-order thinking skills

May 20, 2016
Ferlazzo, Larry.
San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass ; c2016.
xiv, 370 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm.

Who travels with the doctor? : essays on the companions of Doctor Who

May 20, 2016
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, 2016.
viii, 170 pages ; 23 cm
Introduction; comrade, confidante, companion, chum: a friend by any other name / Gillian I. Leitch and Sherry Ginn -- With whom he travels: the companions of the doctor / Gillian I. Leitch -- "It's bigger on the inside": verisimilitude and companion reactions to the tardis / Craig Owen Jones -- "The battle-scarred, the insane, the ones even you can't control": disability and the female bodies of the doctor's companions / Kimberley Mcmahon-Coleman -- "There's nothing only about being a girl": learning to "play" the doctor's companion / David Boarder Giles and Amy Peloff -- Life "post/tardis" the case for Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith / Sherry Ginn -- Rose is England: nationhood, British invasion anxiety and why the doctor will (almost) always rescue his companions / Tanja Nathanael -- Rory Williams: the boy who waited / Teresa Forde -- A muted melody: the (dis)empowerment of river song / Tom Powers -- Companions who weren't: the pompadour and the pauper / Pamela Achenbach -- When no one can hear you scream: Doctor Who companions on the printed page / Aaron John Gulyas.
"This collection of new essays examines the role of the companion as an intermediate between viewers and the Doctor. The contributors discuss who travels with the Doctor and why, how they interact, how the companions influence the narrative and how their journeys change them"-- Provided by publisher.

Court- martial : how military justice has shaped America from the revolution to 9/11 and beyond

May 20, 2016
Bray, Chris (Historian), author.
New York : W.W.Norton & Company, [2016]
xvii, 398 pages ; 24 cm
"Almost a blasphemer" : citizen-soldiers as neighbors in the early United States -- "A blind lottery" : discipline and justice in the old navy -- "A lawful going home" : conflict and coercion in the Jacksonian military -- "I won't be quiet" : force and consent in the Civil War -- "Amenable to military law" : policing civilians with military authority -- "All that savored of the overseer" : black soldiers in the nineteenth century -- "Maniacs or wild beasts" : military justice and American expansion -- "We return fighting" : black soldiers in the Jim Crow era -- "An emergency condition" : World War I and the first debate over reform -- "We've got to live with this the rest of our lives" : the deadly justice of World War II -- "You cannot maintain discipline by administering justice" : the Cold War and the UCNJ -- "My god, he's firing into the ditch" : Vietnam, the hollow army, and the end of the cold war -- Epilogue: the living past : the court-martial in contemporary America.
"Tells the sweeping story of military justice, from the institution of the court martial in the earliest days of the Republic to contemporary arguments over how to use military courts to try foreign terrorists or soldiers accused of sexual assault,"--NoveList.

Music 4.1 : a survival guide for making music in the Internet age

May 20, 2016
Owsinski, Bobby, author.
Montclair : Hal Leonard Books, 2016.
xviii, 254 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm.
The life stages of the music industry -- How the music world has changed -- The new music industry -- The new masters of the domain -- The new marketing : part 1 -- The new marketing : part 2 -- Marketing with social media -- Social media management -- Making money in today's music world -- The new distribution -- The new publishing paradigm -- When music is your product -- Monetizing video views -- The music 4.1 rules for survival -- Living in music 4.1.

Star quilts : 11 stellar projects to sew.

May 20, 2016
Lafayette, CA : C & T Publishing, ©2016.
40 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 25 cm.
Includes 11 star quilt projects with accompanying patterns and instructions.

The fractured Republic : renewing America's social contract in the age of individualism

May 20, 2016
Levin, Yuval, author.
New York : Basic Books, [2016]
vii, 262 pages ; 25 cm
Out of one, many. Blinded by nostalgia ; The age of conformity ; The age of frenzy ; The age of anxiety -- The next America. The unbundled market ; Subculture wars ; One nation, after all.
"How America can overcome nostalgia, revive civil society, and thrive in the twenty-first century"--Publisher.

Champagne, uncorked : the house of Krug and the timeless allure of the world's most celebrated drink

May 20, 2016
Tardi, Alan, 1956- author.
New York : PublicAffairs, [2016]
xix, 264 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 25 cm

Bellow's people : how Saul Bellow made life into art

May 20, 2016
Mikics, David, 1961- author.
New York : W. W. Norton & Company, 2016.
269 pages ; 22 cm

This road I ride : sometimes it takes losing everything to find yourself

May 20, 2016
Buhring, Juliana, 1981- author.
New York, NY : W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., [2016]
228 pages ; 22 cm
D-Day -- European crossing -- The wrong way -- A ferry tale -- Rainbows, hobbits, and headwinds -- Kamikaze magpies -- The tough get going -- Finally Asia! -- The consequence of solitude -- Indian nightmares -- Turkish delights -- A long way home -- The impossible dream.
"This Road I Ride is the remarkable story of one woman’s solo journey around the world by bicycle,"

Road to success : putting the principles of Think and grow rich into action in your life

May 20, 2016
Hill, Napoleon, 1883-1970, author.
New York, New York : Tarcher/Perigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, 2016.
xv, 239 pages ; 21 cm
"This edition with a new foreword by Don M. Green published by TarcherPerigee 2016" -- Colophon.
"Napoleon Hill's Road to success first published by The Napoleon Hill Foundation 2011" -- Colophon.
Are you lacking a sense of direction? Unable to chart a course for success in your life? Uneasy as to whether or not you are following the correct route to your destination? Study this guidebook for your life's journey. This book provides only time-tested advice for you to follow. In fact, Napoleon Hill created the first GPS system decades ago in the form of billboards that positioned his students on the Road to Success. What was true then is true now, and you will benefit immediately by applying his success coordinates to your life. When you have the "how to," it becomes easy to follow the signposts that deliver you to your destination right on time. Are you ready to begin? The Master Teacher Napoleon Hill awaits you. Open this book for your success itinerary and travel the footsteps he has placed on the pathway. With this book to guide you, you will not lose your way!

Breaking Rockefeller : the incredible story of the ambitious rivals who toppled an oil empire

May 20, 2016
Doran, Peter B., author.
New York, New York : Viking, [2016]
xii, 337 pages, 8 unnumbered pages : illustrations ; 24 cm

Dinner with Edward : the story of a remarkable friendship

May 20, 2016
Vincent, Isabel, 1965- author.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina : Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2016.
213 pages ; 19 cm
"Published simultaneously in Canada by Thomas Allen & Son Limited"--Title page verso.
"When Isabel meets Edward, both are at a crossroads: he wants to follow his late wife to the grave, and she is ready to give up on love. Thinking she is merely helping out her friend, Edward's daughter--who lives far away and asked her to check in on her nonagenarian dad in New York--Isabel has no idea that the man in the kitchen baking the sublime roast chicken and light-as-air apricot soufflé will end up changing her life. As Edward and Isabel meet weekly for the glorious dinners that Edward prepares, he shares so much more than his recipes for apple galette or the perfect martini, or even his tips for deboning poultry. Edward is teaching Isabel the luxury of slowing down and taking the time to think through everything she does, to deconstruct her own life, cutting it back to the bone and examining the guts, no matter how messy that proves to be. Dinner with Edward is a book about sorrow and joy, love and nourishment, and about how dinner with a friend can, in the words of M.F.K. Fisher, 'sustain us against the hungers of the world'"-- Provided by publisher.

Get it! : a beauty, style, and wellness guide to getting your "It" together

May 20, 2016
Laurita, Jacqueline, author.
Dallas, Texas : BenBella Books, Inc., [2016]
xiii, 176 pages : color illustrations ; 21 cm
Introduction -- Get centered! -- Get on track! -- Get organized! -- Get healthy! -- Get fit! -- Get beautiful hair! -- Get beautiful skin! -- Get made up! -- Get stylish and sexy! -- Now you've got IT!

Following the barn quilt trail

May 20, 2016
Parron, Suzi, author.
Athens, Ohio : Swallow Press, 2016.
xvii, 278 pages: illustrations; 25 cm

Melissa's Southern cookbook : tried-and-true family recipes

May 20, 2016
Sperka, Melissa, author.
Woodstock, VT : The Countryman Press, [2016]
224 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm

Sew many gifts : 19 handmade delights to give or keep

May 20, 2016
96 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm

Scraps made simple : 15 sensationally scrappy quilts from precuts

May 20, 2016
96 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm.

Bare Bones : I'm not lonely if you're reading this book

May 20, 2016
Bones, Bobby, 1980- author.
New York : Dey Street Books, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2016]
xvii, 198 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 23 cm
The Boy Behind the Ninja Turtle Mask -- Nerd Alert -- Smooth Operator -- Country Mouse in the Big City -- Stupid Panty Hose Tricks -- Bones Bared -- Fight. Grind. Repeat. And Sometimes Lose -- Bonse Goes Country -- Gnawing at the Bones -- A Total Nightmare -- Every Day Is a Good Day.
Growing up poor in Mountain Pine, Arkansas, with a young, addicted mom, Bobby Estell fell in love with country music. Abandoned by his father at the age of five, Bobby saw the radio as his way out--a dream that came true in college when he went on air at the Henderson State University campus station broadcasting as Bobby Bones, while simultaneously starting The Bobby Bones Show at 105.9 KLAZ. Bobby's passions were pop, country music, and comedy, and he blended the three to become a tastemaker in the country music industry, heard by millions daily. Bobby broke the format of standard country radio, mixing country and pop with entertainment news and information, and has interviewed some of the biggest names in the business, including Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum, and Jason Aldean. Yet despite the glamour, fame, and money, Bobby has never forgotten his roots, the mom and grandmother who raised him, the work ethic he embraced which saved him and encouraged him to explore the world, and the good values that shaped him. In this funny, poignant memoir told in Bobby's distinctive patter, he takes fans on a tour of his road to radio. Bobby doesn't shy away from the curves he continues to navigate, including his obsessive-compulsive disorder, on his journey to find the happiness of a healthy family.

The mirror test : America at war in Iraq and Afghanistan

May 20, 2016
Weston, J. Kael, author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2016.
xix, 585 pages, [16] p. of plates : color illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
"A Borzoi Book."
Prologue: Twentynine Palms, California -- Part I. The wrong war -- Quagmire -- Friends and enemies -- Phantom fury or new dawn? -- Happy birthday -- The potato factory -- Clear, hold, build -- Helo down -- Collaboration -- KIA in Mayberry -- When senators and generals talk -- Sara al Jumaili and the last grand mufti -- A farewell to Fallujah -- The 93 -- To Monument Valley -- Part II. The right war -- Deeper into the Muslim world -- Dilawar of Yakubi -- Khost U -- A handshake, or two -- Reformed Taliban -- The ego has landed -- Life after Guantanamo -- The dead of Sabari District -- The commander and the top student -- Jackpots and dryholes -- Motor City -- Escalation -- Our British friends -- Ask & tell -- A dignified transfer -- Part III. Homefronts -- To Cherokee, Iowa -- To Menard, Texas -- The parade -- Semper fido and the Sierras -- Operation Mend -- Spirit of America -- The library -- A museum of war -- Nick's home -- The mall of America -- Epilogue: New York City -- After war -- A soldier's war journal, a soldier's mirror test -- Angels.

Great bowls of food : grain bowls, buddha bowls, broth bowls, and more

May 20, 2016
Asbell, Robin, author.
Woodstock, VT : The Countryman Press, a division of W.W. Norton & Company, [2016]
xxiii, 178 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes index.
Introduction -- Grains and Grain Alternatives -- Make-Ahead Condiments -- Breakfast Bowls -- Lunch Bowls -- Dinner Bowls -- Brothy Bowls -- big Party Platter Bowls -- Dessert bowls -- Acknowledgments -- Index.
Presents seventy-five recipes for creating food bowls, providing recommendations for making a base and adding proteins, produce, sauces, and a garnish, with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and big-party platter bowls.

Rogue justice : the making of the security state

May 20, 2016
Greenberg, Karen J., author.
New York : Crown Publishers, [2016]
viii, 310 pages ; 25 cm
Part I: New Rules -- Justice at War -- The Problem -- A Pawn in Their Game -- Tearing Down the Wall -- The Twilight Zone -- Defanging the Courts -- The Justices Weigh In -- Part II: Agents of Change -- Legal Cover--Uncovered -- Glimmers of Light -- Everything Is Broken -- The Crown Jewels -- That Dog Will Not Hunt -- Part III: The Long Game -- A New Beginning -- Winning for Losing -- Losing Ground -- Further Consequences -- The Snowden Effect -- The Ever-Elusive Pendulum Swing.
"The definitive account of how America's War on Terror sparked a decade-long assault on the rule of law, weakening our courts and our Constitution in the name of national security. The day after September 11, President Bush tasked the Attorney General with preventing another terrorist attack on the United States. From that day forward, the Bush administration turned to the Department of Justice to give its imprimatur to activities that had previously been unthinkable--from the NSA's spying on US citizens to indefinite detention to torture. Many of these activities were secretly authorized, others done in the light of day. When President Obama took office, many observers expected a reversal of these encroachments upon civil liberties and justice, but the new administration found the rogue policies to be deeply entrenched, and, at times, worth preserving. Obama ramped up targeted killings, held fast to aggressive surveillance policies, and fell short on bringing reform to detention and interrogation. How did America veer so far from its founding principles of justice? Rogue Justice connects the dots for the first time--from the Patriot Act to today's military commissions, from terrorism prosecutions to intelligence priorities, from the ACLU's activism to Edward Snowden's revelations. And it poses a stark question: will the American justice system ever recover from the compromises it made for the war on terror? Riveting and deeply reported, Rogue Justice could only have been written by Karen Greenberg, one of this country's top experts on Guantanamo, torture, and terrorism, with a deep knowledge of both the Bush and Obama administrations. Now she brings to life the full story of law and policy after 9/11, introducing us to the key players and events, showing that time and again, when liberty and security have clashed, justice has been the victim"-- Provided by publisher.

Liberty or death : the French Revolution

May 20, 2016
McPhee, Peter, 1948- author.
xiii, 468 pages, 24 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), maps ; 24 cm
Patchworks of power and privilege: France in the 1780s -- A world of intellectual ferment -- Mismanaging crisis, 1785-88 -- The people's revolution, 1789 -- Regenerating the nation, 1789-90 -- The revolution triumphant, 1790 -- Fracturing Christ's family: religious schism and the king's flight, 1790-91 -- Fear and fury, 1791-92, and a second revolution -- Republicans at the crossroads, 1792-93 -- Liberty or death: choosing sides in violent times, 1793 -- "Terror until the peace", July-October 1793 -- Saving a republic of virtue, October 1793-April 1794 -- Terror, victory and collapse, April-July 1794 -- Settling scores: the Thermidorian reaction, 1794-95 -- Men with a stake in society, 1795-97 -- The great nation and its enemies, 1797-99 -- The significance of the French Revolution.

Walking the Himalayas

May 20, 2016
Wood, Levison, 1982- author.
293 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations, map ; 25 cm
Pokhara, 2001 -- Fourteen years later -- We are the pilgrims, master -- Kabul -- A short flight in the Hindu Kush -- Bam-i-Dunyan -- Karakorum -- Line of control -- Kashmir -- The holy man of the mountain -- Saddhus and shadows -- On foot through Tigerland -- The perilous mountain -- Return to Pokhara -- The road to Kathmandu -- The wild East -- The Dragon Kingdom -- Place of the gods.
Levison Wood's most challenging expedition yet begins along the Silk Road route of Afghanistan and travels 1700 miles through five countries over the course of six months. Following in the footsteps of the great explorers, Wood walks the entire length of the Himalayas in an adventure of survival and endurance. In a personal story of perseverance and discovery, Wood forges bonds with local guides, porters, mountain men, soldiers, farmers, smugglers and shepherds. By travelling on foot, and following the same footpaths that locals use, he uncovers stories that might otherwise remain hidden. Along the way he also reveals the history of the Himalayas and two millennia of exploration, and examines a continent in crisis in the 21st century. Packed with action and emotion, more than anything Walking the Himalayas is a story of one intrepid man's traels in a world poised on the edge of tremendous change.--From dust jacket.

East West Street : on the origins of "genocide" and "crimes against humanity"

May 20, 2016
Sands, Philippe, 1960- author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2016.
xii, 425 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
"This is a Borzoi book."
An invitation -- Leon -- Lauterpacht -- Miss Tilney of Norwich -- Lemkin -- The man in the bow tie -- Frank -- The child who stands alone -- Nuremberg -- The girl who chose not to remember -- Judgment -- To the woods.

The next pandemic : on the front lines against humankind's gravest dangers

May 20, 2016
Khan, Ali, MD, author.
New York : PublicAffairs, [2016]
x, 275 pages : illustration ; 25 cm.
First blush -- Sin nombre -- The face of the devil -- A pox on both your houses -- Anthrax -- Migrations -- Direct from the Metropole Hotel (SARS) -- After the deluge -- Sierra Leone (Ebola) -- #JeSuisleMonde.
"A former director of the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (PHPR) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lays out his theories on when, where and how the next major disease outbreak will arrive,"--NoveList.

The homebrewer's garden : how to grow, prepare & use your own hops, malts & brewing herbs

May 20, 2016
Fisher, Joe, 1966- author.
North Adams, MA : Storey Publishing, [2016]
215 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 23 cm
Homegrown hops -- Brewing herbs -- Homegrown grains and homemade malts -- Beer recipes: using homegrown hops, brewing herbs, and homemade malts.

Natural hair coloring : how to use henna and other pure herbal pigments for chemical-free beauty

May 20, 2016
Shahin, Christine, author.
183 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
"Includes formulas for 14 colors"--Page [4] of cover.
Wellness beauty and sage-ing -- Why color your hair? Why herbal colorants ; Embracing your crone, embracing your gray -- Basic understanding of hair coloring. Hair composition and growth ; Chemical colorants versus herbal hair colorants ; Going from chemical colorants to herbal colorants and vice versa -- The four pure herbal colorants. Boy only pure herbal colorants ; Henna ; Indigo ; Amla ; Cassia obovata -- How to use herbal hair colorants. Creating your color recipe ; My herbal colorant recipes ; Mixing and storing ; How to do a patch test ; The basic application process ; Playing with staining time ; Special procedures and considerations ; Making corrections and troubleshooting ; Unusual ways to use herbal colorants -- Wrap styles. Simple turban ; Tuck wrap ; Gypsy ; Crown wrap ; Rosette turban -- How to tale care of hair colored with herbal pigments. Hair care for different types of hair ; Daily care for healthy hair ; Natural shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products ; Hair styling -- Frequently asked questions.
Henna, indigo, cassia and amla have been used for coloring and healing since ancient times. These all-plant dyes are gentle and safe, can be applied over chemical dyes, and actually nourish the hair.

Secondhand time : the last of the Soviets

May 20, 2016
Aleksievich, Svetlana, 1948- author.
xiv, 470 pages ; 24 cm
"Originally published in Russian as Vremi︠a︡ sekond khėnd [Romanized] by Vremya Publishing House, Moscow, in 2013"--Title-page verso.
"An oral history"--Cover.
Chronology : Russia after Stalin -- Remarks from an accomplice -- The consolation of apocalypse : snatches of street noise and kitchen conversations (1991-2001) -- Ten stories in a Red interior. On the beauty of dictatorship and the mystery of butterflies in cement ; On brothers and sisters, victims and executioners ... and the electorate ; On cries and whispers ... and exhilaration ; On the lonely Red marshal and three days of forgotten revolution ; On the mercy of memories and the lust for meaning ; On a different Bible and a different kind of believer ; On the cruelty of the flames and salvation from above ; On the sweetness of suffering and the trick of the Russian soul ; On a time when anyone who kills believes that they are serving God ; On the little Red flag and the smile of the axe -- The charms of emptiness : snatches of street noise and kitchen conversations (2002-2012) -- Ten stories in the absence of an interior. On Romeo and Juliet ... except their names were Margarita and Abulfaz ; On people who instantly transformed after the fall of Communism ; On a loneliness that resembles happiness ; On wanting to kill them all and the horror of realizing that you really wanted to do it ; On the old crone with a braid and the beautiful young woman ; On a stranger's grief that God has deposited on your doorstep ; On life the bitch and one hundred grams of fine powder in a little white vase ; On how nothing disgusts the dead and the silence of dust ; On the darkness of the evil one and "the other life we can build out of this one" ; On courage and what comes after -- Notes from an everywoman.
"From the 2015 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Svetlana Alexievich, comes the first English translation of her latest work, an oral history of the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the emergence of a new Russia. Bringing together dozens of voices in her distinctive documentary style, Secondhand Time is a monument to the collapse of the USSR, charting the decline of Soviet culture and speculating on what will rise from the ashes of communism. As in all her books, Alexievich gives voice to women and men whose stories are lost in the official narratives of nation-states, creating a powerful alternative history from the personal and private stories of individuals"-- Provided by publisher.

An unreliable history of tattoos

May 20, 2016
Thomas, Paul (Cartoonist)
London ; New York : Nobrow, 2016.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 20 x 26 cm
"From the outlandish imagination of political cartoonist Paul Thomas comes a hilarious reimagining of the history of the tattoo!"--Back cover.

Lost Toledo

May 20, 2016
Yonke, David, author.
Charleston : The History Press, 2015.
158 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm

The Paris notebooks : poems

May 20, 2016
Washington, RA, author.
Elyria, Ohio : NightBallet Press, 2015.
1 unpaged volume ; 22 cm
"Published by NightBallet Press, January 2015. 2nd print run, February 2015"--title page verso.

Bite me : how lyme disease stole my childhood, made me crazy, and almost killed me

May 20, 2016
Hilfiger, Ally, 1985- author.
New York : Center Street, 2016.
xvii, 298 pages ; 24 cm

The midnight dog walkers : positive training and practical advice for living with reactive and aggressive dogs

May 20, 2016
Phenix, Annie.
Irvine, CA : i-5 Press, [2016]
222 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Subtitle from cover.
What is the midnight dog walker's club? -- The $12,000 Rottweiler: I've been where you are -- Troubled dogs : the scope of the problem -- A dog trainer's street education -- What doesn't work and why -- The beginning matters -- Dr. Pavlov sits on your shoulder -- The counterconditioning revolution : how to un-ring the bell -- The real secrets to great dog training -- Don't walk the dog! -- Good leashes make for good neighbors -- The trifecta for a cure : veterinarians, trainers, and owners -- The covenant with man's best friend.

Run, Spot, run : the ethics of keeping pets

May 20, 2016
Pierce, Jessica, 1965- author.
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2016.
264 pages ; 24 cm
Thinking about Spot -- Awash with pets -- Neighborhood menagerie -- Who are pets? -- Why pets? -- Tainted love -- Living with Spot -- Family constellations -- Why not -- Sleeping together -- Stroke me -- Talk talk -- Animal bling -- Butt of the joke -- Planting seeds of empathy -- Pets and our health -- Cat scratch fever -- Pets and their health -- Feeding frenzy -- Who should we feed to our pets? -- Your dog is fat! -- Poop -- Animals bite back -- Pet and planet -- Worrying about Spot -- Turn me loose -- A boredom epidemic -- Don't you want me? -- Cruelty, abuse, neglect -- A hidden world of hurt -- Quiz: cruel practices -- The strange world of animal hoarding -- The links -- Heavy petting -- Licensed to kill -- Rage against the dying -- Fatal plus -- Eunuchs and virgins -- Breeding bad -- The shelter industry -- Cradle to grave -- A living industry -- Protect the harvest -- Rent-a-pet -- The biggest loser: exotic pets -- Caring for Spot -- What do pets need? -- Enriching animals' lives -- Which animals should be pets? -- Offering better protection -- Speaking for Spot -- So, is pet keeping ethical?
"Through a mix of personal stories, philosophical reflections and scientifically informed analyses of animal behavior and natural history, a bioethicist takes readers on a mindful exploration of the ethics and experiences of pet ownership, and asks if we are doing the right thing, keeping these independent beings locked up, subject to our control,"--NoveList.

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