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February 6, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The real estate developer's handbook : how to set up, operate, and manage a financially successful small real estate development firm

February 5, 2016
Davis, Tanya R., 1962- author.
Ocala : Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc., [2016]
288 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm + 1 CD-ROM
Revised edition of the author's The real estate developer's handbook, 2007.
What does a developer do? -- Pre-development -- Refining your idea -- Rules, laws, and playing well -- Your first development -- The development process -- Operations -- Management -- Finances -- Related real estate careers.

Tangle journey : exploring the far reaches of tangle drawing, from simple strokes to color and mixed media

February 5, 2016
Krahula, Beckah, author.
Beverly, Massachusetts : Quarry Books, an imprint of Quarto Publishing Group USA Inc., 2016.
144 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 23 cm
"Find the next step in your zentangle journey, with even more step-by-step techniques and beautiful inspirational drawings! An exciting and in-depth follow up to One Zentangle A Day, Beckah Krahula guides you along with her sure-footed instruction and beautiful examples as she shows you how to take tangle drawing to the next level. From florals and organics to journal drawings and cityscapes, all kinds of experimentation are explored. Gain deeper insights into how tangles can be combined to create more complex and realistic forms, how to use contour and shading, how to work with midtoned papers by adding highlights and shadows, how to use introduce color-based media, how to integrate mixed-media techniques, and how to work on various surfaces.With Tangle Journey, get ready to progress in your knowledge, skill and relaxation!"-- Provided by publisher.

Teens' guide to college & career planning : your high school roadmap for college and career success

February 5, 2016
Muchnick, Justin Ross, author.
Albany, NY : Peterson's, [2015]
xiv, 242 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm

Good Housekeeping 400 heart healthy recipes & tips.

February 5, 2016
480 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes indexes.
Energizing Breakfasts -- Sandwiches & Snacks -- Veggie & Whole-Grain Mains -- Fish & Shellfish -- Chicken & Turkey -- Lean Red Meat -- Soups, Salads & Sides -- Sweet & Fruity Desserts.
"Cook with your heart--FOR your heart! Taking a "stealth health" approach to mealtime, this huge collection of delicious family-friendly recipes plus ideas for heart-healthy eating features everyday fare that's low in sodium, calories, and saturated fat. Vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and fish play a starring role; quick but wholesome breakfast ideas start the day deliciously; and sweet and fruity desserts provide the perfect, satisfying finishing touch. Everything tastes so great, your family will forget it's also good for you!,"

Stand out : design a personal brand, build a killer portfolio, find a great design job

February 5, 2016
Anderson, Denise.
xi, 254 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 23 cm
Includes index.

This is your brain on sports : the science of underdogs, the value of rivalry, and what we can learn from the T-shirt cannon

February 5, 2016
Wertheim, L. Jon, author.
New York : Crown Archetype, [2016]
viii, 279 pages ; 25 cm
Your brain on sports -- Why the T-shirt cannon has something to teach us about human nature -- Why Tom Brady and all those other quarterbacks are so damned good-looking (or are they?) -- Why we channel our inner Mayweather and secretly crave disrespect -- Why we are all dog lovers at heart (but not deep in our hearts) -- Why hockey goons would rather fight at home -- The curse of the expert: why the best players make the worst coaches -- Acting on impluse : why we aren't so different from the sports hothead (L-O-B, Crabtree!) -- Why athletes don't need an empty bed before competition -- Why the coach's seat is always hot -- Why so many successful ultra-endurance athletes area also successful recovering addicts -- Why giving every little league kid a trophy is such a lousy idea -- Why rooting for the Mets is like building that IKEA desk -- Why we need rivals -- Why we want Gronk at our backyard barbecue-- and why he wants to be there -- Tribal warfare : why the agony of the other team's defeat feels just as good as the thrill of our team's victory -- Why we are all comeback kids -- Why running on a treadmill is like running a business -- Why the World Cup doesn't lead to world peace (even if J. Lo and Pitbull claim otherwise) -- Why our moral compass is more flexible than an Olympic gymnast -- Why unlocking the mystery of human consciousness is-- like so much else in life-- all about sports.
THE book for sports fans searching for a deeper understanding of the games they watch and the people who play them. Bestselling author L. Jon Wertheim teams up with Tufts psychologist Sam Sommers to take readers on a wild ride into the inner world of sports. Through the prism of behavioral economics, neuroscience, and psychology, they reveal the hidden influences and surprising cues that inspire and derail us--on the field and in the stands--and by extension, in corporate board rooms, office settings, and our daily lives.--Adapted from book jacket.

On my own

February 5, 2016
Rehm, Diane.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2016.
162 pages ; 22 cm
"In a deeply personal and moving book, the beloved NPR radio host speaks out about the long drawn-out death (from Parkinson's) of her husband of fifty-four years, and of her struggle to reconstruct her life without him"-- Provided by publisher.

The Black Calhouns : from Civil War to civil rights, with one African American family

February 5, 2016
Buckley, Gail Lumet, 1937- author.
viii, 353 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, genealogical tables, portraits ; 24 cm
Genealogical tables on lining papers.
South/Reconstruction, 1865-1876 : morning, 1860s -- South/Reconstruction : noon, 1870s -- South/Reconstruction : night, 1880s -- North/1900-1919 : the new Negro -- South/1900-1919 : the new South -- North/1920s : Harlem Renaissance -- South/1920s : terror -- North and South/1930s : Lena and Frank -- North/1940s : movie star year -- South/1940s : war brides -- North/1950s : Blacks and blacklisting -- South/1950s : postwar -- North/1960s : overcoming -- Coda/1980s honors/North : Lena -- Coda/1980s honors/South : Dr. Homer E. Nash.
Gail Lumet Buckley, daughter of actress Lena Horne, delves deeply into her family history, detailing the experiences of an extraordinary African American family from Civil War to civil rights.

S O S : poems 1961-2013

February 5, 2016
Baraka, Amiri, 1934-2014, author.
New York, NY : Grove Press, an imprint of Grove Atlantic, [2015]
xxix, 606 pages ; 23 cm
Includes index.
"Throughout Baraka's career as a prolific writer (also published as LeRoi Jones), he was vehemently outspoken against oppression of African American citizens, and he radically altered the discourse surrounding racial inequality. The environments and social values that inspired his poetics changed during the course of his life, a trajectory that can be traced in this retrospective spanning more than five decades of profoundly evolving subjects and techniques. Praised for its lyricism and introspection, his early poetry emerged from the Beat generation, while his later writing is marked by intensely rebellious fervor and subversive ideology. All along, his primary focus was on how to live and love in the present moment despite the enduring difficulties of human history. Selected and prefaced by Paul Vangelisti, S O S is the essential edition of Baraka's poetic work"-- Publisher's description.

Murder at the manor : country house mysteries

February 5, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ : Poisoned Pen Press, 2016.
376 pages ; 21 cm
The Copper Beeches / Arthur Conan Doyle -- The problem of Dead Wood Hall / Dick Donovan -- Gentlemen and players / E.W. Hornung -- The well / W.W. Jacobs -- The white pillars murder / G.K. Chesterton -- The secret of Dunstan's Tower / Ernest Bramah -- The manor house mystery / J.S. Fletcher -- The message on the sun-dial / J.J. Bell -- The horror at Staveley Grange / Sapper -- The mystery of Horne's Copse / Anthony Berkeley -- The perfect plan / James Hilton -- The same to us / Margery Allingham -- The murder at the towers / E.V. Knox -- An unlocked window / Ethel Lina White -- The long shot / Nicholas Blake -- Weekend at Wapentake / Michael Gilbert.
The English country house is an iconic setting for some of the greatest British crime fiction. This new collection gathers together stories written over a span of about 65 years, during which British society, and life in country houses, was transformed out of all recognition. It includes fascinating and unfamiliar twists on the classic closed circle plot, in which the assorted guests at a country house party become suspects when a crime is committed. In the more sinister tales featured here, a gloomy mansion set in lonely grounds offers an eerie backdrop for dark deeds.

Dead presidents : an American adventure into the strange deaths and surprising afterlives of our nation's leaders

February 5, 2016
Carlson, Brady, author.
xii, 324 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Monument man -- Well-timed exits -- The first patient -- Farewell, Mr. President -- Death trips -- His good name -- Robots and sphinxes -- Unintended legacies -- Eternal flame -- The rest of the set -- Family reunion.
An entertaining exploration into the varied ways we remember and memorialize the American presidents. --Publisher

The golden lad : the haunting story of Quentin and Theodore Roosevelt

February 5, 2016
Burns, Eric, author.
New York : Pegasus Books, 2016.
xv, 201 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Explores the relationship between president Theodore Roosevelt and his youngest and favorite son Quentin, who died in an air fight during the first World War.

Blood brothers : the fatal friendship of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X

February 5, 2016
Roberts, Randy, 1951- author.
New York : Basic Books, [2016]
xxiv, 362 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
Draws on previously untapped sources to illuminate the secret friendship and disastrous estrangement between Cassius Clay and Malcolm X, sharing insights into Malcolm's alleged role in shaping Clay's double life as a patriotic athlete and Islamic reformer.

Lit up : one reporter, three schools, twenty-four books that can change lives

February 5, 2016
Denby, David, 1943- author.
New York : Henry Holt and Company, 2016.
xxiv, 257 pages ; 25 cm
Beacon, September : the first days of English 10G -- Beacon, October : Faulkner and Hawthorne -- Beacon, October : Sylvia Plath and confessions -- Beacon, November : nuts matter, and bolts, too -- Beacon, November : Huxley -- Beacon, December and January : Orwell -- Mamaroneck, all year : personal choice -- Beacon, January : satire -- Beacon, February : Coelho and Hesse -- Beacon, February : Vonnegut -- Beacon, March : Viktor E. Frankl -- Hillhouse : the year -- Mamaroneck, spring : tenth-grade English -- Beacon, April and May : Dostoevsky -- Beacon, May and June : Sartre and Beckett -- Appendix 1. Reading lists -- Appendix 2. Beacon students' college list.
"Denby sat in on a tenth-grade English class in a demanding New York public school for an entire academic year, and visited other schools. He read all the stories, poems, plays, and novels that the kids were reading, and creates an impassioned portrait of charismatic teachers at work, classroom dramas large and small, and fresh and inspiring encounters with the books themselves. Lit Up is a dramatic narrative that traces awkward and baffled beginnings but also exciting breakthroughs and the emergence of pleasure in reading. Denby reaffirms the power of great teachers and the importance and inspiration of great books."-- Provided by publisher.

If you can tell

February 5, 2016
McMichael, James, 1939-
New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2016.
77 pages ; 22 cm
The believed in -- Exchange -- Heard said -- Silence -- Wisdom -- Of Paul -- Pasts -- Hidden.

No arms, no legs, no problem : when life happens, you can wish to die or choose to live

February 5, 2016
Lujano, Bob, author.
[Place of publication not identified] : Write with Grace. [2014]
xvii, 198 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"...he fought to live a full life of independence like everyone else... by enrolling in normal schools, learning to drive, landing a career, gaining financial and physical independence, dating, and eventually prevailing at the international level in quad rugby as a bronze-medal Paralympian. Lujano does not consider himself to be disabled because he is able to live life on his own terms. In an age where image is everything and people are discounted for the way they look, Lujano crashes stereotypes and demands the reader to live their life with everything they've got. This inspirational tale of redemption is no woe-is-me story; Lujano chooses gratitude in the fact that he gets to live and invites others to do the same."--Publisher's description.

The man who invented fiction : how Cervantes ushered in the modern world

February 5, 2016
Egginton, William, 1969-
New York : Bloomsbury USA, 2016.
xxiii, 239 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Introduction: Within and Without -- Poetry and History -- Open and Closed -- Soldier of Misfortune -- A Captive Imagination -- All the World's a Stage -- Of Shepherds, Knights, and Ladies -- A Rogue's Gallery -- The Fictional World.
"In the early seventeenth century, a crippled, graying, almost toothless veteran of Spain's wars against the Ottoman Empire published a book. It was the story of a poor nobleman, his brain addled from reading too many books of chivalry, who deludes himself that he is a knight errant and sets off on hilarious adventures. That book, Don Quixote, went on to sell more copies than any other book beside the Bible, making its author, Miguel de Cervantes, the single most-read author in human history. Cervantes did more than just publish a bestseller, though. He invented a way of writing. This book is about how Cervantes came to create what we now call fiction, and how fiction changed the world."--

Sea & sky in oils

February 5, 2016
Lang, Roy.
Tunbridge Wells, Kent : Search Press Limited, 2016.
80 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 29 cm
Includes index.
"Painting the atmosphere and majesty of the sea"--Cover.

The 4 x 4 diet : 4 key foods, 4-minute workouts, four weeks to the body you want

February 5, 2016
Oprea, Erin, author.
xiv, 240 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Part 1: The Clean and Lean Lifestyle -- Chapter 1: The Road to Living Clean and Lean -- Chapter 2: What Is Clean and Lean? -- Chapter 3: Overcoming Excuses -- Part 2: Eating Clean -- Chapter 4: The 4 Clean Eating Habits -- Chapter 5: All-Star Ingredients and Kitchen Tools -- Chapter 6: Prep Day -- Chapter 7: Recipes for Every Meal -- Chapter 8: Recipe Variations and Subsitutions -- Part 3: Getting Lean -- Chapter 9: The 4-Minute Workout -- Chapter 10: The Equipment You'll Need -- Chapter 11: Before and After Every Workout -- Chapter 12: Mastering the Three Levels of Tabatas -- Chapter 13: Tabata Variations and Modifications -- Chapter 14: Exercises for Injuries and Ailments -- Part 4: The 4 X 4 Diet -- Week 1: Beginner Tabatas + Cutting Out Starches -- Week 2: Beginner/Intermediate Tabatas + Cutting Back -- Week 3: Intermediate Tabatas + Cutting Back on Sodium -- Week 4: Intermediate/Advanced Tabatas + Cutting Back on Alcohol -- Epilogue: Now What?
"Erin Oprea's unique 4 x 4 diet shows readers how to get clean by reducing the 4 major hitches in most diets: sugar, starch, sodium, and alcohol. She also tells readers how to get lean, using her 4-minute tabata workouts: 8 repititions of 20 seconds of high-intensity moves, then 10 seconds of rest"-- Provided by publisher.

Seven last words : an invitation to a deeper friendship with Jesus

February 5, 2016
Martin, James, 1960- author.
134 pages ; 19 cm
Introduction: The seven last words -- Jesus understands the challenge of forgiveness -- Jesus understands doubts about the afterlife -- Jesus understands a parent's love -- Jesus understands feelings of abandonment -- Jesus understands physical pain -- Jesus understands disappointment -- Jesus understands self-offering -- Conclusion: The understanding Christ.
Based on his talks at New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral on Good Friday 2015, theNew York Times bestselling author and editor at large of America magazine offers a portrait of Jesus, using his last words on the cross to reveal how deeply he understood our predicaments, what it means to be fully human, and why we can turn to Christ completely, in mind, heart, and soul. --Publisher.

Theodore Roosevelt in the field :

February 5, 2016
Canfield, Michael R., author.
Chicago, IL : The University of Chicago Press, 2015.
476 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
Introduction -- Development of an identity -- First love -- The craft of the naturalist -- A thousand thoughts awakened -- Finding a home -- Persona into practice -- Tramping West -- The wilderness writer -- Into murderous thickets -- In tooth and claw -- The field president -- Return to the field -- African syzygy -- To the Amazon -- The democracy of the field.
"Draws extensively on the 26th President's field notebooks, diaries and letters to share insight into how Roosevelt's field expeditions shaped his character and political polices, covering his teen ornithology adventures, Badlands travels and safaris in Africa and South America,"--NoveList.

When cops kill : the aftermath of a critical incident

February 5, 2016
Lorusso, Lance J., author.
239 pages ; 22 cm
"A Blue Line Lawyer publication."
Blessed are the peacemakers -- Time enough to live -- The lawful use of force as a legal defense -- The criminal investigation -- The administrative investigation -- The media investigation -- The civil side of critical incidents -- The state licensing investigation -- The spouse and family -- Going forward -- Miles to go -- Epilogue. Taking care of business and the ones you love -- Professionalism in extreme circumstances -- Continued support from the courts -- Future threats to LEOs -- Be proud, steadfast, and prepared -- About the author.
"When Cops Kill" takes you through an officer involved shooting and the years after. What does it mean to be sued as a law enforcement officer? What will happen during the internal affairs investigation? Should you speak with the homicide division? Will the state agency investigate as well? How will you handle the media coverage and public attention? Lance removes the fear of the unknown and replaces that fear with the power that comes from knowledge and understanding, Profits of "When Cops Kill" will benefit law enforcement charities-- Taken from July 15, 2014.

A collection of love poems

February 5, 2016
Embrey, Davita, author.
viii, 95 pages ; 23 cm

Le turf

February 5, 2016
McMullins, Hilda L., author.
Bloomington, IN : iUniverse, [2015]
xii, 109 pages ; 23 cm
"The verses of poet Hilda L. McMullins reflect on growing up and the wisdom gained with age. They offer an innocent view of life and death--through the good times of "Back in the 3rd grade" and the outraged maturity of "What seems to be the problem, officer?" These poems offer shared hope and shared anger, reminding us that all individuals are just that--individual. They communicate the idea that we are neighbors who are human and hurting, and they celebrate our various heritages and strengths. Perhaps through these concepts, we can learn to disconnect from the noise of the world and get back to shaking each other's hands and looking one another in the eye--before it's too late."--Page [4] of cover.

Crisis in faith & Great white death : two screenplays

February 5, 2016
Spurlock, Sherry L., author.
[Place of publication not identified] : [CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform], [2013]
i, 101, 106 pages ; 28 cm
"In 2007, The Office of Letters and Light created a new writing challenge called Script Frenzy, allowing participants the opportunity to write a complete screenplay in 30 days. Despite having never attempted to write any sort of script before, Sherry Spurlock decided to accept the challenge. She successfully completed the 2007 challenge with "Crisis of faith," a drama of angels in a coffee house discussing Life. She completed the 2008 Script Frenzy with "Great white death," a story of a zombie invasion in a nightclub during a level 2 snow emergency. For better or worse, these two screenplays prove that anything can be accomplished with a little determination and a lot of coffee."--Page [4] of cover.

Dandelions and dragons

February 5, 2016
Spurlock, Sherry L., 1968-2013, author.
[Place of publication not identified] : [CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform], [2013]
23 pages ; 23 cm
"Once upon a time a not-quite-so-beautiful princess grew tired of waiting for her Prince Charming. Taking matters into her own hands, she encounters adventures that lead to finding her own happily ever after."--Page [4] of cover.

Victory over the darkness : realize the power of your identity in Christ

February 5, 2016
Anderson, Neil T., 1942- author.
239 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Includes index of topical references.
Who are you? -- The whole Gospel -- See yourself for who you really are -- Something old, something new -- Becoming the spiritual person God wants you to be -- The power of believing the truth -- You can't live beyond what you believe -- God's guidelines for the walk of faith -- Winning the battle for your mind -- You must be real to be right -- Healing emotional wounds from your past -- Dealing with rejection in your relationships -- People grow better together.
"Victory Over the Darkness spells out practical and productive ways to experience Christian growth based on Christ's promise. Learn to apply the truths of Scripture as a base from which to renew your mind and become the person Christ has empowered you to be"--Back cover.

George Hamlin, American singer, 1868-1923: a resumé of his career

December 18, 2016
Trott, Josephine, 1874-1950.
Denver : Printed by Nelson, 1925.
53 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm

Teaching English abroad.

February 4, 2016
Oxford : Vacation Work ; Princeton, N.J. : Distributed in the U.S.A. by Peterson's Guides,
v. : ill. ; 21 cm.
Vols. for 1991-<2016> by Susan Griffith.

The point is : making sense of birth, death, and everything in between

February 4, 2016
Eisenberg, Lee, 1946- author.
New York : Twelve, [2016]
xvi, 279 pages ; 22 cm

Whole food energy : 200 all-natural recipes to help you prepare, refuel, and recover

February 4, 2016
Museles, Elise, author.
Hauppauge, New York : Barron's, 2016.
176 pages : color illustrations ; 25 cm
Includes indexes.
"A Quantum book"--Page facing title page.


February 4, 2016
Massey, Joseph, author.
Seattle ; New York : Wave Books, [2015]
111 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm

Children of paradise : the struggle for the soul of Iran

February 4, 2016
Secor, Laura, author.
New York : Riverhead Books, 2016.
xv, 508 pages : map ; 24 cm
Revolution. Little black fish ; Islamic Republic ; The period of constant contemplation ; Baptism of blood -- Rebirth. Expansion and contraction ; Thermidor ; The second of Khordad -- Reform. The chain murders ; The eighteenth of Tir ; Master plans ; The miracle room ; The spider's house ; Postmortem -- Resistance. A common man ; Asieh ; The epic of dirt and dust ; The end of the dirty wars of intellectuals.
In 1979, seemingly overnight-- moving at a clip some thirty years faster than the rest of the world-- Iran became the first revolutionary theocracy in modern times. Since then, the country has been largely a black box to the West, a sinister presence looming over the horizon. But inside Iran, a breathtaking drama has unfolded since then, as religious thinkers, political operatives, poets, journalists, and activists have imagined and reimagined what Iran should be. They have drawn as deeply on the traditions of the West as of the East and have acted upon their beliefs with urgency and passion, frequently staking their lives for them.-- Publisher

The firebrand and the First Lady : portrait of a friendship : Pauli Murray, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the struggle for social justice

February 4, 2016
Bell-Scott, Patricia, author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2016.
xix, 454 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Prelude: Camp Tera -- Taking aim at the White House, 1938-40 -- Bumping up against the law, 1940-42 -- Making friends with the First Lady, 1942-44 -- Standing up to life's challenges, 1944-45 -- Fashioning new lives, 1945-52 -- Drawing closer as friends, 1952-55 -- Fighting for a just world, 1956-59 -- Lighting the path for new activists, 1959-62 -- Speaking truth to the end, 1963-85.
"Describes the unlikely friendship between First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Pauli Murray, a granddaughter of a mixed race slave and a lesbian, who became a lawyer and civil rights pioneer, and the important work they each did, taking stands for justice and freedom,"--NoveList.

Fortify your life : your guide to vitamins, minerals, and more

February 4, 2016
Low Dog, Tieraona, author.
335 pages ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Life fortified -- Inside the bottle and behind the label -- Vitamins -- Minerals -- Nutraceuticals -- Supplements for common ailments -- Making sense of health information -- Appendix 1: your food journal -- Appendix 2: your personalized supplements chart -- Appendix 3: laboratory tests -- Appendix 4: drug-nutrient depletions and interactions.
"Health-conscious consumers read nutritional labels, but it's nearly impossible to get the nutrients we need with diet alone. To get the USDA-recommended daily quota of vitamin D, for example, you need to eat 15 eggs or 26 sardines; of iron, 414 almonds or 15 cups of broccoli. So we rely on nutritional supplements--vitamins and minerals, probiotics and enzymes--but the variety of pills, products, and elixirs on the market today is overwhelming. And, as we have seen in recent news, some of these products are downright fakes. Trusted natural health physician and bestselling author Tiearaona Low Dog, M.D. provides a personalized approach to using nutritional supplements for your specific health needs, helping you navigate the complex and often confusing landscape of vitamins, minerals, and more. Dr. Low Dog explains the basics about every essential nutritional supplement and guides the reader in creating a personalized supplement plan, tailored to individual genetics, age, gender, and lifestyle. Low Dog evaluates current research, explains the relationship between food and supplements, describes how medications cause chemical imbalances in the body, and advises on how to judge brands and read labels. Low Dog engages and encourages readers to take charge of their own health and provides guidance to find the right combination of nutritional supplements to improve mood, strength, energy, and well-being"-- Provided by publisher.

Integration nation : immigrants, refugees, and America at its best

February 4, 2016
Eaton, Susan E.
New York : The New Press, [2016]
208 pages : maps ; 22 cm
"Integration Nation takes readers on a spirited and compelling cross-country journey, introducing us to the people challenging America's xenophobic impulses by welcoming immigrants and collaborating with the foreign-born as they become integral members of their new communities. In Utah, we meet educators who connect newly arrived Spanish-speaking students and U.S.-born English-speaking students, who share classrooms and learn in two languages. In North Carolina, we visit the nation's fastest-growing community-development credit union, serving immigrants and U.S.- born depositors and helping to lower borrowing thresholds and crime rates alike. In recent years, politicians in a handful of local communities and states have passed laws and regulations designed to make it easier to deport unauthorized immigrants or to make their lives so unpleasant that they'd just leave. The media's unrelenting focus on these ultimately self-defeating measures created the false impression that these politicians speak for most of America. They don't. Integration Nation movingly reminds us that we each have choices to make about how to think and act in the face of the rapid cultural transformation that has reshaped the United States. Giving voice to people who choose integration over exclusion, who opt for open-heartedness instead of fear, Integration Nation is a desperately needed road map for a nation still finding its way beyond anti-immigrant hysteria to higher ground"-- Provided by publisher.

White devil : the true story of the first white Asian crime boss

February 4, 2016
Halloran, Bob, author.
Dallas, Texas : BenBella Books, Inc., 2016.
255 pages ; 22 cm
"In 2013, "Bac Guai" John Willis, aka White Devil, was sentenced for drug trafficking and money laundering... was "leader of a vast conspiracy." Journalist Bob Halloran tells the tale of the only white man to rise through the ranks in the Chinese mafia. Willis began as an enforcer. ... Abandoned, alone, ... his mother dying [at] 16 years old, he was picked up by a man he once rescued from a fight. Soon he [met] ... Chinese [and other Asian] mobster friends and started working for them.-- From jacket.

Wise aging : living with joy, resilience, & spirit

February 4, 2016
Cowan, Rachel, author.
328 pages ; 23 cm
1. Exploring this stage of our lives -- 2. The river of life -- 3. I am my body; I am not my body -- 4. Cultivating nourishing relationships -- 5. Forgiveness and reconciliation -- 6. Cultivating spiritual qualities for well-being -- 7. Living with loss and finding light -- 8. Conscious dying -- 9. Legacy and stewardship.

Cabinet of natural curiosities = Das Naturalienkabinett = Le cabinet des curiosités naturelles : Locupletissimi rerum naturalium thesauri, 1734-1765

February 4, 2016
Seba, Albertus, 1665-1736.
Köln : Taschen, c2011.
415 pages : color illustrations ; 34 cm
Originally published: 2001.
"Based on the copy in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague."

Classic railroad signals : semaphores, searchlights, and towers

February 4, 2016
Solomon, Brian, 1966-
Minneapolis, MN : Voyageur Press, [2015]
160 pages : color illustrations ; 29 cm
"Examines how different railroads developed specific hardware to serve their unique needs, featuring historic and full-color modern photography."
American signaling basics -- Towers and interlocking signals -- Two-position semaphores -- Upper-quadrant semaphores -- Color lights -- Position light signals -- Grade crossing protection and unusual railroad signals.

'Don't make the black kids angry' : the hoax of black victimization and those who enable it

February 4, 2016
Flaherty, Colin. author.
xii, 511 pages ; 23 cm
The biggest lie of our generation is how black people are relentless victims of relentless white violence. Often at the end of a badge. This book uses more than 1000 examples to document the wide spread black crime and violence, often directed at white people. And it shows how the media ignore, condone, and deny it. And how politicians, including the President, are willing partners in this deception.

The history of chess in fifty moves

February 4, 2016
Price, Bill, author.
224 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm

The single gal's guide to shopping for a great guy : valuing your worth as a single girl who's living and looking for love in a cheap, sex-selling world

February 4, 2016
Grant, Tiffany Yvonne, author.
131 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
A guide to help singles navigate through today's sex-saturated society that says you have to sell yourself cheap, compromise your market value, and display and giveaway your "goods" to catch a great deal (i.e., a great guy). You'll learn how to date, find a mate, be a good friend, and love good men. You'll be reminded that you are valuable to God and that you should be valued by men that you date.

Poems to work on : the collected poems of Jim Dine

February 4, 2016
Dine, Jim, 1935- author.
282 pages, 4 pages of plates : illustrations (some color), portrait ; 29 cm.
Index of titles: pages 277-280.
"Poems to Work On was designed by Jim Dine and Kyle Schlesinger."--Colophon.
Section titles: Kitchen dreams: late sixties and early seventies -- The Untersberg gift: 1994 -- Spirits: late nineties -- Oh drunk on the holy spirit: 2001-03 -- Kali: 1999 -- About her for you: 2003-13.

Visual supports for people with autism : a guide for parents and professionals

February 4, 2016
Cohen, Marlene J., author.
xiii, 212 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 28 cm

Income inequality

February 4, 2016
Farmington Hills, Mich. : Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2016]
234 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Is income inequality in the United States a problem? Income inequality is higher in the United States than elsewhere / Steven J. Markovich ; Growing inequality is a serious social problem / Joseph E. Stiglitz ; Income inequality is not a problem / Richard A. Epstein ; Inequality is a problem for middle-class and low-income workers / Sean McElwee ; Income inequality is not a problem for the poor and middle class / Gary Burtless ; The life enhancing, unrelenting brilliance of income inequality / John Tamny ; Why inequality is bad for you--and everyone else / Richard Wilkinson -- How do gender, race, and ethnicity affect income? Gender, race, and ethnicity negatively affect earnings / Ariane Hegewisch, Claudia Williams, Heidi Hartmann, and Stephanie Keller Hudiburg ; The gender wage gap is not as extreme for young women / Pew Research Center ; The gender wage gap is caused by a variety of factors / Sarah Jane Glynn ; The gender wage gap is due to women's choices / June E. O'Neill ; The gender wage gap is ugly. So is the right-wing effort to deny it / Bryce Covert ; Black-white income differences : what's happened? / Arthur MacEwan ; Racial disparities in wealth are even worse than income inequality / Signe-Mary McKernan, Caroline Ratcliffe, Eugene Steuerle, and Sisi Zhang -- What causes income inequality? High executive compensation has increased income inequality / Lawrence Mishel and Natalie Sabadish ; Stop obsessing over exorbitant CEO pay / Zachary Karabell ; Income inequality is caused by stagnating middle-class incomes / Laura Tyson ; Income inequality is caused by government intervention / Ronald Bailey ; As two-parent families decline, income inequality grows / Jeff Jacoby -- What should be done about income inequality? How to shrink inequality / Robert B. Reich ; The misguided focus on income inequality / David Azerrad and Rea S. Hederman Jr. ; Only political inequality, not market inequality, should be eliminated / Sheldon Richman ; Quality education would improve income inequality / Josh Kraushaar ; Knowledge isn't power / Paul Krugman ; Higher education will alleviate inequality only if it is affordable / Ronald Brownstein ; Cultural inequality is the problem that needs to be addressed / Charles Murray.

Immigration reform

February 4, 2016
Farmington Hills, Mich : Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2016]
114 pages ; 24 cm.
Unauthorized immigrants: who they are and what the public thinks / Pew Research Center -- Executive action on immigration is necessary / Barack Obama -- Executive action on immigration sets a dangerous precedent / John G. Malcolm -- Obama has the law--and Reagan--on his side on immigration / Erwin Chemerinsky and Sam Kleiner -- Crafting a successful legalization program: lessons from the past / Lisa S. Roney -- Mass legalization for unauthorized immigrants is a bad idea / American Immigration Control Foundation -- Yes, amnesty encourages more illegal immigration / Ian Smith -- Legalization of unauthorized immigrants would benefit the US economy / Marshall Fitz, Philiip E. Wolgin, and Patrick Oakford -- Legalization of unauthorized immigrants would bruden the US economy / Federation for American Immigration Reform -- The green economy and a path to citizenship / David Foster -- A path to citizenship should not be a part of immigration reform / Peter Skerry -- Should there be a path to citizenship? / Mark Krikorian -- Immigration reform as a path to conscience, not just citizenship / Christian Science Monitor -- A guest-worker program is the best immigration reform / Ben Carson -- Amnesty is the only feasible solutuion to the immigration problem / Ed Krayewski.

Invasive species

February 4, 2016
Farmington Hills, Mich. : Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2016]
90 pages ; 24 cm.
Invasive species do not always harm the environment / Cord Riechelmann -- Eradicating invasive species may be ecologically harmful / Katrina Voss -- Eating invasive species can help / Nancy Matsumoto -- Eating invasives will not reduce their impact / Matt Miller -- Invasive species threaten global biodiversity / Roser Toll -- Pushed by climate change, fish invasion of the arctic bodes well for fishermen / Brittany Patterson -- Bio-control is environmentally dangerous death of a million trees / Faine Greenwood -- Wild horse population in the United States is invasive and disruptive / National Horse and Burro Rangeland Management Coalition -- Mustangs return of the native or invasive species? / Kerry Kelly -- Sterile invasive plants can help protect the environment / Colin Poitras -- Sterile invasive plants won't protect the environment / Ellen Sousa.

The soccer referee's manual

February 4, 2016
Ager, David, author.
London : Bloomsbury Sport, 2015.
192 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Previous edition: London: A. & C. Black, 2005.
Includes index.

Hate crimes : a reference handbook

February 4, 2016
Altschiller, Donald, author.
Santa Barbara, California : ABC-CLIO, [2015]
xviii, 372 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
1. Background and history. Introduction ; History of hate crimes legislation: Civil Rights Act of 1968 ; Interference with the exercise of religious beliefs and destruction of religious property ; Federal Explosives Statute ; Hate Crimes Statistics Act ; Hate Crimes Sentencing Enhancement Act ; Violence against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA) ; Church Arson Prevention Act of 1996 ; U.S. Armed Forces and Hate Crime Prevention ; Campus Hate Crimes Right to Know Act of 1997 ; Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act ; Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act ; Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act of 2007 ; Executive Branch ; U.S. Supreme Court decisions: Apprendi v. New Jersey ; Barclay v. Florida ; R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul ; Wisconsin v. Mitchell ; Hate crimes legislation at the state level ; Conclusion ; References -- 2. Problems, controversies, and solutions. Criticism and defense of hate crime laws ; Methodology ; Hate crime hoaxes ; Bias crimes and violence before hate crime laws ; Hate crimes against selected groups: a recent overview: African Americans ; Asian Americans ; Violence against Sikhs ; American with disabilities ; Jewish Americans ; Lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgendered people (LGBT) ; Arab and Muslim Americans ; Native Americans ; Conclusion ; References -- 3. Perspectives. Punish crime, not thought crime: Jeff Jacoby ; The law vs. violent bigotry: the case for strong hate crime laws in the United States: Michael Lieberman ; Punishing bias-motivated violence: the policy frame for hate-crime laws ; The Constitutional frame for hate-crime laws: First Amendment protections ; Expanding federal hate-crime protection: the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (HCPA) ; Contemporary anti-Semitism in American higher education: Kenneth L. Marcus ; Anti-Hispanic immigrant hate crimes: Michele Stacey, Kristin Carbone-Lopez, and Richard Rosenfeld ; Hate crimes against Sikh Americans: Simran Jeet Singh ; Hate crimes and the LGBT community: Michael Bronski ; Hate crime hoaxes on college and university campuses: Ashley Thorne ; References -- 4. Profiles. People ; Organizations -- 5. Data and documents. Hate crime overview ; Investigation of hate crimes model policy ; Hate on the internet ; Hate violence in 2013 ; Vulnerable to hate: a survey of hate crimes committed against homeless people in 2013 ; Kennedy introduces the Hate Crimes Amendment ; Obama on the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act ; Federal hate crimes laws -- 6. Resources for further research. Books ; Articles ; Reports: U.S. government documents and reports ; Organization reports ; Nonprint resources, Antibias videos -- 7. Chronology.
"Hate Crimes: A Reference Handbook, Third Edition remains the most comprehensive reference source on bias-motivated violence committed in the United States. The book contains vital history on hate crime legislation, provides a detailed chronology of recent events, and offers the most up-to-date information on its prevalence and the affected religious, racial, and other targeted communities, such as Jewish Americans and Sikh Americans. Dozens of expert contributors--such as Kenneth L. Marcus, president and general counsel of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law--present a balanced range of perspectives on the growing phenomenon, enabling readers to fully comprehend the widespread problem and develop their own informed opinion. Hate Crimes: A Reference Handbook, Third Edition remains the most comprehensive reference source on bias-motivated violence committed in the United States. The book contains vital history on hate crime legislation, provides a detailed chronology of recent events, and offers the most up-to-date information on its prevalence and the affected religious, racial, and other targeted communities, such as Jewish Americans and Sikh Americans. Dozens of expert contributors--such as Kenneth L. Marcus, president and general counsel of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law--present a balanced range of perspectives on the growing phenomenon, enabling readers to fully comprehend the widespread problem and develop their own informed opinion."--Publisher website.

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