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October 1, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.


September 30, 2016
Stemper, Diane, artist, creator.
[Oxford, Ohio] : Diane Stemper, Plat 21 Studio, [2015]
1 volume (unpaged): color illustrations ; 13 x 9 cm
Title, statement of responsibility, name of producer, and date (2015) taken from cover.
Artist's name (D. Stemper), year (2016) and numbered edition (2/4) handwritten in pencil on back.
"Waggle is a part of a larger body of work that is a response to the intersection between human activity and natural phenomena" --from the Cincinnati Book Arts Society website.

Cosmic ocean

September 30, 2016
Ebert, Jessica, artist, creator.
[Cincinnati, Ohio] : Jessica Ebert, [2016]
1 artist book (folded carousel/star) : color shapes ; 18 x 14 x 4 cm in box.
Title and statement of responsibility from accompanying artist's statement.
"We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean. We are ready at last to set sail for the stars."--Carl Sagan.
"Cosmic Ocean is carousel book that depicts five scenes of nebulas, panels, a space station and astronaut, and a spaceship. A quote by Carl Sagan runs along the bottom of the pages. The book is housed in a cloth-covered clamshell box with a wedge support and depicts a small nebula on the front of the box."-- Cincinnati Book Arts website.

In the shadow of Liberty : the hidden history of slavery, four presidents, and five black lives

September 30, 2016
Davis, Kenneth C., author.
xvii, 286 pages : black and white illustrations ; 24 cm
Introduction: Out of the Shadows -- "The Loudest Yelps for Liberty" -- Two Stolen From Africa -- Timeline 1: 1619-1700 -- "My Multatto Man William" : The Story of Billy Lee -- Timeline 2: 1702-1776 -- "Absconded from the Household of the President" : The Story of Ona Judge -- Timeline 3: 1777-1808 -- Master Jefferson's People : The Story of Isaac Granger -- Timeline 4: 1809-1820 -- White House, Black Man : The Story of Paul Jennings -- Timeline 5: 1821-1832 -- "How Would You Like to Be a Slave?" : The Story of Alfred Jackson -- Timeline 6: 1833-1850 -- Afterword: "That All May Be Free."
Through the powerful stories of five enslaved people who were "owned" by four of our greatest presidents, this book helps set the record straight about the role slavery played in the founding of America. From Billy Lee, valet to George Washington, to Alfred Jackson, faithful servant of Andrew Jackson, these dramatic narratives explore our country's great tragedy--that a nation "conceived in liberty" was also born in shackles.

Drop-dead easy knits

September 30, 2016
New York : Clarkson Potter/Publishers, [2016]
144 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 26 cm

Everything is possible : finding the faith and courage to follow your dreams

September 30, 2016
Bricker, Jen, 1987- author.
Grand Rapids : Baker Books, [2016]
195 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 23 cm
The baby born without legs -- A bundle of energy -- Can't is a 4-letter word -- Sticks and stones -- Keeping the faith -- Breaking down walls -- Secret sisters -- Sky high -- This heart of mine -- Ordinary heroes -- Endless possibilities -- The me nobody knows: questions, answers, and tidbits.
Uncertain they could care for a baby born without legs, Bricker's biological parents gave her up for adoption. In her loving adoptive home, there was just one simple rule: "Never say 'can't.'" This is the incredible story of God working out his plan for her life from before day one. From the challenges of growing up different to holding captive audiences numbering in the tens of thousands, readers will discover that Bricker's wit, wisdom, and no-holds-barred honesty led the way to purpose and joy.

Hero of the empire : the Boer War, a daring escape and the making of Winston Churchill

September 30, 2016
Millard, Candice, author.
New York : Doubleday, [2016]
xi, 381 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
Maps on lining papers.
"Author of Destiny of the Republic and The River of Doubt"--Dust jacket.
Pushful, the younger. Death by inches ; The graven palm ; The scion ; Blowing the trumpet -- Into Africa. "Send her victorious" ; "We have now gone far enough" ; The blackest of all days ; Land of stone and scrub -- Chance. The death trap ; A pity and a blunder ; Into the lion's jaws ; Grim sullen death -- Prisoners of war. To submit, to obey, to endure ; "I regret to inform you" ; A city of the dead ; Black week ; A scheme of desperate and magnificent audacity ; "I shall go on alone" -- In the heart of enemy's country. Toujours de l'audace ; "To take my leave" ; Alone ; "Wie is daar?" ; An invisible enemy ; The light of hope ; The plan ; The red and the blue.
"At age twenty-four, Winston Churchill was utterly convinced it was his destiny to become prime minister of England one day, despite the fact he had just lost his first election campaign for Parliament. He believed that to achieve his goal he must do something spectacular on the battlefield. Despite deliberately putting himself in extreme danger as a British Army officer in colonial wars in India and Sudan, and as a journalist covering a Cuban uprising against the Spanish, glory and fame had eluded him. Churchill arrived in South Africa in 1899, valet and crates of vintage wine in tow, there to cover the brutal colonial war the British were fighting with Boer rebels. But just two weeks after his arrival, the soldiers he was accompanying on an armored train were ambushed, and Churchill was taken prisoner. Remarkably, he pulled off a daring escape-- but then had to traverse hundreds of miles of enemy territory, alone, with nothing but a crumpled wad of cash, four slabs of chocolate, and his wits to guide him. The story of his escape is incredible enough, but then Churchill enlisted, returned to South Africa, fought in several battles, and ultimately liberated the men with whom he had been imprisoned. Churchill would later remark that this period, "could I have seen my future, was to lay the foundations of my later life." Millard spins an epic story of bravery, savagery, and chance encounters with a cast of historical characters--including Rudyard Kipling, Lord Kitchener, and Mohandas Gandhi--with whom he would later share the world stage. But Hero of the Empire is more than an adventure story, for the lessons Churchill took from the Boer War would profoundly affect 20th century history"-- Provided by publisher.

¡Cuba! : recipes and stories from the Cuban kitchen

September 30, 2016
Goldberg, Dan, author, photographer.
249 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes index.
Basic training -- Snack & chat -- Pressed & starched -- Along the Malecón -- Three amigos -- Pots & pans -- Dim sum & a little rum -- All aboard! -- Azucar (sugar) -- With a twist -- The Cuban pantry.
Includes over 75 Cuban recipes, such as Cuban-Style Fried Chicken, Tostones Stuffed with Lobster and Conch, Squid-ink Empanadas, and Mojito Cake with Rum-Infused Whipped Cream.

Exile on Front Street : my life as a Hells Angel ... and beyond

September 30, 2016
Christie, George, author.
New York : Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin's Press, 2016.
257 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
"After forty years in the Hells Angels, George Christie was ready to retire. As the president of the high-profile Ventura chapter of the club, he had been the yin to Sonny Barger's yang. Barger was the reckless figurehead and de facto world leader of the Angels. Christie was the negotiator, the spokesman, the thinker, the guy who smoothed things out. He was the one who carried the Olympic torch and counted movie stars, artists, the Grateful Dead and police chief captains among his friends. But leaving isn't easy, and within two weeks of retirement he was told he was "out bad," blackballed by his fellow Angels, prohibited from wearing the club patch, even told he should remove his Death's Head tattoo. Now, Christie's set out to tell his story. Exile on Front Street is the tale of how a middle-class electrician gave up a comfortable job with the Department of Defense and swore allegiance to the Hells Angels. In this action-packed, hard-hitting memoir, he recounts his life as an outlaw biker with the world's most infamous motorcycle club"-- Provided by publisher.

Eyes on the street : the life of Jane Jacobs

September 30, 2016
Kanigel, Robert, author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2016.
viii, 482 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
An uncredentialed woman, 1916-1954 -- A generous place to live -- Outlaw -- Ladies' nest of owls, and other milestones in the education of Miss Jane Butzner -- The great bewildering world -- Morningside Heights -- Women's work -- Amerika -- Trushchoby -- In the big world, 1954-1968 -- Disenchantment --Ten minutes at Harvard -- A person worth talking to -- A manuscript to show us -- Mother Jacobs of Hudson Street -- The physical fallacy -- West Village warrior -- Luncheon at the White House -- Gas masks at the Pentagon -- On Albany Avenue, 1968-2006 -- A circle of their own -- Settling in -- Our Jane -- Flummoxed -- Adam, Karl, and Jane -- Webs of trust -- Ideas that matter -- Civilization's child.
"Chronicles the life of a noted activist who wrote seven groundbreaking books, including her most famous, The Death and Life of Great American Cities; saved neighborhoods; stopped expressways; was arrested twice; and engaged at home and on the streets in thousands of debates -- all of which she won,"--NoveList.

Inner engineering : a Yogi's guide to joy

September 30, 2016
Vasudev, Jaggi, Sadhguru, author.
New York : Spiegel & Grau, 2016.
xii, 271 pages : illustration ; 22 cm
The four letter word -- A note to the reader -- When I lost my sense -- The way out is in -- Design your destiny -- No boundary, no burden -- "... and now, yoga" -- A note to the reader -- Body -- Mind -- Energy -- Joy.

Trainwreck : the women we love to hate, mock, and fear ... and why

September 30, 2016
Doyle, Sady, author.
Brooklyn : Melville House, [2016]
xx, 297 pages ; 22 cm
Preface: Our trainwrecks, ourselves -- The trainwreck: her crimes. Sex ; Need ; Madness ; Death -- The trainwreck: her options. Shut up ; Speak up -- The trainwreck: her role. Scapegoat ; Revolutionary -- Conclusion: The view from the tracks.
"From Mary Wollstonecraft--who, for decades after her death, was more famous for her illegitimate child and suicide attempts than for A Vindication of the Rights of Woman--to Charlotte Brontë, Billie Holiday, Sylvia Plath, and even Hillary Clinton, [this book] dissects a centuries-old phenomenon and asks what it means now, in a time when we have unprecedented access to celebrities and civilians alike, and when women are pushing harder than ever against the boundaries of what it means to 'behave'"

Treyf : my life as an orthodox outlaw

September 30, 2016
Altman, Elissa, author.
New York : New American Library, 2016.
287 pages ; 22 cm
"From the James Beard Award-winning author of Poor Man's Feast comes a powerful, heartfelt, and insightful story of one Jewish American's quest for identity in an unkosher world."-- Provided by publisher.

Fantasy man : a former NFL player's descent into the brutality of fantasy football

September 30, 2016
Jackson, Nate, author.
New York, NY : Harper, [2016]
225 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
The Draft -- Poppy Blankets -- Exhibition -- Name Change -- Brand X -- The Mortal Man -- Homecoming -- Sunday, Boring Sunday -- Side Effects -- Pockets Of Luck -- Blank Screen -- Killing Peyton -- The Wishbone -- Just Dessert -- Born Again -- Numberless Legends.
"Six years have passed since the former Denver Broncos tight end wore a helmet, and every day he drifts further from the NFL Guy, the sanctioned-violence guy, the psychopath who ran head first into other psychos for money. But Nate hasn't quite left the game. Bed-ridden by a recent surgery to remove bone fragments in his ankle, he's trying to defend his title in one of the millions of leagues captivating America through modern fantasy football, the interactive human poker game started by rotisserie leagues, boosted by ESPN and Yahoo!, and now elevated to that rarefied world of vaguely-legal Internet gambling by FanDuel and And this time it isn't a 300-pound wall of flesh rushing to crunch his spine. It's worse. Exploring the fantasy--and the reality--of professional football after you've left the field, Fantasy Man is as funny, self-deprecating, and shockingly honest as Slow Getting Up."--Provided by publisher.

The fix : how nations survive and thrive in a world in decline

September 30, 2016
Tepperman, Jonathan, author.
New York : Tim Duggan Books, 2016.
x, 307 pages ; 24 cm
Introduction: Legends of the fall -- Profits to the people : how Brazil spreads its wealth -- Let the right ones in : Canada's immigration revolution -- Kill them with kindness : how Indonesia crushed and co-opted its Islamic extremists -- Learn to live with it : Rwanda's wrenching reconciliation -- Assume the worst : how Singapore conquers corruption -- Diamonds aren't forever : how Botswana defeated the resource curse -- This land is my land : why the shale revolution could only happen in the USA -- Manufacture your miracle : how South Korea keeps its economy growing, and growing, and growing -- Give to get : how Mexico got its government going again -- DIY defense : New York City and the art of the work-around -- Conclusion: How to survive and thrive in a world of decline.

A kingdom of their own : the family Karzai and the Afghan disaster

September 30, 2016
Partlow, Joshua, author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2016.
422 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"This is a Borzoi book"--Title-page verso.
A rescue from demons -- Any path will lead you there -- So much in love -- Jump-starting a country -- Because we see more, we do more -- Government in a box -- An ordinary Afghan -- Smashing the china shop -- Close cousins -- Who's running this place? -- Where everyone gets accused -- Couldn't be more helpful -- A movie story -- Making the country great again -- The five fingers -- I hate politics -- Everybody in a corner -- Not religion but history -- The primary purpose of its existence -- Evil in heaven -- The zero option.
"The key to understanding the calamitous Afghan war is the complex, ultimately failed relationship between the powerful, duplicitous Karzai family and the U.S.--brilliantly portrayed here in its entirety for the first time by the former Washington Post Kabul bureau chief"-- Provided by publisher.

Radical beauty : how to transform yourself from the inside out

September 30, 2016
Chopra, Deepak, author.
New York : Harmony Books, [2016]
340 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Pillar 1: Internal nourishment. Let go of your preconceived notions about food ; Regain control over your body's natural processes ; Radical beauty ratios and macronutrient balance ; Feel a connection to your food ; Incorporate top radical beauty foods and routines -- Pillar 2: External nourishment. Incorporate natural skin-care ingredients ; Practices to nourish your skin from the outside in ; Address specific skin issues ; Nourish strong, healthy hair and nails -- Pillar 3: Peak beauty sleep. Understand the sleep-beauty-wellness connection ; Tune in to your body's natural rhythms ; Establish healthy sleep routines -- Pillar 4: Primal beauty. Harness the beauty of the seasons ; Balance solar and lunar energy and all the earth's elements ; Get closer to nature indoors and out -- Pillar 5: Beautiful movement. Incorporate fluid movement throughout your day ; Practice breathing and yoga exercises for beauty -- Pillar 6: Spiritual beauty. First signs of awakening ; Opening the door ; Dedication to the path ; Resting into existence ; The true self becomes the only self.
"Through six pillars of healthy living that focus on internal and external nourishment, sleep, living naturally, avoiding excessive stress, and better understanding the relationship between emotions and inflammatory foods, the authors offer practical tips, tools, innovative routines, and foods that will allow you to achieve your highest potential of beauty and health. Here is the latest information on foods to support your metabolism and how to best promote circulation of beauty-boosting nutrients; the use of the most effective skin-care ingredients coupled with traditional Ayurvedic medicine; and how to work with your skin to balance your nervous system, thus slowing aging. Further, Chopra and Snyder will show you how positive emotion-based living and peace foster natural and timeless beauty."-- Provided by publisher.

Taste of Persia : a cook's travels through Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Kurdistan

September 30, 2016
Duguid, Naomi, author.
392 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 26 cm
A new era -- Maps -- Cuisines without borders -- Flavors and condiments -- Salads and vegetables -- Soup paradise -- Stuffed vegetables and dumplings -- Fish -- Grilled meat and poultry -- Stovetop meat and poultry -- Rice and other grains-- Flatbread heartland -- A taste for sweet -- A wealth of fruit -- A closer look -- Travel notes.
"Though the countries in the Persian culinary region are home to diverse religions, cultures, languages, and politics, they are linked by beguiling food traditions and a love for the fresh and the tart. Color and spark come from ripe red pomegranates, golden saffron threads, and the fresh herbs served at every meal. Grilled kebabs, barbari breads, pilafs, and brightly colored condiments are everyday fare, as are rich soup-stews called ash and alluring sweets like rose water pudding and date-nut halvah. Our ambassador to this tasty world is the incomparable Naomi Duguid, who, for more than 20 years, has been bringing us exceptional recipes and mesmerizing tales from regions seemingly beyond our reach"--

They call me supermensch : a backstage pass to the amazing worlds of film, food, and Rock 'n' Roll

September 30, 2016
Gordon, Shep, author.
New York, NY : Ecco, [2016]
295 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
"An Anthony Bourdain Book."
"The legendary talent agent behind such superstars as Groucho Marx, Blondie and Raquel Welch chronicles his life and career in the entertainment industry, discussing such topics as his Jewish childhood in Long Island, his international travels at the sides of half a century of celebrities and the time he was punched by Janice Joplin,"--NoveList.

The seasoned life : food, family, faith, and the joy of eating well

September 30, 2016
Curry, Ayesha, author.
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2016.
245 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes index.
The Best Breakfasts -- Cooking with the Littles -- Winning Lunch: Salads, Soups, and Sandwiches -- Game Day or Snack Time -- Making Dinner Happen -- Drinks: for Daytime and Grown-Up Time -- Sweets -- Pretty (Great) Extras -- Kitchen Notebook.
"In THE SEASONED LIFE Ayesha Curry will share 100 of her favorite recipes and invite readers into the home she has made with her two daughters and her husband Stephen Curry. Ayesha knows firsthand what it is like to be a busy mom and wife, and she knows that for her family, time in the kitchen and around the table is where that balance begins,"

Landskipping : painters, ploughmen and places

September 30, 2016
Pavord, Anna, author.
London : Oxford : New York : New Delhi Sydney : Bloomsbury, 2016.
250 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"In Landskipping, Anna Pavord explores some of Britain's most iconic landscapes in the past, in the present, and in literature."--Provided by publisher.

Batch : over 200 recipes, tips & techniques for a well preserved kitchen

September 30, 2016
MacCharles, Joel, author.
Canada : Appetite by Random House, 2016.
344 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes index.
"Joel and Dana's journey into preserving began with an innocent lesson in making jam. Almost a decade later, is an extraordinary resource for both beginners and experts alike. Their much-anticipated first cookbook showcases seven different preserving techniques--waterbath canning, pressure canning, dehydrating, fermenting, cellaring, salting & smoking, and infusing--and takes readers on a trip to the market in twenty-five ingredients. Within each ingredient chapter, you'll find multiple preserving recipes using the different methods. From apples, pears, peaches and rhubarb, to asparagus, peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes, and covering a variety of meat and fish, Batch teaches you everything you need to know to get the most out of your kitchen."--Provided by publisher.

Botticelli reimagined

September 30, 2016
London : V&A Publishing, 2016.
359 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), portraits ; 30 cm
Catalog of an exhibition held at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 5 March 2016 - 3 July 2016.
Sandro Botticelli / Giorgio Vasari -- Botticelli and the Bottega / Caroline Campbell -- Botticelli : between neoplatonism and Savonarola / Ana Debenedetti -- The portrait of a lady known as Smeralda Bandinelli / Mark Evans -- The story of Botticelli's drawings for Dante's Divine Comedy / Dagmar Korbacher -- The critical fortunes of "Vasari's Botticelli" in the nineteenth century / Ulrich Rehm -- Botticelli enters the museum : the rediscovery of a painter and the invention of the public art museum / Ruben Rebmann -- Botticelli and the Georgians / Mark Evans -- The love affair with Florence / Stephen Calloway -- Botticelli and Victorian art collecting / Susanna Avery-Quash -- Botticelli and the pre-Raphaelites / Elizabeth Prettejohn -- Beardsley and Botticelli / Susan Owens -- Botticelli's path to modernity : continental reception 1850-1930 / Gabriel Montua -- Herbert Horne's Botticelli / Caroline Elam -- Warburg's Botticelli and Botticelli's nymph / Gerhard Wolf -- Bernard Berenson and America's discovery of Sandro Botticelli / Oliver Tostmann -- Botticelli, Yukio Yashiro and scholarship on Western art in Japan / Toshio Watanabe -- Botticelli and fashion / Sonnet Stanfill -- Filming Botticelli in post-war Italy / Riccardo Venturi -- Branding Venus : Botticelli as mirrored in American art since 1940 / Stefan Weppelmann -- The lessons of a new picture hang / Antonio Natali.
"The Florentine painter Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) is one of the greatest artists of all time. Renowned for the iconic Birth of Venus and Primavera, his work has become part of our collective visual memory, influencing product development, fashion design and artists as diverse as Andy Warhol, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, René Magritte and Jeff Koons. But Botticelli's fame today was by no means a foregone conclusion. Quickly forgotten after his death, he was only rediscovered as an artist in the nineteenth century -- and much of what we know of his work has been pieced together from fragmentary evidence; only three of his works are signed or documented. Since then, ''Botticelli'' has been interpreted in many different ways, and has led to many questions. How does a painter acquire international fame? What made Botticelli a pop icon? Why are his works considered timeless? What is it that makes him so ''European'' that his Venus appears on the 10 cent coin? What we can say -- safely -- is that Botticelli, more than any other Old Master, inspired and continues to inspire modern and contemporary art." -- Publisher's description

You negotiate like a girl : reflections on a career in the National Football League

September 30, 2016
Trask, Amy.
Chicago, Illinois : Triumph Books, [2016]
239 pages ; 24 cm
Al -- Behavior problem -- Get the coffee -- Mom -- "I understand" -- :She's not a girl, she's a Raider" -- Get the sandwiches -- Sharia law -- To thine own self be true -- The Higgens boat -- That baby's going to Canton -- Counterclaim -- Championship game -- It was a fumble -- I quit -- He wouldn't let us lose.
"The Princess of Darkness. Former NFL and Oakland Raiders executive Amy Trask has held many titles during her career--including chief executive, analyst, and author--but this nickname is what she is first and foremost known by to Raiders fans. Trask joined the Raiders as an intern during law school after the team moved from Oakland to Los Angeles--the position the result of a cold call she made to the team. From there, she worked her way up through the ranks of the organization, to the post she would eventually hold as chief executive. Along the way, Trask worked extremely closely with the late Al Davis, a man who treated her and others on his team without regard to gender, race, and age. Trask may have been the highest-ranking female executive in the NFL during her tenure with the Raiders, but in You Negotiate Like a Girl: Reflections on a Career in the National Football League, she shares how she found success by operating without regard to gender. Replete with insider tales about being on the Raiders' sideline and press box, in NFL owner's meetings--and yes, about Davis himself--Trask's book is a must-read not only for football fans, but anyone who wants to succeed in business"-- Provided by publisher.

Believe, ask, act : divine steps to raise your intuition, create change, and discover happiness

September 30, 2016
DiMarco, MaryAnn, author.
[Emmaus, Pennsylvania] : Rodale, [2016]
xii, 212 pages ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Part I: Preparing for Change and Happiness -- Coming Into My Own -- Your Role in God's Universe -- Meet Your Universal Team -- Three Steps toward Enlightenment -- Part II: Using Believe, Ask, and Act to Release Blocks -- Start with Love -- Practice Authenticity -- Embrace the Now -- Move Past Doubt and Fear -- Break Down the Great Wall of Grief -- Help Your Body Help You -- Survive Life's Twisters -- Leave Your Comfort Zone Behind -- Part III: Radiating Believe, Ask, and Act to the World -- Know You're Limitless.
"Psychic medium MaryAnn DiMarco has communicated with the other side since she was 5 years old. Through her experience, she found that everyone has a team of divine advisers, such as guides, angels, ancestors, and other spiritual beings, that prompt your gut instincts. As an in-demand spiritual teacher, MaryAnn offers her clients a roadmap for developing intuition on their own and helps them break free from their own spiritual, emotional, and real-world obstacles. Believe, Ask, Act shares this process for the first time using a 3-step method. Believe shows the importance of holding a belief in a positive higher power, whether it be God, Source, or another name. Ask teaches how to pose the right questions to your "universal team" -- the angels, spirit guides, and other evolved souls tasked to help you in life -- and how to hear their answers. Act is a powerful call to get off the meditation cushion and put one earthly foot in front of the other to create positive change and momentum. Believe, Ask, Act is a guide to trusting your intuition and plugging into the wisdom of the universe. Through stories and channeled wisdom, DiMarco shows you how to clearly receive and execute guidance with an open mind and a courageous heart. "-- Provided by publisher.

The curated closet : a simple system for discovering your personal style and building your dream wardrobe

September 30, 2016
Rees, Anuschka, author.
Berkeley : Ten Speed Press, [2016]
265 pages : color illustrations ; 25 cm
Includes index.
Part 1: The Basics -- The Curated Closet philosophy -- Getting started: Define the status quo and set style goals -- Part II: Discover Your Personal Style -- What your clothes say about you -- Discover your style, phase I: Get inspired -- Discover your style, phase II: Experiment and fine-tune -- Putting it all together: Your style profile -- Part III: Build Your Dream Wardrobe -- Closet detox: The complete guide -- How to build a wardrobe that fits your life (not your fantasy life) -- Closet composition 101 -- Selecting a versatile color palette -- Working with outfit formulas -- Business hours: Tweaking your wardrobe for work -- Overhauling your wardrobe: A step-by-step road map -- How (and when) to build a capsule wardrobe -- Become your own best stylist -- Part IV: The Art Of Shopping -- How to shop like a conscious consumer -- Decision time: When to buy and when to keep looking -- How to stop overspending and make the most of your budget -- Assessing garment quality: a beginner's guide -- Practical pointers for finding clothes that fit well -- Maintaining and updating your wardrobe throughout the year: A timeline.
"With so many style and shopping options, it can be difficult to create a streamlined closet of pieces that can be worn easily and confidently. In The Curated Closet, style writer Anuschka Rees presents a fascinatingly strategic approach to identifying, refining, and expressing personal style and building the ideal wardrobe to match it, with style and shopping strategies that women can use every day,"

The Tao of Bill Murray : real-life stories of joy, enlightenment, and party crashing

September 30, 2016
Edwards, Gavin, 1968- author.
New York : Random House, [2016]
xii, 354 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Author's Note -- Introduction -- The Ten Principles of Bill -- The Films of Bill Murray -- Acknowledgments -- Sources -- Index.
Bill Murray is one of the world's most beloved celebrities--but his off-screen antics rival his filmography for sheer entertainment value. Gavin Edwards traveled the country to the places where Murray has lived, worked, and partied, and interviewed everyone from rock stars to bartenders, in search of the most epic, outrageous, and hilarious Bill Murray stories from the past four decades, many of which have never before been reported.

Welcome to the universe : an astrophysical tour

September 30, 2016
Tyson, Neil deGrasse, author.
Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2016.
470 pages : illustrations (mostly color) ; 27 cm
Pt. III, Einstein and the universe : -- Einstein's road to relativity -- Implications of special relativity -- Einstein's general theory of relativity -- Black holes -- Cosmic strings, wormholes, and time travel -- The shape of the universe and the big bang -- Inflation and recent developments in cosmology -- Our future in the universe -- Appendix 1: Derivation of E=mc2 -- Appendix 2: Bekenstein, entrophy of black holes, and information.
Welcome to the Universe is a personal guided tour of the cosmos by three of today's leading astrophysicists. Inspired by the enormously popular introductory astronomy course that Neil deGrasse Tyson, Michael A. Strauss, and J. Richard Gott taught together at Princeton, this book covers it all--from planets, stars, and galaxies to black holes, wormholes, and time travel.--Publisher description

The Egyptian book of the dead : the Book of going forth by day : being the Papyrus of Ani (Royal Scribe of the Divine Offerings), written and illustrated circa 1250 B.C.E., by scribes and artists unknown, including the balance of chapters of the books of the dead known as the Theban Recension, compiled from ancient texts, dating back to the roots of Egyptian civilization

September 30, 2016
San Francisco : Chronicle Books, 2015.
191 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 36 cm
"The Complete Papyrus of Ani--featuring integrated text and full-color images"--Cover.
"For millennia, the culture of the ancient Egyptians has fascinated historians and spiritual seekers. The 20th anniversary edition of this seminal work includes all-new material analysing the progress in modern Egyptology. Written some 3,500 years ago, the Papyrus of Ani is the best-preserved example of Egyptian thought. Including full-colour hieroglyphic images paired with an acclaimed translation and two gatefold spreads that showcase the papyrus's elaborately bordered images. This sumptuous edition brings to life one of humanity's finest spiritual treasures."--Provided by publisher.

#Language hacking Italian : a conversation course for beginners : learn how to speak Italian--with actual people--right from the start!

September 30, 2016
Lewis, Benny (Brendan Richard)
London : John Murray Learning, 2016.
xiv, 238 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes access code to #LanguageHacking online resources.

After one-hundred-and-twenty : reflecting on death, mourning, and the afterlife in the Jewish tradition

September 30, 2016
Halkin, Hillel, 1939- author.
226 pages ; 23 cm.

All-time best appetizers

September 30, 2016
Brookline, MA : America's Test Kitchen, [2016]
ix, 182 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
At head of title: Cook's illustrated
Wrapped and stuffed -- Snacks in bowls -- Sliced and stacked -- Spread and dipped -- Passed and plattered.
"Hosting a party is overwhelming enough; let the experts at Cook's Illustrated reduce some of the strain with this perfectly curated selection of "only the best": the 75 best appetizer recipes ever to come out of the test kitchen. An innovative organization makes it simple to put together a well-balanced spread that hits all the high points, from something dippable to snacks to munch by the handful to elegant two-bite treats. Chapters mix cocktail party classics and modern finger foods and satisfy a variety of menus, abilities, and styles. Invite Cook's Illustrated to your next soiree to guarantee the all-time best party for you and your guests,"

All-time best soups

September 30, 2016
ix, 182 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Welcome to America's test kitchen -- Introduction -- Soup basics -- Weeknight workhorses -- Soups from around the world -- Chowders -- Modern vegetable soups -- Elegant purees -- Rustic bean soups -- Stocks and broths -- Conversions and equivalents -- Index.
"A perfect soup recipe is one you make forever--it is comforting, nourishing, the very essence of flavor. In this handsome, focused cookbook, the experts at Cooks Illustrated boil the world of soups down to the very best choices, each one a kitchen-tested keeper yielding flavors that exceed even what grandma cooked up. Here are the ideal broths, the heartiest rustic soups, most elegant purees, and the best examples from around the world. All-Time Best Soups turns soup-making into an everyday pleasure with recipes guaranteed to become cherished favorites,"

Artemis : the indomitable spirit in everywoman

September 30, 2016
Bolen, Jean Shinoda, author.
xix, 251 pages ; 23 cm
Introduction: the indomitable spirit in everywoman -- Atalanta the myth -- Atalanta, Artemis, Mother bear -- Atalanta and Meleager -- The hung of the Calydon boar -- Atalanta in the wilderness -- The footrace and the three golden apples -- Virgin goddess archetype: Artemis, Athena, Hestia -- Goddesses of the moon: Artemis, Selene, Hecate -- Free to be you and me -- Parting thoughts.
"Indomitable means untamed, unsubdued. It is the one-in-herself quality in girls and women who will not be victims, no matter what. To bring the Artemis archetype to life, Dr. Bolen delves deeply into the myth of Atalanta, the famous hunter and runner in ancient Greek mythology, a mortal woman who is identified with Artemis the Greek Goddess of the Hunt and Moon. Atalanta began life abandoned and left to die because she was born a girl. She faced the Calydon Boar and drew first blood; she was the runner who would demand to be beaten in a footrace by the man who could claim her as his bride. Atalanta exemplifies the indomitable spirit in competent, courageous girls and in the women they become. This is grit, the passion and persistence to go the distance, to survive, and to succeed. Dr. Bolen paints a vivid picture of Artemis women in current media, including Princess Merida from the animated film Brave and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games . In all these examples and those of real-life women who grow into their Artemis spirit, she provides the means through which readers can navigate their own personal exploration to become their authentic selves. Bolen dedicates this book to women and girls who embody the archetype of Artemis, who discover her uncrushable spirit in themselves or others."--Provided by publisher.

Body reshaping through muscle and skin meridian therapy : an introduction to 6 body types

September 30, 2016
Jang, Jeonhee, author.
Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2016]
xiii, 179 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes index.
Body reshaping for health and beauty -- A first look at the meridian system in TCM -- Who can benefit from this treatment? -- Body posture and homeostasis -- Six body types -- Anatomical approach type M1, M2, M3 -- Muscle meridian therapy and skin cutaneous therapy -- Treatment methods -- Specific clinical cautions and application.

Brazil's dance with the devil : the World Cup, the Olympics, and the fight for democracy

September 30, 2016
Zirin, Dave, author.
xvii, 275 pages : illustrations, map ; 22 cm
Finding Michael Jackson in Rio : Brazil is not for beginners -- Brazil : "A country for everyone" : Danger: stampeding white elephants ; Priorities ; The Museum of the Slaves ; The Maracaña and the death of crowds ; Environment ; Security -- "There is no sin below the Equator" : Slavery in Brazil ; The beginning of the "mosaic" ; Rumblings of independence ; Brazil as a free state ; The time of Vargas and the military dictatorship ; Goodbye to all that: the end of the dictatorship -- Oh, Lula! : Lula's rise ; Negotiating neoliberalism: Lula's foreign policy ; Lula's domestic policy: image and reality ; A political root canal ; The election of Dilma -- Futebol: the journey from daring to fear : Soccer comes to Brazil's shores ; Garrincha and Pelé ; The cold cool of Pelé ; The unity of Garrincha and Pelé ; The wisdom of Sócrates ; Women and soccer in Brazil ; The neoliberal game -- Killing Santa : In the beginning ; Nazism, the Olympics, and the birth of hypernationalism ; Don Juan Antonio ; FIFA and the World Cup -- Neoliberal Trojan horses and sporting shock doctrines : Greece 2004 ; Beijing 2008 ; Vancouver 2010 ; South Africa 2010 ; London 2012 ; Sochi 2014 ; Qatar 2022 -- Target favelas : The scramble for Rio ; Struggling against eviction in Vila Autódromo ; The Port, Providência, and Maurício Hora -- "FIFA-quality schools " : The resistance ; The real president ; The nobodies.
As the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games approach, ordinary Brazilians are holding the country's biggest protest marches in decades. Sports journalist Dave Zirin traveled to Brazil to find out why. In a rollicking read that travels from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the fabled Maracanã Stadium, Zirin examines how athletic mega-events turn into neoliberal Trojan horses.

Catholics in America : religious identity and cultural assimilation from John Carroll to Flannery O'Connor

September 30, 2016
Shaw, Russell B., author.
San Francisco, CA : Ignatius Press, [2016]
141 pages ; 21 cm.
Archbishop John Carroll (1735-1815) : equal rights of citizenship -- Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton (1774-1821) : love says let it be -- Archbishop John Hughes (1797-1864 : become merged in the country of your adoption -- Orestes Brownson (1803-1876) : an American ultramontanist -- Father Isaac Hecker (1819-1888) : God's providence was preparing me for a great work -- Father Michael McGivney (1852-1890) : the honor as its founder will be His -- James Cardinal Gibbons (1834-1921) : a politician in the best sense -- Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini (1850-1917) : I worked on Mr. Capitano Pizzati for a month -- All Smith (1873-1944) : I am a product of America and of American institutions -- Francis Cardinal Spellman (1889-1967) : American and Roman -- Archbishop Fulton Sheen (1895-1979) : Evangelist of American Way -- John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) : Rome meets Camelot -- Dorothy Day (1897-1980) : Catholicism as countercultural -- Father John Courtney Murray (1904-1967) : we (use to) hold these truths -- Flannery O'Connor (1925-1964) : I cannot afford to be less than an artist.

The crooked mirror : a memoir of Polish-Jewish reconciliation

September 30, 2016
Steinman, Louise, author.
Boston : Beacon Press, [2013]
xiv, 224 pages ; 23 cm
The Country in My Head -- The Memory Book -- Warum? Why? -- In Block II -- Among the Living -- Wannsee -- Walking Papers -- A Young Man from Oswiecim -- Keys -- "Do You Miss Us?" Cabaret -- Poland, Peyote -- An Orange Room in L'viv -- "The Town That Unloved Me" -- In the Uniform of the Perpetrator -- Polonia on Trial -- A Chink in the Wall -- Saviors of Atlantis -- Liver and Onions, or the Last Jewish Butcher in Radomsko -- Interlude: Poland in Wyoming -- "It Costs You Nothing" -- Among the Odd Believers -- We Were the Neighbors -- A Mensch in Radomsko -- Venus in LA -- The Rosetta Stone -- The Seer -- La Bibliotheque Polonaise -- AFTERWORD:The Story Continues.

Fail U. : the false promise of higher education

September 30, 2016
Sykes, Charles J., 1954- author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2016.
278 pages ; 25 cm
Part I. I told you so -- Introduction: Scenes from a graduation -- 1. Bursting the college bubble -- 2. Déjà vu: ProfScam twenty-eight years later -- Part II. The college bubble -- 3. The (escalating) flight from teaching -- 4. The reality of academic research -- 5. What do students learn (and does anybody care)? -- 6. The college for all delusion -- Part III. Bloat -- 7. Our bloated colleges -- 8. Academia's edifice bloat -- Part IV. Junk scholarship, hoaxes, and scandals -- 9. Does the Emperor have any clothes? -- 10. A scandal reconsidered -- Part V. Victim U. (trigger warning) -- 11. Grievance U. -- 12. Rape U. -- Part VI. Is this time different? -- 13. Time for a bailout? -- 14. Netflix U. -- 15. Smaller, fewer, less.
"The cost of a college degree has increased by 1,125% since 1978 - four times the rate of inflation. Total student debt is $1.3 trillion. Many private universities charge tuitions ranging from $60-70,000 per year. Nearly 2/3 of all college students must borrow to study, and the average student graduates with more than $30,000 in debt. 53% of college graduates under 25 years old are unemployed or underemployed (working part-time or in low-paying jobs that do not require college degrees). Professors - remember them? - rarely teach undergraduates at many major universities. 76% of all university classes are taught by part-time, untenured faculty. In Fail U., Charles J. Sykes asks, "Is it worth it?" With chapters exploring the staggering costs of a college education, the sharp decline in tenured faculty and teaching loads, the explosion of administrator jobs, the grandiose building plans (gyms, food courts, student recreation centers), and the hysteria surrounding the "epidemic" of campus rapes, "triggers," "micro-aggressions," and other forms of alleged trauma, Fail U. concludes by offering a different vision of higher education; one that is affordable, more productive, and better-suited to meet the needs of a diverse range of students. Provocative, persuasive, clear-eyed, and even amusing, Fail U. strips the academic emperor of its clothes to reveal the American university system as it really is - and how it must change"-- Provided by publisher.

Fallen Timbers : the US Army's first victory

September 30, 2016
Winkler, John F., 1946-
Botley, Oxford : Osprey Publishing, 2013.
96 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), color maps ; 25 cm.

Framed : why Michael Skakel spent over a decade in prison for a murder he didn't commit

September 30, 2016
Kennedy, Robert Francis, 1954- author.
xxxii, 288 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
Map on lining papers.
Includes index.
The stage. The murder ; The prosecutor ; Skakels and Kennedys -- The suspects. The neighbor ; The brother ; The boyfriend ; The gardener ; The crush ; The tutor -- The victims. Martha and Michael -- The frame. The caller ; The gossip ; The perjurer -- The witnesses. The model ; The bully ; The junkie ; The handyman ; The barber ; The friend -- The lawyer. The clown -- The ghosts. The killers?
"On Halloween 1975, Martha Moxley was found brutally murdered outside her home in swanky Greenwich, Connecticut. Twenty-seven years after her death, the State of Connecticut spent some $25 million to convict her friend and neighbor, Michael Skakel, of the murder. At Michael's criminal trial, the State offered no physical or forensic evidence, no fingerprints or DNA, no eyewitness linking Michael to the killing. The trial ignited a media firestorm that transfixed the nation. Now, Skakel's cousin, acclaimed attorney, and award-winning writer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., solves the baffling whodunit and clears Michael Skakel's name" -- Dust jacket.

The humans

September 30, 2016
Karam, Stephen.
New York : Theatre Communications, 2016.
ix, 149 pages ; 22 cm
"This year for Thanksgiving, the Blake family gathers in a new Chinatown apartment shared by daughter Brigid and her boyfriend: a typical housing space for New York, cramped with people and all the compassion, cares, and consternation they bring with them."-- Provided by publisher.

The intelligent conversationalist : 31 cheat sheets that will show you how to talk to anyone about anything, anytime

September 30, 2016
Lloyd Webber, Imogen, author.
New York : St. Martin's Griffin, 2016.
396 pages ; 21 cm
Introduction -- English language. Spelling ; Grammar ; Separated by a common language: English and American ; Debate -- Math and economics. History of money ; Economists ; A quick guide to the credit crunch (c. 2008) and Eurogeddon (still going) ; American dreamers: the good, the bad, and the aha! -- Religion. Religions ; Religious holidays ; Religion is no excuse -- History. Basic American beginnings ; Grid of American presidents ; American imperialism ; Grid of kings and queen of England from 1066 ; World War I, World War II, and the Cold War ; Middle Eastern history -- Politics. The American Constitution ; American law ; Political scandals ; Elections -- Geography. Map one: World map ; Map two: Nuclear weapons -- Biology, aka sex and gender. Life and death ; Feminism ; Homosexuality -- Culture. Authors you need to know about ; Artists you need to know about ; Composers you need to know about ; Theater ; Awards season conversation -- Conclusion.
"Have you ever been at a cocktail party when all of a sudden you feel like an outsider in the conversation because you have absolutely no idea what the person is talking about? You're standing around with a glass of wine and someone starts talking about how the stock market did that day leading to the career highs of Ben Bernanke and the best way to short a stock. You stand there completely silent because you know nothing about the stock market, let alone the history of economics. You're being pushed to the outside edge of the pack and there's no way to reach gracefully for your iPhone and Google. Fear not: Imogen Lloyd Webber is on a mission to make everyone as conversationally nimble as she has learned to be as a cable news pundit. Her solution: get a few cheat sheets and study up. Remember cheat sheets, those slips of paper filled with facts? As Imogen might say "Google is good, but a cheat sheet is forever..." In eight cheat sheets, Imogen takes you through the facts that come up in most conversations: the English language, math/economics, religion, history, politics, geography, biology and culture. From the history of money to who signed The Magna Carta, Imogen shows you how to get back in a conversation, win any argument and most importantly, how to pivot out of a tough conversational bind."-- Provided by publisher.

Man of the world : the further endeavors of Bill Clinton

September 30, 2016
Conason, Joe, author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2016.
486 pages ; 24 cm
"A veteran political journalist chronicles the post-presidential achievements and adventures of Bill Clinton, drawing on interviews with dozens of the former President's colleagues, friends, supporters and family members to examine his philanthropic work, the charges of corruption levied against him, and the ways he continues to inspire and infuriate the world."--NoveList.

Master the art of speed painting : digital painting techniques

September 30, 2016
Worcester, United Kingdom : 3dtotal Publishing, 2016.
254 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 21 x 26 cm
Includes index.

Altered states : Buddhism and psychedelic spirituality in America

September 30, 2016
Osto, Douglas, 1967- author.
New York : Columbia University Press, [2016]
xxvi, 300 pages ; 24 cm
Buddhism and the psychedelic connection -- The psychedelic revolution -- The Buddhist revolution -- Opening the door: psychedelics as a gateway to Buddhist practice -- Closing the door: the fifth precept and graduating from psychedelics -- Keeping the door open: psychedelics as an adjunct to Buddhist practice -- Are psychedelics the true Dharma.
"In the 1950s and 1960s, Americans combined psychedelics with Buddhist meditation to achieve direct experience through altered states of consciousness. As some practitioners became more committed to Buddhism, they abandoned the use of psychedelics in favor of stricter mental discipline, but others carried on with the experiment, advancing a fascinating alchemy called psychedelic Buddhism. Many think exploration with psychedelics and Buddhism faded with the revolutionary spirit of the sixties, but the underground practice has evolved into a brand of religiosity as eclectic and challenging as the era that created it. Altered States combines interviews with well-known figures in American Buddhism and psychedelic spirituality--including Lama Surya Das, Geoffrey Shugen Arnold Sensei, Rick Strassman, Charles Tart, and Erik Davis--and personal stories of everyday practitioners to define a distinctly American religious phenomenon."--Provided by publisher.

Pets on the couch : neurotic dogs, compulsive cats, anxious birds, and the new science of animal psychiatry

September 30, 2016
Dodman, Nicholas H., author.
287 pages ; 24 cm
The dog who ate wineglasses : when the brain short-circuits -- The horse who chewed on fences : obsessive-compulsive disorder -- The dog who came back from the war : post-traumatic stress disorder -- The emotional wounds of rescued animals -- The dog who couldn't stop licking : compulsive disorders -- The dog who was afraid of puddles : autism, epilepsy, and rage -- The horse who went "harumph" : equine Tourette's syndrome -- The dog who hated surprises : the many faces of aggressive behavior -- Two spaniels and the baby : predation and pharmacological fixes -- Animals who fear too much : anxiety and panic disorders -- Dogs who hate bugs and storms : the trouble with phobias -- Senile dogs, cats ... and cheetahs : dementia and Alzheimer's disease -- The beagle with ADHD : behavioral problems with medical roots -- The narcoleptic horse : night terrors and other sleep problems -- The listless pet : the thyroid and anxiety, aggression, and mood -- Blue dogs and cats : depression and mood medicines -- Epilogue : hope for us all.
"A celebrated veterinary behaviorist describes the practice of One Medicine, which hinges on the belief that humans and other animals have minds that work the same way, experience similar emotions and share the same neurochemistry,"--NoveList.

The world the game theorists made

September 30, 2016
Erickson, Paul, 1976- author.
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2015
390 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
The game theory phenomenon -- Acts of mathematical creation -- From "military worth" to mathematical programming -- Game theory and practice in the postwar human sciences -- The brain and the bomb -- Game theory without rationality -- Dreams of a final theory.

Making things better : Dan Brooks' thirty years as a small city mayor

September 30, 2016
Dikeman, Rick A., author.
[Place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified], [2016?]
256 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"As a professional architect, Dan Brooks realized his childhood dream to design buildings. But his belief in working to make a community better by offering his time and energy in countless small ways motivated him to design solutions for his city's government as well. Persuaded to run for mayor, he couldn't believe that he won, but he stayed in office for 30 years... Under his leadership, North College Hill, Ohio was named one of the top towns in the United States,where homes are affordable and the best place in Ohio to raise kids."--Page [4] of cover.

What if this is heaven? : how our cultural myths prevent us from experiencing heaven on earth

September 29, 2016
Moorjani, Anita, 1959- author.
Carlsbad, California : Hay House, Inc., 2016.
xviii, 182 pages ; 24 cm
Myth : you get what you deserve -- Myth : loving yourself is selfish -- Myth : real love means anything goes -- Myth : I'm not okay, you're not okay -- Myth : health care cares for our health -- Myth : it's just a coincidence -- Myth : we pay for our sins at death -- Myth : spiritual people don't have egos -- Myth : women are the weaker sex -- Myth : we must always be positive.
"Following her near-death experience as shared in the New York Times bestseller Dying to Be Me, Anita Moorjani knows well the truths that exist beyond common knowledge and acceptance. The clarity she has gained has led her to further understand who she was born to be. Part of that truth has involved contemplating the cultural myths infused into our everyday lives. Passed down from generation to generation, these myths are pervasive and influential. From the belief we reap what we sow to the idea we must always be positive, cultural myths are often accepted as truths without questioning. Moorjani asserts it is now time for questioning in order to help us reach our fully informed, authentic selves. Moorjani explores these common myths in their real-world existence while presenting examples from her own life that reveal the falsehoods beneath the surface. By freeing ourselves from these ubiquitous expectations, we can break open an honest pathway to life as it was meant to be lived"--Provided by publisher.

Getting started with CNC

September 29, 2016
Ford, Edward, author.
San Francisco, CA : Maker Media, 2016.
xv, 148 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 22 cm
"Get up and running with CNC fabrication! If you've wanted to add a CNC router to your workshop but weren't sure where to begin, this is the book for you. Easy-to-follow explanations demystify every aspect of CNC routers, including how the mechanical systems work, how to choose end mills, best cutting practices, understanding the CAD/CAM software, and working with G-code. No prior CNC knowledge or experience is required--you don't even need CNC access to complete the exercises in this book" -- Page [4] of cover.
An introduction to working with and designing for desktop and benchtop CNCs and subtractive printing.

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