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October 21, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Around the way girl : a memoir

October 20, 2016
Henson, Taraji P., author.
vii, 243 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
Fearless -- Authentic -- Drama -- Hustler -- My one and only love story -- Single mother -- Going to Hollywood -- Raising a black boy -- Breathing life into art -- Building characters -- On Being a black woman in Hollywood -- My squad -- Grown woman.
Henson writes of her family, the one she was born into and the one she created. She shares stories of family, friends, the hustle required to make it from DC to Hollywood, and the joy of living in your own truth. Here she also opens up about her experiences as a single mother, a journey some saw as a burden but which she saw as a gift. With humor and candor, Henson shows us that behind the red carpet moments, she is just a girl in pursuit of her dreams.

Mary Astor's Purple diary : the great American sex scandal of 1936

October 20, 2016
Sorel, Edward, 1929- author.
New York : Liveright Publishing Company, a division of W.W. Norton & Company, [2016]
167 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
In 1936 newspapers were ablaze with a scandalous child custody trial taking place in Hollywood and starring the actress Mary Astor; the story pushed Hitler and Franco off the front pages. George S. Kaufman, then the most successful playwright on Broadway and a married man to boot, had been Astor's lover. The scandal revolved around Mary&#x;s diary, which her ex-husband, Dr. Franklyn Thorpe, had found when they were still together. Mary, he claimed, had not only kept a tally of all her extramarital affairs but graded them-- and he already alerted the press in order to obtain a divorce and get custody of their daughter. Sorel provides all the juicy details of this particular slice of Hollywood Babylon, including Mary's life as a child star, and her teenage love affair with the much older John Barrymore.

North of crazy : a memoir

October 20, 2016
Neltje, 1934- author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2016.
274 pages ; 25 cm
Plantation Living -- Barberries at Oyster Bay -- Winter at Bonny Hall -- Sealed Door -- Living Apart -- Going Home -- It's Over -- The Tipping Scale -- My God, What Have I Done? -- From This Day Forward -- Travel Makes Perfect -- Oh My, Motherhood -- A Wallaroo in Revenge -- Stretched to Breaking -- Seam Split -- Moving On -- Ranch with a View -- Why Don't I Learn to Keep My Mouth Shut? -- Discovering What I Don't Know -- Falling in Love, Picking Up the Pieces -- Anger to Action -- Cancer Once More -- Liquidity Matters -- Anger, Art, and a Family of Friends.
Imagine a world of Gatsby-esque glamor, opulence, and cultural prestige, of exclusive parties and elegant dinners, of literary luminaries including Somerset Maugham, Daphne du Maurier, Irving Stone, and Theodore Roethke, of Manhattan townhouses and country estates. This is a world where children are raised by nannies, tutors, chauffeurs, gardeners, butlers, maids, and assorted staff, sent off to private schools--and largely ignored by their parents. Publishing magnate Nelson Doubleday's daughter, Neltje, was raised to assume her place as a society matron. But beneath a seemingly idyllic childhood, darker currents ran: a colorful but alcoholic father whose absences left holes, a mother incapable of love, a family divided by money and power struggles, and a secret that drove the young woman into emotional isolation. North of Crazy is her story--written with the same fierce passion, wit, and emotion that drove her off the conventional path to reconstruct her life from base zero. She became an artist, cattle rancher, and entrepreneur.

From prairie peddler to merchant king : the early life of Benjamin Siegel

October 20, 2016
Maurer, Mary E. (Mary Elizabeth)
Calera, Okla. : Bryan County Genealogy Library and Archives, [between 2010 and 2013]
80 pages : illustrations, facsimiles ; 28 cm
Includes index.
Cover title.

T Bone Burnett : a life in pursuit

October 19, 2016
Sachs, Lloyd, author.
viii, 260 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Opening chorus : on top of the world (or close) -- Sound citizen -- The outsider -- Player in the band -- Alpha male -- Spiritual gumshoe -- Master builder -- Co-conspirator -- Seeker -- Svengali -- Imagist -- Native son -- Mentor -- Hit man -- Reluctant artist -- Starmaker -- Company man -- Coen brother -- Soundtrack auteur -- Minimalist -- Lead actor -- Alchemist -- Jazz man -- Blues man -- Senior adviser -- Audio activist -- Dylanologist -- Televisionary -- Back to the futurist.

Branded a baby killer : the story of Tammy Marquardt

October 19, 2016
D'Costa, Jasmine Anita Yvette, author.
Toronto : James Lorimer & Company Ltd., Publishers, 2015.
117 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.

I was there ! Joe Buck, Bob Costas, Jim Nantz, and others relive the most exciting sporting events of their lives

October 18, 2016
Mirlis, Eric, author.
New York : Sports Publishing Inc., [2016]
xi, 319 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Kenny Albert -- Marv Albert -- Harvey Araton -- Michelle Beadle -- Mike Breen -- Thom Brennaman -- Ric Bucher -- Joe Buck -- Kevin Burkhardt -- Jeffri Chadiha -- Freddie Coleman -- Bob Costas -- Colin Cowherd -- Frank Deford -- Gregg Doyel -- Ian Eagle -- Mark Feinsand -- Bruce Feldman -- Scott Ferrall -- Terry Gannon -- Mike Garafolo -- Jason Gay -- Doug Gottlieb -- Mike Greenberg -- Mike Hill -- E.J. Hradek -- Jerry Izenberg -- Dave Kindred -- Andrea Kremer -- Keith Law -- Steve Levy -- Bob Ley -- Stewart Mandel -- Hal McCoy -- Jiggs McDonald -- Liam McHugh -- Chris McKendry -- Bob Miller -- Jon Morosi -- Chris Myers -- Jim Nantz -- Ross Newhan -- Rob Parker -- Gary Parrish -- Jeff Pearlman -- Joe Posnanski -- Ray Ratto -- Karl Ravech -- Chris Rose -- Bob Ryan -- Sam Ryan -- Jeremy Schaap -- Jon Sciambi -- Charley Steiner -- Dick Stockton -- Rob Stone -- Rick Telander -- Charissa Thompson -- Mike Vaccaro -- Adnan Virk -- Lesley Visser -- Dan Wetzel -- Trey Wingo -- Tracy Wolfson -- Matt Yallof.

Selena Gomez

October 18, 2016
Morreale, Marie, author.
New York : Children's Press, An Imprint of Scholastic Inc., [2016]
48 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
Meet Selena! -- The beginning -- Superstar -- Q & A -- Bits & pieces -- What's next.
The life and career of Selena Gomez.

The book of Isaias : a child of Hispanic immigrants seeks his own America

October 18, 2016
Connolly, Daniel, author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2016.
viii, 258 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Prologue: Gold in a green town -- Chaos and hope -- Outclassed -- Rain -- A deck of cards -- Horse to water -- Motivation -- Intervention -- Bianca the guide -- A funeral in Mexico -- Victory -- A locked door -- Dustin's destiny.
"In a green town in the middle of America, a bright 18-year-old Hispanic student named Isaias Ramos sets out on the journey to college. Isaias, who passed a prestigious national calculus test as a junior and leads the quiz bowl team, is the hope of Kingsbury High in Memphis, a school where many students have difficulty reading. But Kingsbury's dysfunction, expensive college fees, and forms printed in a language that's foreign to his parents are all obstacles in the way of getting him to a university. Isaias also doubts the value of college and says he might go to work in his family's painting business after high school, despite his academic potential. Is Isaias making a rational choice? Or does he simply hope to avoid pain by deferring dreams that may not come to fruition? This is what journalist Daniel Connolly attempts to uncover in The Book of Isaias as he follows Isaias, peers into a tumultuous final year of high school, and, eventually, shows how adults intervene in the hopes of changing Isaias' life. Mexican immigration has brought the proportion of Hispanics in the nation's youth population to roughly one in four. Every day, children of immigrants make decisions about their lives that will shape our society and economy for generations. In the tradition of Friday Night Lights and A Hope in the Unseen, this engaging, poignant book captures an American microcosm and illustrates broader challenges for our collective future"-- Provided by publisher.

Life as Jamie knows it : an exceptional child grows up

October 18, 2016
Bérubé, Michael, 1961- author.
Boston : Beacon Press, [2016]
224 pages : illustration ; 24 cm
The story of Jamie Berube's journey to adulthood and a meditation on disability in American life Published in 1996, Life as We Know It introduced Jamie Berube to the world as a sweet, bright, gregarious little boy who loves the Beatles, pizza, and making lists. At four, he is like many young people his age, but his Down syndrome leads most people to see him only in terms of his disability. Twenty years later, Jamie is no longer little, though he still loves the Beatles, pizza, and making lists. In Life as Jamie Knows It, Michael Berube chronicles his son's growth and his growing love of the world, writing as both a disability studies scholar and as a father. He follows Jamie through the transitions within his family and home life, through his school years, through the complicated process of entering the workforce with a disability. In a book that joins stirring memoir and sharp philosophical inquiry, Berube guides us through the labyrinth of ethical issues surrounding how we approach disability and uses Jamie's story to argue for a deeper understanding of disability that challenges us to move toward a more just, more inclusive society.

The fall of the house of Wilde : Oscar Wilde and his family

October 18, 2016
O'Sullivan, Emer, author.
New York : Bloomsbury Press, 2016.
xii, 495 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Roots -- Lust for knowledge -- Patron-cum-scholar -- Rising high -- The bourgeois rebel -- Flirtations, father figures and femmes fatales -- Marriage -- Merrion Square -- The Wildean missionary zeal -- Wider horizons -- Open house -- 1864: the end of bliss -- Honour and ignominy -- Love, hatred and revenge: the 'great libel case' -- Times are changing -- More highs, more blows -- Transience and poetry -- The unravelling -- Dabbling with options and ideas -- Openings and closings -- Literary Bohemia -- Divergent paths -- Looking to America -- 'Mr Oscar Wilde is "not such a fool as he looks"' -- Marriage: a gold band sliced in half -- 'The crushes' -- Aesthetic living -- Momentous changes -- Colonial resistance -- The Picture of Dorian Grey: a 'tale with moral' -- 'It is personalities, not principles that move the age' -- High life, low life and little literary life -- Salomé: the breaking of taboos -- 'Truly you are a starling' -- Fatal affairs -- An un-ideal husband -- Letting rip -- 'It is said that passion makes one think in a circle' -- Facing fate -- Impotent silence -- The 'disgraced' name -- Author of a legend -- 'We all come out of prison as sensitive as children' -- 'I have fiddled too often on the string of doom' -- 'I am really in the gutter'.
"A first-ever biography of Oscar Wilde that places him within the context of his family and social and historical milieu finally tells the whole story of one of the most prominent characters of the late 19th century whose trial for indecency heralded decadence's demise - and his own,"--NoveList.

Forty autumns : a family's story of courage and survival on both sides of the Berlin Wall

October 18, 2016
Willner, Nina, 1961- author.
New York, NY : William Morrow, [2016]
391 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Family and historical chronology -- Family tree -- PART ONE -- The Handover : End of War (1945) -- An Iron Curtain Descends : Cold War Begins (1945-1946) -- "If You Want to Get Out, Do It Soon" : Close Calls and Escapes (1946-1948) -- Flight : A Small Suitcase and The Final Escape (August 11, 1948) -- PART TWO -- Two Castles : Out of the Whirlwind (1948-1949) -- A Sister Born in the East : The Stasi Takes Control (1949-1952) -- "We Want To Be Free" : A Workers' Uprising (1953) -- The Visit : Sisters Meet (1954) -- Life Normalizes in a Police State : A Courtship (1955-1957) -- The Fur Coat : Last Meeting (1958-1959) -- PART THREE -- "A Wall Will Keep the Enemy Out" : A Wall to Keep the People In (1960-1961) -- The Family Wall : Oma's Faith and Opa's Defiance (1962-1965) -- Only Party Members Succeed : "We Have Each Other" (1966-1969) -- A Message With No Words : Oma's Love from Afar (1970-1974) -- Dissidents and Troublemakers : Opa Committed (1975-1977) -- A Light Shines : "Our Souls Are Free" (1977) -- A Surprise from America : Innocence (1978-1980) -- Paradise Bungalow : Refuge and Solace (1980-1982) -- PART FOUR -- Assignment: Berlin : Intelligence Operations (1982-1984) -- Face-to-Face with Honecker : Mission in Ludwigslust (1984-1985) -- Beyond the Checkpoint : Passage (1985) -- Imagine : The Road Ahead (1986) -- "Tear Down This Wall" : Winds of Change (1987-1988) -- "Gorby, Save Us!" : A Nation Crumbles (1989) -- The World is Stunned : "Schabowski Said We Can!" or The Wall Falls (November 9, 1989) -- Dawn : TK (Autumn 1989) -- Reunion and Rebirth : TK (1990- 2013) -- Epilogue -- Glossary -- Author's Note.
"In this illuminating and deeply moving memoir, a former American military intelligence officer goes beyond traditional Cold War espionage tales to tell the true story of her family--of five women separated by the Iron Curtain for more than forty years, and their miraculous reunion after the fall of the Berlin Wall."-- Provided by publisher.

Junk Gypsy : designing a life at the crossroads of wonder & wander

October 18, 2016
Sikes, Amie, author.
New York : Touchstone, 2016.
227 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Ballad of the Junk Gypsies -- Junkology -- If you build it -- Grit happens -- Magic in a tin can -- Round Top, Texas -- Junk-o-Rama Prom -- If Willie Nelson and Janis Joplin had a love child -- So God made a farmhouse -- Home sweet Gypsy home.
In their first book, the Junk Gypsies--sisters and stars of the popular Texas-born brand and HGTV show--combine big dreams, stories of roadside treasures found, and down-home design projects inspired by epic makeovers for friends like Miranda Lambert, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Sadie Robertson. Amie and Jolie Sikes, the Thelma and Louise of the design world, are the Junk Gypsies: a family with an addiction to flea markets, wanderlust, and Americana inspired design. In their world, cowgirls are heroes, road trips last forever, and junk is treasured. Beginning with a little bit of faith and a whole lot of heart and soul, the sisters travelled the back roads of America like gypsies, collecting roadside trinkets and tattered treasures while meeting kindred spirits and lively characters along the way. With a mix of hippie, rock n&#x; roll, southern charm, and big dreams, these small-town Texas girls became restless wanderers and owners and operators of their dream business and bohemian brand, Junk Gypsy. Filled with stories from their unique journey as well as DIY projects and bohemian inspired designs, Junk Gypsy is a tribute to all the rowdy gypsies, crafty junkers, free-spirited romantics, and true-blue rebels who have ever dared to dream big,"

The most famous writer who ever lived : a true story of my family

October 18, 2016
Shroder, Tom, author.
New York : Blue Rider Press, [2016]
402 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24cm
Includes index.
"A veteran of the Washington Post and Miami Herald among others, Shroder has made a career of investigative journalism and human-interest stories, from interviewing South American children who claim to have memories of past lives for his book Old Souls, to a former Marine suffering from debilitating PTSD and his doctor who is pioneering a successful psychedelic drug treatment in Acid Test. Shroder's most fascinating reporting, however, comes from within his own family: his grandfather, MacKinlay Kantor, was the world-famous author of Andersonville, the seminal novel of the Civil War. As a child, Shroder was in awe of the larger-than-life character. Kantor's friends included Ernest Hemingway, Carl Sandberg, Gregory Peck and James Cagney. He was an early mentor to John D. McDonald, and is credited with discovering the singer Burl Ives. He wrote the novel Glory for Me, which became the multi-Oscar-winning film The Best Years of Our Lives. He ghostwrote General Curtis LeMay's memoirs, penning the infamous words "we're going to bomb them back to the Stone Age" regarding North Vietnam. Kantor also suffered from alcoholism, an outsized ego, and an overbearing, abusive, and publically embarrassing personality where his family was concerned; he blew through a small fortune in his lifetime, dying nearly destitute and alone. In The Most Famous Writer Who Ever Lived, Shroder revisits the past--Kantor's upbringing, his early life, and career trajectory--and writes not just the life story of one man but a meditation on fame, family secrets and legacies, and what is remembered after we are gone"-- Provided by publisher.

A life everlasting : the extraordinary story of one boy's gift to medical science

October 17, 2016
Gray, Sarah, 1973- author.
New York, NY : HarperOne, [2016]
x, 275 pages ; 24 cm
It wasn't supposed to happen like this -- Sophie's choice, backward at 100 mph -- Better than nothing -- Hello, good-bye -- Thomas's ride -- Eli's story -- Transplant envy -- An accidental quest begins : Schepens Eye Institute -- The quest continues : Duke -- The quest continues : Cytonet -- Out of my comfort zone -- Amalya's story: mortui vivos docent -- The dance -- Sue's story -- The quest isn't over yet : the University of Pennsylvania -- Who was afraid and why -- From donation to discovery -- Mara's story: a sword and a shield.
When Sarah Gray found out she was pregnant with twins, her joy was quickly tempered by sadness when she received the devastating news that one of her unborn sons, Thomas, had anencephaly, a terminal condition. But she was determined to find positive meaning in Thomas's life and death, so in the weeks before she gave birth to her twin sons, in 2010, Sarah arranged to donate his organs, eyes, and blood to medical research. So began her incredible, heart-wrenching quest: determined to trace how Thomas's donations had been used, Sarah visited some of the most prestigious scientific facilities in the country, including Harvard, Duke, and the University of Pennsylvania. Pulling back the curtain of protocol and confidentiality, she met the researchers who received the donations and who studied his cells under a microscope. What she found was extraordinary work pushing the very edge of medical science. Sarah Gray's journey to find closure and understanding takes her beyond her son's donations, too, offering a rare glimpse into the world of organ donation and the scientists who study those donations to further discovery for all humanity. Along the way, Sarah also introduces us to other donor families and tells their stories, as her quest broadens into the wider world of donation for research. Filled with heart, this book is a powerful memoir of grief, hope, and rebirth.--Adapted from dust jacket.

Rancher, farmer, fisherman : conservation heroes of the American heartland

October 17, 2016
Horn, Miriam, author.
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., [2016]
xviii, 394 pages : map, illustrations ; 24 cm
Rancher -- Farmer -- Riverman -- Shrimper -- Fisherman.
Traces the conservation movement by ranchers, farmers, river workers, and fishermen who in spite of separating themselves from political environmentalism are helping to restore and protect America's grasslands, wildlife, wetlands, and oceans.

The French chef in America : Julia Child's second act

October 17, 2016
Prud'homme, Alex, author.
318 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
The French chef faces life: tDinner and diplomacy -- The French chef -- Volume II -- The French chef in France -- That's it -- The French chef in America: From Julia Child's kitchen -- The spirit of '76 -- The president, the queen, and the captain -- The new French revolution -- A go-to cultural figure -- Bursting out of the straitjacket -- Following the gleam: Prime time -- The celebrity chef -- Bon appétit, America!" -- Epilogue: a civilized art.
"Julia Child is synonymous with French cooking, but her legacy runs much deeper. Now, her great-nephew and My Life in France coauthor vividly recounts the myriad ways in which she profoundly shaped how we eat today. He shows us Child in the aftermath of the publication of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, suddenly finding herself America's first lady of French food and under considerable pressure to embrace her new mantle. We see her dealing with difficult colleagues and the challenges of fame, ultimately using her newfound celebrity to create what would become a totally new type of food television. Every bit as entertaining, inspiring, and delectable as My Life in France, The French Chef in America uncovers Julia Child beyond her "French chef" persona and reveals her second act to have been as groundbreaking and adventurous as her first,"

Darling days

October 17, 2016
Wright, iO Tillett, author.
385 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"The author describes her search for an authentic sense of self and gender identity in a coming of age biography set in the 1980s and 1990s urban bohemia of New York's Lower East Side, where punk rock, poverty and heroin met art and glamour,"--NoveList.

Shirley Jackson : a rather haunted life

October 17, 2016
Franklin, Ruth, author.
New York : Liveright Publishing Corporation, a division of W. W. Norton & Company, [2016]
607 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Introduction: a secret history -- Foundations: California, 1916-1933 -- The demon in the mind: Rochester, 1933-1937 -- Intentions charged with power: Brooklyn, 1919-1937 -- S & S: Syracuse, 1937-1940 -- The mad bohemians: New York, New Hampshire, Syracuse, 1940-1942 -- Garlic in fiction: New York, 1942-1945 -- Sidestreet, U.S.A.: Bennington, The road through the wall, 1945-1948 -- A classic in some category: "The Lottery," 1948 -- Notes on a modern book of witchcraft: The Lottery: or, The Adventures of James Harris, 1948-1949 -- The Lovely House: Westport, Hangsaman, 1950-1951 -- Cabbages and Savages: Bennington, Life Among the Savages, 1951-1953 -- Dr. Write: The Bird's Nest, 1953-1954 -- Domestic disturbances: Raising Demons, 1954-1957 -- What is this world?: The Sundial, 1957-1958 -- The heart of the house: The Haunting of Hill House, 1958-1959 -- Steady against the world: We Have Always Lived in the Castle, 1960-1962 -- Writing is the way out: 1962-1964 -- Last words: Come Along with Me, 1964-1965.
"Still known to millions only as the author of the "The Lottery," Shirley Jackson (1916-1965) remains curiously absent from the American literary canon. A genius of literary suspense, Jackson plumbed the cultural anxiety of postwar America better than anyone. Now, biographer Ruth Franklin reveals the tumultuous life and inner darkness of the author behind such classics as The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Placing Jackson within an American Gothic tradition of Hawthorne and Poe, Franklin demonstrates how her unique contribution to this genre came from her focus on "domestic horror" drawn from an era hostile to women. Based on a wealth of previously undiscovered correspondence and dozens of new interviews, Shirley Jackson, with its exploration of astonishing talent shaped by a damaged childhood and a troubled marriage to literary critic Stanley Hyman, becomes the definitive biography of a generational avatar and an American literary giant."-- Provided by publisher.

Ghost songs : a memoir

October 17, 2016
McBride, Regina, 1956- author.
Portland, Oregon : Tin House Books, 2016.
297 pages ; 20 cm
"In a haunting coming-of-age memoir, the author begins seeing the ghosts of her parents after they committed suicide within a few months of each other and, terrorized by these visitations and flattened by grief, must learn to separate madness from imagination and sorrow from devastation to find her way back to herself, her home and her remaining family,"--NoveList.

Something in the blood : the untold story of Bram Stoker, the man who wrote Dracula

October 17, 2016
Skal, David J., author.
New York : Liveright Publishing Corporation, 2016.
xvii, 652 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm
Bram Stoker: the final curtain? -- The child that went with the fairies -- Mesmeric influences -- Songs of Calamus, songs of Sappho -- Engagements and commitments -- Londoners -- Pantomimes from Hell -- The Isle of Men -- A land beyond the forest -- Undead Oscar -- Mortal coils -- The curse of Dracula.
"A groundbreaking biography reveals the haunted origins of the man who created Dracula and traces the psychosexual contours of late Victorian society."-- Provided by publisher

You can't touch my hair : and other things I still have to explain

October 17, 2016
Robinson, Phoebe, author.
New York : Plume, [2016]
xxxii, 285 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Introduction -- From Little Rock Nine to nappy hair, don't care in eighteen & half-ish years -- A brief history of black hair in film, TV, music, & media -- My nine favorite not-so-guilty pleasures -- Welcome to being black -- Dear future female president: my list of demands -- How to avoid being the black friend -- Uppity -- Casting calls for people of color that were not written by people of color -- The angry black woman myth -- People, places, & things that need to do better -- Letters to Olivia.
Being a Black woman in American means contending with old prejudices and fresh absurdities. Robinson uses her trademark wit to explore examine our cultural climate and skewer our biases with humor and heart.

Christian mystics : 108 seers, saints, and sages

October 14, 2016
McColman, Carl, author.
Charlottesville : Hampton Roads Pub., [2016]
xxvi, 257 pages ; 23 cm.
The nine categories -- Visionaries -- Confessors -- Lovers -- Poets -- Saints -- Heretics -- Wisdom keepers -- Soul friends -- Unitives.

Looking for The Stranger : Albert Camus and the life of a literary classic

October 14, 2016
Kaplan, Alice Yaeger, author.
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, [2016]
289 pages : maps ; 24 cm
Prologue -- A bonfire -- From Belcourt to Hydra -- A first try -- The novel he didn't know he was writing -- A reporter on the beat -- Any person condemned to death shall have his head cut off -- The absurd -- A first chapter -- What he carried -- Writing part I -- Already traced within me -- Exodus -- Rue d'Arzew -- A jealous teacher and a generous comrade -- Resolve -- The Malraux factor -- A reader's report -- Gallimard's war -- The stranger is born -- Recovery -- From the absurd to revolt -- Above ground -- Existentialist twins -- Consecration in New York -- A book for everyone -- What's in a name? -- Epilogue: l'écho d'Oran.
Since its publication in France in 1942, Camus's novel has been translated into sixty languages and sold more than six million copies. If the twentieth century produced a novel that could be called ubiquitous, The Stranger is it. How did a young man in his twenties who had never written a novel turn out a masterpiece that still grips readers more than seventy years later? Here, Alice Kaplan tells that story. In the process, she reveals Camus's achievement to have been even more impressive--and more unlikely--than even his most devoted readers knew. Born in poverty in colonial Algeria, Camus started out as a journalist covering the criminal courts. The murder trials he attended, Kaplan shows, would be a major influence on the development and themes of The Stranger. She follows Camus to France, and, making deft use of his diaries and letters, re-creates his lonely struggle with the novel in Montmartre, where he finally hit upon the unforgettable first-person voice that enabled him to break through and complete The Stranger. Even then, the book's publication was far from certain. France was straining under German occupation, and Camus himself was seriously ill with tuberculosis. Yet the book did appear, thanks in part to a resourceful publisher, Gaston Gallimard, who was undeterred by paper shortages and Nazi censorship. It wasn't until after liberation that The Stranger began its meteoric rise. As France and the rest of the world began to move out of the shadow of war, Camus's book became a critical and commercial success, and Camus found himself one of the most famous writers in the world. Suddenly, his seemingly modest tale of alienation was being seen for what it really was: a powerful parable of the absurd, an existentialist masterpiece. Few books inspire devotion and excitement the way The Stranger does, and it couldn't have a better biographer than Alice Kaplan.--Adapted from dust jacket.

Conversations with McCartney

October 13, 2016
Du Noyer, Paul, interviewer, author.
xv, 352 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
Things he said today -- Rocker with a lolly ice -- How to become a Beatle -- The toppermost -- It started to be art -- My dark hour -- Rage against the machine -- The astronaut and the moon -- Starting from scratch -- Soaring -- Wings folded -- Of frogs and firemen -- That's a great idea, Eddie! -- British light music -- John -- Unfinished business -- Apollo C. Vermouth -- A pot of gold -- This magic experiment -- Beyond the smile -- Living is easy with nice clothes -- Heaven and earth -- Punks and rivals -- If I were not upon the stage -- Another wide prairie -- More cowbell -- Do it now -- Fallibility -- Linda -- Love -- Finale: fifty favourites.
An intimate portrayal of the musical icon, largely in his own words, draws on years of meetings between McCartney and the author and includes candid discussions of the artist's inspirations, creative process, beliefs, and achievements.

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