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May 26, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The exile : the stunning inside story of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda in flight

May 25, 2017
Scott-Clark, Cathy, 1965- author.
xx, 619 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 25 cm
"Shit. I think we bit off more than we could chew." -- "Terrorism is a duty and assassination is a Sunnah." -- "These Arabs...they have killed Afghans. They have trained their guns on Afghan live...We want them out." -- "Poor ones, this is not how revenge is, or will be." -- "The banging was so strong that I felt at some point that my skull was in pieces." -- "If you bid us plunge into the ocean, we would follow you." -- "The reprisals of the mujahideen shall come like lightning bolts." -- "We will get you, CIA team, inshallah, we will bring you down." -- "I'm back with the people I was with before." -- "We go to a house, we fuck with some people, and we leave. This is just a longer fight." -- "What really happened doesn't matter if there is an official story behind it that 99.999% of the world would believe." -- "It is going to be worse when my father dies. The world is going to be very, very will be a disaster." -- "It will be just the end of the beginning rather than the beginning of the end."

The hue and cry at our house : a year remembered

May 25, 2017
Taylor, Benjamin, 1952- author.
xx, 182 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
No faint hearts -- A clean burrow -- The real man, the imagination -- Peru -- Forebears -- Natural shocks -- Lake effect -- No Jews, no commies, no fags neither -- A statute of limitations.
"After John F. Kennedy's speech in front of the Hotel Texas in Fort Worth on November 22, 1963, he was greeted by, among others, an 11-year-old Benjamin Taylor and his mother waiting to shake his hand. Only a few hours later, Taylor's teacher called the class in from recess and, through tears, told them of the president's assassination. From there Taylor traces a path through the next twelve months, recalling the tumult as he saw everything he had once considered stable begin to grow more complex. Looking back on the love and tension within his family, the childhood friendships that lasted and those that didn't, his memories of summer camp and family trips, he reflects upon the outsized impact our larger American story had on his own."--Cover flap.

My father's closet

May 25, 2017
McClintock, Karen A., 1953- author.
xii, 242 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Winged cupid -- Grandma wanted a girl -- Courtship by pie -- The porch swing -- Awestruck -- Hamburg, Germany -- The radio show -- The lesson -- Pearl Harbor Day -- Farewell -- Boot camp -- Engagement letter -- Gathered here -- Groundbreaking -- Thanksgiving -- Mom's little ditties -- Independence days -- No one dives deep -- The Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts -- Our new basement -- An accident waiting to happen -- The faculty club -- Student protests -- The New York Gay Liberation March -- Stephanie -- No going back -- New York underground -- The pipes might freeze -- The crash -- The AIDS epidemic -- Last days -- The shiny blue casket -- Saying goodbye -- The wake -- Mom comes out at last -- The bust -- National Coming Out Day.
"Thirty years after her father’s death, Karen McClintock sets out to find the gay father she never really knew. As we follow the unraveling family secret, we find ourselves drawn into her story as they stumble into infidelity, grieve heartbreaking losses, and remain loyal in love. Set in Columbus, Ohio, My Father’s Closet tells the story of how just before the war, McClintock’s parents fell in love and married, while overseas in Germany the man whom she believes became her father’s lover was concealing his Jewish and gay identities in order to escape to America. A set of her father’s journals, letters her parents sent to each other during the Second World War, and a mysterious painting all lead her toward the truth about her gay father. McClintock weaves a complex secret into the fabric of lives we truly care about. And in the process, she leads us out of her father’s closet. This gripping memoir captures the longing children feel for a distant or hidden parent and taps into the complexity of human connection and abandonment. The characters are resilient and vibrant. The hidden lovers, the nosey neighbors, and surprise lovers all show up. In the end, this extraordinary family finds ways to connect and freedom to love. Anyone who grew up with a family secret will appreciate the dynamics afoot in this fast-paced and compelling story" --Inside jacket.

Be like the fox : Machiavelli's lifelong quest for freedom

May 25, 2017
Benner, Erica, author.
xxii, 360 pages : maps ; 25 cm
The importance of good faith -- Take nothing on authority -- Do not be deceived by false glory -- Beware of doctors -- Have no fear of giants -- How to speak of princes -- Recover your freedom -- The way to paradise -- So blinded are you by present greed -- Build dykes and dams -- Fortune loves impetuous young men -- How to win -- Measure yourself and limit your hopes -- Be like the fox -- Simulate stupidity -- Imagine a true republic -- Never give up -- Aftermath.
"Far from the ruthless Machiavellian henchman that people think he was, Machiavelli emerges here as a profound ethical thinker who fought to uphold high moral standards and restore the democratic freedoms of his beloved Florence. Shaking the dust from history, Benner ... interweaves Machiavelli's words with those of his friends and enemies, giving us a biography with all the energy of fiction"

Death need not be fatal

May 25, 2017
McCourt, Malachy, 1931- author.
New York : Center Street, 2017.
259 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, portraits ; 24 cm
Prologue: The departure lounge -- Angela's diary -- Christmas in Limerick -- Finnegan's wake -- The Roman collar -- O'Neill's yank -- The raincoat brigade -- A few last words -- It's a long way to Bombay -- I come from a long line of dead people -- The father -- The brother Frank -- And the dead arose and appeared to many -- Departure lounge too -- A long nap.
"Before he runs out of time, Irish bon vivant Malachy McCourt shares his views on death--sometimes hilarious and often poignant--and on what will or won't happen after his last breath is drawn. During the course of his life, Malachy McCourt practically invented the single's bar; was a pioneer in talk radio, a soap opera star, a best-selling author; a gold smuggler, a political activist, and a candidate for governor of the state of New York. It seems that the only two things he hasn't done are stick his head into a lion's mouth and die. Since he is allergic to cats, he decided to write about the great hereafter and answer the question on most minds: What's so great about it anyhow? In Death Need Not Be Fatal, McCourt also trains a sober eye on the tragedies that have shaped his life: the deaths of his sister and twin brothers; the real story behind Angela's famous ashes; and a poignant account of the death of the man who left his mother, brothers, and him to nearly die in squalor. McCourt writes with deep emotion of the staggering losses of all three of his brothers, Frank, Mike, and Alphie. In his inimitable way, McCourt takes the grim reaper by the lapels and shakes the truth out of him. As he rides the final blocks on his Rascal scooter, he looks too at the prospect of his own demise with emotional clarity and insight. In this beautifully rendered memoir, McCourt shows us how to live life to its fullest, how to grow old without acting old, and how to die without regret"-- Provided by publisher.

Iron ambition : my life with Cus D'Amato

May 25, 2017
Tyson, Mike, 1966- author.
New York : Blue Rider Press, [2017]
465 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
"From the former heavyweight champion and New York Times-bestselling memoirist comes an intimate look at the life and leadership lessons of Cus D'Amato, the legendary boxing trainer and Mike Tyson's surrogate father. When Cus D'Amato first saw thirteen-year-old Mike Tyson spar in the ring, he proclaimed, 'That's the heavyweight champion of the world.' D'Amato, who had previously managed the careers of world champions Floyd Patterson and Jose Torres, would go on to train the young Tyson and raise him as a son. D'Amato died a year before Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history. In Tyson's bestselling memoir Undisputed Truth, he recounted the role D'Amato played in his formative years, adopting him at age sixteen after his mother died and shaping him both physically and mentally after Tyson had spent years living in fear and poverty. In Iron Ambition, Tyson elaborates on the life lessons that D'Amato passed down to him, and reflects on how the trainer's words of wisdom continue to resonate with him outside the ring. The book also chronicles Cus's courageous fight against the mobsters who controlled boxing, revealing more than we've ever known about this singular cultural figure"-- Provided by publisher.

The loyal son : the war in Ben Franklin's house

May 25, 2017
Epstein, Daniel Mark, author.
New York : Ballantine Books, [2017]
xx, 438 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, map ; 25 cm
Preface: a night journey, 1731 -- Part I. Sons of the empire -- Americans in London: September 22, 1761 -- Colonial contemporaries, 1753 -- Defenses and engagements -- Challenges, 1757 -- Triumphs -- Part II. America and her children -- America, 1763 -- A frenzy or madness -- Blood and money -- Rebellion, 1772-73 -- A thorough government man -- Two roads -- Part III. War -- Trevose, 1775 -- The last word -- The reckoning, 1776 -- Paterfamilias -- The dark night of the soul -- Part IV. Danse macabre -- The scene of action, 1778-81 -- Captain Huddy and the dance of death -- Going home -- Epilogue, 1785-1823.

Ruthless river : love and survival by raft on the Amazon's relentless Madre de Dios

May 25, 2017
FitzGerald, Holly Conklin.
New York : Vintage Departures, Vintage Books, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, 2017.
xii, 316 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
The author describes how her honeymoon was cut short when her plane crashed in the jungles of Peru, forcing her and her husband to try to survive aboard a makeshift raft as they made their way down the Amazon River to civilization.

Young Leonardo : the evolution of a revolutionary artist, 1472-1499

May 25, 2017
Isbouts, Jean-Pierre, author.
New York : Thomas Dunne Books, 2017.
vi, 231 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
Part I. Toward the Adoration of The Magi: Leonardo's early oeuvre in Florence -- Prologue -- Beginnings in Florence -- The Adoration of the Magi -- Part II. Towrad The Last Supper: Leonardo's oeuvre in Milan -- An artist in Milan -- The Sforza commissiions -- The Pala Sforzesca -- The Santa Maria delle Grazie -- Montorfano's Crucifixion with Donors -- The theme of The Last Supper -- Painting The Last Supper -- Seeing The Last Supper with new eyes.
"The traditional view of Leonardo da Vinci's career is that he enjoyed a promising start in Florence and then moved to Milan to become the celebrated court artist of Duke Ludovico Sforza. Young Leonardo proves all of this wrong. It reveals how the struggling painter was repeatedly snubbed by the prevailing trends of Florentine style before escaping to Milan empty-handed. But Milan offered little more; Sforza's patronage was lukewarm, to say the least, and all the major commissions went to artists whose names are now forgotten. How did the amateur become one of the all-time greatest masters? Slowly, meticulously, disastrously. Focusing on an often neglected period in Leonardo's life, here is a fascinating window into the artist's mind as he develops the techniques that will transform Western art forever. Because before there could be a Last Supper, a Mona Lisa, a St. Anne, there had to be a young Leonardo"-- Provided by publisher.

Papi : my story

May 24, 2017
Ortiz, David, 1975- author.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017.
viii, 262 pages,16 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 23 cm
David "Big Papi" Ortiz is a baseball icon and one of the most popular figures ever to play the game. As a key part of the Boston Red Sox for 14 years, David has helped the team win 3 World Series, bringing back a storied franchise from "never wins" to "always wins." He helped them upend the doubters, the naysayers, the nonbelievers and captured the imagination of millions of fans along the way, as he launched balls into the stands again, and again, and again. He made Boston and the Red Sox his home, his place of work, and his legacy. In Papi, his ultimate memoir, Ortiz opens up as never before about his life in baseball and about the problems he sees in Major League Baseball, about former teammates, opponents, coaches, and executives, and about the weight of expectation whenever he stepped up to the plate. The result is a revelatory, fly-on-the wall story of a career by a player with a lot to say at the end of his time in the game, a game to which he gave so much and which gave so much to him.

Love, Africa : a memoir of romance, love, and survival

May 24, 2017
Gettleman, Jeffrey, 1971-
New York, NY : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2017]
325 pages ; 24 cm
"A seasoned war correspondent, Jeffrey Gettleman has covered every major conflict over the past twenty years, from Afghanistan to Iraq to the Congo. For the past decade, he has served as the East Africa bureau chief for the New York Times, fulfilling a teenage dream. At nineteen, Gettleman fell in love, twice. On a do-it-yourself community service trip in college, he went to East Africa--a terrifying, exciting, dreamlike part of the world in the throes of change that imprinted itself on his imagination and on his heart. But around that same time he also fell in love with a fellow Cornell student--the brightest, classiest, most principled woman he'd ever met. To say they were opposites was an understatement. She became a criminal lawyer in America; he hungered to return to Africa. For the next decade he would be torn between these two abiding passions" -- from publisher's web site.

Classic style : hand it down, dress it up, wear it out

May 24, 2017
New York : Grand Central Life & Style, [2017]
255 pages : color illustrations ; 22 cm
Includes interviews with noted fashion designers.

Churchill and Orwell : the fight for freedom

May 24, 2017
Ricks, Thomas E., author.
New York, New York : Penguin Press, [2017]
339 pages, 16 unnumbered pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
The two Winstons -- Churchill the adventurer -- Orwell the policeman -- Churchill : down and out in the 1930s -- Orwell becomes "Orwell" : Spain 1937 -- Churchill becomes "Churchill" : Spring 1940 -- Fighting the Germans, reaching out to the Americans : 1940- 1941 -- Churchill, Orwell, and the class war in Britain : 1941 -- Enter the Americans : 1941-1942 -- Grim visions of the postwar world : 1943 -- Animal Farm : 1943-1945 -- Churchill (and Britain) in decline and triumph : 1944-1945 -- Churchill's revenge : the war memoirs -- Orwell in triumph and decline : 1945-1950 -- Churchill's oremature afterlife : 1950-1965 -- Orwell's extraordinary ascension : 1950-2016 -- Afterword: The path of Churchill and Orwell.
A "dual biography of Winston Churchill and George Orwell, with a focus on the pivotal years from the mid-1930s through the 1940s, when their farsighted vision and inspired action in the face of the threat of fascism and communism helped preserve democracy for the world"-- Provided by publisher.

The long run : a memoir of loss and life in motion

May 24, 2017
Menzies-Pike, Catriona, author.
New York : Crown Publishers, 2017.
244 pages ; 22 cm
Making a scene -- On the treadmill -- Born to run -- Running like a girl -- On the road -- Telling tales -- Look at her go -- Rejoice, we conquer! -- Plan b -- Over the Line -- A one-sentence success story -- Hitting the wall -- Conclusion: stories we tell.
"An unlikely convert to distance running finds her way through grief and into the untold history of women and running. Thirty-year-old Catriona Menzies-Pike defined herself in many ways: voracious reader, pub crawler, feminist, backpacker, and, since her parents' deaths a decade earlier, orphan. 'Runner' was nowhere near the list. Yet when she began training for a half marathon on a whim, she found herself an instant convert. Soon she realized that running, 'a pace suited to the precarious labor of memory,' was helping her to grieve the loss of her parents in ways that she had been, for ten messy years, running away from. As Catriona excavates her own past, she also grows curious about other women drawn to running. What she finds is a history of repression and denial -running was thought to endanger childbearing, and as late as 1967 the organizer of the Boston Marathon tried to drag a woman off the course, telling her to 'get the hell out of my race'- but also of incredible courage and achievement. As she brings to life the stories of pioneering athletes and analyzes the figure of the woman runner in pop culture, literature, and myth, she comes to the heart of why she's running, and why any of us do"-- Provided by publisher.

A speck in the sea : a story of survival and rescue

May 24, 2017
Aldridge, John, author.
New York, NY : Weinstein Books, [2017]
x, 262 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
Prologue -- Overboard -- Montauk fisherman -- A speck in the sea -- "He's not here" -- Daylight -- In the command center -- "We're in big trouble" -- "Johnny Load is missing" -- To the west-end buoy -- Command and control -- The landward watch -- Cutting loose -- Found -- "It's over" -- Saved -- The good daughter -- Postscripts and parties -- Epilogue --Appendix A: Assets deployed to find and rescue John Aldridge -- Appendix B: The tale of Johnny Load.
"In the dead of night on July 24, 2013, John Aldridge was thrown off the back of the Anna Mary while his fishing partner, Anthony Sosinski, slept below. As desperate hours ticked by, Sosinski, the families, the local fishing community, and the U.S. Coast Guard in three states mobilized in an unprecedented search effort that culminated in a rare and exhilarating success" -- dust jacket flap.

The girl with seven names : a escape from North Korea

May 24, 2017
Lee, Hyeonseo, author.
xiii, 304 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations, maps ; 20 cm
Includes index.
Introduction -- Prologue -- Part One. The greatest nation on Earth. A train through the mountains -- The city at the edge of the world -- The eyes on the wall -- The lady in black -- The man beneath the bridge -- The red shoes -- Boomtown -- The secret photograph -- To be a good communist -- 'Rocky island' -- 'The house is cursed' -- Tragedy at the bridge -- Sunlight on dark water -- 'The great heart has stopped beating' -- Girlfriend of a hoodlum -- 'By the time you read this, the five of us will no longer exist in this world' -- The lights of Changbai -- Over the ice -- Part Two. To the heart of the dragon. A visit to Mr. Ahn -- Home truths -- The suitor -- The wedding trap -- Shenyang girl -- Guilt call -- The men from the south -- Interrogation -- The plan -- The gang -- The comfort of moonlight -- The biggest, brashest city in Asia -- Career woman -- A connection to Hyesan -- The teddy-bear conversations -- The tormenting of Min-ho -- The love shock -- Destination Seoul -- Part Three. Journey into darkness. 'Welcome to Korea' -- The women -- House of unity -- The learning race -- Waiting for 2012 -- A place of ghosts and wild dogs -- An impossible dilemma -- Journey into night -- Under a vast Asian sky -- Lost in Laos -- Whatever it takes -- The kindness of strangers -- Shuttle diplomacy -- Long wait for freedom -- A series of small miracles -- 'I am prepared to die' -- The beauty of a free mind -- Epilogue.
In 1997 the author, aged 17, escaped North Korea for China. Her mother's first words over the telephone to her lost daughter were "don't come back". The reprisals for all of them would have been lethal. Twelve years later she returned to the North Korean border in a daring mission to spirit her mother and brother to South Korea in a very costly and dangerous journey. This eloquent book offers the first credible account of ordinary life in North Korea and gives an extraordinary insight into the life under one of the world's most ruthless and secretive dictatorships.

Ernest Hemingway : a biography

May 23, 2017
Dearborn, Mary V., author.
738 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 24 cm
"His writing was taken up with notions of human dignity and worth, 'the necessity of man's freedom, of personal honor,' notions by which a man should live and die in a world that had lost the possibility of hope. ('In life, one must [first of all] endure,' said Hemingway.) Mary V. Dearborn's is the first full biography of Hemingway in more than fifteen years, the first to be written by a woman, the first to fully explore the causes of his suicide and to substantially deepen our understanding of the man, the artist, the self-created larger-than-life force who became Ernest Hemingway. Drawing on newly available materials--among them, the vast collection of papers left behind when Hemingway fled Cuba in 1960; his medical records; his complete FBI file detailing his wartime experience; the newly opened files of the KGB; the papers of his mistress, and those of his sister revealing the profound turmoil of the Hemingway family, as well as the previously overlooked letters of his mother, Grace, opera singer and painter, whose startling and illuminating correspondence reveals her decades-long romantic attachment to a woman while married to Ed Hemingway--Dearborn gives us Hemingway the man who found it difficult to give and receive love and maintain friendships, unless it was 'all for Hemingway.' We see the development of his writing (the self-proclaimed influences: from Mark Twain, Flaubert, and Stendhal to Bach, Mozart, Bruegel, and Cézanne, and, most crucial of all, 'the [Gertrude] steining of Hemingway'); his emergence as a startlingly contemporary figure--not least in the gender experimentation and sexual role-playing that until now have been dismissed as 'gender confusion.' And we see his four marriages, each one a reflection of how he saw himself: the first to the financially independent Hadley Richardson, the wife most like his mother, whose unadorned way of living mirrored his upbringing ... his marriage to the chic Pauline Pfeiffer, writer for Paris Vogue, assistant to Main Bocher, the epitome of the glamorous world into which Hemingway was being welcomed and celebrated ... his marriage to Martha Gellhorn, war correspondent, as Hemingway became politicized and went to fight against Fascism with the Loyalists in Spain. Gellhorn, as much of an artist as her husband, refused to give up her view of herself for Hemingway's demands and expectations. And Mary Welsh, the boyish writer, adventurer, correspondent, willing to keep up with Hemingway in his pursuits and become his caretaker, as he, from his forties on, became undone by alcohol and too many prescribed pills. Hemingway's life is a large story--the giant personality, the hidden demons, the hard-core values left behind, and the carefree childhood that carried him along until 'everything went to hell,' as he said, and it all blew up. Here is the richest, most nuanced portrait to date of this complex American artist, whose darkness, drive, and vision of courage; whose ambition, self-control, and grace under pressure; and whose eleven novels (four published posthumously) and five short story collections, informed--and are still informing--fiction writing generations after his death."--Jacket.

Otis Redding : an unfinished life

May 23, 2017
Gould, Jonathan, 1951-
New York : Crown Archetype, [2017]
viii, 533 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Monterey -- Georgia on my mind -- Laura -- Gallantry's last bow -- Sonny -- Georgia Tom -- Sister Rosetta and the Jukebox King -- Macon music -- Brown v. board -- Brother Ray -- 1955 -- Specialty -- Bellevue -- Hillview Springs -- Teenage party -- Atlantic -- Phil -- Otis and Phil -- Zelma -- Love twist -- Joe -- Satellite -- Stax -- These arms of mine -- That's what my heart needs -- The hot summer revue -- Pain in my heart -- The Apollo -- Security -- Berry, Brown, and Burke -- Roy street -- Soul ballads -- I've been loving you too long -- Otis blue -- My girl -- I can't turn you loose -- The soul album -- The whisky -- Summer 1966 -- Otis and Phil redux -- Ready steady go! -- Dictionary of soul -- The Fillmore -- King & Queen -- Hit the road, Stax -- R-E-S-P-E-C-T -- The love crowd -- Buses to planes -- What makes these guys so special -- The dock of the bay -- Epitaph -- Epilogue.
"Otis Redding remains an immortal presence in the canon of American music on the strength of such classic hits as "(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay," "I've Been Loving You Too Long," "Try a Little Tenderness," and "Respect," a song he wrote and recorded before Aretha Franklin made it her own. As the architect of the distinctly southern, gospel-inflected style of rhythm & blues associated with Stax Records in Memphis, Redding made music that has long served as the gold standard of 1960s soul. Yet an aura of myth and mystery has always surrounded his life, which was tragically cut short at the height of his career by a plane crash in December 1967. In chronicling the story of Redding's life and music, Gould also presents a social history of the time and place from which they emerged. His book never lets us forget that the boundaries between black and white in popular music were becoming porous during the years when racial tensions were reaching a height throughout the United States. His indelible portrait of Redding and the mass acceptance of soul music in the 1960s is both a revealing look at a brilliant artist and a provocative exploration of the tangled history of race and music in America that resonates strongly with the present day" -- provided by publisher.

A wrestling life : 2 : more inspiring stories of Dan Gable

May 23, 2017
Gable, Dan, author.
Iowa City : University of Iowa Press, [2017]
xiii, 229 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.

Give a girl a knife : a memoir

May 22, 2017
Thielen, Amy, author.
New York : Clarkson Potter/Publishers, 2017.
311 pages ; 22 cm
Includes index.
My kitchen affliction -- Sugar and color -- Home cooking -- Meat versus vegetables -- Herring dares and chicken turtles -- Twenty-five pies -- The sweet smell of home fries -- Give a girl a knife -- The perpetual popcorn pot -- Old five-and-dimers -- Are we going to bake this bread in my lifetime? -- The old time of my youth -- If you don't look you don't see -- Circus of the ridiculous -- Good neighbors -- Chef salad, no eggs -- Pounds and pennies -- Morbid sugar -- Stalking the beast called dinner -- Primary sources.
" A love of food and an overwhelming desire to get the hell out of small-town America drove Thielen to New York to seek out its intense culinary world, which she embraces enthusiastically. After years of living in the city, with frequent trips back home in the summertime, she eventually chooses life deep in the woods in a cabin Thielen's husband, Aaron built by hand. There Aaron can practice his craft while Amy takes the skills she learned cooking professionally and turns them to undoing years of processed foods to uncover true Midwestern cooking, which begins simply with humble workhorse ingredients such as potatoes and onions. Give a Girl a Knife offers a fresh look into New York's fine dining scene while also acknowledging a universal nostalgia for home--and a yearning to remake that home so it's even better than you remember."--Provided by publisher.

Wrestling with his angel : the political life of Abraham Lincoln , 1849-1856

May 22, 2017
Blumenthal, Sidney, 1948- author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2017.
xx, 581 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
White negros -- The civil was of old rough and ready -- The art of the deal -- the consequences of the peace -- What is to be done? -- A hero's welcome -- The making of the dark horse -- The victory march of old fuss and feathers -- The death of Henry Clay -- The waterloo of the Whigs -- The acting president of the United States -- I, Thomas Hart Benton -- The triumph of the F Street mess -- A self-evident lie -- Citizen know nothing -- The conquest of Kansas -- Imperialism, the highest stage of slavery -- Armed liberty -- The failure of free society -- The blood of the revolution -- Senator Lincoln -- The Republican -- Destiny and power.
"The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln, reveals the future president's genius during the most decisive period of his political life when he seizes the moment, finds his voice, and helps create a new political party. In 1849, Abraham Lincoln seems condemned to political isolation and defeat. His Whig Party is broken in the 1852 election, and disintegrates. Violent struggle breaks out on the plains of Kansas, a prelude to the Civil War. Lincoln rises to the occasion. Only he can take on Douglas in Illinois, and he finally delivers the dramatic speech that leaves observers stunned. In 1855, he makes a race for the Senate, which he loses when he throws his support to a rival to prevent the election of a proslavery candidate. Now, in Wrestling With His Angel, Sidney Blumenthal explains how Lincoln and his friends operate behind the scenes to destroy the anti-immigrant party in Illinois to clear the way for a new Republican Party. Lincoln takes command and writes its first platform and vaults onto the national stage as the leader of a party that will launch him to the presidency" -- provided by publisher.

Paradise lost : a life of F. Scott Fitzgerald

May 22, 2017
Brown, David S. (David Scott), 1966- author.
397 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 25 cm
Introduction: Clio and Scott -- Part I. Beginnings, 1896-1920: Prince and pauper -- Celtic blood -- Forever Princeton -- Golden girl -- Opposites alike -- Part II. Building up, 1920-1925: Trouble in paradise -- Corruptions : the early stories -- The knock-off artist -- Rich boy, poor boy -- The wages of sin : The Beautiful and Damned -- Exile in Great Neck -- After the gold rush : The Great Gatsby -- Part III. Breaking down, 1925-1940 -- Adrift abroad -- Emotional bankruptcy -- Penance -- Far from home -- Jazz Age Jeremiah -- Book of fathers : Tender is the Night -- Purgatory -- De profundis -- Life in a company town -- Sentimental education -- Stahr fall -- Ghosts and legends, 1940 and after -- Zelda after Scott -- Life after death.
Pigeonholed in popular memory as a Jazz Age epicurean, a playboy, and an emblem of the Lost Generation, F. Scott Fitzgerald was at heart a moralist struck by the nation's shifting mood and manners after World War I. In Paradise Lost, David Brown contends that Fitzgerald's deepest allegiances were to a fading antebellum world he associated with his father's Chesapeake Bay roots. Yet as a midwesterner, an Irish Catholic, and a perpetually in-debt author, he felt like an outsider in the haute bourgeoisie haunts of Lake Forest, Princeton, and Hollywood--places that left an indelible mark on his worldview. In this comprehensive biography, Brown reexamines Fitzgerald's childhood, first loves, and difficult marriage to Zelda Sayre. He looks at Fitzgerald's friendship with Hemingway, the golden years that culminated with Gatsby, and his increasing alcohol abuse and declining fortunes which coincided with Zelda's institutionalization and the nation's economic collapse. Placing Fitzgerald in the company of Progressive intellectuals such as Charles Beard, Randolph Bourne, and Thorstein Veblen, Brown reveals Fitzgerald as a writer with an encompassing historical imagination not suggested by his reputation as "the chronicler of the Jazz Age." His best novels, stories, and essays take the measure of both the immediate moment and the more distant rhythms of capital accumulation, immigration, and sexual politics that were moving America further away from its Protestant agrarian moorings. Fitzgerald wrote powerfully about change in America, Brown shows, because he saw it as the dominant theme in his own family history and life.-- Provided by publisher.

Becoming Ms. Burton : from prison to recovery to leading the fight for incarcerated women

May 19, 2017
Burton, Susan, author.
New York ; London : New Press, 2017.
xxiii, 304 pages ; 22 cm
Foreword / Michelle Alexander -- Part I: Sue -- Now what? -- Land of opportunity -- Daddy's girl -- Hit the road -- The sacrifice -- Things you don't talk about -- The life -- From the skillet to the frying pan -- No justice, no peace -- A new drug -- Incarceration nation -- Collateral damage -- The revolving door -- The vicious cycle -- Hurt people -- A tale of two systems -- A way out -- Finding purpose -- Part II: Ms. Burton -- A new way of life -- The wall of no -- Who's profiting from our pain? -- Women and prison -- A kindred spirit -- Taking food off the table -- Broke leg house -- From trash to treasure -- All of us or none -- Treating the symptoms and the disease -- The meaning of life -- The women from Orange County -- Being beholden -- Living an impossible life -- The house that discrimination built -- Women organizing for justice and opportunity -- What would Ms. Sybil Brand think? -- Without representation -- Prop 47 -- The movement -- The arc bends toward justice.
"Susan Burton's world changed in an instant when her five-year-old son was killed by a van driving down their street. Consumed by grief and without access to professional help, Susan self-medicated, becoming addicted first to cocaine, then crack. As a resident of South Los Angeles, a black community under siege in the War on Drugs, it was but a matter of time before Susan was arrested. She cycled in and out of prison for over fifteen years; never was she offered therapy or treatment for addiction. On her own, she eventually found a private drug rehabilitation facility. Once clean, Susan dedicated her life to supporting women facing similar struggles. Her organization, A New Way of Life, operates five safe homes in Los Angeles that supply a lifeline to hundreds of formerly incarcerated women and their children--setting them on the track to education and employment rather than returns to prison. Becoming Ms. Burton not only humanizes the deleterious impact of mass incarceration, it also points the way to the kind of structural and policy changes that will offer formerly incarcerated people the possibility of a life of meaning and dignity.

A new model : what confidence, beauty, and power really look like

May 19, 2017
Graham, Ashley, 1987- author.
New York, NY : Dey St., an imprint of William Morrow, [2017]
xxiii, 198 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 24 cm
My (cellulite) revolution -- Fame, fortune, self-love: what modeling doesn't get you -- My vagina: with great power comes great responsibility -- Put the Snickers down -- When the fun and games aren't fun anymore -- Taking cover -- How to slay your style -- I feel your food FOMO -- The ties that bind -- Turning the competition into community -- Postscript: beauty beyond size.
"One of the most outspoken voices gracing the cover of magazines today encourages women to be their most confident selves, recognize their personal beauty, and reach for their highest dreams in this wise, warm, and inspiring memoir. Voluptuous beauty Ashley Graham has been modeling professionally since the age of thirteen. Discovered at a shopping mall in Nebraska, her stunning face and sexy curves have graced the covers of top magazines, including Cosmopolitan and British Vogue, and she was the first size 14 model to appear on the front of the wildly popular Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. The face of brands such as H&M Studio, she is also a judge for the latest season of America's Next Top Model. And that's only the beginning for this extraordinary talent. Ashley is leading a new generation of women breaking ground and demolishing stereotypes, transforming our ideals about body image and what is fashionable and beautiful. A woman who proves that when it comes to beauty, size is just a number, she is the voice for the body positivity movement today and a role model for all women--no matter their individual body type, shape, or weight. In this collection of insightful, provocative essays illustrated with a dozen photos, Ashley shares her perspective on how ideas around body image are evolving--and how we still have work to do; the fun--and stress--of a career in the fashion world; her life before modeling; and her path to accepting her size without limiting her dreams--defying rigid industry standards and naysayers who told her it couldn't be done. As she talks about her successes and setbacks, Ashley offers support for every woman coming to terms with who she is, bolster her self-confidence, and motivates her to be her strongest, healthiest, and most beautiful self."--provided by publisher.

Hiding in the light : why I risked everything to leave Islam and follow Jesus

May 19, 2017
Bary, Rifqa.
Colorado Springs : WaterBrook Press, 2015.
226 pages ; 22 cm
"In 2009, sixteen-year-old Rifqa Bary made national news when she ran away from her Ohio home, claiming that her father, an observant Muslim, had abused and threatened to kill her because of her Christian faith. The media storm pitted critics of Islam against its defenders, sparking national debate about the treatment of women and converts within Islam and how they should be protected. In Hiding in the Light, Rifqa Bary recounts in riveting detail the events leading up to her decision to leave home and the chain of events that followed" --Back cover.

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