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September 22, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Your business is a leaky bucket : learn how to avoid losing millions in revenue and profit annually

September 21, 2017
Shore, Howard (Accountant), author.
xii, 202 pages ; 24 cm

Finish : give yourself the gift of done

September 19, 2017
Acuff, Jonathan M.
viii, 196 pages ; 22 cm
Introduction: The wrong ghost -- The day after perfect -- Cut your goal in half -- Choose what to bomb -- Make it fun if you want it done -- Leave your hiding places and ignore noble obstacles -- Get rid of your secret rules -- Use data to celebrate your imperfect progress -- The day before done.
The sneakiest obstacle to meeting your goals is not laziness, but perfectionism. We're our own worst critics, and if it looks like we're not going to do something right, we prefer not to do it at all. That's why we're most likely to quit on day two, "the day after perfect"--when our results almost always underper­form our aspirations. The strategies in this book are counterintuitive and might feel like cheating. But they're based on studies conducted by a university researcher with hundreds of participants. You might not guess that having more fun, eliminating your secret rules, and choosing something to bomb intentionally works. But the data says otherwise.

The asshole survival guide : how to deal with people who treat you like dirt

September 15, 2017
Sutton, Robert I., author.
214 pages ; 22 cm
Eight thousand emails -- Asshole assessment: how bad is the problem? -- Make a clean getaway -- Asshole avoidance techniques: reducing your exposure -- Mind tricks that protect your soul -- Fighting back -- Be part of the solution, not the problem.
Sutton starts with diagnosis: what kind of asshole problem, exactly, are you dealing with? From there, he provides field-tested, evidence-based, and sometimes surprising strategies for dealing with assholes-- avoiding them, outwitting them, disarming them, sending them packing, and developing protective psychological armor. By helping you develop an outlook and personal plan that will help you preserve the sanity in your work life, Sutton also help you prevent all those perfectly good days from being ruined by some jerk.

The business of portfolio management

September 14, 2017
Fraser, Iain, 1955- author.
Newtown Square : Project Management Institute, 2017.
xiii, 166 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"Today there is a gap between organizational strategy and day-to-day management activities. To capitalize on new opportunities, or "getting ahead" rather than just "staying in business," most workplaces need a radical transformation. This transformation can begin with how organizations devise and manage their portfolios. Long underutilized as a mechanism to provide value, portfolio management is now being recognized as an effective approach to bridging these critical business elements. The Business of Portfolio Management offers keys to adopting a new approach to portfolio management that boosts organizational value. A veteran in the field, author Iain Fraser proposes a solution that lies in using the value management framework to link organizational strategy to portfolio content and to delivery mechanisms. In this expansive guide, case study examples illuminate in-depth discussions explaining the value management framework, implementation and delivery techniques, portfolio leadership qualities, key roles and professional development, and change management. Also included is an overview of organizational maturity models to evaluate project, program, and portfolio performance as well as tools and techniques to implement, execute, and measure their benefits and value contribution. To capture success, every organization should ultimately thrive in a culture that embraces its purpose, people, and performance (or the "3Ps to success"), so that aligned activity and empowered people can achieve the confidence to deploy true portfolio management, which is how The Business of Portfolio Management does business that adds value to any organization"-- Provided by publisher.

The emigrant edge : how to make it big in America

September 14, 2017
Buffini, Brian, author.
xx, 296 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Disadvantage one: Immigrants don't understand their new culture -- Disadvantage two: Immigrants don't have established relationships -- Disadvantage three: Immigrants don't have many assets or resources -- Disadvantage four: Immigrants don't have much choice about where they start -- Disadvantage five: Immigrants don't have mentors or role models -- Advantage one: Immigrants are coming to a better place -- Advantage two: Immigrants are making a fresh start -- Advantage three: Immigrants are pursuing their dreams -- Advantage four: Immigrants know about sacrifice -- Advantage five: Immigrants have the edge -- Trait one: A voracious openness to learn -- Trait two: A do-whatever-it-takes mind-set -- Trait three: A willingness to outwork others -- Trait four: A heartfelt spirit of gratitude -- Trait five: A boldness to invest -- Trait six: A commitment to delay gratification -- Trait seven: An appreciation of where they came from -- How to develop a voracious openness to learn -- How to grow a do-whatever-it-takes mind-set -- How to develop a willingness to outwork others -- How to cultivate a heartfelt spirit of gratitude -- How to acquire a boldness to invest -- How to develop a commitment to delay gratification -- How to remember where you came from -- Unleash the emigrant edge in your life.
Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Brian Buffini immigrated to San Diego, California at the age of nineteen with only ninety-two dollars in his pocket. Since then, he has become a classic American rags-to-riches story. After discovering real estate, he quickly became one of the nation's top real estate moguls and founder of the largest business training company, Buffini & Co., in North America. But Brian isn't alone in his success: immigrants compose thirteen percent of the American population and are responsible for a quarter of all new businesses. In fact, Forbes magazine boasts that immigrants dominate most of the Forbes 400 list. So what are the secrets? Brian shares seven characteristics that he and other successful immigrants have in common that can help anyone reach a higher level of achievement, no matter their vocation. He then challenges readers to leave the comfort of their current work conditions to apply these secrets and achieve the success of their dreams.

The happy, healthy nonprofit : strategies for impact without burnout

September 14, 2017
Kanter, Beth, 1957- author.
Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley, 2017.
xxvi, 212 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"Steer your organization away from burnout while boosting all-around performance The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit presents realistic strategies for leaders looking to optimize organizational achievement while avoiding the common nonprofit burnout. With a uniquely holistic approach to nonprofit leadership strategy, this book functions as a handbook to help leaders examine their existing organization, identify trouble spots, and resolve issues with attention to all aspects of operations and culture. The expert author team walks you through the process of building a happier, healthier organization from the ground up, with a balanced approach that considers more than just quantitative results. Employee wellbeing takes a front seat next to organizational performance, with clear guidance on establishing optimal systems and processes that bring about better results while allowing a healthier work-life balance. By improving attitudes and personal habits at all levels, you'll implement a positive cultural change with sustainable impact. Nonprofits are driven to do more, more, more, often with fewer and fewer resources; there comes a breaking point where passion dwindles under the weight of pressure, and the mission suffers as a result. This book shows you how to revamp your organization to do more and do it better, by putting cultural considerations at the heart of strategy. Find and relieve cultural and behavioral pain points Achieve better results with attention to well-being Redefine your organizational culture to avoid burnout Establish systems and processes that enable sustainable change At its core, a nonprofit is driven by passion. What begins as a personal investment in the organization's mission can quickly become the driver of stress and overwork that leads to overall lackluster performance. Executing a cultural about-face can be the lifeline your organization needs to thrive. The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit provides a blueprint for sustainable change, with a holistic approach to improving organizational outlook"-- Provided by publisher.

The innovation code : the creative power of constructive conflict

September 14, 2017
DeGraff, Jeffrey Thomas, author.
Oakland, CA : Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., [2017]
xi, 141 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
From years of research and practical experience as a consultant, Jeff DeGraff has learned that when it comes to any innovation initiative, disharmony is crucial. We innovate when we disrupt, and we first have to disrupt each other. DeGraff identifies four contrasting types of innovators. There's the wild experimentation of The Artist, the pragmatic caution of The Engineer, the urgent competitiveness of The Athlete, and the patient community-building of The Sage. He includes exercises so readers can find where they fit into this framework, and shows how to build, manage, and embrace the dynamic discord of a team that contains all four types. When you combine the visionary thinking of The Artist and the practical thinking of The Engineer, you get innovation that's both revolutionary and manageable, highly ambitious without high risk. When you combine the results-oriented attitude of The Athlete with the values-oriented attitude of The Sage, you get innovation that's both a good investment and good for the world. This is a profound but highly accessible guide for achieving breakthrough solutions by utilizing the full--and seemingly contradictory--spectrum of innovative thinking.

Unleashing the innovators : how mature companies find new life with startups

September 7, 2017
Stengel, Jim, author.
xvii, 214 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Includes index.
What keeps companies up at night -- Can mature companies avoid self-destruction? -- Why form a partnership? -- How to find your own thoroughbred -- Setting up the partnership -- Getting through the first phase of the partnership -- Learning to manage the partnership -- Dealing with failure -- Scaling the partnership lessons across the enterprise -- New leadership wanted: outsiders on the inside -- Are you ready to roll? -- Appendix: the Global Partnership Study.
"At P&G, Stengel saw the importance of establishing partnerships with the startup world in order to learn how to better innovate. Relying on extensive interviews with innovation leaders at enterprise companies and startups, Stengel's Unleashing the Innovators takes readers inside such storied companies as GE and Wells Fargo, IBM and Target, Motorola Solutions and Toyota to see what they are learning from their alliances with entrepreneurs. Stengel also explores how even 20- and 30-year-old 'startups' like Amazon, Google, and Facebook can reinvent themselves--and what managers at legacy companies everywhere can learn from them. Drawing on a specially commissioned global study of over 200 established corporations and startups, conducted by research consultancy OgilvyRED, Stengel found that companies with successful startup partnerships are three times more likely to change their culture to be more innovative. Filled with indepth stories from the front lines of today's most forward-looking companies, Unleashing the Innovators shows how companies of all sizes can better navigate today's changing landscape, accelerate innovation, increase revenues, and improve their customer relationships"--Inside dust jacket.

Worthy : boost your self-worth to grow your net worth

September 5, 2017
Levin, Nancy, 1965- author.
Carlsbad, California : Hay House, Inc., [2016]
xxxvi, 211 pages ; 22 cm
"In Worthy, Nancy makes an essential, eye-opening connection: the state of our net worth is a direct reflection of our self-worth. Then she shows us how to get to the root of the problem and do the internal work that's needed to replace feelings of unworthiness with a stronger sense of our own value. Filled with inspiring real-life stories and thought-provoking questions and answers, her 10-step plan helps us to: Get real about the money issues we face every day, examine the excuses we use to avoid creating the life we really want, be willing to see ourselves as worthy of abundance in all its forms, take back our financial power-- and watch amazing things start to happen."-- Provided by publisher.

The power of onlyness : make your wild ideas mighty enough to dent the world

August 29, 2017
Merchant, Nilofer, author.
x, 292 pages illustrations ; 24 cm
Arriving at the question -- Your dent: the power of your own meaning -- Starts with you -- Discovering yours -- Co-denters: the power of meaningful relationships -- Find your people -- Common purpose, not commonalities -- Without trust, you don't scale -- Denting: acting as one, meaningfully -- Galvanizing many to care (enough to act) -- Commission to own it -- Unlocking onlyness -- Powerful beyond measure.
"If you're like most people, you wish you had the ability to make a difference, but you don't have the credentials, or a seat at the table, can't get past the gatekeepers, and aren't high enough in any hierarchy to get your ideas heard. In The Power of Onlyness, Nilofer Merchant, one of the world's top-ranked business thinkers, reveals that, in fact, we have now reached an unprecedented moment of opportunity for your ideas to 'make a dent' on the world. Now that the Internet has liberated ideas to spread through networks instead of hierarchies, power is no longer determined by your status, but by 'onlyness'—that spot in the world only you stand in, a function of your distinct history and experiences, visions and hopes. If you build upon your signature ingredient of purpose and connect with those who are equally passionate, you have a lever by which to move the world. This new ability is already within your grasp, but to command it, you need to know how to meaningfully mobilize others around your ideas. Through inspirational and instructive stories, Merchant reveals proven strategies to unleash the centrifugal force of a new idea, no matter how weird or wild it may seem"

The power of people skills : how to eliminate 90% of your HR problems and dramatically increase team and morale and company performance

August 21, 2017
Throness, Trevor, author.
Wayne, N.J. : Career Press, [2017]
255 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm

Leadership and self-deception : getting out of the box

August 16, 2017
Oakland, CA : Berrett-Koehler Publishers, ©2010.
xiii, 199, 18 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
Includes index.
Self-deception and the "box". Bud ; A problem ; Self-deception ; The problem beneath other problems ; Beneath effective leadership ; The deep choice that determines influence ; People or objects ; Doubt -- How we get in the box. Kate ; Questions ; Self-betrayal ; Characteristics of self-betrayal ; Life in the box ; Collusion ; Box focus ; Box problems -- How we get out of the box. Lou ; Leadership in the box ; Toward being out of the box ; Dead ends ; The way out ; Leadership out of the box ; Birth of a leader ; Another chance.
The authors expose the fascinating ways that we can blind ourselves to our true motivations and unwittingly sabotage the effectiveness of our own efforts to achieve success and happiness ... drawing on the extensive correspondence the authors have received over the years, they have added a section that outlines the many ways that readers have been using [the book] to improve their lives and workplaces--areas such as team building, conflict resolution, and personal growth and development, to name a few.

Profitable podcasting : grow your business, expand your platform, and build a nation of true fans

August 15, 2017
Woessner, Stephen, 1972- author.
New York : Amacom, [2017]
xi, 258 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Acknowledgements -- Foreword / by Don Yaeger -- Introduction: how a podcast can be your trojan horse of selling -- Overcome your biggest obstacles to success -- Take your vitals -- System overview : your recipe for success -- Grow your revenue -- Expand your platform -- Build your nation of true fans -- My $2 million mistake and how to get your avatar right -- Stage 1 : Strategic planning and production kick-off -- Stage 2 : Guest experience and website groundwork -- Stage 3 : Audio intros, outros, and design -- Stage 4 : Social media, recording software, and inviting guests -- Stage 5 : Final website content, show notes, and launch prep -- Stage 6 : Equipment, software, and editing your interviews -- Launch strategy : how to reach the top of itunes -- How to be an excellent host -- How to attract sponsorships -- Getting it all done : recruit rock star unpaid interns -- Epilogue: don't quit : win the oscar instead -- Appendix: success stories from business owners -- Notes.

Truth at work : the science of delivering tough messages

August 14, 2017
Murphy, Mark A. (Mark Andrew), author.
New York : McGraw-Hill Education, [2017]
x, 212 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Understand the truth killers (or why we resist the truth) -- Focus on the facts -- Take their perspective -- Set your goals -- Start a conversation, not a confrontation -- Create a word picture -- Listen with structure -- Share the facts.

The new rules of marketing & PR : how to use social media, online video, mobile applications, blogs, news releases, and viral marketing to reach buyers directly

August 11, 2017
Scott, David Meerman.
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2017]
xxi, 426 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes index.
Earlier edition: 2015.
"In the latest edition of this ... guide to the future of marketing, you'll get a step-by-step action plan for leveraging the power of the latest approaches to generating attention for your idea or your business. You'll learn how get the right information to the right people at the right time—at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. The Internet continues to change the way people communicate and interact with each other, and if you're struggling to keep up with what's trending in social media, online videos, apps, blogs, or more, your product or service is bound to get lost in the ether"

Total focus : make better decisions under pressure

August 11, 2017
Webb, Brandon, author.
New York, New York : Portfolio/Penguin, [2017]
x, 274 pages ; 24 cm
Includes index.

The new rules of work : the modern playbook for navigating your career

August 11, 2017
Cavoulacos, Alexandra, author.
New York : Crown Business, [2017].
viii, 328 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Part one: What do I actually want?. Reflect : understanding yourself ; Research : the Muse Method for laying out a full set of choices--including those you may not know you have ; Refine : choosing (and trying out) your next steps -- Part two: Making your move. The new rules of building your personal brand ; The new rules of networking ; The new rules of finding job opportunities and openings ; The new rules of crafting your application ; The new rules of acing the interview (or interviews ...) ; The new rules of nailing your negotiation -- Part three: Charting your course through the modern workplace. The new rules of communication ; The new rules of interpersonal skills ; The new rules of productivity ; The new rules of career advancement.
"The world of work has changed. Remember the days when, for the vast majority of people, a job was (at best) a means to a paycheck and (at worst) total drudgery? When you had to blindly scour the web for generic job postings? When picking a major meant picking a life-long career path? But career trajectories aren't scripted and linear anymore. Moreover, people don't discover and apply for jobs the same way, and employers don't find and evaluate applicants the same way either. So why do so many career books on the shelves still offer advice tailored to the old way? In this definitive playbook to the ever-changing modern workplace, Kathryn Minshew and Alexandra Cavoulacos, the co-founders of popular career website, show how to play the game by the New Rules. Through quick exercises and structured tips, you will learn: ·The New Rules for finding the right path: Sift through, and narrow today's ever-growing menu of job and career options, using the simple step-by-step Muse Method. ·The New Rules for landing the perfect job: Build your personal brand, and communicate exactly how you can contribute and why your experience is valuable in a way that is sure to get the attention of your dream employer. Then ace every step of the interview process, from getting a foot in the door to negotiating your offer. · The New Rules for growing and advancing in your career: Mastering first impressions, the art of communication, networking, managing up and other "soft" skills - and make it obvious that whatever level you're at, you're ready to move ahead. Whether you are starting out in your career, looking to advance, navigating a mid-career shift, or anywhere in between, this is the book you need to thrive in the New World of Work"-- Provided by publisher.

The code of trust : an American counterintelligence expert's five rules to lead and succeed

August 9, 2017
Dreeke, Robin, author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2017.
xi, 371 pages ; 22 cm
Includes glossary and index.
Foreword / by Joe Navarro -- Part I: The leadership power of trust. Beyond manipulation: the Code of Trust ; The five rules of engagement ; Breaking the code ; The chemistry of trust: it's all about us -- Part II: Inspire trust: the four steps. Step one: Align your goals! ; Step two: Apply the power of context! ; Step three: Craft the encounter! ; Step four: Connect! -- Part III: Wielding the power of trust. Trust in the digital age ; Trust in a toxic environment ; The life of lasting leadership ; The trust training manual: 15 drills -- Appendix: Your user's guide to the Code of Trust, with a glossary.
"Robin Dreeke is a 28-year veteran of federal service, including the United States Naval Academy, United States Marine Corps. He served most recently as a senior agent in the FBI, with 20 years of experience. He was, until recently, the head of the Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program, where his primary mission was to thwart the efforts of foreign spies, and to recruit American spies. His core approach in this mission was to inspire reasonable, well-founded trust among people who could provide valuable information. The Code of Trust is based on the system Dreeke devised, tested, and implemented during years of field work at the highest levels of national security. Applying his system first to himself, he rose up through federal law enforcement, and then taught his system to law enforcement and military officials throughout the country, and later to private sector clients. The Code of Trust has since elevated executives to leadership, and changed the culture of entire companies, making them happier and more productive, as morale soared. Inspiring trust is not a trick, nor is it an arcane art. It's an important, character-building endeavor that requires only a sincere desire to be helpful and sensitive, and the ambition to be more successful at work and at home. The Code of Trust is based on 5 simple principles: 1) Suspend Your Ego 2) Be Nonjudgmental 3) Honor Reason 4) Validate Others 5) Be Generous. To be successful with this system, a reader needs only the willingness to spend eight to ten hours learning a method of trust-building that took Robin Dreeke almost a lifetime to create"-- Provided by publisher.

Governmental GAAP guide for state and local governments.

August 8, 2017
Chicago : CCH, c2007-
v. ; 23 cm.
Publisher varies: <2018>- Wolters Kluwer.
"A comprehensive interpretation of all current promulgated governmental generally accepted accounting principles for state and local governments."

The lost art of closing : winning the ten commitments that drive sales

August 8, 2017
Iannarino, Anthony, author.
New York, New York : Portfolio/Penguin, [2017]
xiv, 224 pages ; 24 cm
Includes index.

Fully alive : using the lessons of the Amazon to live your mission in business and life

August 4, 2017
Gage, Tyler, author.
New York : Atria Books, 2017.
x, 256 pages ; 24 cm
Introduction: Navigating chaos -- Competing with anxiety -- Clear your filters -- Speak to the invisible -- Finding strength in vulnerability -- Business as ceremony -- Negotiate your boundaries -- You are the offering -- Know your shadow -- Looking at both horizons -- Hijack your resistance -- Unwinding, unraveling as the ancestors say -- Rooting down and growing up -- Give thanks to the wind.
"In Fully Alive, Tyler Gage shares his spiritual adventures and the business savvy that helped him create Runa, a tea and energy drink company that collaborates with the indigenous people of Ecuador to harvest the 'master plant' guayusa, revealing a centuries-old guiding philosophy for building a sacred way of living that he discovered through Amazonian shamanism. Following these teachings, what began as a humble start-up has now grown into a thriving, multi-million dollar company, selling products in more than 10,000 stores across the United States and Canada. With the help of collaborators like Channing Tatum, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Olivia Wilde, Runa has created a sustainable source of income for the 3,000 farming families in Ecuador who grow guayusa organically, while also establishing a nonprofit organization dedicated to positively impacting the issues that affect these indigenous communities. Packed with practical and inspiring lessons, this book offers a comprehensive examination of how we too might become "fully alive," both in business and as individuals"-- Provided by publisher.

The employee experience : how to attract talent, retain top performers, and drive results

July 31, 2017
Maylett, Tracy, author.
xvii, 219 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Part I: Great expectations -- You're digging in the wrong place -- The expectation gap -- Ask your doctor about expectation alignment dysfunction -- An intentional framework -- Part II: Three contracts -- The brand contract -- The transactional contract -- The psychological contract -- Part III: Trust -- Moments of truth -- Engagement Magic® -- Building the EXtraordinary.
"Ever notice how companies with the best service also have the happiest employees? That's no accident. Do you want to build a strong, successful organization? Start by ignoring your customers. Really. Instead, focus first on creating a better employee experience, or EX. Your employees interact with customers, make them smile, and carry your brand message from the warehouse to the front lines. If your employees are having a great experience, so will your customers. In The Employee Experience, employee engagement pioneers Tracy Maylett and Matthew Wride reveal the secrets not only to attracting and retaining top talent, but to building a deeply engaged workforce--the foundation of organizational success. With deep insights into the dynamics of trust and mutual expectations, this book shows that before you can deliver a transcendent customer experience (CX), you must first build a superlative EX. With real-world examples and more than 24 million employee survey responses, Maylett and Wride reveal a clear, consistent pattern among the world's most successful organizations. By establishing a clear set of expectations and promises--collectively known as the Contract--and upholding it consistently, employers can build the trust that leads to powerful engagement. Whether in business, healthcare, education, sports, or nonprofit, these organizations are consistently more successful and more profitable, enjoy sustainable growth, and win the battle to keep today's rarest resource: talented people. Blending rigorous research, detailed case studies, in-depth interviews and expert insights, The Employee Experience will teach you to: Make the employee experience a core part of your strategy, Understand employee expectations and bridge the "Expectation Gap", Establish rock-solid Brand, Transactional, and Psychological Contracts that breed trust and confidence, Build an employee-employer partnership in creating something extraordinary, Turn employee engagement into fuel for customer satisfaction, profit, and growth, Attracting talent, retaining top performers, and creating an environment in which employees choose to engage drives results. The Employee Experience shows you where truly extraordinary organizations begein...and how to build one" -- From the publisher.

Let the story do the work : the art of storytelling for business success

July 28, 2017
Choy, Esther K., author.
New York, NY : Amacom, American Management Association, [2017]
xxv, 230 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
It sounds so simple: Incorporate a story and people will remember your message. But when you get down to crafting one, there's nothing easy about it. Material for stories surrounds us. Yet few people are skilled at sharing personal anecdotes and even fewer know how to link them to professional goals. Whether you want to stand out in the interview process, add punch to a presentation, or make a compelling case for a new initiative, Let the Story Do the Work shows you how to mine your experience for simple narratives that convey who you are, what you want to achieve, and why others should care. Packed with enlightening examples, the book explains how to find the perfect hook, structure your story...and deliver it at the right time in the right way. You'll discover how to use stories to: Capture attention - Engage your audience - Change minds - Inspire action - Bring facts and data to life - Clarify challenging concepts - Pitch persuasively - Fundraise effectively - And more Never underestimate the power of a great story. Learn to leverage the elements of storytelling--and turn everyday communications into opportunities to connect, gain buy-in, and build lasting relationships.

Girl code : unlocking the secrets to success, sanity, and happiness for the female entrepreneur

July 27, 2017
Leyba, Cara Alwill, author.
xv, 150 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"First published in the United States of America by Passionista Publishing 2015."--Title page verso.
The secret's out: there's enough for all of us -- Trust your own brilliance -- The power of connection -- The F-Word -- Shake it off: dealing with haters, copycats, and the peanut gallery -- There's no time for bullshit when you're building an empire -- Look for the diamond lining -- Don't hate her because she's successful -- Don't wait for an invitation.
"In today's competitive marketplace, the fiercest thing a female entrepreneur can do is to support other women. Something dynamic happens when women genuinely show up for each other. When we lose the facades, cut the bullsh*t, and truly have each other's backs. When we stop pretending everything is perfect, and show the messy, beautiful parts of ourselves and our work-- which all look awfully similar. When we talk about our fears, our missteps, and our breakdowns. And most importantly, when we share our celebrations, our breakthroughs, and our solutions. there's no reason to hoard information, connections, or insight. Wisdom is meant to be shared, so let's start sharing what we've learned to make each other better. Let's start building each other up. Let's live up to our potential and start ruling the world."--Provided by publisher.

The new rules of sales and service : how to use agile selling, real-time customer engagement, big data, content, and storytelling to grow your business

July 24, 2017
Scott, David Meerman, author.
Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley, [2016]
xi, 292 pages ; 23 cm
Revised edition of the author's The new rules of sales and service, 2014.
Includes index.
Introduction -- The old world of sales and service -- The new rules of sales and service -- Your story -- Integrating marketing and sales with buyer personas -- The sales cycle is now the buying cycle -- Agile, real-time social sales -- The new service imperative -- Agile, real-time social service -- The social you -- Your social company.
"In this revised and updated paperback of The New Rules of Sales and Service, bestselling author David Meerman Scott demystifies the new digital commercial landscape and offers inspiring and valuable guidance for anyone not wanting to be left behind. The New Rules of Sales & Service, Revised and Updated shows how innovative businesses large and small are discovering new opportunities, strengthening customer loyalty, and mastering real-time buyer satisfaction."-- Provided by publisher.

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