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December 7, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The science of selling : proven strategies to make your pitch, influence decisions, and close the deal

December 6, 2016
Hoffeld, David, (Economist), author.
New York : TarcherPerigee, [2016]
277 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Part One: Foundations of selling with science -- Why sales people underperform -- The two methods of sales influence -- How to sell the way people buy -- Selling to your buyers' emotions -- Part Two: The salesperson's toolkit -- The science of asking powerful questions -- Why people buy -- Creating value, neutralizing competitors, and overcoming objections -- Closing redefined: obtaining strategic commitments -- Five science-based sales presentation strategies -- Part Three: Merging science and selling -- The future of selling.
"The Revolutionary Sales Approach Scientifically Proven to Dramatically Improve Your Sales and Business Success Did you know that nearly half of salespeople fail to meet their quotas every year? Or that many of the most common sales behaviors drive down sales performance? In today's fiercely competitive marketplace you can't afford to lose sales that should be yours. But with so much conflicting advice from self-proclaimed "gurus," how do you know which sales strategies actually work? Leading sales trainer, researcher and CEO of Hoffeld Group, David Hoffeld, has the answer. Blending cutting-edge research in social psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics, The Science of Selling shows you how to align the way you sell with how our brains naturally form buying decisions, dramatically increasing your ability to earn more sales. Unlike other sales books, which primarily rely on anecdotal evidence and unproven advice, Hoffeld's evidence-based approach connects the dots between science and situations salespeople and business leaders face every day to help you consistently succeed, including proven ways to: - Engage buyers' emotions to increase their receptiveness to you and your ideas - Ask questions that line up with how the brain discloses information - Lock in the incremental commitments that lead to a sale - Create positive influence and reduce the sway of competitors - Discover the underlying causes of objections and neutralize them - Guide buyers through the necessary mental steps to make purchasing decisions Packed with advice and anecdotes, The Science of Selling is an essential resource for anyone looking to succeed in today's cutthroat selling environment, advance their business goals, or boost their ability to influence others"-- Provided by publisher.

Knock 'em dead cover letters.

November 30, 2016
Avon, Mass. : Adams Media,
v. ; 24 cm.
Vols. for 2008-<2016> by Martin Yate.
"Great letter techniques and samples for every step of your job search" (varies).

The gig economy : the complete guide to getting better work, taking more time off, and financing the life you want!

November 29, 2016
Mulcahy, Diane, author.
227 pages ; 24 cm
Getting better work. Defining your success ; Diversify ; Create your own security ; Connect without networking -- Taking more time off. Face fear by reducing risk ; Take time off between gigs ; Be mindful about time -- Financing the life you want. Be financially flexible ; Think access, not ownership ; Save for a traditional retirement, but don't plan on having one -- The future gig economy.

Small time operator.

November 23, 2016
Laytonville, Calif. : Bell Springs Pub.,
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Vols. for <1978-2017> by Bernard Kamoroff.
"A guide and workbook."

Feminist fight club : an office survival manual (for a sexist workplace)

November 22, 2016
Bennett, Jessica, 1981- author.
xxxiii, 294 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Rules of the Feminist Fight Club -- Prepare for battle -- The FFC Womanifesto -- Know the enemy -- Know thyself -- Booby traps -- Get your speak on -- F you, pay me -- WWJD : what would Josh do? -- Join the Feminist Fight Club -- Rebel girls : FFCs through history -- A space for battle notes.
"Part manual, part womanifesto, Feminist Fight Club is a hilarious yet incisive guide to navigating subtle sexism at work, providing real-life career advice and humorous reinforcement for a new generation of professional women"-- Provided by publisher.

Knock 'em dead.

November 16, 2016
Boston. : Bob Adams.
v. ; 24 cm.
Vols. for 1987-1992 have subtitle: "with great answers to tough interview questions" : 1993-2002 have subtitle: "the ultimate job seeker's handbook" ; <2006-2016> "Ultimate job seeker's guide" (varies slightly).
Imprint varies: 1991- Holbrook, Mass. : Adams Publishing ; <1999-2017> Holbrook, Mass. : Adams Media Corporation.

Competing against luck : the story of innovation and customer choice

November 16, 2016
Christensen, Clayton M., author.
xix, 262 pages ; 24 cm
Section I: An introduction to jobs theory -- Chapter 1: The milk shake dilemma -- Chapter 2: Progress, not products -- Chapter 3: Jobs in the wild -- Section 2: The hard work--and payoff--of applying jobs theory -- Chapter 4: Job hunting -- Chapter 5: How to hear what your customers don't say -- Chapter 6: Building your résumé -- Section 3: The jobs to be done organization -- Chapter 7: Integrating around a job -- Chapter 8: Keeping your eye on the job -- Chapter 9: The jobs-focused organization -- Chapter 10: Final observations about the theory of jobs.
Presents guidelines to help companies develop products and services customers will buy for premium prices, outlining a revolutionary approach based on a theory that companies are actually "hired" by their customers to perform specific jobs.

Earning it : hard-won lessons from trailblazing women at the top of the business world

November 10, 2016
Lublin, Joann S., author.
295 pages ; 24 cm
Working Women Have Come a Long Way -- Doors Open with a Strong Push -- Getting Picked: Bloom Where You Are Planted -- Sexual Harassment Never Vanished -- The Pain of the Pay Pinch -- Getting Ahead Sooner -- Getting Ahead Later -- Manager Moms Are Not Acrobats -- Career Couple Conundrums -- Male Mentors Mean Business -- Managing Men Well -- Spotlight on Executive Presence -- Beating Board Bias -- Will the Glass Ceiling Ever Shatter? -- Male Champions of Women.
Dozens of trailblazing executive women who broke the corporate glass ceiling offer inspiring and unconventional insights and lessons.

How to write a business plan

November 4, 2016
Finch, Brian, author.
London ; Philadelphia : Kogan Page, 2016.
viii, 180 pages ; 22 cm

Small acts of leadership : 12 intentional behaviors that lead to big impact

November 4, 2016
Hunter, G. Shawn, author.
Brookline, MA : Bibliomotion, Inc., [2016]
xii, 225 pages ; 23 cm
Introduction: small things can matter most -- Believe in yourself -- Build confidence -- Introduce challenge -- Express gratitude -- Fuel curiosity -- Grant autonomy -- Strive for authenticity -- Be fully present -- Inspire others -- Clarify roles -- Defy convention -- Take a break -- Acknowledgments -- Notes -- References -- Index -- About the author.
In business today, there is no offline and there is no downtime. Professionals are both exhausted and depleted. Being constantly tethered to our work through technology makes us overwhelmed and shortsighted, and deprives us of time for meaningful reflection or thoughtful connection to our professional communities, and often even to our own families. For us to thrive not simply survive in this accelerating economy, we need to adopt small, intentional behaviors and practice them each day. From simply taking care of our rest and exercise to building our self-confidence and embracing challenges, author Shawn Hunters latest book Small Acts of Leadership will guide you through a series of incremental steps you can take to build a stronger version of yourself and make a broader impact in the world. Weaving in personal life stories and meaningful interviews with business leaders around the world, Hunter presents the reader with twelve critical competencies that are consistently present in the daily behaviors of todays most successful leaders.

The attention merchants : the epic scramble to get inside our heads

November 3, 2016
Wu, Tim, author.
viii, 403 pages ; 25 cm
Introduction: Here's the deal -- Part I: Masters of blazing modernities. The first attention merchants ; The alchemist ; For king and country ; Demand engineering, scientific advertising, and what women want ; A long lucky run ; Not with a bang but with a whimper -- Part II: The conquest of time and space. The invention of prime time ; The prince ; Total attention control, or the madness of crowds ; Peak attention, American style ; Prelude to an attentional revolt ; The great refusal ; Coda to an attentional revolution -- Part III: The third screen. Email and the power of the check-in ; Invaders ; AOL pulls 'em in -- Part IV: The importance of being famous. Establishment of the celebrity-industrial complex ; The Oprah model ; The panopticon -- Part V: Won't be fooled again. The kingdom of content : this is how you do it ; Here comes everyone ; The rise of clickbait ; The place to be ; The importance of being microfamous ; The fourth screen and the mirror of Narcissus ; The web hits bottom ; A retreat and a revolt ; Who's boss here? -- Epilogue: The temenos.
"From Tim Wu, author of award-winning The Master Switch, and who coined the phrase "net neutrality"--a revelatory look at the rise of "attention harvesting," and its transformative effect on our society and our selves"-- Provided by publisher.

101 smart questions to ask on your interview

November 1, 2016
Fry, Ronald W., author.
Wayne, NJ : Career Press, [2016]
192 pages ; 21 cm
Includes index.
Introduction: how to be a great prospect -- The strategy of asking smart questions -- Questions to ask yourself -- Questions to ask during your research -- Questions to ask "pre-interviewers" -- Questions to ask your new boss -- Questions to close the sale -- Questions to get the best deal -- Questions that get real -- All the smart questions to ask.

Big data in practice : how 45 successful companies used big data analytics to deliver extraordinary results

October 31, 2016
Marr, Bernard, author.
West Sussex, United Kingdom : Wiley, 2016.
xi, 308 pages ; 23 cm
Introduction -- Walmart: How Big Data Is Used To Drive Supermarket Performance -- CERN: Unravelling the Secrets of the Universe with Big Data -- Netflix: How Netflix Used Big Data to Give Us the Programmes We Want -- Rolls-Royce: How Big Data Is Used To Drive Success In Manufacturing -- Shell: How Big Oil Uses Big Data -- Apixio: How Big Data Is Transforming Healthcare -- Lotus F1 Team: How Big Data Is Essential To The Success Of Motorsport Teams -- Pendleton & Son Butchers: Big Data for Small Business -- US Olympic Women's Cycling Team: How Big Data Analytics Is Used To Optimize Athletes' Performance -- ZSL: Big Data In The Zoo And To Protect Animals -- Facebook: How Facebook Use Big Data to Understand Customers -- John Deere: How Big Data Can Be Applied On Farms -- Royal Bank of Scotland: Using Big Data to Make Customer Service More Personal -- LinkedIn: How Big Data Is Used To Fuel Social Media Success -- Microsoft: Bringing Big Data To The Masses -- Acxiom: Fuelling Marketing With Big Data -- US Immigration and Customs: How Big Data Is Used To Keep Passengers Safe and Prevent Terrorism -- Nest: Bringing the Internet of Things into The Home -- GE: How Big Data Is Fuelling the Industrial Internet -- Etsy: How Big Data Is Used In A Crafty Way -- Narrative Science: How Big Data Is Used To Tell Stories -- BBC: How Big Data Is Used In The Media -- Milton Keynes: How Big Data Is Used To Create Smarter Cities -- Palantir: How Big Data Is Used To Help The CIA And To Detect Bombs In Afghanistan -- Airbnb: How Big Data Is Used To Disrupt the Hospitality Industry -- Sprint: Profiling Audiences Using Mobile Network Data -- Dickey's Barbecue Pit: How Big Data Is Used to Gain Performance Insights Into One Of America's Most Successful Restaurant Chains -- Caesars: Big Data At The Casino -- Fitbit: Big Data In The Personal Fitness Arena -- Ralph Lauren: Big Data In The Fashion Industry -- Zynga: Big Data In The Gaming Industry -- Autodesk: How Big Data Is Transforming The Software Industry -- Walt Disney Parks and Resorts: How Big Data Is Transforming Our Family Holidays -- Experian: Using Big Data To Make Lending Decisions And To Crack Down On Identity Fraud -- Transport for London: How Big Data Is Used To Improve And Manage Public Transport In London -- The US Government: Using Big Data To Run A Country -- IBM Watson: Teaching Computers To Understand And Learn -- Google: How Big Data Is At The Heart Of Google's Business Mode -- Terra Seismic: Using Big Data To Predict Earthquakes -- Apple: How Big Data Is At The Centre Of Their Business -- Twitter: How Twitter And IBM Deliver Customer Insights From Big Data -- Uber: How Big Data Is At The Centre Of Uber's Transportation Business -- Electronic Arts: Big Data In Video Gaming -- Kaggle: Crowdsourcing Your Data Scientist -- Amazon: How Predictive Analytics Are Used To Get A 360-Degree View Of Consumers -- Final Thoughts.
"The best-selling author of Big Data is back, this time with a unique and in-depth insight into how specific companies use big data. Big data is on the tip of everyone's tongue. Everyone understands its power and importance, but many fail to grasp the actionable steps and resources required to utilise it effectively. This book fills the knowledge gap by showing how major companies are using big data every day, from an up-close, on-the-ground perspective. From technology, media and retail, to sport teams, government agencies and financial institutions, learn the actual strategies and processes being used to learn about customers, improve manufacturing, spur innovation, improve safety and so much more. Organised for easy dip-in navigation, each chapter follows the same structure to give you the information you need quickly. For each company profiled, learn what data was used, what problem it solved and the processes put it place to make it practical, as well as the technical details, challenges and lessons learned from each unique scenario. Learn how predictive analytics helps Amazon, Target, John Deere and Apple understand their customers Discover how big data is behind the success of Walmart, LinkedIn, Microsoft and more Learn how big data is changing medicine, law enforcement, hospitality, fashion, science and banking Develop your own big data strategy by accessing additional reading materials at the end of each chapter "-- Provided by publisher.

Master your time, master your life : the breakthrough system to get more results, faster, in every area of your life

October 27, 2016
Tracy, Brian, author.
New York, New York : TarcherPerigee, 2016.
vi, 226 pages ; 22 cm
Introduction: Different kinds of time -- Strategic planning and goal setting time -- Productive time--getting more done -- Income improvement time -- Spare time -- Work time -- Creative time -- Problem-solving and decision-making time -- People and family time -- Rest and relaxation time -- Quiet time.
"This life-changing book from the bestselling author of Eat That Frog! provides a unique program for determining WHAT to do WHEN, and managing all of the many details of our lives. We may feel stuck and unable to take certain items off our "To Do" lists for one simple reason: the timing isn't right. In Master Your Time, Master Your Life, international speaker, productivity expert, and bestselling author Brian Tracy explains why tackling the right project at the right time is of the utmost importance. By using our time in the appropriate way in the most important areas of our lives we will accomplish much more, faster and more easily than we ever thought possible! Based on the most recent research in the field of productivity, as well as the author's personal experiences and those of his clients, Tracy's method involves identifying the ten different "times" in which we operate, and the unique approach required for each of these in order to perform at our very best. Master Your Time, Master Your Life provides simple steps we can use to figure out when we will be most productive for a specific task and when we should move on to the next item on our list, outlining a framework for optimal productivity that will change lives forever!"-- Provided by publisher.

The case interview : 20 days to ace the case : your day-by-day prep course to land a job in management consulting

October 24, 2016
Whitehurst, Destin, author.
Berkeley, CA : Tycho Press, 2016.
194 pages ; 23 cm.
"Former strategy consultants Destin Whitehurst and Erin Robinson have been on both sides of the case interview table. In The Case Interview: 20 Days to Ace the Case, they give you need-to-know techniques for polishing your poise and tightening your skills. Featuring lessons, mock interviews, as well as industry know-how, you'll build your confidence in structuring your approach, hypothesizing logically, summarizing your findings, and making a recommendation to answer the case."--page [4] of cover

The quarter-life breakthrough : invent your own path, find meaningful work, and build a life that matters

October 18, 2016
Poswolsky, Smiley, author.
New York, New York : TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, [2016]
xxvi, 192 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm
Part one: Invent your own path -- Start jumping lily pads -- No mo' FOMO -- Embrace fear -- Part two: Find meaningful work -- Define meaningful work -- Find alignment -- The infinite paths to meaningful work -- How to kick-start your meaningful job search -- Is graduate school worth it? -- Part three: Build a life that matters -- What to do when someone tells you you're not ready for your dreams -- Get your breakthrough hustle on -- Persistence trumps passion: lessons in breakthrough hustling -- Find believers -- Leave a legacy -- Conclusion: The journey continues.
After realizing that his well-paying, prestigious job was actually making him miserable, Adam "Smiley" Poswolsky started asking these big questions: How do you actually find meaning in the workplace? How do you find work that makes your heart sing, creates impact, and pays your rent? In The Quarter-Life Breakthrough, Smiley provides fresh, honest, counterintuitive, and inspiring career advice for anyone stuck in a quarter-life crisis (or third-life crisis), trying to figure out what to do with their lives. He shares the stories of many twenty- and thirty-somethings who are discovering how to work with purpose (and still pay the bills). With practical exercises and advice, this book is essential reading for career changers and anyone passionate about getting unstuck, pursuing work that matters, and changing the world.

Wait, how do I write this email? : game-changing templates for networking and the job search

October 17, 2016
Rubin, Danny, author
xv, 244 pages ; 23 cm
Includes index.

Resume psychology© : resume hacks & traps revealed beat the machine. Be seen. Get hired!

October 17, 2016
Spencer, Dirk.
[Lavergne, Tennessee] : ICGtesting, ©2016.
159 pages ; 23 cm.

From resume to work : how to get your resume to help you find a job faster than it has ever done before

October 17, 2016
Gill, C. Edwin.
[Place of publication not identified] : [C. Edwin Gill], [2015]
vii, 115 pages : illustration ; 23 cm
Resumes that get rejected -- You must be present -- Cover every point -- Checklists before getting started -- Resources -- Next steps.

Resumes that stand out! : tips for college students and recent grads for writing a superior ŕesumé and securing an interview

October 17, 2016
Cano, L. Xavier.
[Bloomington, IN] : Xlibris, ©2014.
182 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes index.
What is a resume? -- The heading -- Career objective -- Education -- Work experience -- Technical and nontechnical skills -- Awards, achievements, and honors -- Extracurricular activities and leadership roles -- Languages spoken -- Optional section : community service -- Optional section : international travel -- Optional section : special projects -- Optional section : hobbies and interests -- The resume's general appearance -- Examples of complete resumes -- Tips for writing a cover letter -- Tips for making the most out of a career fair.
"Numerous examples of winning resumes to set you apart from the competition; simple-to-read instructions and proven frameworks--like a personal consultation; bonus chapters on writing influential cover letters and mastering a career fair so you can start interviewing"--Cover.

This is who we hire : how to get a job, succeed in it, and get promoted : the definitive career guide from decision makers in the selection process

October 14, 2016
Groenendyk, Alex, author.
[Place of publication not identified] : [CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform], [2016]
395 pages : illustrations; 23 cm
"This 'two in one' book provides a continuous process called the job cycle that ensures you not only land the job of your dreams but succeed in it. You can revisit and repeat this process to secure your first career job and every promotion thereafter. It covers the promotion strategies and leadership skills that will take you all the way to the top."--Publisher's description.

Career grease : how to get unstuck and pivot your career

October 13, 2016
Cardy, Alison, author.
[United States] : CreateSpace, 2016.
229 pages ; 22 cm.
Are you dissatisfied with your career? Having trouble seeing a better path? No matter how stuck you feel, it's possible to get into the driver's seat of your life at any moment and steer your career in an improved direction. Career coach Alison Cardy illustrates the step-by-step process she has successfully used to guide clients working in every industry imaginable through career changes. She shares engaging case studies, do-it-yourself exercises, and encouraging guidance to get you started on the right path for you (because no two journeys are alike). Cardy also flags common pitfalls and misleading career myths to help you keep your direction clear and your momentum intact.

Character based management : a key to more productive & effective organizations

October 12, 2016
Beezat, Robert, author.
Indianapolis, IN Dog Ear Publishing, [2016]
iii, 100 pages ; 23 cm

The social profit handbook : the essential guide to setting goals, assessing outcomes, and achieving success for mission-driven organizations

October 11, 2016
Grant, David (Business writer)
White River Junction, Vermont : Chelsea Green Publishing, [2015]
xii, 172 pages ; 23 cm
A note to the reader -- Can social profit be measured? -- Thinking differently about assessment -- Mission time -- The art of the rubric -- Practical advice on rubric design -- Rubrics that improve performance -- Rubrics for sustainability -- Rubrics for larger systems -- Changing our minds--and cultures.
"The Social Profit Handbook gives those who lead, govern, and support social profit organizations both a different way to think about assessment and a very practical approach to implementing formative assessment practices practices whose purpose is not about judging work that has already happened, but rather about improving work that will happen in the future."--Provided by publisher.

PMP® exam prep.

October 10, 2016
[Minneapolis, Minn.] : RMC Publications, 1999-
v. : ill., forms ; 28 cm.
Vol. for 8th ed. (2013) includes 1 CD-ROM called: PM FASTrack, PMP exam simulation software, version 8, demo.
"Rapid learning to pass PMI®'s PMP exam--on your first try!" (varies).

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