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November 24, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Love of the Summerfields : a novel

November 23, 2015
Moser, Nancy, author.
Overland Park, Kansas : Mustard Seed Press, 2015
374 pages ; 22 cm.

Together for Christmas

November 17, 2015
Spencer, Katherine, 1955- author.
x, 292 pages ; 24 cm.
The "sixteenth Christmas novel set in Thomas Kinkade's beloved town of Cape Light. The holiday season finds one treasured relationship about to be torn apart...while another is just coming together."-- Provided by publisher.

When secrets strike

November 3, 2015
Perry, Marta.
Don Mills, Ontario : HQN Books, [2015]
363 pages ; 17 cm
"Amish quilter Sarah Bitler's dreams no longer feature a husband and family. Instead, she searches for success in the quilt shop within Blackburn House, a place once tarnished with deadly secrets. She refusesto let the past influence her future--until an ominous fire forces them to collide. Firefighter Aaron King was the first to touch Sarah's heart--and the first to break it. Now a widower and father of two small girls, his return to Sarah's life brings her buried feelings to the surface. As a string of horrific incidents tears apart their community, an arsonist's wrath threatens to destroy them all. With Aaron as the only suspect, Sarah must follow her instincts to find the truth. But to protect an innocent man she might risk her heart to Aaron again--and risk her life to an unknown killer."

The Amish heart of Ice Mountain

November 2, 2015
Long, Kelly, author.
New York, NY : Zebra Books, Kensington Publishing Corp., [2015]
315 pages ; 17 cm
Young healer Sarah Mast always hopes for the best. But her betrothed's return from working Englischer oil rigs is confirming her worst fears. She no longer recognizes Edward King as the honorable man who's been courting her-someone who now wants his people to sell their precious mountain land to a drilling company. And no matter how appealing his touch, she can't see a future for them. Until a misunderstanding and the laws of the Old Order leave them no choice but to wed. Living together in Sarah's simple log cabin, surrounded by the love and faith of the mountain Amish, Sarah and Edward will have a heaven-sent chance to truly know each other for the first time...

Bittersweet creek

November 2, 2015
Kilpatrick, Sally, author.
318 pages ; 21 cm
Includes a reading group guide.
For a century and a half, the Satterfield and McElroy farms have been separated by a narrow creek and a whole lot of bad blood. Both sides have done their share of damage. But the very worst crime either family can commit is to fall in love with the enemy. As teenagers, Romy Satterfield and Julian McElroy did exactly that. Then, on the night they were secretly married by a justice of the peace, Julian stood Romy up. Ten years later, Romy is poised to marry the scion of one of Nashville's most powerful families. First she has to return home to Ellery to help her injured father--and to finalize her divorce. For Julian, seeing Romy again brings into relief the secrets he's kept and the poison that ran through his childhood. Romy has missed the farm and the unpretentious, downright nosy townsfolk. In spite of her efforts, she's also missed Julian. But though she suspects there's more to that long-ago night than Julian ever revealed, the truth will either drive her away for good, or reveal what is truly worth fighting for. . .

The Christmas joy ride

October 28, 2015
Carlson, Melody, author.
168 pages ; 23 cm
"Miranda did not put adventure on her Christmas list, but thanks to her eighty-five-year-old neighbor Joy, that's exactly what she's getting this year. When Joy tells Miranda that she plans to drive an old RV decked out in Christmas decorations from their Chicago neighborhood to her new retirement digs in Phoenix--in the dead of winter, no less--the much younger Miranda insists that Joy cannot make such a trip by herself. Besides, a crazy trip with Joy would be more interesting than another Christmas home alone. Unemployed and facing foreclosure, Miranda feels she has nothing to lose by packing a bag and heading off to Route 66. But Joy has a hidden agenda for their Christmas joyride--and a hidden problem that could derail the whole venture."

Miracle drug

October 26, 2015
Mabry, Richard L.
Nashville : Abingdon Press, [2015]
296 pages ; 22 cm
Includes group discussion guide.
Includes a sample from the author's upcoming novel, Medical Judgment.
The infection wasn't supposed to happen, but it did. The treatment was supposed to take care of it, but it didn't. Then Dr. Josh Pearson discovers why--his patients, including the former President of the United States, have been dosed with a different strain of the original virus, one that is universally fatal.

Vendetta : a novel

October 23, 2015
Harris, Lisa, 1969- author.
301 pages ; 22 cm.
No one needs to push Nikki Boyd to excel on the Tennessee Missing Person Task Force. The case of her own missing sister, still unsolved after ten years, is the driving force in her work. When a Polaroid photo of a missing girl shows up at a crime scene, Nikki quickly recognizes similarities to the past. The closer she gets to the abductor, the more she feels that this case is getting personal, and that she is not the hunter at all--but actually the one being hunted. With this explosive first book in the new Nikki Boyd Files, Lisa Harris takes readers on a fast-paced pursuit of justice that will have them holding their breath until the heart-stopping finish.

The abbey : a story of discovery

October 19, 2015
Martin, James, 1960-
San Francisco : HarperOne, [2015]
212 pages ; 22 cm
As divorced single mother Anne attempts to deal with the death of her young son, a former architect named Mark struggles with his life decisions, and Father Paul rethinks his decision to serve as an abbot, and all three work to allow God to bring wholeness to their lives.

Every girl gets confused : a novel

October 19, 2015
Thompson, Janice A., author.
331 pages ; 21 cm.
Katie Fisher has a new boyfriend, but her ex is determined to win her back. Now she must choose between the love she thought she lost and the love she stumbled upon in the aftermath.

An Amish Christmas gift : three Amish novellas

October 15, 2015
Nashville, Tennessee : Thomas Nelson, [2015]
409 pages ; 22 cm
Naomi's Gift / by Amy Clipston -- Unexpected Joy / by Ruth Reid -- A Christmas Visitor / by Kelly Irvin.
"Naomi's Gift by Amy Clipston -- Naomi has started to think that she isn't meant to find love, but she might receive more than she ever hoped for this Christmas.Twenty-four-year-old Naomi King, who has been burned twice by love, has all but given up on marriage and children. As Christmas approaches--a time of family, faith, and hope for many others--Naomi is more certain than ever her life will be spent as an old maid, helping with the family's quilting business and taking care of her eight siblings. Then she meets Caleb, a young widower with a 7-year-old daughter, and her world is once again turned upside-down. An Unexpected Joy by Ruth Reid -- Abigail has driven other suitors away, but can Micah find a way to show her he cares? Abigail Kemp has managed to frighten off every bu who's ever driven her home from a singing. Sure she will live to be an old maid, Abigail starts saving her money to buy a horse so she can at least have some independence. Micah Zook is looking for a caregiver for his grandmother, and Abigail needs a new job. He never expected that Abigail would talk so much. or that his grandmother would keep finding ways to set the two of them up. Despite Abigail's constant chatter, she and Micah become friends--until Micah makes a decision that leaves Abigail feeling betrayed. With Christmas in their midst, can Micah find a way to reconcile with Abigail and to reveal what's on his heart? A Christmas Visitor by Kelly Irvin -- Frannie Mast returns to Bee County for Christmas, but her heart stays back in Missouri with an Englisch farm boy. Frannie knows her parents have the best of intentions when they send her back to Bee County, Texas, to live with her aunt Abigail and her husband Mordecai. After all, she knows nothing can come of a relationship with Rocky, the handsome but Englisch farmer boy back in Missouri. It's best to put those feelings aside, no matter how hard it is. But all bets are off when Rocky follows Frannie to Texas to plead his case. Could he be the Christmas gift to end all gifts?"-- Provided by publisher.

Keeping Christmas : a novel

October 15, 2015
Walsh, Dan, 1957-
Grand Rapids, Michigan : Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, [2015]
215 pages ; 23 cm
For the first time since their children were born, empty nesters Judith and Stan Winters spent Thanksgiving without the kids, and it's looking like Christmas will be the same. Judith can't bring herself to even start decorating for the holiday; her kids always hung the first ornaments on the tree, ornaments they had made each year since they were toddlers. Sure they were strange - looking -- some could be called downright ugly -- but they were tradition. A tradition she's heartbroken to miss this year.

Last chance hero : a novel

October 8, 2015
Armstrong, Cathleen, author.
280 pages ; 22 cm.
"A place to call home ; #4"--Title page.
The inhabitants of Last Chance, New Mexico, could not be more pleased. Dr. Jessica McLeod has opened an office right on Main Street. Andy Ryan, the best athlete the little town ever produced, has ended his short career in the NFL and has come home to coach the mighty Pumas of Last Chance High. Dr. Jess immediately gets off on the wrong foot when she admits that she's never seen a football game, and Coach Ryan is discovering that it's not easy to balance atop the pedestal the town has put him on. When this unlikely pair is drawn together over the future of a young player whose gifts may lie in the laboratory, they begin to wonder if they might have a future together as well.

The bishop's son

October 7, 2015
Irvin, Kelly.
Grand Rapids, Michigan : Zondervan, [2015]
xii, 355 pages ; 22 cm.
"Leila Lantz is in danger of losing her heart to a Plain man until she discovers he's not so Plain after all. Leila has been drawn to Jesse Glick, the bishop's son, since the first day she met him at his father's store, and she knows he feels the same way about her. But she can't understand why he seems to make overtures one day, then withdraw the next. Jesse has a secret. He's considering making a choice that will forever affect his family and his future. He knows it's not fair to draw Leila into his life until he makes his decision, but his heart refuses to let her go. Will, Jesse's cousin, has his own feelings for Leila, but he has remained on the sidelines in deference to his cousin for many months. He knows Jesse's secret, but he promised not to tell. He can't stand the thought of Leila being hurt so he urges Leila to ask Jesse one question: Where does he go every Wednesday night? The answer to that question will force each of them to make painful choices. Leila can choose Will and know she will never have to leave her home or family. Or she can choose Jesse and the love her heart desires, knowing she'll have to say goodbye to her entire community. The day comes when Jesse, Will, and Leila all have to make their choices, choices that will change their lives and those of their small, close-knit community of Plain families"-- Provided by publisher.

As waters gone by

October 7, 2015
Ruchti, Cynthia.
320 pages ; 22 cm
As Emmalyn Ross awaits the return of her husband from a five-year prison sentence, she retreats to a scenic Lake Superior island to restore a local cottage, where she befriends several colorful locals and works through her issues.

Hazel Creek : a novel

October 6, 2015
Larimore, Walter L.
New York : Howard Books, 2012.
368 pages ; 22 cm
Includes reading group guide.
A family struggles to maintain their farm and forest as a lumber company tries every trick in the book to push them off their land.

Son of a preacherman : a novel

September 29, 2015
Banks, Marlene.
Chicago : Moody Publishers, c2012.
345 p. ; 21 cm.
Billy Ray Matthias, the new pastor's son, falls for Benjamina Freeman, heiress to one of the most successful African American families in the Midwest, in a romance set in the midst of the Tulsa Race Riots.

A.D. 33 : a novel

September 28, 2015
Dekker, Ted, 1962-
New York : Center Street, 2015.
354 pages : map ; 24 cm
"New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker delivers the gripping story of Maviah, a slave who becomes a queen in Arabia, A.D. 33. They call her the Queen of the Outcasts. Maviah, a woman whose fate was sealed on her birth by this world-unwanted, illegitimate, female, a slave-subject to the whims of all. But then she met a man named Yeshua who opened her eyes. She found strength in his words, peace from the brutal word around her. Because of what he taught her, she has gathered her own traveling kingdom of outcasts deep in the desert, wielding an authority few have seen. But when her growing power threatens the rulers around her, they set out to crush all she loves, leaving her reeling as a slave once more. She must find Yeshua to save her people, but when she does, she will be horrified to discover that he faces his own death. Enter a story full of intrigue, heart-wrenching defeat, uncompromising love and staggering victory-one that re-examines everything you thought you knew about the heart of Jesus's stunning message and the power that follows for those who follow his easily forgotten way. "-- Provided by publisher.

A heart's obsession

September 23, 2015
Coble, Colleen, author.
Nashville, Tennessee : Thomas Nelson Inc. , [2015]
102 pages ; 22 cm.
When Sarah Montgomery's father succumbs to his long illness, Sarah is faced with a life-altering choice : submit to her brother's will and marry the deceptive Ben Croftner, or escape through the dangerous American West to reclaim the heart of her beloved Rand Campbell at Fort Laramie, Wyoming. From captivity in her family's home, Sarah makes her decision, and begins the perilous journey to Wyoming by train.

When love returns : a novel

September 22, 2015
Sawyer, Kim Vogel.
Colorado Springs, Colorado : Waterbrook Press, 2015.
342 pages ; 21 cm.
Includes readers guide.
When Suzanne returns to the Old Order Mennonite community from which she was sent away as a pregnant teenager, she rebuilds relationships with family and the father of her biological daughter, while her adopted daughter seeks out her own birth parents.

Come rain or come shine : a Mitford novel

September 16, 2015
Karon, Jan, 1937-
New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons, [2015]
287 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm.
"Over the course of twelve Mitford novels, fans have kept a special place in their hearts for Dooley Kavanagh, first seen in At Home in Mitford as a barefoot, freckle-faced boy in filthy overalls. Now, Father Tim Kavanagh's adopted son has graduated from vet school and opened his own animal clinic. Since money will be tight for a while, maybe he and Lace Harper, his once and future soul mate, should keep their wedding simple. So the plan is to eliminate the cost of catering and do potluck. Ought to be fun. An old friend offers to bring his well-known country band. Gratis. And once mucked out, the barn works as a perfect venue for seating family and friends. Piece of cake, right?" -- provided by publisher.

A wedding at the Orange Blossom Inn

September 16, 2015
Gray, Shelley Shepard, author.
New York, NY : Avon Inspire, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2015]
259, 16 pages : illustrations, map ; 21 cm.
Emma Keim was heartbroken when her husband Sanford passed away, leaving her to raise three young daughters alone. In the years since, her relatives have made it no secret that they expect Emma to remain a widow, mourning Sanford indefinitely. But when she meets Jay Hilty, a widower with three young sons of his own, Emma is delighted to have a new friend who understands her struggles. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s also handsome and kind. Still, Emma is dismayed that her family is so opposed to their friendship and the idea of it ever becoming anything more. She honors her husband’s memory every day, but is she destined to be alone forever? Jay knows that few people his age understand what it’s like to lose a spouse, and Emma’s gentleness with his boys stirs something in his heart that’s been quiet for far too long. But when Jay’s oldest son becomes engaged to a local woman, suddenly Jay, Emma, and their children are swept up in wedding preparations. Witnessing his son’s joy, Jay wonders if it’s time for him to move forward, too, and find happiness again. Jay wants to court Emma in earnest, but Emma’s relatives remain troubled by the prospect of her moving on. Once again, love has come to Pinecraft. But can these two parties of four become a happy, healthy family of eight?

A home for his family

September 16, 2015
Drexler, Jan.
New York, NY : Love Inspired Books, 2015.
280 p. ; 17 cm.
"Inspirational historical romance"--Spine.
"Nate Colby came to the Dakota Territory to start over, not to look for a wife. He'll raise his orphaned nieces and nephew on his own, even if pretty schoolteacher Sarah MacFarland's help is a blessing. But Nate resists getting too close-Sarah deserves better than a man who only brings trouble to those around him. Sarah can't deny she cares for the children, but she can't let herself fall for Nate. Her childhood as an orphan taught her that opening her heart to love only ends in hurt. Yet helping this ready-made family set up their ranch only makes her long to be a part of it-whatever the risk"--P. [4] of cover.

Eve : a novel

September 15, 2015
Young, William P., author.
New York : Howard Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc., 2015.
303 pages ; 23 cm
"When a shipping container washes ashore on an island between our world and the next, John the Collector finds a young woman inside--broken, frozen, and barely alive. With the aid of Healers and Scholars, John oversees her recovery and soon discovers her genetic code connects her to every known human race. She is a girl of prophecy and no one can guess what her survival will mean... No one but Eve, Mother of the Living, who calls her "daughter," and invites her to witness the truth about her story--indeed, the truth about us all."-- Provided by publisher.

Ties that bind

September 14, 2015
Woodsmall, Cindy, author.
Colorado Springs, Colorado : WaterBrook Press, [2015]
342 pages ; 21 cm.
"An Old Order Amish young woman and an unsuspecting college student are on a collision course that neither could have foreseen"-- Provided by publisher.

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