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May 18, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Shadow of the storm

May 17, 2018
Cossette, Connilyn, author.
Minneapolis, Minnesota : Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group, [2016]
349 pages ; 22 cm.
In the Depth of the Storm's Shadow, Only Truth Can Light Her Way Having escaped Egypt with the other Hebrews during the Exodus, Shira is now living in freedom at the foot of Mt. Sinai, upon which rests the fiery glowing Cloud containing the shekinah glory of God. When the people disobey Yahweh and build a golden idol, the ensuing chaos gives Shira an unexpected opportunity to learn the arts of midwifery. Although her mother wishes for her to continue in the family weaving trade, Shira's gifts shine brightest when she assists with deliveries. In defiance of her mother, Shira pursues her heart's calling to become an apprentice midwife. When a delivery goes horribly wrong, Shira finds herself bound to a man who betrayed her, the caretaker of three young children, and the target of a vengeful woman whose husband was killed by Shira's people, the Levites. As contention between the Hebrew tribes and the foreigners fans the flames of another dangerous rebellion, Shira will come face-to-face with the heartbreak of her past that she has kept hidden for so long. How can she let go of all that has defined her to accept the love she's denied herself and embrace who she truly is?

Send down the rain

May 14, 2018
Martin, Charles, 1969- author.
Nashville, Tennessee : Thomas Nelson, [2018]
341 pages ; 25 cm
"Allie is still recovering from the loss of her family's beloved waterfront restaurant on Florida's Gulf Coast when she loses her second husband to a terrifying highway accident. Devastated and losing hope, she shudders to contemplate the future--until a cherished person from her past returns. Joseph has been adrift for many years, wounded in both body and spirit and unable to come to terms with the trauma of his Vietnam War experiences. Just as he resolves to abandon his search for peace and live alone at a remote cabin in the Carolina mountains, he discovers a mother and her two small children lost in the forest. A man of character and strength, he instinctively steps in to help them get back to their home in Florida. There he will return to his own hometown--and witness the accident that launches a bittersweet reunion with his childhood sweetheart, Allie. When Joseph offers to help Allie rebuild her restaurant, it seems the flame may reignite--until a 45-year-old secret from the past begins to emerge, threatening to destroy all hope for their second chance at love."-- Provided by publisher.

The 49th mystic

May 9, 2018
Dekker, Ted, 1962- author.
Grand Rapids, Michigan : Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, [2018]
409 pages ; 24 cm.

Storm front

May 8, 2018
Warren, Susan May, 1966- author.
328 pages ; 22 cm.
Sequel to: Troubled waters.
"A tornado has destroyed a small Minnesota community and among the missing are not only a group of students but PEAK Rescue team leader Chet King. Ty Remington will stop at nothing to rescue his mentor, not even when the girl he loved--and lost--walks back into his life. But Brette needs his help more than he knows, despite her stubborn determination to push him away. And when he gets a second chance, loving her just might cost him more than he can imagine. A blogger for Vortex Storm Chasers, Brette Arnold didn't expect her adventures to land her in the same place as Ty, the guy who she walked--no, ran--from over a year ago. She had her reasons--good ones. The kind that tell her that falling for him again would only lead to heartache. But Ty isn't the kind of man to give up--not on the missing students, or on her."--Back cover.

Honeysuckle dreams

May 4, 2018
Hunter, Denise, 1968- author.
311 pages ; 22 cm
Sequel to: Blue Ridge sunrise.
Includes discussion questions.
After Brady Collins' ex-wife dies, he receives devastating news--his nine-month-old son Sam isn't his son at all. And Sam's wealthy maternal grandparents want custody of the child. Brady knows he's in for the fight of his life. But regardless of what any blood test says, Sam is his son, and Brady will go to any lengths to keep him. Brady's attorney tips him off that one major life change would virtually assure him of winning guardianship of baby Sam at the final hearing: an impending marriage. And his friend Hope is willing to step in as the loving and devoted fiance. Local radio celebrity Hope Daniels has been driven by a solitary goal her entire life, and after a happy accident she's finally offered her dream job. But if the truth comes out about her arrangement with Brady, she may miss the chance of a lifetime and stand in the way of a dear friend's dreams. As Brady and Hope make sacrifices to help each other in their times of need, they risk uncovering a truth neither of them expects to find"-- Provided by publisher.

The rejected princess

May 3, 2018
Clark, Katie, 1983- author.
Aztec, NM : Watershed Books, a division of Pelican Ventures, LLC, [2018]
363 pages ; 21 cm
"A tale of strange powers & forbidden love"--Cover.
"When Princess Roanna Hamilton's parents arrange a marriage with a prince of Dawson's Edge --the mysterious and backwards kingdom to the south --Roanna reluctantly agrees. But when Roanna is introduced to Dawson's royal family, strange mind-bending anomalies are awakened within her, and she discovers the Dawsonian royal family holds secrets of their own. With threats growing daily, Roanna comes to realize the danger she is in. If Roanna is to save herself and her future, she must stall her marriage and squelch the growing rebellion--all while discovering how deeply her power runs"--from Amazon.

The hidden side : a novel

May 1, 2018
Chiavaroli, Heidi, author.
Carol Stream, Illinois : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., [2018]
x, 431 pages ; 21 cm
New York, 2016. Natalie Abbott offers answers for hurting listeners on her popular radio program. But she struggles to connect with her teenagers, with her daughter in an unhealthy relationship and her son uncommunicative and isolated. When one member of the family commits an unspeakable act, Natalie is forced to uncover who she truly is under the facade of her radio persona. New York, 1776. Mercy Howard is shocked when her fiance, Nathan Hale, is arrested and hanged as a spy. When she's asked to join the revolutionary spy ring in Manhattan, she sees an opportunity to avenge Nathan's death. But keeping her true loyalties hidden grows increasingly harder as the charming Major John Andre of the King's Army becomes more to her than a target for intelligence. Mercy's journals comfort Natalie from across the centuries as both women struggle with their own secrets and shame, wondering how deep God's mercy extends.

Things I never told you

May 1, 2018
Vogt, Beth K., author.
Carol Stream, Illinois : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., [2018]
423 pages ; 21 cm
Includes discussion questions.
"A Thatcher Sisters novel."
It's been ten years since Payton Thatcher's twin sister died in an accident. Payton has reinvented herself as a partner in a successful party-planning business and is doing just fine-- as long as she manages to hold her memories and her family at arm's length. With her middle sister Jillian's engagement, Payton's party-planning skills are called into action, which means working alongside her opinionated oldest sister, Johanna. When a frightening diagnosis threatens Jillian's future, old wounds are reopened and the family faces the possibility of another tragedy. Will they pull together or be driven further apart?

The weaver's daughter

April 23, 2018
Ladd, Sarah E., author.
Nashville, Tennessee : Thomas Nelson, [2018]
358 pages ; 22 cm
"Travel back to Regency England and the Industrial Revolution with Sarah Ladd as she weaves the tale of a woman torn between her father's stubborn hold on the past and her dreams for the fast-approaching future ... Kate Hathaway comes from a long line of handloom weavers. With the Industrial Revolution in full swing, Yorkshire's textile industry is changing, but Kate's father, a successful but feared clothier, rejects technological advances. With the aid of fellow artisans, he will do anything to keep outsiders-and mechanical looms-out of their small village of Ambledale. With his military days behind him, Nicholas Stockton returns home to England and expects to take his place in the family business-a textile mill in Ambledale. But when his grandfather dies suddenly and leaves the struggling mill entirely in his care, Nicholas is confronted with the monumental task of righting his grandfather's wrongs, especially when it comes to the manner in which the mill workers have been treated. Kate is wary of the handsome man now running the Stockton Mill, but after spending time with him in various social settings and watching him advocate for the less fortunate, she warms to him. Nicholas, too, has been warned that the Hathaways are a dangerous family, but after witnessing Kate's kindness, his opinion changes. As her father becomes increasingly desperate, Kate faces the impossible choice: preserve her father's legacy and sacrifice her own dreams, or put her fate in the hands of a man she barely knows and fight for the future she has come to believe in. With courage and God's guidance, Kate steps into the future and discovers a love she never knew possible"-- Provided by publisher.

A time for peace

April 23, 2018
Stimpson, Michelle, author.
189 pages ; 20 cm.
"Mama B's having a time keeping her attitude in check at a beachfront wedding. For her husband's sake, Mama B tries to keep her mouth shut about the couple's obvious differences, but how is that possible when the bride is young enough to be the groom's child? And speaking of children, Mama B's got a problem with her oldest son, who has been slacking on his landlord duties. Is it time to sell the house or does she need to have a good, long talk and let him know how the cow ate the cabbage? Kennedy didn't want to invite her sister, Whitney, to the wedding because Whitney always steals the show. This wedding weekend will put their sisterhood to the test, and Mama B is just the person to help them through...if Mama B can stop feuding with her own family long enough to hear God's voice in the midst"--Back cover.

Mama B : a time to plant : a novella

April 20, 2018
Stimpson, Michelle.
[United States] : Published by Read for Joy, an imprint of MLStimpson Enterprises, ©2015.
162 pages ; 21 cm.
Includes a excerpt from the novel Stepping down, by Michelle Stimpson.
"Mama B is back, and this time she has met her match in Dr.-Apostle-Prophet, etc. Falanda McPherson, the evangelist who has come to lead the fall revival at Mt. Zion. With her closest comrades away and other church members afraid of the minister, Mama B quickly becomes the one-woman hospitality committee. Thankfully, Falanda will be staying at the hotel ... well ... she was staying at the hotel until she managed to get herself kicked out. Now, Mama B finds herself trying to help a woman whose explosive patterns put everyone in danger. Words and prayer alone won't solve the problem. Mama B has to break ground in Falanda's heart the best way she knows how: the expressed love of God"--Page 4 of cover.

The forgotten road : a novel

April 19, 2018
Evans, Richard Paul, author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2018.
259 pages ; 21 cm.
"The second novel in a trilogy about a man on an inspirational pilgrimage across Route 66 to find his way back to himself"--Provided by publisher.

Perfection : a novel

April 18, 2018
Wade, Kathleen, author.
[Las Vegas, NV] : Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, 2018.
v, 387 pages ; 20 cm
"Maggie Walsh has entered the convent. Her brother thinks she's wasting her life. Her sister doubts she has what it takes. Her mother is heartbroken; her father is happy. Her boyfriend pledges to wait until she "gets it out of her system." Abandoning her dreams to be an actress or a writer, Maggie embraces Church teaching that says the convent is the path to perfection. She sets out to prove--to herself and her family--that she can do it. She'll follow her higher calling, no matter what. It is 1960. Church reform is a few years away, but when it comes, radical changes unfold swiftly. Maggie embraces that change. Her brother, Jack, who tries at every turn to get Maggie to come to her senses, involves Maggie in civil-rights and anti-war activities-- forcing her into conflict with her superiors. Should she keep the peace in the convent or follow her conscience? A charismatic fellow teacher, Will, captures Maggie's time and attention. Then Stan, Maggie's first love, returns home from a Navy tour. Seeking perfection seemed so simple; now, it is anything but. Maggie must choose: a solitary life with God or the true love of another person?"--Back cover.

Mama B : a time for war : a novella

April 18, 2018
Stimpson, Michelle.
180 pages ; 21 cm
"Mama B knows she needs to get a handle on her bulging waistline, so she visits an exercise class at the local recreation center. But when the dancing style isn't quite her cup of tea, she and her longtime friend, Ophelia, start a class of their own. Soon Mama B finds herself compelled to take in yet another wayward soul from the class. But will Frank agree to open his home to strangers? When the exercise class comes under attack, Mama B has to figure out her place in the Lord's army while hoping her strong position won't backfire against Frank. And just when things seem to be looking up for the young woman whom she has been divinely appointed to help, Mama B's temper gets the best of her and threatens to unravel the very mission God has called her to complete."--Back cover.

A time to dance

April 18, 2018
Stimpson, Michelle, author.
132 pages ; 21 cm.
"Mama B thought her life would return to normal, but when her nephew, Derrick, comes knocking on her door, she has to reconsider. Though she's not known for housing marital fugitives, she realizes Derrick is looking for more than a place to stay; he needs help finding his way back to God. Of course, help is almost Mama B's middle name until Henrietta crosses the line with her accusations about Mama B's intentions with the recently widowed pastor. Mama B isn't looking for romance with either the pastor or her suitor, Dr. Wilson--but will love come looking for her?"--Back cover.

A time to love

April 18, 2018
Stimpson, Michelle, author.
142 pages ; 21 cm.
"Mama B was supposed to be helping people at the community food pantry, but Eunice needs more than just a bag full of canned goods. Though Eunice has plenty money, she can't seem to manage what matters most in life. Maybe if she stopped all the "cigarette-ment" (as Henrietta says) she might turn out all right. Dr. Wilson's not letting up on his pursuit of Mama B. Will he come on too strong and scare her away, or will Mama B throw caution to the wind and fall in love at age 72? Catch up with Mama B again in the small town of Peasner, TX. She's still servin' wisdom and humor as only she can"--Back cover.

Mama B : a time to mend : a novella

April 18, 2018
Stimpson, Michelle.
173 pages ; 21 cm
Includes a excerpt from the novel Stepping down, by Michelle Stimpson.
"Mama B's address has changed, but her heart for people is still the same. When a young neighbor with special needs (Jeffrey) passes out on her back porch, Mama B springs into action help him recover in more ways than one. But intervening in Jeffrey's dysfunctional home life leads Mama B to go poking where Frank doesn't want her to venture. How can she submit to her heart and her new husband at the same time?"--Page 4 of cover.

A time to speak

April 18, 2018
Stimpson, Michelle, author.
160 pages ; 21 cm.
Publisher as found on
"The good folks at Mt. Zion Baptist are doing their best to keep the church flowing smoothly while Pastor Phillips takes time off to be with his wife in her final days. Beatrice "Mama B" Jackson even opens her home so that the women's groups can continue to meet faithfully after some "rascal" stole the copper from the church's air conditioning unit. With her semi-estranged granddaughter and great-grandson staying in the guest room, Mama B soon has a full house. When the interim preacher and his wife start touting messages that don't line up with the Bible, Mama B wonders how and if she can intervene without causing strife in the congregation or discouraging the young couple. However, Mama B can only take so much of this foolishness. Though her own faith might be intact, she can't have her great-grandson believing that God is a Sugar Daddy in the sky. Soon enough, Mama B will realize that there is much more at stake than she or anyone else at Mt. Zion ever imagined. And it's time to speak"--Back cover.

An unfinished death

April 18, 2018
Henderson, Dee, author.
Springfield, IL : Dee Henderson, [2017]
349 pages ; 23 cm.
"Connie August, a Christian combat medic, one who had experienced healings and miracles on the battlefield similar to those in scripture, wasn't looking to make waves back home now that she was retired from the service. Ryan Cooper, CEO of a religious-affiliated private hospital, had seen too many of Chicago's children die from gun violence, young mothers die from cancer, and random illness take both the young and old. He wanted the vibrancy of God's healing to be a predictable experience again. A friend introduced them at a party. He wanted to understand what she'd experienced. She wanted him to give a chaplain friend a job when he retired from the service. They struck a deal that would change both their lives and soon begin to reverberate across Chicago.-- Page [4] of cover.

An Amish heirloom

April 12, 2018
Nashville : Zondervan, 2018.
385 pages ; 22 cm
A Legacy of love / by Amy Clipston -- The Cedar chest / by Beth Wiseman -- The Treasured book / by Kathleen Fuller -- A Midwife's dream / by Kelly Irvin.
"From bestselling authors in the Amish genre come four novellas about the meaning and tradition found behind every family heirloom"-- Provided by publisher.

My rock

April 6, 2018
Simmons, Pat, 1959- author.
[Place of publication not identified] : Generations Quest Press, [2018]
vi, 310 pages ; 23 cm
"Caregivers series Book 1. Every caregiver needs a caregiver"--Cover.
"For Tabitha Knicely, caring for an eighty-nine year old independent woman is challenging, frustrating, and a few times, entertaining. As Aunt Tweet's wandering leads her into a path of a handsome neighbor, Tabitha begins to wonder if God was directing her aunt's path for a reason. Marcus Whittington considers himself a good guy with a generous heart and a winning personality. But that wasn't the case when he accuses his neighbor of being irresponsible when it comes to the care of an elderly relative. He soon learns that even a caregiver needs pampering every now and then"--Back cover.

Pelican Point

April 5, 2018
Hannon, Irene, author.
358 pages ; 22 cm.
Sequel to: Sandpiper Cove.
After inheriting a crumbling lighthouse, Army doctor Ben Garrison is more than ready to get rid of it. Then he meets Marci Weber, the determined editor of the Hope Harbor Herald, who wants to save the landmark. Can she make him see her point of view?

No one ever asked : a novel

April 3, 2018
Ganshert, Katie, author.
[Colorado Springs] : WaterBrook, 2018.
368 pages ; 21 cm
"When an impoverished school district loses its accreditation and the affluent community of Crystal Ridge has no choice but to open their school doors, the lives of three very different women converge: Camille Gray--the wife of an executive, mother of three, long-standing PTA chairwoman and champion fundraiser--faced with a shocking discovery that threatens to tear her picture-perfect world apart at the seams. Jen Covington, the career nurse whose long, painful journey to motherhood finally resulted in adoption but she is struggling with a happily-ever-after so much harder than she anticipated. Twenty-two-year-old Anaya Jones--the first woman in her family to graduate college and a brand new teacher at Crystal Ridge's top elementary school, unprepared for the powder-keg situation she's stepped into. Tensions rise within and without, culminating in an unforeseen event that impacts them all. This story explores the implicit biases impacting American society, and asks the ultimate question: What does it mean to be human? Why are we so quick to put labels on each other and categorize people as "this" or "that", when such complexity exists in each person?"-- Provided by publisher.

Plain confession

March 30, 2018
Miller, Emma, author.
279 pages ; 21 cm.
Sequel to: Plain missing.
"An Amish mystery"--Cover.
When Rachel Mast returned to Stone Mill, Pennsylvania, she unwittingly became a bridge between the closed Amish community and the Englisher police. Daniel Fisher's death may not have been a hunting accident; his family does not seem surprised at his death, and his brother-in-law confesses. Is he trying to protect someone? Now, as Rachel prepares for her wedding, she's drawn into an investigation that could end in a different ceremony-- her funeral.

The road home

March 27, 2018
Lewis, Beverly, 1949- author.
Minneapolis, Minnesota : Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group, [2018]
316 pages ; 23 cm
"Sent from Michigan to Pennsylvania following the tragic death of her Amish parents, Lena Rose Schwartz grieves her loss and the separation from her nine siblings. Beside the fact that Lena has never been so far from home, she hasn't met the family she will now be living with. But worse than that is having to live apart from her close-knit brothers and sisters. How will they manage without her to care for them--especially six-year-old Chris? And will her new beau, Hans Bontrager, continue to court her despite the many miles between them? Yet even as Lena Rose holds on to hope for a reunion with those she loves most, she discovers that Lancaster holds charms of its own. Is she willing to open her heart to new possibilities?

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