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October 17, 2014
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Snowfall : a Days of redemption Christmas novella

October 16, 2014
Gray, Shelley Shepard, author.
New York : Avon Inspire, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2014]
222, 10 pages ; 18 cm.
Includes reader's extras.
"Ruth Stutzman is a wonderful caregiver--but she has no experience with [children]. Laid off from her job at a retirement home due to budget cuts, she's relieved to find work--even if it means temporarily watching widower Martin Rodes' brood of six. Martin has done the best he can since his wife's passing, but he and the children need help. Their house, once full of laughter and light, has been darkened by sadness. Soon after Ruth arrives, the children are drawn to her warmth and gentleness, and so is Martin, even though he feels it's wrong"-- Provided by publisher.

Becoming Bea

October 16, 2014
Gould, Leslie, 1962- author.
Minneapolis, Minnesota : Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group, [2014]
348 pages ; 22 cm.
"Ben and Bea have always irritated each other. But when their friends push them together, can they cease bickering long enough to fall in love?"-- Provided by publisher.


October 16, 2014
Thrasher, Travis, 1971-
Colorado Springs, Colo. : Navpress Pub Group, [2014]
331 pages ; 21 cm
"The books of Marvella ; 1"--Spine.
"A novel"--Cover.

A.D. 30 : a novel

October 15, 2014
Dekker, Ted, 1962-
New York : Center Street, 2014.
415 pages ; 24 cm
"A sweeping epic set in the harsh deserts of Arabia and ancient Palestine. A war that rages between kingdoms on the earth and in the heart. The harrowing journey of the woman at the center of it all. Step back in time to the year of our Lord...A.D. 30. The outcast daughter of one of the most powerful Bedouin sheikhs in Arabia, Maviah is called on to protect the very people who rejected her. When their enemies launch a sudden attack with devastating consequences, Maviah escapes with the help of two of her father's warriors--Saba who speaks more with is sword than his voice and Judah, a Jew who comes from a tribe that can read the stars. Their journey will be fraught with terrible danger. If they can survive the vast forbidding sands of a desert that is deadly to most, they will reach a brutal world subjugated by kings and emperors. There Maviah must secure an unlikely alliance with King Herod of the Jews. But Maviah's path leads her unexpectedly to another man. An enigmatic teacher who speaks of a way in this life which offers greater power than any kingdom. His name is Yeshua, and his words turn everything known on its head. Though following him may present even greater danger, his may be the only way for Maviah to save her people--and herself"-- Provided by publisher.

The turning

October 14, 2014
Bunn, T. Davis, 1952-
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2014.
pages ; cm.

A woman of fortune : a Texas gold novel

October 14, 2014
Gilbert, Kellie Coates.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2014.
pages ; cm.

The promise

October 14, 2014
Wiseman, Beth, 1962-
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2014.
pages cm.

Clara's wish

October 13, 2014
Shriver, Beth.
Lake Mary, Florida : Realms, [2014]
pages cm
"An Amish Christmas romance."
"In this Amish Christmas romance, Lizzie Ryder discovers that this holiday season could be her best friend's last. Will she find the comfort and love she desperately needs? "-- Provided by publisher.

To everything a season

October 10, 2014
Snelling, Lauraine, author.
Minneapolis, Minnesota : Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group, [2014]
342 pages : illustration ; 23 cm.
In the first decade of the twentieth century, "Miriam is in Blessing [N.D.] to get practical training to become an accredited nurse. She's been promised a position in the Chicago women's hospital that will enable her to support her siblings and her ailing mother. Although eager to return to her family, Miriam is surprised to find how much she enjoys the small town of Blessing. And her growing attachment to Trygve soon has her questioning a future she always considered set in stone"

The Amish groom : the men of Lancaster County

October 7, 2014
Clark, Mindy Starns.
Thorndike, Maine : Center Point Large Print, 2014.
447 pages (large print) ; 22 cm
Tyler Anderson was a military kid until the age of six, when his mom died. His dad placed him in the care of his Amish grandparents, an arrangement that was supposed to be temporary. It lasted a lifetime. Rachel Hoeck is the young woman waiting for Tyler's proposal. She senses that he loves her, but he may not be ready to commit to an Amish lifestyle. When an opportunity to reconnect with his father arises, Tyler begins to question everything, including a future with Rachel. Will he choose to be an Amish groom after all?

Shadows of the past

October 7, 2014
Bradley, Patricia, author.
Thorndike, Maine Center Point Large Print, 2014.
464 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
Psychology professor and criminal profiler Taylor Martin prides herself on being able to solve any crime, except the one she wants most desperately to solve, the disappearance of her father twenty years ago. When she finally has a lead on his whereabouts, Taylor returns home to Logan Point, Mississippi, to investigate. But as she works to uncover the truth, someone else will do almost anything to keep her from it. Nick Sinclair pens mystery novels for a living, but the biggest mystery to him is how he can ever get over the death of his wife, a tragedy he believes he could have prevented. Now that his estranged brother is the only family he has left, Nick sets out to find him. But when he crosses paths with Taylor, all he seems to find is trouble. Join the chase as Taylor and Nick search the murky shadows of the past for the keys to unlocking the present, and moving into a future they never imagined.

Nora Bonesteel's Christmas past

October 7, 2014
McCrumb, Sharyn, 1948-
157 pages ; 20 cm
When someone buys the old Honeycutt house, Nora Bonesteel is glad to see some life brought back to the old mansion, even if it is by summer people. But when the new owners decide to stay in their summer home through Christmas, they find more than old memories in the walls.

The Christmas light

October 6, 2014
VanLiere, Donna, 1966-
New York : St. Martin's Press, [2014].
212 pages ; 19 cm
"In the small town of Grandon, five very different people discover the true meaning of Christmas. Jennifer and Ryan are both single parents, struggling with their own losses and heartache. Sixteen-year-old Kaylee is faced with a life-changing situation that has affected her whole family. Stephen and Lily are happily married and ready to start a family. All of them are facing their own struggles, and all are finding their way through the dark. When they are brought together for a rather unconventional church Nativity, they will learn that with strength, courage, and love, there is always hope. "-- Provided by publisher.

When mercy rains : a novel

October 6, 2014
Sawyer, Kim Vogel, author.
Colorado Springs, Colorado : WaterBrook Press, 2014.
344 pages ; 21 cm.
Includes recipes, discussion questions, and an excerpt from When grace sings.
"Suzanne Zimmerman was only seventeen and pregnant when her shamed mother quietly sent her away from their Old Order Mennonite community in Kansas. With her old home, family, and first love firmly behind her, Suzanne moved to Indiana, became a nurse, and raised a daughter, Alexa, on her own. Now, nearly twenty years later, an unexpected letter arrives from Kansas. Her brother asks her to bring her nursing abilities home and care for their ailing mother. His request requires that Suzanne face a family that may not have forgiven her and a strict faith community. It also means seeing Paul Aldrich, her first love"

Promise to cherish : a novel

September 29, 2014
Younts, Elizabeth Byler.
New York : Howard Books, 2014.
viii, 328 pages ; 22 cm

The forgiven

September 29, 2014
Perry, Marta.
New York : Berkley Books, 2014.
xiv, 360 pages ; 21 cm

Protected by the warrior

September 26, 2014
Phinney, Barbara.
New York, NY : Harlequin Love Inspired Historical, c2014.
277 p. ; 17 cm.
Includes discussion questions.
"Inspirational historical romance"--Spine.
When Clara became a midwife, she vowed to preserve life above all. She'll keep that vow, even if it means defying a Norman baron by hiding a Saxon slave and her child. Yet when the ruthless lord threatens Clara's village--and her life--she's forced to rely on another Norman to keep her safe. Kenneth D'Entremont is a soldier, one who takes lives instead of healing them. Clara despairs of finding any common ground with him. But when he begins guarding her, she learns to see him in a new light. His care and compassion make her feel safe even loved. Can she bring herself to put her secrets, and her heart, under the protection of the warrior

A matter of heart

September 25, 2014
Peterson, Tracie.
Minneapolis, Minnesota : Bethany House, [2014]
313 pages ; 23 cm
"In 1890s Texas when two very different men enter Jessica's life, will she choose to pursue her dreams of adventure or follow the gentle urgings of her heart?"-- Provided by publisher.

The promise

September 24, 2014
Wiseman, Beth, 1962-
Nashville, Tennessee : Thomas Nelson, 2014.
306 pages ; 22 cm.
"Mallory's search for happiness leads her to a faraway place. There she finds heartache,betrayal and danger. Can the only man she's ever loved rescue her before it's too late? Mallory Hammond is determined not to let her boyfriend, parents, or anyone else get in the way of her goal to save a life. She had that chance when she was a teenager, and the opportunity slipped away, leaving a void she's desperate to fill. Then a new friend she met online offers her the chance she has dreamed of. But she'll have to leave behind everyone she loves to take it.Tate Webber has loved Mallory for years. He understands that Mallory's free spirit has to fly, and when he gives her the space she needs, he hopes that when she lands, the two of them will be in the same place and can marry at last. In a bold move and with lots of resistance from Tate and those closest to her Mallory decides to travel across the world to fulfill her dream. Tate begs her not to go, but Mallory embarks on the dangerous journey to Pakistan anyway, only to discover how swiftly and easily promises can be broken. Her new friend isn't who he says he is. And Mallory can only pray she'll make it out alive. Inspired by actual events, this riveting story will take you on a wild journey and have you asking yourself: How far would I go for love?"-- Provided by publisher.

Palace of darkness : a novel of Petra

September 19, 2014
Higley, T. L.
Nashville, Tennessee : Thomas Nelson, 2014.
pages cm
"If you liked Francine Rivers' A Voice in the Wind, you'll love Tracy Higley's Palace of Darkness! It grabbed me from page one and never let go, Colleen Coble, USA Today best-selling author. She believed the city in stone could protect her from the past; until it threatened to destroy her future. Cassia, a destitute young widow, seeks refuge for herself and her young son, Alexander, in Petra, the home of his late father's estranged family. The capital of the flourishing Arabian empire, a city carved in rock and still free of Roman control, Petra is hidden away among towering sandstone cliffs. Cassia hopes to secure a future here with Alexander's relatives and enjoy the family life she's never known.But Alexander's father was not the man Cassia thought. He kept a great secret from her; a secret that leads an evil queen to steal Alexander from his mother and plan his destruction. As the plot against her son unfolds, Cassia finds unexpected allies in her new friend, Julian, and the mysterious followers of The Way. These strangers sacrifice everything to help Cassia rescue her son from the dark palace and the pagan queen. And they offer Cassia the love and security of a family, asking for nothing in return. With Roman soldiers poised to invade the city, Cassia learns that it will take more than her new friends to save her son's life. It will take a strength and a power beyond any Cassia has ever known; if she is willing to surrender and trust in the One True God"-- Provided by publisher.

The Christmas cat

September 19, 2014
Carlson, Melody.
Grand Rapids, Michigan : Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, [2014]
169 pages ; 23 cm
After six years abroad, Garrison Brown returns home to Vancouver to build a new life. When his beloved grandmother passes away a few weeks before Christmas, Garrison goes to her house to sort out her belongings, including six cats who need new homes. While Garrison hopes to dispense with the task quickly, his grandmother's instructions have left Garrison with some challenging requirements for the future homes of her furry friends-- plus a sizeable monetary gift for the new owners. Garrison's job is to match the cats with the right owners without disclosing the surprise gift. Along the way, he may just meet someone who can make him stay.

The confession

September 19, 2014
Whitlow, Robert, 1954-
Nashville, Tennessee : Thomas Nelson, [2014]
406 pages ; 22 cm
Includes a reading group guide.
"Assistant DA Holt Douglas makes his living exposing lies and sending criminals to jail in Ashley County, Georgia. His job is always easier when defendants, instead of remaining silent, blame someone else or try to excuse their actions. With a confession in his hand, Holt knows a guilty plea will soon follow. But lurking in Holt's past is a dark secret that could end his successful career and possibly his relationship with Angelina, his hoped-for fiancée"-- Provided by publisher.

Finding love at home

September 19, 2014
Eicher, Jerry S.
Eugene, Oregon : Harvest House Publishers, [2014]
335 pages ; 22 cm.
Includes discussion questions.
"Debbie is poised to marry Alvin Knepp, the Amish farmer she's loved all along. Ida Beiler is recovering from the tragic loss of her husband-to-be in a farming accident, while her younger sister Lois is still running away from her faith. Debbie takes it all in stride as she brings calm to the sorrowing Beiler family while finding happiness with the young man of her dreams"

Water walker : the outlaw chronicles

September 15, 2014
Dekker, Ted, 1962-
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2014.
457 pages (large print) ; 23 cm

A love undone : an Amish novel of shattered dreams and God's unfailing grace

September 12, 2014
Woodsmall, Cindy.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2014.
459 pages ; 23 cm.

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