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April 21, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Before the flood

April 20, 2017
Beverly Hills, CA : 20th Century Fox, [2017]
1 videodisc (96 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio.
Wide screen (1.78:1).
Bonus features: 5 thing to know about the warming Arctic; Deleted scenes.
A documentary presenting a riveting account of the dramatic changes occurring around the world due to climate change, as well as the actions individuals and society can take to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on this planet.

Two black men a week

April 18, 2017
New York, NY : Shami Media, [2017]
1 videodisc (approximately 49 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Title from disc label.
Every week, at least two black men are murdered by the police force in the United States of America.


April 17, 2017
[United States] : FilmRise, [2017]
1 videodisc (81 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Dominic Rodriguez, Gary Matthews, Samuel 'Uncle Kage' Conway.
Title from disc label.
Originally released as a motion picture in 2016.
Approaching a community beset by so many rumors and misconceptions is no easy task. Presented here is a whistleblower film that oscillates between the fantastic and the unusual, with moments of awe and wonder slapped against harsh reality. Delight in infiltrating the fun and sometimes dark secrets of an escapist group. Whether or not you've heard of furry fandom, this documentary transcends its bizarre premise to tell a universal story of identity and community.

Buena Vista Social Club

April 13, 2017
[New York, N.Y.] : The Criterion Collection, [2017]
1 videodisc (105 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in..
Buena Vista Social Club.
Wide screen (1.77:1).
Originally released as a documentary in 1999.
Traveling from the streets of Havana to the stage of Carnegie Hall, this revelatory documentary captures a forgotten generation of Cuba's brightest musical talents as they enjoy an unexpected brush with world fame.

John Lewis : get in the way

April 11, 2017
[Arlington, VA] : PBS, [2017]
1 videodisc (approximately 60 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Wide screen.
Title from disc label.
Follow the courageous journey of John Lewis, a civil rights hero, congressional leader, and human rights champion whose unwavering fight for justice spans the past 50 years. The son of sharecroppers, Lewis grew up in the segregated South and rose from Alabama's Black Belt to the corridors of power on Capitol Hill. His humble origins have forever linked him to those whose voices often go unheard.


April 11, 2017
1 videodisc (84 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Title from disc label.
Three years after the horrific mass shooting in Newtown, CT that took the lives of twenty elementary school children and six educators on December 14, 2012, the small New England town is a complex psychological web in the wake of yet another act of mass killing at the hands of a disturbed young gunman.

The talk : race in America

April 11, 2017
[Arlington, VA] : PBS, [2017]
1 videodisc (approximately 120 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Featuring Kenya Barris, Charles Blow, NAS, Rosie Perez, John Singleton.
Wide screen.
Title from disc label.
Cleveland, Ohio -- Paramount, Los Angeles County, CA -- Chicago, Illinois -- Greenville, South Carolina -- Oakland, California -- Memphis Tennessee/St. Louis, Missouri
A two-hour film about "the talk' that parents have with their children of color (primarily boys) to teach them how to act around the police in order to remain safe.

At the fork

April 4, 2017
1 videodisc (94 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
"Mercy" performed by Dave Matthews Band.
"Filmmaker and omnivore John Papola, together with his vegetarian wife Lisa, offer up a timely and refreshingly unbiased look at how farm animals are raised for our consumption. With unprecedented access to large-scale conventional farms, Papola asks the tough questions behind every hamburger, glass of milk and baby-back rib. What he discovers are not heartless industrialists, but America's farmers - real people who, along with him, are grappling with the moral dimensions of farming animals for food."--From film website.


April 4, 2017
New York, NY : Kino Lorber, [2017]
1 videodisc (82 min.) : sound, color, black and white ; 4 3/4 in.
Monty Muir, Violett Beane, Cole Bee Wilson, Aldo Ordoñez, Blair Jackson, Vicky Illk, Chris Doubek, Séamus Bolivar-Ochoa, Louie Arnette, Josephine McAdam.
Based in part on the article "96 minutes" by Pamela Colloff originally published in Texas monthly in 2006.
On August first, 1966, a sniper rode the elevator to the top floor of the iconic University of Texas Tower and opened fire, holding the campus hostage for 96 minutes in what was a previously unimaginable event. This documentary combines archival footage with animated re-enactments of the dramatic day, based entirely on first person testimonies from witnesses, heroes, and survivors, in a seamless and suspenseful retelling of the unfolding tragedy.

Come hell or high water : the battle for Turkey Creek

March 30, 2017
1 videodisc (56 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Includes trailer.
"Come Hell or High Water follows the painful but inspiring journey of Derrick Evans, a Boston teacher who moves home to coastal Mississippi when the graves of his ancestors are bulldozed to make way for the sprawling city of Gulfport. Over the course of a decade, Derrick and his neighbors stand up to powerful corporate interests and politicians and face ordeals that include Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil disaster in their struggle for self-determination and environmental justice"--Container.

Fire at sea = Fuocoammare

March 24, 2017
1 videodisc (113 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Samuele Pucillo, Mattias Cucina, Samuele Caruana, Pietro Bartolo, Giuseppe Fragapane, Maria Signorello, Francesco Paterna, Francesco Mannino, Maria Costa.
Widescreen (1.85:1).
Originally released as a motion picture in 2016.
Samuele is twelve years old and lives on an island in the middle of the sea. He goes to school, and loves shooting his slingshot and going hunting. He likes land games, even though everything around him speaks of the sea and the men, women, and children who try to cross it to get to his island. But his is not an island like the others, its name is Lampedusa and it is the most symbolic border of Europe, crossed by thousands of migrants in the last twenty years in search of freedom.

Landfillharmonic : a symphony of the human spirit

March 23, 2017
[Brooklyn, NY] : FilmRise, [2016]
1 videodisc (85 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Originally released in 2015.
"Follows the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, a Paraguayan musical group that plays instruments made entirely out of garbage. When their story goes viral, the orchestra is catapulted into the global spotlight. Under the guidance of idealistic music director Favio Chavez, the orchestra must navigate a strange new world of arenas and sold-out concerts. However, when a national disaster strikes their community, Favio must find a way to keep the orchestra intact." --Container.

Hitchcock Truffaut

March 16, 2017
Universal City, CA : Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, [2016]
1 videodisc (81 min.) : sound, color with black and white sequences ; 4 3/4 in.
Narrator, Bob Balaban ; featuring, Alfred Hitchcock, François Truffaut, Wes Anderson, Olivier Assayas, Peter Bogdanovich, Arnaud Desplechin, David Fincher, James Gray, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Richard Linklater, Paul Schrader, Martin Scorsese.
Title from disc surface.
Bonus materials: Q&A with Kent Jones & Noah Baumbach; An appreciation of Notorious; Peter Bogdanovich remembers Hitchcock; Richard Linklater on Truffaut; Rope: pro and con.
In 1962 Hitchcock and Truffaut locked themselves away in Hollywood for a week to excavate the secrets behind the mise-en-scène in cinema. Based on the original recordings of this meeting, used to produce the mythical book, Hitchcock/Truffaut, this film illustrates the greatest cinema lesson of all time and plummets us into the world of the creator of Psycho, The Birds, and Vertigo. Hitchcock's incredibly modern art is elucidated and explained by today's leading filmmakers. Includes audio excerpts from the Hitchcock-Truffaut interviews, clips from Hitchcock and Truffaut films, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Oasis : supersonic

March 16, 2017
Santa Monica, California : Lionsgate, [2016]
1 videodisc (approximately 122 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher.
Title from disc surface.
Special features: They came from nowhere and wanted it all; Oasis: bits and bobs.
Documentary on the meteoric rise of the 1990's rock band, Oasis, weaving concert footage with interviews and a firsthand account of the backstage sibling rivalry, between Liam and Noel Gallagher, that threatened to destroy the band.

Divided states of America

March 15, 2017
[Arlington, VA] : PBS, [2017]
2 videodiscs (approximately 240 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Narrator, Will Lyman.
Wide screen.
Title from disc label.
Part one of an investigation into the deep political divisions and bitter polarization that grew during the Obama presidency. The film examines how President Obama's promise of change and unity collided with racial and political realities. Part two of an investigation into the deep divisions and bitter polarization that grew during the Obama presidency. The film examines racial tensions in America, the war for control of the GOP, and the growing dysfunction in Washington.

Trump's road to the White House

March 15, 2017
1 videodisc (approximately 60 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Title from disc surface.
Originally broadcast as an episode of the television series Frontline on the PBS network.
An investigation of how Donald Trump defied expectations to win the presidency. Through interviews with key players, the film shows how Trump rallied millions of supporters, defeated adversaries, and who he's bringing into the White House with him.

Accidental courtesy : Daryl Davis, race & America

March 14, 2017
New York, NY : First Run Features, [2016]
1 videodisc (96 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Title from disc label.
Musician Daryl Davis has an unusual hobby. He's played all over the world with legends like Chuck Berry and Little Richard, but it's what Daryl does in his free time that sets him apart. In an effort to find out how anyone can 'hate me without knowing me' he takes an interesting line of research. Daryl likes to meet and befriend members of the Ku Klux Klan, something few black men can say.

The last man on the moon

February 28, 2017
[New York] : FilmRise, [2016]
1 videodisc (95 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Eugene "Gene" Cernan, Alan Bean, Dick Gordon, Jim Lovell, Gene Kranz, Chris Kraft.
Originally released in 2014.
When Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan stepped on the moon in December 1972, he left his footprints and his daughter's initials in the lunar dust. Only now, over forty years later, is he ready to share his epic, deeply personal story of fulfillment, love, and loss.

Heroes behind the badge

February 28, 2017
1 videodisc (90 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Narrated by Vincent D'Onofrio.
Program content: ©2012.
Recounts the stories of law enforcement officers caught in the line of fire, both those who have survived to tell of their harrowing experiences and those who have fallen in the line of duty.

Heroes behind the badge. Sacrifice & survival

February 28, 2017
1 videodisc (100 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Narrator, Vincent D'Onfrio ; commentators, James Kuzak, Jonathan Steiner, Cris Okulanis.
Special features: NLEOMF/Heroes behind the badge custom police cruiser -- Officer John Bell's race cars -- Pittsburgh Police Bagpipers play the Pub! -- NLEOMF Museum artifacts -- "The Guardian" poem.
"In valor there is hope"--Container.
Second installment of the series that recounts the stories of law enforcement officers caught in the line of fire, both those who have survived to tell of their harrowing experiences and those who have fallen in the line of duty. Takes viewers to New York City's 9/11 Memorial site, and to National Police Week in Washington DC where the fallen are honored each year.

Streets of Compton

February 28, 2017
Santa Monica, CA : Lionsgate
1 videodisc (135 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Narrator, The Game.
Compton is well known as the birthplace of legends including NWA, Venus and Serena Williams, and Kendrick Lamar. But Compton is a place most people have never seen and the truth isn't always pretty. It tells the story of how a city overrun by gangs and violence became a cultural powerhouse. Hip-hop superstar The Game takes us on a dark yet redemptive journey into the heart of his city.

The original image of Divine Mercy : the untold story of an unknown masterpiece

February 27, 2017
1 videodisc : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Robert Barron, Harry Connick Jr., Jim Gaffigan, George Weigel, Stanisław Dziwisz, Christoph Schonborn, Michael Gaitley, Leo Maasburg.
Title from container.
Based on a private revelation to Polish nun St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-38) as described in her diary, in 1931 she said that Christ asked her to have the image of Divine Mercy painted and shared with the world. Painted by Eugeniusz Kazimirowski starting in 1934, the artwork was forced into hiding when the anti-Catholic Soviet Union occupied Vilnius. The painting was stolen, smuggled and rolled up and put into storage. Through a series of interviews with key witnesses and individuals intimately connected to the epic adventure, the world's most important work of sacred art is finally given pride of place. Exclusive interviews feature Bishop Robert Barron of Los Angeles, comedian Jim Gaffigan, Harry Connick Jr., George Weigel, Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz of Krakow, Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna, Fr. Michael Gaitley, Fr. Leo Maasburg, and many others.

For the love of Spock

February 24, 2017
Brooklyn, NY : Film Rise, [2016]
1 videodisc (111 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Adam Nimoy, Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, J. J. Abrams, William Shatner.
Title from disc label.
Special features: Leonard Nimoy's Boston ; On set with The Big Bang Theory ; Tribeca panel ; Trivia time - Jason Alexander ; Filmmaker commentary ; Kickstarter gallery ; Tribeca teaser ; Theatrical trailer.
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek through a personal, intimate look at the life and career of Leonard Nimoy and the enduring appeal of his alter ego, Mr. Spock, as told by his son, Adam Nimoy.

Ancient alien conspiracy : UFOs and the dawn of civilization.

February 23, 2017
Foresthill, CA : UMN LLC., [2017]
1 videodisc (200 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Host, Jim Marrs, Philip Coppens.
Title from disc label.
Originally produced in 2015.
Has the Earth been visited by extraterrestrial beings? Did these "Ancient Aliens" contribute to the birth of human civilization? Do the ancient monuments contain evidence of their presence? Join Philip Coppens as he reveals an array of astonishing truths about our history, including a radically different understanding of the pyramids and how they were constructed.

President Trump

February 23, 2017
[Place of publication not identified] : [Publisher not identified], [2017]
1 videodisc (approximately 60 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.
Will Lyman.
Widescreen (16x9)
Title from disc label.
An examination of the key moments that shaped President-elect Donald Trump. Interviews with advisors, business associates, and biographers reveal how Trump transformed himself from real estate developer to entertainer to president.

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