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April 23, 2014
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

One-woman farm : my life shared with sheep, pigs, chickens, goats and a fine fiddle

April 22, 2014
Woginrich, Jenna.
North Adams, MA : Storey Pub., c2013.
207 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.
Days of grace -- In the beginning -- Autumn: need fires -- Winter: light -- Spring: I do too much -- Summer: commitment -- Autumn: winter prep -- Holy October.
Jenna Woginrich's inspiring journey from city cubicle to rural homestead has captivated readers of her blog and previous books. Now, in One-Woman Farm, Woginrich shares the joys, sorrows, trials, epiphanies, and blessings she discovers during a year spent farming on her own land, finding deep fulfillment in the practical tasks and timeless rituals of the agricultural life.

The Know Maintenance perennial garden

April 21, 2014
Diblik, Roy.
216 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm
"Portions of this book are based on Roy Diblik's Small perennial gardens: the know maintenance approach, published in 2008 by American Nurseryman."--verso.
"Knowing your plants means less work. A fresh and innovative approach to an easy-care garden. 62 plans., 74 plants, and garden-tested techniques"--Cover.
Understanding your garden -- Understanding plants -- Site preparation and planting -- Care and maintenance -- Key plants for Know Maintenance gardens -- The garden plans -- Creating your own plant communities -- Been there, done that : portraits of outstanding gardeners.
We've all seen gorgeous perennial gardens packed with color, texture, and multi-season interest. Designed by a professional and maintained by a crew, they are aspirational bits of beauty too difficult to attempt at home. Or are they? The Know Maintenance Perennial Garden makes a design-magazine-worthy garden achievable at home. The new, simplified approach is made up of hardy, beautiful plants grown on a 10x14 foot grid. Each of the 62 garden plans combines complementary plants that thrive together and grow as a community. They are designed to make maintenance a snap. In fact, the entire garden is mowed down at the end of the season! The garden plans can be followed explicitly or adjusted to meet individual needs; size can be altered by treating the grid-like design as a modular building block that can be halved, doubled, or tripled as needed. This complete garden system makes a gorgeous perennial garden available to everyone, no matter their skill or the size of their space.

Five-plant gardens : 52 ways to grow a perennial garden with just five plants

April 21, 2014
Ondra, Nancy J., author.
North Adams, MA : Storey Publishing, [2014]
182 pages : color illustrations, map ; 28 cm
Includes index.
Why five plants? -- 5-plant gardens from the ground up -- 5-plant gardens for full sun to partial shade -- 5-plant gardens for partial to full shade.

Hemp bound : dispatches from the front lines of the next agricultural revolution

April 18, 2014
Fine, Doug.
xxxi, 152 pages ; 20 cm
Introduction: After-school snacks before Doritos -- Hemp gets out ring around the collar -- Turning a profit even with Medieval harvesting techniques -- Want to make it in the hemp game? Two words: dual cropping -- Grow your next house (or factory or office or high-rise or school) -- Heck, grow your whole tractor out of hemp -- Fill 'er up with hemp -- A new utility paradigm; the distributed, sustainable community -- Energy grid -- Don't just legalize it; subsidize it -- Patriots ponder planting -- Hempucation immersion course -- Teach your regulators well -- Conclusion: Support your local heartland hemp homesteaders -- Epilogue, part one: Watching cannabis displace corn in the first digital age American hemp fields -- Epilogue, part two: A dust bowl antidote; it's about a cash crop in today's soil.

Rodale's basic organic gardening : a beginner's guide to starting a healthy garden

April 17, 2014
Martin, Deborah L., author.
New York : Rodale, 2014.
ix, 326 pages : illustrations, map ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Get to know organic gardening -- Getting started -- Soil care basics -- Starting seeds, tending transplants -- Easy-growing plants for every garden -- Garden care basics -- Troubleshooting and problem solving -- Organic gardening through the seasons.
General garden-building skills (from "Do I need to dig?" to "Where do I dig?") and specific techniques (from "How do I plant a seed?" to "How much should I water?") are presented in growing-season order -- from garden planning and planting to growing and harvesting. Many other need-to-know topics like soil, compost, seeds, pest control, and weeds are explained in simple language to ensure success, even on a small scale, on the first try. More than 100 common garden terms are defined, and Smart Starts sidebars offer doable projects to build confidence and enthusiasm for expanding a garden when a gardener is ready. A flower, vegetable, and herb finder highlights easycare plants with good track records. Plus, there are no-dig garden methods, simple garden layouts, and tips and hints inspired by the most popular page views on --Publishers description

Edible spots & pots : small-space gardens for growing vegetables and herbs in containers, raised beds, and more

April 15, 2014
Hirvela, Stacey, author.
New York : Rodale, 2014.
xi, 308 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Edible pots : growing vegetables in containers -- Edible spots : raising crops in raised beds -- Spots & pots gardening school -- Spots & pots projects -- Thriller, filler, & spiller combinations -- Plant encyclopedia.
Here's a new way to grow edibles in "anywhere" gardens - small spaces, raised beds, and containers - that eliminates the challenges you often face in traditional beds and rows. You'll transform drab spaces and difficult sites into lush, beautiful vegetable gardens bursting with color and bounty.

Sustainable revolution : permaculture in ecovillages, urban farms, and communities worldwide

April 15, 2014
Birnbaum, Juliana, 1974-
Berkeley, Calif. : North Atlantic Books, 2014.
352 p. : color illustrations, color maps ; 24 cm.
Sustainable and regenerative design through permaculture -- Arid climates: desert and steppe zones -- Tropical/equatorial climates: forest and grassland zones -- Temperate/subtropical climates: humid and highland zones -- Temperate/subtropical climates: Mediterranean and maritime zones -- Snow climates: continental and taiga zones.
Urban gardeners. Seed-saving collectives. Intentional communities. Renewable energy innovators and proponents of gift economies. How are these seemingly disparate groups connected? Based on common ethics of sustainable cultures throughout history, the ecological design systems of permaculture is the common thread that weaves them into a powerful, potentially revolutionary - or evolutionary - movement. Sustainable Revolution features photographs, interviews, and essays profiling 60 thriving community-based projects in diverse climates across the planet. Contributors include: David Holmgren, Vandana Shiva, Charles Eisenstein, Starhawk, Erik Assadourian, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Albert Bates, and Geoff Lawton.--COVER.

Hands on family : gardening lab for kids

April 14, 2014
Brown, Renata Fossen.
Beverly, Mass. : Quarry Books, 2014.
136 p. : col. ill. ; 23 cm.
Garden basics -- Getting started -- Theme gardening -- Green gardening -- Garden art -- Enjoying your garden.

The 20-30 something garden guide : a no-fuss, down and dirty gardening 101 for anyone who wants to grow suff

April 4, 2014
Nash, Dee.
Pittsburgh, PA : St. Lynn's Press, 2014.
xviii, 140 pages : color illustrations ; 21 cm
Includes index.

You can grow African violets

April 4, 2014
Stork, Kent.
New York : iUniverse, Inc., c2008.
xvi, 217 p. ; 23 cm.
Includes index.
"The official guide authorized by the African Violet Society of America, Inc."
Sec. 1. The basics of growing African violets -- Light : It makes a shining difference -- Water : The essential growing factor -- Choosing the ideal violet pot -- The scoop on dirt : Choosing the correct potting medium -- The art of fertilizing...just enough -- Air and temperature - the invisible growing factors -- How to use good advice -- Sec. 2. Special techniques -- Propagating by leaf cuttings -- Maintaining a single crown and dealing with suckers -- Repotting violets -- Secrets to blooming success -- Getting a violet to bloom on schedule -- Big and beautiful : Growing huge African violets -- Different kinds of violets -- Life on the edge : Growing variegated violets -- Sec. 3. Beyond the fundamentals -- A beginner's guide to judging -- Good grooming for violets -- African violet diseases -- What yo need to know about pests and pesticides -- Good housekeeping -- Keeping cultural practices in balance -- Can this violet be saved? -- Where do violets come from? -- Beginner's guide to hybridizing -- The sporting world of African violets -- Introducing the relatives : The gesneriad family -- Using violets in design -- Good investments - buying violets by mail order -- Survival techniques for violets when the owner must be away -- Sec. 4. Just for fun -- Violet quirks -- African violets myths and the real truth -- What kind of grower are you? -- Test your violet I.Q.
Have you ever killed an African violet? Kent and Joyce Stork killed their first violet too! They soon mastered the skills for growing the plant and eventually wrote for the African Violet Magazine , the official publication of the African Violet Society of America, Inc. for over ten years. Their column For Beginners explained the basic elements of growing violets in an entertaining and straightforward way that anyone could understand. Now these columns have been adapted and edited to provide even the most novice grower with a step-by-step guide, whether the goal is simply to keep violets alive or to exhibit the plants in competitive shows.

Groundbreaking food gardens : 73 plans that will change the way you grow your garden

April 2, 2014
Jabbour, Niki.
North Adams, MA : Storey Pub., 2014.
262 p. : col. ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes index.

Taming wildflowers : bringing the beauty and splendor of nature's blooms into your own backyard

April 2, 2014
Goldberger, Miriam, author.
Pittsburgh,PA : St. Lynns, 2014.
xii, 194 pages : color illustrations ; 21 cm
Includes index.
Introduction : How wildflowers changed my world (a love story) -- Wildflowers and us : A beautiful, symbiotic relationship -- Up close and personal with pollinators -- The wildflowers -- Non-native must haves -- Making babies -- Get in the garden! -- Your wildflower design studio -- The DIY wildflower wedding experience -- Last words.
Easily cultivate wildflowers in your own garden...and have a year-after-year supply of gorgeous flowers at your fingertips. Wildflower farmer and floral designer Miriam Goldberger is here to show you how.

Deep-rooted wisdom : stories and skills from generations of gardeners

April 2, 2014
Farmer, Augustus Jenkins.
Portland, Oregon : Timber Press, 2014.
248 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Stacking up: growing plants for food, construction, flowers, teaching, and connections -- Building fertile soils: encouraging a healthy web of life -- Stop the tilling cycle: harnessing the natural powers of worms and mushrooms -- Watering by hand: using the essential skill of observation to keep plants hydrated -- Rooting in the ground: working with pass-along plants -- Saving seeds: treasuring heirlooms for genetics and nutrients -- Handmade structures: using garden materials for trellises and sculptures -- Tools: reviving essential and neglected hand tools -- Scavenging: unearthing great plants from many places -- Pest philosophy: taking a holistic approach to insects and weeds -- Finding the spirit: telling stories through your garden.

A farm dies once a year : a memoir

March 31, 2014
Crawford, Arlo.
New York : Henry Holt and Company, 2014.
258 pages ; 22 cm
"An intimate, gorgeously observed memoir about family and farming that forms a powerful lesson in the hard-earned risks that make life worth living. The summer he was thirty-one, Arlo Crawford returned home for the summer harvest at New Morning Farm--seventy-five acres tucked in a hollow in south-central Pennsylvania where his parents had been growing organic vegetables for almost forty years. Like many summers before, Arlo returned to the family farm's familiar rhythms--rise, eat, bend, pick, sort, sweat, sleep. But this time he was also there to change his direction, like his father years ago. In the 1970s, well before the explosion of the farm-to-table and slow food movement, Arlo's father, Jim, left behind law school and Vietnam, and decided to give farming a try. Arlo's return also prompts a re-examination of a past tragedy: the murder of a neighboring farmer twenty years before. A chronicle of one full season on a farm, with all its small triumphs and inevitable setbacks, A Farm Dies Once a Year is a mediation on work--the true nature of it, and on taking pride in it--and a son's reckoning with a father's legacy. Above all, it is a striking portrait of how one man builds, sows, and harvests his way into a new understanding of the risks necessary to a life well-lived"-- Provided by publisher.

Farm fences and gates : build and repair fences to keep livestock in and pests out

March 28, 2014
Kubik, Rick, 1953-
Minneapolis, Minnesota : Voyageur Press, 2014.
176 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
Revised editon of: How to build & repair fences & gates.
Includes index.

The grow your own food handbook : a back to basics guide to planting, growing, and harvesting fruits and vegetables

March 27, 2014
Burch, Monte.
228 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes index.

Square foot gardening with kids : learn together : gardening basics , science and math, water conservation, self-sufficiency, healthy eating

March 26, 2014
Bartholomew, Mel.
Minneapolis, Minn. : Cool Springs Press, 2014.
192 p. : col. ill. ; 22 cm.
Includes index.
Kids and SFG go together like carrots & tomatoes -- Building together: making your own SFG box -- Getting dirty: making Mel's mix is as easy as (mud) pie -- Miracle in a box: the thrill of growing a garden -- The reward -- Digging deeper: reaching out beyond the box -- Kids guide to veggies & herbs.
Square foot gardening (SFG) is based on a grid of 1-foot squares, offering numerous opportunities for lessons in math, science, and other subjects. Includes suggestions for activities.

Grow more with less : sustainable garden methods : less water, less work, less money

March 25, 2014
Simeone, Vincent A.
Minneapolis, Minn. : Cool Springs Press, 2013.
192 p. : col. ill. ; 26 cm.
Eco-friendly strategic planning for your garden -- The right plant for the right place -- Attracting wildlife to ensure a sustainable garden -- Integrated pest management -- Water conservation -- Sustainable lawn care -- Maintaining a healthy garden from the ground up.
Provides detailed instructions for creating sustainable landscaped homes using eco-friendly products and methods.

Fine foliage : elegant plant combinations for garden and container

March 25, 2014
Chapman, Karen (Landscape designer)
Pittsburgh, Pa. : St Lynn's Press, 2013.
ix, 140 p. : col. ill., col. map ; 19 cm.

The soil will save us : how scientists, farmers, and foodies are healing the soil to save the planet

March 20, 2014
Ohlson, Kristin, 1951-
Emmaus, Pennsylvania : Rodale, 2014.
xiii, 242 pages ; 22 cm
Where did all the carbon go? -- The marriage of light and dark -- Send in the cows -- Letting nature do its job -- Cashing in on carbon -- Why don't we know this stuff? -- New bedfellows -- Heroes of the underground.

Seven flowers and how they shaped our world

March 18, 2014
Potter, Jennifer, 1949-
New York : Overlook Press, 2014.
xiii, 288 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Lotus -- Lily -- Sunflower -- Opium poppy -- Rose -- Tulip -- Orchid.

The manual of seed saving : harvesting, storing, and sowing techniques for vegetables, herbs, and fruits

March 14, 2014
Heistinger, Andrea.
Portland, Or. : Timber Press, 2013.
343 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Translation of: Handbuch Samengärtnerei. Sorten erhalten. Vielfalt vermehren. Gemüse geniessen.
Why propagate your own vegetable seed? -- On crop diversity -- Seed gardening 101 -- Amaranth (Amaranthaceae) -- Artichoke and relatives (Asteraceae) -- Asparagus (Asparagaceae) -- Brassicas (Brassicaceae) -- Carrot and relatives (Apiaceae) -- Chinese mallow, curled mallow (Malvaceae) -- Corn and relatives (Poaceae) -- Corn salad, lamb's lettuce, mâche (Valerianaceae) -- Flax, linseed (Linaceae) -- Legumes (Fabaceae) -- Malabar spinach, climbing spinach (Basellaceae) -- Mints, Chinese artichoke (Lamiaceae) -- New Zealand spinach (Aizoaceae) -- Onions (Amaryllidaceae) -- Poppyseed (Papaveraceae) -- Purslane, miner's lettuce (Portulacaceae) -- Rhubarb and relatives (Polygonaceae) -- Spinach and relatives (Chenopodiaceae) -- Squash (Cucurbitaceae) -- Tomato and relatives (Solanaceae) -- Sources of seed and equipment.
This authoritative guide brings together the experience of experts in the field who have found, through careful trialing, how to reliably maximize seed quality and yield for more than 100 crop plants. Clear information on such critical issues as pollination, isolation distances, cultivation, harvest, storage, and pests and diseases is provided. The Manual of Seed Saving is an essential reference for all food producers from vegetable growers to small-scale farmers.--COVER.

Modern pioneering : more than 150 recipes, projects, and skills for a self-sufficient life

March 7, 2014
Pellegrini, Georgia.
New York : Clarkson Potter/Publishers, c2014.
304 p. : col. ill. ; 24 cm.
Includes index.

Ford Ranger & Mazda B-series pick-ups automotive repair manual.

March 5, 2014
Somerset, England : Haynes Pub. Group ; Newbury Park, Calif. : Haynes North America, Inc.,
v. : ill. ; 27 cm.
Vols. for <1993/96-1993/2011> by Eric Jorgensen, Alan Ahlstrand and John H. Haynes.
"Models covered: all Ford Ranger models, all Mazda B2300, B3000 and B4000 pick-ups."

Mister Owita's guide to gardening : how I learned the unexpected joy of a green thumb and an open heart

February 26, 2014
Wall, Carol, 1951-
New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, a member of Penguin Group (USA), [2014]
294 pages ; 22 cm
"Amy Einhorn Books."
Garden angel -- Of particular beauty are the azaleas -- A rose between two thorns -- A promising blade of grass -- Anticipated blooms -- Approaching systems -- The canopy of the yukon gold potato -- Every yard must have its flowers -- Shades of white -- The perfect Christmas tree -- Frail magnolia -- Lemon -- A pretty sky -- Potted plants and fresh flowers -- Green plants, only -- Impatiens -- Gardening seminars -- Snow -- Tomato plants -- Seedlings -- The river -- An awkward path -- The lilies of the field -- Rolling waters -- All the things he loved.
Describes how a period of transition in the journalist author's life marked by her empty nest, a recent illness and her aging parents led her to forge a deep friendship with a gifted Kenyan gardener with whom she transformed her yard and shared long-buried secrets.

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