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August 18, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

First man : reimagining Matthew Henson

August 17, 2015
Schwartz, Simon, 1982-
Minneapolis : Graphic Universe, 2015.
160 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 23 cm
In this graphic novel, Simon Schwartz weaves biography and fiction together to explore the life of Arctic adventurer Matthew Henson. Moving between different time periods and incorporating Inuit mythology, Schwartz offers fresh perspective on the many challenges Henson confronted during his life. As a member of early missions to reach the North Pole, Henson braved subzero temperatures and shifting sea ice. As an African American at the turn of the twentieth century, he also faced harassment and prejudice. Henson won a place on Arctic expeditions through skill and determination--though he didn't receive the same credit as his teammates. He also won the respect of the native peoples he met during his journeys--though he couldn't prevent the harm that the expeditions caused them. More than a biography, First Man: Reimagining Matthew Henson is an artistic homage to Henson's accomplishments and the complicated realities of being a trailblazer in a society that didn't recognize black men as equals.

The trivia lover's guide to even more of the world : geography for the global generation

June 30, 2015
Fuller, Gary, 1941-
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2015]
xv, 205 pages : illustrations (some color), color maps ; 23 cm
Includes index.
List of maps -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- Geographic ignorance still prevails -- Why can my students find Australia on a map? -- Place names : pronunciations and translations -- Borders and boundaries -- Islands -- Battles -- Airports -- The British Empire -- Missionaries : agents of geographical change -- Nearest neighbors -- Explorers rescued from oblivion -- Diseases -- Population density -- Fleets -- Spice seekers -- Principal (rare) products -- Pirates -- Imaginary/mythical/legendary places -- Deep in the heart of... -- World population -- Other populations -- Dangerous watery places -- Forced migration -- Forbidden places -- Earthquakes and tsunamis -- Extreme points -- Minerals and mines -- Landscapes of fear -- Index -- About the author.

Pirate hunters : treasure, obsession, and the search for a legendary pirate ship

June 15, 2015
Kurson, Robert, author.
New York : Random House, [2015]
xiv, 275 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color), maps ; 25 cm
Includes index.
"'Pirate Hunters' is a gripping account of two courageous divers' quest to uncover the shipwrecked vessel of Joseph Bannister, one of history's most infamous pirates"-- Provided by publisher.

The journey : the fine art of traveling by train

June 15, 2015
272 pages : chiefly color illustrations, color maps ; 31 cm
Includes index.
"This book was conceived, edited and designed by Gestalten."--Imprint.
Europe -- Asia -- Americas -- Africa -- Oceania.
Train trips are classic yet very of the moment . Whether a quick escape through the Alps or a getaway from coast to coast lasting several days, this book takes its readers for a ride through beautiful routes on the most exceptional trains with the best interiors.

Melting away : a ten-year journey through our endangered polar regions

May 26, 2015
Seaman, Camille, 1969- author.
New York : Princeton Architectural Press, [2015]
156 pages : color illustrations ; 21 x 31 cm

Atlas of cities

May 22, 2015
256 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 29 cm
The foundational city / Lila Leontidou, Guido Martinotti -- The networked city / Raf Verbruggen, Michael Holyer, Peter Taylor -- The imperial city / Asli Ceylan Oner -- The industrial city / Jane Clossick -- The rational city / Andrew Herod -- The global city / Ben Derudder, Peter Taylor, Michael Holyer, Frank Witlox -- The celebrity city / Elizabeth Currid-Halkett -- The megacity / Jan Nijman, Michael Shin -- The instant city / Lucia Cony-Cidade -- The transnational city / Jan Nijman, Michael Shin -- The creative city / Paul Knox -- The green city / Heike Mayer -- The intelligent city / Kevin C. Desouza.
More than half the world's population lives in cities, and that proportion is expected to rise to three-quarters by 2050. Urbanization is a global phenomenon, but the way cities are developing, the experience of city life, and the prospects for the future of cities vary widely from region to region. The Atlas of Cities presents a unique taxonomy of cities that looks at different aspects of their physical, economic, social, and political structures; their interactions with each other and with their hinterlands; the challenges and opportunities they present; and where cities might be going in the future.

Lonely Planet's best in travel.

May 20, 2015
Footscray, Vic., Australia ; Oakland, CA : Lonely Planet Publications, 2008-
v. : col. ill., maps ; 24 cm.
"850 trends, destinations, journeys & experiences for the year ahead."

The book of wanderings : a mother-daughter pilgrimage

May 13, 2015
Meyer, Kimberly, author.
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2015.
354 pages : illustration ; 25 cm
To a mother and daughter on an illuminating pilgrimage, this is what the desert said: Carry only what you need. Burn what can't be saved. Leave the remnants as an offering. When Kimberly Meyer gave birth to her first daughter, Ellie, during her senior year of college, the bohemian life of exploration she had once imagined for herself was lost in the responsibilities of single motherhood. For years, both mother and daughter were haunted by how Ellie came into being--Kimberly through a restless ache for the world beyond, Ellie through a fear of abandonment. Longing to bond with Ellie, now a college student, and longing, too, to rediscover herself, Kimberly sets off with her daughter on a quest for meaning across the globe. Leaving behind the rhythms of ordinary life in Houston, Texas, they dedicate a summer to retracing the footsteps of Felix Fabri, a medieval Dominican friar whose written account of his travels resonates with Kimberly. Their mother-daughter pilgrimage takes them to exotic destinations infused with mystery, spirituality, and rich history-from Venice to the Mediterranean through Greece and partitioned Cyprus, to Israel and across the Sinai Desert with Bedouin guides, to the Palestinian territories and to Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt. In spare and gorgeous prose, The Book of Wanderings tells the story of Kimberly and Ellie's journey, and of the intimate, lasting bond they forge along the way. A meditation on stripping away the distractions, on simplicity, on how to live, this is a vibrant memoir with the power to both transport readers to far-off lands and to bring them in closer connection with themselves. It will appeal to anyone who has contemplated the road not taken, who has experienced the gnawing feeling that there is something more, who has faced the void-of offspring leaving, of mortality looming, of searching for someplace that feels, finally, like home.

Road atlas : United States, Canada, and Mexico.

May 6, 2015
Rand McNally and Company.
Chicago : Rand McNally.
v. : maps ; 39 cm.
Vols. for 1982, 1986 are called: Deluxe ed.

Cruise guide to Europe & the Mediterranean.

May 6, 2015
London ; New York : Dorling Kindersley, Inc.,
v. : col. ill., col. maps ; 23 cm.

Phenomenal : a hesitant adventurer's search for wonder in the natural world

March 23, 2015
Henion, Leigh Ann. author.
New York : Penguin Press, 2015.
276 pages : map ; 24 cm
Metamorphosis -- Bioluminescence, Puerto Rico -- Catatumbo lightning, Venezuela -- Volcanic eruption Hawaii -- Northern lights, Sweden -- The great migration, Tanzania -- Total solar eclipse, Australia.

Around the world in 50 years : my adventure to every country on earth

March 19, 2015
Podell, Albert.
New York : Thomas Dunne Books, 2015.
viii, 354 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
"In 2003, Albert Podell realized that he'd been to 110 countries in the world. What if, he wondered, he could go to them all? He would set foot in not just the well-known tourist destinations in Europe or the vacation spots in Latin America, but the little-known, far-off lands that most people don't know exist. In Around the World in 50 Years, Podell recounts the misunderstandings, detours, accidents, breakdowns, robberies, and even wars that he needed to overcome to visit every corner of Earth. He describes his encounters with voodoo rituals, fruit-bat pie, the Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon, Cuban counterintelligence agents, the New Guinea wigmen, camel caravans, the Lord's Resistance Army, and much, much more. With a wry, exuberant style, Podell's observations on the unusual and exotic places that lay beyond the usual tourist trails make this book a standout on the travel writing shelf"-- Provided by publisher.

The best travel writing.

March 6, 2015
San Francisco : Travelers' Tales ; Berkeley, Calif. : Distributed by Publishers Group West, c2005-
v ; 21 cm.
Imprint varies: 2006-<2015> Palo Alto, CA.
"True stories from around the world."

Lusitania : triumph, tragedy, and the end of the Edwardian age

February 19, 2015
King, Greg, 1964-
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2015.
xxvii, 370 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 25 cm
"Lusitania: She was a ship of dreams, carrying millionaires and aristocrats, actresses and impresarios, writers and suffragettes - a microcosm of the last years of the waning Edwardian Era and the coming influences of the Twentieth Century. When she left New York on her final voyage, she sailed from the New World to the Old; yet an encounter with the machinery of the New World, in the form of a primitive German U-Boat, sent her - and her gilded passengers - to their tragic deaths and opened up a new era of indiscriminate warfare. A hundred years after her sinking, Lusitania remains an evocative ship of mystery. Was she carrying munitions that exploded? Did Winston Churchill engineer a conspiracy that doomed the liner? Lost amid these tangled skeins is the romantic, vibrant, and finally heartrending tale of the passengers who sailed aboard her. Lives, relationships, and marriages ended in the icy waters off the Irish Sea; those who survived were left haunted and plagued with guilt. Now, authors Greg King and Penny Wilson resurrect this lost, glittering world to show the golden age of travel and illuminate the most prominent of Lusitania's passengers. Rarely was an era so glamorous; rarely was a ship so magnificent; and rarely was the human element of tragedy so quickly lost to diplomatic maneuvers and militaristic threats"-- Provided by publisher.

How to travel the world on $50 a day : travel cheaper, longer, smarter

February 9, 2015
Kepnes, Matt., author.
New York : Penguin, 2015.
xvii, 316 pages ; 19 cm
"Revised, updated & expanded"
"A Perigee book."
Planning your trip: Getting over your fears ; Is travel really too expensive? ; Banking overseas ; Getting the right credit card ; Airline tickets ; Buying a backpack ; Travel insurance ; Get a travel discount card ; What to do with your stuff -- On-the-road expenses: Savings mind-set ; Tips for saving money on accommodations ; Tips for saving money on food and beverages ; Tips for saving money on transportation ; Tips for saving money on activities -- Breaking it down by region: Europe ; Australia ; New Zealand ; Southeast Asia ; Central America ; South America, China, India, Japan -- Putting it all together.
For over half a decade, Matt Kepnes (aka Nomadic Matt) has used his massively popular travel blog to teach readers how to travel the world on the cheap. Arguing that traditional travel media lies, Matt cuts through the myth that travel is expensive. In the new edition of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, Matt reveals the tips, tricks, and secrets to comfortable budget travel that you won't find anywhere else with over 100 new pages of updated content. Traditional media shows you expensive hotels, resorts, cruises, and packages because that's what makes them money. They make you believe you have to spend money on travel. This book will show you why that is a lie and how to use the system against itself to gain free flights, hotel rooms, find alternative accommodation, get into attractions for free, websites to find the best deals, and as well as detailed costs and saving tips for destinations around the world.

Wide-open world : how volunteering around the globe changed one family's lives forever

February 2, 2015
Marshall, John, 1965-
New York : Ballantine Books, 2015.
xv, 329 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 25 cm
"For readers of Three Cups of Tea; Eat, Pray, Love; and Wild comes the inspiring story of an ordinary American family that embarks on an extraordinary journey. Wide-Open World follows the Marshall family as they volunteer their way around the globe, living in a monkey sanctuary in Costa Rica, teaching English in rural Thailand, and caring for orphans in India. There's a name for this kind of endeavor--voluntourism--and it might just be the future of travel. Oppressive heat, grueling bus rides, backbreaking work, and one vicious spider monkey. Best family vacation ever! John Marshall needed a change. His twenty-year marriage was falling apart, his seventeen-year-old son was about to leave home, and his fourteen-year-old daughter was lost in cyberspace. Desperate to get out of a rut and reconnect with his family, John dreamed of a trip around the world, a chance to leave behind, if only just for a while, routines and responsibilities. He didn't have the money for resorts or luxury tours, but he did have an idea that would make traveling the globe more affordable and more meaningful than he'd ever imagined: The family would volunteer their time and energy to others in far-flung locales. Wide-Open World is the inspiring true story of the six months that changed the Marshall family forever. Once they'd made the pivotal decision to go, John and his wife, Traca, quit their jobs, pulled their kids out of school, and embarked on a journey that would take them far off the beaten path, and far out of their comfort zones. Here is the totally engaging, bluntly honest chronicle of the Marshalls' life-altering adventure from Central America to East Asia. It was no fairy tale. The trip offered little rest, even less relaxation, and virtually no certainty of what was to come. But it did give the Marshalls something far more valuable: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to conquer personal fears, strengthen family bonds, and find their true selves by helping those in need. In the end, as John discovered, he and his family did not change the world. It was the world that changed them. Advance praise for Wide-Open World "For anyone who has ever imagined what it would be like to pack up, unplug, pull the kids out of school, and travel around the world, this volunteer adventure is your ticket. Wide-Open World will move, engage, and inspire you, even if you never leave the couch."--Christina Baker Kline, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Orphan Train "John Marshall has done it, written a big, honest, charming memoir about the dream--and reality--of escaping it all, on a round-the-globe boondoggle with your family. In Wide-Open World, the pleasures are deep, the sentiments revelatory, and the voice true and funny. And best of all, you won't have to leave your armchair, or upend your life, to know what it feels like to make your way, with kids, out there in the beautiful, churning world."--Michael Paterniti, author of Love and Other Ways of Dying "Volunteering may not change the world--but as we learn in Wide-Open World, it will change you and your family. Let this heartwarming, hilarious, poignant book be your inspiration: Dare to follow in the Marshall family's footsteps, and give more of your time, effort, and heart than you ever thought possible--and watch the blessings flow!"--Sy Montgomery, author of The Good Good Pig "Compelling, richly detailed, and often laugh-out-loud funny."--Gwen Cooper, author of Homer's Odyssey"-- Provided by publisher.

The world's cheapest destinations.

January 29, 2015
[Bangor, ME] :, Inc.
v. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Vols. for 2003-<2013> by Tim Leffel.
"21 countries where your money is worth a fortune."

Place hacking : venturing off limits

January 9, 2015
Rosen, Michael J., 1954-
Minneapolis : Twenty-First Century Books, [2015]
72 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 26 cm

The world of Departures

December 12, 2014
Story, Richard David, author.
New York : Assouline Publishing, ©2014.
1 volume (various pagings) : illustrations (some color) ; 34 cm
Departures magazine believes that the best is defined not by its price tag but by quality, rarity, and one-of-a-kind discoveries. Explore the world through the eyes of this luxury lifestyle magazine--seen until now only by American Express Platinum and Centurion card members--the definitive source for travel, art, culture, and design. The World of Departures celebrates the magazine's first twenty-five years with the best of its award-winning articles, photography, and illustrations.

Drink time! : in the company of Patrick Leigh Fermoir : a memoir

December 9, 2014
Payás, Dolores, author.
London : Bene Factum Publishing, 2014.
111 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm
In 2009, Patrick Leigh Fermor's Spanish-language translator, Dolores Payás, visited her subject for the first time in his house in Greece. Out of this first encounter came a friendship that lasted until the writer's death two years later. This charming account was born of those hours spent in his company, a highly personal and moving depiction of the legendary adventurer and man of letters during his final years, surrounded by his drinks, his guests and, above all, his books.

Gloomy terrors and hidden fires : the mystery of John Colter and Yellowstone

December 1, 2014
Anglin, Ron.
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.
xi, 243 pages, 13 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps, portrets ; 24 cm
"Off he started with the speed of the wind": Colter's Run -- "One of the survivors, of the name of Coulter": searching for Colter's roots -- "In quest of the country of Kentucke": John Colter and the legacy of Daniel Boone -- "Colter came running along the shore": the encounter with the Lakota Sioux -- "Colter had just arrived with a letter from Capt. Clark": perilous rivers and mountains -- "Colter expressed a desire to join some trappers": the partnership with Dickson and Hancock -- "Unruly hands to manage": up the Missouri with Lisa -- "Gloomy terrors and hidden fires": the mystery of Colter's route -- "In the midst of an unbounded wilderness": Washington Irving and the Legend of Colter's Run -- "We all now became blind": west with Menard and Henry -- "He reluctantly took leave of us": surviving in civilization -- "As fine a body of hardy woodsmen as ever took the field": Colter's final days.

An innocent abroad : life-changing trips from 21 great writers.

November 20, 2014
Footscray : Lonely Planet, 2014.
318 pages ; 20 cm.

Sea letters : letters and journals of the Captain Andrew Pinkham family of Nantucket and Ohio, 1813-1870

October 29, 2014
Stackpole, Renny A., author.
Rockland, Maine : Maine Authors Publishing, [2013].
xiii, 161 pages illustrations, maps 23 cm.
Foreword by Matthew Pinkham Stackpole.
Introductions -- About the Pinkham family and Nantucket -- Honored parents -- A father's guidance and a son's path -- Pacific adventures and brothers united -- Betrothal and marriage -- Adventures in the Aegean -- Admiral Coffin's legacy -- The Coffin school brig Clio -- Alexander Pinkham's tour begins -- The Ettrick shepherd -- In honor of an American hero -- Reuben returns to active duty: the battle of Quallah Battoo -- A return to duties ashore -- The diary of Thomas Adolphus Pinkham -- Lineage of the Captain Andrew Pinkham family.
"Sea letters" provides the reader a glimpse into the lives of the Andrew Pinkham family of Nantucket, who together owing to the tides of war, moved to Clermont County, Ohio at the beginning of the War of 1812. The Pinkhams--father Andrew, and sons Alexander and Reuben--shared lives of love, adventure, courage and honor; especially Alex's mission to preserve the memory and legacy of naval hero John Paul Jones.

AAA road atlas : United States, Canada, Mexico.

October 27, 2014
Falls Church, Va. American Automobile Association.
v. : col. maps ; 40 cm.
Title from cover.

The world's best cities : celebrating 220 great destinations

October 27, 2014
Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, [2014]
335 pages : color illustrations, color map ; 31 cm
Includes index.
"Delving into the heart and soul of more than 220 cities around the globe, The World's Best Cities is a glossy, glorious tribute to cosmopolitan life. In photos and words, this irresistible volume showcases long-established great cities like Paris, Rome, New York, London, and Tokyo, as well as exciting up-and-comers, including Denver, Asheville, Oslo, and Abu Dhabi. As readable as it is beautiful, this expansive travel guide offers a playful, informative mix of inspirational personal narratives; photo galleries, and fun facts; plus sidebars on oddities; where to find the best food and shopping; novels that capture a particular city's atmosphere; local secrets; and more. Many additional cities appear in illustrated lists, such as eco-friendly cities, foodie cities; and happiest cities. The twenty-first century is the Century of the City, and on-the-go visitors and armchair travelers alike will make The World's Best Cities a must-have volume to accompany all their urban adventures"-- Provided by publisher.


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