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May 4, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The cultural revolution : a people's history, 1962-1976

May 3, 2016
Dikötter, Frank, author.
New York : Bloomsbury Press, 2016.
xxv, 396 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, map ; 25 cm

Detroit hustle : a memoir of love, life & home

May 3, 2016
Haimerl, Amy, author.
269 pages ; 24 cm
"Journalist Amy Haimerl and her husband had been priced out of their Brooklyn neighborhood. Seeing this as a great opportunity to start over again, they decide to cash in their savings and buy an abandoned house for $35,000 in Detroit, the largest city in the United States to declare bankruptcy. As she and her husband restore the 1914 Georgian Revival, a stately brick house with no plumbing, no heat, and no electricity, Amy finds a community of Detroiters who, like herself, aren't afraid of a little hard work or things that are a little rough around the edges. Filled with amusing and touching anecdotes about navigating a real-estate market that is rife with scams, finding a contractor who is a lover of C.S. Lewis and willing to quote him liberally, and neighbors who either get teary-eyed at the sight of newcomers or urge Amy and her husband to get out while they can, Amy writes evocatively about the charms and challenges of finding her footing in a city whose future is in question. Detroit Hustle is a memoir that is both a meditation on what it takes to make a house a home, and a love letter to a much-derided city."--provided by publisher.

The Apache wars : the hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the captive boy who started the longest war in American history

May 3, 2016
Hutton, Paul Andrew, 1949- author.
vii, 514 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps, portraits ; 25 cm
Apacheria -- Red Sleeves -- The lost boy -- Apache Pass -- Kit Carson's way -- People of the White Mountains -- The head of Mangas Coloradas -- The custom of the country -- Camp Grant -- Massacre -- Nantan Lupan -- The Christian general -- Mickey Free -- Taglito -- San Carlos -- Geronimo -- Lozen's vision -- Victorio's War -- Tres Castillos -- Fort Apache -- Break out -- Hell's forty acres -- Sierra Madre -- Turkey Creek -- Devil's Backbone -- The wind and the darkness -- Apache Kid -- The last free Apache -- Epilogue.
"Describes the violent history between the frontiersmen and the Native Americans in the Southwestern borderlands by following Mickey Free, a mixed-blood warrior who played a pivotal role in the fighting as he pursued the Apache Kid,"--NoveList.

No outlet

May 3, 2016
Klayer, Ben, author.
[Place of publication not identified] : GGI Publishing, [2016]
199 pages ; 23 cm
"No Outlet recounts the true coming-of-age tale of two adolescent boys as they grow up together on an impoverished dead-end street called Francis Ave. One fateful summer evening, a new neighbor kid--named David--asks twelve-year- old Ben Klayer for a bicycle tire pump. They begin pedaling around together and quickly become best friends. Over the next six years, Ben and David share many experiences while living on Francis Avenue. Some good like winning a three-legged race, at a birthday party. Some hilarious, like pissing on a campfire to put it out, and some necessary, like working first jobs, and applying to college. The two boys also witness some horrible situations, such as rampant drug dealing, and child abuse. Together, Ben and David cope with the imbalanced conditions. They look for outlets; not only literally, but with their lives. Will they thrive beyond Francis Avenue?"--Page [4] of cover.

The Romanovs : 1613-1918

May 2, 2016
Sebag Montefiore, Simon, 1965- author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2016.
xxxiv, 744 pages, 32 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), map, genealogical table ; 24 cm
"This is a Borzoi Book."

The castaway's war : one man's battle against Imperial Japan

May 2, 2016
Harding, Stephen, 1952- author.
Boston : Da Capo Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group, [2016]
xi, 289 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
Roll tide -- Taking ship -- War among the islands -- On a collision course -- Death by long lance -- Adrift in Kula Gulf -- Cast upon a hostile shore -- Alone among enemies -- Back in the war -- Back to the world -- Congress, television, and the silver screen.
"Presents the story of Lieutenant Hugh Barr Miller, who was marooned on a South Pacific island and waged a one-man war against Japanese forces. By the author of The New York Times best-seller The Last Battle,"--NoveList.

The secret war : spies, ciphers, and guerrillas, 1939-1945

May 2, 2016
Hastings, Max, author.
New York, NY : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2016]
xxvi, 610 pages, 32 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
"First published in a different form in the United Kingdom in 2015." -- copyright page
Before the Deluge -- The Storm Breaks -- Miracles Take a Little Longer: Bletchley -- The Dogs That Barked -- Divine Winds -- Muddling and Groping: The Russians at War -- Britain's Secret War Machine -- 'Mars': The Bloodiest Deception -- The Orchestra's Last Concert -- Guerrilla -- Hoover's G-Men, Donovan's Wild Men -- Russia's Partisans: Terrorising Both Sides -- Islands in the Storm -- A Little Help from Their Friends -- The Knowledge Factories -- 'Blunderhead': The English Patient -- Eclipse of the Abwehr -- Battlefields -- Black Widows, Few White Knights -- 'Enormoz' -- Decoding Victory.
An examination of one of the most important yet underexplored aspects of World War II--intelligence--shows how espionage successes and failures by the United States, Britain, Russia, Germany, and Japan influenced the course of the war and its final outcome.

Saladin : the sultan who vanquished the crusaders and built an Islamic empire

May 2, 2016
Man, John, 1941- author.
Boston, MA : De Capo Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group, [2016]
xiii, 287 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
First published in Great Britain in 2015 by Bantam Press, an imprint of Transworld Publishers.
Preface: the Once and Future King -- 1. A World in Conflict -- 2. A Teenager in Damascus -- 3. Into Egypt -- 4. Building a Power-base -- 5. Back to Syria, and a Dead-end -- 6. Enter the Villain -- 7. Defeat and Victory: The Tide on the Turn -- 8. Reynald's Raid -- 9. Build-up to the Show-down -- 10. The Horns of Hattin -- 11. Retaking the Holy City -- 12. The Third Crusade: The Gathering Storm -- 13. Acre -- 14. The End of the Third Crusade -- 15. Death, and Enduring Life -- 16. A Brief History of Leadership -- 17. Legacy: A Glowing Image, a Grim Reality.
"Saladin remains one of the most iconic figures of his age. As the man who united the Arabs and saved Islam from Christian crusaders in the twelfth century, he is the Islamic world's preeminent hero. A ruthless defender of his faith and brilliant leader, he also possessed qualities that won admiration from his Christian foes. But Saladin is far more than a historical hero. Builder, literary patron, and theologian, he is a man for all times, and a symbol of hope for an Arab world once again divided. Centuries after his death, in cities from Damascus to Cairo and beyond, to the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf, Saladin continues to be an immensely potent symbol of religious and military resistance to the West. He is central to Arab memories, sensibilities, and the ideal of a unified Islamic state. John Man charts Saladin's rise to power, his struggle to unify the warring factions of his faith, and his battles to retake Jerusalem and expel Christian influence from Arab lands. Saladin explores the life and enduring legacy of this champion of Islam while examining his significance for the world today."--provided by

World War I (1914-1919)

April 29, 2016
xix, 308 pages ; 27 cm.
Opening volleys. US ambassador's reaction to Austria's ultimatum ; Germany's appeal to the Americans ; US report on German atrocities in Belgium ; US statements on the status of armed merchant vessels ; US "strict accountability" warning to Germany ; The sinking of the Lusitania ; US reaction to Allied protest regarding German submarines ; Wilson's "Peace without victory" address ; The British prime minister on America's entry into the war ; The German chancellor on the prospect of war with the United States ; The French prime minister on America's entry in the war ; Former President Taft on America's entry into the war ; The US Press Office on actions by US naval destroyers ; Germany's Crown Prince Wilhelm's assessment of US troops -- A range of reactions. War increases toy soldier sales ; Resolutions adopted by the International Congress of Women ; The failure of German-Americanism ; War is "a blessing, not a curse" -- the case for why we must fight ; A Nebraska senator opposes US entry into the war ; The Espionage Act of 1917 ; Walter Lippmann on the war and American democracy ; America first, now and hereafter ; The unity of America ; German enemy of US hanged by mob ; Remarks by Scott Nearing at his trial ; The Sedition Act of 1918 ; No Negroes allowed -- Outside influences. Report on Armenian genocide ; US-Mexico tensions ; The Zimmerman telegram ; US participation in the Archangel Expedition in Russia -- War preparedness. President Woodrow Wilson: "Do your bit for America" ; A labor leader on military conscription ; The use of US railroads during wartime ; A survey of American war readiness ; The Railway Control Act -- Combat maneuvers. US ambassador's report of German retreat in France ; On the Paris gun ; The battle of Cantigny ; The battle of Belleau Wood ; The second battle of the Marne -- Soldier's stories. Personal letter of a driver at the front ; A Marine flyer in France ; A Marine corporal's war diary ; Ernest Hemingway's return from the Italian front ; The story of a Black infantry unit ; A soldier's letters home ; Diary of a soldier on the front lines in France ; Letter from a private in the Expeditionary Force ; Letters home by a supply officer ; Diary of an artillery soldier at the end of the war ; Armistice: the end of the war ; Diary of an ordnance officer assigned to postwar "cleanup" -- Medical realities. The first gas attack ; The effects of shell shock ; Diary of an Army private at a base hospital ; The high road to self-support ; An Army physician on the 1918 flu pandemic -- A new world. Wilson's Fourteen Points ; John Dewey: "The social possibilities of war" -- Appendixes. Chronological list ; Web resources ; Bibliography ; Index.

The Jefferson lies : exposing the myths you've always believed about Thomas Jefferson

April 28, 2016
Barton, David, 1954-
[Place of publication not identified] : Wnd Books, 2016.
xlvii, 363 pages ; 21 cm
Rediscovering Thomas Jefferson -- Lie #1 : Thomas Jefferson fathered Sally Hemings' children -- Lie #2 : Thomas Jefferson founded a secular university -- Lie #3 : Thomas Jefferson wrote his own Bible and edited out the things he didn't agree with -- Lie #4 : Thomas Jefferson was a racist who opposed equality for black Americans -- Lie #5 : Thomas Jefferson advocated a secular public square through the separation of church and state -- Lie #6 : Thomas Jefferson detested the clergy -- Lie #7 : Thomas Jefferson was an atheist and not a Christian -- Thomas Jefferson, an American Hero.
"Thomas Jefferson stands falsely accused of several crimes, among them infidelity and disbelief. Noted historian David Barton now sets the record straight. Having borne the brunt of a smear campaign that started more than two centuries ago, the reputation and character of American president Thomas Jefferson shows considerable tarnish, as lies and misunderstandings have gathered on his legacy. Noted early-America historian David Barton scours out the truth. Jefferson and Sally: Did he really have children by his slave, Sally Hemings? Jefferson and Jesus: Did he really abandon the faith of his family? Jefferson and the Bible: Did he really want to rewrite the Scripture? Jefferson and the church: Did he really advocate separation? Jefferson and slaves: What is the truth about his slaveholding and his statements that all are created equal? Jefferson and education: Did Jefferson really found the first secular, irreligious university? All of these questions deserve the cleansing light of truth. Barton has gone through the historical records, combed the original documents and letters, and examined the recent evidence, and his findings will upset the establishment. Barton shows the true man, the real Thomas Jefferson. Most readers will have the joy and surprise of meeting him for the very first time"-- Provided by publisher.

Packed for the wrong trip : a new look inside Abu Ghraib and the citizen-soldiers who redeemed America's honor

April 28, 2016
Griffith, W. Zach, author.
233 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Fire for effect -- The way life should be -- The 'Graib -- Packed for the wrong trip -- Welcome to the Mortar Café -- Why? -- The Broiler -- Siege -- April -- Eating bees -- HUMINT -- Lenny the Lobster, Haji-Pussy, and Frank -- Generals, Coed showers, and tampons -- Groundhog's Day -- Smokes and sandbags -- Kamal -- R&R -- Troop greeters.
"How an Unprepared, Undertrained Group of Maine National Guard Troops Went to Abu Ghraib to Fix the Irreparable. The prison at Abu Ghraib was still a relatively unknown part of America's War on Terror when-- with no special training and their gear lost somewhere between the United States and Baghdad-- the 152nd Field Artillery Battalion of the Maine National Guard was sent there to serve as guards in February 2004. Just before their arrival, the now infamous photos of the abuses suffered by the prisoners hit the world stage. Abu Ghraib became the focal point not only for global condemnation but for the insurgents' outrage. Over the next year, the 152nd would come under attack by snipers, suicide bombers, vehicle-borne IEDs, and constant rocket and mortar fire. Yet at the same time, the Mainers would form close bonds with some of the prisoners, among them an Iraqi boy struck by a mortar in one of two mass casualty events, and Kamal, a community leader who acts as an envoy between the detainees and the soldiers and yet is assassinated after his release for helping the Americans. The men of the 152nd were an eclectic group of citizen-soldiers caught in one of the darkest corners of the war in Iraq. Packed for the Wrong Trip tells the true story of how they relied on each other and their own ingenuity to survive and to transform one of the most inhumane detainee centers into a functioning, humane prison-- or as close to one as you could get when tucked between Baghdad and the insurgent stronghold of Fallujah"-- Provided by publisher.

No better friend : a man, a dog, and their incredible true story of friendship and survival in World War II

April 28, 2016
Weintraub, Robert, author.
New York, NY : Little, Brown and Company, 2016.
xi, 291 pages : illustrations, maps ; 20 cm
Tells the incredible true story of Frank Williams, a radarman in Britain's Royal Air Force, and Judy, a purebred pointer, who met as prisoners of war during World War II. Judy, who became the war's only official canine POW, was a fiercely loyal dog who sensed danger-warning her fellow prisoners of imminent attacks and, later, protecting them from brutal beatings. Frank and Judy's friendship, an unbreakable bond forged in the worst circumstances, is one of the great recently uncovered stories of World War II.

Heyday : the 1850s and the dawn of the global age

April 28, 2016
Wilson, Ben, 1980- author.
New York : Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group, [2016]
xxviii, 477 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps, portraits ; 25 cm
Preface to the American edition -- Introduction. 1851 : precipice in time -- Boom : the age of gold. 1851 : Annus mirabilis : London ; The hairystocracy : Melbourne ; Bonanza : Newfoundland ; On the road : Nebraska ; Star of empire : Minnesota ; The hashish of the West : Kansas -- Fault lines : the age of silver. The ramparts of freedom : the Caucasus ; El Presidente : Nicaragua ; Tsunami : Yokohama ; The civilizing mission : Hong Kong ; Retribution : Lucknow -- News of the world : the age of bronze. Empire of news : Fleet Street ; Master of time : New York-London ; Best of times, worst of times : Beijing, Turin, Montgomery ; Blood, iron, cotton, democracy : Bombay -- Epilogue. 1873 -- Chronology of events.

Game of crowns : Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, and the throne

April 28, 2016
Andersen, Christopher P., author.
New York : Gallery Books, 2016.
viii, 341 pages, 24 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Preface: black queen, white queen -- "The Queen is dead. long live the King!" -- "It will be the most appalling shock" -- "I am so desperate, Charles. Please listen to me!" -- "That wicked, wicked woman" -- "The Queen wants to know: where are the jewels?" -- "The Kate effect" -- The magnificent seven -- A question of abdication.
Biographer "Christopher Andersen takes readers behind palace walls to examine the surprising similarities and stark differences among three remarkable women--Queen Elizabeth; Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; and Princess Kate."--Book jacket.

A rage for order : the Middle East in turmoil, from Tahrir Square to ISIS

April 27, 2016
Worth, Robert Forsyth, 1965- author.
New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2016.
259 pages ; 24 cm
Revolts. One People (Egypt) ; Revenge (Libya) ; Sects (Syria) ; Prisoners of the Sheikh (Yemen) -- Restorations. Brothers (Egypt) ; In the Caliph's shadow (Yemen, Syria) ; Reconciliation (Tunisia).
"In 2011, a wave of revolution spread through the Middle East as protesters demanded an end to tyranny, corruption, and economic decay. From Egypt to Yemen, a generation of young Arabs insisted on a new ethos of common citizenship. Five years later, their utopian aspirations have taken on a darker cast as old divides reemerge and deepen. In one country after another, brutal terrorists and dictators have risen to the top. A Rage for Order is the first work of literary journalism to track the tormented legacy of what was once called the Arab Spring. In the style of V.S. Naipaul and Lawrence Wright, the distinguished New York Times correspondent Robert F. Worth brings the history of the present to life through vivid stories and portraits. We meet a Libyan rebel who must decide whether to kill the Qaddafi-regime torturer who murdered his brother; a Yemeni farmer who lives in servitude to a poetry-writing, dungeon-operating chieftain; and an Egyptian doctor who is caught between his loyalty to the Muslim Brotherhood and his hopes for a new, tolerant democracy. Combining dramatic storytelling with an original analysis of the Arab world today, A Rage for Order captures the psychic and actual civil wars raging throughout the Middle East, and explains how the dream of an Arab renaissance gave way to a new age of discord"--Provided by publisher.

American amnesia : how the war on government led us to forget what made America prosper

April 26, 2016
Hacker, Jacob S., author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2016.
vii, 455 pages ; 24 cm
Introduction: Prosperity lost -- Part I: The rise of the mixed economy. Coming up short -- The great divide -- The trouble with markets -- How America got rich -- "An established and useful reality" -- Part II: The crisis of the mixed economy. American amnesia -- We're not in Camelot anymore -- This is not your father's party -- The modern robber barons -- A crisis of authority -- Conclusion: The positive-sum society.
In the past, government and business were as much partners as rivals, resulting in broad-based growth and healthy social development. But advocates of anti-government market fundamentalism are intent on scrapping the instrument of nearly a century of unprecedented economic and social progress. Hacker and Pierson examine why what's good for American business elites and what's good for Americans have become misaligned.

Cause & effect: The fall of the Soviet Union

April 26, 2016
Marcovitz, Hal.
San Diego, CA : ReferencePoint Press, Inc., 2016.
80 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm.
Rise and fall of a superpower -- How did czarist policies contribute to the rise of communism? -- How did Soviet economic polices lead to collapse? -- What role did the Cold War weapons build-up play in the Soviet collapse? -- How did the collapse of the Soviet Union lead to war and ethnic conflict?
The Fall of the Soviet Union occurred after decades of economic chaos and a nuclear arms race with the West. This title begins with a brief history of the Soviet Union's collapse and then examines key questions.

Cause & effect: the American Revolution

April 26, 2016
Marcovitz, Hal.
80 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 25 cm.
A brief history of the American Revolution -- How did the actions by the King and British Parliament give rise to the Revolution? -- How did the Battles of Trenton and Princeton change the course of the Revolution? -- How did assistance from france help the American cause? -- How did the American Revolution spark change throughout the world?
The American Revolution established a great democracy and led to the rise of one of the most powerful nations on Earth. This title begins with A Brief History of the American Revolution and then addresses a number of key questions.


April 26, 2016
Farmington Hills, Michigan : Greenhaven Press, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning, [2015]
219 pages : illustrations (mostly color), maps ; 24 cm.
Historical background on the Rwandan genocide. : The legacy of colonization and the roots of the Rwandan genocide / Timothy Longman ; Rwandan rebels offer cease-fire, but land, ethnic issues simmer / Robert M. Press ; The Arusha Accords attempt to end violence in Rwanda / Republic of Rwanda and the Rwandese Patriotic Front ; Violence erupts in Rwanda's capital / Lyndsey Hilsum ; The RPF takes control of Rwanda as millions flee / Robert Block ; The refugee camps present a humanitarian and political crisis / Doctors Without Borders ; A perpetrator of genocide in Rwanda is sentenced by international law / International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda -- Controversies surrounding the Rwandan genocide : There was no genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda / David Peterson and Edward S. Herman ; Rwanda experienced a genocide / Gerald Caplan ; Rwanda: fifty years of ethnic conflict on steroids / Herman J. Cohen ; The Rwandan genocide was a political conflict / Jane Hunter ; Many women perpetrated genocide in Rwanda / Donna J. Maier ; Men were singled out for gendercide in Rwanda / Adam Jones ; Rwanda in retrospect / Alan J. Kuperman ; International intervention could have prevented the Rwandan genocide / Gregory H. Stanton -- Personal narratives : A genocide survivor and her attacker share their stories / Jason Straziuso ; A musician remembers his escape from the Rwandan genocide / Nicola Luksic ; A Hutu woman remembers exile and Tutsi violence / Marie Beatrice Umutesi.

Father Lincoln : the untold story of Abraham Lincoln and his boys--Robert, Eddy, Willie, and Tad

April 26, 2016
Manning, Alan (A. Alan), author.
Guilford, Connecticut : Lyons Press, 2016.
xvi, 264 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 23 cm
Thomas Lincoln and his son -- Putting down roots -- Don't let the blessed fellows forget father -- Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven -- Growing ambition, growing family -- Bob promises very well -- So much bliss -- We loved him so -- It's all right now -- Richmond -- They have killed Papa dead.


April 25, 2016
Melican, Brian, author.
Oxford : Signal Books, 2016.
xii, 258 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color), map ; 21 cm.
Includes index.

The Ukrainian and Russian notebooks : [life and death under Soviet rule]

April 25, 2016
Igort, 1958-
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2016.
365 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 24 cm.
Subtitle from cover.
Previously published separately as Quaderni Ucraini and Quaderni Russi in Italian by Coconino Press.
Ukrainian notebooks -- Russian notebooks.

Manifest destiny & the new nation (1803-1859).

April 25, 2016
Ipswich, Massachusetts : Salem Press, A Division of EBSCO Publishing, [2013]
2 volumes : maps ; 27 cm.
volume 2. African American protest literature. African American Protest Literature. An Oration on the Abolition of the Slave Trade ; A Thanksgiving Sermon on Abolition of the Slave Trade ; The Confessions of Nat Turner ; Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave ; Narrative of Sojourner Truth ; Uncle Tom's Cabin ; Twelve Years a Slave: Narrative of Solomon Northup ; Supplemental Historical Documents: David Walker's Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World ; I Will Sink or Swim with My Race -- The new American identity. Oration before the Shamrock Friendly Association ; Democracy in America ; The Colored American ; Declaration of Principles of the Native American Convention ; A Woman's Trip across the Plains ; An Emigrant's Narrative; or, A Voice from the Steerage ; A Chinese American Protest ; Germans in America Are on the Rise ; Supplemental Historical Documents: The Voice of Warning to the Native-Born Patriots of Our Country ; Progress and Extent of Immigration Prior to 1819 ; On the Description of Persons to Whom Emigration Would Be Most Beneficial ; Editorial on Ethnic Colonies in Alabama and Illinois -- Religious expansion. The Kentucky Revival; or, A Short History of the Late Extraordinary Out-Pouring of the Spirit of God ; Declaration and Address of the Christian Association of Washington ; Spiritual Freedom ; Lectures on Revivals of Religion ; Petition to the US Congress Regarding the Great Influx of Roman Catholics ; I Believe in the Divinity of Labor ; Colored Churches in This City ; Plan of the West Roxbury Community ; General Remarks on the State of Theological Opinion in America -- Native American land and autonomy. Tecumseh's Speeches to Governor William Harrison and General Henry Procter ; An Indian's Looking Glass for the White Man ; Supplemental Historical Documents: Red Jacket's Speech to Reverend Jacob Cram ; We Love the Land That Covers the Bones of Our Fathers ; Resolutions of the Treaty Party ; Memorial of the Cherokee Nation ; Address on the Present Condition and Prospects of Aboriginal Inhabitants of North America.

American West (1836-1900)

April 25, 2016
Ipswich, Massachusetts : Salem Press, a division of EBSCO Information Services ; Amenia, NY : Grey House Publishing, [2014]
xix, 322 pages : illustrations, maps ; 27 cm.
Edition statement supplied by publisher.
Shifting borders. On Texas independence ; A foreigner in my own land ; Mexican denunciations of the United States ; The Treaty of Hidalgo ; On seizing land from native Californians ; Walt Whitman : The Spanish element in our nationality -- Westward movement. The Fremont Expedition across the Sierra Nevada range ; Across the Plains in 1844 ; Donner Party diary ; The discovery of gold in California ; A woman's trip across the Plains ; Observations regarding the transcontinental railroad ; The rush to Oklahoma ; Mormon disavowal of plural marriage -- Indian wars and woes. Accounts of the Sand Creek massacre ; Status report on the condition of the Navajos ; Trouble on the Paiute reservation ; Treaty of Fort Laramie ; Accounts of the battle of Little Bighorn ; Speech by Chief Joseph on a visit to Washington, DC ; President Chester Arthur : Indian policy reform ; The surrender of Geronimo ; Dawes Act ; Wovoka : The messiah letter ; The ghost dance among the Lakota ; Eyewitness to the massacre at Wounded Knee ; Lakota accounts of the massacre at Wounded Knee -- Asian American affairs. A Chinese American protest ; People v. Hall ; Chinese Exclusion Act -- Cowboys and outlaws. On being a Pony Express rider ; Jesse James in his own defense ; On Billy the Kid ; Shootout at the O.K. corral ; Theodore Roosevelt in cowboy-land ; A scout with the Buffalo Soldiers -- Environmental actions. The Alaska purchase ; From Canyons of the Colorado ; The establishment of Yellowstone National Park ; The extermination of the American bison ; Features of the proposed Yosemite National Park ; Letters to John Muir -- Beyond the West. Buffalo Bill's Wild West show ; The significance of the frontier in American history ; The march of the flag -- Appendixes. Chronological list ; Web resources ; Bibliography ; Index.
"Defining Documents in American History: The American West offers a broad range of historical documents on important figures and topics in American West research. Written by historians and experts in the field, this resource examines a wide array of primary source documents with an in-depth critical analysis. Articles begin by introducing the reader to the document's historical context, followed by a description of the author's life and circumstances in which the document was written. A document analysis guides readers in understanding key elements of language, rhetoric, and social and political meaning that define the significance of the author and the document in American history. From speeches to journal entries, government documents and newspaper articles, students and researchers will gain new insights into America's westward expansion, through the thoughts and letters of the brave Americans who ventured out to seek their fortunes and reshape our nation."--Publisher description.

The Civil War, 1860-1865

April 25, 2016
Ipswich, Massachusetts : Salem Press, A Division of EBSCO Publishing : Grey House Publishing, [2014]
2 volumes : illustrations, maps ; 27 cm.
Volume 2. The Home Front. "Luxuries Have Been Given Up Long Ago" ; The Military Hospitals in Washington ; "The Shadows are Darkening"...Jackson is Certainly Dead ; The Draft Riots ; "There Has Been a Great Deal of Sickness in My Neighborhood" ; Gettysburg Address ; Reception to the Enlistment of Black Soldiers ; Abraham Lincoln's Last Public Address ; Walt Whitman: Military Hospitals ; "The Conclusion of the Battle of Gettysburg" ; Letters of a Transport Nurse ; "The Shattered Remains of Lee's Army" ; "Conquered, Submission, Subjugation" -- The Destruction of Slavery. The Confiscation Acts ; Treaty between the United States and Great Britain for the Suppression of the Slave Trade (Lyons-Seward Treaty) ; The Emancipation Proclamation ; War Department General Order 143 ; General Sherman Interviews the Freedmen Ministers in Savannah ; Special Field Order No. 15: Forty Acres and a Mule ; Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution ; A Contested Election: Report to Congresss on the Activites of the Ku Klux Klan ; Letter to Senator Joseph C. Abbott on the Ku Klux Klan ; United States vs. Cruikshank ; Exchange of Letters Between Horace Greeley and Abraham Lincoln ; "Men of Color, To Arms!" ; General Patrick Cleburne Proposes Black Soldiers for the Confederacy ; Jefferson Davis on the Employment of Slaves ; General Lee on Black Confederate Soldiers ; An Act to Increase the Military Force of the Confederate States -- Postwar: Politics of Race and Reconstruction. 39th Congress: Freedmen's Bureau Bill ; Frederick Douglass: Freedmen's Monument Speech ; Prospects of the Freedmen on Hilton Head ; Letters from Louisiana ; Reconstruction Acts of 1867 ; House of Representatives: Articles of Impeachment ; Various Selections of Black Codes in the South ; "The North Owes the Colored Race a Deep Obligation" ; Ulysses S. Grant: Letter to Daniel H. Chamberlain -- Appendixes: Chronological list ; Historical timeline ; Web resources ; Bibliography ; Index.
"Edited by James M. McPherson, PhD a preeminent civil war scholar and historian, George Henry Davis 1886 Professor Emeritus of United States History, Princeton University and Pulitzer Prize winner in History for Battle Cry Freedom, Defining Documents in American History: Civil War (1860-1865) surveys key documents produced during the Civil War with special attention devoted to the war-time policies of President Abraham Lincoln and the 37th US Congress. A special feature of the volumes is the inclusion of letters and diaries by soldiers and civilians writing about their experiences. The two volumes are organized into several chapters that cover the progress of the war beginning with early debates on secession, through wartime events on the political and battle fronts and concludes with a look toward the issues of race and reconstruction."-- From publisher's description.

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