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February 23, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Lincoln on leadership for today : Abraham Lincoln's approach to twenty-first-century issues

February 22, 2017
Phillips, Donald T. (Donald Thomas), 1952- author.
x, 324 pages ; 22 cm
A just and generous and prosperous system -- Nonintervention in other countries as a sacred principle of international law -- To emancipate the mind -- Rising with the occasion -- The eternal struggle between right and wrong -- The tendency of prosperity to breed tyrants -- The better angels of our nature -- With firmness in the right -- The middle ground -- No less than national -- The fiery trial -- The thunderbolt -- A more elevated position -- A fair chance in the race of life -- This terrible, bloody war -- With malice toward none -- Peace with all nations.
"Abraham Lincoln is recognized as one of history's finest leaders, a great president when the United States was under tremendous strain. But suppose he were alive today? How would Lincoln deal with today's high-pressure issues, from politics to business? Based on a lifelong study of Lincoln's life, writings, and speeches, best-selling author Donald T. Phillips offers compelling ideas on how Lincoln would employ his exemplary leadership and executive style. How would Lincoln handle today's frayed race relations, terrorism at home and abroad, gun control, and the influence of special interest groups on Congress? What would have been Lincoln's reaction to the invasion of Iraq? How would he have handled the Great Recession? What would be his stance on science and climate change? How did Lincoln feel about government entitlement programs? Would he have them at all? How would he feel about the growing gap between the haves and the have-nots, a worker's right to strike, the minimum wage, and labor unions? Would Lincoln have a mobile phone and embrace the whirl of social media? Phillips hews very closely to Lincoln's extensive writings and records to offer a fascinating look at how we might solve some of our most challenging problems, Lincoln-style,"

Friedrich Hecker und sein Antheil an der Geschichte Deutschlands und Amerikas

February 22, 2017
Deutsch-Amerikanischer Hecker Denkmal-Verein (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Cincinnati, Ohio : Siebel, 1881.
83 pages : portrait ; 19 cm
Copy in Genealogy & Local History Dept., Cincinnati Collection, bound in original light green paper wrappers. Front cover detached but present.|5OC

Six encounters with Lincoln : a president confronts democracy and its demons

February 20, 2017
Pryor, Elizabeth Brown, author.
xi, 480 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 25 cm
A wary handshake -- Pfunny pface -- Two emancipators meet -- Of fathers and sons -- Hell-cats -- The hollow crown -- Epilogue to the hollow crown : Lincoln and Shakespeare.
"In this absorbing book, Elizabeth Brown Pryor offers new perspectives on our sixteenth president by examining six intriguing, mostly unknown encounters he had with his constituents. Taken together, they reveal his opinions and character in unexpected ways, illustrating the difficulties of managing a republic and creating a presidency. While each of these stories shows Lincoln in all his quirky greatness, each is also an invitation to rethink our presumptions about him."--Dust jacket.

Age of anger : a history of the present

February 16, 2017
Mishra, Pankaj, author.
ix, 406 pages ; 22 cm
Prologue: Forgotten Conjunctures -- Clearing a Space : History's Winners and their Illusions -- Loving Oneself Through Others : Progress and its Contradictions -- Losing My Religion : Islam, Secularism and Revolution -- Regaining My Religion : I. Nationalism Unbound; I I. Messianic Visions -- Finding True Freedom and Equality : The Heritage of Nihilism -- Epilogue: Finding Reality.
"One of our most important public intellectuals reveals the hidden history of our current global crisis. How can we explain the origins of the great wave of paranoid hatreds that seem inescapable in our close-knit world--from American 'shooters' and ISIS to Trump, from a rise in vengeful nationalism across the world to racism and misogyny on social media? In Age of Anger, Pankaj Mishra answers our bewilderment by casting his gaze back to the eighteenth century, before leading us to the present. He shows that as the world became modern those who were unable to fulfill its promises--freedom, stability and prosperity--were increasingly susceptible to demagogues. The many who came late to this new world or were left, or pushed, behind, reacted in horrifyingly similar ways: intense hatred of invented enemies, attempts to re-create an imaginary golden age, and self-empowerment through spectacular violence. It was from among the ranks of the disaffected that the militants of the 19th century arose--angry young men who became cultural nationalists in Germany, messianic revolutionaries in Russia, bellicose chauvinists in Italy, and anarchist terrorists internationally. Today, just as then, the wider embrace of mass politics, technology, and the pursuit of wealth and individualism has cast many more billions adrift in a literally demoralized world, uprooted from tradition but still far from modernity--with the same terrible results. Making startling connections and comparisons, Age of Anger is a book of immense urgency and profound argument. It is a history of our present predicament unlike any other"-- Provided by publisher.

The age of Caesar : five Roman lives

February 15, 2017
Plutarch, author.
xxviii, 393 pages : maps ; 25 cm
Plutarch: five Roman lives -- Pompey -- Caesar -- Cicero -- Brutus -- Antony -- Appendix: the Roman Constitution / by J. E. Lendon.
"An outstanding new edition of Plutarch, the inventor of biography, focused on five lives that remade the Roman world. Pompey, Caesar, Cicero, Brutus, Antony: the names still resonate across thousands of years. Major figures in the civil wars that brutally ended the Roman republic, they haunt us with questions of character and authority: how to safeguard a republic from the flaws of its leaders. Plutarch's rich, vivid profiles show character shaping history through grand scale events and intimate details. The creator and master of the biographical form, Plutarch brilliantly locates character in small gestures such as the selfless Brutus's punctilious use of money, or Caesar's embrace of the plainspoken discourse of the soldier rather than the eloquence of Cicero. This is a true reader's edition of Plutarch. The translation lends a straightforward clarity to Plutarch's prose, and the notes helpfully identify people, places, and events named in the text. The substantial introduction and foreword explore both Plutarch himself as a historical figure and the basic history of the republic's fall."--Provided by publisher.

History of Jennings County, Indiana : development of libraries and library facilities, development of education

February 15, 2017
Evansville, Ind. : Unigraphic, 1979.
324, 13 pages : illustrations, maps ; 26 cm
Reprint of the 1956 edition.

Ernst Kantorowicz : a life

February 14, 2017
Lerner, Robert E., author.
xv, 400 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
List of figures -- Acknowledgments -- Abbreviations. Introduction -- Old Posen and young Ernst -- "With rifle and gun" -- Fine fever -- Heidelberg -- St. George -- The Castle Hill -- Frederick II -- Center of attention -- Becoming a professional -- Frankfurt -- Year of drama -- Oxford -- "Leisure with dignity" -- Flight -- "Displaced foreign scholar" -- "Without any desire for Europe" -- Laudes regiae -- Fight for employment -- "Hyperborean fields" -- "Scarcely wants to go to Germany" -- "Land of lotus-eaters" -- The fundamental issue -- Advanced study -- The king's two bodies -- "EKa is sick of EKa" -- Last years -- Afterword. Index.
This is the first complete biography of Ernst Kantorowicz (1895--1963), an influential and controversial German-American intellectual whose colorful and dramatic life intersected with many of the great events and thinkers of his time. A medieval historian whose ideas exerted an influence far beyond his field, he is most famous for two books, a notoriously nationalistic 1927 biography of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II and The King's Two Bodies (1957), a classic study of medieval politics. Born into a wealthy Prussian-Jewish family, Kantorowicz fought on the Western Front in World War I, was wounded at Verdun, and earned an Iron Cross; later, he earned an Iron Crescent for service in Anatolia before an affair with a general's mistress led to Kantorowicz being sent home. After the war, he fought against Poles in his native Posen, Spartacists in Berlin, and communists in Munich. An ardent German nationalist during the Weimar period, Kantorowicz became a member of the elitist Stefan George circle, which nurtured a cult of the "Secret Germany." Yet as a professor in Frankfurt after the Nazis came to power, Kantorowicz bravely spoke out against the regime before an overflowing crowd. Narrowly avoiding arrest after Kristallnacht, he fled to England and then the United States, where he joined the faculty at Berkeley, only to be fired in 1950 for refusing to sign an anticommunist "loyalty oath." From there, he "fell up the ladder" to Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study, where he stayed until his death. Drawing on many new sources, including numerous interviews and unpublished letters, Robert E. Lerner tells the story of a major intellectual whose life and times were as fascinating as his work.

The ruler's guide : China's greatest emperor and his timeless secrets of success

February 14, 2017
Tang, Chinghua, author.
New York : Scribner, 2017.
viii, 163 pages : map ; 22 cm
Conversations between Tang Taizong and his ministers -- On being emperor -- On human resources -- On moral character and talent -- On management -- On remonstrance -- On virtues -- On the art of war -- On crime and punishment -- On frugality -- On the rise and fall of an empire -- On parenting and educating the next generation -- On being well remembered -- The amazing life of Tang Taizong.
An English-language translation of core principles by the seventh-century emperor popularly credited as China's greatest historical leader is comprised of his dialogues with his wisest advisors and critics and covers strategies in the arenas of government, business, the military, athletics, philanthropy and parenting. --Publisher

Legacy of courage II : new stories of honor flight veterans

February 13, 2017
Popp, Cheryl, author.
282 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
Copy in Genealogy & Local History Department, Cincinnati Room, bound in original paperbound cover.
I. Courage in combat -- II. Women at war: first flight -- III. War stories -- IV. Flight log: 'A day I'll never forget' -- V. Mail call -- VI. How history was made -- VII. Passing the torch.
"Another honor flight is now boarding. Come along on the adventure of a lifetime with veterans who served and fought in World War II, Korea and Vietnam."--Page 4 of cover.

The original Black elite : Daniel Murray and the story of a forgotten era

February 9, 2017
Taylor, Elizabeth Dowling, author.
New York, NY : Amistad, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2017]
498 pages, 32 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, map, plans, genealogical table ; 24 cm
Prologue -- Up and coming -- The good wife -- The Black elite -- The good life -- The good citizen -- Activist couple -- Backsliding -- Confronting lost ground -- National Afro-American Council -- Black history pioneer -- Courting controversy -- Struggling -- Father and sons -- Disillusioned -- Life's work -- Ironic fruits -- New negro/Old cit -- Epilogue.

Debriefing the president : the interrogation of Saddam Hussein

February 6, 2017
Nixon, John (Middle East expert), author.
242 pages ; 24 cm
Prologue: unfinished business -- Holy shit, it's Saddam! -- Dare to be right -- Destination Baghdad -- Winging it -- Getting under Saddam's fingernails -- The Persian menace -- Turbans in politics -- Death to Shiites and Zionists -- Saddam blows his top -- Deep dive in the Oval Office -- Crosswise with the president -- In the shadow of his father -- The first draft of history -- Leaving with regrets -- Epilogue: a hanging in the middle of the night.
The first man to conduct a prolonged interrogation of Saddam Hussein after his capture explains why preconceived ideas about the dictator led Washington policymakers and the Bush White House astray.

Israel : a concise history of a nation reborn

February 6, 2017
Gordis, Daniel, author.
xiv, 546 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), color maps ; 24 cm
A grand human story -- Poetry and politics : the Jewish nation seeks a home -- Some spot of a native land -- A conversation, not an ideology : Zionist divisions at the turn of the century -- From a dream to glimmers of reality -- The Balfour Declaration : the empire endorses the state -- Nowhere to go, even if they could leave -- The Yishuv resists the British, the Arabs battle partition -- Independence : the state is born -- From dreams of a state to the reality of statehood -- Israel enters the international arena -- Israel confronts the Holocaust -- Six days of war change a country forever -- The burden of occupation -- Yom Kippur War : the "conception" crashes -- Revolution within the revolution : the rise and revenge of Israel's political right -- Taking a page from the Zionists : the rise of Palestinian nationalism -- The peace process stalls -- A Jewish renaissance in the Jewish state -- A century after Balfour-- "A national home for the Jewish people" -- Appendix A. Glossary of people mentioned -- Appendix B. Glossary of non-English terms -- Appendix C. Israel's Declaration of Independence -- Appendix D. Israeli prime ministers and the American and Israeli presidents with whom they worked -- Appendix E. Israeli political parties and their changing balance of power.
Presenting a brief but thorough account of the cultural, economic and political history of the state of Israel, a public intellectual sheds light on the past of this complex nation, one rife with conflict, so that readers can understand its future. --Publisher's description.

Big agenda : President Trump's plan to save America

February 3, 2017
Horowitz, David, 1939- author.
viii, 188 pages ; 24 cm
Introduction: Restoring the nation to greatness -- The adversary. New wars to fight ; Diversions on the right ; The roots of executive tyranny ; The Progressive movement ; The race card ; Hatred in their hearts ; No rules for radicals -- The agenda. Obamacare: an attack on individual freedom ; The environment: a pretext for government control ; The myth of systemic racism ; Globalism and radical Islam -- The strategy. The goal and the path ; It's time to take the gloves off ; The Achilles' heel of the Democratic Party ; The Democrats' wars on men and women ; Obstructionism is a good thing if the policies are bad ; Ending leftist indoctrination in our schools ; Fixing the political universe that doesn't exist ; Government unions: a conflict of interest that needs to be ended ; Corruption and cowardice ; Part of the people ; Go on the attack and stay on it ; A postelection agenda ; A party for all the people -- Conclusion: The battle plan: the first 100 days.
Horowitz presents a White House battle plan to halt the Democrats' march to extinguish the values America holds dear. He details President Trump's like moves, and explores the opportunities he will have to reshape the American political landscape while securing the nation's vital security interests abroad.

Audacity : how Barack Obama defied his critics and created a legacy that will prevail

February 2, 2017
Chait, Jonathan, author.
New York, NY : Custom House, an imprint of William Morrow, [2017]
xxii, 240 pages ; 24 cm
America's primal sin -- Preventing the second Great Depression -- Obama cares -- To halt the rise of the oceans -- To stanch a bleeding world -- The inevitability of disappointment -- Obama's America.
"Jonathan Chait ... digs deep into Obama's record on major policy fronts-- economics, the environment, domestic reform, health care, race, foreign policy, and civil rights-- to demonstrate why history will judge our forty-fourth president as among the greatest in history"-- Provided by publisher.

Bill Clinton

February 2, 2017
Tomasky, Michael, 1960- author.
xviii, 184 pages ; 22 cm.
A young fellow in a hurry -- The comeback kid -- The new realities of politics -- The limits of power -- The president is relevant -- The culture wars -- Hitting his stride -- That woman -- Unbreakable -- Ducking lightning bolts till the end.

A great place to have a war : America in Laos and the birth of a military CIA

February 2, 2017
Kurlantzick, Joshua, 1976- author.
323 pages ; 24 cm
Baci -- The CIA's first war -- Vang Pao, Bill Lair, Tony Poe, and Bill Sullivan -- Laos before the CIA, and the CIA before Laos -- The CIA meets Laos -- Operation Momentum begins -- Kennedy expands Momentum -- The not-so-secret secret: keeping a growing operation hidden -- Enter the bombers -- The wider war -- Massacre -- Going for broke -- The victory and the loss -- The secret war becomes public -- Defeat and retreat -- Skyline Ridge -- Final days -- Laos and the CIA: the legacy -- Aftermath.

A hope more powerful than the sea : one refugee's incredible story of love, loss, and survival

February 1, 2017
Fleming, Melissa (Communication director), author.
New York : Flatiron Books, 2017.
274 pages ; 22 cm
A childhood in Syria -- The war begins -- The siege of Daraa -- Life as a refugee -- Love in exile -- The engagement -- Deal with the devil -- Ship of horrors -- All that is left is the sea -- Rescue at the dying hour.
The story of a young Syrian refugee's attempt to reach Sweden, focusing on her ordeal in icy waters after the dilapidated fishing vessel in which she was traveling--along with 500 others--sinks.

Death at the Little Bighorn : a new look at Custer, his tactics, and the tragic decisions made at the last stand

February 1, 2017
Tucker, Phillip Thomas, 1953- author.
New York, NY : Skyhorse Publishing, [2016]
xxxii, 376 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm

The wild west in color : a photographic account of our nation's westward expansion

January 30, 2017
Guntzelman, John C., author.
Minneapolis, MN : Voyageur Press, 2016.
xiii, 225 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 29 cm

The meaning of Michelle : 16 writers on the iconic first lady and how her journey inspires our own

January 26, 2017
New York, N.Y. : St. Martin's Press, 2017.
xiii, 220 pages ; 22cm
Preface / Ava Duvernay -- Introduction: Homegirls / Veronica Chambers -- Michelle in high cotton / Benilde Little -- Crushing on Michelle : or, The unapologetic power of Blackness / Damon Young -- The composer and the brain : a conversation about music, marriage, power, creativity, partnership ... and the Obamas / Alicia Hall Moran and Jason Moran -- Lady O and King Bey / Brittney Cooper -- We go way back / Ylonda Gault Caviness -- Two Black first ladies walk into a room / Chirlane McCray -- Becoming the wife / Cathi Hanauer -- On being flawlessly imperfect / Tiffany Dufu -- She slays : Michelle Obama & the power of dressing like you mean it / Tanisha C. Ford -- Cooking with a narrative / Marcus Samuelsson -- Michelle Obama : representational justice / Sarah Lewis -- The freedom to be yourself / Karen Hill Anton -- She loves herself when she is laughing : Michelle Obama, taking down a stereotype and co-creating a presidency / Rebecca Carroll -- The best of wives and best of women / Phillipa Soo -- Making space / Roxane Gay.
"Michelle Obama is unlike any other First Lady in American History. From her first moments on the public stage, she has challenged traditional American notions about what it means to be beautiful, to be strong, to be fashion-conscious, to be healthy, to be First Mom, to be a caretaker and hostess, and to be partner to the most powerful man in the world... This collection presents a chorus of diverse voices with smart, engaging perspectives on Michelle Obama."-- Adapted from back cover.

Why? : explaining the Holocaust

January 26, 2017
Hayes, Peter, 1946 September 7- author.
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, 2017.
xvi, 412 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
Why another book on the Holocaust? -- Targets : Why the Jews? Antimsemitism ; Emancipation and backlash -- Attackers : Why the Germans? Nation and Volk ; Hitler's opportunity -- Escalation : Why murder? From Aryanization to atrocity ; Gentile and Jewish responses -- Annihilation : Why this swift and sweeping? From bullets to gas ; Perpetrators : the "generation without limits" ; Enslavement -- Victims : Why didn't more Jews fight back more often? Compliance and resistance ; The world of the camps -- Homelands : Why did survival rates diverge? Varieties of behavior ; The case of Poland -- Onlookers : Why such limited help from outside? Prewar evasions ; Wartime priorities -- Aftermath : What legacies, what lessons? Return, resettlement, retribution, and restitution ; Memory, myths, and meanings.
An exploration of the most commonly asked questions about the Holocaust challenges misconceptions and discusses how no single theory fully explains the tragedy, drawing on a wealth of scholarly research and experience to offer new insights.

Casanova : the world of a seductive genius

January 26, 2017
Bergreen, Laurence, author.
New York ; London ; Toronto ; Sydney ; New Delhi : Simon & Schuster, [2016]
xix, 519 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), maps ; 25 cm
Book One: Venice -- Zanetta -- Angela -- Bellino -- Zelmi -- Henriette -- Mimi -- Maria Elenora -- Tonina -- I Piombi -- Book Two: Paris and Beyond -- Madame d'Urfé -- Miss Wynne -- The Black-Eyed Nun -- Hedwig and Helena -- Marcolina -- La Charpillon -- Zaïre -- Doña Ignacia -- Nina -- The Minx -- Francesca.
"The remarkable story of Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798), an impoverished abandoned boy who became the notorious libertine, famous writer, and correspondent with figures such as Voltaire, Louis XV, and Catherine the Great in decadent 18th-century Europe."--Provided by publisher.

The mayor of Mogadishu : a story of chaos and redemption in the ruins of Somalia

January 26, 2017
Harding, Andrew, author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2016.
xxi, 278 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
Introduction: Villa Somalia -- Part 1. The Pearl of the Indian Ocean : 1956-1976 -- A Constellation of Nomads -- A Slate Scrubbed Clean -- Us Against the World -- A Girl Called "Mosquito" -- Part 2. The Sky Has Turned To Smoke : 1977-2009 -- A Lonely Impulse -- From a Trickle To a Flood -- Leave to Remain -- Filling the Vacuum -- Part 3. Picking Up the Pieces : 2010-2016 -- A Man with a Plan -- Wild Dogs -- Believe Me -- Mogadishu Mud -- Epilogue: Lido Beach -- A Note on Spelling.
"In The Mayor of Mogadishu, one of the BBC's most experienced foreign correspondents, Andrew Harding, reveals the tumultuous life of Mohamoud 'Tarzan' Nur--an impoverished nomad who was abandoned in a state orphanage in newly independent Somalia, and became a street brawler and activist. When the country collapsed into civil war and anarchy, Tarzan and his young family became part of an exodus, eventually spending twenty years in north London. But in 2010 Tarzan returned, as mayor, to the unrecognizable ruins of a city now almost entirely controlled by the Islamist militants of Al Shabab. For many in Mogadishu, and in the diaspora, Tarzan became a galvanizing symbol of courage and hope for Somalia. But for others, he was a divisive thug, who sank beneath the corruption and clan rivalries that continue, today, to threaten the country's revival. The Mayor of Mogadishu is a rare an insider's account of Somalia's unraveling, and an intimate portrayal of one family's extraordinary journey"-- Provided by publisher.

War against war : the American fight for peace, 1914-1918

January 26, 2017
Kazin, Michael, 1948- author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2017.
xix, 378 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Against a great, forgotten war -- A better world in birth? -- Ever widening circles : August 1914 to May 1915 -- Cry peace and fight preparedness : May 1915 to May 1916 -- Keep us out : June 1916 to April 1917 -- Do people want war? : February 1917 to April 1917 -- The war-- or American promise : one must choose : April 1917 to November 1917 -- A strange set of criminals : December 1917 to December 1918 -- Legacies.
"The untold story of the movement that came close to keeping the United States out of the First World War. This book is about the Americans who tried to stop their nation from fighting in one of history's most destructive wars and then were hounded by the government when they refused to back down. In the riveting War Against War, Michael Kazin brings us into the ranks of the largest, most diverse, and most sophisticated peace coalition up to that point in US history. They came from a variety of backgrounds: wealthy and middle and working class, urban and rural, white and black, Christian and Jewish and atheist. They mounted street demonstrations and popular exhibitions, attracted prominent leaders from the labor and suffrage movements, ran peace candidates for local and federal office, and founded new organizations that endured beyond the cause. For almost three years, they helped prevent Congress from authorizing a massive increase in the size of the US army--a step advocated by ex-president Theodore Roosevelt. Soon after the end of the Great War, most Americans believed it had not been worth fighting. And when its bitter legacy led to the next world war, the warnings of these peace activists turned into a tragic prophecy--and the beginning of a surveillance state that still endures today. War Against War is a dramatic account of a major turning point in the history of the United States and the world"-- Provided by publisher.

Three days in January : Dwight Eisenhower's final mission

January 25, 2017
Baier, Bret. author.
New York, NY : William Morrow, [2017]
xviii, 346 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Part one: The setting. The measure of Ike ; Ike in command ; A nonpolitician in the political arena ; Ike's hidden card -- Part two: The speech. Farewell in black and white ; Intimacy and interdependence ; The hostile landscape ; Dust to dust ; The military-industrial complex -- Part three: The final mission. An unknowable successor ; The day before ; The passage ; A spring day at Camp David.
January 1961: President Eisenhower has three days to secure the nation's future before his young successor, John F. Kennedy, takes power--a final mission by the legendary leader who planned D-Day and guided America through the darkening Cold War. Bret Baier, the Chief Political Anchor for Fox News Channel, illuminates the underappreciated presidency of Dwight Eisenhower by taking readers into Ike's last days in power.--Adapted from dust jacket.

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