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January 17, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The deep

January 16, 2015
Cutter, Nick.
New York : Gallery Books, 2015.
394 pages ; 24 cm
"A novel"--Cover.
"A strange plague called the 'Gets is decimating humanity on a global scale. It causes people to forget--small things at first, like where they left their keys...then the not-so-small things like how to drive, or the letters of the alphabet. Then their bodies forget how to function involuntarily...and there is no cure. But now, far below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, deep in the Marianas Trench, an heretofore unknown substance hailed as "ambrosia" has been discovered--a universal healer, from initial reports. It may just be the key to a universal cure. In order to study this phenomenon, a special research lab, the Trieste, has been built eight miles under the sea's surface. But now the station is incommunicado, and it's up to a brave few to descend through the lightless fathoms in hopes of unraveling the mysteries lurking at those crushing depths..."-- Provided by publisher.

The last American vampire

January 9, 2015
Grahame-Smith, Seth, author.
New York : Grand Central Publishing, 2015.
398 pages ; 24 cm
"The follow-up to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter--a sweeping, alternate history of 20th Century America as seen through the eyes of vampire Henry Sturges. He is searching for renewed purpose in the wake of his friend Abraham Lincoln's shocking death. It will be an expansive journey that will first send him to England for an unexpected encounter with Jack the Ripper, then to New York City for the birth of a new American century, the dawn of the electric era of Tesla and Edison, and the blazing disaster of the 1937 Hindenburg crash. Along the way, Henry goes on the road in a Kerouac-influenced trip as Seth Grahame-Smith ingeniously weaves vampire history through Russia's October Revolution, the First and Second World Wars, and the JFK assassination."-- Provided by publisher.

Strands of sorrow

January 9, 2015
Ringo, John, 1963-
Riverdale, NY : Baen, 2015.
viii, 343 pages ; 25 cm
In the conclusion to the Black Tide Rising series, the Wolf Squadron, its leader Steve Smith and what's left of the U.S. Navy band together to retake the mainland from the infected, while Smith's teenage daughters hold the key to the rebirth of civilization on a devastated planet.

Saint Odd : an Odd Thomas novel

January 5, 2015
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray), 1945-
New York : Bantam Books, [2015]
338 pages ; 25 cm.
"Two years after the cataclysmic events that sent him journeying into mystery, Odd Thomas, the intrepid fry cook who sees the dead and tries to help them, has traveled full circle, back to his beloved home town of Pico Mundo and the people he loves. He has come to save them--and perhaps humanity--from the full flowering of evil it is his destiny to confront, as he draws ever closer to the truth of the world and his place in it. Stronger, wiser than he started, and with the help of the friends he has made along the way, Odd prepares to confront the terrible forces arrayed against him and possibly to journey still farther, to his long-awaited reunion with his lost love, Stormy Llewellyn"-- Provided by publisher.

The unwelcomed child

January 5, 2015
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)
New York : Gallery Books, 2014.
373 pages ; 22 cm
"A novel"--Cover.
Raised in seclusion by fundamentalist grandparents who claim she is an evil product of her mother's sinful mistake, teenager Elle Edwards finally learns the truth about her conception and struggles with profound feelings of insecurity while pursuing a relationship with a vacationing boy.

Tales from the nightside

December 30, 2014
Green, Simon R., 1955-
New York : Ace Books, 2015.
viii, 308 pages ; 22 cm
The Nightside, needless to say -- Razor Eddie's big night out -- Lucy, at Christmastime -- Appetite for murder -- The difference a day makes -- Some of these cons go way back -- The spirit of the thing -- Hungry heart -- How do you feel? -- The big game.
"Welcome to the Nightside. It's the secret heart of London, beating to its own rhythm, pumping lifeblood through the veins of its streets and alleys hidden in eternal darkness, where creatures of the night congregate and where the sun is afraid to shine. It's the place to go if you're looking to indulge the darker side of your nature-and to hell with the consequences. Tales from the Nightside presents ten macabre mysteries that shine a dim beam into the neighborhood's darkest corners to reveal things that should never come to light. Take a walk with such deadly and dangerous denizens of the Nightside as Razor Eddie, Dead Boy, and Larry Oblivion as they encounter things even more inhuman and inhumane than they are. And join John Taylor, the PI with a knack for finding lost things, as he confronts Sir Francis Varney, King of the Vampires, in a never-before-published novella-length adventure. There may be nothing to be afraid of in the dark, but there's plenty to be afraid of in the Nightside... Includes "The Big Game," a never-before-published Nightside novella and Nine other Nightside stories"-- Provided by publisher.

First and last sorcerer : a novel of the noble dead

December 30, 2014
Hendee, Barb.
New York, New York : Roc Hardcover, 2015.
341 pages ; 24 cm.
"Waylaid in their quest for the orb of the Air, Magiere, Leesil, Chap, and Wayfarer have all been wrongly imprisoned. But it is Magiere, the dhampir, who suffers the most as a cloaked interrogator employs telepathic torture. Arriving at the Suman port city in search of Magiere, Wynn Hygeorht and her companions--including vampire Chane Andraso--seek out Domin Ghassan for assistance, which proves no easy task. The domin is embroiled in a secret hunt for a spectral undead with the power to invade anyone living and take the body as its host. Even if Wynn can manage to free her friends from prison, battling this entirely new kind of undead hidden inside host bodies may be a challenge none of them can survive..."-- Provided by publisher.

Pop of the bumpy mummy : a branches book.

December 29, 2014
Cummings, Troy, author.
89 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
Alexander's class is going on a sleepover at the Stermont Museum, but something is stealing bright, shiny objects from all over town, including the museum's treasured Ruby Scorpion, and on the night of the visit the young monster hunters finally confront the town's newest monster--a warrior covered entirely by bubble-wrap.

The vault

December 16, 2014
McKay, Emily.
New York : Berkley Trade, 2014.
x, 383 pages ; 21 cm
"A farm novel"--Title page verso.
"There is no rest for the damned in this thrilling follow-up to Emily McKay's The Lair and The Farm, in a series New York Times bestselling author Chloe Neill calls, "Equal parts Resident Evil and Hunger Games." In a world where vampires rule and teenaged humans are quarantined as a food source, there is only one choice-resist or die. But fighting the vampires comes at a terrible cost to twin sisters Mel and Lily and their best friend Carter. With Lily exposed to the vampire virus and lying in a coma, it's up to Mel and Carter to search for the cure. Time is not on their side. With every passing heartbeat, Mel is becoming more and more purely vampire. Desperate, Carter and Mel decide to split up. Carter will recruit human rebels from the Farm in San Angelo to infiltrate the guarded kingdom of the vampire Sabrina and steal the cure. Mel will go back to her mentor, her friend, her betrayer, Sebastian, who is the only one who can access an underground vault that may house the secret to the cure. That is, if he's still alive after she staked him to the ground. Now her worst enemy may be their best hope for curing Lily-and saving the human race"-- Provided by publisher.

The new evil

December 12, 2014
Stine, R. L.
New York, N.Y. : Pocket Books, ©1994.
199 pages ; 18 cm.
"YA novel"--Spine.
"A Parachute Press book."
Corky and the Shadyside cheerleaders are sure that the evil spirit is destroyed but then one horrifying accident after another keeps happening.


December 12, 2014
Stine, R. L.
New York : Pocket Books, ©1995.
150 pages ; 17 cm.
"An Archway paperback."
"A Parachute press book."
Nicole and Lucy switch bodies, and Nicole finds the experiment going horribly wrong.

The vines : a novel

December 8, 2014
Rice, Christopher, 1979- author.
Seattle : 47North, [2014]
216 pages ; 21 cm
After Caitlain Chaisson spills blood on the gound of her Spring House mansion in a failed suicide attempt, dark forces are unleashed which result in the disappearance of her husband, as Nova, the caretaker's daughter, and Caitlin's former friend, Blake, try to uncover the mansion's secrets.

The shuddering

December 8, 2014
Ahlborn, Ania.
Las Vegas, NV : 47North, [2012]
283 pages ; 21 cm
A group of friends vacationing at a remote Colorado cabin find themselves stranded by a blizzard and stalked by cannibalistic monsters.

Phantom Thief Jeanne

November 28, 2014
Tanemura, Arina, author, artist.
San Francisco : Viz Media, 2014.
5 volumes : chiefly illustrations ; 20 cm
Printed in Japanese right to left format.
First published in Japan in 1998 by Shueisha, Inc., Tokyo.
High school student Maron Kusakabe has a secret: she's Phantom Thief Jeanne. She sneaks into private art collections to steal paintings in which demons reside. Jeanne's task is to seal the demons before they can devour human hearts. So far she's been able to evade the police on her midnight outings, but now another thief has come onto the scene--Phantom Thief Sinbad--and he's trying to take the paintings before she does!

On her majesty's behalf

November 28, 2014
Nassise, Joseph.
New York : Harper Voyager, [2014]
322 pages ; 21 cm
"At the tale end of 1917 the Germans introduced a new type of gas to the battlefield, T-Leiche, or "corpse gas" as this new weapon is more commonly known, changed the face of the war. Rather than affect the living, it resurrects the bodies of the dead, giving the enemy an almost unlimited source of fresh troops. After surviving the killing fields of France, Burke and Company are sent into the devastated, zombie-infested city of London to rescue Princess Veronica, the sole surviving member of the royal family. However, Kaiser Richthofen, the undead Red Baron and now leader of Germany,also sends a team of his own, led by Burke's infected former teammate, Sgt Moore"-- Provided by publisher.

The strange library

November 21, 2014
Murakami, Haruki, 1949-
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2014.
1 volume unpaged : color illustrations ; 21 cm
In a fantastical illustrated short novel, three people imprisoned in a nightmarish library plot their escape.

The new girl

November 20, 2014
Grey, S. L., author.
292 pages ; 20 cm
Ryan Devlin, a predator with a past, has been forced to take a job as a handyman at an exclusive private school, Crossley College. He's losing his battle to suppress his growing fascination with a new girl who seems to have a strange effect on the children around her. Tara Marais fills her empty days by volunteering at Crossley's library. Tara is desperate but unable, to have a baby of her own, so she makes Reborns--eerily lifelike newborn dolls. She's delighted when she receives a commission from the mysterious "Vader Batiss," but horrified when she sees the photograph of the baby she's been asked to create. Still, she agrees to Batiss's strange contract, unaware of the consequences if she fails to deliver the doll on time. Both Tara and Ryan are being drawn into a terrifying scheme, one that will have an impact on every pupil at Crossley College.

The wolf gift : the graphic novel

November 18, 2014
Rice, Anne, 1941- author.
© 2014
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly illustrations ; 22 cm


November 13, 2014
Grant, Mira.
New York, NY : Orbit, 2014.
518 pages ; 25 cm.
"THE SECOND BOOK IN MIRA GRANT'S TERRIFYING PARASITOLOGY SERIES. THE ENEMY IS INSIDE US. The SymboGen designed tapeworms were created to relieve humanity of disease and sickness. But the implants in the majority of the world's population began attacking their hosts turning them into a ravenous horde. Now those who do not appear to be afflicted are being gathered for quarantine as panic spreads, but Sal and her companions must discover how the tapeworms are taking over their hosts, what their eventual goal is, and how they can be stopped"-- Provided by publisher.


November 11, 2014
Leaver, Trisha, author.
Woodbury, MN : Flux, [2014]
253 pages ; 21 cm
When their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Dee, her boyfriend Luke, and Luke’s brother, Mike, seek help in the nearby town of Purity Springs. But as they walk the vacant streets, the teens make some disturbing discoveries. The seemingly deserted homes each contain a sinister book with violent instructions on disciplining children. The graveyard is full of unmarked crosses. Worst of all, there’s no way to contact the outside world. When Purity Springs’ inhabitants suddenly appear, Dee, Luke, and Mike find themselves at the mercy of Elijah Hawkins, the town’s charismatic leader who has his own plans for the three of them. Their only hope for survival is Elijah’s enigmatic son, Joseph. And his game may be just as deadly as his father’s.

Revival : a novel

November 5, 2014
King, Stephen, 1947-
New York : Scribner, 2014.
405 pages ; 25 cm
"In a small New England town over half a century ago, a boy is playing with his new toy soldiers in the dirt in front of his house when a shadow falls over him. He looks up to see a striking man, the new minister, Jamie learns later, who with his beautiful wife, will transform the church and the town. The men and boys are a bit in love with Mrs. Jacobs; the women and girls, with the Reverend Jacobs--including Jamie's sisters and mother. Then tragedy strikes, and this charismatic preacher curses God, and is banished from the shocked town. Jamie has demons of his own. Wed to his guitar from age 13, he plays in bands across the country, running from his own family tragedies, losing one job after another when his addictions get the better of him. Decades later, sober and living a decent life, he and Reverend Charles Jacobs meet again in a pact beyond even the Devil's devising, and the many terrifying meanings of Revival are revealed. King imbues this spectacularly rich and dark novel with everything he knows about music, addiction, and religious fanaticism, and every nightmare we ever had about death. This is a masterpiece from King, in the great American tradition of Frank Norris, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Edgar Allan Poe"-- Provided by publisher.

The Bane chronicles

November 4, 2014
Clare, Cassandra, author.
New York : Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2014.
507 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"Companion to The mortal instruments and The infernal devices series"--Jacket.
What really happened in Peru / by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan -- The runaway queen / by Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson -- Vampires, scones, and Edmond Herondale / by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan -- The midnight heir / by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan -- The rise of the Hotel Dumort / by Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson -- Saving Raphael Santiago / by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan -- The fall of the Hotel Dumort / by Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson -- What to buy the shadowhunter who has everything (and who you're not officially dating anyway) / by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan -- The last stand of the New York Institute / by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Maureen Johnson -- The course of true love (and first dates) / by Cassandra Clare -- The voicemail of Magnus Bane / by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Maureen Johnson.
A collection of eleven short stories, previously published online, that illuminate the life of the enigmatic, flashy, and flamboyant High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane, a character in The Mortal Instruments series.

Mr. Wicker

November 3, 2014
Alexander, Maria.
Bowie, MD : Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2014.
230 p. ; 24 cm.
Alicia Baum is an adult who is missing a childhood memory. The memory is located in The Library of Lost Childhood Memories whose Librarian is Mr. Wicker. Alicia teams up with child psychiatrist Dr. James Farron to find Alicia's missing memory and to fight Mr. Wicker.

Attack on Titan

October 31, 2014
Isayama, Hajime, 1986-, author, artist.
New York, N.Y. : Kodansha Comics, 2012-
v. : chiefly ill. ; 19 cm.
Printed in Japanese right to left format.
First published in Japan in 2010 by Kodansha Ltd.
v. 1. The desperate battle begins! -- v. 2. Birth of a monster -- v. 3. Traitor -- v. 4. Humanity pushes back! -- v. 5. Can you go home again? -- v. 6. Titan on the hunt -- v. 7. Turning on their own -- v. 8. Blood on his hands -- v. 9. Humanity's worst nightmare -- v. 10. Fortress of blood -- v. 11. Do you think this world has a future? -- v. 12. The chase is on -- v. 13. No safe place left -- v. 14. Erwin's greatest gamble
For the past century, what's left of mankind has hidden in a giant, three-walled city, trapped in fear of the bizarre, giant humanoids known as the Titans. Little is known about where they came from or why they are bent on consuming human-kind, but the sudden appearance of an enormous Titan is about change everything.

The boy who killed demons : a novel

October 29, 2014
Zeltserman, Dave, 1959-
New York, NY : The Overlook Press, 2014.
288 pages ; 24 cm

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