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March 25, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

First communions

March 24, 2017
Girard, Geoffrey, author.
257 pages ; 22 cm
"A collection of dark fiction"--Cover.
Translatio -- Collecting James -- For restful death I cry -- Dark harvest -- Not fade away -- Unto the Lord a new song -- Release me -- Psychomachia -- Universal adaptor -- Misdirection -- What you know -- H.E. double hockey sticks -- Where the shadow ended -- Dead in the water -- Crawl -- First communions -- Story notes.

Tales from the darkside

March 21, 2017
Benedetto, Michael, author.
San Diego, CA : IDW Publishing, [2017]
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 27 cm
Features adaptations of scripts by Joe Hill for a never-broadcast television reboot of Tales from the darkside.

The vine that ate the south : a novel

March 20, 2017
Wilkes, J. D., author, illustrator.
212 pages : illustrations, map ; 20 cm
Book one. The Deadening -- Book two. Pandelirium.
"In a forgotten corner of western Kentucky lies a haunted forest referred to locally as "The Deadening," where vampire cults roam wild and time is immaterial. Our protagonist and his accomplice-- the one and only, Carver Canute-- set out down the Old Spur Line in search of the legendary Kudzu House, where an old couple is purported to have been swallowed whole by a hungry vine. Their quest leads them face to face with albino panthers, Great Dane-riding girls, protective property owners, and just about every American folk-demon ever, while forcing the protagonist to finally take stock of his relationship with his father and the man's mysterious disappearance."

The Lovecraft Squad : all Hallows horror

March 20, 2017
Probert, John Llewellyn, author.
377 pages ; 24 cm
There has always been something wrong about All Hallows Church. Not just the building, but the very land upon it stands. Reports dating back to Roman times reveal that it has always been a bad place--blighted by strange sightings, unusual phenomena, and unexplained disappearances. So in the 1990s, a team of para-psychiatrists is sent in to investigate the various mysteries surrounding the Church and its unsavoury legends. From the start, they begin to discover a paranormal world that defies belief. But as they dig deeper, not only do they uncover some of the secrets behind the ancient edifice designed by "Zombie King" Thomas Moreby but, hidden away beneath everything else, something so ancient and so terrifying that it is using the architect himself as a conduit to unimaginable evil. After four days and nights, not everybody survives--and those that do will come to wish they hadn't.

Hekla's children

March 13, 2017
Brogden, James (Novelist), author.
London : Titan Books, 2017.
400 pages ; 21 cm
"A decade ago, teacher Nathan Brookes saw four of his students walk up a hill and vanish. Only one returned, Olivia, starved, terrified, and with no memory of where she'd been. Questioned by the police but released for lack of evidence, Nathan spent the years trying to forget. When a body is found in the same ancient woodland where they disappeared, it is first believed to be one of the missing children, but is soon identified as a Bronze Age warrior, nothing more than an archaeological curiosity. Yet Nathan starts to have horrific visions of the students, alive but trapped. Then Olivia reappears, desperate that the warrior's body be returned to the earth. For he is the only thing keeping a terrible evil at bay" --Back cover.

Infernal parade

March 10, 2017
Barker, Clive, 1952- author.
Burton, MI : Subterranean Press, 2017.
81 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"Infernal Parade begins with the tale of a convicted criminal, Tom Requiem, who returns from the brink of death to restore both fear and a touch of awe to a complacent world. Tom becomes the leader of the eponymous "parade," which ranges from the familiar precincts of North Dakota to the mythical city of Karantica. Golems, vengeful humans both living and dead, and assorted impossible creatures parade across these pages. The result is a series of highly compressed, interrelated narratives that are memorable, disturbing, and impossible to set aside"--Jacket.


March 9, 2017
Kirkman, Robert, author.
Berkeley, CA : Image Comics, 2015-
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Originally published in magazine form.
v. 1. A darkness surrounds him -- v. 2. A vast and unending ruin -- v. 3. This little light -- v. 4. Under devil's wing

Agents of dreamland

March 6, 2017
Kiernan, Caitlín R.
[New York] : Tom Doherty Associates, 2017. ©2017
125 pages ; 21 cm
"A book."--Verso title page.
"A government special agent known only as the Signalman gets off a train on a stunningly hot morning in Winslow, Arizona. Later that day he meets a woman in a diner to exchange information about an event that happened a week earlier for which neither has an explanation, but which haunts the Signalman. In a ranch house near the shore of the Salton Sea a cult leader gathers up the weak and susceptible--the Children of the Next Level--and offers them something to believe in and a chance for transcendence. The future is coming and they will help to usher it in. A day after the events at the ranch house which disturbed the Signalman so deeply that he and his government sought out help from 'other' sources, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory abruptly loses contact with NASA's interplanetary probe New Horizons. Something out beyond the orbit of Pluto has made contact. And a woman floating outside of time looks to the future and the past for answers to what can save humanity."--Publisher.

The walking dead

March 3, 2017
Kirkman, Robert.
Orange, CA : Image Comics, c2005-
v. : chiefly ill. ; 26 cm.
Artists vary between volumes.
v. 1. Days gone bye #1-6 -- v. 2. Miles behind us #7-12 -- v. 3. Safety behind bars #13-18 -- v. 4. The heart's desire #19- 24 -- v. 5. The best defense #25-30 -- v. 6. This sorrowful life #31-36 -- v. 7. The calm before #37-42 -- v. 8. Made to suffer #43-48 -- v. 9. Here we remain #49-54 -- v. 10. What we have become #55-60 -- v. 11. Fear the hunters #61-66 -- v. 12. Life among them #67-72 -- v. 13. Too far gone #73-78 -- v. 14. No way out #79-84 -- v. 15. We find ourselves #85-90 -- v. 16. A larger world #91-96 -- v. 17. Something to fear #97-102 -- v. 18. What comes after #103-108 -- v. 19. March to war # 109-114 -- v. 20. All out war #115-120 -- v. 21. All out war, part two #121-126 -- v. 22. A new beginning #127-132 -- v. 23. Whispers into screams #133-138 -- v. 24. Life and death #139-144 -- v. 25. No turning back #145-150 -- v. 26. Call to arms #151-156 -- v. 27. The whisperer war #157-162

Swords v. Cthulhu : swift bladed action in the horric world of H.P. Lovecraft

March 1, 2017
London : Stone Skin Press, 2016.
368 pages ; 20 cm
The savage angels in: The beast in the tunnels / John Langan -- Non omnis moriar / Michael Cisco -- The lady of Shalott / Carrie Vaughan -- Trespassers / A. Scott Glancy -- The Dan no uchi horror / Remy Nakamura -- St. Baboloki's hymn for lost girls / L. Lark -- The children of Yig / John Hornor Jacobs -- The dreamers of Alamoi / Jeremiah Tolbert -- Two suns over Zululand / Ben Strewart -- A circle that ever returneth in / Orring Grey -- Ordo Virtutum / Wendy N. Wagner -- Red sails, dark moon / Andrew S. Fuller -- The thief in the sand / M.K. Sauer --Without within / Jonathan L. Howard -- Daughter of the drifting / Jason Heller -- The matter of aude / Natania Barron -- The living, vengeant stars / E. Catherine Tobler -- The argonaut / Carlos Orsi -- Of all possible worlds / Eneasz Brodski -- The final gift of Zhuge Liang / Laurie Tom -- The king of Lapland's daughter / Nathan Carson -- Bow down before the snail king! / Caleb Wilson.

The mercy of the tide : a novel

February 28, 2017
Rosson, Keith, author.
283 pages : map ; 23 cm.
Riptide, Oregon, 1983. A sleepy coastal town, where crime usually consists of underage drinking down at a Wolf Point bonfire. But then strange things start happening--a human skeleton is unearthed in a local park and mutilated animals begin appearing, seemingly sacrificed, on the town's beaches. The Mercy of the Tide follows four people drawn irrevocably together by a recent tragedy as they do their best to reclaim their lives--leading them all to a discovery that will change them and their town forever. At the heart of the story are Sam Finster, a senior in high school mourning the death of his mother, and his sister Trina, a nine-year-old deaf girl who denies her grief by dreaming of a nuclear apocalypse as Cold War tensions rise. Meanwhile, Sheriff Dave Dobbs and Deputy Nick Hayslip must try to put their own sorrows aside to figure out who, or what, is wreaking havoc on their once-idyllic town.

Abe Sapien

February 20, 2017
Mignola, Michael.
Milwaukie, OR : Dark Horse Books, c2008-
v. : chiefly col. ill. ; 26 cm.
v. 1. The drowning (collects The drowning five-issue miniseries) -- v. 2. The devil does not jest and other stories (collects The haunted boy, The abyssal plain #1- #2, and The devil does not jest) -- v. 3. Dark and terrible and the new race of man (collects Abe Sapien #1- #5) -- v. 4. The shape of things to come (collects Abe Sapien #6 - #7 and #9 - #11) -- v. 5. Sacred places (collects Abe Sapien #12- #14 and #16- #17) -- v. 6. A darkness so great (collects Abe Sapien #18 - #22) -- v. 7. The secret fire (collects Abe Sapien #24-#26, #28-#29, and #31) -- v. 8. The desolate shore (collects Abe Sapien #32 - #36)

The familiar. 4, Hades

February 20, 2017
Danielewski, Mark Z., author.
831 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm.
When a viral video puts twelve-year-old Xanther under a spotlight of scrutiny at school, her little white cat's still slumbering, still unnamed offers the only escape, though it comes at a price. Not even Xanther's parents can deny the strange currents now shuddering around their eldest, touching off inexplicable happenings. Entities troubling the dreams of the twins seem to have singled out Freya. Despite invitations to a gala at The Met, Anwar fears the solution to their financial difficulties might expose more than just his family to dangerous consequences. Something greater is at hand, something terrible is at stake. And all the while, faces unfamiliar to the Ibrahims draw closer and closer: Jingjing, in Singapore, clutching charms, boards a plane for Los Angeles; Cas and Bobby, with visions of Xanther in Mefisto's Orb, must elude attacks from the sky. Strangers collide . . . though will those intersections lead to alliances or war? And does the dance at the center of Volume 4 augur the liberation of our better angels or the release of a creature set to feast on the wings of hope?

Universal harvester

February 16, 2017
Darnielle, John, author.
214 pages ; 22 cm
Jeremy works at the Video Hut in Nevada, Iowa in the late 1990s, and he has a problem-- someone is altering the video tapes, inserting poorly lit home video scenes which are odd, sometimes violent, and deeply disquieting. There are recognizable landmarks from just outside of town. As Jeremy investigates, he becomes part of an impossible search for something someone once lost-- and would do anything to regain.

The devil crept in

February 14, 2017
Ahlborn, Ania, author.
374 pages ; 21 cm
"--a small-town boy investigates the mysterious disappearance of his cousin and uncovers a terrifying secret kept hidden for years. Young Jude Brighton has been missing for three days, and while the search for him is in full swing in the small town of Deer Valley, Oregon, the locals are starting to lose hope. They're well aware that the first forty-eight hours are critical and after that, the odds usually point to a worst-case scenario. And despite Stevie Clark's youth, he knows that, too; he's seen the cop shows. He knows what each ticking moment may mean for Jude, his cousin and best friend. That, and there was that boy, Max Larsen...the one from years ago, found dead after also disappearing under mysterious circumstances. And then there were the animals: pets gone missing out of yards. For years, the residents of Deer Valley have murmured about these unsolved crimes...and that a killer may still be lurking around their quiet town. Now, fear is reborn--and for Stevie, who is determined to find out what really happened to Jude, the awful truth may be too horrifying to imagine"-- Provided by publisher.

The burning world : a novel

February 14, 2017
Marion, Isaac, 1981- author.
500 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
"In this sequel to WARM BODIES, lovers R and Julie must confront a world filled with the undead and the far more terrifying force that animates them"-- Provided by publisher.

The walking dead : the walking dead comics companion

February 14, 2017
174 pages : chiefly illustrations (some colour) ; 28 cm
"Collecting material previously published in The Walking Dead Magazine." --Title page verso.
"This essential guide to the Walking Dead comics presents the best features, interviews and guides to the award-winning comic as featured in the Official Walking Dead Magazine. As The Walking Dead gets ready to shuffle back onto TV screens for its highly anticipated 16-episode 7th season, fans of the show can celebrate all things The Walking Dead with this special collection of features, interviews and more pulled from the magazine, which has been keeping fans up to date with the show for five years. Includes interviews with Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and other members of the comics creative team, features on Rick, Carl & Lori Grimes, Negan, Michonne, Maggie and Glenn, as well as articles about the various Walking Dead locations, from Alexandria to the Prison, features on the various bad guys our heroes meet up with on their journey and much...more."--

Binshi xian sheng

February 13, 2017
King, Stephen, 1947- author.
Taibei Shi : Huang guan wen hua chu ban you xian gong si, 2016.
463 pages ; 21 cm
Translation of: Mr. Mercedes.

Cthulhu's daughters : stories of Lovecraftian horror

February 3, 2017
307 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Originally published as She walks in shadows in 2015.
"All material original to this volume"--T.p. verso.
Ammutseba Rising / Ann K. Schwader -- Turn out the Light / Penelope Love -- Bring the Moon to Me / Amelia Gorman -- Violet is the Color of Your Energy / Nadia Bulkin -- De Deabus Minoribus Exterioris Theomagicae / Jilly Dreadful -- Lavinia's Wood / Angela Slatter -- The Adventurer's Wife / Premee Mohamed -- Lockbox / E. Catherine Tobler -- Hairwork / Gemma Files -- The Thing on the Cheerleading Squad / Molly Tanzer -- Body to Body to Body / Selena Chambers -- Magna Mater / Arinn Dembo -- Chosen / Lyndsey Holder -- Bitter Perfume / Laura Blackwell -- Eight Seconds / Pandora Hope -- The Eye of Juno / Eugenie Mora -- Cthulhu of the Dead Sea / Inkeri Kontro -- Notes Found in a Decommissioned Asylum, December 1961 / Sharon Mock -- Cypress God / Rodopi Sisamis -- When She Quickens / Mary Turzillo -- Queen of a New America / Wendy N. Wagner -- The Opera Singer / Priya Sridhar -- Shub-Niggurath's Witnesses / Valerie Valdes -- Provenance / Benjanun Sriduangkaew -- T'la-yub's head / Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas.
A collection of 25 short stories written by women about women within the realm of 'Lovecraftian fiction'.

Morning glories

January 30, 2017
Spencer, Nick.
Berkeley, Calif. : Shadowline/Image Comics, 2011-
v. : chiefly col. ill. ; 26 cm.
Originally published in single magazine form.
v. 1. For a better future -- v. 2. All will be free -- v. 3. P.E. -- v. 4. Truants -- v. 5. Tests -- v. 6. Demerits -- v. 7. Honors -- v. 8. Rivals -- v. 9. Assembly -- v. 10. Expulsion

The dead seekers

January 30, 2017
Hendee, Barb, author.
328 pages ; 24 cm
"In the New York Times bestselling Noble Dead saga, Barb and J.C. Hendee created an engrossing mix of "intrigue, epic fantasy, and horror." Now, they present a bold new series set in the same world, where the destinies of two hunters shaped by the shadows of their pasts are about to collide... In the dark reaches of the eastern continent, Tris Vishal travels from village to village, using his power to put unsettled spirits to rest. He works alone, having learned that letting people close only leads to more death. Still, he finds himself accepting the help of the Mondyalítko woman who saves his life--a woman whose gifts are as much a burden as his own. Mari Kaleja thirsted for vengeance since the night her family was taken from her. She has searched far and wide for the one she thinks responsible, known only as "The Dead's Man." But before she can kill him, she has to be sure. Mari hopes traveling with Tris will confirm her suspicions. But as they embark on a hunt where the living are just as dangerous as the dead, she learns the risks of keeping your enemy close... Because it's no longer clear who is predator and who is prey"-- Provided by publisher.

John Constantine, Hellblazer

January 27, 2017
Delano, Jamie.
New York, NY : DC Comics, c2011-
v. : chiefly col. ill. ; 26 cm.
Writers and artists vary between volumes.
Originally published in single magazine form.
v. 1. Original sins (collects John Constantine, Hellblazer 1-9; Swamp Thing 76-77) -- v. 2. The devil you know (collects Hellblazer 10-13; Hellblazer annual 1; The horrorist 1-2) -- v. 3. The fear machine (collects Hellblazer 12-22) -- v. 4. The family man (collects Hellblazer 23-33; Vertigo secret files: Hellblazer 1) -- v. 5. Dangerous habits / Garth Ennis, Jamie Delano (collects Hellblazer 34-46) -- v. 6. Bloodlines / Garth Ennis, John Smith (collects Hellblazer 47-61) -- v. 7. Tainted love / Garth Ennis (collects Hellblazer 62-71, Vertigo jam 1, and Hellblazer special 1) -- v. 8. Rake at the gates of hell / Garth Ennis (collects Hellblazer 72-83; Heartland 1) -- v. 9. Critical mass / (collects Hellblazer 84-96) -- v. 10. In the line of fire (collects Hellblazer 97-107) -- v. 11. Last man standing (collects Hellblazer 108-120) -- v. 12. How to play with fire (collects Hellblazer 121-133) -- v. 13. Haunted (collects Hellblazer 134-145) -- v. 14. Good intentions (collects Hellblazer 146-161) -- v. 15 Highwater (collects Hellblazer 162-174)

Teen Hyde

January 26, 2017
Baker, Chandler, author.
New York : Feiwel and Friends, 2017.
257 pages ; 22 cm.
In this contemporary twist on Robert Louis Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde, when popular high school cheerleader Cassidy Hyde suffers a series of misfortunes, she takes an experimental drug that makes her feel much better, despite a little memory loss and the fact that boys are once again going missing.

Little heaven : a novel

January 26, 2017
Cutter, Nick, author.
486 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
A trio of mismatched mercenaries is hired by a young woman to evaluate the safety of a boy who may have been taken against his will to a New Mexico backwoods settlement, where the mercenaries encounter paranoia, mistrust, and insanity in the shadow of a monolithic idol.


January 26, 2017
Polen, Teri, author.
186 pages ; 23 cm
"Seventeen-year-old horror fan Cain Shannon thought helping a ghost find her killers would be the supernatural adventure of a lifetime. Now, he just hopes to survive long enough to protect his family and friends from her. A bet between friends goes horribly wrong, resulting in Sarah&#x;s death. When she returns to seek justice against those responsible, Cain agrees to help her. But when he discovers Sarah has been hijacking his body, he realizes she wants retribution instead of justice. Terrified of what could have happened when he wasn&#x;t in control, Cain commands Sarah to leave his house--but exorcising her isn&#x;t that easy. She retaliates against her murderers in bloody, horrific ways, each death making her stronger, then sets her sights on Cain. With the help of friends, Cain fights to save himself and his loved ones and searches for a way to stop Sarah before she kills again."--Page 4 of cover.

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