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August 30, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The Tapper twins run for president

August 29, 2016
Rodkey, Geoff, 1970- author.
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2016.
269 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
A humorous oral history that chronicles twelve-year-old twins Reese and Claudia Tapper's heated competition to become sixth grade class president of their New York City private school, through text messages, photographs, screenshots, and more.

Lion Island : Cuba's warrior of words

August 29, 2016
Engle, Margarita, author.
New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, [2016]
163 pages ; 22 cm
A biographical novel about Antonio Chuffat, a Chinese-African-Cuban messenger boy in 1870s Cuba who became a translator and documented the freedom struggle of indentured Chinese laborers in his country.

The marvelous magic of Miss Mabel

August 29, 2016
Lowe, Natasha, author.
New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, [2016]
278 pages ; 22 cm
Companion book to: The courage of Cat Campbell, and The power of Poppy Pendle.
"A Paula Wiseman Book."
"When young Mabel Ratcliff goes to study magic at Ruthersfield Academy, she discovers not only that being a proper witch is harder than she thought, but also that she is adopted"-- Provided by publisher.

The scourge

August 29, 2016
Nielsen, Jennifer A., author.
New York : Scholastic Press, 2016.
353 pages ; 22 cm
When the lethal plague known as the Scourge returns to Keldan the victims are sent to Attic Island, and Ani Mells of the River People is among them--but Ani does not feel sick, and with the help of her best friend, Weevil, she sets out to uncover the truth of what is happening, and expose the lies the people of Keldan have been told.

The wizard's wand : the ninth adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy

August 29, 2016
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
New York : Scholastic Inc., 2016.
311 pages : color illustrations ; 20 cm
"Original title Nono Viaggio nel Regno della Fantasia."
"Based on an original idea by Elisabetta Dami."
Blossom, Queen of the Fairies, has disappeared, along with three powerful magical objects, the Book of a Thousand Spells, the Crystal Sphere, and the Whispering Wand, and Geronimo Stilton is once again called on to confront an evil wizard, rescue the Queen, recover the objects, and save the entire Kingdom of Fantasy.

Vault of shadows

August 29, 2016
Maberry, Jonathan.
456 pages ; 22 cm
"Milo must choose between risking his life to save both the human and magical universes--or to live and save only his own"--Provided by publisher.


August 29, 2016
Reynolds, Jason, author.
New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2016.
181 pages ; 22 cm.
"A Caitlyn Dlouhy book."
Aspiring to be the fastest sprinter on his elite middle school's track team, gifted runner Ghost finds his goal challenged by a tragic past with a violent father.

Away in a star sled

August 29, 2016
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
111 pages : color illustrations ; 20 cm.
Discovering that the gift-distributing Elfix aliens have disappeared as the Night of Dancing Stars approaches, Geronimo Stiltonix and his spacemice crewmates race to find the missing aliens before the celebration is ruined.

Double trouble

August 29, 2016
Howard, Kate, author.
New York, NY : Scholastic Inc., [2016]
68 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
The Nexo Knights discover that in the latest plot from Jestro and the Book of Monsters, they must defend Knighton from villains that look exactly like them, while everyone else believes that they are the ones who have turned evil.

Yo-kai watch : epic showdowns

August 29, 2016
Rusu, Meredith, author.
47 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm
Over 20 face-offs of Yo-kai are featured.

I survived the eruption of Mount St. Helens, 1980

August 29, 2016
Tarshis, Lauren, author.
94 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
On May 18, 1980, eleven-year-old Jessie Marlowe and her best friends, Eddie and Sam, are in a forest near Mount St. Helens when the months of wondering whether the volcano will erupt are finally answered--all three are badly burned, but it is up to Jessie to protect the boys as best she can and hope that somebody comes to rescue them.

Legend of the Brown Ninja

August 29, 2016
Rusu, Meredith, author.
New York, NY : Scholastic Inc., [2016]
78 pages ; 20 cm.
When one of his publicity stunts to help his friends take advantage of having defeated the Preeminent goes wrong, Dareth, the Brown Ninja, finds himself in trouble and surrounded by angry warriors.

Movie magic

August 29, 2016
Schmidt, Rebecca L., author.
New York, NY : Scholastic, Inc., [2016]
32 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm.
Asked to star in a movie, Lance invites his fellow knights along, but when the cameras start rolling, Lance doesn't want to share the spotlight.

Welcome to Monster High: the junior novel

August 29, 2016
Finn, Perdita, author.
136 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 20 cm
"The origin story"--page[1] of cover.
"Based on the screenplay written by Dana Starfield and Shane Amsterdam."

Starfire starbomb

August 29, 2016
Korté, Steven
New York, NY : Little, Brown and Co., 2016.
134 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
"Based on the episodes Blackfire blow up written by John Loy, Tamaranian vacation written by Amy Wolfram and Knowledge by Michael Jelenic"--T.p.

A long pitch home

August 29, 2016
Lorenzi, Natalie Dias, author.
Watertown, MA : Charlesbridge, [2016]
248 pages ; 24 cm
When Bilal's family suddenly moves to America, his father stays in Pakistan, and Bilal embraces baseball, an unexpected friend, and a new language. But this new way of life does not feel so special without Baba--will he ever get to America to see Bilal pitch a game?

Mister Cleghorn's seal

August 26, 2016
Kerr, Judith, author, illustrator.
93 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
This is the story of what happened to Mr. Cleghorn and Charlie the seal pup in their determination to find a home for Charlie, who was abandoned on a rock in the middle of the sea.

Rupert's parchment : story of Magna Carta

August 26, 2016
Cameron, Eileen, author.
Herndon, VA : Mascot Books, [2015]
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 29 cm
"In the year 1215, Rupert, son of a local parchment maker, has a ringside seat at the sealing of Magna Carta at Runnymede, the English meadow by the River Thames. In this great charter of freedom, King John pledged to honor the rights and liberties of free men in England. Centuries later, Magna Carta influenced the birth of American freedoms. RUPERT'S PARCHMENT, a work of historical fiction, offers children an authentic experience as they live through this exciting time with Rupert and witness and celebrate with him this historic event" -- Provided by publisher.

What Dog knows

August 25, 2016
Heede, Sylvia Vanden, author.
119 pages : color illustrations ; 22 cm.
Original Dutch edition published 2014.
Novel for children.
Mummies and skeletons -- Robots, knights and pirates -- Dinosaurs and dragons -- Rockets and the moon.
When Wolf finds a fact-filled book in the library, he thinks he will at last outsmart his clever friend Dog. The two friends spar as they learn all about mummies and skeletons; robots, knights and pirates; dinosaurs and dragons; rockets and the moon. As always with Wolf and Dog, there is just as much to learn about getting along together, about friends and enemies, food and fleas. Includes factual information.

Mr Gum and the cherry tree

August 25, 2016
Stanton, Andy.
215 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm.
Good evening and welcome to a tale of forests! Of legendary beasts! Of misbehaving children! Of caterpillars called Graham! And of a great big beefer of a cherry tree! But what dark secrets are hidden in that tree, where the leaves grow thick and green? Polly intends to find out, and she intends to find out by finding out. What will she find out?

Mr Gum and the dancing bear

August 25, 2016
Stanton, Andy., author.
226 pages : illustrations, maps ; 19 cm.
Good evening. Do you like bears called Padlock? Course you do. Do you like hot-air balloons? Course you do. Do you like tall sailing ships with mad sea captains, and horrifying old villains and words like 'wab!', 'tungler' and 'kelp'? COURSE you do! Well, guess what, you lucky little nibbleheads? This book's got all of those things - and a lot more besides.

Mr Gum and the goblins

August 25, 2016
Stanton, Andy, author.
190 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm.
Well, that old roo-de-lally Mr Gum and the hideous Billy William the Third are once more mucking things up for everyone. They're a-schemin' and a-hatchin' an' making their bad plans up on Goblin Mountain. And why? Because they're raising up an army of goblins to stink up the town of Lamonic Bibber once and for all! Can the brave travellers (the wise old man Friday O'Leary and the small girl Polly) make it past the Three Impossible Challenges of Goblin Mountain and save the town from a fate worse than something very bad indeed? In an epic tale of courage, valour and plain idiocy only one thing is sure: The truth is a lemon meringue!

Mr Gum and the secret hideout

August 25, 2016
Stanton, Andy., author.
228 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm.
Talking parrots in the rooftops? A giant cactus on the high street? Mosquitos so nasty that even their own friends don't like them? Something's gone terribly wrong in Lamonic Bibber and Mr Gum is nowhere to be found. Yes, folks, Polly and Friday are facing their biggest challenge yet. So strap yourselves in, cry 'HI-HO-WEIRDY!' and get ready for an adventure so crazy your feet will melt with happiness! And I'm not just saying that, I've actually seen it happen.

Mr Gum and the biscuit billionaire

August 25, 2016
Stanton, Andy., author.
168 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm.
Mr Gum is back in this second hilarious book and he's as nasty as ever! In fact, he's absolutely grimsters. But this book's not just about him. Meet a gingerbread man named Alan Taylor who has electric muscles! Plus, all our favourite characters are back: the little girl called Polly, the evil butcher called Billy William The Third, and the very wise man, Friday O'Leary. And, who could forget loveable Jake the dog, or the angry fairy who lives in Mr Gum's bathtub and whacks him on the head with a frying-pan?

Secrets of the circus

August 25, 2016
Klise, Kate, author.
108 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
"The animals of Sir Sidney's Circus enter a contest at the Iowa State Fair in hopes of winning a $5,000 prize that could save Farmer Farley's farm and his prize pig, Pablo"-- Provided by publisher.

What's for dinner, Mr Gum?

August 25, 2016
Stanton, Andy, author.
London : Jelly Pie, Egmont, 2007.
233 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm
Mr. Gum's unquenchable hunger for rancid kebabs threatens to tear the town apart and Polly and her friends must try to prevent it.

Hidden in the haunted school

August 24, 2016
Warner, Gertrude Chandler, 1890-1979.
Chicago, Illinois : Albert Whitman & Company, 2016.
110 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
"The old abandoned school in Silver City is being fixed up as an art center and the Boxcar Children volunteer to help clean up the place. But the other volunteers are scared by the spooky goings-on in the school--doors lock by themselves, and chalkboard messages appear out of nowhere! Will the Aldens find out the secret of the haunted school?"-- Provided by publisher.

Framed! : A T.O.A.S.T. mystery

August 23, 2016
Ponti, James, author.
New York : Aladdin, 2016.
292 pages ; 22 cm
A T.O.A.S.T.* mystery. --Cover
In Washington, D.C., twelve-year-old Florian Bates, a consulting detective for the FBI, and his best friend Margaret help thwart the biggest art heist in United States history.

Talking leaves

August 23, 2016
Bruchac, Joseph, 1942- author.
New York, NY : Dial Books for Young Readers, [2016]
235 pages ; 22 cm
"The story of Sequoyah and the creation of the Cherokee syllabary, as told by his thirteen year old son"-- Provided by publisher.

Humphrey's mixed-up magic trick

August 23, 2016
Birney, Betty G., author.
New York, NY : G.P. Putnam's Sons, [2016]
90 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
"The students of Room 26 are doing reports about the jobs they want to have when they grow up--and Humphrey the classroom pet hamster helps aspiring magician Miranda show the class about her own dream job"--Provided by publisher.

A surprise visitor

August 23, 2016
Green, Poppy, author.
New York : Little Simon, 2016.
117 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
"Sophie Mouse gets a surprise visitor when a little bird lands in her yard and hurts his wing"-- Provided by publisher.

The Left-Handed Fate

August 23, 2016
Milford, Kate, author.
New York : Henry Holt and Company, 2016.
372 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"A quest story to find the three pieces of a magical engine which can either win the War of 1812 ... or stop it altogether"--Provided by publisher.

Maxi's secrets : (or what you can learn from a dog)

August 23, 2016
Plourde, Lynn, author.
New York, NY : Nancy Paulsen Books, [2016]
262 pages ; 22 cm
"Fifth-grader Timminy, who's small for his age and new in town, isn't eager to start middle school--but he gets a great consolation prize in Maxi, a big, deaf, lovable dog"-- Provided by publisher.

Not as we know it

August 23, 2016
Avery, Tom (Children's story writer)
159 pages ; 22 cm
"Originally published in paperback in different form by Andersen Press Limited, London, in 2015"--Copyright page.
Can a mysterious sea creature save eleven-year-old Jamie's very sick twin brother?

The rat prince

August 23, 2016
Hodder, Bridget, author.
New York : Margaret Ferguson Books/Farrar Straus Giroux, 2016.
260 pages ; 22 cm
A new take on the Cinderella story, told from her point of view as well as that of a royal rat turned coachman.

Starlight Glimmer and the secret suite

August 23, 2016
Berrow, G. M, author.
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2016.
117 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
Includes activities.
While staying in the Castle of Friendship with Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer finds a secret room that distorts time all over Equestria.

Zeus's eagle

August 23, 2016
Coats, Lucy, author.
New York : Grosset & Dunlap, 2016.
135 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
"Demon's life on Mount Olympus has never been busier. Thanks to the awful heroes down on Earth, Demon has even more injured beasts to care for. And worse still, the goddess Psyche wants Demon to "borrow" Zeus's prized eagle for an urgent mission. But is her task worth the risk of offending the king of the gods?"

The secret sea

August 23, 2016
Lyga, Barry, author.
New York : Feiwel & Friends, 2016.
436 pages ; 22 cm
"Three friends find themselves plunged into a world of quantum physics, a rare disease that only affects identical twins, and a mysterious fact about a real-life global catastrophe"-- Provided by publisher.

Ashlyn's unsurprise party

August 23, 2016
Tripp, Valerie, 1951- author.
© 2016
85 pages : color illustrations ; 20 cm.
"Ashlyn is throwing a party! She wants to keep everything top secret so that she can surprise her friends. Then she learns that her friends have allergies and other needs. At first, Ashlyn is disappointed about letting her friends in on her secret plans--but it turns out that Ashlyn is in for the biggest surprise of all!"--Back cover.

The muddily-puddily show

August 23, 2016
Tripp, Valerie, 1951- author.
95 pages : color illustrations ; 20 cm.
"The WellieWishers are putting on a show, and Emerson is in charge. The girls love her songs and silly skits, but not all of Emerson's creative ideas are working. Ashlyn can't see out of her pumpkin costume, Willa has a touch of stage fright, and Kendall is struggling with the special effects. When the girls try to tell her their problems, Emerson doesn't listen. Will the show go on?"--Back cover.

The riddle of the robin

August 23, 2016
Tripp, Valerie, 1951- author.
93 pages : color illustrations ; 20 cm
"A robin has moved into the garden, thrilling the WellieWishers with its pretty songs. When the girls bring it presents, they learn what robins like to eat. (Hint: It's sort of like spaghetti!) Then one day, the robin disappears. The girls go on a hunt to find it--and get a major surprise! Can animal-lover Willa figure out what's up with her new feathered friend?"-- Back cover.

CJ's treasure chase

August 22, 2016
Brody, Jessica, author.
Los Angeles : Disney Press, 2016.
184 pages ; 20 cm.
At head of title: Descendants.
CJ, the daughter of Captain James Hook, sneaks out of Auradon Prep with her best friend to search for treasure.

The wrong side of magic

August 22, 2016
Rallison, Janette, 1966- author.
New York : Feiwel & Friends, 2016.
326 pages : map ; 22 cm
"Eighth-grader Hudson stopped believing in magic long ago. Until the day he is whisked away to the magical land of Logos--a land ruled by words, thoughts, and memories. Upon arrival, Hudson is quickly saddled with a troll curse, and only his friend Charlotte can help rid him of the curse. But she has an agenda of her own--find and rescue the missing Princess of Logos"--Provided by publisher.

Armstrong : the adventurous journey of a mouse to the moon

August 22, 2016
Kuhlmann, Torben, 1982- author, illustrations.
1 volume (unpaged) : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 29 cm
A long time ago a mouse learned to fly... and crossed the Atlantic. But what happened next? Torben Kuhlmann's book transports readers to the moon and beyond! On the heels of Lindbergh: The Tale of a Flying Mouse comes Armstrong: A Mouse on the Moon--where dreams are determined only by the size of your imagination and the biggest innovators are the smallest of all. The book ends with a brief non-fiction history of human space travel--from Galileo's observations concerning the nature of the universe to man's first steps on the moon.

Snowboard struggle

August 18, 2016
Maddox, Jake, author.
North Mankato, Minnesota : Capestone Press, [2017]
89 pages ; 19 cm.
Thirteen-year-old Alex Landry is determined to recruit the new boy at Wisconsin's Kingsford Middle School, Miles Vaughn, to the snowboard team, because his skill is awesome, but Miles is taking care of his younger siblings while his mother works two jobs, and finding the time to attend practice is difficult--so Alex sets out to show him being a part of a team means you always have someone to share the load.

Knights of the Borrowed Dark

August 17, 2016
Rudden, Dave, author.
New York : Random House, 2016.
377 pages ; 22 cm
A young orphan learns that monsters can grow out of the shadows in our world, and there is an ancient order of knights who keep them at bay.

Diary of an 8-bit warrior. From seeds to swords : an unofficial Minecraft adventure

August 17, 2016
Cube Kid (Author of fan fiction)
Kansas City, Miss. : Andrews McMeel Publishing, [2016]
187 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
Originally published in: Diary of a wimpy villager (also known as: Wimpy villager), books 5-8.
"Pet slimes. A potion brew-off. A creepy forest that no one will explain. What's a twelve-year-old warrior-in-training to do? As former villager Runt and his friends continue their battle preparation, they face their biggest challenges yet--and it's not just those zombies decked out in body armor (which is really weird, by the way). Runt's got a brand new nemesis who will stop at nothing to claim the top spot in the warrior competition at school. And, to make matters worse, there's a strange girl following him around wherever he goes. But old enemies will become new allies as the town rallies to save the school from a series of mysterious mob attacks. Can Runt and his friends take down the biggest, baddest boss mob yet? The adventures continue in this second installment of the unofficial Minecraft diary series by Cube Kid."--Provided by publisher.

Inspector Flytrap

August 16, 2016
Angleberger, Tom, author.
98 pages : color illustrations ; 20 cm
Inspector Flytrap in the DaVinci cold -- Inspector Flytrap in the big deal mystery of the stinky cookies -- Inspector Flytrap has lunch -- Inspector Flytrap in the big deal mystery of the missing rose.
Hoping to become the greatest detective that ever grew, Inspector Flytrap, a Venus Flytrap, and his assistant, Nina the Goat, investigate "big deal" mysteries at an art museum, a cookie shop, and a garden.


August 16, 2016
Almhjell, Tone, author.
New York : Dial Books for Young Readers, [2016]
355 pages : maps, score ; 22 cm
"When strange things start happening in the woods around Niklas's home, he and his lynx sidekick travel to another realm to save their world"--Provided by publisher.

Back in the saddle

August 16, 2016
Hapka, Cathy, author.
New York : Aladdin, 2016.
183 pages ; 22 cm.
When Haley falls off Wings during an event and loses to her rival Riley, she vows to practice continually to make sure it does not happen again.

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