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December 3, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Amelia Sparklepaw's party problem

December 2, 2016
Meadows, Daisy, author.
167 pages : illustrations, map ; 20 cm.
"More magic fun than ever"--Cover.
Snapdragon surprise -- Cat-napped! -- Greedy gobbler.
"Best friends Jess and Lily visit friendship forest, where animals can talk and magic exits!"--Back cover.

Belladonna and the Nightmare Academy

December 2, 2016
Gosselin, Jake, author.
Kansas City, Missouri : Andrews McMeel Publishing, a division of Andrews McMeel Universal, [2016]
90 pages : color illustrations ; 21 cm.
Belladonna must scare away ghosts haunting a little girl's dreams, while things get complicated at Fright School when Vex, the school bully, gets involved.

Rosetta's magical reading journey.

December 2, 2016
Driscoll, Laura.
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2016.
152 pages ; 20 cm
"Includes 2 fairystastic stories!"--cover.
Rosetta's dress mess / written by Laura Driscoll -- Rosetta's daring day / written by Lisa Papademetriou.
Two fairytastic stories in one book! Rosetta loves pretty dresses! In Rosetta's Dress Mess, Rosetta gets conked on the head and loses her talent for dress designing. Is her fairy flair lost forever? And then in Rosetta's Daring Day , Rosetta has to survive a day filled with all the things her fairy friend Fawn loves most...frogs, mud, and worms! What's a fancy fairy like Rosetta to do? Come along on this reading adventure with Rosetta!

The white widow's revenge

December 2, 2016
Grey, Jacob, author.
New York, NY : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, 2016.
260 pages ; 22 cm.
The thrilling conclusion to Ferals, a fantasy trilogy that's part Batman, part The Graveyard Book, and all high-stakes adventure. Caw has defeated the dreaded Spinning Man and vanquished the Mother of Flies. But a new feral has appeared--one who intends to uphold the Spinning Man's dark legacy. Known as the White Widow, this spider feral is determined to destroy Caw and bring Blackstone back into an era of crime and fear. Now everyone Caw holds dear is in danger. And this time Caw may not be able to protect them.

The kinfolk

December 2, 2016
Morgan, Genevieve, author.
297 pages : map ; 24 cm
"Chase, Evelyn, and Knox must gather together disparate forces to save not just Ayda, but their own world. The three young people have returned through the fog to fulfill their promise to the Keepers on the island of Ayda, whose four realms are in turmoil. But in Exor, Dankar's evil forces continue to grow as he corrupts and coerces all in his domain, with the final intent of gaining total control of Ayda so he may take his battle to the world beyond the fog the world of Chase, Evelyn, and Knox. The stones of power that fuel the other three realms and their people weaken as Dankar harnesses more energy. Chase, Evelyn, and Knox each one struggling in a different realm are on a desperate quest to learn more about their own powers and halt what seems to be the inevitable destruction of Ayda."--Goodreads.

The fire, the revelation & the fall

December 2, 2016
Cote, Jenny L., 1964-
Chattanooga, Tennessee : Living Ink Books, 2015.
xxvi, 575 pages : illustration ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 565-567) and index.
"The events of Acts leading to Revelations come to life as the Order of the Seven animal team surrounds the early believers who are spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth--against impossible odds."--Page [4] cover.

The bad kid

December 2, 2016
Lariviere, Sarah, author.
New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, [2016]
298 pages ; 22 cm
In the Brooklyn neighborhood of Sunset Park, eleven-year-old Claudeline Feng LeBernardin hopes to take over the "family business" previously run by her mobster grandfather, but first she must try to uncover a local scam artist and salvage her friendship with her best friend and partner in crime, Fingerless Brett.

Gabi and the great big bakeover

December 2, 2016
Dower, Laura, author.
North Mankato, Minnesota : Stone Arch Books, a Capstone imprint, [2017]
147 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
Gabriela Rivera is a sixth-grader with a serious peanut allergy, lots of artistic talent, one friend at her school, and a total lack of self-confidence--but when she meets Daisy, the owner and baker at Daisy's Desserts, who makes allergy free treats, she finally starts to gain some confidence in her own considerable abilities.

The home-alone kitten

December 2, 2016
Nolan, Tina, author.
111 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
First published in Great Britain in 2006.
"In a perfect world, there would be no need for Animal Magic. But Ella and Caleb Harrison, who live at the animal rescue center with their parents, know that life isn't perfect. Every day there's a new arrival in need of their help! When soccer star Jake Adams cancels his appearance at Animal Magic's anniversary celebration, Ella is determined to find out why. But when she and Caleb arrive at Jake's house, all they find is his adopted kitten, Charlie, meowing on the doorstep." --Page 4 of cover.

Maggie's magic chocolate moon

December 2, 2016
Dower, Laura, author.
North Mankato, Minnesota : Stone Arch Books, a Capstone imprint, [2017]
151 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
Includes Maggie's chocolate moon recipe inside.
Twelve-year-old Maggie and her younger sister, Grace, have been living with their grandmother since their parents died in a car crash, and Maggie has been taking out her anger on Grace and acting out in their new school--but when Daisy of Daisy's Desserts starts teaching her to bake, she starts to rediscover her better nature.

Atticus Claw goes ashore

December 1, 2016
Gray, Jennifer (Children's story writer), author.
241 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
"Atticus Grammaticus Cattypuss Claw, the world's greatest cat burglar detective is back! Inspector Cheddar has been cursed by pirates. There's only one thing that can save him: the legendary pirate treasure known as the Casket of Desires. Atticus and his friends set sail to find it. But the journey is fraught with danger. Atticus must learn to be a first-class ship's cat if they want to stay afloat!"

Bound for danger

December 1, 2016
Dixon, Franklin W., author.
New York : Aladdin, 2016.
138 pages ; 22 cm.
When new team members are being kidnapped and threatened, Frank and Joe join the basketball team at the request of their principal to uncover the culprits.

Knock knock on wood

December 1, 2016
Colleen, Marcie, author.
New York : Imprint, 2016.
137 pages : color illustrations ; 20 cm.
Sequel to: Gnawing around
"The Grumpy Woods residents find Wallace Woodpecker's pecking preposterously loud, but the bears think Wallace is beating a nice rhythm--it is great for early-morning dancercise"-- Provided by publisher.

Magical mission

December 1, 2016
Stilton, Geronimo, author.
105 pages : color illustrations ; 20 cm
Translation of: Appuntamento ... col mistero!
Geronimo travels to London on a secret mission to investigate rumors that someone is trying to steal the crown jewels, but before he can solve the mystery, he must help Trap perform a trick in a magic show.

Moana : the junior novelization

December 1, 2016
Francis, Suzanne, author.
New York : Random House, [2016] ©2016
144 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 20 cm
Moana sets sail in search of a fabled island, where she teams up with her hero, the legendary demigod Maui, to traverse the open sea.

Mr. Nick is a lunatic!

December 1, 2016
Gutman, Dan, author.
105 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
When the teachers of Ella Mentry School go on strike, A. J. and the gang meet a new principal who does not believe in rules and says that the students do not have to learn anything if they do not want to.

Two tales, one dog

December 1, 2016
Krulik, Nancy E., author.
173 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
One bite of his bone lands Sparky in Tanzania, where he meets a pack of African wild dogs. But when a pack member runs away, it's up to Sparky to lead the search party through the Serengeti. But when Sparky is ready to return home, his bone sends him to India instead! There he finds a new friend and a magic lamp&#x;but can they help him find his way home?

Trouble on the orphan train

December 1, 2016
Hering, Marianne, author.
139 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
"Focus on the Family."
"Adventures in Odyssey."
While searching for Eugene, who is missing somewhere in time, time-traveling cousins Patrick and Beth arrive on an orphan train heading west in 1874 and befriend an orphan falsely accused of being part of a train robbery.

Vote for cupcakes!

December 1, 2016
Berk, Sheryl, author.
Naperville, Illinois : Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, [2016]
103 pages ; 19 cm
Delaney's best friends in Peace, Love, and Cupcakes support her bid to run for class president, but when Delaney's demands start infringing on PLC's ability to get out their orders on time, things start to get out of hand.

Willow the Duckling

December 1, 2016
Clarke, Jane, 1954- author.
New York : Scholastic Inc., 2016.
83 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
"We'll be there in a whisker! All the little animals of Thistletown are putting on a show. Dr. KittyCat is on hand to make sure everyone stays safe. When Willow the duckling feels sick just before she's supposed to go on stage, she's worried she'll miss her big moment. Dr. KittyCat must get quacking and figure out what's wrong!"-- Provided by publisher

The traitor of Belltroll

December 1, 2016
Cummings, Lindsay, author.
368 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
Albert and his teammates must find a way to correct an imbalance that threatens to destroy both the underground and the entire United States above while avoiding a traitor's attempt to gain Albert's Master Tile.

A witch's kitchen

December 1, 2016
Sanchez, Dianna, author.
245 pages ; 22 cm
"Millie's a witch's, so why can't she do magic? Despite her mother's best efforts to teach her, every spell Millie tries goes horribly wrong, but she's a fabulous cook. When Millie conjures chocolate sauce instead of a transformation potion, her mother gives up and sends her to the Enchanted Forest School, where she's bullied by goblins, snubbed by an elf, and has her hat stolen. Even as Millie's magical talent begins to develop, turning her house ghost into a frog and accidentally charming her entire class, Millie starts to wonder: what if she's not a witch at all?"--Publisher

Battle with the wither

November 30, 2016
Davidson, Danica, author.
98 pages ; 21 cm.
"An unoffcial Minecrafter's adventure"--Cover.
"Herobrine may have been defeated, but the battle's not over!"--Page [4] of cover.

Bitterly and the giant problem

November 30, 2016
Gosselin, Jake, author.
88 pages : color illustrations ; 21 cm.
"First published in 2014, copyright ©2014 by Robert Simon; Yay! Design, LLC; and L & G Creative Resources, Inc., dba SuperTime Entertainment"--Colophon.
"As young "Frights", they will learn how to chase away the fears of little human girls by entering their dreams and teaching them how to overcome their nightmares. But Bitterly, the most promising "Fright", must face the school bully and some nightmares of her own. Creators Laura and Jake Gosselin offer an empowering book series for girls and young readers that presents the challenges of childhood through the thrilling and magical world of The Pinkaboos"

The bling queen

November 30, 2016
Gutknecht, Allison, author.
New York : Aladdin, 2016.
193 pages ; 22 cm
When Tess sets up her own business as the accessorizing stylist of her middle school, her valuable locket goes missing during one of her consultations, and every one of her clients is a suspect.

The butterfly rebellion

November 30, 2016
Patton, Jack, author.
New York, NY : Scholastic Inc., [2016]
116 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
When gliding lizards threaten to overrun Bug Island, Max must persuade a butterfly soldier to join their fight.


November 30, 2016
Miles, Ellen, author.
84 pages ; 21 cm.
"When Charles goes to his father's softball game, the last thing he expects to find is a puppy to foster. But when he meets Champ, a German shepherd with a big heart, Charles knows that he has to take care of the dog. Can he help find this talented pup a forever home?"--Back cover.

The ghost of grey fox inn

November 30, 2016
Keene, Carolyn, author.
New York : Aladdin Books, 2016.
168 pages ; 20 cm.
"Nancy and her friends find themselves at a haunted inn with a mystery to solve in this thirteenth book of the Nancy Drew Diaries, a fresh approach to the classic mystery series. When Nancy and Bess accompany George to a cousin's wedding in historic Charleston, South Carolina, they end up staying at an old inn near the family's home with the rest of the guests. But when they begin hearing strange noises and witnessing unexplained phenomena at night--they soon discover that it's one of Charleston's most haunted hotels! When the wedding rings disappear during one of these spooky evenings, Nancy knows she's got to get to the bottom of this ghostly mystery...before there isn't a happily ever after" -- Provided by publisher.

Gnawing around

November 30, 2016
Colleen, Marcie, author.
New York : Imprint, 2016.
137 pages : color illustrations ; 20 cm
"When a few beavers come to town, the Grumpy Woods are even more grumpy than usual. These beavers are chewing down the trees and drying up their river water with a dam. Everyone gets even angrier when the Super Happy Party Bears throw a dance party to celebrate the new dam, but when they dance that dam right down the river, everyone admits the bears aren't so bad after all"-- Provided by publisher.

The peppermint princess

November 30, 2016
Perelman, Helen, author.
New York : Aladdin 2016.
164 pages : illustrations, map ; 20 cm.
Dash the Mint Fairy uncovers information about her past and family, learning that she might actually be a princess.

The wonderful adventures of Nils

November 30, 2016
LagerloÌ⁸f, Selma, 1858-1940, author.
Lake Forest, CA : Words & Pictures, 2016.
58 pages : color illustrations, map ; 25 cm
"Contains 6 beautiful paper-cut pages"--Cover.
Selfish and lazy, fourteen-year-old Nils learns kindness and wisdom after he is bewitched into an elf-sized boy and carried off by a barnyard goose to join the migration of wild geese across Sweden to Lapland.

Max Helsing and the beast of Bone Creek

November 29, 2016
Jobling, Curtis, author.
282, 11 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
Includes an excerpt from Max Helsing and the thirteenth curse.
"Max is hoping for some down time at a wilderness activity camp away from his monster-hunting day job. But it's not long before his idyllic getaway goes topsy-turvy and Max has to turn his sights towards the mythical Beast of Bone Creek: Sasquatch"-- Provided by publisher.

The dragon's gate

November 28, 2016
Wolverton, Barry, author.
323 pages : maps ; 22 cm.
"A magical white jade stone and a map inscribed in bone that may be the key to an even greater mystery--this is the treasure Bren and Mouse have found buried on the Vanishing Island. Mouse is determined to follow the map to a place called the Dragon's Gate, convinced it will explain who she really is and the powers she possesses. Bren has had enough adventure for one lifetime and would like nothing more than to return to his father in Map. But nothing goes according to plan when the survivors of the Albatross are rescued by Lady Jean Barrett, a charismatic archaeologist with a sense of destiny. Barrett is on a quest for the Eight Immortals, ancient artifacts she believes are buried in the tomb of China's first emperor--the location of which has been hidden for nearly two thousand years. The only way for Bren, Mouse, and Barrett to all get what they want is to work together on a dangerous journey into the heart of China, a kingdom long closed to outsiders, where the greatest secrets about Mouse and Bren are waiting to be unveiled" -- Dust jacket flap.

Hawkwing's journey

November 28, 2016
Hunter, Erin, author.
New York, NY : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2016]
425, [8], 18 pages : illustrations, maps ; 22 cm.
"Exclusive manga adventure inside"--Cover.
Sent on a journey that could change the fate of all of the warrior clans, Hawkpaw is given the warrior name of Hawkwing. As deputy of SkyClan, he must find the kin of Firestar, the cat who once brought their clan back from obscurity.

The friendship experiment

November 28, 2016
Teagan, Erin, author.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, [2016]
244 pages ; 22 cm
"When scientist-in-the-making Madeline Little starts sixth grade, she soon learns that middle school is nothing like a perfect lab experiment--and that she now has to find the cure for her newly messed-up life"-- Provided by publisher.

Nothing but trouble

November 28, 2016
Davies, Jacqueline, 1962- author.
314 pages ; 23 cm
Odawahaka has always been too small for Maggie's big scientific ideas. Between her stuck-in-a-rut mom, her grumpy grandpop, and the lifetime supply of sludgy soda in the fridge, it's hard for Maggie to imagine a change. But when Lena moves in with her creative spirit and outrageous perspective, middle school takes off with a bang. Someone starts pulling the kind of pranks that send their rule-loving new principal into an uproar -- complete with purple puffs of smoke, parachuting mice, and a scavenger hunt that leads to secret passageways. Suddenly the same-old football games, election for class president, and embarrassing stories feel almost exciting. And for the first time in her life, Maggie begins to wonder if there might be more to Odawahaka than she ever saw coming!

Out of tune

November 28, 2016
Nall, Gail, author.
New York : Aladdin, 2016.
327 pages ; 22 cm
When twelve-year-old Maya's parents sell their house and move the family into an RV to travel the country, her only goal is to return home to audition for the singing competition show that is sure to propel her to country music stardom.


November 23, 2016
Campbell, Isaiah, author.
New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, [2016]
391 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"A New York City girl moves with her family to a Texas POW camp her father runs during WWII, when, during a magic show she performs, Nazi prisoners escape; she's the only one who can find and recapture them"-- Provided by publisher.

Legendtopia : the battle for Urth

November 23, 2016
Bacon, Lee, author.
New York : Delacorte Press, [2016]
279 pages : map ; 22 cm
A sixth-grade girl and a prince from an enchanted kingdom join forces to battle an evil sorceress who brings dark magic to suburbia.

The magician's key

November 23, 2016
Cody, Matthew, author.
318 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Max, nearly thirteen, is determined to find her way back to Summer Isle to reunite with her brother and the children of Hamelin.

The selkie song

November 23, 2016
Varian, H. K., author.
New York : Simon Spotlight, 2016.
167 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
Fiona embarks on a journey to find her mother and unlock her selkie magic.


November 23, 2016
Angus, Sam, author.
231 pages ; 22 cm
"Originally published in the UK in 2014 by Macmillan Children's Books, a division of Macmillan Publishers Limited."
"It's 1915 and British troops are about to sail to Gallipoli. Billy is the youngest soldier in his platoon and is teased for not being old enough to drink or shave. The truth is, at fifteen he's not old enough to be a soldier, either, and he's terrified of the war he's about to fight. Then he meets Captain, a refugee boy, and his donkey, Hey-ho. Together they teach Billy what it means to be brave, loyal, and fearless, and above all what it means to be a friend"--Provided by publisher.

Atlantis lost

November 22, 2016
Barron, T. A., author.
New York, NY : Philomel Books, [2016]
206 pages ; 24 cm.
Sequel to: Atlantis in peril.
"With his friends beside him, Promi battles Narkazan in the Spirit Realm, to ensure that the Starstone remains safe from Narkazan's mortal followers"-- Provided by publisher.

The Princess in Black takes a vacation

November 22, 2016
Hale, Shannon, author.
87 pages : color illustrations ; 22 cm.
A sleepy Princess in Black takes a much-needed vacation and rides her bicycle to the seaside, where she plans to nap in a hammock, but her peace is disrupted by a roaring sea monster.

The Seelie king's war

November 22, 2016
Yolen, Jane, author.
New York, New York : Viking, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, 2016.
314 pages : map ; 22 cm.
"Aspen (the hostage prince) and Snail (the midwife's apprentice) must gather an army to face the Unseelie forces that want to destroy Aspen's home country"-- Provided by publisher.

I am not a number

November 22, 2016
Dupuis, Jenny Kay, author.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 29 cm
"A picture book based on a true story about a young First Nations girl who was sent to a residential school. When eight-year-old Irene is removed from her First Nations family to live in a residential school she is confused, frightened, and terribly homesick. She tries to remember who she is and where she came from despite the efforts of the nuns to force her to do otherwise. Based on the life of Jenny Kay Dupuis' own grandmother, I Am Not a Number brings a terrible part of Canada's history to light in a way that children can learn from and relate to"-- Provide by publisher.

The Lost Property Office

November 22, 2016
Hannibal, James R., author.
390 pages : map ; 19 cm
"An American boy travels with his family to London for his mother to find his father, but it turns out his father was involved with something nefarious ... and now so is he"-- Provided by publisher.

Race the night

November 22, 2016
Hubbard, Kirsten, author.
275 pages ; 22 cm
"Eider might be living at the end of the world, but that won't stop her from searching for the things that could make it all begin again--especially after Teacher announces a mysterious new type of lessons that turn her life upside down"-- Provided by publisher.

Bramble and Maggie : snow day

November 22, 2016
Haas, Jessie, author.
Somerville, Massachusetts : Candlewick Press, 2016.
51 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Storm coming -- Open door -- Marshmallows.
Preparing for a major winter storm, Bramble and Maggie anticipate playing in the deep snow and wind up helping trapped neighbors before sharing an impromptu block party of marshmallows and cocoa.

Train wreck, Kansas, 1892

November 22, 2016
Duey, Kathleen.
153 pages ; 22 cm.
In 1892 Max and Jodi, young employees of a traveling circus, find their lives endangered when their train wrecks in a storm.

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