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May 26, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Wait for dark

May 25, 2017
Hooper, Kay, author.
Thorndike, Maine : Center Point Large Print, 2017.
368 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"In Clarity, North Carolina, the residents have fallen victim to an unfortunate series of events. Seemingly random accidents have taken the lives of several citizens in the small mountain town. But these deadly coincidences are anything but. Something is on the hunt in Clarity, and the only clue as to what is a cryptic note given to the victims 24 hours before they meet their ends: "Wait for dark."--Provided by publisher.

An extraordinary union

May 25, 2017
Cole, Alyssa, author.
451 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
As the Civil War rages, a courageous pair of spies plunge fearlessly into a maelstrom of ignorance, deceit, and danger, combining their unique skills to alter the course of history and break the chains of the past . . .

Insert groom here

May 25, 2017
Jackson, K. M., author.
415 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
Eva Ward won a lavish wedding on the nation's hottest morning show and can't wait to kick off her happily-ever-after in style. Too bad her fiancé backs out on-air -- and cameraman Aidan Walker makes sure her private meltdown goes viral. The only way Eva can save face is to star in a new "find-a-groom" reality segment.

To the farthest shores

May 25, 2017
Camden, Elizabeth, 1948- author.
483 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
It has been six years since army nurse Jenny Bennett's heart was broken by a dashing naval officer who has abruptly reappeared in her life at the Presidio army base. Ryan is in an impossible situation. Honor bound never to reveal where he had been during those six years, he can't tell Jenny the truth or it will endanger an ongoing mission.

When tides turn

May 25, 2017
Sundin, Sarah, author.
545 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
Tired of being thought of as just a pretty face and eager to do her part for the war effort, Tess Beaumont joins the Navy's newly established WAVES. No-nonsense and hoping to make admiral, Lt. Dan Avery has been using his skills to fight German U-boats. The last thing he wants to see on his radar is a girl like Tess. But love, like war, is unpredictable.

Sunset in Old Savannah

May 25, 2017
Ellis, Mary, 1951- author.
519 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
When socialite Evelyn Doyle hires investigative partners and best friends Michael Preston and Elizabeth Kirby to do some routine surveillance on her wayward husband, the detective duo find themselves embroiled in a mystery that leaves them in this beautiful, historic city longer than they had expected.

The white feather murders

May 25, 2017
McMillan, Rachel, 1981- author.
365 pages (large print) 23 cm.
Toronto, 1914. Merinda Herringford and Jem Watts never could have imagined their crime-solving skills would set them up as emblems of female empowerment in a city preparing to enter World War I. Yet a war measure adopted by the mayor puts a target on Jem and her Italian husband, Ray DeLuca. In spite of these distractions, they join with other honorable and courageous cit leaders in the Cartier Club, which exists to aid newly arrived residents of Toronto. Then a club member turns up dead, bearing a slanderous white feather...

Ava's place

May 25, 2017
Cogburn, Emily Beck, author.
401 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
Sometimes starting over is the best way home Most days, divorced mom Ava Olson is just trying to keep it all together. With three school-age children and only a part-time job at a local newspaper, she barely has time to juggle the small stuff, much less stand back and consider the big picture. Besides, dreaming about what-ifs is a dangerous habit, especially when her real concern should be the competition from a much younger new editor .That is, until she meets Ford, a cafe owner who wins her over with his warm smile and delicious po boy sandwiches and makes her wonder if there could still be more to life than work and kids. Then a new opportunity opens up, and suddenly Ava is making big changes. Like moving eighty miles away to New Orleans, working full-time and discovering just how sweet a future in the sultry Louisiana city might be even if she has to explore it on her own. When Ava begins investigating a story that promises huge headlines, she s ready for the front page. But can she rewrite the story of her own life, complete with a love interest and a very happy ending?

Custom baked murder

May 25, 2017
Mugavero, Liz, author.
485 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
Includes gourmet pet food recipes.
"Summer is winding down in Frog Ledge, Connecticut, but Stan's love life and career are both heating up nicely. In between planning her new pet patisserie and café, Stan is settling into living-in-bliss with sexy pub owner Jake McGee. Love's on the menu for Stan's mom, Patricia, too, who's engaged to Frog Ledge's mayor, Tony Falco. Mayor Falco's dogged ambition isn't popular among locals, but it's his executive coach, Eleanor Chang, who's inspired a dangerous grudge. When Eleanor is found dead, there's a whole pack of suspects to choose from. Stan has first-hand experience of Eleanor's unsavory business tactics. But finding out who forced her to take a fatal plunge off the corporate ladder means unearthing some shady secrets ... and a killer who's too close for comfort"--Provided by publisher.

Marrying Jonah

May 25, 2017
Lillard, Amy, author.
463 pages (large print) ; 23 cm
Everyone in town knows that Sarah Yoder is enamored with Jonah Miller, even though he's been with his girlfriend, Lorie, for years. But all that changes when Lorie runs off with another man. Inconsolable, his faith in love shattered, Jonah resists everyone's attempts to ease his pain until the unexpected happens. Sarah is not the woman he years for, yet he asks for her hand in marriage, if only out of honor. Jonah tries to look toward to future - and finally begins to see Sarah for who she really is.

Left at the altar

May 25, 2017
Brownley, Margaret, author.
445 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
In the wild and untamed West, time is set by the local jeweler...but Two-Time Texas has two: two feuding jewelers and two wildly conflicting time zones. Meg Lockwood's marriage was supposed to unite the families and finally bring peace. But when she's left at the altar by her no-good fiance, Meg's dreams of dragging her quarrelsome neighbors into a ceasefire are dashed. Hired to defend the groom against a breach of promise lawsuit, Grant Garrison quickly realizes that the only thing worse than small-town trouble is falling for the jilted bride. But there's something about Meg's sweet smile and determined grit that draws him in...even as the whole crazy town seems set on keeping them apart.

Pony express courtship

May 25, 2017
Gibson, Rhonda, author.
373 pages (large print) : 23 cm.
Turning her farm into a Pony Express station is a way for recently widowed Rebecca Young to provide for her seven adopted sons and daughter. New station manager Seth Armstrong planned on training the boys as riders, then moving on to find his lost mail-order bride. But after working with Rebecca and her children, he's seeing the possibility of a different future.

Rebecca's bouquet

May 25, 2017
Baker, Lisa Jones, author.
361 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"Three young Amish women, gifted with hand-carved hope chests to hold their treasures and their dreams for the future, find the inspiration they need to help them reconcile love and faith in the most unexpected ways ... The last thing Rebecca Sommer dreamed her plan to wed would bring is a heart-wrenching choice. She thought she and her betrothed, William, would spend the rest of their lives in Illinois' heartland, raising a family in their close-knit Amish hometown. But when he must travel far out of state to save his ailing father's business, Rebecca braves her relatives' disapproval--and her own fears--to go work by his side. And though she finds herself ever more in love with the dedicated, resourceful man he proves to be, William's growing interest in English ways may be the one challenge even her steadfast faith can't meet ... William knows he couldn't ask for a more loyal wife-to-be. And the bravery that helps Rebecca tackle every obstacle makes her even more admirable. He simply won't ask her to sacrifice her deepest beliefs, no matter how right they are for each other. But the patience and care that crafted Rebecca's hope chest is somehow showing them there's more than one way prayers can be answered--and hearts brought together forever ..."--Back cover.

The rightful heir

May 25, 2017
Moore, Angel, author.
357 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
Arriving in Texas, Jared Ivy discovers his grandfather has passed away and a woman has claimed ownership of his family's newspaper. Jared has the will, but the sheriff says he must work with Mary Lou Ellison until a judge determines the rightful heir. After they stop sparring long enough to cover a story, Mary Lou and Jared become a force to be reckoned with.

The evening road

May 25, 2017
Hunt, Laird, author.
347 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"Meet Ottie Lee Henshaw, a startling, challenging beauty in small-town Indiana. quick of mind, she navigates a stifling marriage, a lecherous boss, and on one day in the summer of 1930 an odyssey across the countryside to witness a dark and fearful celebration. Meet Calla Destry, a determined young woman desperate to escape the violence of her town and to find the lover who has promised her a new life. On this day, the countryside of Jim Crow-era Indiana is no place for either." -- From publisher's description.

Miss Treadway and the field of stars

May 25, 2017
Emmerson, Miranda, author.
497 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
November 1965. American actress Iolanthe Green has become the toast of the West End, bringing a sprinkling of glamour to the scuffed boards of Soho's Galaxy Theatre. But one evening Iolanthe walks through the stage door, out into the cold London night, and vanishes. As the case grows colder, only Anna Treadway, Iolanthe's dresser at the Galaxy, still cares. A disparate band of London émigrés joins Anna in her quest, an odyssey that leads them into a netherworld of jazz clubs, backstreet doctors, police brutality, and seaside ghost towns.

Sinful Scottish laird

May 25, 2017
London, Julia, author.
463 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"Widowed and forced to remarry in three years' time or forfeit her son's inheritance, Daisy Bristol, Lady Chatwick, has plenty of suitors vying for her hand--and her fortune. But a letter from a long-lost love sends Daisy and her young son to her Scottish Highland estate to buy time for his return. Along the way she encounters the powerful Cailean Mackenzie, laird of Arrandale and a notorious smuggler, and she is utterly--though unwillingly--bewitched"

Sunset in Central Park

May 25, 2017
Morgan, Sarah, 1948- author.
491 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
Sequel to: Sleepless in Manhattan.
When she finally admits to herself she has feelings for her best friend, Matt, the only man she trusts and feels comfortable with, garden designer Frankie Cole must come to terms with her past in order to have a future with this man she has known forever.

A mother's love

May 25, 2017
Hubbard, Charlotte, 1953- author.
443 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
For Widow Rose Raber, it's been a year of tragic loss and difficult decisions. She thought providing for her young daughter was the greatest challenge she faced. Until her dying mother revealed that Rose was adopted-and her birth mother is someone with much to lose if the secret comes out. As Rose struggles to reconcile the truth with her faith-and her troubling curiosity-outgoing newcomer Matthias Wagler is another surprise she didn't expect. His optimism and easy understanding inspires her. And his prospective partnership with wealthy deacon Saul Hartzler promises a possible new life for them-together. But with this second chance comes yet another revelation for all involved. When Saul's wife unexpectedly turns up at Rose's new job, their bond as mother and daughter is instant and unmistakable. And it isn't long before an unforgiving Saul discovers the truth, threatening Matthias's livelihood and Rose's future.

The summer cottage

May 25, 2017
Kietzman, Susan, author.
545 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"Helen Street spent every summer of her childhood at her family's cedar-shake cottage on Long Island Sound. The youngest of four, she shared her mother Claire's athletic genes and relished the orchestrated games and competitions that filled those warm, endless days. Unlike her older siblings--fiery Charlotte, ambitious Thomas, middle-child Pammy--Helen rarely felt the pressure of her mother's high expectations. Thirty years later, with her brother and sisters scattered, Helen is the sole caregiver for Claire, now terminally ill. Knowing her death is imminent, Claire has put Helen in the awkward position of telling the others that she plans on leaving everything, including the cottage, to Helen when she dies--unless everyone comes to the shore for a long weekend over the Fourth of July. During this time together, Helen, Charlotte, Pammy, and Thomas will revisit their long-ago decisions and assumptions. And they will face new choices that could shatter their fragile kinship--or reveal a family's extraordinary power to remember, to forgive, and to grow"--Provided by publisher.

Huck out west

May 25, 2017
Coover, Robert, author.
453 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
In Robert Coover's Huck Out West, also "wrote by Huck," the boys escape "sivilization" and "light out for the Territory, riding for the famous but short-lived Pony Express, then working as scouts for both sides in the war. They are suddenly separated when Tom decides he'd rather own civilization than leave it, returning east with his new wife, Becky Thatcher, to learn the law from her father. Huck, abandoned and "dreadful lonely," hires himself out to "whosoever." He rides shotgun on coaches, wrangles horses on a Chisholm Trail cattle drive, joins a gang of bandits, guides wagon trains, gets dragged into U.S. Army massacres, suffers a series of romantic and barroom misadventures. He is eventually drawn into a Lakota tribe by a young brave, Eeteh, an inventive teller of Coyote tales who "was having about the same kind of trouble with his tribe as I was having with mine." There is an army colonel who wants to hang Huck and destroy Eeteh's tribe, so they're both on the run, finding themselves ultimately in the Black Hills just ahead of the 1876 Gold Rush. This period, from the middle of the Civil War to the centennial year of 1876, is probably the most formative era of the nation's history. In the West, it is a time of grand adventure, but also one of greed, religious insanity, mass slaughter, virulent hatreds, widespread poverty and ignorance, ruthless military and civilian leadership, huge disparities of wealth. Only Huck's sympathetic and gently comical voice can make it somehow bearable.

Riding with the devil's mistress

May 25, 2017
Brandvold, Peter, author.
363 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.
"Most of bounty hunter Lou Prophet's manhunting jobs have been business transactions carried out with cool professionalism. He's seldom seen what his quarries did to earn a price on their heads. But when the Red River Gang raids Luther Falls, Prophet witnesses it in person - and can't do a thing to stop it. It will be days before a posse can be assembled, and a small girl has been kidnapped by the cold-blooded outlaws. Prophet will have to go it alone. The gang is just cocky enough to get careless and make a stupid mistake..."--Back cover.

Texas John Slaughter

May 25, 2017
Johnstone, William W., author.
365 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"It's been barely a decade since the notorious gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Rustlers and outlaws still terrorize the land, and the good citizens of Tombstone are at the end of their ropes. Enter Texas John Slaughter--the new sheriff of Cochise County and the toughest lawman west of the Rio Grande. With a backbone of steel to match the iron law of his badge, Texas John is determined to bring peace to this parched desert hell even if it kills him. Which it just might. When word gets out about an untapped vein of silver in the Dragoon Mountains, every man in town heads for the hills. The streets of Tombstone are an easy target for raiders, looters--and one gang of outlaws foolish enough to kidnap Slaughter's young, pretty wife. Forget keeping the peace. This is war." --Publisher's description.

The Comancheros : Charley Sunday's Texas outfit

May 25, 2017
Lodge, Stephen, author.
453 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.
With Christmas approaching, Charley is happy to welcome his grandson Henry-Ellis for a visit to his West Texas ranch. The boy is old enough now to travel alone by rail--but nothing can prepare him for the bullets and bloodshed waiting for him along the way. First, he witnesses a double shooting on the train. Then, he sees his grandpa gun down a dangerous duo of jewel thieves in the streets. After that, they stumble onto a train robbery in the making. But the real trouble starts when they get home for the holidays...A scheming pair of swindlers are plotting to take over Charley's land. A vicious gang called the New Comancheros are setting up headquarters in a nearby saloon. And any hopes for peace on earth, good will toward men, are quickly going straight to hell. This Christmas, Charley Sunday is coming to town for justice.

The legend of Russian Bill : based on the real-life story of William R. Tettenborn

May 25, 2017
Lapidus, Richard, author.
331 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"In 1880 a tall, handsome man rides into Tombstone on a pure white horse. Dressed in fringed white buckskins, he has long yellow hair and a mustache. One of his pearlhanded Colts bears four notches. He buys everyone drinks, so they listen to his wild claims that his mother is Russian royalty, that he is personally acquainted with President Grant and once shook hands with Sherman and Custer. His story is a journey through the mining camps and ranches of Arizona and New Mexico that begins with hero-worship and ends with unexpected love" --Back cover.

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