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October 17, 2014
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Bone dust white

October 16, 2014
Salvalaggio, Karin.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2014.
473 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.

To darkness and to death

October 16, 2014
Spencer-Fleming, Julia.
617 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.

Elizabeth is missing

October 16, 2014
Healey, Emma, 1985-
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2014.
455 pages (large print) ; 23 cm
"Thorndike Press large print reviewers' choice"--Title page verso.

The truth about the Harry Quebert affair

October 15, 2014
Dicker, Joël, 1985-
897 pages (large print) ; 23 cm
Originally published by Éditions de Fallois, Paris, ©2012.
"Thorndike large print basic"--Verso t.p.
Marcus Goldman, a successful young novelist, visits Somerset to see his mentor, Harry Quebert, one of the country's most respected writers, and to find a cure for his writer's block as his publisher's deadline looms. But Marcus's plans are violently upended when Harry is suddenly and sensationally implicated in the cold-case murder of Nola Kellergan.

The blood of an Englishman : an Agatha Raisin mystery

October 15, 2014
Beaton, M. C., author.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2014.
315 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"Agatha Raisin's 25th adventure"--Cover.

Everything I never told you

October 15, 2014
Ng, Celeste.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2014.
383 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.

Vertigo 42 : a Richard Jury mystery

October 14, 2014
Grimes, Martha. author.
561 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"At Vertigo 42, a bar high above London's financial district, Richard Jury meets Tom Williamson - a friend of a friend who is convinced his wife, Tess, was murdered 17 years ago. Tess's death was ruled accidental - a fall caused by vertigo - but Jury agrees to re-examine the case. A young girl's fatal fall at a children's party 22 years ago at Tom and Tess's home may be connected. After an elegantly dressed woman falls from a tower near a pub that Jury and his cronies frequent, and her estranged husband is later found dead, Jury begins to suspect that the now grown "children" from Tess's ill-fated party are the key to solving these interwoven mysteries"-- Provided by publisher.

No safe house

October 14, 2014
Barclay, Linwood.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2014.
pages ; cm.

The lost key

October 14, 2014
Coulter, Catherine. author.
615 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"Newly-minted FBI agent Nicholas Drummond and his partner Mike Caine race to solve a puzzling murder and put a stop to a dangerous criminal genius "-- Provided by publisher.

Paris match

October 14, 2014
Woods, Stuart. author.
363 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"Stone Barrington is back and better than ever in the astonishing new thriller from New York Times bestseller Stuart Woods. Stone Barrington has returned to Paris to attend to some business concerns, and finds himself embroiled in high-stakes trouble on both sides of the pond. An old enemy is still in hot pursuit, and this time he might have a powerful local resource on his side: a gentleman with his own ax to grind against Stone. And back in the United States, the swirling rumor mill threatens to derail a project of vital importance not just to Stone but to the nation. Though Stone is no stranger to peril, never before has he faced threats from so many directions at once"-- Provided by publisher.

Dick Francis's Damage

October 14, 2014
Francis, Felix. author.
535 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"Jeff Hinkley is an undercover investigator for the British Horseracing Authority. He secretly follows a banned racehorse trainer through the crowds at the Cheltenham Racing Festival only to witness a bloody murder taking place right in front of his eyes. Could it have something to do with the reason the trainer was banned in the first place - the administration of illegal drugs to his horses? Then many more horses test positive for prohibited stimulants and someone starts making demands or else he will completely destroy the integrity of the racing industry. Jeff is tasked with finding the perpetrator and limiting the damage to the sport but discovers that he is up against an individual who will stop at nothing to prevail. Add to that a family situation that appears to be out of control and running downhill fast, and Jeff's mental and physical wellbeing is tested to the very limit, even his life is put on the line"-- Provided by publisher.

The silent sister

October 14, 2014
Chamberlain, Diane, 1950- author.
595 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"Riley MacPherson has spent her entire life believing that her older sister Lisa committed suicide as a teenager. Now, over twenty years later, her father has passed away and she's in New Bern, North Carolina cleaning out his house when she finds evidence to the contrary. Lisa is alive. Alive and living under a new identity. But why exactly was she on the run all those years ago, and what secrets are being kept now? As Riley works to uncover the truth, her discoveries will put into question everything she thought she knew about her family. Riley must decide what the past means for her present, and what she will do with her newfound reality"-- Provided by publisher.

A dark and twisted tide

October 14, 2014
Bolton, Sharon.
Waterville, Maine : Wheeler Publishing, 2014.
pages ; cm.


October 8, 2014
Jackson, Lisa.
Thorndike, Maine : Center Point Large Print, [2014].
574 pages (large print) ; 22 cm
Eighteen years ago, a fire ravaged the Dillinger family's old homestead, killing Judd Dillinger and crippling his girlfriend. Though the cause of the fire was never discovered, some people in town thought it was just another strike in the old feud between the Dillingers and their rivals, the Kincaids. Life in Prairie Creek, Wyoming, has been quiet ever since, but now strange things have started happening again. Ira Dillinger, the family's wealthy patriarch, has summoned his children home for his upcoming wedding. Eldest son Colton and his siblings don't approve of their father's gold-digging bride-to-be. But someone is making his displeasure felt in terrifying ways, setting fires just like in the past. Only this time, there will be no survivors. As fear and distrust spread through Prairie Creek, soon all the Dillingers, and those closest to them, are targets--and suspects.

The purity of vengeance : a Department Q novel

October 8, 2014
Adler-Olsen, Jussi.
Thorndike, Maine : Center Point Large Print, [2014].
679 pages (large print) ; 22 cm.
Translation copyright date: 2013.
Previously published as Journal 64 with a variant title of Journal fireogtreds in Danish.
In 1987, Nete Hermansen plans revenge on those who abused her in her youth, including Curt Wad, a charismatic surgeon who was part of a movement to sterilize wayward girls in 1950s Denmark. More than twenty years later, Detective Carl Mørck already has plenty on his mind when he is presented with the case of a brothel owner, a woman named Rita, who went missing in the eighties. But when Carl's assistants, Assad and Rose, learn that numerous other people disappeared around the same weekend as Rita, Carl takes notice. As they sift through the disappearances, they get closer and closer to Curt Wad, who is more determined than ever to see the vision of his youth take hold and whose brutal treatment of Nete and others like her is only one small part of his capacity for evil.

Bad wolf

October 8, 2014
Neuhaus, Nele, author.
679 pages (large print) ; 23 cm
"Originally published by Ullstein Buchverlage GmbH in Germany under the title Böser Wolf"--Title page verso.
"On a hot June day the body of a sixteen-year-old girl washes up on a river bank outside of Frankfurt. She has been brutally murdered, but no one comes forward with any information as to her identity. Even weeks later, the local police have not been able to find out who she is. Then a new case comes in: A popular TV reporter is attacked, raped, and locked in the trunk of her own car. She survives, barely, and is able to supply certain hints to the police, having to do with her recent investigations into a child welfare organization and the potenial uncovering of a child pornography ring with members from the highest echelon of society. As the two cases collide, Inspectors Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein dig deep into the past and underneath the veneer of bourgeois society to come up against a terrible secret that is about to impact their personal lives as well. In Nele Neuhaus's second U.S. publication of her enormously popular series, tensions run high and a complex and unpredictable plot propels her characters forward at breakneck speed"-- Provided by publisher.

What she left behind

October 8, 2014
Wiseman, Ellen Marie.
495 pages (large print) ; 22 cm
Ten years ago, Izzy Stone's mother fatally shot her father while he slept. Devastated by her mother's apparent insanity, Izzy, now seventeen, refuses to visit her in prison. But her new foster parents, employees at the local museum, have enlisted Izzy's help in cataloguing items at a long-shuttered state asylum. There, amid piles of abandoned belongings, Izzy discovers a stack of unopened letters, a decades-old journal, and a window into her own past. Clara Cartwright, eighteen years old in 1929, is caught between her overbearing parents and her love for an Italian immigrant. Furious when she rejects an arranged marriage, Clara's father sends her to a genteel home for nervous invalids. But when his fortune is lost in the stock market crash, he can no longer afford her care--and Clara is committed to the public asylum. Even as Izzy deals with the challenges of yet another new beginning, Clara's story keeps drawing her into the past. If Clara was never really mentally ill, could something else explain her own mother's violent act? Piecing together Clara's fate compels Izzy to re-examine her own choices--with shocking and unexpected results.

A stillness of chimes

October 8, 2014
Moseley, Meg.
Thorndike, Maine : Center Point Large Print, [2014].
431 pages (large print) ; 23 cm
Laura Gantt doesn't mind being home in Prospect, Georgia. What she does mind are the Southern niceties and mini-sermons she has to endure after her mother's unexpected death. On her summer break from teaching in Colorado, Laura wants to focus on wrapping up her mother's estate. Turns out dodging painful memories becomes impossible when her lifelong friend and former beau Sean Halloran reveals that the town is buzzing with rumors due to numerous sightings of her father, Elliott. Problem is, her father has been dead since she was seventeen.

The séance society

October 8, 2014
Nethercott, Michael.
368 pages (large print) ; 24 cm
"It's 1956, and Lee Plunkett has taken over the family business as a private investigator despite his reluctance to follow in his father's footsteps. When murder intrudes on a group of ghost seekers, Lee is asked to solve the case by a cop on the verge of retirement. At the urging of his perpetual fiancée Audrey, Lee enlists the help of Mr. O'Nelligan, a scholarly Irishman with a keen eye for solving mysteries. The duo is drawn into a murder investigation involving the "Spectricator," a machine designed to communicate with the dead. Soon, Plunkett and O'Nelligan are knee-deep in a suspect pool that includes a surly medium, a former speakeasy queen, a mysterious Spanish widow, and a whole slew of eccentric servants. Engaging, charming, and smart, The Séance Society by Michael Nethercott is a fresh take on the traditional mystery genre for readers who love original characters, witty dialogue, and a great whodunit. "Mad-cap and mid-century--what a treat! You'll love the reluctant-detective Plunkett and the endearing Mr. O'Nelligan. Clever, quirky and completely charming--this engaging and original mystery is quite a treasure." --Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony and MacavIty winning author of The Other Woman"-- Provided by publisher.

Shadows of the past

October 8, 2014
Bradley, Patricia, author.
Thorndike, Maine Center Point Large Print, [2014].
464 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
Psychology professor and criminal profiler Taylor Martin prides herself on being able to solve any crime, except the one she wants most desperately to solve, the disappearance of her father twenty years ago. When she finally has a lead on his whereabouts, Taylor returns home to Logan Point, Mississippi, to investigate. But as she works to uncover the truth, someone else will do almost anything to keep her from it. Nick Sinclair pens mystery novels for a living, but the biggest mystery to him is how he can ever get over the death of his wife, a tragedy he believes he could have prevented. Now that his estranged brother is the only family he has left, Nick sets out to find him. But when he crosses paths with Taylor, all he seems to find is trouble. Join the chase as Taylor and Nick search the murky shadows of the past for the keys to unlocking the present, and moving into a future they never imagined.

2 seconds late : for such a time as this

October 8, 2014
Wilson, Eric (Eric P.)
Thorndike, Maine : Center Point Large Print, 2014.
487 pages (large print) ; 23 cm
Originally published: 2013.
"By the numbers series."
Human microchipping technology is a reality. Natalie Flynn finds herself entangled in a deadly conspiracy. Like biblical Esther, she has been positioned "for such a time as this."--Author's website, viewed May 17, 2012.

Death by the book : a Drew Fathering mystery

October 8, 2014
Deering, Julianna.
Thorndike, Maine : Center Point Large Print, [2014].
391 pages ; 23 cm.
"In the summer of 1932, when the family lawyer is murdered and discovered with an unusual clue, Drew Farthering and Madeline Parker need to solve the case before the hatpin murderer strikes again in the English village of Farthering St. John"-- Provided by publisher.

Bloom and doom

October 7, 2014
Allen, Beverly (Novelist)
Thorndike, Maine : Center Point Large Print, 2014.
367 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"Florist Audrey Bloom comes to the aid of her childhood friend when Jenny's fiancé is murdered and Jenny is considered the prime suspect"-- Provided by publisher.

Death of a dog whisperer

October 7, 2014
Berenson, Laurien.
Thorndike, Maine : Center Point Large Print, 2014.
366 pages (large print) ; 23 cm.
"A Melanie Travis mystery"--Title page.
"When a self-proclaimed "dog whisperer" is found dead in his home, his sister enlists Melanie to help track down the killer"-- Provided by publisher.

Spirit bridge

September 26, 2014
Rubart, James L.
Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2014.
579 pages (large print) ; 23 cm


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