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June 23, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The teen's guide to debating and public speaking

June 22, 2018
Duffy, Claire. author.
Toronto, Ontario : Dundurn, [2018]
279 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"Welcome to the world of school debating and public speaking, the best training ground for speaking, reasoning, arguing, and looking critically at big issues. No matter what the topic, a great deal is at stake. Speaking skills can open up a world of opportunities, from education to career development, activism, and political engagement. In an increasingly competitive world, being able to speak with confidence, passion, and persuasiveness has become essential to standing out from the crowd. Claire Duffy not only demystifies the process but makes it fun. Learn all about the best ways to prepare, the persuasive power of reason, the art of argument and rebuttal and, when worst comes to worst, how to "lose" graciously. Including practical tips from the pros and helpful step-by-step examples, this is the essential handbook for making every spoken word count."-- Provided by publisher.


June 22, 2018
Z︠Ha︡dan, Serhiĭ, 1974- author.
310 pages ; 20 cm
"original Ukrainian edition was published by Klub simejnogo dozvillja, Kharkiv, 2014."--Title page verso.

Infinity wars

June 20, 2018
Oxford : Solaris, 2017.
364 pages ; 23 cm
The evening of their span of days / Carrie Vaughn -- The last broadcasts / An Owomoyela -- Faceless soldiers, patchwork ship / Carline M. Yoachim -- Dear Sarah / Nancy Kress -- The moon is not a battlefield / Indrapramit Das -- Perfect gun / Elizabeth Bear -- Oracle / Dominica Phetteplace -- In everlasting wisdom / Aliette de Bodard -- Command and control / David D. Levine -- Conversations with an armory / Garth Nix -- Heavies / Rich Larson -- Overburden / Genvieve Valentine -- Weather girl / E. J. Swift -- Mines / Eleanor Arnason -- ZeroS / Peter Watts.
"We have always fought. War is the furnace that forges new technologies and pushes humanity ever onward. We are the children of a battle that began with first and sticks, and ended on the brink of atomic Armageddon. Beyond here lies another war, infinite in scope and scale. But who will fight the war of tomorrow? Join Elizabeth Bear, Indrapramit Das, Aliette de Bodard, Garth Nix and many, many more in an exploration of the furthest extremes of military science fiction"--Back cover.

Low Chicago: a wild cards mosaic novel

June 18, 2018
New York : Tor Books, 2018.
429 pages : 27 cm
A long night at the Palmer House / John Jos. Miller -- Down the rabbbit hole / Kevin Andrew Murphy -- The motherfucking apotheosis of Todd Motherfucking Taszycki / Christopher Rowe -- A bit of a dinosaur / Paul Cornell -- Stripes / Marko Kloos -- The sister in the streets / Melinda M. Snodgrass -- A beautiful facade / Mary Anne Mohanraj -- Meathooks on ice / Saladin Ahmed.
In George R. R. Martin's latest Wild Cards adventure, a gang of criminals are scattered across time and threaten the stability of the world. Perfect for current fans and new readers alike, Low Chicago is an all-new time travel adventure that leads to the criminal underworld of 1920s Chicago, featuring a fresh cast of characters from the Wild Cards universe.

Ideas, influence, and income : write a book, build your brand, and lead your industry

June 18, 2018
Hall, Tanya, author.
214 pages ; 24 cm.
The importance of owning your idea -- Letting go of fear -- Identifying your brand -- Supporting the creative process -- The act of writing -- Protecting your content -- Building a platform -- Creating a personal connection -- Leveraging your platform -- Ready for launch -- Options for publishing -- Building blocks: productizing your writing -- To publish or not?
A guide to writing, publishing, and launching your book-- and monetizing your content. This resource is for authors seeking a smarter way to get the most out of publishing.

Little panic : dispatches from an anxious life

June 15, 2018
Stern, Amanda, author.
viii, 389 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
I am not a clock -- Not the right kind of human -- Maybe I am not a person -- How to say what's wrong -- The system of the world -- Countdown to Karen Silkwood -- The underside of perfect -- My real family -- Not-Melissa -- Someone kicked the Earth -- If time were a dog -- Oh how we glowed -- Scapegoat -- Frankie Bird -- Jinx -- Yes, no, maybe, I don't know -- Listen carefully and say exactly what I say -- Normal-sized -- A beautiful, gorgeous life -- A stay-behind kid -- The bright side -- The drainpipe man -- A word never means only one thing -- A sense of rightness -- Hunky dory -- My life stained the world -- I'm the test to solve -- Everywhere I look, families -- Anarchy -- When I turn eighteen -- What if I give birth to myself? -- Who doesn't want to be in a play? -- One right way to be a person -- Homeless -- I am a pinball machine -- The system is the problem -- The dread, the relief -- Waiting to move on -- The body -- Waited my whole life to be normal -- Forever Mama -- Take care of the animals -- Certainty -- To be the same.
The author presents a relatable, darkly comic memoir about her lifelong struggles with anxiety, tracing her upbringing by a bohemian mother and sanitized, affluent father in a transforming New York City.

Life in the garden

June 14, 2018
Lively, Penelope, 1933- author.
198 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Includes index.
Introduction -- Reality and Metaphor -- The Written Garden -- The Fashionable Garden -- Time, Order and the Garden -- Style and the Garden -- Town and Country.
"From the Booker Prize winner and national bestselling author, reflections on gardening, art, literature, and life Penelope Lively takes up her key themes of time and memory, and her lifelong passions for art, literature, and gardening in this philosophical and poetic memoir. From the courtyards of her childhood home in Cairo to a family cottage in Somerset, to her own gardens in Oxford and London, Lively conducts an expert tour, taking us from Eden to Sissinghurst and into her own backyard, traversing the lives of writers like Virginia Woolf and Philip Larkin while imparting her own sly and spare wisdom. "Her body of work proves that certain themes never go out of fashion," writes the New York Times Book Review, as true of this beautiful volume as of the rest of the Lively canon. Now in her eighty-fourth year, Lively muses, "To garden is to elide past, present, and future; it is a defiance of time." "-- Provided by publisher.

Lagos noir

June 7, 2018
217 pages : map ; 22 cm
Part I: Cops & robbers. What they did that night / Jude Dibia -- Heaven's gate / Chika Unigwe -- Showlogo / Nnedi Okorafor -- Just ignore and try to endure / A. Igoni Barrett -- Part II: In a family way. The swimming pool / Sara Ladipo Manyika -- What are you going to do? / Adebola Rayo -- For baby, for three / Onyinye Ihezukwu -- Eden / Uche Okonkwo -- Joy / Wale Lawal -- Part III: Arrivals & departures. Choir boy / 'Pemi Aguda -- The walking stick / E.C. Osundu -- Uncle Sam / Leye Adenle -- Killer ape / Chris Abani.

Autumn in Venice : Ernest Hemingway and his last muse

June 4, 2018
Di Robilant, Andrea, 1957- author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2018.
xiv, 348 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"The acclaimed author of A Venetian Affair now gives us the remarkable story of Hemingway's love affair with both the city of Venice and the muse he found there--a vivacious 18-year-old who inspired the man thirty years her senior to complete his great final work. In the fall of 1948 Hemingway and his fourth wife traveled for the first time to Venice, which Hemingway called "a goddam wonderful city." He was a year shy of his fiftieth birthday and hadn't published a novel in nearly a decade. At a duck shoot in the lagoon he met and fell in love with Adriana Ivancich, a striking Venetian girl just out of finishing school. Di Robilant--whose great uncle moved in Hemingway's revolving circle of bon vivants, aristocrats, and artists--recreates with sparkling clarity this surprising, years-long relationship. Hemingway used Adriana as the model for Renata in Across the River and Into the Trees, and continued to visit Venice to see her; the Ivanciches traveled to Cuba, placing Adriana beside him as he wrote The Old Man and the Sea. This illuminating story of writer and muse--which also examines the cost to a young woman of her association with a larger-than-life literary celebrity--is an intimate look at the fractured heart and changing art of Hemingway in his fifties"-- Provided by publisher.

The traveling feast : on the road and at the table with my heroes

June 1, 2018
Bass, Rick, 1958- author.
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2018.
viii, 277 pages ; 25 cm
A transformative journey written in gratitude to the author's mentors describes his midlife attempt to recapture the passions of his youth, an effort marked by encounters with famous contemporaries and a variety of colorful mishaps.

The world of All Souls : the complete guide to A discovery of witches, Shadow of night, and The Book of Life

June 1, 2018
Harkness, Deborah E., 1965- author.
ix, 484 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Synopses -- Creatures -- Characters -- Organizations -- Locations -- Magic -- Science -- Alchemy -- Decorative arts -- Lifestyles -- Literature -- Translations.
It's a world of daemons and humans, where a reluctant witch and a centuries-old vampire discover the secrets left in a mysterious manuscript. Welcome to the All Souls trilogy, as Harkness shares information from her files. This companion volume includes character profiles, information on life and lifestyles from the time periods the trilogy covers, background on the science and magic, and even recipes and wine recommendations.

Planet funny : how comedy took over our culture

May 31, 2018
Jennings, Ken, 1974- author.
New York : Scribner, 2018.
vii, 312 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Our funny century -- Funny for no reason -- The march of progress -- Notes from an epidemic -- A little more conversation -- Everyone's a comedian -- Bon Jovi, come home -- Mirth control -- A blurry, amorphous thud -- We shall overcomb -- New tiryntha.
Presents a history of humor, from fart jokes on clay Sumerian tablets all the way up to the latest Twitter memes, that tells the story of how comedy came to rule the modern world.

A wedding on Bluebird Way

May 31, 2018
New York, NY : Zebra Books/Kensington Publishing Corp., [2018]
325 pages ; 17 cm.
The wedding that wasn't / by Lori Wilde -- There goes the bride / by Allyson Charles -- Loving Hailey / by Stacey Keith -- Bachelor honeymoon / by Janet Dailey.
The wedding of the year gets underway at the charming Bluebird Inn in small Serendipity, Texas. But when the big day becomes an even bigger fiasco, the surprises for the Loving family unfold in four entwined tales by Wilde, Janet Dailey, Allyson Charles, and Stacey Keith.

In search of Mary Shelley

May 30, 2018
Sampson, Fiona, author.
New York : Pegasus Books, 2018.
xii, 304 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm

Proust's duchess : how three celebrated women captured the imagination of fin de siècle Paris

May 23, 2018
Weber, Caroline, 1969- author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2018.
715 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
Overture: like a swan -- Rara avis (June 2, 1885) -- Leitmotif: pretty birds -- My Don Giovanni, my Faust -- The kingdom of shadows -- Habanera: oiseaux rebelles -- Bohemia's child -- The fall and the rise -- Good for the goose -- Improvisation: trills and feathers -- The art of being seen -- Bagatelle: birdsong -- Prince Charming -- Paris high and low -- A modern-day Aramis -- Chorale: love birds -- The lunatic, the lover, and the poet -- Lame ducks -- Variations: caged birds -- Kisses never given -- Fodder for sonnets -- Birds of paradise -- The picture of Mme Bizet -- Cadenza: painters, writers, parrots, prophets -- Elegance for beginners -- Our heart -- Pavane: pair-bonding -- In which Proust is disappointed -- Lament: oiseaux tristes -- Dead love, still undying -- The replacements -- Goddesses and monsters -- So long as the gesture is beautiful -- Sovereigns of transitory things (May 30, 1894) -- Rondo: the real king of bids, or vive le roitelet -- Coda: swan song.
"A brilliant look at the glittering world of turn-of-the-century Paris through the first in-depth study of the three women Proust used to create his supreme fictional character, the Duchesse de Guermantes. Geneviève Halévy Bizet Straus; Laure de Sade, Comtesse de Adhéaume de Chevigné; and Élisabeth de Riquet de Caraman-Chimay, the Comtesse Greffuhle--these were the three superstars of fin-de-siècle Parisian high society who, as Caroline Weber says, "transformed themselves, and were transformed by those around them, into living legends: paragons of elegance, nobility, and style." All well but unhappily married, these women sought freedom and fulfillment by reinventing themselves, between the 1870s and 1890s, as icons. At their fabled salons, they inspired the creativity of several generations of writers, visual artists, composers, designers, and journalists. Against a rich historical backdrop, Weber takes the reader into these women's daily lives of masked balls, hunts, dinners, court visits, nights at the opera or theater. But we see as well the loneliness, rigid social rules, and loveless, arranged marriages that constricted these women's lives. Proust, as a twenty-year-old law student in 1892, would worship them from afar, and later meet them and create his celebrated composite character for The Remembrance of Things Past"-- Provided by publisher.

Better business speech : techniques, tricks, and shortcuts for public speaking at work

May 23, 2018
Geiger, Paul, 1959- author.
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017]
viii, 149 pages ; 24 cm
Speaking up (meetings and conference calls) : meeting challenges -- Heavy lifting : presentation challenges -- Putting yourself out there (networking and job interviews) : networking challenges -- Sealing the deal : sales call challenges -- Realizing the problem : personal complaints -- Breaking the pattern : business complaints -- Breathing with authority : powerful speech techniques -- No shouting please : controlled speech techniques -- Those sneaky leaks : clear speech techniques -- More than words : body language techniques -- Of tall tales and bumper stickers : preparation techniques -- Fear and loathing : fearless tricks -- Annoying habits : habit-changing shortcuts -- Connecting the dots : executive presence shortcuts.
"In a business world where we are told that time is money, the real currency is communicating clearly at a poised and measured pace. Better Business Speech: Techniques, Tricks, and Shortcuts for Public Speaking at Work by Paul Geiger focuses on the challenges of being a strong communicator in a range of business settings. It begins with the basic premise that all speaking for business is public speaking. Therefore, these are the communication scenarios where any lack of confidence in speech ability will be magnified. The obstacles that stand in the way of successful meetings, presentations, networking events, job interviews, and sales calls are all clearly described. Seasoned speech coach Paul Geiger offers tricks, techniques, and shortcuts that all seem shockingly simple; but it is the retraining of the mind and body that is the hard part. He details practical daily exercises that lead to better speech habits and addresses the causes of ineffective speech pattern in both personal and business settings. The physical and mental aspects of speech are explored in the context of forming a strong speech technique foundation that never loses sight of the importance of always sounding authentic. By offering action steps and helpful online tutorials, Geiger provides readers with the tools necessary to make lasting changes that will enhance speaking skills in all facets of business life." -- Publisher's description

Mystery tour : a Crime Writers' Association anthology

May 18, 2018
London : Orenda Books, 2017.
312 pages ; 20 cm
The queen of mystery / Ann Cleeves -- Return to the lake / Anna Mazzola -- You'll be dead by dawn / C.L. Taylor -- The Last Supper / Carol Anne Davis -- The white goddess / Cath Staincliffe -- High flyer / Chris Simms -- Accounting for murder / Christine Poulson -- Travel is dangerous / Ed James -- Take the money and run? / Gordon Brown -- No way back / J.M. Hewitt -- Mystery tour / Judith Cutler -- Wife on tour / Julia Crouch -- The naked lady of Prague / Kate Ellis -- Snowbird / Kate Rhodes -- The repentance wood / Martin Edwards -- A mouthful of restaurant / Martine Bailey -- Cruising for a killing / Maxim Jakubowski -- Three on a trail / Michael Stanley -- The riddle of the humming bee / Paul Charles -- Writer's block / Paul Gitsham -- Lady luck / Peter Lovesey -- A postcard from Iceland / Ragnar Jónasson -- A clever evil / Sarah Rayne -- The prodigy / Shawn Reilly Simmons -- A slight change of plan / Susi Holliday -- Bombay brigadoon / Vaseem Khan -- Matricide and ice cream / William burton McCormick -- The spoils / William Ryan.
"This exciting collection of short stories features crime writers working with a "mystery tour" or travel theme."--Publisher's description.

The devil and the deep : horror stories of the sea

May 17, 2018
New York : Night Shade Books, [2018]
xi, 319 pages ; 23 cm
Deadwater / Simon Bestwick -- Fodder's jig / Lee Thomas -- The curious allure of the sea / Christopher Golden -- The Tryal attract / Terry Dowling -- The whalers song / Ray Cluley -- A ship of the south wind / Bradley Denton -- What my mother left me / Alyssa Wong -- Broken record / Stephen Graham Jones -- Saudade / Steve Rasnic Tem -- A moment before breakng / A.C. Wise -- Sister, dearest sister, let me show you to the sea / Seanan McGuire -- The deep sea swell / John Langan -- He sings of salt and wormwood / Brian Hodge -- Shit happens / Michael Marshall Smith -- Haunt / Siobhan Carroll.
Stranded on a desert island, a young man yearns for objects from his past. A local from a small coastal town in England is found dead as the tide goes out. A Norwegian whaling ship is stranded in the Arctic, its crew threatened by mysterious forces. In the nineteenth century, a ship drifts in becalmed waters in the Indian Ocean, those on it haunted by their evil deeds. A surfer turned diver discovers there are things worse than drowning under the sea. Something from the sea is creating monsters on land.

Nothing short of 100 : selected tales from 100 Word Story

May 17, 2018
iv, 117 pages ; 18 cm

Against memoir : complaints, confessions, & criticism

May 9, 2018
Tea, Michelle, author.
New York, NY : The Feminist Press at the City University of New York, 2018.
319 pages ; 21 cm
Art + music -- On Valerie Dolanas -- Andy Warhol's self-portrait -- Times Square -- On Erin Markey -- On Chelsea Girls -- Gene loves Jezebel -- Purple rain -- Minor threat -- Sonic youth's magic -- Love + queerness -- Transmissions from camp trans -- How to not be a queer douchebag -- Polishness -- Hard times -- Hags in your face -- How to mrefer to my husband-wife -- Writing + life -- The city to a young girl -- Pigeon manifesto -- Summer of lost jobs -- Telling your friends you're sober -- Sister spit feminism -- I had a miscarriage -- Baba -- Dire straits -- Against memoir.
"Valerie Solanas, a lesbian gang, recovering alcoholics, and teenagers surviving at a shop: these are some of the figures populating America's borders. These essays include fights and failures and the uncovering of and documentation of these lives. Michelle Tea reveals herself through these stories"-- Provided by publisher.

Atticus Finch : the biography : Harper Lee, her father, and the making of an American icon

May 8, 2018
Crespino, Joseph, author.
xx, 248 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
"One of the most famous characters in all of American culture, Atticus Finch has long been regarded as a touchstone of decency and goodness. But that changed with the 2015 publication of Lee's long-hidden manuscript Go Set a Watchman, in which Atticus is portrayed not as the heroic defender of a wrongly accused black man but as a small-town southern racist. Many have tried to piece together the "real" Atticus, and to determine how and why Harper Lee would have created two such seemingly different versions of the same character. The best way to understand Atticus, as the award-winning historian Joseph Crespino explains, is to examine the life of the flesh-and-blood man who inspired him: Harper Lee's father, Amasa Coleman (A.C.) Lee. In Atticus Finch, Crespino has unearthed a variety of new sources that show how Harper Lee's views were formed in tension with her father's, and how she used his example, even while smoothing over its rough edges, to create an enduring icon. From 1929 to 1947 A.C. Lee was the part-owner and sole editor of the lone newspaper in Monroeville, Alabama. On display in Lee's editorials were all the attributes commonly associated with Atticus: integrity, idealism, and a vigorous opposition to political demagoguery, whether that meant mob rule in Alabama or fascism in Hitler's Germany. Yet Lee was also a white southerner of his time and place, and his growing opposition to the New Deal and the emerging civil rights movement informed the character his daughter conceived in Watchman"-- Provided by publisher.

PR for poets : a guidebook to publicity and marketing

May 8, 2018
Gailey, Jeannine Hall, 1973- author.
Kingston, WA : Two Sylvias Press, [2018]
211 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
This book provides the information you need in order to get your book into the right hands and into the worlds of social media & old media, librarians & booksellers, and readers. This book will empower you to do what you can to connect your poetry book with its audience!

Can't get enough

May 8, 2018
Showalter, Gena, author.
310 pages ; 21 cm.
To inherit - and destroy - his father's business at long last, Brock Hudson needs a temporary wife. The ruthless ex-military heartthrob has always avoided romantic entanglements. Women are sweet, but vengeance is sweeter. Or so he thinks. Only one woman will do, but the vulnerable beauty is more than he bargained for - sexier, wittier, and utterly irresistible. The queen of the deep freeze ... After an abusive first marriage, Lyndie Scott has sworn off relationships. But still she longs for a child of her own. Turns out, the brawler who used to frighten her with only a glance is the answer to her problems. She agrees to his proposal, with a caveat: spend every night in bed with her, then walk away for good when it's time to divorce. Even if she's pregnant. A marriage of breathtaking inconvenience ... As the days pass too quickly and the nights heat up, Brock battles a sense of possession and obsession.

Fatal throne : the wives of Henry VIII tell all

May 4, 2018
New York : Schwartz & Wade Books, [2018]
xi, 396 pages ; 24 cm
Before you begin / Jennifer Donnelly -- Katharine of Aragon / Candace Fleming -- Henry VIII / M.T. Anderson -- Anne Boleyn / Stephanie Hemphill -- Henry VIII / M.T. Anderson -- Jane Seymour / Lisa Ann Sandell -- Henry VIII / M.T. Anderson -- Anne of Cleves / Jennifer Donnelly -- Henry VIII / M.T. Anderson -- Catherine Howard / Linda Sue Park -- Henry VIII / M.T. Anderson -- Kateryn Parr / Deborah Hopkinson -- Henry VIII / M.T. Anderson -- Queen Elizabeth I / M.T. Anderson -- Tudor timeline -- Who's who in the court -- Acknowledgments -- A bibliographic afterword -- About the authors.
Seven award-winning young adult authors illuminate the lives of Britain's King Henry VIII and his six wives from different viewpoints.

Ten year stretch : [celebrating a decade of crime fiction at CrimeFest]

May 1, 2018
Scottsdale, AZ : Poisoned Pen Press, in association with No Exit Press, [2018]
349 pages ; 22 cm
Subtitle from cover.
Foreword / Peter James -- Introduction / Martin Edwards -- The hired man / Bill Beverly -- The last locked room / Simon Brett -- Shorty and the briefcase / Lee Child -- Moses and the locked tent mystery / Ann Cleeves -- Blind date / Jeffery Deaver -- Strangers in a pub / Martin Edwards -- Crime scene / Kate Ellis -- Normal rules do not apply / Peter Guttridge -- Ask Tom St. Clare / Sophie Hannah -- Blue and sentimental / John Harvey -- How many cats have you killed? / Mick Herron -- Daylight robbery / Donna Moore -- The snapperoody / Caro Ramsay -- Inside the box / Ian Rankin -- Freezer burn / James Sallis -- Caught on camera / Zoë Sharp -- Road trip / Yrsa Sigurðardóttir -- Long time no see / Maj Sjöwall, translated by Catherine Edwards -- The ring / Michael Stanley -- The five-letter word / Andrew Taylor -- Afterword / Adrian Muller.
The twenty brand new crime stories in this book have been specially commissioned to celebrate the tenth anniversary of CrimeFest, described by the Guardian as "one of the 50 best festivals in the world." Contributors come from around the world and include the legendary Maj Sjöwall who, together with partner Per Wahlöö, was the originator of Nordic noir. The editors are Martin Edwards and Adrian Muller. Martin Edwards is responsible for many award-winning anthologies and Adrian Muller is one of the co-founders of CrimeFest.

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