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July 31, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

A gilded grave

July 30, 2015
Freydont, Shelley.
New York : Berkley Prime Crime, 2015.
405 pages ; 21 cm
"A Newport gilded age mystery"--Cover.

The Devil's Monk / Sara Fraser.

July 30, 2015
Fraser, Sara.
Surrey : Severn House, 2015.
217 p. ; 23 cm.
An intriguing 19th Century historical mystery. July, 1829. When a female corpse, dressed in male clothing, is discovered lying in a haystack in the Worcestershire countryside, rumour and superstition abound. For the sighting of a man in white robes fleeing from the scene leads to suspicion that the 'Devil's Monk' is responsible for the crime. According to local legend, this vengeful apparition appears at intervals to molest and kill. Constable Thomas Potts is dismissive of the rumours - but without knowing the victim's identity, he'll need the devil's own luck to catch her killer. And when a second body turns up, Potts is under pressure to track down the murderer before hysteria engulfs the town.

No virgin island : a Sabrina Salter mystery

July 29, 2015
Dorsey, C. Michele.
New York : Crooked Lane, 2015.
264 p. ; 22 cm.


July 29, 2015
Dellosso, Mike.
Carol Stream, Illinois : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., [2015]
xiv, 381 pages ; 21 cm
Peter Ryan wakes up on a typical morning only to find his house empty, his wife and daughter nowhere to be found. His world is shattered after a phone call to a friend confirms the impossible: his wife and daughter died in a car accident he does not remember. Haunted by faint memories and flashes of details, Peter becomes convinced that something isn't right and begins to question reality. When he discovers a note in his daughter's handwriting, strange memories begin to surface that cause him to second-guess nearly everything he once believed. Suddenly armed men show up at Peter's home, turning the mysterious puzzle of his past into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. On the run and unsure whom to trust, Peter has to discover what's real and what isn't . . . before he loses everything.

Deadly assets

July 28, 2015
Griffin, W. E. B, author.
New York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, [2015]
390 pages ; 24 cm.
"The dramatic new novel in the Philadelphia police saga by #1 New York Times-bestselling author W. E. B. Griffin. In Philadelphia--suffering among the country's highest murder rates--the tension between the Philadelphia Police Department and its Citizens Oversight Committee has long been reaching a boiling point. That turmoil turns from bad to worse shortly after the committee begins targeting police shootings--especially those of twenty-seven-year-old Homicide Sergeant Matt Payne, the 'Wyatt Earp of the Main Line'--and then the committee's combative leader is found shot dead point-blank on the front porch of his run-down Philly row house. As chanting protesters fill the streets, the city threatens to erupt. Payne, among many others accused of being complicit in the leader's death, becomes quietly furious. He suspects there's something deeper behind it all, but what? Ordered to stay out of the line of fire, he struggles ahead to do what he does best--his job. He's been investigating the murder of a young family. A reporter, working on an illicit drug series for Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mickey O'Hara, has been killed with his wife and child, a note stapled to his chest warning that the drug stories are to stop. Period. While Payne knows that he, like his pal O'Hara, cannot back down, he also knows that they damn sure could be among the next to die"-- Provided by publisher.

In too deep

July 28, 2015
Davenport, Bea, author.
London : Legend Press, [2013]
227 pages ; 20 cm
Includes author interview in unnumbered pages at end of work.
Five years ago Maura fled her life and took on a new identity, desperately trying to piece her life back together and escape the dark clouds that plagued her past. But then a reporter tracks her down, and persuades her to tell her story, putting her own life in danger once again. Layer upon layer of violence and deceit make up the full picture for Maura to see and the reporter to reveal. Hidden secrets are uncovered that have been left to settle, for far too long. But in life some things can't be left unsaid, and eventually the truth will out, whatever the consequences.

Murder at Barclay Meadow

July 28, 2015
Eckel, Wendy Sand, author.
New York : Minotaur Books, 2015.
305 pages ; 22 cm
"A Thomas Dunne book"
"Rosalie Hart's world has been upended. After her husband confesses to an affair, she exiles herself to her late aunt's farmhouse on Maryland's Eastern Shore. With its fields untended and the house itself in disrepair, Barclay Meadow couldn't be more different than the tidy D.C. suburb she used to call home. Just when Rosalie feels convinced things couldn't get any worse, she finds a body floating in her marsh grasses."-- Provided by publisher.

The rhythm of the August rain : a novel

July 28, 2015
Royes, Gillian, 1947-
New York : Atria Paperback, 2015.
357 pages ; 22 cm
"Shad Myers, the loveable bartender and town sleuth of Largo Bay, hunts down clues to a woman's mysterious disappearance in this fourth riveting novel in the Shad detective series. Shannon, a photojournalist on assignment for a Canadian magazine, arrives in the impoverished but beautiful fishing village of Largo Bay, Jamaica. But she's seeking more than a tropical paradise: She wants to know why a Canadian woman named Katlyn went missing there more than three decades ago. So she calls on Shad--"bartender by trade, investigator by vocation, and unofficial sheriff of Largo Bay" (Publishers Weekly)--for help. Together, they delve into Rastafarian life and history while preparations are being made for Shad's wedding and the groundbreaking of his new hotel. But the deeper they get into the story, the deeper they get into trouble. And it's clear that whoever wanted Katlyn buried all those years ago will do anything to keep the truth buried as well... As in her previous novels The Sea Grape Tree, The Man Who Turned Both Cheeks, and The Goat Woman of Largo Bay, Gillian Royes transports readers into a beautiful Caribbean setting where life is cheap but religion is strong, and one man is still trying to solve the island's relentless questions"-- Provided by publisher.

Clandestine : a St-Cyr and Kohler mystery

July 28, 2015
Janes, J. Robert (Joseph Robert), 1935- author.
New York : Mysterious Press : Open Road Integrated Media, 2015.
338 pages ; 21 cm
"A Original"--Cover.
The last time Jean-Louis St-Cyr visited the ruins of this ancient abbey, during one of the bloodiest campaigns of the Great War, a sniper nearly killed him. Three decades later, death has brought him here again. Ever since the German occupation of France, the chief inspector has worked alongside German detective inspector Hermann Kohler, solving crimes too common to pique the Gestapo's interest. Now, during the fall of 1943, the war is going badly for the Third Reich, but conflicts continue to plague these two unlikely allies. A bank-owned cargo van is parked near the crumbling monastery, its contents ransacked, its passengers murdered. The killers took small bills but left behind a bounty in smuggled champagne, cheese, and coffee. Even more confounding is the expensive pair of high heels left behind. Were the thieves from the Resistance, or from the underworld? Who is the mysterious woman who was wearing those shoes? St-Cyr and Kohler have a feeling that the answers are hiding in the cold French rain.

Red line : a Matt Sinclair novel

July 28, 2015
Thiem, Brian, author.
New York : Crooked Lane, 2015.
362 pages ; 25 cm
When a teenager from a wealthy suburb outside of Oakland, California is dumped at an inner city bus stop, homicide detective Matt Sinclair catches the case. It's his first since being bumped to desk duty for a bust that went south fast. With few leads and plenty of attention, it's the worst kind of case to help him get back up to speed. It only gets worse as the bodies start to pile up--first at the same bus bench, then around the city.

Silent creed

July 27, 2015
Kava, Alex, author.
326 pages ; 24 cm
"A Ryder Creed novel"--Cover.
"Ryder Creed and his K9 search-and-rescue dogs return in the second installment of an exciting new series, teaming up once more with FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell in their riskiest case yet. When Ryder Creed responds to a devastating mudslide in North Carolina, he knows that the difference between finding survivors and the dead is time. He and his sturdiest search-and-rescue dog, Bolo, get to work immediately, but the scene is rife with danger: continued rainfall prevents the rescue teams from stabilizing the land; toxic household substances spread by the crushing slide fill the area with hazardous waste; and the detritus and debris are treacherous for both man and dog to navigate. But most perilous are the secrets hidden under the mud and sludge--secrets someone would kill to protect. For this is no ordinary rescue mission. Among the buildings consumed by the landslide was a top-secret government research facility, and Creed has been hired to find what's left of it. Then rescuers recover the body of a scientist from the facility who was obviously dead before the landslide--killed by a gunshot to the head. The FBI sends Agent Maggie O'Dell to investigate, and she and Creed are soon caught in a web of lies, secrets, and murder that may involve not only the government facility, but decades-old medical experiments that are the subject of current congressional hearings. As more bodies are found under even more unusual circumstances, they come ever closer to exposing the truth--but with unknown forces working against them, Maggie, Creed, and the dogs are running out of time"-- Provided by publisher.

Drape expectations

July 27, 2015
Smith, Karen Rose, author.
New York, NY : Kensington Publishing Corp., [2015]
295 pages ; 17 cm
"A Caprice De Luca home staging mystery"--Cover.
"These days, home stager Caprice De Luca's calendar is a full house. Her grandmother's health is failing, her wayward uncle is stirring the pot, and she's torn between two equally eligible suitors. With so much drama in her personal life, Caprice is grateful to have Ace Richland, a former 80s rock star, ask her to stage his girlfriend's house. But Alanna Goodwin is a tough customer who balks at Caprice's ideas and all but commandeers the staging. Caprice almost isn't surprised when the snappish Southern belle is strangled to death with a tieback from her tacky velvet drapes. But just as she draws back the curtains on the truth, Caprice realizes she may be next on a murderer's set list" -- provided by publisher.

The devil's seal : a mystery of ancient Ireland

July 27, 2015
Tremayne, Peter, author.
338 pages : map ; 25 cm.
Originally published: Great Britain : Headline Publishing Group, 2014.
"Ireland, A.D. 671. An Anglo-Saxon delegation arrives in Cashel to debate the new religious rules that have been handed down from Rome. The Abbot of Imleach leads the Irish delegation, which is hostile to the new rules from outsiders. Among the Anglo-Saxon group is Brother Eadulf's own younger brother Egric, whom Eadulf hasn't seen for many years. When the debate quickly becomes acrimonious, a local abbess has to step in as a mediator between the two sides. But not even a day later her body is discovered, bludgeoned to death"--Dust jacket flap.

Death at Dovecote Hatch

July 27, 2015
Cannell, Dorothy, author.
Sutton, Surrey, England : Severn House, 2015.
251 pages; 23 cm.
Sequel to: Murder at Mullings.
"A Florence Norris mystery"--Cover.
Suspecting foul play when a mild-mannered villager is found dead, housekeeper Florence Norris investigates a surprise will that reveals dark secrets in the victim's family history.


July 27, 2015
Bauer, Belinda, 1962-
New York : Atlantic Monthly Press, [2015]
313 pages ; 24 cm
"The dead can't speak to us," Professor Madoc had said. That was a lie--because the body Patrick Fort is examining in anatomy class is trying to tell him all kinds of things. His Asperger's syndrome already makes life strange enough for him without having to solve a possible murder on top of it--especially when no one believes a crime has even taken place.

The forgotten

July 24, 2015
Graham, Heather, author.
296 pages ; 25 cm
A woman named Maria Gomez is murdered in Miami, apparently by her husband - who'd been presumed dead, slain by a crime boss. FBI agent Brett Cody can't believe it; dead or alive, the man had loved his wife. Brett also can't help feeling guilty, since he was responsible for protecting Miguel and Maria Gomez. A few miles away, Lara Mayhew has just begun working at a dolphin research facility. She loves her new job - until a dolphin brings her something unexpected from the deep. A human hand. More body parts show up, and when Brett looks into the situation, he discovers that the dismembered corpse is Miguel's.

Broken promise

July 24, 2015
Barclay, Linwood, author.
500 pages ; 24 cm
"A thriller"--Cover.
"From the New York Times bestselling author of No Safe House comes an explosive novel about the disturbing secrets of a quiet small town... After his wife's death and the collapse of his newspaper, David Harwood has no choice but to uproot his nine-year-old son and move back into his childhood home in Promise Falls, New York. David believes his life is in free fall, and he can't find a way to stop his descent. Then he comes across a family secret of epic proportions. A year after a devastating miscarriage, David's cousin Marla has continued to struggle. But when David's mother asks him to check on her, he's horrified to discover that she's been secretly raising a child who is not her own-a baby she claims was a gift from an "angel" left on her porch. When the baby's real mother is found murdered, David can't help wanting to piece together what happened-even if it means proving his own cousin's guilt. But as he uncovers each piece of evidence, David realizes that Marla's mysterious child is just the tip of the iceberg. Other strange things are happening. Animals are found ritually slaughtered. An ominous abandoned Ferris wheel seems to stand as a warning that something dark has infected Promise Falls. And someone has decided that the entire town must pay for the sins of its past... in blood"-- Provided by publisher.

Brush back

July 21, 2015
Paretsky, Sara, author.
x, 459 pages ; 24 cm
"A V.I. Warshawski novel"--Cover.
Reluctantly agreeing to help when an old boyfriend asks her to exonerate his mother for the murder of his sister, V. I. Warshawski is forced to confront ugly politics and violent elements in her hometown.

The redeemers

July 20, 2015
Atkins, Ace, author.
370 pages : map ; 24 cm.
Map on lining papers.
"The ... new novel in [the author's] series about the real Deep South. He is only in his early thirties, but now Quinn Colson is jobless-- voted out of office as sheriff of Tibbehah County, Mississippi, thanks to the machinations of county kingpin Johnny Stagg. He has offers, in bigger and better places, but before he goes, he's got one more job to do--bring down Stagg's criminal operations for good. At least that's the plan. But in the middle of the long, hot summer, a trio of criminals stage a bold, wall-smashing break-in at the home of a local lumber mill owner, making off with a million dollars in cash from his safe, which is curious, because the mill owner is wealthy--but not that wealthy. None of this has anything to do with Colson, but during the investigation, two men are killed, one of them the new sheriff. His friend, acting sheriff Lillie Virgil, and a dangerous former flame, Anna Lee Stevens, both ask him to step in, and reluctantly he does, only to discover that that safe contained more than just money-- it held secrets. Secrets that could either save Colson-- or destroy him once and for all"-- Provided by publisher.

The half-child

July 20, 2015
Savage, Angela, 1966-
Melbourne : Text, 2010.
322 p. ; 24 cm.
Cover subtitle: Jayne Keeney P.I. and the Pattaya case.
Expat private investigator Jayne Keeney is a fiesty thirty-something Aussie who has been living in Bangkok for many years. She has been hired to investigate the alleged suicide of a young Australian woman in a seedy Thai coastal town.

Damage done

July 17, 2015
Panitch, Amanda.
New York : Random House, [2015]
294 pages ; 22 cm
"Julia Vann has a new identity after being forced to leave town because of her twin brother's terrible crime. Julia is the only survivor but she can't remember what happened--at least, that's what she tells the police"-- Provided by publisher.

Believe no one

July 17, 2015
Garrett, A. D., author.
xiii, 412 pages ; 25 cm
Sequel to: Everyone lies.
Detective Chief Inspector Kate Simms is in the United States on sabbatical with St Louis PD. She is working with a 'method swap' team, reviewing cold cases, sharing expertise. Forensic expert Professor Nick Fennimore also happens to be in the States on a book tour and is engineering his trip to get down to St Louis--the last thing Simms wants . . . But a call for help from a sheriff's deputy in Oklahoma distracts the professor: a mother dead, her child gone. Fennimore's quick mind rapidly gets to work, and gradually draws the conclusion this might not an isolated case. How many other young mothers have been killed, their murders unsolved, their children unaccounted for - and what of Simms' cold case in St Louis for instance?

Who let the dog out?

July 17, 2015
Rosenfelt, David.
New York : Minotaur Books, 2015.
324 pages ; 25 cm
"An Andy Carpenter mystery"--Jacket.
"Lawyer Andy Carpenter is surprised when Willie Miller, Andy's partner at their dog rescue operation, the Tara Foundation, calls to say the alarm has gone off at the foundation building. There has clearly been a break-in, and a dog has been stolen. All of the dogs that the Tara Foundation rescues are given collars with GPS tracking capabilities, so Andy and Willie know they'll be able to track down the missing dog. They follow the signal to a house in downtown Paterson, and sure enough, the dog is there...standing right next to a dead body. The man had been gruesomely murdered mere minutes earlier. Could it be a coincidence? Or could the dog theft somehow be connected to the killing? Andy takes the dog safely back to the foundation building, and that should be the end of it, but his curiosity--and his desire to keep the dog from further harm--won't let him stop there. Andy finds himself looking into the circumstances surrounding the break-in and the dog theft, and what he starts to uncover makes him believe that the cops may have just arrested the wrong man for the crime. Once again David Rosenfelt has written a fast-paced and clever mystery with his characteristic blend of humor, larger-than-life characters, and propulsive plotting"-- Provided by publisher.

The royal assassin

July 16, 2015
Parker, Kate, 1949- author.
New York : Berkley Prime Crime, 2015.
298 pages ; 21 cm
"A Victorian bookshop mystery"--Cover.
"When the Duke of Blackford enters her bookstore, Georgia knows the Archivist Society is in need of her services. The Tsar of Russia and his family are visiting Queen Victoria on the auspices of the engagement of the Russian princess Kira to the son of the Queen's cousin. When Kira's bodyguard is found dead on a train returning from Scotland, the Queen calls on Blackford to discreetly protect the princess and prevent an international incident. The Russian royalty refuses help in finding the murderer, suspecting anarchists and demanding every extremist in London be hanged. But that is far from the English way. To get the job done, Georgia must go undercover as Kira's English secretary. She soon discovers that anarchy isn't the only motive in the case and that someone is determined to turn royal wedding bells into a funeral dirge."--Provided by publisher.

The mammoth book of Sherlock Holmes abroad

July 16, 2015
Philadelphia, Pa. : Running Press, 2015.
x, 484 pages ; 20 cm
"A treasure trove of 15 'hitherto lost' overseas mysteries investigated by the great detective himself"--Cover.
The monster of Hell's gate / Paul Finch -- The case of the Maltese catacombs / William Meikle -- The adventure of the colonel's daughter / Denis O. Smith -- The mystery of the red city / Alison Littlewood -- The doll who talked to the dead / Nev Fountain -- A concurrence of coincidences / David Moody -- The strange death of Sherlock Holmes / Andrew Darlington -- The climbing man / Simon Clark -- The curse of Guangxu / Sam Stone -- The case of the revenant / Johnny Mains -- The adventure of the mummy's curse / Cavan Scott -- The case of the lost soul / Paul Kane -- The lunacy of Celestine Blot / Stephen Volk -- The crimson devil / Mark Morris -- The Draugr of Tromsø / Carole Johnstone.
In this anthology of new stories, Sherlock Holmes travels to the far ends of the Earth in search of truth and justice. A host of writers, while remaining respectful towards Conan Doyle's work, present a new and thrilling dimension to Holmes's career.

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