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February 24, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Into the thinnest of air : an Ishmael Jones mysery

February 22, 2018
Green, Simon R., 1955- author. author.
London : Severn House Publishers, 2017.
167 pages ; 22 cm.
Ishmael Jones is attending the re-opening of Tyrone's Castle, an ancient Cornish inn originally built by smugglers. Over dinner, the guests entertain one another with ghost stories inspired by local legends. But it would appear the curse of Tyrone's Castle has struck for real when one of their number disappears into thin air. And then another.

Fire and bone

February 15, 2018
Marks, Rachel A., author.
404 pages ; 21 cm
"Sage is eighteen, down on her luck, and struggling to survive on the streets of Los Angeles. Everything changes the night she's invited to a party--one that turns out to be a trap. Thrust into a magical world hidden beneath the City of Angels, Sage discovers that she's the daughter of a Celtic goddess, with powers that are only in their infancy. Now that she is of age, she's asked to pledge her service to one of the five deities, all keen on winning her favor by any means possible. She has to admit that she's tempted--especially when this new life comes with spells, Hollywood glam, and a bodyguard with secrets of his own. Not to mention a prince whose proposal could boost her rank in the Otherworld. As loyalties shift, and as the two men vie for her attention, Sage tries to figure out whom to trust in a realm she doesn't understand. One thing is for sure: the trap she's in has bigger claws than she thought. And it's going to take a lot more than magic for this Celtic demigoddess to make it out alive"--Back cover.

Solomon's ring

February 15, 2018
Payne, Mary Jennifer, author.
351 pages ; 21 cm.
"Twin sisters Jade and Jasmine are finally together after a five-year separation, but there's no time to enjoy the reunion. As Seers, the sisters are being hunted by demons spilling through the rift, and the city is on high alert against terrorist threats. The Protectors at Beaconsfield have gathered as many Seers as possible, and those countries that haven't been destroyed by climate change are starting to close their borders. On top of it all, Jasmine discovers that someone has stolen a ring with the ability to control the demons, and that the final battle between the Daughters of Light and the forces of darkness is approaching more quickly than anyone predicted. As the Seers engage in a desperate quest to return the ring and close the rift, tensions slowly grow between the sisters, made worse by Jade's new boyfriend and the fact that Raphael has returned, but is keeping his distance from Jasmine."-- Provided by publisher.

Dark tracks

February 14, 2018
Gregory, Philippa, author.
307 pages : illustrations, map ; 22 cm.
Sequel to: Fools' gold.
Luca and Isolde continue investigating for the Order of Darkness in the fourth book in the Order of Darkness series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory.

Sea of stars

February 13, 2018
Bartol, Amy A., author.
Seattle : 47North, [2015]
291 pages ; 21 cm.
"Eighteen-year-old Kricket Hollowell was looking for her place in the world when she discovered that the universe was bigger--and more dangerous--than she had ever dreamed. Now, whisked across space to the planet Ethar, Kricket learns that her genetic ability to see the future makes her a sought-after commodity ... and the catalyst for war between her star-crossed parents' clans. According to Alameedan prophecy, one house will rise to power and the other will be completely wiped out, and Kricket's precognition is believed to be the weapon that will tip the scales. A target of both the Rafe and the Alameeda houses, Kricket finds protection--and a home--in the arms of Trey, her Etharian bodyguard-turned-boyfriend. But her visions of what's to come disturb her deeply, especially since she must discover whether the gift of foresight will allow her to rewrite the future, or if her fate is as immovable as the stars."--Back cover.

By a charm & a curse

February 13, 2018
Questell, Jaime, author
Fort Collins, CO : Entangled Teen, an imprint of Entangled Publishing, 2018.
291 pages ; 22 cm
Le Grand's Carnival Fantastic isn't like other traveling circuses. It's bound by a charm, held together by a centuries-old curse, that protects its members from ever growing older or getting hurt. Emmaline King is drawn to the circus like a moth to a flame and unwittingly recruited into its folds by a mysterious teen boy whose kiss is as cold as ice.--From Publishers description.

The midnight front

February 12, 2018
Mack, David, 1969- author.
New York : TOR, a Tom Doherty Associates Book, 2018.
480 pages ; 24 cm
From New York Times bestselling author David Mack comes a visionary World War II-era adventure. The Midnight Front is the epic first novel in the Dark Arts series. On the eve of World War Two, Nazi sorcerers come gunning for Cade but kill his family instead. His one path of vengeance is to become an apprentice of The Midnight Front--the Allies' top-secret magickal warfare program--and become a sorcerer himself. Unsure who will kill him first--his allies, his enemies, or the demons he has to use to wield magick--Cade fights his way through occupied Europe and enemy lines. But he learns too late the true price of revenge will be more terrible than just the loss of his soul--and there's no task harder than doing good with a power born of ultimate evil.

Child of a mad god

February 12, 2018
Salvatore, R. A., 1959- author.
496 pages : illustration ; 24 cm
A tale of The Coven - cover.
"A Tor book."
When Aoelyn loses her parents, she is left to fend for herself among a tribe of vicious barbarians. Bound by rigid traditions, she dreams of escaping to the world beyond her mountain home. The only hope for achieving the kind of freedom she searches for is to learn how to wield the mysterious power used by the tribe's coven known as the Song of Usgar. Thankfully, Aoelyn may be the strongest witch to have ever lived, but magic comes at price. Not only has her abilities caught the eye of the brutish warlord that leads the tribe, but the demon of the mountain hunts all who wield the Coven's power, and Aoelyn's talent has made her a beacon in the night.

Baby, I'm howling for you

February 12, 2018
Warren, Christine.
New York, NY : St. Martin's Paperbacks, 2018.
310 pages ; 18 cm
Renny Landry is a wolf on the run. Pursued by a shapeshifting stalker and his slobbering pack of killer coyotes, she is forced to flee her job as a librarian to find sanctuary in the wooded hills of Alpha, Washington. A well-secluded safe space for troubled shifters, Alpha is Renny's last hope. But the first person she meets there is a gorgeous alpha male with fiery eyes, fierce tattoos, and one ferocious appetite -for her. Mick Fischer thought he left his past behind when he moved to Alpha. But fate has a way of biting him in the tail when a female wolf shows up on his property. Wounded, desperate, and disarmingly hot, Renny brings out the snarling, protective alpha beast in Mick like no other woman he's known. Can these two haunted, hunted wolves manage to mate for life -even as the deadliest past demons howl at their heels?

The case of the deadly doppelganger

February 8, 2018
Banks, Lucy Ann, author.
Eagle, Idaho : Amberjack Publishing, 2018.
328 pages ; 21 cm.
Only a few months have passed since the day Kester Lanner forced an angry ghost through the spirit door, but business prospects for Dr. Ribero's supernatural agency haven't improved. Things are looking grim when the agency lands a contract which they must share with a rival agency headed by Dr. Ribero's sworn enemy, Larry Higgins. Desperate for the job, the team accepts and begins to investigate the seaside town of Lyme Regis, where elderly victims are dying. The same mysterious clue links the horrendous deaths: the victims all see a double of themselves before dying. The teams wonder if they are dealing with a rogue doppelgänger, one that isn't content just predicting deaths, but carrying them out as well. The victims' connection to an ancient grave site leads to speculation that they may have distrubed a spirit more powerful than the two agencies can handle. One thing is certain, the deaths won't stop unless Kester and the others can overcome their rivalry and stop this deadly spirit.

The raptor & the wren

February 1, 2018
Wendig, Chuck, author.
London ; New York : Saga Press, 2018.
274 pages ; 22 cm.
Miriam Black has found a nearly impossible way to rid herself of her psychic powers, but now her past is catching up to her. A copycat killer has caught the public's attention, an old nemesis is back from the dead, and Louis, the ex she still loves, will commit an unforgiveable act if she doesn't change the future. Miriam knows that only a great sacrifice is enough to counter fate. Haunted and hunted, she is coming to a crossroads -- and not even the Trespasser is going to stand in her way.

Maiorita fukushu tenshi.

January 30, 2018
Foster, L. L., 1958- author.
|6880-02 Virejjibukkusu, 2010.
411 p. ; 15 cm.

Blood fury

January 19, 2018
Ward, J. R., 1969- author.
xiv, 411 pages ; 24 cm.
"Brothers at the Black Dagger Brotherhood training center push recruits to the limit to become faster and stronger than ever before as they continue preparing for the fight against the lessening society. Novo, a resilient survivor and a bit rough around the edges, has overcome a great deal, including her intense attraction to suave, aristocratic Peyton. The two fighters shared a passionate physical connection. But when Peyton finally comes to terms with and admits his true feelings for Novo she rejects him for a more stable male. Now they must train in close quarters and eventually confront the feelings they still undoubtedly harbor for one another"--Provided by publisher.

Better dead

January 16, 2018
Kopfler, Pamela McConathy, author.
vii, 375 pages ; 17 cm.
Burl Davis checked out of this life a little earlier than expected--before Holly could serve him with divorce papers over his extramarital flings. Unfortunately, it was not before he nearly bankrupted her beloved B&B, Holly Grove, a converted plantation that has been in her family for generations. Holly would never wish anyone dead, but three months later she's feeling a lot more relief than grief-- until Burl's ghost appears as an unwelcome guest. Before his spirit can move on, her not-so-dearly departed needs Holly's human help to bust up the drug smuggling ring he was involved with. She has reservations, to say the least, but agrees to assist him if he'll make a show of haunting the B&B to draw in visitors. But when Holly's former love, Jack McCann, mysteriously resurfaces in town and checks in, she has to wonder if her B&B is big enough for the ghost of her husband and the very real physical presence of her old flame-- from

Blood of elves

January 11, 2018
Sapkowski, Andrzej, author.
409 pages ; 18 cm.
"Originally published in hardcover by Gollancz in the UK, 2008"--tp verso.
Into a tumultuous time is born a child for whom the witches of the world have been waiting. Ciri, the granddaughter of Queen Calanthe, the Lioness of Cintra, has strange powers and a strange destiny, for prophecy names her the Flame, one with the power to change the world: for good, or for evil.

Scars and songs : a novel

January 11, 2018
Zolendz, Christine, author.
[Place of publication not identified] : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, [2013]
459 pages ; 23 cm.
"Shane's point of view."
"Shane Maxton is front man for New York City's popular rock band, Mad World. But he has secrets; he's not what everybody thinks he is. He comes from an ancient world, from a different time, when angels walked among men. Read the story, through Shane's eyes, of his forbidden love, his fall from grace and his inner turmoil from living with the irrational emotions of being human"--Back cover.

The wicked vampire

January 9, 2018
Baxter, Kate (Paranormal fiction writer), author.
373 pages ; 17 cm
"Sasha Ivanov was born to be wild. A vampire party girl, she stalks the L.A. clubs at night. Dancing. Drinking. Indulging her darkest appetites. Never sated, she's always looking for more: more danger, more excitement, more blood. But when she enters a supernatural fight club--and is tethered to her mortal enemy--Sasha realizes she's playing the most dangerous game of all... Ewan Brún was born to kill vampires. A powerful berserker and unbeaten champion, he doesn't need a weapon to be deadly. He is the weapon. But when his soul becomes captive to the most beautiful vampire he's ever seen, he is all but powerless. He cannot resist Sasha--and cannot fight his desires. Is their love strong enough to defeat the gathering forces of darkness that threatens to destroy them both?"--Back cover.

Flame in the dark

January 5, 2018
Hunter, Faith, author.
356 pages ; 18 cm.
"Nell Ingram has always known she was different. Since she was a child, she's been able to feel and channel ancient powers from deep within the earth. When she met Jane Yellowrock, her entire life changed, and she was recruited into PsyLED--the Homeland Security division that polices paranormals. But now her newly formed unit is about to take on its toughest case yet. A powerful senator barely survives an assassination attempt that leaves many others dead--and the house he was visiting burns to the ground. Invisible to security cameras, the assassin literally disappears, and Nell's team is called in. As they track a killer they know is more--or less--than human, they unravel a web of dark intrigue and malevolent motives that tests them to their limits and beyond"--Provided by publisher.

Heart sight

January 4, 2018
Owens, Robin D., author.
New York : Berkley Sensation, 2017.
xi, 401 pages ; 21 cm.
"Journey back to the planet Celta with award-winning author Robin D. Owens in this novel about shadowed enemies and unimaginable psi power. Muin "Vinni" T'Vine has been the prophet of Celta since he was six years old. A unique and lonely child, his strong psi power made most people wary of him. But now that he's older, he's ready to marry and protect the girl he's known was his HeartMate for years. Avellana isn't as fragile as Vinni believes ... nor as compliant. She fights to be considered Vinni's equal and a strong member of her Family and community. Both of them have kept Avellana's main power secret for over a decade. But rumors of her strange psi talent are spreading, and Vinni is experiencing premonitions of danger to Avellana--even from the highest people of the land. When the whispers become threats, Vinni and Avellana must discover and defeat their secret enemies before they can finally claim happiness together"-- Provided by publisher.

Wolf hunger

January 4, 2018
Tyler, Paige, author.
310 pages ; 18 cm.
When SWAT Officer Max Lowry meets Lana Mason, he falls fast and hard. He's positive she's The One. And Max's favorite part? Lana's a wolf shifter too, so they can skip the awkward reveal and head straight to the happily ever after. There's just one problem: Lana doesn't know that she's a werewolf. To make matters worse, hunters with intent to kill have tracked Lana to Dallas. Max has to figure out how to keep Lana safe, show her who and what she really is-- and just how much she means to him.

The goblins of Bellwater

January 4, 2018
Ringle, Molly, author.
266 pages : map ; 21 cm
"Most people have no idea goblins live in the woods around the small town of Bellwater, Washington. But some are about to find out. Skye, a young barista and artist, falls victim to a goblin curse in the forest one winter night, rendering her depressed and silenced, unable to speak of what happened. Her older sister, Livy, is at wit's end trying to understand what's wrong with her. Local mechanic Kit would know, but he doesn't talk of such things: he's the human liaison for the goblin tribe, a job he keeps secret and never wanted, thrust on him by an ancient family contract. Unaware of what's happened to Skye, Kit starts dating Livy, trying to keep it casual to protect her from the attention of the goblins. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Kit, Skye draws his cousin Grady into the spell through an enchanted kiss in the woods, dooming Grady and Skye both to become goblins and disappear from humankind forever. It's a midwinter night's enchantment as Livy, the only one untainted by a spell, sets out to save them on a dangerous magical path of her own."--Back cover.

Ramses the damned : the passion of Cleopatra

January 3, 2018
Rice, Anne, 1941- author.
New York : Anchor Books, 2017.
400 pages ; 21 cm
Ramses the Great, former pharaoh of Egypt, is reawakened by the elixir of life in Edwardian England. Now immortal with his bride-to-be, he is swept up in a fierce and deadly battle of wills and psyches against the once-great Queen Cleopatra. Ramses has reawakened Cleopatra with the same perilous elixir whose unworldly force brings the dead back to life. But as these ancient rulers defy one another in their quest to understand the powers of the strange elixir, they are haunted by a mysterious presence even older and more powerful than they, a figure drawn forth from the mists of history who possesses spectacular magical potions and tonics eight millennia old. This is a figure who ruled over an ancient kingdom stretching from the once-fertile earth of the Sahara to the far corners of the world, a queen with a supreme knowledge of the deepest origins of the elixir of life. She may be the only one who can make known to Ramses and Cleopatra the key to their immortality--and the secrets of the miraculous, unknowable, endless expanse of the universe.

The complete Sookie Stackhouse stories

January 3, 2018
Harris, Charlaine, author.
New York : Ace, 2017.
xii, 368 pages ; 22 cm
Fairy dust -- One word answer -- Dracula night -- Lucky -- Gift wrap -- Two blondes -- If I had a hammer -- Small-town wedding -- Playing possum -- In the blue hereafter.
"For the first time together in one volume, here is the complete short story collection starring Louisiana's favorite telepathic waitress, Sookie Stackhouse...From investigating the murder of a local fairy to learning that her cousin was a vampire, from remodeling her best friend's house to attending a wedding with her shapeshifting boss, Sam, Sookie navigates the perils and pitfalls of the paranormal world. Belly up to the bar at Bon Temps's favorite watering hole and hear stories that will make you wish Sookie never left..."-- Provided by publisher.

Mississippi roll

January 3, 2018
New York : Tor Books, 2017.
332 pages : map; 24 cm
In the shadow of tall stacks / by Stephen Leigh -- Wingless angel / by John Jos. Miller -- A big break in the small time / Carrie Vaughn -- Death on the water / Cherie Priest -- Find the lady / Kevin Andrew Murphy -- Under the arch / David D. Levine.
After the suspicious death of a crew member on the historical steamboat Natchez, retired NY police detective Leo Storgman seeks to discover the ship's secrets, including the truth behind ghostly sightings of its first captain.

Star touched

January 2, 2018
Kaplan, A. L., author.
265 pages ; 21 cm
Eighteen-year-old Tatiana is running from her past and her star-touched powers. Her power to heal may be overshadowed by more destructive abilities. Fleeing the persecution of those like her, Tatiana seeks refuge in a small town she once visited. But this civil haven, in a world where society has broken down, is beginning to crumble. Will Tatiana flee or stay and fight for the new life she has built? Only by harnessing the very forces that haunt her can Tatiana save her friends...and herself. --

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