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March 29, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Beasts, river, drunk men, garden, burst, & light : sequences and long poems

March 28, 2017
Hague, Richard, 1947- author.
copyright 2016
xiv, 281 pages ; 23 cm

Elizabeth Bishop : a miracle for breakfast

March 28, 2017
Marshall, Megan, author.
xv, 365 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"Since her death in 1979, Elizabeth Bishop, who published only one hundred poems in her lifetime, has become one of America's best-loved poets. And yet -- painfully shy and living out of public view in Key West and Brazil, among other hideaways -- she has never been seen so fully as a woman and an artist. Megan Marshall makes incisive and moving use of a newly discovered cache of Bishop's letters -- to her psychiatrist and to three of her lovers -- to reveal a much darker childhood than has been known, a secret affair, and the last chapter of her passionate romance with the Brazilian modernist designer Lota de Macedo Soares."--Provided by publisher.

Lois Lenski : storycatcher

March 20, 2017
Malone, Bobbie, 1944- author.
x, 323 pages : illustrations, map ; 24 cm
Growing up in the Lenski household -- Quietly rebellious -- Finding time to create -- The birth and growth of Mr. Small -- Immersed in history -- Stories from life -- Lenski as storycatcher -- Catching more stories -- Innovations and collaborations -- Friend of children.
For generations of children, including a young Oprah Winfrey, opening a Lois Lenski book has meant opening a world. This was just what the author wanted: to help children “see beyond the rim of their own world.” In Lois Lenski: Storycatcher, historian and educator Bobbie Malone takes us into Lenski’s own world to tell the story of how a girl from a small Ohio town became a beloved literary icon. Author and illustrator of the Newbery Award–winning Strawberry Girl and numerous other tales of children from America’s diverse regions and cultures, Lenski spent five decades creating stories for young readers. Lois Lenski: Storycatcher follows her development as a writer and as an artist, and it traces the evolution of her passionate belief in the power of empathy conveyed in children’s books. Understanding that youngsters responded instinctively to narratives rich in reality, Lenski turned her extensive study of hardworking families into books that accurately and movingly depicted the lives of the children of sharecroppers, coal miners, and migrant field workers. From Bayou Suzette to Blue Ridge Billy, Corn-Farm Boy to Houseboat Girl, and Boom Town Boy to Texas Tomboy, Lenski’s books mirrored the cultural energy and concerns of the time. This first full-length biography tells how Lenski traveled throughout the country, gathering the stories that brought to life in words and pictures whole worlds that had for so long been invisible in children’s literature. In the process, her work became a source of delight, inspiration, and insight for generations of readers.

The nineteen steps between us

March 16, 2017
Demaree, Darren C., author.
St. Paul, MN : a...p press, 2016.
88 pages ; 23 cm

The palace of flowers : poems

March 13, 2017
Grubbs, Gerry, author.
Loveland, Ohio : Dos Madres Press, Inc., 2016.
viii, 78 pages ; 23 cm

Incendiary art : poems

March 9, 2017
Smith, Patricia, 1955- author.
Evanston, Illinois : TriQuarterly Books/Northwestern University Press, 2017.
132 pages ; 22 cm
Incendiary -- When black men drown their daughters -- Accidential -- Shotting into the mirror.

I could pee on this, too : and more poems by cats

March 6, 2017
Marciuliano, Francesco, author.
111 pages : color illustrations ; 16 cm
Our People -- Our Home -- Our Thoughts -- Our Rules.
"There's a new cat in town! This feisty sibling of the international bestseller I Could Pee on This will be making its own sensational mark in the cat-poetry world. I Could Pee on This, Too explores fresh feline emotions and philosophical musings through cats' own poetry, such as "Welcome New Cat," "Sleeping My Life Away," and "You Also Live Here." Any cat lover who's longed for a deeper look into the enigmatic world of their cats will fall whiskers over paws for this well-versed follow-up"-- Provided by publisher.

Confessions of a captured angel

March 6, 2017
Carpathios, Neil, author.
West Caldwell, NJ : Terrapin Books, [2016]
95 pages ; 23 cm


March 6, 2017
Oestreich, David, author.
Meredith, NH : Folded Word, [2016]
27 p. ; 18 cm

Getting the mail : poems

March 6, 2017
Lentes, Cathy Cultice, author.
Georgetown, Kentucky : Finishing Line Press, [2016]
26 pages ; 22 cm
Washing the poem -- Life work -- Approaching Chester, Ohio -- Ten years -- Marjolane -- Farm bureau annual dinner -- Remembering Selma, Ohio -- Upon hearing James still read "Those I want in heaven with me should there be such a place" -- Allan -- The slowest boy in the world -- All the little schools -- Throwing stones -- Fossil fueled -- A longing like Noah's -- Drinking tea at a McDonalds's overlooking the Ohio River at Pomeroy, Ohio -- A normal day -- Passing poems -- The road marked poetry -- Appalachian wine -- Walnuts -- Writing the storm -- Driven -- Weather report -- When wishes were horses -- Heavenly -- Getting the mail.

In the company of Russell Atkins : a celebration by friends on his 90th birthday

March 6, 2017
[Place of publication not identified] : Red Giant Books, [2016?]
136 pages ; 23 cm
"Inspired and assisted by Russell Atkins, the best editor."
Contributors include: Hzal Anubewei, Yaseen AsSami, George Bilgere, John Donoghue, Michael Dumanis, Leatrice J.W. Emeruwa, Robert Fleming, Chris Franke, John Gabel, Norman Jordan, Diane Kendig, Dawn Lundy Martin, Robert E. McDonough, Ray McNiece, Joan Nicholl, Mwatabu Okantah, Nathan Oliver, Caryl Pagel, Kevin Prufer, P.K. Saha, M.A. Shaheed, John Stickney, Kent Taylor, Leonard Trawick, Lewis Turco, Ra Washington, Mary Weems, Zena Zipporah.

Into a new country : poems

March 6, 2017
Fleming, Deborah.
Cincinnati, OH : Cherry Grove Collections, c2016.
105 p. ; 23 cm.
The formalist and free verse poems in this book follow the anonymous speaker through love and loss from youth to maturity, juxtapose and explore the subjects of love, death, art and war, and take us to locations in Europe, Asia and America to discover new "countries" of mind and heart.

Many full hands applauding inelegantly : three poetry sequences

March 6, 2017
Demaree, Darren C., author.
Montreal, Canada : 8th House Publishing, 2016.
210 pages ; 21 cm
A violent sound in almost every place -- We are arrows -- All the birds are leaving.

Age of Aquarius : collected poems, 1981-2016

March 3, 2017
Borsenik, Dianne, 1955- author.
Parma, Ohio : Crisis Chronicles Press, 2016
144 pages ; 22 cm
Age of Aquarius -- Disco -- Cinco de Mayo moon -- Fortune cookie -- Lovechild -- Elemental -- Tie-dye -- When October's throat is cut to celebrate Samhain -- Fire -- Water -- Thrist -- Licking winter -- Greenheart -- Hairy situation -- Hipster -- Hippie chick, baby -- Back that thang up -- Rocker -- Reading palms -- Drumming circle -- Blue moon -- Where the sky goes -- Import -- Lost -- Seeds -- Sacrifice and broken fevers -- In a bar, the basement, a microphone, and poets -- BeatStreet Cleveland -- Let's get it on -- Tribe -- Everybody must get stoned -- Bad, Inc. -- Stopping by bar on a rainy evening -- Back to the pack -- Incontinence -- NetWork -- Red stilettos -- Kicking it -- Two bottles -- Family tree -- One peachy day -- Cravings -- One small step -- Black and white -- Cary Grant walks -- Frank Sinatra sighs -- Soul custody -- Serious moonlight -- Trick whore treat -- Merrily, merrily -- Easter/west -- Baby needs a new pair of wings -- Night ballet -- Black mass -- Purdah -- Daisy chain -- Countdown -- Blue heart -- All I want is to leave -- Brother, can you spare a dime -- Check out -- Few dollar man -- Cleveland spelled backwards is -- Casting call -- Happy hour -- Got soul? -- Thaumaturgy -- Frankie's too cool -- Bohemian vendetta -- going braless -- Conscientious objector --Serious flannel -- Cupid -- Her first time -- Story book -- Psalm -- In this desert -- Each stroke a promise -- Wood I love you -- Summer and smoke -- Making scents -- Sugar, spice and everything twice -- You are you -- Butterfly -- These places -- Wet -- Pink hell -- Bufo alvarius -- Dark shadow -- The nightmare spinners -- Wraiths -- Fusion -- Learning the form -- Mutability -- Jawbone -- Communication breakdown -- Mother tongue -- Champagne dance -- HardDrive/Softwear -- QRU -- Antiphon for winter solstice -- Flow -- Dia de los Muertes -- Pools of- -- The view.

Complayntes for Doctor Neuro & other poems

March 3, 2017
Matthias, John, 1941- author.
Bristol : Shearman Books, 2016.
106 pages ; 23 cm
Some histories -- Pending a piano player:Maurice Ravel's Gaspard de la Nuit -- Anniversary -- Refusing an archive -- The doppelgänger's hands -- Yeats, Pound and Pooh: Stone Cottage, Sussex -- On the (unfinished) beach -- Notes of an uninvited guest -- In Skunk Hour's Maine: Reunion at the Fosse -- Paddy's broken road -- Elegy for Seamus Heaney -- From Senile Sextets -- Song of the association's spokesman -- Who lives at the P.O.? -- Proof -- I didn't, I won't -- Post-anecdotal (with a new third part) -- Tourist guide to Crete -- A hard man is good to find -- I copy that -- Firing neurons à la Valéry -- Villon à la Rodefer -- A sinking boat (2) -- After Las Formas Puras, after Lorca -- After Quevedo -- Icarus -- The house of headache -- Two from Des Petits Hommages -- A backward zone -- Camilla of the Volscians -- the major odes -- Three act play -- Postcolonial chicken -- The M's -- Some instruments for Mr. Frick -- Complayntes for Doctor Neuro.

Haint : poems

March 3, 2017
Cross Davis, Teri Ellen, author.
90 pages : portrait ; 21 cm.
Fade to Black -- Why Persephone Should Be a Black Name -- East 149th Street (Symphony for a Black Girl) -- Complected -- My Monthly -- Ode to Now 'n' Laters -- Fifteen -- Dear Diary -- I'll Be There -- Scar Tissue -- Akron at Night -- Free -- Mercy -- The Handicapped Stall -- Sixteen -- Brown Sugar -- Understood -- Membrane -- Wrath -- Passover -- Searching -- Nights at Maya's -- Southern Cross -- Piece -- Perspective -- The kink in the fantasy -- One Night Stand -- Morning When a Dream Lingers -- Kiwi -- Church -- Process -- After Earl Came Home -- Work Calendar -- Lily51 -- the blond on his arm -- Odalisque -- Gaze -- She Talks to Michael Fassbender -- The small of my back (your hand here) -- Permission -- He Can Get The Panties -- The Dark Lady Speaks -- Haint -- Charting -- Knell -- The First IVF Fails -- Going Through With It -- bough breaks -- Hunger -- Slip Skin Study: Broken -- At 5 weeks -- The Return of the Prodigal Mother -- Induced -- Letdown -- Family Bed -- All The King's Horses -- Thick of It -- Two Glasses of Milk -- Lament for Things Found Under a Child's Bed.

Her faithfulness

March 2, 2017
Waldner, Liz, author.
Oxford, Ohio : Miami University Press, [2016]
67 pages ; 21 cm
A natural history -- Due south, for(god)sake -- Inchant, penchant -- Ex scriptoria -- In eleanor's back garden -- Having again -- Beloved, merely -- Adjunct -- To you your name -- Aubade -- A natural history -- If, then, in, stead -- The part of me wishing doesn't remember -- The company of heaven -- How i got so tiny -- Semblance, screens -- Birthday, 2000, seattle -- For a lark -- Seattle, third and pike -- A confession -- The... stripped bare -- the polish lady in the paper shop who suffers with her nerves? -- For kierkegaard -- The 7th day in the 14th place i have lived in 21 months -- I thought i had a very nice time -- Everywhere preceded by some please -- The sovereignty and the goodness of god -- Together with the faithfulness of his promises displayed -- Sad verso of the sunny _____ -- All experience a door -- Lacustrine and midrash -- Epiphenomenon -- Ordinary -- On moving again -- My conclusion -- Self and self: vigil.

Leaving CLE : poems of nomadic dispersal

March 2, 2017
Lowe, Janice A., 1963- author.
Oxford, Ohio : Miami University Press, 2016.
89 pages ; 26 cm
Electromagentic sidewalks -- Brooklyn -- Migratory reversal -- Crepuscular portraits -- Copporeal migration.

Pictures at an exhibition : a Petersburg album

March 2, 2017
Metres, Philip, 1970- author.
Akron, Ohio : The University of Akron Press, 2016.
83 pages ; 23 cm.

Small enterprise

March 2, 2017
Biddinger, Mary. author.
[Pittsburgh, PA] : Black Lawrence Press, 2015.
96 pages : 22 cm

How ghosts travel

March 1, 2017
Siegel, James J., author.
New York City : Spuyten Duyvil, [2016]
vii, 93 pages ; 23 cm
Mayfly -- County fair -- Blizzard of '78 -- Fishing photo, circa 1984 -- Sisters of mercy -- Tornado season -- Easter Sunday -- Industry -- Death star -- Boy Scout blue -- Map -- Michigan firecracker -- Massillon -- Dorm room -- Summit Street -- Lake Erie dead zones -- Ghosts of Ohio -- Mary Bach's fingers -- Rented home -- Traditional ache -- Ithaca -- Dark at 2 PM -- Jason -- Ouija -- Roseville -- Serpent Mound -- Flatlands -- Little pills -- Dawn of the dead -- Ohio border commute -- Identifying with Licking County -- Remains -- The road -- Numbered stones -- Search dogs -- Murder of crows -- Quarters -- Reliable transportation -- Skyline-- Saturday afternoon horror movies -- Orchard -- The other side -- Chippewa Lake.
"This collection seems to have been written with vapor-- the unseen made visible through James Siegel's intuitive eye. The poems also form an elegy of place, Ohio..." --Back cover.

Local extinctions : a book of poems

March 1, 2017
Quade, Mary, author.
74 pages ; 22 cm
Birthday party magician -- Mole -- Egg -- Daffodils -- Magic fingers -- Cow puppet -- Wealth -- How to use a single-lens reflex -- Love poem with bodies -- Gull -- Workbench -- From old Doctor Carlin's recepit book and household physician -- Historical marker, rest stop, Jackson County, Wisconsin -- Killing songbirds the compassionate way -- To bear -- Phobia poems -- Rickey Henderson breaks the record for stolen bases in a season, Milwaukee -- Two exercises in stopping time -- Bluing -- The middle school cheerleader -- In the toy hall of fame -- Amish boy with remote control car-- Amish boy gesturing at the road -- Adjusting the depth of field -- Stinging things -- The sacrifice -- The fig -- Homage to small hurts -- Framing the shot -- Historical marker partially obscured by shrubs -- Loneliness as a tour of covered bridges, Ashtabula County, Ohio -- Sky dive -- Skyway drive-in theater, Madison, Ohio -- Missing -- Measuring exposure -- Clothesline -- First place at the County Fair.

Four reincarnations : poems

February 28, 2017
Ritvo, Max, 1990-2016, author.
Minneapolis, Minnesota : Milkweed Editions, 2016.
79 pages ; 23 cm
1. Living it up ; The curve ; The senses ; Holding a freshwater fish in a pail above the sea ; The watercolor eulogy ; Hi, Melissa ; Poem to my litter ; Dawn of man ; Black bulls -- 2. For crow ; To Randal, crow-stealer, Lord of the Greenhouse ; Sky-sex dreams of Randal ; Stalking my ex-girlfriend in a pasture ; Mommy harangues poor Randal ; Lyric complicity for one -- 3. Poem about my wife being perfect and me being afraid ; When I criticize you, I'm just trying to criticize the universe ; Poem in which my shrink is a little boy ; Radiation in New Jersey, convalescence in New York ; Poem set in the day and in the night ; Poem to my dog, Monday, on night I accidentally ate meat ; Troy ; Heaven is us being a flower together ; Afternoon -- 4. Second dream ; Plush bunny ; Crow says goodbye ; Appeal to my first love ; The big loser ; The vacuum planet of the pee pee priestess ; The blimp ; The end ; Touching the floor ; Zyprexa, the snow pills ; Snow angels ; The hanging gardens ; Universe where we weren't artists.
Reverent and profane, entertaining and bruising, Four Reincarnations is a debut collection of poems that introduces an exciting new voice in American letters. When Max Ritvo was diagnosed with cancer at age sixteen, he became the chief war correspondent for his body. These poems are dispatches from chemotherapy beds and hospitals and the loneliest spaces in the home. They are relentlessly embodied, communicating pain, violence, and loss. And yet they are also erotically, electrically attuned to possibility and desire, to "everything living / that won't come with me / into this sunny afternoon." Ritvo explores the prospect of death with singular sensitivity, but he is also a poet of life and of love - a cool-eyed assessor of mortality and a fervent champion for his body and its pleasures. Ritvo writes to his wife, ex-lovers, therapists, fathers, and one mother. He finds something to love and something to lose in everything: Listerine PocketPak breath strips, Indian mythology, wool hats. But in these poems, from the humans that animate him to the inanimate hospital machines that remind him of death, it's Ritvo's vulnerable, aching pitch of intimacy that establishes him as one of our finest young poets.

There are more beautiful things than Beyoncé

February 27, 2017
Parker, Morgan, author.
Portland, OR : Tin House Books, 2017.
85 pages ; 22 cm

Bestiary : poems

February 27, 2017
Kelly, Donika, author.
xii, 70 pages ; 23 cm
Out West -- Catalogue -- Fourth grade autobiography -- Where she is opened. Where she is closed -- Love poem: chimera -- Bower -- Hermit thrush -- Bower -- Self-portrait as a block of ice -- Bower -- Self-portrait as a door -- Swallow -- Love poem: Pegasus -- Handsome is -- How to be alone -- Whale -- Ceremony at the end of a season -- Ostrich -- Arkansas love song -- A man goes west and falls off his horse in the desert -- Love poem: centaur -- Secretary -- Love poem: centaur -- Love poem: satyr -- Balloon -- Love poem: mermaid -- Love letter -- Love poem: werewolf -- Little box -- Self-portrait as a wooden flower -- Commandments -- Love poem: griffon -- Archaeology -- Tender -- Winter poem -- Love poem: Donika -- Red bird -- What gay porn has done for me -- Sonnet in which only one bird appears -- Love poem: minotaur -- Santa Rosa -- Love poem -- Back East.

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