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January 24, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Zen pencils : cartoon quotes from inspirational folks

January 23, 2015
Than, Gavin Aung.
175 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 23 cm
Zen Pencils turns your favorite quotes into fun and unique comics that will inspire and motivate even the most cynical of readers. Famous words modern thinkers, including Neil Gaiman, Stephen Fry, John Green, Roger Ebert, and Neil deGrasse Tyson as well as historic greats Marie Curie, C.S. Lewis, Bruce Lee, Vincent van Gogh, and Confucius are transformed into charming narrative comics that are sure to unlock your inner passion and creativity.

The book of love : improvisations on a crazy little thing

January 21, 2015
Rosenblatt, Roger, author.
New York : Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2015]
177 pages ; 20 cm

Irreducible mind : toward a psychology for the 21st century

January 21, 2015
Kelly, Edward F.
Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield, 2010, c2007.
xxxi, 800 p. ; 23 cm.
A view from the mainstream: contemporary cognitive neuroscience and the consciousness debates -- F.W.H. Myers and the empirical study of the mind-body problem -- Psychophysiological influence -- Memory -- Automatism and secondary centers of consciousness -- Unusual experiences near death and related phenomena -- Genius -- Mystical experience -- Toward a psychology for the 21st century -- Appendix: an introductory bibliography of psychical research.
Current mainstream opinion in psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy of mind holds that all aspects of human mind and consciousness are generated by physical processes occurring in brains. The present volume demonstrates empirically that this reductive materialism is not only incomplete but false. The authors systematically marshal evidence for a variety of psychological phenomena that are extremely difficult, and in some cases clearly impossible, to account for in conventional physicalist terms.

Doable : the girls' guide to accomplishing just about anything

January 16, 2015
Reber, Deborah, author.
New York : Simon Pulse ; Hillsboro, Oregon : Beyond Words, 2015.
197 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
The doable way -- Step 1: define your to do -- Step 2: detail the little tasks -- Step 3: defend against obstacles -- Step 4: develop support systems -- Step 5: determine what success looks like -- Step 6: do the work -- Step 7: deal with setbacks -- Step 8: deliver the goods -- How doable became doable.
"Got goals? This empowering guide shows how to tackle your to-dos with confidence and enthusiasm so that you can transform anxiety into accomplishment."--Provided by publisher.

The like switch : an ex-FBI agent's guide to influencing, attracting, and winning people over

January 16, 2015
Schafer, Jack, author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, [2015]
xv, 270 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"A Touchstone book"
The friendship formula -- Getting noticed before a word is spoken -- The golden rule of friendship -- The laws of attraction -- Speaking the language of friendship -- Building closeness -- Nurturing and sustaining long term relationships -- The perils and promise of relationships in a digital world.

Getting to yes with yourself : and other worthy opponents

January 15, 2015
Ury, William, author.
192 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"William Ury, coauthor of the international bestseller Getting to Yes, returns with another groundbreaking book, this time asking: how can we expect to get to yes with others if we haven't first gotten to yes with ourselves? Renowned negotiation expert William Ury has taught tens of thousands of people from all walks of life--managers, lawyers, factory workers, coal miners, schoolteachers, diplomats, and government officials--how to become better negotiators. Over the years, Ury has discovered that the greatest obstacle to successful agreements and satisfying relationships is not the other side, as difficult as they can be. The biggest obstacle is actually our own selves--our natural tendency to react in ways that do not serve our true interests. But this obstacle can also become our biggest opportunity, Ury argues. If we learn to understand and influence ourselves first, we lay the groundwork for understanding and influencing others. In this prequel to Getting to Yes, Ury offers a seven-step method to help you reach agreement with yourself first, dramatically improving your ability to negotiate with others. Practical and effective, Getting to Yes with Yourself helps readers reach good agreements with others, develop healthy relationships, make their businesses more productive, and live far more satisfying lives"-- Provided by publisher.

Chill : stress-reducing techniques for a more balanced, peaceful you

January 15, 2015
Reber, Deborah, author.
vii, 212 pages : illustrations, forms ; 22 cm
Introduction -- 1. What is stress? -- Time-out : facing the future -- 2. What's eating you? -- [pt. 1] Taking action -- 3. Time management -- Time-out : college admissions survival guide -- 4. Organization -- 5. Speaking up and saying no -- Time-out : Gotta work? Finding balance when you have a job -- [pt. 2] Looking out -- 6. Creating a support system -- Time-out : the friendship survival guide -- 7. Getting perspective -- Time-out : more than stress? When it's time to get professional help -- [pt. 3] Looking in -- 8. DIY therapy -- 9. Journaling -- Time-out : social media survival guide -- 10. Zoning out and tuning in -- [pt. 4] Getting physical -- 11. Exercise -- Time-out : body image reboot -- 12. Nutrition -- Epilogue.
"Chill explains what happens to your body and mind when you're stressed; shows you how to de-stress through a variety of techniques including time management, visualization, exercise, and creative outlets; offers organizational tips to make every part of your life run more smoothly; helps you deal with some of the side effects of stress; and much more."--Author's website.

Happy is the new healthy : 31 ways to relax, let go, and enjoy life NOW!

January 9, 2015
Romanelli, David, author.
xxiv, 161 pages ; 21 cm

How the body knows its mind : the surprising power of the physical environment to influence how you think and feel

January 7, 2015
Beilock, Sian, author.
New York : Atria Books, 2015.
viii, 277 pages ; 24 cm
"Takes you inside the amazing science of how the body affects the mind, and shows how to use that wisdom to live smarter and maximize what your body teaches your mind"-- Provided by publisher.

Aha! : the moments of insight that shape our world

January 6, 2015
Irvine, William Braxton, 1952-
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2015.
x, 362 pages ; 19 cm
Machine generated contents note: -- Introduction -- Part I: Religion -- Chapter 1: Seeing the Light -- Chapter 2: Vision or Hallucination? -- Chapter 3: Other People's Visions -- Part 2: The Aha Moment in Morality -- Chapter 4: The Two Kinds of Moral Epiphany -- Chapter 5: Moral Feelings -- Chapter 6: The Problem with Moral Reformers -- Part 3: The Aha Moment in Science -- Chapter 7: The Joy of Discovery -- Chapter 8: Gaining Insights -- Chapter 9: Dealing with Rejection -- Part 4: The Aha Moment in Mathematics -- Chapter 10: Moments of Pure Insight -- Chapter 11: The Magic of Incubation -- Chapter 12: The After-Math -- Part 5: The Aha Moment in the Arts -- Chapter 13: Lots of Little Ahas -- Chapter 14: On Managing One's Muse -- Chapter 15: But Is It Art? -- Conclusion.
"Why do "aha moments" strike us suddenly? Why do they so often come to us when we are focused on something completely unrelated? And when great ideas "come to" us, where do they come from? In Aha!: The Moments of Insight that Shape Our World, philosopher William B. Irvine explores these epiphanies, from the minor insights that strike us all daily, to the major realizations that alter the course of history. Focusing on aha moments as they take place in five different domains--religion, morality, science, math, and art--Irvine provides case studies that shed light on the different ways epiphanies happen in the different domains, and on their differing social impact. Along the way, he describes some of the great aha moments in history, from ancient times to the present day. We like to think that our greatest thoughts are the product of our conscious mind. Irvine demonstrates, though, that it is our unconscious mind that is the source of our most significant insights, and that the role the conscious mind plays in eliciting these insights is to try, unsuccessfully, to solve certain problems. Only if the conscious mind is willing to do this--and thereby experience considerable frustration--is the unconscious mind likely to reward it with a breakthrough insight--that the conscious mind will then take credit for. Irvine explores not only the neuroscience of aha moments but also their personal and social ramifications. How does a person respond to having a breakthrough insight that goes against a dominant paradigm? And how does the world respond when she shares that insight? He shows that in many cases, what is most remarkable about those who have had the great insights of human history is not their but their courage and perseverance in fighting for the world to accept them"-- Provided by publisher.

The power of 100! : kickstart your dreams, build momentum, and discover unlimited possibility

January 5, 2015
King, Shaun, 1979- author.
New York : Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc., 2015.
xxvi, 272 pages ; 24 cm
If you had a plan : preparing to live life on purpose from here on out -- If you had no fear : regaining your imagination and living life with gusto -- If money wasn't a problem : starting where you are and believing you will have enough -- If you had more time : cutting the trivial from your daily life and maximizing every spare moment -- Balanced attack : the seven interlocking life-goal categories -- YORGs (your outrageously ridiculous goals) : seven goals that guide them all -- The life-goal fireball : getting momentum and keeping it -- Go!: create your 100 life goals now and make them public -- Generosity goals: how will I make the world a better place? -- Health and fitness goals : how will I give my body the best chance? -- Career and finance goals : how can I find financial freedom while doing what I love? -- Spiritual and emotional goals : what will foster internal strength? -- Travel goals : how can I grow by experiencing the beauty and people of the world? -- Friends and family goals : how can I be sure the people around me know how much I love them? -- Accomplishment and experience goals : what have I always dreamed of doing? -- Teamwork makes your dreams work : coaches and teammates -- Overcoming adversity : how to bounce back when life gets crazy.

Emergence : seven steps for radical life change

January 5, 2015
Rydall, Derek, 1968-
Hillsboro, Oregon : Atria Paperback/Beyond Words, 2015.
lv, 200 pages ; 22 cm
"Are you struggling to improve something about yourself--your health, your mindset, your relationships? Throw aside the self-help books and recognize this one simple, radical truth: the answer is already in you. The harder we try to change, the deeper in the hole we get. We find a new partner but have the same old fights. We strive for an ever bigger paycheck but end up broke at a higher income bracket. This is what happens when the basic principle of life--the Law of Emergence--is disrupted, stopping you from knowing that you are the perfect you. Like an acorn is a perfect acorn that becomes a perfect oak tree, there is not a part of you from beginning to end that isn't exactly what you should be. The Law of Emergence provides the foundation to re-engage with this ancient principle. In this seven-stage framework, spiritual life coach Derek Rydall shows that we aren't lacking anything; everything we need to fulfill our full potential is already inside us. Backed by an ancient truth that has largely been lost, Rydall changes the conversation around how to achieve your potential by showing you how to activate the genius already in you and empower your purpose in life"-- Provided by publisher.

It wasn't your fault : freeing yourself from the shame of childhood abuse with the power of self-compassion

January 2, 2015
Engel, Beverly, author.
vi, 256 pages ; 23 cm.
"Shame is one of the most destructive of human emotions. If you suffered childhood physical or sexual abuse, you may experience such intense feelings of shame that it almost seems to define you as a person. In order to begin healing, it's important for you to know that it wasn't your fault. In this gentle guide, therapist and childhood abuse expert Beverly Engel presents a mindfulness and compassion-based therapeutic approach to help you overcome the debilitating shame that keeps you tied to the past. By following the step-by-step exercises in this book, you'll gain a greater understanding of the root cause of your shame. And by cultivating compassion toward yourself, you will begin to heal and move past your painful experiences. Recent studies show that trauma survivors, particularly those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) resulting from abuse, can greatly benefit from incorporating elements of self-compassion into their treatment. Furthermore, the practice of self-compassion has been shown to decrease PTSD symptoms, including, self-criticism, thought suppression, and rumination. This book is based on the author's powerful and effective Compassion Cure program. With this book, you will develop the skills needed to finally put a stop the crippling self-blame that keeps you from moving on and being happy. You'll learn to focus on your strengths, your courage, and your extraordinary ability to survive. Most of all, you'll learn to replace shame with its counter emotion--pride."--Publisher's description.

Women, food, and desire : embrace your cravings, make peace with food, reclaim your body

January 2, 2015
Jamieson, Alexandra, 1975-
New York : Gallery Books, 2015.
ix, 243 pages ; 24 cm
"The prescriptive answer to WOMEN, FOOD, AND GOD, Alexandra Jamieson's WOMEN, FOOD, AND DESIRE explores women's cravings--for food, sleep, sex, movement, companionship, inspiration--and teaches readers to listen to their bodies and learn to correctly interpret the signs of imbalance in order to satisfy their needs in a healthful way"-- Provided by publisher.

Brave girls : raising young women with passion and purpose to become powerful leaders

January 2, 2015
Radin, Stacey, author.
New York : Atria Book, 2015.
ix, 290 pages ; 24 cm

The purpose principles : how to draw more meaning into your life

December 30, 2014
Ducey, Jake, author.
New York : Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, a member of Penguin Group (USA), [2015]
xxiii, 231 pages ; 21 cm

Introverts in love : the quiet way to happily ever after

December 30, 2014
Dembling, Sophia.
New York : Perigee, 2015.
xvi, 190 pages ; 19 cm
Includes index.
"From the author of The Introvert's Way, a friendly and accessible guide to dating and relationships for introverts. Love is tricky for everyone--and different personality types can face their own unique problems. Now the author of The Introvert's Way offers a guide to romance that takes you through the frequently outgoing world of dating, courting, and relationships, helping you navigate issues that are particular to introverts, from making conversation at parties to the challenges of dating an extrovert"-- Provided by publisher.

The 10 best anxiety busters : simple strategies to take control of your worry

December 29, 2014
Wehrenberg, Margaret, author.
xxxiii, 253 pages ; 18 cm
Includes index.

Thoughts are things : turning your ideas into realities

December 26, 2014
Proctor, Bob.
New York : Jeremy P. Tarcher, 2014.
xxv, 195 pages ; 22 cm
"The think and grow rich series"--Title page.
" Thoughts are Things is a wonderful, motivational text from two acclaimed public speakers and accomplished authors-Bob Proctor and Greg S. Reid. What mind-set determines whether or not a person will be successful? Do successful people think differently than those who never reach their potential? How can we change our thoughts so that the result of every thought-the offspring of thought-sets us up to win rather than lose? Bob Proctor and Greg S. Reid, authorized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, delve deeply into the science and psychology of thought, and how thinking is vitally important to a meaningful, successful life. In their interviews with neuroscientists, cardiologists, spiritual teachers, and business leaders, the authors show in Thoughts are Things how we can think to live!"-- Provided by publisher.

Vital signs : the nature and nurture of passion

December 22, 2014
Levoy, Gregg, 1955-
New York : Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, [2014]
xvii, 493 pages ; 24 cm
"Vital Signs is about what inspires passion and what defeats it. How we lose it and how we get it back. And, ultimately, it's about the endless yet endlessly fruitful tug-of-war between freedom and domestication, the wild in us and the tame, our natural selves and our conditioned selves"-- Provided by publisher.

The altruistic brain : how we are naturally good

December 22, 2014
Pfaff, Donald W., 1939- author.
ix, 295 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
The biological/evolutionary role of altruism -- Altruistic brain theory introduced -- Primary neuroscience research underlying each step of altruistic brain theory -- Neural and hormonal mechanisms that promote prosocial behaviors once the moral decision is made -- New neuroscience research : the theory's link to an ethical universal -- How altruistic brain theory changes our perceptions of ourselves and of altruism -- Why the altruistic brain matters: its significance to addressing individuals' bad behavior -- Multiplier effect : from bad to worse in a social setting -- No easy answers ... but no pessimism either.

Mindfulness on the go : inner peace in your pocket

December 22, 2014
O'Morain, Padraig.
Don Mills, Ontario, Canada : Harlequin Enterprises Limited, [2014]
x, 229 pages ; 16 cm
Includes index.
"First published in Great Britain in 2014 by Yellow Kite, an imprint of Hodder & Stoughton."--Title page verso.
"Who has time to meditate, chant in the lotus position or read spiritual tomes on finding inner calm? Relax! Mindfulness doesn't have to be another chore. It can be found on your morning commute, during your coffee break or when you're waiting in line at the grocery store. This user-friendly handbook is packed with tips to help you slow down, refocus and practice a form of mindfulness that fits into your hectic schedule. Whether you're at work, at home or traveling, Mindfulness on the Go will help you: Stop wasting mental and emotional energy, Boost creativity, Manage stress, anxiety and anger. Find those moments of peace and quiet-- no yoga mat, chanting or incense required"-- Provided by publisher.

Mindgym : achieve more by thinking differently

December 22, 2014
Bailey, Sebastian, author.
New York, NY : HarperOne, [2014]
vi, 324 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"The international bestseller that will help you transform your personal and professional life by changing the way you think. Today, the pressure to achieve is intense. To be at our best, we need our minds working at peak potential. But unless you train it, your mind stays on autopilot, stuck in unhealthy thought patterns that lead to self-sabotaging habits and behaviors. As with your body, you have to exercise your mind to get the most out of it. Sebastian Bailey and Octavius Black, founders of Mind Gym, help you change your mental default settings through a series of "workouts" that have been tested and experienced by more than one million people from around the world and from companies such as Google, NBCUniversal, Shell, Pfizer, and PepsiCo. This hands-on guide presents a fitness program for the mind that tackles the most common challenges at work and home: How to adopt a positive mindset How to repair broken relationships How to resolve conflict successfully How to influence others How to minimize stress and gain energy How to be more creative Insightful, proven, and practical, Mind Gym is the essential mental workout that will wake up your mind and help you be your best in life"-- Provided by publisher.

13 things mentally strong people don't do : take back your power, embrace change, face your fears, and train your brain for happiness and success

December 19, 2014
Morin, Amy, author.
viii, 260 pages ; 24 cm.
Introduction -- What is mental strength? -- Chapter 1 They don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves -- Chapter 2 They don't give away their power -- Chapter 3 They don't shy away form change -- Chapter 4 They don't focus on things they can't control -- Chapter 5 They don't worry about pleasing everyone -- Chapter 6 They don't fear taking calculated risks -- Chapter 7 They don't dwell on the past -- Chapter 8 They don't make the same mistakes over and over -- Chapter 9 They don't resent other people's success -- Chapter 10 They don't give up after the first failure -- Chapter 11 They don't fear alone time -- Chapter 12 They don't feel the world owes them anything -- Chapter 13 They don't expect immediate results -- Conclussion Maintaining mental strength -- References -- Acknowledgments.

Bulletproof spirit : the first responder's essential resource for protecting and healing mind and heart

December 18, 2014
Willis, Dan, 1963-
Novato, California : New World Library, [2014]
xvii, 229 pages ; 22 cm
"Consistently being immersed in violence, tragedies, danger, and evil often scars the spirits of our emergency first responders, resulting in PTSD, depression, suicides (the number one cause of death for police officers), substance abuse, broken families, and emotional pain. Firefighters, police officers, soldiers, medics, and emergency room workers are vulnerable to feelings of helplessness and suffering, and many do not know where or how to find help. It's a crisis in our first responder communities, and these men and women need training to protect, nurture, and sustain their spirits. Based on 25 years of service as a police officer, Captain Dan Willis's unique handbook presents essential keys and time-proven approaches to emotional survival and well-being. This innovative and practical resource provides dozens of effective methods for first responders to protect and heal their minds and hearts based on lessons learned in the line of duty. Topics include warning signs and self-awareness; sustaining one's spirit; wellness practices; understanding the psychology and mitigation of trauma; tapping into support from home and peers; and faith in service. These principles - plainly outlined by a police captain who has himself suffered and healed - act as a bulletproof vest for the mind, heart, and spirit"-- Provided by publisher.

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