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May 20, 2017
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Social issues in living color : challenges and solutions from the perspective of ethnic minority psychology

May 19, 2017
Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2017]
3 volumes : illustrations ; 24 cm
Volume 1. Overview and interpersonal issues / Arthur W. Blume, volume editor -- volume 2. Societal and global issues / Alex M. Czopp, volume editor -- volume 3. Promoting health and well-being / Theodore V. Cooper, Monica C. Skewes, and Karen B. Schmaling, volume editors.

The knowledge illusion : why we never think alone

May 11, 2017
Sloman, Steven A., author.
New York : Riverhead Books, 2017.
296 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Ignorance and the community of knowledge -- What we know -- Why we think -- How we think -- Why we think what isn't so -- Thinking with our bodies and the world -- Thinking with other people -- Thinking with technology -- Thinking about science -- Thinking about politics -- The new definition of smart -- Making people smart -- Making smarter decisions -- Appraising ignorance and illusion.
"Two cognitive scientists explain how the human brain relies on the communal nature of intelligence and knowledge, constantly gathering information and expertise stored outside our mind and bodies, to overcome its shortcomings of being error prone, irrational and often ignorant, "--NoveList.

Tinker dabble doodle try : unlock the power of the unfocused mind

May 9, 2017
Pillay, Srinivasan S., author.
New York : Ballantine Books, 2017.
xxii, 272 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Introduction: Leaving the cult of focus -- The beat of your brain -- Conjuring creativity -- Dynamic learning in a brave new world -- Mastering multitasking -- Getting unstuck -- From disenchantment to greatness -- Conclusion: The tinker manifesto.
"Harness your mind's innate tendency to wander, stall, rest, and unfocus and become more productive--in the boardroom, living room, or classroom. To finish tasks and achieve goals, most people believe that more focus is the solution. We rely on to-do lists, calendar reminders, noise-blocking headphones, and sometimes medication to help us concentrate--even though these tactics often fail to substantially improve productivity. Drawing on the latest brain research, compelling stories from his psychological practice, and colorful examples of counterintuitive success from sports, business, education, and the arts, neuroscientist Srini Pillay, M.D., challenges traditional ideas about productivity, revealing the lasting, positive benefits of adding deliberate and regular unfocus to your repertoire. A fascinating tour through brain wavelengths and rhythm, mindsets, and mental relaxation, Tinker Dabble Doodle Try demonstrates how specific kinds of planned unfocus stimulate cognitive calmness, jumpstart productivity, enhance innovation, inspire creativity, improve long-term memory, and, of course, help you stay on target. Tinkering with ideas and with things releases your mind to wander from a state of stuckness into a possibility frame of mind, triggering neural connections and new insights. Dabbling in a new endeavor--whether a hobby or fantasy--disrupts your habitual and reactive thinking, helping you find new solutions to old problems. Doodling can help you tap into another brain frequency to remove obstacles and create opportunities and inspiration. With techniques for training the brain to unfocus, concepts for scheduling busy lives, and ideas for controlling this new cognitive-toggling capability, Tinker Dabble Doodle Try will change how you think about daydreaming, relaxing, leaving work unfinished, and even multitasking. What you'll discover is a greater freedom, a deeper intelligence, and a more profound joy in your life"-- Provided by publisher.

I hope I screw this up : how falling in love with your fears can change the world

May 5, 2017
Cease, Kyle.
New York : North Star Way, 2017.
viii, 246 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Start reading here -- The second chapter of this book -- The six-minute alien ab-duction -- Extreme progress -- The infinite power of sadness -- Remember chapter three? -- Show up and stay in the room -- Why people's opinions of you aren't real -- Uninformative chapter title -- The very informative chapter -- Welcome to deep down -- Universally selfish -- The unlucky chapter -- Are you ice or water? -- Let yourself melt -- Don't ask HOW ever again -- This is a choose-your-own-adventure life -- Okay, everyone, back up, I'm gonna prove that we're all one -- Now that I'm going to prove that death isn't real...your other books are shitty -- Okay, now you can start asking how again -- The beginning of abundance and the end of disqualification -- Surrounded by excitement -- Your biggest asset -- You are completely free. Act like it.
"After twenty-five years of achieving what he thought were his dreams of being a headlining touring comedian and actor, Kyle Cease suddenly discovered that the belief that "When something happens, I will be happy" is a complete lie. With nothing more than an intuition, he decided to quit his stand-up career at its peak, and now--as a transformational comedian, he brings his one-of-a-kind self-help wisdom to sold-out audiences in his Evolving Out Loud Live stage show. In I Hope I Screw This Up, he disarms readers as he leads them to their own personal breakthroughs, helping them to recognize that actual happiness and fulfillment is available to them--not in some distant future, but right now. As he has shown audiences all over the world, when you embrace your pain, fear, and vulnerability instead of pushing it away, you will discover an authentic creativity and power that is truly unstoppable."

Love what matters : real people, real stories, real heart.

May 4, 2017
New York : Threshold Editions, Red Seat Ventures, 2017.
ix, 259 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
"This curated collection of powerful stories features first person accounts and photographs that perfectly capture each moment: A husband learning he's about to be a dad. A new mom embracing her body. A cashier inadvertently teaching a young girl a lesson about patience. A bagel from a stranger that saved a homeless man's life. From long overdue adoptions to military heroes returning home; from a fireman's touching 9/11 tribute to what an old dinner plate found at a bake sale can teach us all about life--these are the moments that matter. They are genuine. Authentic. Raw. And they are perfect in their imperfection--just like all of us. You will no doubt experience goosebumps and tears, but this mosaic of life's moments will leave you with something even more profound: a reminder that, in the end, love always wins" --Inside jacket.

The H-spot : the feminist pursuit of happiness

May 3, 2017
Filipovic, Jill.
New York : Nation Books, [2017]
320 pages ; 24 cm
Outrageous acts and everyday rebellions: the history of women's unhappiness -- Summer sisters: women and the power of friendship -- Playing in the dark: sex, pleasure, and pain -- Life among the savages: finding pleasure in parenting -- Wife: the feminist transformation of marital happiness -- Bossypants: making work work for women -- The edible woman: food, fat, and feminism -- The story of a new name: identity and female sacrifice -- Goodbye to all that: a conclusion (and what comes next).
"What do women want? It's a time-old question, but if you head out into America and talk to women one-on-one, as Jill Filipovic has done, you discover that what they want is happiness. Despite what recent books, articles, or TV shows would have you believe, real women are less concerned about "having it all," "leaning in," or "settling for 'Mr. Good Enough.'" Unsurprisingly, the way to achieve happiness is as varied as the realities they face. In The H Spot, Filipovic argues that the main obstacle standing in between women and happiness is a rigged system. In this world of unfinished feminism, men have long been able to "have it all" because of free female labor, while the bar of achievement for women has gotten higher. Never before have we had to work so much at every level (whether it's to be an accomplished white-collar employee or just make ends meet), and never before have the requirements for being a "good mother" been so extreme. If our laws and policies made women's happiness and fulfillment a goal in and of itself, she explains, so many contentious issues would be resolved with one fell swoop - from women's health to equal pay. Filipovic illustrates this argument by asking women across America what it is they need, and provides an blueprint for a feminist movement we all need: one that lays out how policy, laws and society can deliver on the promise of the pursuit of happiness for all"-- Provided by publisher.

Choose to matter : being courageously and fabulously you

May 2, 2017
Foudy, Julie, 1971- author.
Los Angeles : ESPN W, [2017]
287 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 22 cm

TBH : 51 true story collabs

April 28, 2017
March, Hunter.
New York, NY : Scholastic Inc., [2017]
252 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
"Hunter March, best known as the face of AwesomenessTV, brings his signature interview skills to TBH: A True Story Collab . Today's most popular creators join him to share never-before-told stories about family, friendship, love, heartbreak, and more. With thousands of videos and millions of views, it might seem like they've got all the answers. But no one knows it all, so they've collabed about what they got right — and more often what they got wrong — to get a little closer to figuring it all out. Because TBH, growing up is tough and sometimes you need a little help from your friends."--Publisher website.

The emotionally absent mother : how to recognize and heal the invisible effects of childhood emotional neglect

April 28, 2017
Cori, Jasmin Lee.
291 pages ; 21 cm
Revised edition of the author's The emotionally absent mother, [2015].
What we need from mother -- Mothering -- The many faces of the good mother -- Attachment: our first foundation -- More building blocks -- When mothering goes wrong -- Mommy, where were you? -- Living with an emotionally absent mother -- Childhood emotional neglect and abuse -- What's wrong with mother? -- Healing mother wounds -- The process of healing -- Connecting with good mother energy -- Inner child work -- Psychotherapy : mother issues and mothering needs -- More healing steps and practical strategies -- Changing the story.
Cori addresses the psychological wounds that get inflicted by emotionally absent mothers. Often, the grown children of such mothers can't quite put a finger on what's missing from their lives, but struggle with relationships and their own self-worth. But there are steps they can take to identify their inner strengths and heal attachment wounds.

The foundations of mindfulness : how to cultivate attention, good judgment, and tranquility

April 28, 2017
Harrison, Eric, author.
New York : The Experiment, [2017]
329 pages ; 20 cm
Introduction -- Some useful terms -- The standard meditation practice -- Anxiety and the overactive mind -- The breath meditation -- The miraculous sigh -- The body scan -- Controlling thought -- Why focus on the body? -- To sit or not to sit -- Mindful action -- A journey into open monitoring -- An overview of the Satipatthana Sutta -- The foundations of mindfulness -- The history of translation -- Sati: the analysis of a word -- How the Sutta works -- Emotion at the atomic level -- Painful emotion -- States of mind -- Optimizing emotion -- Embodied thought -- Attention -- Good judgment -- The scientific evidence -- The story of modern mindfulness -- The modern definition -- Using the language.
The Satipatthana Sutta-- taken from the 2,500-year-old teachings of the Buddha himself-- is the original manual on how to meditate and be mindful. The 13 steps in the Sutta offer readers the full benefits of mindfulness: attention, good judgement, and tranquility.

Option B : facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy

April 28, 2017
Sandberg, Sheryl, author.
226 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
"This is a Borzoi book"--Title page verso.
Introduction -- Breathing again -- Kicking the elephant out of the room -- The platinum rule of friendship -- Self-compassion and self-confidence -- Bounding forward -- Taking back joy -- Raising resilient kids -- Finding strength together -- Failing and learning at work -- To love and laugh again -- Building resilience together.
After the sudden death of her husband, Sandberg felt certain that she and her children would never feel pure joy again. Grant, a friend, told her there are concrete steps people can take to recover and rebound from life-shattering experiences. Here they combine personal insights with research on finding strength in the face of adversity. Resilience comes from deep within us and from support outside us. Even after the most devastating events, it is possible to grow by finding deeper meaning and gaining greater appreciation in our lives.

Man's search for meaning : a young adult edition

April 27, 2017
Frankl, Viktor E. (Viktor Emil), 1905-1997, author.
Boston : Beacon Press Books, 2017.
159 pages, 8 pages of plates : illustrations, map; 23 cm.
First published in Germany in 1946 as Trotzdem Ja zum Leben sagen: Ein Psychologe erlebt das Konzentrationslager ("Saying yes to life in spite of everything: a psychologist experiences the Concentration Camp")
"Adapted for young readers" --Cover.

Deviate : the science of seeing differently

April 24, 2017
Lotto, R. Beau, author.
New York : Hachette Books, 2017.
xv, 332 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
The lab of misfits -- Being in color -- Information is meaningless -- Making sense of the senses -- The illusion of illusions -- The frog who dreamed of being a prince -- The physiology of assumptions -- Changing the future past -- Making the invisible visible -- Celebrate doubt -- The ecology of innovation -- A beginning : why deviate?

Mindshift : break through obstacles to learning and discover your hidden potential

April 21, 2017
Oakley, Barbara A., 1955- author.
New York, New York : TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, [2017]
v, 297 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Transformed -- Learning isn't just studying -- Changing cultures: the data revolution -- Your "useless" past can be an advantage: Slipping through back doors to a new career -- Rewriting the rules: Nontraditional learning -- Singapore: A future-ready nation -- Leveling the educational playing field -- Avoiding career ruts and dead ends --Derailed dreams lead to new dreams -- Turning a midlife crisis into a midlife opportunity -- The value of MOOC and online learning -- MOOC-making : A view from the trenchs -- Mindshift and more.
"Mindshift reveals how we can overcome stereotypes and preconceived ideas about what is possible for us to learn and become. At a time when we are constantly being asked to retrain and reinvent ourselves to adapt to new technologies and changing industries, this book shows us how we can uncover and develop talents we didn't realize we had--no matter what our age or background. Drawing on the latest neuroscientific insights, Dr. Oakley shepherds us past simplistic ideas of "aptitude" and "ability," which provide only a snapshot of who we are now. Even seemingly "bad" traits, such as a poor memory, come with hidden advantages--like increased creativity. Dr. Oakley teaches us strategies for learning that are backed by neuroscience so that we can realize the joy and benefits of a learning lifestyle."--Provided by publisher.

Wait, what? : and life's other essential questions

April 21, 2017
Ryan, James E. (James Edward), author.
New York, NY : HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, 2017.
138 pages ; 19 cm
Wait, what? -- I wonder...? -- Could we at least...? -- How can I help? -- What truly matters?
"In Wait, What?, Jim Ryan, dean of Harvard University's Graduate School of Education, celebrates the art of asking--and answering--good questions. Five questions in particular: Wait, what?; I wonder...? Couldn't we at least...?; How can I help?; and What truly matters? Using examples from politics, history, popular culture, and social movements, as well as his own personal life, Ryan demonstrates how these essential inquiries generate understanding, spark curiosity, initiate progress, fortify relationships, and draw our attention to the important things in life."

Solitude : in pursuit of a singular life in a crowded world

April 19, 2017
Harris, Michael, 1980- author.
xiii, 256 pages : 22 cm.
The dark-born magic -- Part 1. The uses of solitude. All together now -- What is solitude for? -- Part 2. Bolt from the blue. The wandering mind -- Daydream destroyers -- Part 3. Who do you think you are? Style -- You have to taste this -- Stranger in a strange land -- A walk in the wilds -- Part 4. Knowing others. Social stories -- Love letters -- The failing body -- The cabin in the woods.
"Today, society embraces sharing like never before. Fueled by our dependence on mobile devices and social media, we have created an ecosystem of obsessive connection. Many of us now lead lives of strangely crowded isolation: we are always linked, but only shallowly so. The capacity to be alone, properly alone, is one of life's subtlest skills. Real solitude is a powerful resource we can call upon―a crucial ingredient for a rich interior life. It inspires reflection, allows creativity to flourish, and improves our relationships with ourselves and, unexpectedly, with others. Idle hands can, in fact, produce the extraordinary. In living bigger and faster, we have forgotten the joys of silence, and undervalued how profoundly it can revolutionize our lives. This book is about discovering stillness inside the city, inside the crowd, inside our busy lives. With wit and energy, award-winning author Michael Harris weaves captivating true stories with reporting from the world's foremost brain researchers, psychologists, and tech entrepreneurs to guide us toward a state of measured connectivity that balances quiet and companionship.

Born anxious : the lifelong impact of early life adversity-- and how to break the cycle

April 18, 2017
Keating, Daniel P., 1949- author.
xiv, 238 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Early life stress: the biological impact of rising inequality -- Destined to thrive, destined to struggle: the critical period of baby's first year -- Into the arena: the world of peers and schools -- Onto the stage: stress ond coping in adolescence -- The stress tests of adulthood: managing family, work, and relationships -- The stress epidemic: the hidden costs of inequality -- Inequality is not destiny: how we can break the cycle.

Extreme you : Step up. Stand out. Kick ass. Repeat.

April 17, 2017
O'Hagan, Sarah Robb, author.
New York, NY : HarperBusiness, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2017]
xxiii, 293 pages ; 24 cm
Check yourself out -- Ignite your magic drive -- Get out of line -- Get over yourself -- Pain training -- Stay stubbornly humble -- Play your specialist game -- Change the game -- Calling all extremers -- Break yourself to make yourself.
"...Training program for developing the drive, originality, and fierce attitude to become the best version of you."--Jacket flap.

Meditation for daily stress : 10 practices for immediate well-being

April 14, 2017
Pascal, Michel, author.
New York : Abrams Image, 2017.
191 pages ; 19 cm
Meditate like the horizon: unplug your brain when it is running all the time -- Meditate like a dolphin: discover your inner peace in high stress moments -- Meditate like the wind in the desert: create more time when you are busy -- Meditate like the sky: see inside yourself, develop intuition, and make the best decisions -- Meditate like a mountain: feel more grounded when your mood is up and down -- Meditate like a wave: deal with difficult people and difficult interactions -- Meditate like the sun: restore energy, send all your love to others, and discover the power of compassion -- Meditate like a flower: rediscover the blessing of your desk -- Meditate like a kiss: feel less stress in a romantic relationship - Meditate like a broom: clean your mind.
A guidebook to meditative techniques for finding peace, quiet, and centerdness in daily life. The visualization and breathing practices are designed to be used throughout the day, whether at the workplace, commuting, or at home.

A colorful way of living : how to be more, create more, do more the Vera Bradley way

April 13, 2017
Baekgaard, Barbara Bradley, author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, April 2017.
xvii, 238 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
It's never too late -- Color your perspective. Ready, fire, aim ; Sell yourself first ; Know your strengths ; The best idea wins ; Define success ; Keep the F in fun ; Slip up from time to time ; It's good to be a girl ; Know your audience -- Color your relationships. Choose nice ; Titles mean (almost) nothing ; Invite connection ; Be a friend, make a friend ; Practice kindness ; Open doors ; Keep it real ; Choose carefully -- Color your work. Find your inspiration ; Go big ; There's enough for everyone ; Act as if ; Sometimes wrong, never in doubt ; Cultivate a sisterhood ; The culture of color ; Add a big cause to your purpose ; Give just for fun -- Color your every day. Be fussy ; Refine your tastes ; Define your style ; Keep moving & allow for little extras ; Make yum yum cake ; Cultivate new friendships ; Color your life ; Find your balance ; Follow love ; Remember romance ; Celebrate your place in the world ; Discontinue old patterns ; Cut and trim ; Continue to redesign ; Embrace your success ; Find the silver lining ; Lean on your sisters ; Notice the magical moments.
"A Colorful Way of Living offers practical, inspiring advice to empower women of all ages to navigate life by the values that provide the foundation of the Vera Bradley empire. Women looking for the encouragement to start a new chapter, women balancing career and family, and new graduates entering the workforce will all benefit from the Baekgaard's learned wisdom has as it applies to career, life, and relationships."-- Provided by publisher.

Creative sprint : six 30-day challenges to jumpstart your creativity

April 11, 2017
Scalin, Noah, author.
Minneapolis : Voyageur Press, 2017.
223 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
"Creative Sprint is an interactive workbook with six 30-day sprints full of prompts to get you drawing, journaling, taking photos, making collages, or anything creative that you choose to do"-- Provided by publisher.

Maybe it's you : cut the crap, face your fears, love your life

April 6, 2017
Zander, Lauren Handel, author.
New York : Hachette Books, 2017.
xiii, 242 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Introduction: The concession stand -- You must be dreaming -- Maybe it's you -- The promise land -- Change your mind -- Emotional DNA -- The truth about lying -- Hauntings -- Unstuck -- The mother load -- Mission I'm possible.

You are here : an owner's manual for dangerous minds

April 3, 2017
Lawson, Jenny, 1973- author.
New York : Flatiron, 2017.
ix, 146 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm

Loveable : embracing what is truest about you, so you can truly embrace your life

March 31, 2017
Flanagan, Kelly Ph.D., author.
239 pages ; 22 cm
The backstory: The wound, the search, and the healing -- Act one: Worthiness (you are enough) -- Act two: Belonging (you are not alone) -- Act three: Purpose (you matter).

Big miracles : the 11 spiritual rules for ultimate success

March 30, 2017
Garzilli, Joanna, author.
New York, NY : HarperElixir, [2017]
xv, 281 pages ; 24 cm
Align with spirit -- Be a spiritual vehicle -- Commit to your breakthrough -- Forgive mistakes -- Live without ego -- Believe in your ability -- Accept responsibility -- Aim high -- Take the right action -- Be of service -- Get outside your comfort zone -- Break through to your big miracle.
"Experience the power of actively transforming your life with intuitive life coach Joanna Garzilli's revolutionary 11 Spiritual Rules for creating a Big Miracle Breakthrough, a life-changing program to manifest everyday miracles, create radical prosperity, and live a life filled with purpose. Imagine creating miracles every day. The power is in your hands with Big Miracle Breakthrough. Intuitive life coach Joanna Garzilli has helped countless clients, from executives to celebrities, makeover their lives and find ultimate fulfillment. Now, she invites you to experience the power of her practical, prescriptive 11-step system to manifest miracles that lead to big breakthroughs in your life. The 11 Spiritual Rules of Big Miracle Breakthrough will teach you exactly how to make huge positive changes in your life and to replace anxiety with tranquility, self-doubt with self-acceptance, and insecurity with certainty about your life purpose--how to achieve your dreams and actively create miracles. Each chapter shows you, with encouragement and grace, both how to live its lessons and how doing so will create your miracle. Laying the foundation with the first rule, Align with Spirit, Garzilli illustrates how to build from there to: Be a Spiritual Vehicle Commit to Your Breakthrough Forgive Mistakes Live Without Ego Believe in Your Ability Accept Responsibility Take the Right Action Be of Service Aim High Get Outside Your Comfort Zone With Big Miracle Breakthrough, you will discover how to nurture your connection to Spirit to move forward with momentum and create the outcomes you desire. Filled with deep wisdom, empowering meditations and journaling exercises, and concrete strategies for achieving the life of your dreams, Big Miracles is your own personal guide to creating the miracles you never thought possible"-- Provided by publisher.

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