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November 26, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Primary greatness : the 12 levers of success

November 25, 2015
Covey, Stephen R., author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2015.
xx, 194 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Preface: Primary vs. secondary greatness -- I. How to achieve primary greatness. The secret life ; Character : the source of primary greatness ; How to align yourself to principles ; Staying on true north ; Reprogramming your thinking -- II. 12 levers of success. The lever of integrity ; The lever of contribution ; The lever of priority ; The lever of sacrifice ; The lever of service ; The lever of responsibility ; The lever of loyalty ; The lever of reciprocity ; The lever of diversity ; The lever of learning ; The lever of renewal ; The lever of teaching -- A final word: Get wisdom -- A final interview with Stephen R. Covey.
"This book is a collection of several of [Sean Covey's] father's best essays that have never appeared in book form before and aren't well known. But they are vintage Stephen Covey and contain some of his best thinking"--Foreword.

Building resilience in children and teens : giving kids roots and wings

November 24, 2015
Ginsburg, Kenneth R., author.
xvi, 357 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Includes index.
Resilience and stress -- Competence and confidence -- Connection, character, and contribution -- Coping -- Control -- When resilience is challenged beyond reasonable limits -- Especially for communities and individual teens.
This book offers coping strategies for facing the combined elements of academic performance, high achievement standards, media messages, peer pressure, and family tension.

Trauma and memory : brain and body in a search for the living past : a practical guide for understanding and working with traumatic memory

November 19, 2015
Levine, Peter A., author.
Berkely California : North Atlantic Books, 2015.
xxii, 181 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"In Trauma and Memory, bestselling author Dr. Peter Levine (creator of the Somatic Experiencing approach) tackles one of the most difficult and controversial questions of PTSD/trauma therapy: Can we trust our memories? While some argue that traumatic memories are unreliable and not useful, others insist that we absolutely must rely on memory to make sense of past experience. Building on his 45 years of successful treatment of trauma and utilizing case studies from his own practice, Dr. Levine suggests that there are elements of truth in both camps. While acknowledging that memory can be trusted, he argues that the only truly useful memories are those that might initially seem to be the least reliable: memories stored in the body and not necessarily accessible by our conscious mind. While much work has been done in the field of trauma studies to address "explicit" traumatic memories in the brain (such as intrusive thoughts or flashbacks), much less attention has been paid to how the body itself stores "implicit" memory, and how much of what we think of as "memory" actually comes to us through our (often unconsciously accessed) felt sense. By learning how to better understand this complex interplay of past and present, brain and body, we can adjust our relationship to past trauma and move into a more balanced, relaxed state of being. Written for trauma sufferers as well as mental health care practitioners, Trauma and Memory is a groundbreaking look at how memory is constructed and how influential memories are on our present state of being"-- Provided by publisher.

The spirituality of age : a seeker's guide to growing older

November 17, 2015
Weber, Robert L., author.
xxii, 233 pages ; 21 cm
"As we enter the years beyond midlife, our quest for an approach to aging takes on added urgency and becomes even more relevant in our daily lives. Empowering a new generation of seekers to view aging as a spiritual path, authors Robert Weber and Carol Orsborn reveal that it is by engaging with the difficult questions about loss, meaning, and mortality--questions we can no longer put off or ignore--that we continue to grow. In fact, the realization of our full spiritual potential comes about not by avoiding the challenges aging brings our way but by working through them. Addressing head-on how to make the transition from fears about aging into a fuller, richer appreciation of the next phase of our lives, the authors guide you through 25 key questions that can help you embrace the shadow side of aging as well as the spiritual opportunities inherent in growing older. Sharing their stories and wisdom to both teach and demonstrate what it means to feel energized about the possibilities of your later years, they explore how to find a constructive role for regret, shame, and guilt, realize your value to society, and embrace the freedom of your later years to become more fully yourself. Coming from Catholic Jesuit and Jewish backgrounds respectively, as well as drawing from the latest research in psychological and religious theory, Weber and Orsborn provide their own conversational and candid answers to the 25 key questions, supporting their insightful and compassionate guidance with anecdotes, inspirational readings, and spiritual exercises. By engaging deeply with both the shadow and light sides of aging, our spirits not only learn to cope--but also to soar"-- Provided by publisher.

This is woman's work : calling forth your inner council of wise, brave, crazy, rebellious, loving, luminous selves

November 17, 2015
Dominique Christina, author.
viii, 197 pages ; 24 cm
The shadow woman -- The ghost woman -- The willing woman -- The rebel woman -- The woman with cool hands -- The conjure woman -- The wombed woman -- The journey woman -- The shapeshifter woman -- The warrior woman -- The third eye woman -- The howling woman -- The violated woman -- The beggar woman -- The bone woman -- The liberator woman -- The woman of words -- The wild woman -- The whisper woman -- The everywoman.
Every woman is composed of many selves-archetypal players of the psyche who contribute their voices to her greater "I."This Is Woman's Work introduces us to our council of inner women, delving into the secret wisdom and gifts of the Willing Woman, the Rebel, the Shapeshifter, the Warrior, and more. Combining writing exercises with fresh and dynamic insights, Dominique helps us make an intimate connection with each inner woman-known and unknown, loved and feared-so we may integrate their voices, realize their wisdom, and open ourselves to our full expression and power. --Publisher

Little victories : perfect rules for imperfect living

November 16, 2015
Gay, Jason (Newspaper columnist), author.
209 pages ; 20 cm
Little victories -- Hoard your friends -- Nobody's cool, especially me -- Health and sickness -- Look at the stress on him! -- A brief but hopefully compelling case for marriage -- Music for weddings and babies and the rest of it -- Only a game (but not really) -- Travel and snack packs -- Office heavens, office hells -- Gyms are the same -- Thanksgiving and the touch football game -- Your phone is not you -- I dine at 5:45 pm. -- Dressing like a dad -- Aunt Genie says mind your manners -- And here are the kids.
"The Wall Street Journal's popular columnist Jason Gay delivers a hilarious and heartfelt guide to modern living. Four times a week, millions of men and women turn to Jason Gay's column in The Wall Street Journal. Why is Gay so celebrated? It starts with his amusing, fan's-eye-view of the sports world, which he loves but doesn't take too seriously. But his most celebrated features are his "Rules" columns, which provide untraditional, highly amusing but useful advice for navigating the minefields of everyday life. In this, his first book, Gay provides witty and wise advice on the Big Questions. Such as how to behave at work: "If you are excited about the company holiday party, this is likely an early-warning signal from the lighthouse to cancel, because you may fit the profile of the person who winds up kissing four co-workers, then stands on the coach at 2:00 a.m. railing against the company healthcare plan before passing out, then waking up twenty minutes later and demanding everyone take a taxi to Atlantic City for breakfast." Gay makes the case that it is not the grand accomplishments like climbing Mt. Everest (which, as he points out, is expensive and stressful) that make life sweet but conquering the small everyday challenges, like putting pants on before 2:00 p.m. on a Saturday. Little Victories is a life guide for people who hate life guides. Whether the subject is rules for raising the perfect child without infuriating all of your friends, rules for how to be cool (related: Why do you want to be cool?) or rules of thumb to tell the difference between real depression and just eating five cupcakes in a row, Gay's essays--whimsical, practical, and occasionally poignant--will make you laugh and then think, "You know, he's kind of right.""-- Provided by publisher.

Intentional living : choosing a life that matters

November 16, 2015
Maxwell, John C., 1947- author.
271 pages ; 24 cm
"We all have a longing to be significant. We want to make a contribution, to be a part of something noble and purposeful. But many people wrongly believe significance is unattainable. They worry that it's too big for them to achieve. That they have to have an amazing idea, be a certain age, have a lot of money, or be powerful or famous to make a real difference. The good news is that none of those things is necessary for you to achieve significance and create a lasting legacy. The only thing you need to achieve significance is to be intentional. And to do that, all you need to do is start. You can't make an impact sitting still and doing nothing. Every major accomplishment that's ever been achieved started with a first step. Sometimes it's hard; other times it's easy, but no matter what, you have to do it if you want to get anywhere in life. In INTENTIONAL LIVING, John Maxwell will help you take that first step, and the ones that follow, on your personal path through a life that matters. "-- Provided by publisher.

One second ahead : enhance your performance at work with mindfulness

November 10, 2015
Hougaard, Rasmus.
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, [2015]
xvi, 234 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Foreword -- Introduction -- Workplace techniques -- Mastering your mind : first steps -- Technique #1: emails -- Technique #2: meetings -- Technique #3: goals -- Technique #4: priorities -- Technique #5: planning -- Technique #6: communication -- Technique #7: creativity -- Technique #8: change -- Technique #9: mental energy -- Technique #10: sleep -- Technique #11: eating and energy -- Technique #12: activity and energy -- Technique #13: performance breaks -- Technique #14: commuting -- Technique #15: emotional balance -- Technique #16: work-life balance -- Mental strategies -- Strategy #1: presence -- Strategy #2: patience -- Strategy #3: kindness -- Strategy #4: beginner's mind -- Strategy #5: acceptance -- Strategy #6: balance -- Strategy #7: joy -- Strategy #8: letting go -- Foundational practices -- Training sharp focus -- Training open awareness -- Mastering your life : next steps -- Appendix: self-directed training resources -- Notes -- Acknowledgments -- About the authors -- About the potential project -- Index.

Super you : release your inner superhero

November 10, 2015
Gordon, Emily V., author.
Berkeley, CA : Seal Press, 2015.
xxvii, 283 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Identity: who would you like to be today? -- Missions : should you choose to accept them -- Fundamentals : rights, responsibilities, choice, and control in a superhero world -- Head versus heart : making emotions your bitch -- Plucked from the shadowy superhero research lab : super you's toolbag -- Superpowers : can you leap tall buildings in a single bound? -- Weaknesses : embracing them, working them, protecting them -- Cheap armor and weapons : what outmoded "protection" are you hiding behind? -- From the annals of time: constructing your origin story -- A super you among regular others : being out in the universe.
"Superheroes don't start from glorious beginnings. Their origins are almost always marked by traumatic events that leave them helpless and scared. Batman witnessed his parents' murder. Superman was sent away from his dying planet with no one to guide him as he grew up. Orphaned Catwoman was forced to steal food to survive on the streets of Gotham. What makes these superheroes super is their determination to not be defined by helplessness. They embrace their origins, their flaws, and their mistakes, and strive every day to become the best versions of themselves--for the benefit of themselves and others. Super You is a fun, friendly, and unabashedly geeky guide to becoming the superhero of your own extraordinary life. Author Emily Gordon examines comic book tropes to find lessons that anyone can apply toward overcoming tragic events and adversity in their own lives. With activities in every chapter to help identify each person's superpowers, special tools, personal kryptonite--and weapons against it--Super You is the perfect sidekick for every growing hero, empowering everyday people to transform into the most kick-ass versions of themselves." --

Joy in every moment : mindful exercises for waking to the wonders of ordinary life

November 9, 2015
Gover, Tzivia.
North Adams, MA : Storey Publishing, [2015]
219 pages : illustrations ; 18 cm
Introducing joy -- Joy all day long -- Joy at home -- Joy at work -- Joy on the go -- Joy in solitude -- Joy with others -- Joyful celebration -- The cycle of joy.

Body intelligence : harness your body's energies for your best life

November 6, 2015
Cardillo, Joseph, 1951-
New York : Atria Books/Beyond Words, 2015.
xii, 260 pages ; 24 cm
"From the holistic psychology expert and author of the mind-body-spirit classic Be Like Water, comes a guide filled with revolutionary methods to help you find the physical and psychological energy you need to live a vibrant life. Have you ever told yourself to power through, "fake it until you make it," put mind over matter--and found yourself hitting a wall, day after day after day? We're all familiar with this "positive thinking" approach for managing our lives and getting through rough times. Ironically, these methods often fail us because we end up wearing ourselves down by the effort it takes to constantly maintain such an upbeat outlook. So what if instead of working to fix our mindset for better energy, we synced our body's energy to create a better mind? In Body Intelligence, Joseph Cardillo, PhD, combines Western science, technology, psychology, and holistic medicine to show that we must first balance the body's energies before we can enhance the mind. Based on cutting-edge ideas, this perennial guide teaches us to tap into our energetic "sweet spot" and identify specific steps we must take to remove energy blocks. Packed with exercises, self-tests, and step-by-step instructions, Body Intelligence provides all the interactive tools for beginners and experienced energy-balancing practitioners alike to improve and understand the specific energy needed to live a happy, healthy, fulfilling life. So open the door to a vivacious, vivid life and start living the matter-over-mind way--your best way!"-- Provided by publisher.

Strong looks better naked

November 5, 2015
Kardashian, Khloe, 1984- author.
xix, 220 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
"Khloé Kardashian shares her secrets for finding strength of body, mind, and heart with revelatory stories of her own struggles with weight, relationships, and her self-image. In a culture that worships skinny, Kardashian writes with passion about the power of strength: a strong body lays the foundation for a strong mind, which leads to strength of heart, character, and ultimately spirit. Filled with practical advice, recipes, and compelling personal anecdotes, Strong Looks Better Naked is an inspiring meditation on how to create strength, confidence, and true beauty in every facet of your life."--provided by publisher.

Exaholics : breaking your addiction to an ex love

November 5, 2015
Bobby, Lisa Marie, author.
247 pages ; 23 cm
The exaholic experience. Are you an exaholic? ; It's not just you ; Addicted to a toxic relationship -- Why you are stuck on your ex. Built to love ; The nature of love ; Addicted to love -- Protest and despair. When love is lost ; Types of loss -- The path to recovery. The stages of healing ; Hope to cope while you're recovering ; Healing through the twelve steps of exaholics.
"Severing a cherished relationship is one of the most painful experiences in life--and cutting those emotional ties to a loved one can feel almost like ending an addiction. Up till now, people recovering from other problems were able to get real help--like AA and rehab--while those struggling in the aftermath of traumatic breaks dealt with platitudes and friends insisting they should "get over it already." But now Exaholics Anonymous treats getting over an ex like kicking a chemical habit."

His father still : a parenting memoir

November 4, 2015
Hollister, Tim, 1957- author.
Brooklyn, NY : RSH, LLC c/o David Black Agency, 2015.
ix, 306 pages ; 22 cm
This book is remarkable not only for its honesty but also for its forays into a breadth of universal issues, topics that shaped both Tim's experience as a father while Reid was alive and his reconstruction of their parent-child bond after the crash: balancing protection and freedom when raising a teen; delivering discipline; reacting to a school's contested accusation of misconduct; supervising a teen driver; writing an obituary and eulogy for a teen; composing condolence messages, especially through social media; preserving and then giving away a deceased's possessions; using the aftermath of tragedy to rebuild a frayed relationship; counting blessings; establishing an enduring connection with a loved one who has passed away; and harnessing the power of communities to care for those reeling from a sudden

The social and emotional development of gifted children : what do we know?

November 4, 2015
xvi, 311 pages ; 23 cm
"A service publication of the National Association for Gifted Children."

The school of greatness : a real-world guide for living bigger, loving deeper, and leaving a legacy

October 30, 2015
Howes, Lewis, author.
xxi, 250 pages ; 23 cm
Includes index.
Introduction: what does it take to be great? -- Create a vision -- Turn adversity into advantage -- Cultivate a champion's mindset -- Develop hustle -- Master your body -- Practice positive habits -- Build a winning team -- Live a life of service.
"When a career-ending injury left elite athlete and professional football player Lewis Howes out of work and living on his sister's couch, he decided he needed to make a change for the better. He started by reaching out to people he admired, searching for mentors, and applying his past coaches' advice from sports to life off the field. Lewis did more than bounce back: He built a multimillion-dollar online business and is now a sought-after business coach, speaker, and podcast host. In The School of Greatness, Howes shares the essential tips and habits he gathered in interviewing "the greats" on his wildly popular podcast of the same name. In discussion with people like Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson and Pencils of Promise CEO Adam Braun, Howes figured out that greatness is unearthed and cultivated from within. The masters of greatness are not successful because they got lucky or are innately more talented, but because they applied specific habits and tools to embrace and overcome adversity in their lives. A framework for personal development, The School of Greatness gives you the tools, knowledge, and actionable resources you need to reach your potential. Howes anchors each chapter with a specific lesson he culled from his greatness "professors" and his own experiences to teach you how to create a vision, develop hustle, and use dedication, mindfulness, joy, and love to reach goals. His lessons and practical exercises prove that anyone is capable of achieving success and that we can all strive for greatness in our everyday lives."--provided by publisher.

O's little guide to finding your true purpose

October 30, 2015
New York : Flatiron Books, 2015.
ix, 176 pages ; 19 cm

Anger management for dummies

October 29, 2015
Elliott, Charles H., 1948- author.
Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2015]
xvi, 356 pages : illustration ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
Part I. Getting started with anger management -- Part II. Rethinking anger -- Part III. Equipping yourself with anger-management tools -- Part IV. Managing anger hotspots -- Part V. Handling anger from the past -- Part VI. Living beyond anger -- Part VII. The part of tens.
"Learn to: defuse your anger before it strikes, express your feelings calmly, identify anger triggers, release healthy anger effectively"--Cover.

The creative journal : the art of finding yourself

October 22, 2015
Capacchione, Lucia, author.
Athens, Ohio : Swallow Press, [2015]
xvi, 180 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm

The art of mingling : fun and proven techniques for mastering any room

October 22, 2015
Martinet, Jeanne, 1958- author.
New York : St. Martin's Griffin, 2015.
xxi, 243 pages ; 21 cm
Includes index.
Preface to the New Edition -- Introduction: Why Learn the Art of Mingling? -- 1. Overcoming Minglephobia -- 2. Open Sesame: Making A Successful Entrance -- 3. Now What? Tools And Rules For Continuing The Conversation -- 4. The Great Escape: Bailing Out And Moving On -- 5. Fancy Footwork: Advanced Mingling Techniques -- 6. The Tailor-Made Mingle: Instructions For Specific Circumstances -- 7. Handling Difficult Situations -- 8. The After-Party: Instructions For Following Up -- 9. From Security To Enlightenment: The Tao of Mingling -- Index.
"Does the idea of talking to a lot of people you don't know make you weak in the knees? You may be suffering from mingle-phobia -- a secret fear of parties. The Art of Mingling will show you how to overcome your fears, meet new people with charm and confidence, and achieve social success at every kind of party -- business or pleasure."-- Provided by publisher.

Your illustrated guide to becoming one with the universe

October 22, 2015
Sakugawa, Yumi.
Avon, Massachusetts : Adams Media Corporation, 2014.
1 volume (unpaged) : illustrations ; 21 cm
"Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe will set you free on a visual journey of self-discovery. Set against a surreal backdrop of intricate ink illustrations, you will find nine metaphysical lessons with dreamlike instructions that require you to open your heart to unexplored inner landscapes. From setting fire to your anxieties to sharing a cup of tea with your inner demons, you will learn how to let go and truly connect with the world around you. Whether you need a little inspiration or a completely new life direction, Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe provides you with the necessary push to find your true path--and a whimsical adventure to enjoy on the way there." viewed on October 24, 2014.

Wake up happy : the dream big, win big guide to transforming your life

October 20, 2015
Strahan, Michael, 1971- author.
New York : 37 Ink/Atria, 2015.
x, 196 pages ; 24 cm
Protective gear -- What I learned from Herschel Walker -- A line in the water -- Grit, desire, and discipline -- Work harder -- Are you your worst enemy? -- What did you do to get better today? -- Fatherhood (or, Thanks, Dad, for setting the bar so high) -- Why play should be the work of adults -- The power of routines -- Making it right -- What I learned from Chris Martin and Coldplay -- What I learned from my elders and betters -- Change before you have to -- Curiosity and visualization -- Renovating one's life -- Come prepared -- Think richly -- Wake up happy -- Motivated to find love -- Appendix A. Strahan's rules.
Michael Strahan distills the wisdom he's gleaned from his childhood years in Europe where, he grew up as the youngest child in a tight-knit community on a military base, his time with the NFL where his sheer discipline and willpower made him a Hall-of-Fame, legendary football player, and his broadcast career, which puts him contact with the heartland of America every morning.

Nonsense : the power of not knowing

October 19, 2015
Holmes, Jamie, author.
322 pages ; 24 cm
Part one. Making sense. The resolving mind : how sense making works ; The hidden A's : the secrets of sense making -- Part two. Handling ambiguity, Shocks and tremors : the problem with urgency ; Fifty days in Texas : why intentions are misread ; Overtested USA : when to resist momentum ; The hemline hassle: a strategy of ignorance -- Part three. Embracing uncertainty. Building a better Ducati: the uses of uncertainty ; The puzzle man : where to find hidden answers ; The art of contradiction: what diversity offers.
"An illuminating look at the surprising upside of ambiguity--and how, properly harnessed, it can inspire learning, creativity, even empathy Life today feels more overwhelming and chaotic than ever. We face constant political and economic upheaval, and we're bombarded with information, much of it contradictory. Managing uncertainty--in our jobs, our relationships, and our everyday lives--is fast becoming an essential skill. What should we do when we have no idea what to do? In Nonsense, Jamie Holmes shows how we react to ambiguous situations and how we can do it better. Being confused is unpleasant, so we tend to shutter our minds as we grasp for meaning and stability, especially in stressful circumstances. We're hard-wired to resolve contradictions quickly and extinguish anomalies. But in doing so, we lose a vital opportunity to learn something new, solve a hard problem, or see the world from another perspective. Over the last few years, new insights from social psychology and cognitive science have deepened our understanding of the role of ambiguity in our lives and Holmes brings this research together for the first time, showing how we can use uncertainty to our advantage. Whether we're dealing with an unclear medical diagnosis or launching a risky new product, Nonsense promises to transform the way we conduct business, educate our children, and make decisions. In an increasingly unpredictable, complex world, it turns out that what matters most isn't IQ, willpower, or confidence in what we know. It's how we deal with what we don't understand"-- Provided by publisher.

Nonviolent communication : a language of life

October 16, 2015
Rosenberg, Marshall B.
Encinitas, CA : PuddleDancer Press, [2015]
xix, 244 pages ; 23 cm
Giving from the heart -- Communication that blocks compassion -- Observing without evaluating -- Identifying and expressing feelings -- Taking responsibility for our feelings -- Requesting that which would enrich life -- Receiving empathically -- The power of empathy -- Connecting compassionately with ourselves -- Expressing anger fully -- Conflict resolution and mediation -- The protective use of force -- Liberating ourselves and counseling others -- Expressing appreciation in nonviolent communication.

Talking to crazy : how to deal with the irrational and impossible people in your life

October 15, 2015
Goulston, Mark, author.
vii, 259 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
The basics of talking to crazy -- Facing your own crazy first -- Fourteen tactics for talking to crazy -- Eight ways to deal with crazy in your personal life -- What to do when crazy is actually mental illness.
Difficult people can make life hard, but a select few can make it hell. The boss with nonsensical demands. The spouse who explodes at nothing. The overly emotional coworker, hostile neighbor, or friend who frequently bursts into tears. Marriages, families, friendships, careers, businesses--crazy people drag them all down with their manipulation, volatility, and inability to see the world rationally. You can't win by just ignoring the craziness or trying to reason with it. But you can stop it cold. Top-ranked psychiatrist and communication expert Mark Goulston shows you exactly how to do that in this life-changing book for everyone trapped in personal or workplace relationships that feel confusing, stressful, or downright hopeless. Goulston unlocks the mysteries of the irrational mind, and explains how faulty thinking patterns develop. His keen insights are matched by a set of counterintuitive strategies proven to defuse crazy behavior, along with scripts, examples, and exercises that teach you how to use them.--Adapted from book jacket.

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