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December 7, 2016
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Introvert doodles : an illustrated look at introvert life in an extrovert world.

December 6, 2016
Wilson, Maureen "Marzi," author.
Avon, Massachusetts : Adams Media, 2016.
1 volume (unpaged) : color illustrations ; 17 cm.
Whoever said there's strength in numbers lied. Meet Marzi. She's an introvert who often finds herself in awkward situations. Marzi used to feel strange about her introverted tendencies. Not anymore! Now she knows that there are tons of introverts out there just like her--introverts who enjoy peace and quiet, need time alone to recharge their battery, and who prefer staying in with their pet and a good book to awkward social interactions. Just like Marzi, these introverts can often be found in libraries, at home watching Netflix, brainstorming excuses to miss your next party, or doodling cute cartoons. Being an introvert in an extrovert world isn't always easy, but it certainly is an adventure. In Introvert Doodles, follow Marzi through all of her most uncomfortable, charming, honest, and hilarious moments that everyone--introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in between--can relate to.

Labyrinths : Emma Jung, her marriage to Carl, and the early years of psychoanalysis

December 5, 2016
Clay, Catrine, author.
406 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, portraits ; 24 cm
"First published in Great Britain by William Collins in 2016"--Title-page verso.
A visit to Vienna -- Two childhoods -- A secret betrothal -- A rich marriage -- Tricky times -- Dreams and tests -- A home of their own -- A vile scandal -- Emma moves ahead -- A difficult year -- Ménage à trois -- The Great War -- The Americans -- Into the twenties -- Coming through.
"A sensational, eye-opening narrative nonfiction account of Emma Jung's complex marriage to Carl Gustav Jung, and her critical impact on the early years of the psychoanalytic movement"-- Provided by publisher.

Start right where you are : how little changes can make a big difference for overwhelmed procrastinators, frustrated overachievers, and recovering perfectionists

December 5, 2016
Bennett, Sam, 1967- author.
Novato, California : New World Library, [2016]
xv, 239 pages ; 22 cm
Includes index.
"Start Right Where You Are is an easy-to-read, easy-to-do guidebook for anyone who wants to change their life but doesn't know where or how to begin. Her gentle-kiss-on-the-cheek and loving-thwack-upside-the-head attitude gives us what we all need: inspiration, shortcuts, and breathing room."--Provided by publisher.

Make peace with your mind : how mindfulness and compassion can free you from your inner critic

December 5, 2016
Coleman, Mark, 1965- author.
xiv, 238 pages ; 22 cm
"The inner critic is the voice inside our heads reminding us that we are never "good enough." Its behind the insidious thoughts that can make us second-guess our every action and doubt our own value. The inner critic might feel overpowering, but it can be managed effectively. Meditation teacher and therapist Mark Coleman helps readers understand and free themselves from the inner critic using the tools of mindfulness and compassion. Each chapter offers constructive insights into what creates, drives, and disarms the critic; real peoples journeys to inspire and guide readers; and simple practices anyone can use to live a free, happy, and flourishing life."

Paths to happiness : 50 ways to add joy to your life every day

December 5, 2016
Hoffman, Edward, 1951- author.
San Francisco : Chronicle Books, [2016]
240 pages ; 19 cm
Acting improv -- Adventure sports -- Art appreciation -- Authenticity -- Awe -- Birding -- Coummunity singing -- Cooking and baking -- Creativity -- Curiosity -- Dancing -- Doing art -- Dreams -- Empathy -- Explanatory style -- Expressive writing -- Flow -- Forgiveness -- Friendship -- Gardening -- Genealogy -- Gratitude -- Humor and Laughter -- Kindness -- Knitting -- Learning a foreign launguage -- Life metaphors -- Mentoring -- Mindfulness -- Moral elation -- Nostalgia -- Overcoming regrets -- Peak experiences -- Pets -- Photography -- Poetry -- Power napping -- Prayer -- Restorative nature -- Savoring -- Self-compassion -- Self-disclosure -- Sense of wonder -- Tai Chi -- Tears of joy -- Time affluence -- Travel -- Volunteering -- Wisdom -- Zen meditation.
It's human nature to want to be happy. But if you think that becoming more joyful requires you to overhaul your outlook, think again! This book will guide you trough fifty fun, stimulating, mind-opening ways to help yourself achieve greater joy and feel more fulfilled.

Pussy : a reclamation

December 2, 2016
Thomashauer, Regena, author.
Carlsbad, Callirfornia : Hay House, Inc., 2016.
xxi, 257 pages ; 24 cm
"Regena Thomashauer, creatrix of Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts, has spent 20 years helping women unlearn the lessons our culture teaches--that a 'successful' life means achieving, accomplishing, and taking care of others--and showing them how to connect deeply with their own source of feminine power"-- Provided by publisher.

Walking on sunshine : 52 small steps to happiness

December 2, 2016
Kelly, Rachel (Journalist), author.
New York : Atria Books, 2016.
xiii, 113 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Spring -- Summer -- Autumn -- Winter.
"A compact, accessible, life-changing book, internationally bestselling Walking on Sunshine offers fifty-two tips and tools (one for each week of the year) to increase your happiness year-round and help you manage the mood-altering pressures of everyday life."

Suggestible you : the curious science of your brain's ability to deceive, transform, and heal

November 29, 2016
Vance, Erik, author.
283 pages ; 24 cm
Inside the placebo effect -- Placebos, storytelling, and the birth of modern medicine -- Meet your inner pharmacist -- Hunting the mysterious placebo responder -- Your mind's parlor tricks -- The dark side of suggestion -- You are getting sleepy... -- Satan worshippers, aliens, and other memories of things that never happened -- Suggestible us -- Sex, drugs, and... -- Harnessing the power of expectation.

What do you really want? : how to set a goal and go for it! a guide for teens

November 28, 2016
Bachel, Beverly K., 1957-
Golden Valley : Free Spirit Publishing, [2016].
viii, 151 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Why goals matter -- Discover what you really want -- Become a goal getter -- Stay on track -- Celebrate your success.
"This step-by-step guide helps teens achieve what they really want. Helps teens articulate their goals and put them in writing, set priorities and deadlines, overcome obstacles, build a support system, use positive self-talk, celebrate successes, and more. Includes downloadable forms"--Provided by publisher.

Does your family make you smarter? : nature, nurture, and human autonomy

November 28, 2016
Flynn, James R. (James Robert), 1934- author.
xviii, 258 pages ; 23 cm
Part I: Human autonomy. Twins and autonomy -- Justice and freedom -- The great debate -- Slow and quick decay of family effects -- Reconciliation with twins and adoptions -- The fairness factor -- Part II: Intelligence. The raven's revolution -- Learning from astronomy -- The meta-theory of intelligence -- Scientific theories of intelligence -- Psychology and Cardinal Bellarmine.

The self-esteem workbook

November 21, 2016
Schiraldi, Glenn R., 1947- author.
Oakland, CA : New Harbinger Publications, c2016.
x, 243 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
"A new Harbinger self-help workbook"--Cover.

Striker, slow down! : a calming book for children who are always on the go

November 16, 2016
Hughes, Emma, author.
Philadelphia : Singing Dragon, 2017.
1 volume unpaged : color illustrations ; 22 cm

Career paths in psychology : where your degree can take you

November 16, 2016
xii, 522 pages ; 25 cm
I. Academia -- Psychologists in university department of psychology of psychological science -- Psychologists in college departments of psychology or psychological science -- Psychologists in schools of education -- Psychologists in schools of business -- Psychologists in medical schools -- Psychologists in law schools -- Psychologists in schools of public policy -- II. Clinical and counseling psychology -- Clinical psychologists in independent practice -- Psychologists specializing in child and adolescent clinical psychology -- Geropsychologists : psychologists specializing in aging -- Clinical neuropsychologists -- Counseling psychologists -- Psychologists specializing in psychopharmacology -- Psychologists specializing in rehabilitation psychology -- III. Specialized settings -- Psychologists working in independently funded research centers and institutes -- Forensic psychologists -- Sports psychologists -- Media psychologists -- Consulting and organizational psychologists -- Psychologists in management -- Consumer psychologists -- Psychologists in the publishing world -- Psychologists writing textbooks -- Military psychologists -- Police and public safety psychologists -- Psychologists giving grants through nonprofits -- Psychologists giving grants through government organizations -- Psychologists in educational testing and measurement organizations -- School psychologists -- Psychologists pursuing scientific research in government service.

Liminal thinking : create the change you want by changing the way you think

November 9, 2016
Gray, David, 1957- author.
xxiii, 159 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Foreword / by Richard Saul Wurman -- Preface: how this book came to be -- Introduction: what is liminal thinking? -- How beliefs shape everything: Beliefs are models. Beliefs are created. Beliefs create a shared world. Beliefs create blind spots. Beliefs defend themselves. Beliefs are tied to identity -- What to do about it: Assume you are not objective. Empty your cup. Create safe space. Triangulate and validate. Ask questions, make connections. Disrupt routines. Act as if in the here and now. Make sense with stories. Evolve yourself. Now what?

Changing direction : ten choices that impact your dreams

November 9, 2016
Miller, Mary, author.
Westlake, Oh : Smart Business Books, [2016]
162 pages ; 24 cm.
Prologue -- Embrace Change -- Establish Dreams -- Balance Expression and Reality -- Eliminate Obstacles -- Create Meaningful Dialogue and Relationships -- Think Positive -- Don't Underestimate the Power of Desire and Faith -- Capture Opportunities -- Be Ethical In Everything You Do -- Take Care Of Yourself -- Epilogue -- Acknowledgments.
"In Changing Direction, Mary Miller lays out 10 choices anyone can make to impact his or her dreams. By concentrating on improving the future, you become a new, happier and more energized person."

Done with the crying : help and healing for mothers of estranged adult children

November 7, 2016
McGregor, Sheri, author.
San Marcos, California : Sowing Creek Press, [2016]
347 pages ; 23 cm
Why I wrote this book: the short answer -- The whole story: how this book came to be -- Who this book is for -- The early daze -- Why? -- Get the support you need -- Ready, set, prepare -- See your feelings in a new light -- Managing effects on the family -- What does it mean to reconcile? -- Life goes on -- Walk forward.
You never expect a son or daughter to cut ties and walk away from the family-- but it happens. McGregor helps parents of estranged adults plan ahead, prepare for emotional triggers, and prevail over setbacks and pain. With exercises derived from her work as a life coach and her own recovery, McGregor helps mothers and fathers who did their best to come to terms with their estranged adult child's choices, and regain their health and happiness.

Your 3 best super powers : meditation, imagination & intuition

October 28, 2016
Choquette, Sonia, author.
Carlsbad : Hay House, Inc., 2016.
xvii, 167 pages ; 22 cm
"Your 3 Best Super Powers is an invaluable and practical guide to opening your mind and heart to unleash your creative potential." -- John Gray Super powers. You want them. You feel that life would be better with them. You wish you could have been born with them. The good news is you have super powers! According to world-renowned intuitive guide and spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette, you are blessed with three incredible super powers: meditation, imagination, and intuition. When cultivated, they give you the ability to live a life of tranquility and empowerment. In Your 3 Best Super Powers, Sonia uses meditation to tap into your other super powers, allowing you to clear mental space and to take charge of the source of all creativity, imagination--which is essential to envisioning and enacting your heart's desires. Then she seamlessly guides you to your sixth sense, intuition, to help you make the smartest, safest, and most satisfying decisions in your personal and professional life. Filled with inspiring stories, this invaluable book synthesizes Sonia's experience working with hundreds of clients for more than three decades to provide proven techniques and practical tips that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Includes a digital download of guided meditations "The best part is that by developing your three best super powers, you add to the beauty, peace, creativity, and harmony of the universe. These three super powers are gifts to you that keep on giving to the world." --Sonia Choquette -- Provided by publisher.

How the Secret changed my life : real people, real stories

October 19, 2016
Byrne, Rhonda, author.
New York : Atria Books, 2016.
262 pages ; 19 cm
How I asked, believed, and received: the creative process -- How I used the Secret for happiness -- How I used the Secret to receive wealth -- How I used the Secret to change relationships -- How I used the Secret for health -- How I used the Secret for my career -- How I used the Secret to change my life.
"Discover how everyday people completely transformed their lives by applying the teachings of The Secret."

Simply happy : a crash course in Chicken Soup for the Soul advice and wisdom

October 18, 2016
Newmark, Amy, author.
ix, 260 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
A fast-paced and funny deep dive into simple ways to create a happy, confident, and positive life. Amy Newmark distills advice and wisdom from her life and more than 20,000 Chicken Soup for the Soul stories into this crash course in how to be happy.

Meditation made simple : weekly practices for elieving stress, finding balance, and cultivating joy

October 17, 2016
Watkins, Paula, author.
160 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm.
MIND, BODY, SPIRIT: MEDITATION & VISUALISATION. Meditation 52 provides over 50 lessons and mini-workshops in core meditation techniques. Drawing upon several schools and traditions of meditation readers will learn fundamental practices such as Breath Meditation, Mantra Meditation, and Mindful practices such as Body Scanning.

The voices within : the history and science of how we talk to ourselves

October 13, 2016
Fernyhough, Charles, 1968- author.
ix, 307 pages ; 24 cm
Funny slices of cheese -- Turning up the gas -- Inside the chatterbox -- Two cars -- A natural history of thinking -- Voices on the page -- Chorus of me -- Not I -- Different voices -- The voice of a dove -- A brain listening to itself -- A talkative muse -- Messages from the past -- A voice that doesn't speak -- Talking to ourselves.
We all hear voices. Ordinary thinking is often a kind of conversation, filling our heads with speech: the voices of reason, of memory, of self-encouragement and rebuke, the inner dialogue that helps us with tough decisions or complicated problems. For others - voice-hearers, trauma-sufferers and prophets - the voices seem to come from outside: friendly voices, malicious ones, the voice of God or the Devil, the muses of art and literature. In The Voices WithinBuilding on the latest theories, including the new 'dialogic thinking' model, and employing state-of-the-art neuroimaging and other ground-breaking research techniques, Fernyhough has written an authoritative and engaging guide to the voices in our heads.

Messy : the power of disorder to transform our lives

October 13, 2016
Harford, Tim, 1973- author.
New York : Riverhead Books, 2016.
294 pages ; 24 cm
Creativity -- Collaboration -- Workplaces -- Improvisation -- Winning -- Incentives -- Automation -- Resilience -- Life.
"From the award-winning columnist and author of the national bestseller The Undercover Economist comes a provocative big idea book about the genuine benefits of being messy: at home, at work, in the classroom, and beyond."--Jacket flap.

Highly sensitive people : in an insensitive world : how to create a happy life

October 13, 2016
Sand, Ilse, author.
London ; Philadelphia : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2016.
160 pages ; 20 cm
The characteristics of being highly sensitive -- High standards and low self-esteem -- How to organise your life according to your type -- How to benefit from you aptitude for relating to others and being present -- To face anger; your own and other's -- Guilt and shame -- Situations in life -- Mental health problems -- Developing and growing -- Researching the highly sensitive trait -- Epilogue : a gift for the highly sensitive.
Written for highly sensitive people, this book explains the characterisitcs of being highly sensitive and how to overcome common difficulties, such as low self-esteem and the exhausting effects of socialising.

From the hood to doing good : from adversity to prosperity through the choices you make

October 12, 2016
Wimbrey, Johnny D.
Southlake, Tex. : Wimbrey Training Systems, Inc. Productions, ©2003, 2015.
xxi, 107 pages ; 22 cm

Rise sister rise : a guide to unleashing the wise, wild woman within

October 11, 2016
Campbell, Rebecca (Creative director), author.
Carlsbad, California : Hay House, 2016.
xvi, 303 pages ; 22 cm
"Most women have spent much of their working lives zmaking ity in a man&#x;s world, leaning on patriarchal methods of survival in order to succeed, dulling down their intuition, and ignoring the fierce power of their feminine. They have ignored the cycles of the feminine in order to survive in a patriarchal linear system &#x; but now the world has changed. Rise Sister Rise is a transmission that calls the innate feminine wisdom to rise. It is about healing the insecurities, the fears, and the inherited patterns that stop women trusting the Shakti (power) and wisdom (intuition) that effortlessly flows through them. It's about recognizing all of the ways we have been keeping ourselves contained and restrained in effort to fit into a certain archetype of woman. It&#x;s about co-creating a whole new archetype of woman &#x; a woman who does not keep herself small in order to make others feel more comfortable. A woman who knows like she knows like she knows that she is not her body weight, her sexual partners, or her career. A woman who deeply respects the wise woman in her life and cultivates her own wisdom every single day. Full of tools, calls to action, contemplative questions, rituals, and confrontational exercises, this book teaches women that it is safe to let Shakti rise, safe to trust their intuition, and safe to take leaps of faith &#x; because in healing ourselves we are healing the world"--Publisher's description.

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