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July 25, 2015
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The creativity challenge : design, experiment, test, innovate, build, create, inspire, and unleash your genius

July 24, 2015
Christensen, Tanner, author.
207 pages ; 19 cm.
Includes indexes.
"A collection of activities and exercises meant to improve readers' creativity"-- Provided by publisher.

Body language for dummies

July 20, 2015
Kuhnke, Elizabeth, author.
Chichester, [England] : John Wiley & Sons, 2015. ©2015
xii, 326 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
This is your ideal guide to understanding other people, and helping them understand you. Body language is a critical component of good communication, and often conveys a bigger message than the words you say. This book teaches you how to interpret what people really mean by observing their posture, gestures, eye movements, and more, and holds up a mirror to give you a clear idea of how you're being interpreted yourself. This updated third edition includes new coverage of virtual meetings, multicultural outsourcing environments, devices, and boardroom behaviours for women, as well as insight into Harvard professor Amy Cuddy's research into how body language affects testosterone and cortisol, as published in the Harvard Business Review. Body language is a fascinating topic that reveals how the human mind works. Image and presentation are crucial to successful communication, both in business and in your personal life. This book is your guide to decoding body language, and adjusting your own habits to improve your interactions with others. * Become a better communicator without saying a word * Make a better first (and second, and third...) impression * Learn what other people's signals really mean * Transform your personal and professional relationships Realising what kind of impression you give is a valuable thing, and learning how to make a more positive impact is an incredibly useful skill. Whether you want to improve your prospects in job seeking, dating, or climbing the corporate ladder, this book helps you translate the unspoken and get your message across.

8 keys to practicing mindfulness

July 16, 2015
Reeds, Manuela Mischke, author.
New York : W. W. Norton & Company, [2015]
xxiv, 230 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
"8 keys to mental health series."
Meet the present moment -- Start where you are -- Slow down -- Befriend your body -- Trust your sensations, tame your emotions -- Ride through tough times -- Cultivate inner calm -- Choose abundance.

The achievement habit : stop wishing, start doing, and take command of your life

July 15, 2015
Roth, Bernard, author.
New York, NY : HarperBusiness, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2015]
273 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Introduction: Yellow-eyed cats -- Nothing is what you think it is -- Reasons are bullshit -- Getting unstuck -- Finding assistance -- Doing is everything -- Watch your language -- Group habits -- Self-image by design -- The big picture -- Make achievement your hobby.

The book of doing and being : rediscovering creativity in life, love, and work

July 10, 2015
Bain, Barnet, author.
New York : Atria Paperback, 2015.
xx, 201 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes index.
Introduction -- Chapter 1 Freedom from Conditioning -- Chapter 2 Into the Wilds of Creative Imagining -- Chapter 3 Foundational Creativity: Energies of Creation, Part I -- Chapter 4 Creativity and the Body -- Chapter 5 Creativity in Balance: Assessing Your Life Wheel -- Chapter 6 The Most Amazing Thing -- Chapter 7 The Four Anesthetics -- Chapter 8 The Faces of Obstruction -- Chapter 9 Emotional Mastery -- Chapter 10 Engaging the Muses: Stepping into Creative Flow -- Chapter 11 Image Making -- Chapter 12 Jump-Starting Vision -- Chapter 13 Accelerated Creativity: Energies of Creation, Part II -- Chapter 14 The Guardians of Ultracreativity: Paradox and Confusion -- Chapter 15 The Uncommon Sense: Rediscovering Intuition -- Chapter 16 The Five Creative Talents -- Chapter 17 Your Real Work: Where Personal Innovation Meets Purpose -- Chapter 18 Your Life as Art -- Acknowledgments -- Index.
"With clarity, humor, and insight, award-winning filmmaker Barnet Bain guides readers to unlock the raw power of the creative self. Sharing creativity principles and practices at the leading edge, The Book of Doing and Being offers a life-altering map for stepping beyond what we already know and into a dimension of imagination from which innovation is born. Known for his inspiring movies and documentaries, as well as his popular creativity workshops, Barnet Bain makes available his teachings for the first time in book form. Discover how will and action come together with imagination and feeling to form the very foundation of creativity by working with this treasury of more than forty transformative exercises. Each one is designed to spark new creative connections by challenging our usual ways of thinking, feeling, and perceiving. These lessons, tools, and techniques serve to unlock great reservoirs of creativity in every individual, whether it's jumpstarting or completing a project, launching a new business, creating a work of art, experiencing more fulfilling relationships, or making other dreams come true. Bain's motivational guidance includes: rewiring your brain to unleash ultra-creativity; finding freedom from self-criticism, perfectionism, and other obstructions to productivity and creative expression; harnessing the two forces of creativity: inspiration and action; discovering your emotions as the doorway to creative aliveness and ingenuity; and heeding the call of your Real Work, regardless of age, education, or experience. Step by step, you will make the discovery of a lifetime: how to stop being ruled by your past and start consciously creating your present and future. You will be surprised and energized--by your next creative impulse, the next idea that excites you, the next experience that moves you--and you will live a creative life"-- Provided by publisher.

Let the elephants run : unlock your creativity and change everything

July 10, 2015
Usher, David, author.
Toronto, ON : Anansi, 2015.
227 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm.
Freedom -- Two Structure.
"David Usher is a popular Canadian musician (selling more than 1.4 million albums), entrepreneur and public speaker. At his company, CloudID Creativity Labs, there is a sign on the wall that reads: "Dream big, let the elephants run!" The words are a reminder for us to hold a place in our minds for creativity, where big ideas can form and our imagination can run free. He shows us how to reignite creativity whether in the head office, the home office or the artist's studio. Usher believes creativity is in our DNA; it's in everyone, not just the creative class. We all start our lives as creative beings but for many that spark becomes lost over time. How do we jump-start our creative process as adults? What does it means to be a creative person? How do we follow through with our ideas and turn them into tangible outcomes? Usher empowers readers to achieve more "aha" moments through two cornerstone principles of creativity: freedom and structure. Using a mix of personal anecdotes and professional examples from the worlds of industry, technology, science, music and art, he shows us that creativity is not magic; it is a learnable skill that any person or business can master. In the book, action pages help readers start cultivating the habit of documenting their ideas for future execution. A guidebook to reconnecting with our imaginations and nurturing our creativity in accessible and productive ways"--Provided by publisher.

Dreams at the threshold : guidance, comfort, and healing at the end of life

July 9, 2015
Van Bronkhorst, Jeanne, 1962-
xvii, 260 pages ; 21 cm
Explores the important role that dreams can play for those who are in an end-of-life process, those providing support, and loved ones whose lives are touched by the transition.

Rethinking narcissism : the bad-- and surprising good-- about feeling special

July 9, 2015
Malkin, Craig, author.
xiv, 240 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
The myth of Narcissus -- What is narcissism? Rethinking narcissism : old assumptions, new ideas ; Confusion and controversy : how narcissism became a dirty word and we found an epidemic ; From 0 to 10 : understanding the spectrum ; The narcissism test : how narcissistic are you? -- Origins : healthy and unhealthy narcissism. Root causes : the making of echoists and narcissists ; Echoism and narcissism : from bad to worse -- Recognizing and coping with unhealthy narcissism. Warning signs : staying alert for narcissists ; Change and recovery : dealing with lovers, family, and friends ; Coping and thriving : dealing with colleagues and bosses -- Promoting healthy narcissism. Advice for parents : raising a confident, caring child ; SoWe : the healthy use of social media ; A passionate life : the ultimate gift of healthy narcissism.
"Harvard Medical School psychologist and Huffington Post blogger Craig Malkin addresses the 'narcissism epidemic' by illuminating the spectrum of narcissism [and] ways to control the trait, and explaining how too little of it may be a bad thing"-- Provided by publisher.

The mindful path to self-compassion : freeing yourself from destructive thoughts and emotions

June 24, 2015
Germer, Christopher K.
New York : Guilford Press, c2009.
xiv, 306 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Being kind to yourself -- Listening to your body -- Bringing in difficult emotions -- What's self-compassion? -- Pathways to self-compassion -- Caring for ourselves -- Caring for others -- Finding your balance -- Making progress.
This book explores the nature of self-compassion and includes examples, exercises and techniques for readers who are new to mindfulness or who want to bring a new dimension to their meditation practice.

Llewellyn's complete dictionary of dreams : over 1,000 dream symbols and their universal meanings

June 22, 2015
Lennox, Michael, 1963-
277 pages ; 26 cm
Includes index.
Dreams have an intelligence and purpose of their own, allowing your soul to reveal itself. By listening to the wisdom of your dreams, you can increase the satisfaction and success you experience in your waking life, make positive changes for a better future, and find a profound connection to your Higher Self. Llewellyn's Complete Dictionary of Dreams presents more than 1,000 cross-referenced dream symbols and their universal meanings to assist you in analyzing your unconscious mind. Join Dr. Michael Lennox as he explores the basics of interpretation and shows you how to integrate the subtle messages that arise while you sleep. The insights related to the specific symbols in this extensive guide are the keys to creativity, growth, and understanding.--Back cover.

No sweat : how the simple science of motivation can bring you a lifetime of fitness

June 11, 2015
Segar, Michelle L., author.
xxv, 244 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
It's not about the sweat -- Escaping the vicious cycle of failure -- Motivation from the inside out -- Exorcising exercise -- Count everything and choose to move! -- From a chore to a gift -- Permission to prioritize self-care -- What sustains us, we sustain -- Six big ideas for lifelong sustainability -- Sustainability training -- Epilogue: Changing your beliefs, changing your behavior, changing your life.

99 keys to a creative life : spiritual, intuitive, and awareness practices for personal fulfillment

June 10, 2015
Harris, Melissa, 1955-
Woodbury : Llewellyn Publications, 2015.
xx, 207 pages ; 18 cm
Creativity is not just painting or writing--it's stepping outside the way you normally think to achieve greater happiness and personal fulfillment. With mindful, heart-based practices, 99 Keys to a Creative Life helps you make the most of your creative opportunities, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Are you fully charged? : the 3 keys to energizing your work and life

June 10, 2015
Rath, Tom, 1975- author.
[Arlington, VA] : Silicon Guild, and imprint of Missionday, [2015]
xi, 240 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Prologue: Are You Fully Charged? -- Part I: Meaning -- Chapter 1: Create Meaning With Small Wins -- Chapter 2: Pursue Life, Liberty, and Meaningfulness -- Chapter 3: Make Work a Purpose, Not Just a Place -- Chapter 4: Find a Higher Calling Than Cash -- Chapter 5: Ask What the World Needs -- Chapter 6: Don't Fall Into the Default -- Chapter 7: Initiate to Shape the Future -- Chapter 8: Focus for 45, Break for 15 -- Part II: Interactions -- Chapter 9: Make Every Interaction Count -- Chapter 10: Be 80 Percent Positive -- Chapter 11: Start Small and Be Clear -- Chapter 12: Take a Break for Relationships -- Chapter 13: Put Experiences First -- Chapter 14: Avoid Flying Solo -- Chapter 15: Build a Cumulative Advantage -- Part III: Energy -- Chapter 16: Put Your Own Health First -- Chapter 17: Eat Your Way to a Better Day -- Chapter 18: Learn to Walk Before You Run -- Chapter 19: Sleep Longer to Achieve More -- Chapter 20: Eat, Move, and Sleep to De-Stress -- Chapter 21: Respond with Resiliency -- Epilogue: Create a Positive Charge -- Creating A Positive Charge: Tools And Resources.
Tom Rath, author of five influential bestsellers, reveals the three keys that matter most for our daily health and well-being, as well as our engagement in our work. Drawing on the latest and most practical research from health, psychology, and economics, this book focuses on changes we can make to create better days for ourselves and others. Are You Fully Charged? will challenge you to stop pursuing happiness and start creating meaning instead, lead you to rethink your daily interactions with the people who matter most, and show you how to put your own health first in order to be your best every day.

Insight out : get ideas out of your head and into the world

May 29, 2015
Seelig, Tina Lynn.
New York, NY : HarperOne, [2015]
xiii, 233 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Introduction: inspiration to implementation -- Imagination. Engage: the keys to the building ; Envision: all the world's a stage -- Creativity. Motivate: you're the customer ; Experiment: break some eggs -- Innovation. Focus: take out the trash ; Reframe: retrain your brain -- Entrepreneurship. Persist: what floats your boat? ; Inspire: tell me a story -- Conclusion: the end is the beginning.
"What if there were a clear set of instructions to help you bring your best ideas to life? As with a recipe, you could take a compelling idea and with concrete steps, transform it into something extraordinary.As a professor at Stanford University, Tina Seelig has dedicated her career to teaching the practice of moving from imagination to implementation. In Insight Out, she welcomes you into her classroom and crisply defines the core concepts of imagination, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, presenting an elegant and much-needed model she calls the 'Invention Cycle.' This new approach enables you to see obstacles as opportunities, inspire others to share your vision, and ultimately bring more ideas to fruition.Filled with surprising research, examples from her Stanford classroom, and stories from around the world--Silicon Valley to San Quentin State Prison, rural Pakistan to the North Pole--Insight Out offers essential and unexpected strategies that will help bring even the slightest flicker of an idea to life. Equally useful for students, educators, entrepreneurs, and would-be innovators in all fields, this is an essential road map for anyone who wants to get ideas out of their head and into the world"-- Provided by publisher.

Lessons of lifelong intimacy : building a stronger marriage without losing yourself--the 9 principles of a balanced and happy relationship

May 28, 2015
Gurian, Michael, author.
New York : Atria Books, 2015.
xv, 346 pages ; 24 cm
Part I. The secret to real love. The intimate separateness paradigm ; Becoming the scientist of your own marriage ; Relationship wisdom from both women and men ; Living all twelve stages of love successfully -- Part II. Practicing the art of intimate separateness. Ending power struggle in your relationship ; Practicing initmate separateness for life ; The powerful lessons of affairs and infidelity ; Busting through the myths of marriage.
"New York Times bestselling author Michael Gurian offers a groundbreaking plan for couples seeking to build a healthy relationship, work through past hurts, and create greater intimacy. Become separate from your partner yet also become closer--sounds counterintuitive, doesn't it? With twenty-five years of family and marital counseling practice, Michael Gurian shows that "intimate separateness" is the key to creating a healthy partnership in life. Recent university studies show that the most frequent reason relationships dissolve is not abuse, alcoholism, money, or even infidelity, but rather a lack of emotional fulfillment. Most books on love and marriage focus on teaching communication and conflict skills, but neglect to help couples with the "other half" of intimacy--separateness. In this practical yet personal guide to love, Gurian details the benefits of creating a lifelong balance of closeness and separateness. He outlines a twelve-stage model created for his own private practice, which provides long-term goals and focal points for dialogue that can help couples work through arguments. Gurian also delves into differences in white and gray matter between the male and female brain (which may explain the varying needs for intimacy and separateness), differences in verbal- emotive development, and the effects these all have on relationships. Rich with examples and case studies, this book presents strategies for communication and conflict that build more emotional balance, while showing how intimate separateness can be the key to lifelong happiness"-- Provided by publisher.

The loneliness cure : six strategies for finding real connections in your life

May 27, 2015
Floyd, Kory.
Avon, Massachusetts : Adams Media, [2015]
272 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"A guide intended to help readers become less lonely"-- Provided by publisher.

The mindful teen : powerful skills to help you handle stress one moment at a time

May 27, 2015
Vo, Dzung X., author.
Oakland, CA : Instant Help Books, an imprint of New Harbinger Publications, Inc., [2015]
x, 230 pages ; 21 cm.
Stress, health, and coping -- Wake up now! Autopilot vs. awareness -- Opening your heart and mind to free yourself from stress -- Feeling your own strength: sitting like a mountain -- Embracing the now -- Caring for your body: the body scan -- Everyday mindfulness: finding freedom wherever you are -- Mindfulness in motion -- Seeing your thoughts as only thoughts -- The art of stress: handling difficult emotions -- Handling school stress -- Building mindful friendships and romantic relationships -- Handling conflict with other teens -- Mindful peacemaking at home -- The power of mindfulness in sports, music, and the arts -- Mindfulness to help you sleep -- Self-compassion means taking care of yourself -- Putting your life on a mindful path.
Being a teen is stressful! Whether it's school, friends, or dating, the teen years are full of difficult changes - both mentally and physically. If you're like many teens, you may have difficulty dealing with stress in effective ways. You aren't alone, and there are things you can do to stay calm, no matter how stressful life becomes. All you need to do is stop, breathe, and be mindful and aware in the present moment. The Mindful Teen offers a unique program based in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) to help you deal with stress. The simple, practical, and easy-to-remember tips in this book can be used every day to help you handle any difficult situation more effectively - whether it's taking a test at school, having a disagreement with your parents, or a problem you are having with friends. If you're ready to uncover your own inner strength and resilience through mindful awareness and take charge of your life, this book will show you how.

What we think about when we try not to think about global warming : toward a new psychology of climate action

May 21, 2015
Stoknes, Per Espen, author.
xxi, 290 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Thinking: understanding the climate paradox. They psychology of climate paradox ; "Climate is the new Marx": the many faces of skepticism and denial ; The human animal, as seen by evolutionary psychology ; How climate facts and risks are perceived: cognitive psychology ; What others are saying: social psychology ; The roots of denial: the psychology of identity ; The five psychological barriers to climate action -- Doing: if it doesn't work, do something else. From barriors to solutions ; The power of social networks ; Reframing the climate messages ; Make it simple to choose right ; Use the power of stories to re-story climate ; New signals of progress -- Being: inside the living air. The air's way of being ; Stand up for your depression! ; Climate disruption as symptom: what is it trying to tell us? ; Re-imagining climate as the living air ; It's hopeless and I'll give it my all.
Today, about 98 percent of scientists affirm that climate change is human made, and about 2 percent still question it. Despite that overwhelming majority, though, about half the population of rich countries, like ours, choose to believe the 2 percent. And, paradoxically, this large camp of deniers grows even larger as more and more alarming proof of climate change has cropped up over the last decades. This disconnect has both climate scientists and activists scratching their heads, growing anxious, and responding, usually, by repeating more facts to "win" the argument. But, the more climate facts pile up, the greater the resistance to them grows, and the harder it becomes to enact measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare communities for the inevitable change ahead. Is humanity up to the task? It is a catch-22 that starts, says psychologist and climate expert Per Espen Stoknes, from an inadequate understanding of the way most humans think, act, and live in the world around them. With dozens of examples, he shows how to retell the story of climate change and apply communication strategies more fit for the task. --Publisher's description.

The art of having it all : a woman's guide to unlimited abundance

May 21, 2015
Whitman, Christy, author.
Los Angeles, CA : TVGuestpert Publishing, [2015]
xx, 107 pages ; 23 cm

Surprise : embrace the unpredictable and engineer the unexpected

May 20, 2015
Luna, Tania.
New York, New York : Perigee Trade, 2015.
xxiii, 246 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"Surprise: Embrace the Unpredictable and Engineer the Unexpected is a fascinating look at how we can handle and harness surprise in our work, relationships, and everyday lives. Pop Quiz! Do you prefer when: A) Things go according to plan? B) When the unexpected happens? Most of us pick control and predictability. Yet research reveals a counterintuitive truth: surprise is the key that unlocks growth, innovation, and connection. It is also the secret ingredient in our best memories. Through colorful narratives and compelling scientific findings, authors Tania Luna and Dr. LeeAnn Renninger shine a light on the world's least understood and most intriguing emotion. They reveal how shifting our perception of surprise lets us thrive in the face of uncertainty. And they show us how surprise acts as a shortcut that turns a typical product into a meaningful experience, a good idea into a viral one, awkward small talk into engaging conversation, and daily life into an adventure. "-- Provided by publisher.

Triggers : creating behavior that lasts-- becoming the person you want to be

May 18, 2015
Goldsmith, Marshall, author.
xix, 244 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Includes index.
Why don't we become the person we want to be? The immutable truths of behavioral change ; Belief triggers that stop behavioral change in its tracks ; It's the environment ; Identifying our triggers ; How triggers work ; We are superior planners and inferior doers ; Forecasting the environment ; The wheel of change -- Try. The power of active questions ; The engaging questions ; Daily questions in action ; Planner, doer, and coach ; AIWATT -- More structure, please. We do not get better without structure ; But it has to be the right structure ; Behaving under the influence of depletion ; We need help when we're least likely to get it ; Hourly questions ; The trouble with "good enough" ; Becoming the trigger -- No regrets. The circle of engagement ; The hazard of leading a changeless life.

ʼIzāy taḥibu ṣaḥ?

May 15, 2015
Ḥalāwah, Laylā.
|6880-01 al-Jīzah : Dār Nahḍit Miṣr lil-Nashr , 2014.
103 p. ; 16 cm.
A book providing information on the meaning of love, sex, and affection and the different kinds out there.

Inside-out revolution : the only thing you need to know to change your life forever

May 13, 2015
Neill, Michael.
Carlsbad, Calif. : Hay House Inc., 2013.
xxvi, 134 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
A personal revolution -- Shifting the foundations -- The transformative conversation -- First principles -- The only thing you need to know -- Expanding possibilities -- A formula for miracles -- Original grace -- The value of an empty mind -- Living the dream -- Learning how to thrive -- The paradox of results -- Beyond empowerment -- The life coach and the mighty tree.
" ... Michael Neill shares an extraordinary new understanding of how life works that turns traditional psychology on its head. This revolutionary approach is built around three simple principles that explain where our feelings come from and how our experience of life can transform for the better in a matter of moments. Understanding these principles allows you to tap into the deeper intelligence behind life, access your natural wisdom and guidance, and unleash your limitless creative power. You'll be able to live with less stress, greater ease, and a sense of connection to the larger unfolding of life"--Publisher description.

What would Buddha say? : 1,501 right-speech teachings for communicating mindfully

May 12, 2015
Kipfer, Barbara Ann, author.
Oakland, CA : New Harbinger Publications, Inc., ©2015.
xv, 418 pages ; 18 cm
Poor communication lies at the heart of most relationship problems. Everyone wants to be heard, to be understood, and to be treated with respect. But in our digital age of texting and social media, it's easy to distance ourselves from the words we put out into the world, and many times, we may not be aware of the negative impact our words can have on people, whether they are our friends, family, or coworkers. This is where the concept of Right Speech comes in. An important part of the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path, Right Speech is the philosophy that what you say can positively or negatively impact your life, as well as the lives of those around you. Speech to avoid includes divisive speech, abusive speech, lies, and idle gossip. In addition, most of what we say fails to convey what we really mean in our hearts.

Feeling great : living with optimism, enthusiasm, and contentment

May 12, 2015
Janki, Dadi, 1916-
Deerfield Beach : Health Communications, Inc., [2015]
xv, 199 pages ; 18 cm
How to feel great -- Keys to feeling great -- Why we stop feeling great -- Ways to start feeling great -- Principles of feeling great -- The physical connection -- Feeling great now -- Transformation.
Feeling great can't be bought or traded-- it comes from putting your life in order and remembering who you really are. The authors show you how to live from the inside, building on spiritual teachings and practical applications to help you overcome your over-scheduled life.

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